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Zawahiri, believed dead, appears in video on 9/11 anniversary.
Bin Laden, known dead, doesn't.
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-Lurid Crime Tales-
Over 30 Shot Friday into Saturday Night Across Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago
[BREITBART] Over 30 people were shot, three of them fatally, Friday into Saturday night across Mayor Lori Lightfoot
...the diminutive and vacuous Heronner da Mare of Chicago. When the corpse count rises she blames the guns, which are banned anyway. A racist to the bone, Lori sez that people with the same skin tone all think alike, not quite getting the implications for a city with a population less than thirty percent black...
’s (D) reliably Democrat Chicago, aka The Windy City or Mobtown
...home of Al Capone, the Chicago Black Sox, a succession of Daleys, Barak Obama, and Rahm Emmanuel...
ABC 7 / Chicago Sun-Times reports 31 people were shot by 9:52 p.m. Saturday night.

The three fatalities occurred on Saturday, beginning with a 34-year-old woman who was sitting in a vehicle "in the 8700 block of South Lafayette Avenue" around 1: 25 a.m. Someone shot the woman in the head, fatally wounding her.

The second shooting fatality took place just before 5 p.m., when a 24-year-old was shot in the head during a drive-by attack "in the 900 block of East 79th Street."

The 24-year-old was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.

A 42-year-old woman was shot and killed around 9:40 p.m. while walking towards her vehicle "in the 300 block of East Kensington Avenue."

The woman was shot in the armpit and taken to a hospital where she died.

On September 9, 2021, Breitbart News noted there have been over 3,100 shooting victims in Chicago so far this year. The Sun-Times points out there were over 530 homicides in the city during the same time-frame.

HeyJackass.com observes 27 people shot and killed in Chicago thus far in September alone.
Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [181 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Only 10% fatal? Marksmanship even worse than usual.
Posted by: Glenmore || 09/13/2021 1:04 Comments || Top||


How is this possible?
Chicago has some on the strongest Gun Control laws on the books.

OH !!! that's right.
The laws are there to Hamstring Citizens not Thugs.

I guess that's why so many are doing Private sells.
Or building a legal home built Firearm. Like AR-## and 1911, and Glocks from 80% lowers and purchasing build out parts.
Posted by: NN2N1 || 09/13/2021 6:44 Comments || Top||

#3  Chicago shootings: 60 shot, 7 fatally, in weekend violence
Posted by: Skidmark || 09/13/2021 9:56 Comments || Top||

#4  Final Peaceful Tally: 10 killed, 58 wounded
Posted by: Mullah Richard || 09/13/2021 12:10 Comments || Top||

#5  Chicagoistan has been festering for a long time. The left's anti-police sentiment adds to the problems. You sure don't want "community policing" in places like Chicago, Portland or other left-wing paradises.
Posted by: JohnQC || 09/13/2021 16:12 Comments || Top||

Driver Opens Fire on Two Alleged Car Thieves, Killing One
[BREITBART] The driver of a Jeep opened fire on two alleged car thieves Friday, killing one and wounding another outside a shopping center in Atlanta’s Buckhead community.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports the driver came out of the shopping center and saw two teens allegedly breaking into his car. He confronted them both and, at some point, pulled out his handgun and shot at them, killing one.

The second teen ran off, intermittingly shooting back at the driver. The driver returned fire, striking the fleeing teen, a 17-year-old, in the wrist.

11 Alive quotes Atlanta Police Department Deputy Chief Timothy Peek saying, "The victim chose to take his weapon and defend himself against the people that were breaking into the vehicle."

Peek added, "It appears to be this was a group of people who decided to come out and commit crimes and unfortunately it led to the death of someone."
or fortunately. A little chlorine in the gene pool
The maimed 17-year-old suspect faces charges of "felony murder, entering auto, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a person under 18."
Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [160 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Alleged suspect #2 was charged with "being a dumbass and getting killed during the commission of a felony".
Posted by: SteveS || 09/13/2021 1:32 Comments || Top||

#2  Boo hoo. Another Yute finds out that crime doesn't pay.
Posted by: Too Old To Work || 09/13/2021 8:23 Comments || Top||

Pregnant woman shot, killed trying to break up fight after her baby shower in Harlem
[ABC7NY] A pregnant woman was killed after she was shot in the head while trying to break up a fight after her baby shower in Harlem Sunday morning.

Police responded to calls of a woman shot at West 128th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard around 1:15 a.m.

According to police, officers found 31-year-old Shanice Young with a gunshot wound to the head, unconscious and unresponsive.

Eyewitness News learned the woman was coming home from her baby shower and was bringing gifts from her car into the lobby of the building when the fight broke out between two men.

Neighbors say that one man was the victim's ex-boyfriend and the other was the father of her unborn child. They say Young tried to break up the fight.

According to detectives, at some point a gun went off and struck the 31-year-old in the head.
"We wuz just talking, and this gun just walked up and shot her. We wuz all surprised and shit because we never seen the gun before."
EMS took the victim to NYC Health + Hospitals in Harlem, where she was pronounced dead.
He's dead, Jim!
She. That's a woman.
Guys don't get pregnant.
You're a doctor. You should know that.
I'm a liberal. I'm not allowed to know that.
Neighbors say the woman was eight months pregnant and the unborn child did not make it.

The victim also had a 6-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old sister, who she was taking care of because her mother passed away two years ago.

The tragic shooting has caused an uproar in the Harlem community. Meanwhile,
...back at the palazzo, Don Smilzo looked for an avenue of escape. The only window opened a hundred feet above the moat. The nearest of the hired assassins hold a bloody axe. The window was looking better all the time....
a memorial was held outside of the building where the victim lived.

No arrests have been made at this time.

Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [130 views] Top|| File under:

#1  White Supremacy will be found at fault…somehow.
Posted by: Croque Fliting8030 || 09/13/2021 8:29 Comments || Top||

#2  'At some point a gun went off...', never experienced that myself.
Posted by: Cesare || 09/13/2021 9:09 Comments || Top||

#3  Who has a baby shower at 1:15 am? Pregnant broad who gets shot in the head. That’s who.
Posted by: Regular joe || 09/13/2021 10:30 Comments || Top||

Perv, 37, is arrested over a string of groping attacks by moped rider on girls as young as 11 in New York City
[Daily Mail, where America gets its news]
  • James White, 37, was arrested in connection to a string of groping attacks that were committed by a moped rider in Manhattan over the past month

  • White was arrested in connection with six of nine recorded incidents, cops said

  • Police confirmed that White is being charged in the most serious attack, involving an 11-year old girl

  • The rider allegedly approached his victims on a red and black moped, circled around them like a shark, grabbed their breasts and sped away

  • A law enforcement source told the New York Post that White is a yoga instructor

  • Sex attacks are up 26.2 percent this year, with 3,278 incidents reported in the year to September 5, compared with 2,597 in the same period last year
Posted by: Skidmark || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [128 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Future leadership role assured in Democratic party. He's got street creds.
Posted by: Dale || 09/13/2021 3:58 Comments || Top||

-Great Cultural Revolution
Phoebe Waller-Bridge may replace Harrison Ford as lead in 'Indiana Jones'
[NYPOST] Phoebe Waller-Bridge may flip the script on Indiana Jones.

The English actress, 37, could be replacing Harrison Ford as the lead in the fifth installment of the "Indiana Jones" franchise, which is set to hit theaters next summer, according to The Daily Mail.

Sources told the outlet that producer Kathleen Kennedy was looking to make "big" changes — which could include replacing the lead character with a woman.

"It would be a huge statement, and a great role for Phoebe," one insider told the Mail.

It was announced earlier this year that the "Fleabag" star had been cast opposite 79-year-old Ford in the film, the name of which has not yet been revealed.

The iconic franchise has starred Ford as the lead since the first film, "Raiders of the Lost Ark," was released in 1981.

It’s not clear who Waller-Bridge’s will portray in the upcoming movie, but a source told the Mail, "The gossip on the set is that this character will slot into the leading role."
Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [373 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Great - trash another franchise (like Ghostbusters) with insipid broad(s) as lead actresses. Harrison Ford's too old for these lead roles - give it to Ryan Reynolds or someone like that.
Posted by: Raj || 09/13/2021 0:16 Comments || Top||

#2  Kathleen Kennedy is the one that wokified and ruined Star Wars, amongst other films. Horrible person. And Flip The Script male to female means failure. Look at the horrible Ghostbusters failure. Get woke go broke.
Posted by: Greater the Anonymous5721 || 09/13/2021 1:33 Comments || Top||

#3  In a world where the West is, like, "Wow,"
Lands a man with no PLAN ["Huh?" Kerpow!]
Known as "Jones, Short Round Jones,"
Who makes off with the stones
Of the Magical Mangos of Mao.
Posted by: Gomez Spawn of the Heathen Rus2075 || 09/13/2021 2:02 Comments || Top||

#4  The English actress, 37, could be replacing Harrison Ford as the lead in the fifth installment of the "Indiana Jones" franchise, which is set to hit theaters next summer, according to The Daily Mail.


If it's hitting theaters next summer, primary photography is done or nearly so.

Secondly, I think Disney might have figured out that Ms. Kennedy cost them a billion or so in revenue, not to mention the goodwill of countless fans. Easier (and cheaper) to leave her where she is, but under really close watch.

I can see this being Ford's last outing as Indy and someone else stepping in to continue the franchise, but I doubt it's going to be Ms. Waller-Bridge. She's a terrific writer and a very funny actress, but she's not an action heroine.

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski || 09/13/2021 6:15 Comments || Top||

#5  this is the broad that voiced the robot that Lando liked banging, right?


I think they were setting up Shia LeBeouf to be the next Indy, as his son, in the last 'film'

but Shia has the chemistry and acting skills of a wet mop (most of the time; he was passible in Fury, disregarding the horrible southern accent).
Posted by: Retard Strength || 09/13/2021 6:59 Comments || Top||

#6  But, but...she's not black!
Posted by: Mercutio || 09/13/2021 7:08 Comments || Top||

#7  or disabled!
Posted by: Frank G || 09/13/2021 7:17 Comments || Top||

#8  speaking of Kathleen Kennedy I'm reminded of Indiana Jones saying,

"Why must it always be snakes?"
Posted by: Lord Garth || 09/13/2021 8:27 Comments || Top||

#9  No problem. She will 'identify' as Black and Disabled and ..".

Everything Woke turns to shit"
Posted by: CrazyFool || 09/13/2021 8:55 Comments || Top||

#10  Thank God Peter Jackson made the LOTR movies before this idiocy was widespread.
Posted by: Rob Crawford || 09/13/2021 8:57 Comments || Top||

#11  Meh, go ahead. One more Disney movie I won't watch or even bother to pirate as it will be garbage.
Posted by: DarthVader || 09/13/2021 10:53 Comments || Top||

#12  The last one was horribly bad and purged from memory, not going to watch another, anyway. And this sort of thing is why America is starting to ignore hollywood.
Posted by: Silentbrick || 09/13/2021 11:43 Comments || Top||

#13  if you want to see a recent example of movie awfulness, check out the first trailer for the new aquaman

a truly ugly superhero

Posted by: Lord Garth || 09/13/2021 12:24 Comments || Top||

#14  I never finished watching the first Aquaman. How'd it turn out?
Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 16:20 Comments || Top||

#15  It's heresy I tell you.
Posted by: JohnQC || 09/13/2021 16:33 Comments || Top||

#16  I never finished watching the first Aquaman. How'd it turn out?

Spoiler Alert: Aquaman's super-power is that he can talk to fish.

Honestly, I've never seen it. I fricken' hate super-hero movies. Super-powers are the lamest writer's crutch since I don't know what.
Posted by: SteveS || 09/13/2021 21:48 Comments || Top||

Salesforce offers to RELOCATE workers and their families from Texas after state's ban on abortions after six weeks
[Daily Mail, where America gets its news] But they aren’t relocating the company itself, interestingly enough.
  • IT giant Salesforce has offered to help relocate its employees working in Texas, following the passage of a restrictive abortion law in the conservative US state

  • 'If you want to move we´ll help you exit TX,' Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said in a tweet on Friday

  • In a memo, the company said: 'If you have concerns about access to reproductive healthcare in your state, Salesforce will help relocate you'

  • The law, which bans abortion after six weeks, has prompted outrage among women's rights activists and Democrats

  • The Biden administration is looking for legal ways to block it
Posted by: Skidmark || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [237 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I have a client who got shitcanned from Salesforce, then promptly moved to Austin a few months ago. I'll have to ask him about this posturing bullshit - I doubt it'll affect his vested shares.
Posted by: Raj || 09/13/2021 0:19 Comments || Top||

#2  Bye, Bye.
Posted by: Dale || 09/13/2021 3:51 Comments || Top||

#3  Translation: "If you are just too damn stupid to use birth control, Salesforce has special bennies lined up jut for you!"
Posted by: M. Murcek || 09/13/2021 7:31 Comments || Top||

#4  Distance working when everyone else is on-site confers serious competitive disadvantages. Why do Progressive companies discriminate against women of child-birthing age succeeding in the workplace?
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/13/2021 8:42 Comments || Top||

#5  One company out while several hundred move in.
Posted by: DarthVader || 09/13/2021 8:57 Comments || Top||

#6  "Reproductive health care" should mean access to obstetricians and gynecologists. Not access to abortion mills like Planned Parenthood.
Posted by: Rambler in Virginia || 09/13/2021 9:35 Comments || Top||

#7  "Reproductive health care" should mean access to obstetricians and gynecologists.

This was the original pitch for Planned Parenthood way back when. "It's not about abortion, it's about 'reproductive health care' and birth control for poor women."

As for Salesforce, I wonder how many people will actually go to the trouble of moving. The offer makes for a nice virtue signaling opportunity, though. "Look at us, aren't we wonderful!"
Posted by: SteveS || 09/13/2021 11:13 Comments || Top||

#8  Hey, if they feel the need to go someplace else, it should be a matter of their own choice. That's the whole justification for having individual states to begin with.
Maybe letting people solve local issues locally might catch on, rather that the "one size fits all" prefered the the swamp critters.
Posted by: ed in texas || 09/13/2021 11:33 Comments || Top||

-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Spanish wildfires blaze for fifth day prompting more evacuations
Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [50 views] Top|| File under:

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Russia’s Cold War-era T-62 tank still in service
By Dylan Malyasov

[DefenceBlog] The Cold War-era T-62 medium tank still is found in the Russian Army arsenal.

The 1960s-era T-62 tank is a Soviet main battle tank that was developed as a further development of the T-55 series. The first prototype of the T-62 was completed in 1959. In 1961 this tank was officially accepted to service with the Soviet Army.

Approximately five years earlier, it was reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense had decided to dispose of all T-62 tanks in service and then replace them with new T-14 and upgraded T-90 models. Main Automotive-Armored Tank Directorate (GABTU) stated that this solution will replenish the state budget – after dismantling the tanks, the parts will be sent to storage in warehouses, from where they will then be exported.

But as of September 2021, it became known that the plans to update the T-62 fleet had changed somewhat and some of the tanks still remain in service in the military formations in the East of the country and some of the tanks are supposed to be transferred to allies such as Syria.

Moreover, 103rd Armored Plant has developed an advanced version of the Soviet-era tank, called the T-62M3.

More at the link
Posted by: badanov || 09/13/2021 03:46 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [207 views] Top|| File under:

#1  You mean Saddam's "Jack in the box" toys?
Posted by: Frank G || 09/13/2021 6:47 Comments || Top||

#2  I read a intel report back in the 70s as a unit was identified as replacing their Joseph Stalin III tanks with new T-62s. The JS III was first observed by the West in the Berlin Victory parade in 1945. The Russians don't have a 'throw away' mentality that effects the West which kept some Soviet intel types running around trying to figure out what the Americans had done with all their M103s.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 09/13/2021 7:36 Comments || Top||

#3  Not surprising that during the cold war, the Soviet Union kept warehouses full of WW2 artillery pieces. Just in case they needed them.

We just sold our stuff to Israel. The T-62s paid a heavy price for that in the Quneitra Gap
Posted by: DarthVader || 09/13/2021 8:00 Comments || Top||

#4  Russian-Iraqi tank and vehicle bone yard not far from Ali al Salem Air Base, Kuwait. Interesting place to spend an hour or two. Admission is free. If you are allergic to depleted uranium, don't climb inside any of them.
Posted by: Besoeker || 09/13/2021 8:11 Comments || Top||

#5  I could spend a vacation there. Fascinating.
Posted by: Dale || 09/13/2021 13:17 Comments || Top||

#6  T-62's didn't perform real well when the Sovs went into Afghanistan.
Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 14:06 Comments || Top||

Two soldiers have been killed and 10 others wounded in Ukraine’s war-torn east as clashes tick back up
Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [78 views] Top|| File under:

Memorial plaque for Richard Sorge misnamed Adolf
Direct Translation via Google Translate. Edited.

Inscription reads:

A memorial plaque was installed in Kazan with a mistake in the patronymic of a Soviet intelligence officer. In reality, the patronymic of Richard Sorge is Gustavovich, not Adolfovich! The department of culture declared that they were not the balance holders of this board. And they will not do anything.

Laments Boris Rozhin:

... already written more than once, if you put 5-10 years of similar "girls-designers" several times, just for example, then the number of such episodes will be significantly reduced.

As they started criminal cases concerning Hitler and Vlasov's photos on the website of the "Immortal Regiment", immediately the number of such episodes began to decrease "suddenly".

Since there is no particular reaction, such stories are repeated over and over again against the background of chatter about caring for the historical heritage.
Posted by: badanov || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [143 views] Top|| File under:

AP Reports North Korea Has Now Tested Cruise Missiles
[Redstate] At least they aren't starving and have a decent lifestyle
Posted by: Frank G || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [138 views] Top|| File under: Commies

#1  So... what does Cruise Missiles taste like?
Posted by: CrazyFool || 09/13/2021 20:14 Comments || Top||

#2  ^ Starvation Victory
Posted by: Frank G || 09/13/2021 20:36 Comments || Top||

Pentagon reclaims 6% of the entire internet that was mysteriously handed over to a Florida company on the day Trump left office
[Daily Mail, where America gets its news]
  • Transfer of idle DoD IP addresses took place minutes before Trump left office

  • The Department of Defense reclaimed the large amount of internet from Global Resource Systems LLC, which is headquartered in Plantation, Florida

  • At one point, the company more than quadrupled to 175 million addresses - about 6 percent the size of the entire current internet

  • The company's address is listed in a co-working space

  • It is still unclear what exactly the program did or why Global Resource Systems LLC was chosen
Posted by: Skidmark || 09/13/2021 07:12 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [181 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Global Resources headquarters is in Chicago and on cursory examination gives every indication of being an intelligence front.
Posted by: Bertie Crains2651 || 09/13/2021 9:18 Comments || Top||

America Bank Regulators to Wells Fargo: Tut-tut
[CNN Business] Federal regulators slapped Wells Fargo with yet another fine for failing to move fast enough to compensate customers who were victims of the bank's "unsafe or unsound" practices.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the banking regulator within the Treasury Department, told the scandal-plagued bank it must pay $250 million because it couldn't -— or wouldn't — make good on its promises.
If any US corporation deserves a corporate death penalty, it is Wells Fargo.
Posted by: Bubba Lover of the Faeries8843 || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [142 views] Top|| File under:

#1  My mother had three traditional IRA CD's with approximately 5 year terms and about 1% interest rates with three separate banks.
When my brother and I become beneficiaries of her accounts the other two banks kept the same terms and interest rates for the IRA CD's.
Wells Fargo ended the term for the CD and reduced the interest rate to 0.02% (1/50th the original 1% rate, essentially free money!).
At the time I didn't care, because I was looking for 2% interest rate.
By the time I got around to looking for a better interest rate I learned banks will not transfer inherited IRA's (so one is locked in at the original bank).
Interest rates had fallen anyway due to the dirty Feds dropping interest rates so low, hurting those on fixed income.
Now the Biden regime is attacking savers with high inflation on top of near zero interest rates.
Thank God one person named Joe Manchin dared to care about high inflation rate, at least until he caves to the leftist attacks.
According to Glen Beck the banks goal is to implement a Chinese like worthiness rating system of all its customers.
Posted by: boomerc || 09/13/2021 7:05 Comments || Top||

#2  /\ According to Glen Beck the banks goal is to implement a Chinese like worthiness rating system of all its customers.

Indeed! Manifestations of this "goal" have been around for many years, and it's not just a big city, mega-bank goal. If you do NOT go along with the bank's plan for your business or farm. You may find the sheriff on your porch with seizure orders. Nothing will prevent you from seeing your equipment again at the farm sale however, that's if you haven't already succumbed to a heart attack, stroke, or eaten your pistol.

Posted by: Besoeker || 09/13/2021 7:34 Comments || Top||

Olde Tyme Religion
Inside story of Catholic bishop who was seduced by Satan
[NYPOST] When Spanish bishop Xavier Novell confessed to the Catholic Church hierarchy in Rome that he was "madly" in love with a divorced woman, officials told him he was possessed by Satan — and ordered him to undergo an immediate exorcism "to calm his troubled soul."

Novell, 52 and a noted exorcist at his parish of Solsana in Spain’s Catalonia region, flatly refused. After all, he had the devil in common with his younger paramour: an erotic novelist and psychologist he’d met at a demonology workshop.

Novell formally left the Catholic Church last month for "strictly personal reasons." Those reasons were not disclosed until his scandalous relationship with Silvia Caballol, 38, was revealed this week by Religion Digital.

The two met in 2015 at a workshop where they were both studying demonology, which probes the existence of "fallen angels" and evil spirits. The BBC this week referred to her work as "Satanic-tinged."

Caballol, who has a degree in psychology and has dabbled in the study of yoga, sexology, Catholicism and Islam, was conducting research for her racy novels — which have been described as "a journey into obsession, madness and lust, pitting God against Satan." Her publisher calls Caballol a "dynamic and transgressive author [who] turns upside down our ideas of morality and ethics."

Her most recent book, "The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust: The First Cardinal Sin Against Being" tells the story of a psychopathic prisoner who falls for the female prison psychologist treating him. The book jacket copy compares the characters’ relationship to "the battle between God and the Devil."

"As if possessed by the demon of lust, I begin to suck and kiss her neck, her lips, her breasts and her shoulders," Caballol writes in the 2017 novel. She goes on to describe various sex scenes in bodice-ripping detail: "Our bodies were incandescent and excited and our sex was inflamed and palpitating."

Now she is living with a man who once said in an interview: "Why are people so obsessed by sex that if they don’t have it every day they can’t breathe?"

Indeed, Caballol’s heavy-breathing erotica is a long way from Novell’s pious life as one of Spain’s most hardline holy men. But then again, his fundamentalism may have been created as a backlash against his own lust.

"I have fallen in love with a woman for the first time in my life, and I want to do things right," Novell told Religion Digital this week.

That statement wasn’t entirely accurate, however. When Novell was appointed bishop of the rural archdiocese in Catalonia, overseeing 51 priests, in 2010, the handsome prelate confessed that he’d been in love before. Rumors quickly circulated that he had seduced some of the young women who had worked for him in the past.

Posted by: Fred || 09/13/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [210 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Rumors quickly circulated that he had seduced some of the young women who had worked for him in the past.

How young?
Posted by: Procopius2k || 09/13/2021 8:45 Comments || Top||

#2  +52 54 Subject's Age
(18 18 )
34 36 Daughter's Age
(18 18)
-16- 18 Granddaughter's Age

Could look at it this way; Is he playing in his league ?
Posted by: Groter Whusing3441 || 09/13/2021 10:33 Comments || Top||


Where does Xavior Novell fall on the Horny/Lust scale ?
You be the judge.
Posted by: Pancho Sforza7839 || 09/13/2021 12:07 Comments || Top||

Science & Technology
Former FDA chief-turned-Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb says COVID vaccine shots for children aged between five and 11-years-old could be approved by Halloween
Posted by: Skidmark || 09/13/2021 07:14 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [328 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Former FDA chief-turned-Pfizer board member.....

What are your questions ?

Posted by: Besoeker || 09/13/2021 8:33 Comments || Top||

#2  When will this evil be stopped?
Posted by: Joluling Gleque7445 || 09/13/2021 8:40 Comments || Top||

#3  Trick or treat...
Posted by: M. Murcek || 09/13/2021 9:03 Comments || Top||


WORLD POPULATION Est.+/- 7.2 Billion
USA POPULATION Est.+/- 333 Million
The USA is about +/- 4.62% of the World population.

September 13, 2021, 10:43 GMT COVID-19 Pandemic Numbers tell us:

As of today despite being having 209,099,300 or 62.2% of the USA population vaccinated, as compared to the 41.8% World Average? The USA continues to see the Highest claimed infection numbers in the World. But a overall lower average infection to death ratio.

Worldwide there were 3,711,148 New COVID-19 cases
The USA “claims” 848,908 of those New Cases.
22.87% of all COVID-19 cases in the whole wide world last week.
Wow 4.62% of the worlds population had 22.87% of all reported COVID-19 Infections. Despite a now reported 62.2% Vaccination rate?

Then we are told, Worldwide there were 58,660 New Deaths of which the USA claimed 8,539 of those. Or about 14.55% of all COVID-19 Death worldwide. Another WOW!!! for 4.62% country.

225,455,664 reported infections.
4,643,687 reported deaths
Which works out to about a 3.13% of the worlds population was infected, resulting in a 2.059% Infection to Death Ratio.

41,853,362 reported infections.
677,988 reported deaths.
Which works out to about 12.55% of the USA population was said to have been infected, resulting in a 0.2034 of 1% death rate. Or a 1.61% infection to death ratio.

While it is commonly stated our Senior Citizens account for over whelming percentages of all Covid-19 deaths. The USA, when compared to other nations according to the 2021 World Atlas data, did not make the top 25 for most senior aged populations.

So given the Official numbers, it seems US Vaccines aren't doing a great job at prevention as promised. But may play a part in lowering the Infection to Death Rates along with our world acknowledge advanced Medical System.

Posted by: NN2N1 || 09/13/2021 9:09 Comments || Top||

#5  continues to see the Highest claimed infection numbers

More people being tested more often here than in some other places?
Posted by: M. Murcek || 09/13/2021 9:34 Comments || Top||

#6  Push back should be interesting when the government tells parents they must vax their young children.
Posted by: Vespasian Ebboting9735 || 09/13/2021 10:39 Comments || Top||

#7  with the low rate of hospitalization and death of younger people combined with the higher rate of adverse vaccine reaction in younger people 16-25, the decision to vax down to 5 is pretty iffy
Posted by: Lord Garth || 09/13/2021 11:47 Comments || Top||

#8  the decision to vax down to 5 is pretty iffy

It's criminal.
Posted by: Angstrom || 09/13/2021 13:24 Comments || Top||

#9  This just in: UK approves vaccines for 12-15s, aims to avoid lockdowns
Posted by: Bubba Lover of the Faeries8843 || 09/13/2021 15:01 Comments || Top||

#10  already 12 years old in USA for Pfizer and Moderno. I think J&J is 16
Posted by: Lord Garth || 09/13/2021 17:01 Comments || Top||

#11  I'm willing to bet more teenagers die in Chicago gun violence this year than they do in the entire United States from the Wuhan Virus.
Posted by: Raj || 09/13/2021 17:24 Comments || Top||

#12  I can see vaccinating kids with serious health issues, and for them having the FDA approval will help. Beyond that, given the high level of youthful resistance to the disease, I don’t see the point.
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/13/2021 21:55 Comments || Top||

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