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Islamist rebel infiltration attempt in northern Hama ends in disaster
[ALMASDARNEWS] For the second time on Saturday, the Salafist tough guys attempted to infiltrate the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions around the demilitarized zone in the Idlib and Hama provinces.

Led by Jaish al-Izza, the Salafist tough guys attempted to sneak past the Syrian Arab Army’s checkpoints near hilltop town of Tal Sakhar.

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the Salafist tough guys of Jaish al-Izza were spotted by the Syrian Arab Army before they could infiltrate the latter’s lines at Tal Sakhar.

Using heavy machine guns and artillery shells, the Syrian Arab Army unleashed a powerful attack on the infiltrating myrmidons; this would result in heavy casualties for Jaish al-Izza.

The Syrian Arab Army managed to force the remaining Salafist tough guys to abort their mission and flee back to their lines in the demilitarized zone.

These type of attacks by the Salafist tough guys have become the norm in the demilitarized zone in the Idlib and Hama provinces.

In response to these attacks, the Syrian and Russian forces have begun using spy planes to identify myrmidon gathering points and movements around this large demilitarized in Idlib, Hama, Aleppo, and Latakia.
Posted by:Fred