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16 Taliban militants killed, wounded in Logar and Ghazni operations: 203rd Thunder Corps
[KhaamaPress] The security forces killed or maimed at least 16 Talibs during the operations in central Pashtun-infested Logar and south-eastern Ghazni provinces.

The 203rd Thunder Corps said in a statement that the Afghan Special Forces killed 11 Talibs during a raid in Charkh district of Pashtun-infested Logar.

The statement further added that the Special Forces also destroyed two caches of the weapons of Taliban
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including 40 improvised bombs.

Furthermore, the 203rd Thunder Corps said the Afghan Air Force conducted an Arclight airstrike
in Marwardar area of Qarabagh district in Ghazni which killed 2 Talibs.

The 203rd Thunder Corps also added that the airstrike maimed 3 Talibs adn destroyed 3 motorycles of the bully boys.

The Afghan forces also discovered and defused 7 improvised bombs during the operations in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province.
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