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UK seeks explanation: FIA, IB team formed to arrest Rashid Rauf
A special team has been formed to arrest the alleged mastermind of the August 2006 transatlantic aircraft bombing plot, Rashid Rauf, who escaped from police custody on Saturday.

Sources told Daily Times that the team headed by SSP Syed Kaleem Imam is searching for Rauf. Constables Nawabzada and Muhammad Tufail, who were escorting Rauf have been detained at an undisclosed location.

The team comprising officials from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) would submit its report to Interior Ministry Additional Secretary Imtiaz Qazi within the next four days. Margalla police kept Rauf’s escape secret from their bosses till late at night. The sources said that the constables did not know that Rauf was a high-profile accused.
And I, for one, believe them. Who in his right mind would tell cops that the guy they're transporting is a high-profile international terrorist?
Security agencies on Sunday took Zahoor Ahmed, Rauf’s maternal uncle, into custody from Rawalpindi, said Nasrullah Jaral, nazim of Union Council 11, Khayaban-e-Sir Syed. Ahmed had been pursuing Rauf’s case since August 2006.

British High Commission spokeswoman Laura Davies said in a statement that the UK wanted an immediate explanation in this regard, Online reported.

Tribal elders willing to attend smaller jirga
Fifty tribal elders from North and South Waziristan, who had boycotted the Pak-Afghan joint peace jirga held in Kabul last month, have been convinced to participate in a smaller joint jirga. A senior official of the Interior Ministry said that the smaller jirga, consisting of 25 members each from Pakistan and Afghanistan, was likely to meet this month and that the names of the participants were being finalised. The smaller jirga was constituted by the Joint Peace jirga in Kabul to monitor and oversee the implementation of its decisions and recommendations. It is also to expedite the ongoing process of dialogue for peace and reconciliation with the Taliban as well as plan and facilitate the convening of the next Joint Peace jirga. Interior Ministry Additional Secretary Imtiaz Qazi said that the participation of the elders in the meeting of the smaller jirga would help improve law and order in the tribal belts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Imtiaz said that the meeting of the Joint Peace jirga in Kabul was very successful and that the tribal elders had missed that opportunity by boycotting the meeting.

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