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Science & Technology
LAX Tests Facial Recognition to Speed Passenger Check-in
[Breitbart] Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is starting to use commercially available facile recognition software to confirm the identity of international travelers and drastically speed up the check-in process.

As a former member of Homeland Security Region One, I can confirm that law enforcement, FBI and the National Security Agency have been using facile recognition technology for investigations regarding passengers traveling through the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX since at least 2002.

But recent advances in deep learning algorithms and artificial-intelligence protocols, coupled with computer processing speed and monitoring scalability, are believed to be mature enough to be operationally deployed for high reliability biometric identifications.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol daily AWT Report on February 1 for the Tom Bradley Terminal’s 15 gates, the average wait time differential by gate was between a low of eight minutes and a high of 17 minutes, or about twice as long. But the maximum wait time for the same 15 gates varied from a low of 19 minutes to a high of 86 minutes, or about 4.5 times as long. The biggest difference is due to gate staff actions.

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Posted by:Besoeker

#8  Whoops - wrong thread
Posted by: newc   2018-02-05 16:21  

#7  Meanwhile in Philly:

BLM riots, tears down stop lights, starts fires, steals a horse and leaves it in Wendys, eat horse shit, break into macys /verizon /handi mart, tears up the ritz, flipps cars an a prius, rides cars like surfboards.
Posted by: newc   2018-02-05 16:19  

#6  Facial recognition is racial profiling:p I hope some smart conservative sues LAX out of existence for their racist and inhumane profiling!
Posted by: Silentbrick   2018-02-05 11:07  

#5  I'm told I look just like Donald Sutherland. I think he looks just like me.
Posted by: Deacon Blues   2018-02-05 10:22  

#4  They won't show up.
Posted by: gorb   2018-02-05 08:58  

#3  Add them to the local police forces.
Posted by Skidmark

I'm not certain you want that.
Posted by: Besoeker   2018-02-05 08:27  

#2  What's to be done?

Add them to the local police forces.
Posted by: Skidmark   2018-02-05 08:24  

#1  Advanced Biometrics should also be used to assist the challenge of illegal immigration, voting irregularities, Social Security and Medicare fraud, drivers licenses, the list could go on.

Of course automating the system (saving lives) has it's downside. What's to be done with the tens of thousands of democratic voting TSA layabouts ?

Posted by: Besoeker   2018-02-05 07:22