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-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Dramatic video shows a woman being rescued from floodwaters as 22 million people in the central states brace for hail and heavy rain after 22 tornadoes ripped through the Southern Plains, while Colorado sees its latest May SNOW in 44 years
Posted by:Skidmark

#13  same thing with aid too ppl in southern Ga.. shir keeps getting messed up in other affairs
Posted by: chris   2019-05-23 18:39  

#12  Successful water rescue, not bad for a ad hoc but that was extremely dangerous. Small diameter rope, poor footing.

Been reviewing water rescue videos, because out here this is a rare event/very dangerous. Dude I've been watching basically sets the stage with,

"Most people are poor swimmers at the best of times. They are cold, in wet clothing, and having the worst moment of their entire life. They may kill both of you, so plan according, and don't forget your gd flotation." I'm paraphrasing, but not by much.

Talking to comrade this morning, was mentioning this, he says he remembers his youth swimmer rescue training. "Come at them from behind, and grab around the chest. If they are fighting, knock them out; an unconscious patient is easier to control. If you can't do that, and if its a guy, punch them in the balls. Hard." I'm not sure how that pans with a female, though I have heard a hit to the woo hoo is also attention getting.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2019-05-23 18:37  

#11  Maybe I don't travel all the circles, but I found that when Nebraska got (and is still getting) wholloped there was hardly any coverage.

Theory is, is that by ignoring the devastation, there is little 'public sympathy' for the flyovers. Same with last year's Oklahoma fires, and with the 2017 fire outbreak where locally our fire burned 500,000 is less than 24 hours, and some 700,000 over the five days. But shit a helicopter lands in Oprah's back yards because there is mud in her driveway, its on everything to TMZ.

I heard that the Nebraska relief bill got tied into another Puerto Rico relief graff payment; that was during another round of bash Trump over PR.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2019-05-23 18:26  


Man made global something or other. ManBearPig Gore must be going apoplectic.
Posted by: Woodrow   2019-05-23 17:38  

#9  The deli. A beard and a commie:
"A kilo of vegan salami!"
"The ruby chard Reuben...
wait, make that a Cuban...
green tea... butter-free Poppamame."
Posted by: Cremp Hatrack8738   2019-05-23 17:32  

#8  So we can have Brexit popcorn.
Posted by: Skidmark   2019-05-23 15:59  

#7  Why plant if the Chinese are not going to buy?
Posted by: Procopius2k   2019-05-23 12:36  

#6  It has been interesting; another round today.

Agriculture has been affected badly by the stormy weather. Missouri only has 62 percent of its corn planted, compared to 95 percent a year ago through May 19, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Soybean planting is also delayed, with only 9 percent of fields planted versus 58 percent a year ago.

In Arkansas, only 31 percent of soybeans have been planted compared to 78 percent a year ago.

Wait until the wheat reports come in.

The headline is wrong for Colorado. On May 19th, 1990 we got 7 inches dumped on us during our prom. There have been times it has snowed in June as well.

Yeah, and mountains. Eisenhower tunnel area had a whollop of a crash as I understand it.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2019-05-23 11:43  

#5  One weekend in April we got 5 feet of snow in Evergreen CO. Light powdery stuff. The truck would drive fine (until the radiator packed) but we had to climb in and out of the windows as the doors wouldn't open.
Posted by: Skidmark   2019-05-23 10:01  

#4  The headline is wrong for Colorado. On May 19th, 1990 we got 7 inches dumped on us during our prom. There have been times it has snowed in June as well.
Posted by: DarthVader   2019-05-23 05:11  

#3  'It was a direct hit': Enormous tornado strikes Jefferson City in Missouri causing 'catastrophic damage' to the state capital and a 'mass casualty event' as authorities call in the National Guard
Posted by: Skidmark   2019-05-23 02:17  

#2  AND they are often difficult to parse.
Posted by: Skidmark   2019-05-23 02:15  

#1  Daily Mail wins the "Longest Headline" award, every day!
Posted by: Bobby   2019-05-23 00:09