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Magnetic IED Claims 5, Injures Provincial Ulema Head in Kapisa
Perhaps if they banned magnets?
[Khaama] In an explosion in Kapisa, five people were killed and two were injured on Sunday afternoon, local officials said.

According to provincial police, the magnetic IED targeted Kapisa Ulema Council Head's vehicle.

Some media outlets reported, that 9 people including provincial Ulema council head, Mirwais Karimi were injured.

The blast occurred in the Sayyad market in Kapisa province.

No group or individual has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.
Uh huh. Amish?
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Posted by:Frank G

#2  Bananas is radioactive,
But also, sez physics, attractive!
The Science is clear --
Even more, if you're... near.
Anna, file under Life, comma, Facts of.
Posted by: Glick Tingle5396   2021-01-23 16:16  

#1  Ban Magnets, Say Some after Funeral,
But Others Think Problem More General.
"The issue's this -ism
That threatens all schisms
Of animal, vegetable, mineral!"
Posted by: Glick Tingle5396   2021-01-23 16:09