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Science & Technology
Studies Prove Google Is Swinging 2020 AGAINST Trump, Biased Against Conservatives
[YouTube] A new study from Allsides, a non-partisan media bias checking organization, shows that nearly all of the top stories from Google on recent major news are from left wing sources, not even centrist.

Dr. Robert Epstein has been warning for years that Google and big tech will swing elections and choose who wins, whether on purpose or not. In 2013 Washington Post reported on the study, in 2015 WIRED Reported on the results showing it can and will happen. Recently Dr. Epstein recently testified in front of Ted Cruz saying that at minimum Google generated 2.6 Million votes for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

There is now ample evidence that whether intentional or not Google and other big tech platforms are biased against conservatives and to a lesser extent moderates and that this will swing elections in the future. The search tends to generate left wing news outlets and news in favor of far left and social justice narratives while censoring those who speak out against establishment politics.

Yet even after leaked emails, former employees blowing the whistle, and now studies backing this up the left and far left still insist that there is no evidence of the bias against conservatives.

So let me say definitively, big tech and Google are biased against conservatives. Whether its an unintentional or intentional bias is irrelevant. The impact is obvious and the results are clear.
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Posted by:DarthVader

#4  Consider their biased efforts against Trump, the GOP, and conservatives as "in-kind" contributions to the Dems and hit so with campaign violations
Posted by: Frank g   2019-08-13 12:52  

#3  It shall not help them. Life always wins over piddly tech.
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-08-13 12:02  

#2 bet
Posted by: Procopius2k   2019-08-13 11:59  

#1  ...meanwhile aiding the Chinese to shut down the people of Hong Kong.

I'd beat someplace in all those federal statutes, there is something to execute against them to include suspension of trade on the stock exchange.
Posted by: Procopius2k   2019-08-13 11:58