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-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Great Lakes Reveal a Fatal Flaw in Climate Change ‘Science'
[Issues&Insights] Lake Erie and Lake Superior ‐ two of the five that make up the Great Lakes ‐ broke records for water levels this May. Lakes Michigan and Huron could follow suit.

Naturally, climate change is getting the blame. "We are undoubtedly observing the effects of a warming climate in the Great Lakes," says Richard Rood, a University of Michigan climate scientist.

But just a few years ago, climate scientists were insisting that a warming climate would cause water levels to decline.

In 2008, Science Daily reported on a study that attributed the decline in Great Lakes water levels to global warming. The researchers who conducted the study said that the drop "raised concern because the declines are consistent with many climate change predictions."

In 2009, Columbia University’s Earth Institute informed us that "most climate models suggest that we may see declines in lake levels over the next 100 years; one suggests that we may see declines of up to 8.2 feet."

In 2011, the Union of Concern Scientists said that "scientists expect water levels in the Great Lakes to drop in both summer and winter, with the greatest declines occurring in Lakes Huron and Michigan."

In 2013, the Natural Resources Defense Council said that "it’s no secret that, partially due to climate change, the water levels in the Great Lakes are getting very low."

That same year, Think Progress reported that "Several different climate models for the Great Lakes region all predict that lake levels will decline over the next century."

Since the Great Lakes account for 21% of the world’s surface fresh water, these stories were all wrapped in doom-and-gloom scenarios about the impact on drinking water, shipping, recreation, and so on.

The very next year, however, water levels started rising.
So what are scientists saying now? Simple. They’re now claiming that the fall and rise of Great Lakes’ water levels are due to climate change.

"Climate change is driving rapid shifts between high and low water levels on the Great Lakes," is the new "consensus."

So what are scientists saying now? Simple. They’re now claiming that the fall and rise of Great Lakes’ water levels are due to climate change.
Climate change science? Pah and snort.
Posted by:JohnQC

#11  ...when he passes, things will become interesting in Hell.
Posted by: Procopius2k   2019-06-10 21:32  

#10  It's SO powerful, it snows anywhere AlGore goes....for some reason. It's as if someone is trying to tell him something.
Posted by: Silentbrick   2019-06-10 20:05  

#9  "Climate change, what can't it do?"
Posted by: KBK   2019-06-10 20:03  

#8  If the lake waters drop rise then we should raise taxes, regulate energy companies out of business, open the borders, stop having children....
Posted by: Airandee   2019-06-10 19:59  

#7  Regression to the mean is mean
And just a tad confusing,
So soon I'll be a raving loon,
Hysterical and boozing.
Posted by: Glitle Slurong9613   2019-06-10 18:38  

#6  But I'm sure the glacier is Old White man induced from something we did wrong...
Posted by: Skidmark   2019-06-10 15:41  

#5  Back when I was a kid they had a movies called, "The rise and fall of the great lakes". They showed it in schools. It did not talk to global warming, or what ever, it just followed the evolution of the lakes. Good movie and the lakes have changed in depth of over 100 feet, let alone when it was a glacier. But I'm sure the glacier is man induce from something we did wrong...
Posted by: 49 Pan   2019-06-10 14:59  

#4  Real science is useful because it is a tool to make accurate predictions about the future. However the climate change tools have claimed their pet notion leads to all outcomes. It is as useless as they are.
Posted by: The peanut gallery   2019-06-10 14:49  

#3  Those so called "climate change scientists" have a very poor understanding of the CO2 cycle.
Posted by: Seeking Cure For Ignorance   2019-06-10 12:33  

#2  Water levels too low? Climate change! Water levels too high? Climate change!
Posted by: Raj   2019-06-10 10:02  

#1  Proof that "Climate Change" is little more than a religion to these people.

Deux Climate Vult
Posted by: DarthVader   2019-06-10 09:40