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UK seeks explanation: FIA, IB team formed to arrest Rashid Rauf
A special team has been formed to arrest the alleged mastermind of the August 2006 transatlantic aircraft bombing plot, Rashid Rauf, who escaped from police custody on Saturday.

Sources told Daily Times that the team headed by SSP Syed Kaleem Imam is searching for Rauf. Constables Nawabzada and Muhammad Tufail, who were escorting Rauf have been detained at an undisclosed location.

The team comprising officials from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) would submit its report to Interior Ministry Additional Secretary Imtiaz Qazi within the next four days. Margalla police kept Rauf’s escape secret from their bosses till late at night. The sources said that the constables did not know that Rauf was a high-profile accused.
And I, for one, believe them. Who in his right mind would tell cops that the guy they're transporting is a high-profile international terrorist?
Security agencies on Sunday took Zahoor Ahmed, Rauf’s maternal uncle, into custody from Rawalpindi, said Nasrullah Jaral, nazim of Union Council 11, Khayaban-e-Sir Syed. Ahmed had been pursuing Rauf’s case since August 2006.

British High Commission spokeswoman Laura Davies said in a statement that the UK wanted an immediate explanation in this regard, Online reported.

IB official caught with bomb near CM Secretariat: Durrani
An Intelligence Bureau official was arrested with explosives near the Chief Minister’s Secretariat on Tuesday, with Chief Minister Akram Durrani appearing to suggest that he was the target of a bomb plot cooked up by the IB.

Durrani told a press conference that Muhammad Tufail, the IB employee, was arrested by policemen at around 11am outside his Peshawar office while “trying to plant a bomb” in a dustbin.

“We are considering whether the IB is directly responsible for it or if it is the outcome of the grudges the federal government has against the NWFP,” he said, and recalled that his house in Bannu had been attacked in the past.

He said after Tufail was arrested he was taken to Eastern police station along with the bomb. “When the case was registered and Tufail was apprehended, Zafarullah, the IB joint director in Peshawar, rushed to the police station and took away Tufail and the bomb with him,” he said.

The chief minister then ordered the police to raid the IB office, but Tufail and Zafrullah were not there. He said he would not spare the IB officials involved in this case.

Durrani demanded that Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz order an inquiry into this case and hand over the IB officials involved in the “plan” to the NWFP government. The IB is directly answerable to the prime minister. “The IB is a federal institution but it now becomes our enemy,” he said.

He said he had discussed the incident with Governor Jan Ali Orakzai and the NWFP government was trying to resolve the case, “but the federal government is creating problems”.

He announced Rs 50,000 prize money for the policemen who arrested Tufail.

He said he and other NWFP MPAs would protest outside Prime Minister’s House if the federal government did not give the province its share of hydro-electricity profits.

Afghanistan/South Asia
17 cops to be booked for faking encounter
The Lahore High Court on Monday ordered a deputy superintendent of police (DSP) to book 17 officers, including the SHO of Saddar Jalalpur Jattan police station, one Elite Force inspector, five sub-inspectors (SI), five assistant sub-inspectors and five constables for murdering a citizen in a fake encounter.
Sounds like a real encounter to me, but for fake reasons
Petitioner Ghulam Nabi submitted to the court that his son Ghulam Mustafa was returning from Islamabad on March 2 when he had a heated exchanged with an Elite Force inspector. The inspector had killed his son with the help of accomplices. Advocate Azam Nazir Tarar opposed the petitioner and said that the challan of the case had already been filed before the trial court.

However, the court ordered a DSP to book the 17 cops in the murder case, file a copy of the FIR and inform the court by March 30.

The accused police officers include SHO Gulam Sarwar, SIs Muhammad Inayat, Muhammad Imanat, Mehdi Khan, Shaukat and Shafiq, ASIs Ijaz, Rashid, Arshad Cheema, Muhammad Tufail and Khadim Hussain.

LHC issues warrants for tehsildar: The LHC has issued arrest warrants for a Mandi Bahauddin tehsildar for contempt of court. He illegally transferred a piece of land to a patwari's son despite court orders barring him from doing so. The court also directed the sessions judge of Mandi Bahauddin to ensure the appearance of the tehsildar on April 8.

Petitioner Sakina contended that tehsildar Irfan Bhatti, with the connivance of patwari Ali Abbas, transferred 19 kanals and 14 marlas to Ijaz Ahmed. and a partridge in a pear tree

Afghanistan/South Asia
Hudood laws are against the spirit of Islam: Dr Hashmi
The Hudood Ordinances are against the spirit of Islam and distort the laws set by the Holy Quran, said Dr Muhammad Tufail Hashmi, a religious scholar, on the launch of his book 'Hudood Ordinances in the light of Holy Book and Sunnah' on Thursday. The book analyses the Hudood laws and is published by Aurat Publication and the Information Service Foundation, a non-government organisation (NGO). They also arranged a discussion 'Hudood Ordinances-The Islamic Perceptive', chaired by Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal and conducted by Mirza Naeem. Renowned jurists, lawyers, scholars, parliamentarians, journalists, civil society groups and other people participated in the discussion.

Dr Hashmi has studied in Jamia Ashrafia, Punjab University, Riyadh University, Saudi Arabia and Open University Milton Canes. He is the legal advisor to the Federal Shariah Court and has served at many educational institutions. Dr Hashmi told Daily Times that Dr Tariq Siddiquee, the former vice chancellor of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, and a close friend, instigated his research. In his book, Dr Hashmi's says that the present laws are the reason why gang rape incidents have increased. He says, "There is no need for four witnesses and circumstantial evidence s to investigate in Zina Biljabar. Non-Muslims should be exempted from these laws. The definitions of Zina, Hud, Nikkah are not according to The Quran and Sunnah. Women are being victimised and imprisoned through these laws." The book summarises that the most of the Huds are not related to the Quran and Sunnah. The Zina and theft laws (ordinances) in the same Hudood laws' package are against the Quran and Sunnah. Even, the sentence for consuming alcohol was set by the Pakistan Penal Code, as there is no sentence for this crime in the Quran and Sunnah.

Addressing the discussion, Dr Hashmi said that the Hudood laws had not adopted the religious definition of Zina (forced sexual intercourse). He said that marriage had different rules in different Fiqhas and schools of thoughts. He said that the law about Zina was only applicable if the woman acted as a willing participant. He said that when there was Tamakun (willing situation) no Hud could be levied on the woman. He said the present Hudood laws were sentencing women in both situations, willing and unwilling participation. Dr Hashmi said that there was no proof of demanding four witnesses for a Zina verdict in Islamic history. He said there were many examples where the decision was made on the woman's statement. He said the Hudood laws were contradicting the Quran.

SSP men on hunger strike in Multan prison
MULTAN: Hunger strike of Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and Lashkar-i-Jhangvi (LJ) activists entered its third day in New Central Jail.
Mmmm. Boy, this meatball sub is way too big. I couldn't possibly eat it all...
The news of the hunger strike had been concealed for two days by the jail authorities. Jail Superintendent Muhammad Akbar Khan said the prisoners were demanding that they be kept in barracks with other prisoners and their fetters removed which was not possible as they were convicted terrorists and had to be kept in the condemned cells. The jail holds convicted terrorists of LJ Malik Ishaq, Ghulam Rasul, Muhammad Tufail and other dangerous prisoners.

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