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Victory for Gaza resistance?
[Al Ahram] The departure of Israel’s hawkish Avigdor Lieberman as defence minister has been seen by some as a victory for Gazoo. But grand machinations continue against the entire Paleostinian cause.
The view from Egypt. Lots of blah-blah, then this key point:
it was a brave man who first ate an oyster...
al-Masri stresses, all such talk is pointless in view of the steps that the Trump administration has already taken to implement the "deal" before unveiling it.

These steps began with the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the annexation of the US consulate to the embassy (the US Consulate in East Jerusalem has been there since 1844, which is to say more than a hundred years before the establishment of the Israeli state), all of which were intended to eliminate the question of Jerusalem from final status negotiations.

In addition, the US has also halted its support for and called for the elimination of UNRWA, it altered the definition of refugee so as to reduce their number to only 40,000, it has suspended its support for the Paleostinian Authority (PA) apart from its security functions, and it has shuttered the PLO (Paleostine Liberation Organisation) office in Washington.

At the same time, it has pressed forward with the plan to sever the West Bank from Gazoo and to legitimise Israeli settlement expansion, which Trump claims does not hamper prospects for peace, while David Friedman warned that to dismantle a single settlement would trigger an Israeli civil war.

Many who support the deal believe that there is no reason to fear if the deal fails to win support after it is proposed since it is already being carried out on the ground and since failure would not reverse the de facto realities it has created and the fact that the Trump administration has changed the rules that have governed the political process for decades, making it impossible for any future president to turn back the clock.

One of the factors that would propel Trump to announce the deal sooner rather than later is the results of the mid-term elections in the US.

These were hardly as spectacular for the Republicans as Trump had claimed. Democratic Party control of the House will hamper Trump in legislation and accelerate action against him in the framework of the investigations into Russian tampering in the presidential elections and other scandals.

He would therefore be more inclined to use foreign policy, and specifically the Arab-Israeli conflict, as a means to score a historic achievement that would enhance his prospects in presidential elections two years from now.

In al-Masri’s opinion, regardless of whether Trump unrolls the deal now or later, or not at all, the situation of the Paleostinian cause will remain dire.

In view of Arab confusion and fragmentation, the upheaval in priorities, and the lack of an effective and unified project or mode of action, the Arabs and Paleostinians will remain unable to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves or to repel dangers when they arise.

"Against this backdrop, in the event ’the deal’ is proposed, the Paleostinians will have to accept it or agree to negotiate on the basis of it, which is bad. If they refuse, they risk sanctions and exclusion from the political process. In other words, they would lose everything, or everything they have left. If the deal is not proposed, its implementation is still in full swing and advancing the scheme to create a new reality that makes the Israeli solution the only one available and feasible."
Posted by:trailing wife

#1  the Paleostinians will have to accept it or agree to negotiate on the basis of it, which is bad. If they refuse

Palestinians are champs at self-screwing
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2018-11-22 05:03