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4 PRC Generals executed over last weeks audio about war mobilization
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Africa Horn
Al-Shabaab kills SNA soldiers in army checkpoint attack in Somalia
[Garowe] The al-Shabaab
...... the personification of Somali state failure...
forces of Evil on Friday killed at least four Somalia National Army SNA] in southern Somalia, just a few weeks after they raided an African Union
...a union consisting of 53 African states, most run by dictators of one flavor or another. The only all-African state not in the AU is Morocco. Established in 2002, the AU is the successor to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which was even less successful...
Mission Forces base occupied by Burundian soldiers, who have been in charge for the last couple of months.

According to reports, at least four soldiers were killed in the attack on Friday, in what could change fortunes on security setup, following the latest change of leadership in the Horn of Africa nation, which is struggling with instability.

Reports further indicate the attack that took place at Gololey were killed in the al-Shabaab attack at a checkpoint north of Bal’ad Town. Burundian forces vacated the base last week; soldiers felt "abandoned" and joined soldiers at the checkpoint.

The soldiers have been working closely with those of the African Union Transition Mission [ATMIS] in the Horn of Africa nation before changing strategy after the peacekeepers left prematurely a fortnight ago, contrary to the expectations of many people.

Prime Minister Mohammed Hussein Roble called dozens of ATMIS bosses last week over the ongoing vacation from various Forward Operating Bases [FOBs], following the al-Shabaab attack. The attack at El-Baraf Forward Operating Base triggered questions about the safety of peacekeepers.

The El-Baraf attack was coordinated by senior al-Shabaab leaders including one Kenyan according to the krazed killers. The attack on military bases is common in the Horn of Africa country, with the al-Shabaab fighting to topple the fragile UN-backed Somalia administration.

In Jan 2016, the forces of Evil attacked El-Adde military base controlled by Kenya Defense Forces [KDF], before launching a similar attack at Kulbiyow military base. Somalia ushered in a new administration on Sunday last week following the election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.
Posted by: trailing wife || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [63 views] Top|| File under: al-Shabaab (AQ)

Africa Subsaharan
Gunmen Behead Abducted Anambra Lawmaker From Governor Soludo's Constituency, Hang Head In Motor Park

Gunmen who kidnapped a member of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Okey Okoye, have beheaded him.

After beheading him, his head was reportedly displayed at a motor park in Nnobi, Idemili South Local Government Area of the state.

The incident, which happened on Saturday, created panic in the community, which had been witnessing a series of violent mostly peaceful killings since last year.

Sources added that his body was not there and indications were that the killers removed the body.
OR it walked away?
"The Anambra politician representing Soludo’s constituency, Okechukwu Okoye who was earlier kidnapped, has been beheaded by button men; the late politician's head was mounted at Chisco Park in Amichi community," a military source told SaharaReporters on Saturday.

Gunmen had last Sunday kidnapped the politician who was representing Aguata II state constituency in Aguata alongside Cyril Chiegboka, his campaign director.

Governor Charles Soludo had said during the week that efforts were ongoing to rescue the Anambra politician from his abductors.

Posted by: Fred || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [133 views] Top|| File under: Boko Haram (ISIS)

#1  SE Nigeria
Posted by: Lord Garth || 05/22/2022 11:26 Comments || Top||

Police Intercept Vehicles Loaded With Explosives, Weapons In Kano

Posted by: Fred || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [58 views] Top|| File under: ISWAP

Dozens of Al-Qaeda terrorists deployed to Shabwah province
[HODHODYEMENNEWS] Military sources revealed on Wednesday that dozens of al-Qaeda members have arrived on the outskirts of Shabwah province, southern Yemen
...an area of the Arabian Peninsula sometimes mistaken for a country. It is populated by more antagonistic tribes and factions than you can keep track of...
, Yemen News Portal reported.

This coincides with the escalation of the terrorist organization’s public movements in the province.

The sources confirmed that more than 50 al-Qaeda members arrived in the past hours at the outskirts of the Usiylan District, near the eastern border of Ma’rib province.

It is not yet known whether al-Qaeda’s deployment near the oil area of Shabwah is part of a plan to attack oil fields, or of a new scenario for an attack on forces of the National Salvation Government that are stationed south of Ma’rib.

Al-Qaeda elements have recently been heavily deployed in areas which are under control of Saudi-led coalition’s factions in the southern provinces, like Shabwah, Hadhramaut and Abyan
...a governorate of Yemen. The region was a base to the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army terrorist group until it dropped the name and joined al-Qaeda. Its capital is Zinjibar. In March 2011, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula declared the governate an Islamic Emirate after seizing control of the region. The New York Times fastidiously reported that those in control, while Islamic hard boyz, are not in fact al-Qaeda, but something else that looks, tastes, smells, and acts the same. Yemeni government forces launched an effort to re-establish control of the region when President-for-Life Saleh was tossed and the carnage continues...
. They have in the past been used both against the forces of the National Salvation Government and against UAE-backed separatists in southern Yemen.
Posted by: Fred || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [84 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Yemeni air defences shoot down Saudi spy drone
...an area of the Arabian Peninsula sometimes mistaken for a country. It is populated by more antagonistic tribes and factions than you can keep track of...
i army’s air defences have on Saturday morning shot down a spy aircraft belonging to the Saudi-led coalition forces in the airspace of Hajjah province, northwestern Yemen."Our Air Defences shot down a Ottoman Turkish-made Karayel spy drone operated by Saudi Air forces, while it was violating the UN-sponsored truce with hostile actions this morning in the airspace of Hayran district, Hajjah Governorate," the Armed Forces front man Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e said in a statement.

The plane was hit with a locally-made surface-to-air missile, of a type which has not yet been publicly revealed, he added.
Locally = Iranian
The front man affirmed the Armed Forces’ readiness to respond to any violation by US-Saudi aggression, stressing that such attacks "confirm the lack of seriousness of US-Saudi aggression to commitment to the truce and grinding of the peace processor."

Earlier on May 5, the Yemeni Air Defences announced shooting down a Chinese-made CH-4 spy drone in the border district of Haradh in Hajjah Governorate.
Posted by: Fred || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [70 views] Top|| File under: Houthis

Vehicle targeted by suspected Turkish air forces in Makhmour camp
[Rudaw] A vehicle was bombarded on Saturday afternoon by unidentified forces in Makhmour camp, which is controlled by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), according to Makhmour’s mayor. The attack is suspected to have been carried out by Ottoman Turkish air forces.

Rizgar Mohammed, mayor of Makhmour district in Erbil province, told Rudaw following the incident that a vehicle in the camp was targeted without elaborating more.

Hours earlier, a suspected Ottoman Turkish drone targeted a pickup vehicle in Sulaimani province’s Aghjalar subdistrict, killing all five passengers, including at least two PKK fighters, according to local officials.

PKK media also reported the attack without providing further details.

Ottoman Turkish drones and jets often bombard the camp on the grounds of targeting PKK fighters. Three people were killed in a suspected Ottoman Turkish Arclight airstrike
near the camp in June 2021.

Makhmour camp hosts more than 12,000 Kurdish refugees who fled persecution by the Ottoman Turkish state, mainly in the 1990s. It is located in areas disputed between Erbil and Baghdad.

Security Advisor at the Iraqi National Security Advisory Saad al-Jayashi told Rudaw in late February that the Iraqi government lost control of Makhmour camp when the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that they were al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're really very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear western pols talk they're not really Moslems....
(ISIS) attacked Iraq and took control of large swaths of territory. He added that while the camp is no longer under their control, they are currently seeking to retake control of the administration, security and services of the camp.
Posted by: trailing wife || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [43 views] Top|| File under: Sublime Porte

Suspected Turkish drones kill five in Sulaimani province: official
[Rudaw] Two suspected Ottoman Turkish drones targeted a vehicle in Sulaimani province’s northwestern subdistrict of Aghjalar early Saturday, killing five passengers, including at least two members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), according to a local official, who later updated his figures to Rudaw.

Hemin Bahjat, mayor of Aghjalar, told Rudaw on Saturday the drones "targeted a PKK base and a Toyota Hilux vehicle which carried four passengers who were all killed. According to initial reports, two of the passengers were locals while two others were PKK fighters." The mayor later added that another person was killed in the attack.

The dead bodies of the four passengers have been transferred to a hospital for inspection and to be identified, added the mayor.

Neither The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire...
nor the PKK have commented on the incident.

Turkey often targets the PKK positions in the Kurdistan Region, sometimes causing civilian casualties but Ankara has repeatedly said that it does not target civilians.

Ankara launched a new phase of its Claw operations against the PKK in Duhok province in mid-April.

PKK media also reported the bombardment, saying that five "unidentified" people were killed in the vehicle.

Aghjalar is affiliated to Chamchamal district and borders Kirkuk province.

Halo Zahir is a resident of Tutaqal village. He told Rudaw’s Rawchi Hassan that the vehicle belonged to the PKK.
Posted by: trailing wife || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [42 views] Top|| File under: Sublime Porte

Turkish forces shell the village of Tel Qarah in the northern countryside

Posted by: Fred || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [42 views] Top|| File under: Sublime Porte

At least three Syrians killed in Zionist aggression
[HODHODYEMENNEWS] At least three people were killed on Friday as a result of a Zionist attack south of Damascus, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported, citing a military source.

"At nearly 11 PM on Friday, the Israeli enemy carried out an aggression with surface-to-surface missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points south of Damascus. The Army air defences intercepted the missiles’ aggression and downed most of them," a military source said in a statement.

The source added that the aggression also caused material losses.

The latest Zionist aggression came a week after five people, including a civilian, were martyred in a missile attack targeting the town of Masyaf in the Hama countryside.

The Zionist entity regularly carries out attacks on Syria, acting with near total impunity due to being protected by Western powers.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said that the three people killed were officers and that four other members of the air defense crew were maimed.

The Israeli strikes targeted Iranian positions and weapon depots near Damascus, the monitor said.

A fire broke at one of the positions near the Damascus airport, where ambulances were seen rushing to the site of the strikes, according to the Observatory.
Posted by: Fred || 05/22/2022 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [97 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Syria

#1  I don’t doubt the reports, but it’s interesting that neither the Times of Israel nor the Jerusalem Post bothered to carry the story, though they had the previous attack.
Posted by: trailing wife || 05/22/2022 15:13 Comments || Top||

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Two weeks of WOT
Sun 2022-05-22
  4 PRC Generals executed over last weeks audio about war mobilization
Sat 2022-05-21
  Russia will create 12 new military units near the western borders
Fri 2022-05-20
  Russia Withdraws Forces From Posts In Syria's Lattakia And Homs
Thu 2022-05-19
  Arrested Kidnappers Confessed To Raping New Bride Multiple Times
Wed 2022-05-18
  Terrorists Abduct 30 Passengers Along Abuja-Kaduna Highway, Shoot Others
Tue 2022-05-17
  Reversing Trump, Biden acts to deploy US troops to Somalia
Mon 2022-05-16
  Battle rages for the region of Donbas
Sun 2022-05-15
  Ten die in Buffalo, NY supermarket shooting
Sat 2022-05-14
  Cairo sentences 25 to 15 years in prison, acquits 12 in Rabaa dispersal case
Fri 2022-05-13
  Violent protests all over Iran sparked by massive price increases.
Thu 2022-05-12
  Ukraine thwarts Russian battalion's river-crossing and destroys at least 58 vehicles
Wed 2022-05-11
  Camps Discovered in Russia House Thousands of Ukrainians Forcibly Removed From Homeland
Tue 2022-05-10
  Sri Lanka PM quits as violence kills 3, injures 150
Mon 2022-05-09
  At least 11 Egyptian soldiers killed in armed attack in Sinai
Sun 2022-05-08
  Islamic Emirate Announces Rules for Women’s Covering

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