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Over $1M worth of cocaine found hidden in banana boxes at Washington Safeway stores
[NYPOST] Officials in Washington state have opened an investigation after employees at three Safeway stores reported finding over $1 million worth of cocaine that was hidden in boxes of bananas.

The contraband was first reported at a Safeway in Woodinville, about 20 miles northeast of Seattle, on Sunday, the King County Sheriff’s Office said.

Employees were opening a box of bananas and found 22 kilos of cocaine ‐ the equivalent of over $550,000, according to Sherlocks.

Later that day, employees at a Safeway in Bellingham ‐ in northwestern Washington, near the Canadian border ‐ found about 100 46 23 kilos of cocaine while unloading banana shipments, Q13 Fox reported.

Additional cocaine turned up in banana shipments at a Federal Way Safeway, but the total amount was unclear.

The origins of the cocaine remained a mystery.

"We do know it was all shipped from a central warehouse, but we don’t know where it originated yet, so that’s a work in progress," said Sgt. Ryan Abbott of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was handling the investigation, he added.

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Posted by:Fred

#3  In related news, There are reports of a run on cases of Banana's at Safeway stores in Washington State.

I wonder if these Safeway stores were formally Albertson Stores a year ago. Our local Montlake Terrace Albertsons recently converted over to Safeway. I have't checked on their cases of banana's tho...
Posted by: CrazyFool   2019-08-24 12:31  

#2  wonder how many produce workers suddenly quit before they discovered the coke?
Posted by: chris   2019-08-24 11:09  

#1  "Come Mr Tally Man, tally me bananas.
Daylight come and i high as a kite."
Posted by: SteveS   2019-08-24 10:39