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Deadly clashes in Libyan capital force airport to close
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-Land of the Free
Georgetown adviser resigns after wishing ‘#metoo moment' on female conservative
A Georgetown University adviser has resigned after he tweeted that he wished a "#metoo moment" on conservative blogger Allie Stuckey.

Georgetown said in a statement Monday that it had accepted Jeff Bernstein’s resignation from the Masters of Science in Foreign Service program advisory board over comments that were "deeply inconsistent" with the school’s values.

"Encouraging, threatening or condoning violence and harassment against another person, in any form and on any format, is deeply inconsistent with the values of the program, our school and our university," the school said.

Mr. Bernstein deleted his Twitter account after writing to Ms. Stuckey, founder of The Conservative Millennial and former TheBlaze TV host: "Wishing you a #metoo moment. Maybe then you won’t be so insensitive."
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 01/16/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6496 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I'm surprised he wasn't given tenure and a raise.
Posted by: Raj || 01/16/2018 0:23 Comments || Top||

#2  Fired for being too dumb to use an alias.
Posted by: Skidmark || 01/16/2018 1:53 Comments || Top||

#3  It's like the story I read somewhere about an old Nazi (party member from the beginning) who was transferred to Eastern front as a punishment. His crime: he had a cushy job collecting Jews for transfer to extermination camps - but he was nasty and didn't pretend that this is a temporary detention.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 01/16/2018 3:45 Comments || Top||

#4  Lost his sweet job too:
"Bernstein was also fired from his job at Solebury Capital as a result of his conduct. Solebury learned of Bernstein’s conduct Sunday evening and “immediately investigated the matter,” according to Lisa Wolford, a spokeswoman for Solebury.

“Based on that review, we promptly terminated his employment with Solebury,” Wolford wrote in an email to The Hoya."
Posted by: Frank G || 01/16/2018 7:11 Comments || Top||

#5  This is why good manners are important, especially when one is exercised, as Mr. Bernstein clearly was. As such, exquisite manners are a basic requirement for anyone in foreign service.
Posted by: trailing wife || 01/16/2018 9:29 Comments || Top||

#6  I bet this clown was spitting bile and hurling poo all over internet threads and then forget that their Twitter account is not anonymous.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/16/2018 11:41 Comments || Top||

#7  The gig is to crescendo the metoo at the State of the Union deal; to weaponize it now is premature ejaculation.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 01/16/2018 20:22 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Politix
Kennedy Storms Out of [Windy City] Candidate Forum
[BootsAndSaber] Democratic governor contender Chris Kennedy abruptly left a candidate forum Monday, criticizing Republican candidate Jeanne Ives for what he called "ignorance and stupidity" after she said Chicago’s gun violence could be solved if more fathers stayed in the home.

The controversy came when Ives, a three-term conservative lawmaker from Wheaton who is challenging Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, responded to a question on curbing gun crimes.

"The problem is the gun violence in this city of Chicago, predominantly. And you know how you’re going to solve it? Fathers in the home," she said. As the audience booed and shouted, she repeated, "Fathers in the home."

Kennedy later got his turn to respond.

"Well, I wish I could agree with you. I didn’t have a father in my life. Somebody shot him," Kennedy, the son of the assassinated former U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, said to Ives before he left the forum amid applause and a standing ovation from hundreds of attendees.
A Kennedy "drop the mike" thing, eh?
As expected, Ives was frequently at odds with the Democratic candidates, and she occasionally drew the scorn of the audience as she repeatedly suggested city and county residents share in the blame for such issues as crime, high taxes and a lack of quality public education because they re-elect Democrats.

"That is your problem. Your taxes are too high and opportunity’s not here," she said. "We need jobs and opportunity, and we’re not going to get that if you keep electing these same people as before."

"You know, some stuff hits a raw nerve and, um, I think that should be a debate about great ideas, a clash, and not one of emotions," Kennedy said as he exited about an hour into the 90-minute forum.

Oh, the irony that Kennedy decries a clash of emotions as he makes a direct emotional appeal without offering a single idea of his own. Meanwhile, Ives is correctly identifying some of the societal causes of violence. And the folks of Chicago wonder why so much of the city has become a s***hole.
Just another rent-seeking Kennedy. I think of them as Clinton's with a (small) touch of class and some serious gene-pool issues.
Posted by: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy || 01/16/2018 08:34 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6487 views] Top|| File under:

#1  An Entitled Limerick, or The Kennedy School

A Kennedy can't be a coward!
Ted towered above us, empowered,
A profile in knavery
Inhaling his bravery
Backstage at the dowdy Old Howard.
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220 || 01/16/2018 8:55 Comments || Top||

#2  Kennedy's seem to need the suckled teat of Gubbamint.
Posted by: Frank G || 01/16/2018 9:02 Comments || Top||

#3  ...pretty much after Prohibition ended.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/16/2018 9:06 Comments || Top||

#4  If he was a true Kennedy, more likely he stumbled out with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand.
Posted by: Raj || 01/16/2018 9:36 Comments || Top||

#5  If he was a true Kennedy, more likely he stumbled out with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand and /or a dead girl in the car.

My 2 cents.
Posted by: Roth LaDoad || 01/16/2018 11:37 Comments || Top||

#6  Ives made a great statement a month or so ago about the constantly failing state pension. "Move them in mass to 401Ks or IRAs and give them a choice which one." Then no more pension monies with state hacks touching it.
Posted by: 3dc || 01/16/2018 11:45 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Culture Wars
Tech Founder: Middle America Is Too ‘Violent, Stupid And Racist' For New Jobs
[Daily Caller] One Silicon Valley executive had a few choice words to describe Americans living in the heart of the nation, and they were not flattering.

Melinda Byerley, MBA and founder of Timeshare CMO, a Silicon Valley-based tech start-up, tweeted out Saturday afternoon describing what middle America could do to "get more jobs in their area."

Byerley says that the first thing those in middle America need to realize is that "no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people." Particularly, in a "shithole" filled with people who are "violent, racist, and/or misogynistic." In Byerley’s opinion, "big corporations," do not consider moving to the heart of America because "those towns have nothing going for them."

The towns have "no infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system."

The MBA claims that "we," the educated people, like herself, "would like to live a more rural lifestyle," but they "won’t sacrifice tolerance or diversity to do so." Especially, these folks do not want to live in "states where the majority of residents are voting for things against their own interests," solely, because these voters "don’t want brown people to thrive."

She declares that if middle American towns can begin fixing their schools, and, essentially, "clean up their act," then people like Byerley will "want to live there." She even says that the fixing these problems would bring the "best and brightest" of our youth who "would rather scrape by in SF than live in a huge house somewhere if it meant dealing with with bigots and backwards ideologies every day," to middle America.
It's nitwits like this that make it easy to omit "MBA" from my bio.
Posted by: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy || 01/16/2018 08:08 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6524 views] Top|| File under:

Posted by: 3dc || 01/16/2018 8:39 Comments || Top||

#2  All 300 lbs of ugly.
Posted by: 3dc || 01/16/2018 8:40 Comments || Top||

#3  Four moonbats.
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/16/2018 8:52 Comments || Top||

#4  I agree. But they are cheap labor.

Middle America
Posted by: Ulaigum Ebbineng7056 || 01/16/2018 8:55 Comments || Top||

#5  You can always tell the Left by the depth of their own Freudian Projection.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/16/2018 8:56 Comments || Top||

#6  She just lost a lot of her business if she sells to middle America.

And she'll blame them for her stupid mouth.
Posted by: DarthVader || 01/16/2018 9:00 Comments || Top||

#7  "Hey! you kiss yer Mom graze with that mouf?
Posted by: Frank G || 01/16/2018 9:07 Comments || Top||

#8  I bet she mouths-off against Trump for language (assuming he actually said shithole) and doesn't see the hypocrisy. Makes me glad I live in Idaho, "rural" America. I don't want the butt-ugly beast here with her prejudice. I used to work in Silicon Valley. Attitudes like this are a dime-a-dozen.
Posted by: Warthog || 01/16/2018 9:30 Comments || Top||

#9  A case of "roll left and die"?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 01/16/2018 9:45 Comments || Top||

#10  Where is Boeing now? Mr. Wife threw out Procter&Gamble, WalMart, Kroger, Eli Lilly, Ashland, Toyota, Ford, GM, Chrysler, factories for BMW, Mercedes, and Toyota without pausing to think.

The lady is behind the times. Forbes ran the following article in April, 2016:

Where Are 75 Midwestern Companies Developing The Internet Of Things

and a quick search yields a lot of articles about Midwest technology companies and the Silicon Prairie.
Posted by: trailing wife || 01/16/2018 9:49 Comments || Top||

#11  Sorry, that’s Here. PIMF!
Posted by: trailing wife || 01/16/2018 9:52 Comments || Top||

#12  Also, Ulaigum Ebbineng7056‘s map is perfect. :-)
Posted by: trailing wife || 01/16/2018 10:03 Comments || Top||

#13  More Trump please:

Market summary > Merck & Co., Inc. (Pharma)
NYSE: MRK - Jan 16, 10:19 AM EST
63.10USDPrice increase $4.44 (7.57%)
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/16/2018 10:21 Comments || Top||

#14  In other words, she coudn't get a date even with a steak wrapped around her face and a six pack between her legs.
Posted by: Grurong Unoluger8267 || 01/16/2018 10:48 Comments || Top||

#15  She might like Ferguson.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 01/16/2018 10:53 Comments || Top||

#16  the "best and brightest" of our youth who "would rather scrape feces off their shoes than walk in civilized environments
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418 || 01/16/2018 11:05 Comments || Top||

#17  Now we know who was buying up all the Rosie O. love dolls on the west coast.
Posted by: Woodrow || 01/16/2018 11:37 Comments || Top||

#18  She's immature and lashing out at Trump and Trump voters. Hopefully her stockholders will have something to say about her elitism and hate.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/16/2018 11:51 Comments || Top||

#19  Funny the last I checked, ITT, Xerox, Dell, BMW, Honda, Toyota (making those nifty snowflake mobile Priuses) and Mercedes Fucking Benz were all located in the DEEP SOUTH where people have a work ethic, no sense of entitlement, and respect for their fellow man...not to mention going to church on Sunday.

Any guesses as to what elitist pompous sneer factory she went to?
Posted by: Sock Puppet of Doom || 01/16/2018 14:33 Comments || Top||

#20  Kinda funny in a karma sort of way: I clicked the headline to RTWT, and in between a couple of paragraphs was an ad to clean your dog's teeth for better breath.....

Jus' sayin....
Posted by: USN, Ret. || 01/16/2018 15:30 Comments || Top||

#21  From Linked In


Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management
MBA, Finance and Strategy
2000 – 2002
Activities and Societies: McAllister Speech Finalist; Special Honors in Management & Leadership and Negotiations

Illinois Wesleyan University
BFA, Theatre Arts--Stage Management
1987 – 1991
Activities and Societies: John L. Clark Award for highest GPA in my major (3.9) Illinois State Scholar, Student Senate

The rest of her profile is also a lesson in hubris.
Posted by: Bobby || 01/16/2018 16:23 Comments || Top||

#22  Timeshare CMO

A nth tier marketing analytics implementer
Posted by: Skidmark || 01/16/2018 16:43 Comments || Top||

#23  ... with an all white staff. Both of them.
Posted by: AlmostAnonymous5839 || 01/16/2018 18:44 Comments || Top||

#24  It is. She and her herd should stay there, stay safe. We still maintain our fort/shooting bench for the next Comanche raid. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

Bang. Hand me a beer and some jerky, Clyde.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 01/16/2018 19:42 Comments || Top||

#25  Coastal Shithead. Keep on doing that while we in Texas vacuum up all those businesses you are running out of Cali. I for one will laugh my ass off when California collapses under its own weight of government regulation, taxes and elitist bullshit like this.
Posted by: Injun Bucket8891 || 01/16/2018 19:59 Comments || Top||

#26  ..they're on their way to that.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/16/2018 21:01 Comments || Top||

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