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Home Front: WoT
Federal Efforts to Secure Key Cities From Mass Terror Attack Found Faulty
[Free Beacon] A federal investigation into a nationwide program to secure America's top cities from a mass terror attack has found that the Department of Homeland Security has not adequately tracked local progress in detecting threats and cannot provide assurances that cities participating in the program can sustain efforts to thwart terror attacks.

Since June 2018, several large cities have received nearly $145 million in federal dollars to purchase detection equipment and other devices that could help local law enforcement detect nuclear and radiological materials, which the federal government has deemed a top national security matter.

However, DHS‐which operates the program‐has not adequately tracked how dollars are spent, nor has the agency developed methods to ensure that these key cities can sustain detection efforts aimed at stopping a weapon of mass destruction if a terrorist deployed it.

With the Trump administration's Justice Department charging would-be terrorists in the United States at a quickening rate, detection efforts have become all the more important for major cities. Federal investigators are now warning DHS that it must make a greater effort to help these cities sustain their threat detection abilities.

"DHS does not have assurance that cities can sustain threat detection and deterrence capabilities gained through the" Securing the Cities program, also known as STC, according to a new report issued by federal oversight investigators. "DHS has not enforced planning requirements for sustaining those capabilities and has taken limited action to help cities do so, although encouraging sustainment is one of its primary program goals."
Posted by:Besoeker

#3  They sort of ignore the principle that if someone does a mass attack you wipe them off the face of the earth to discourage repeat events. Do or do not, there is no try.
Posted by: Procopius2k   2019-05-23 08:54  

#2  This is the answer to the perennial question "Where's the graft in that?".

It's also the answer to how do we increase the graft available.
Posted by: AlanC   2019-05-23 08:12  

#1  Federal Efforts to Secure Key Cities From Mass Terror Attack Found Faulty

...This is my shocked face.

It's all theater, no more and no less. I've said for years that when the next big attack happens, we'll have video of the perp(s) passing right through one checkpoint or another, the emergency gear will be non-functional if it's there at all, and we'll have paperwork showing that lots of people got lots of money to insure otherwise.

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski   2019-05-23 06:05