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150 Taliban militants killed, wounded in joint overnight operations, claims Farah Police
[KhaamaPress] The security forces killed or maimed at least 150 Talibs in an overnight joint operation in Farah province.

The Farah Police Headquarters in a statement said the security forces jointly conducted the operation in the outskirts of Farah city on Friday night.

The statement further added that the Air Forces also provided close air support to the ground forces during the operation.

Furthermore, the Farah Police Headquarters said the security forces killed around 100 Death Eaters including many commanders of Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
during the operation.

The Farah Police also added that the security forces maimed 50 Death Eaters and destroyed around 14 vehicles.

The Taliban group has not commented regarding the operations so far.

Military sources confirm 35 of the 100 Taliban militants killed an airstrike in Farah city
This story filed 40 minutes after the above, so possibly there are more yet to be confirmed.
[KhaamaPress] The military sources confirmed that the security forces conducted an airstrike in Farah city killing at least 35 Taliban militants.

The sources further added that the security forces conductd the airstrike in Farah district, apparently pointing towards the overnight raid in Farah city.
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