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Southeast Asia
Insurgent camp seized in Narathiwat after clash
[Bangkok Post] Thai security forces seized a Muslim rebel camp after an exchange of fire in Narathiwat province on Sunday morning. The clash took place after troops, led by the 45th Ranger Task Force, were deployed in three teams to patrol Khao Tawe mountain range near Ban Hae in Rangae district. The deployment followed information that a band of militants led by Abdulloh Bula and Muhammad Kadir was in the area to plan terrorist attacks.

One of the patrol teams came across a group of eight to ten armed men sitting in a camp. The two other teams were subsequently called to provide support. They laid siege to the camp and signalled the rebels to surrender. An exchange of fire between the two sides broke out and lasted for about ten minutes. The insurgents managed to break through and escaped.

A trail of blood left on the escape route led to the belief that one or two militants might have been wounded. Isra Chanthakrayom, commander of the 45th Ranger Task Force, contacted military units in the adjoining area between Chanae and Rangae districts, instructing them to check hospitals in the area where injured rebels might have sought medical treatment.
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