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Oberlin College mass email criticizing Jurors could influence Punitive Damages Hearing in Gibson’s Bakery case
[LEGALINSURRECTION] Publicly accusing jurors of disregarding “the clear evidence our team presented” when the trial is not over is another baffling move by Oberlin College.

Posted by:Fred

#4  their insurance company is strongly hinting that they ain't gonna pay.

The fine print in their ToA mentions
" That the insurer are a capitalist company in a laissez-faire economy and shall not be liable for triggered socialist sponsored fuck-ups costing the insured institution any amount in punitive damages to be payed..."
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-06-10 12:04  

#3  The punitive damages numbers need to be huge. The precedent set will echo in academic administrations nationwide Nothing is more sacred than endowments and tenure for any professors who endanger it will be meaningless.
Posted by: NoMoreBS   2019-06-10 11:59  

#2  Oberlin does exist in a little bubble. From the inside, Oberlin thinks it is the center of the universe. From the outside, they are seen as a bunch of academic elites and snobs who consider themselves societies betters. The jurors, most likely, are the larger other side of this mutual animus. Town vs. gown.
Posted by: JohnQC   2019-06-10 09:56  

#1  ...Gotta remember - Oberlin exists in a little bubble in southern Lorain County, OH. They are completely and utterly convinced of their moral and educational superiority and have NO idea what to do next, except double down.

And it gets better, friends - their insurance company is strongly hinting that they ain't gonna pay. Stay tuned...

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski   2019-06-10 06:13