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-Lurid Crime Tales-
Alec Baldwin Claims Russia Killed Jeffrey Epstein: ‘They're in Charge of Everything
[Breitbart] Actor Alec Baldwin claimed that financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was killed by the Russian state, which Baldwin said is now "in charge of everything" as a result of the Trump presidency.

Epstein, who was facing charges of child sex trafficking, was found dead in his cell on Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. The timing of his death, as well as the fact that he had been taken off suicide watch, has fanned multiple conspiracies about whether he was murdered in order to prevent him from ever revealing damaging information on powerful people and politicians.

The Saturday Night Live star added fuel to fire over those conspiracies by arguing Epstein was murdered by the Kremlin.

"The Russians killed Epstein," Alec Baldwin said on Sunday, "They’re in charge of everything now."
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Metropolitan Correctional Center: 2019-08-12 FBI investigating Epstein death in Manhattan jail
Metropolitan Correctional Center: 2019-08-12 There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide, prison guards skipped mandatory checks, 2 Dems named by Ep’s girl
Posted by:Besoeker

#11  Do the voices go silent at night or does Alec hear them all the time now?
Posted by: ruprecht   2019-08-13 23:56  

#10  Ooops. I almost forgot.

Posted by: Abu Uluque   2019-08-13 11:30  

#9  Well, if Baldwin says so, I guess that settles it.
Posted by: Abu Uluque   2019-08-13 11:29  

#8  The Saturday Night Live star

Que? I thought his claim to fame was the only sore tooth in the Red October lineup of stars.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2019-08-13 11:05  

#7  Or 'mortal plane', depending who you listen to.
Posted by: Mullah Richard   2019-08-13 10:59  

#6  I go by Occam's Razor on this. It doesn't appear like anyone physically 'helped' him do the bedsheet trick.

Doesn't mean that he wasn't 'encouraged' to do so by those who could make his life unbearable should he continue on this mortal plain.
Posted by: Mullah Richard   2019-08-13 10:57  

#5  Killing someone that could have a lot of hollyweird types in jail? Russia.

Trump? Russia.

Global warming? Russia.

Bad breath? Russia.
Posted by: DarthVader   2019-08-13 08:49  

#4  The Daily Mail has more on how the bedsheet hanging was accomplished, lord garth. See Rantburg article here.
Posted by: trailing wife   2019-08-13 02:23  

#3  hung from his bed post using a bed sheet per the NYPost

Posted by: lord garth   2019-08-13 01:36  

#2  They really are so stupid that they'd think Russia would have a reason to kill him.
Posted by: Silentbrick   2019-08-13 01:08  

#1  ... poisoning our precious bodily fluids, tozhe
Posted by: Lex   2019-08-13 00:08