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Southeast Asia
Egyptian suicide bomber (in Sulu) previously attacked churches in Egypt.

“She together with Abduracman and her son Abduramil traveled to Mindanao via backdoor channel to seek refuge with the ASG (Abu Sayyaf Group) in Sulu with the help of ISIS connections in Southeast Asia,” Sulu police director PCol Pablo Labra said.

The Task Force added “Abduramil”—the young suicide bomber—was not related to the other adult foreign national (Abduracman) killed in the November 5 operation.

Abduramil and Abduracman, together with another unidentified suspect, were killed in a shootout earlier this month after the military received reports that they had planned to attack Jolo. Their nationalities were not revealed.
Lamitan: 2019-08-07 Three Abu Sayyaf rebels gunned down in Basilan
Lamitan: 2019-07-29 Abu Sayyaf bomber arrested in Sibugay
Lamitan: 2019-07-22 Two Abus, one NPA nabbed in separate operations

Southeast Asia
Three Abus rounded up in Luzon
[CNN Philippines] Three suspected Abu Sayyaf Group militants were nabbed by authorities in a series of operations that lasted for three weeks.

According to the National Bureau of Investigation- Counter Terrorism Division (NBI-CTD), separate operations took place in Maharlika Village Taguig, Baseco Compound in Tondo, Manila and Kawit, Cavite which led to the capture of Ibnus Isa, Amerudin Parasan, and Abdel-Amin Bandahala who have been under surveillance for five to six months. All of the suspects have standing arrest warrants for multiple counts of kidnapping and serious illegal detention for a series of kidnappings carried out in Basilan and Sulu from 2001 to 2002.

NBI-CTD chief Raoul Manguerra said the suspects communicated visa social media, which was how authorities were able to track them down.

Southeast Asia
Four Abu Sayyaf rebels rounded up in Zamboanga City
[BenarNews] Four Abu Sayyaf militants were arrested Thursday in connection with a series of attacks in the southern Philippines, as authorities charged six other suspected rebels, including a Swedish national, for alleged terrorism-related offenses after catching them in the region earlier this week.

The four suspects apprehended in Zamboanga City were identified as Aljiver Habibula, Omar Julaspih, Rody Marail, and Nash Amik. “They are members of the Abu Sayyaf Group Urban Terrorist Group operating in Sulu, Basilan and Zamboanga City,”, said Col. Thomas Joseph Martir, the local police commander.

While carrying out the arrests police recovered bomb-making components, communication devices, electronic parts and ammonium nitrate.

Three days before Thursday’s arrests, police and military elements caught Swedish man Hassan Akgun and five Filipinos during a raid in General Santos, another city in the Philippine south.

Charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives were filed against Akgun, although authorities had not yet established a link between the Abu Sayyaf and his group of suspected militants. Philippine National Police spokesman Brig. General Bernard Banac said, “He is really working with international terror groups. As to what really is his task, it is still under validation."

It is believed that Agkun was working with a group linked to IS, but it is too early to say whether he had any links with the new IS leader, Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan, said Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, commander of the Western Mindanao Command.

Southeast Asia
Two Abus, one NPA nabbed in separate operations
[Journal Online ]Three elusive militants, one of them a most wanted New People’s Army rebel and the two others members of the Abu Sayyaf Group were hauled to jail by agents of the Philippine National Police Intelligence Group (PNP-IG) in separate manhunt operations

In a report, the arrested suspects were identified as wanted Abu Sayyaf rebels Gappal Saripada, alias ‘Badigoy/Gong,' and Amil Hamja Hamsain; and Cheryl Mama Tolino, alias ‘Ka Che,’ a known NPA organizer in Central Mindanao.

Saripad, also known as Gappal Bannah/Maidan/Boy Negro’ was nabbed in Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay last Saturday. The suspect was the subject of a warrant of arrest for multiple murder and multiple frustrated murder issued on September 4, 2018. The suspect was described as a brother of Hashim Saripada, alias ‘Ibnu Kashir Saripada,' and said that both are Abu Sayyaf bomb makers wanted for their role in a 2018 bombing in Lamitan, Basilan which killed at least ten people near a military detachment in the area. The bombing was said to have been ordered by Abu Sayyaf leader Furuji Indama.

The official said that the suspects are also wanted for their involvement in the 2005 Valentine’s Day bombing in different cities which killed at least nine innocent victims.

The second suspect identified as Hamsain, was arrested in Zamboanga City last July 4 while in possession of two fragmentation grenades.

Tolino was arrested in Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat on a warrant of arrest for murder and nine counts of frustrated murder.

Southeast Asia
Unconfirmed reports that key Abu Sayyaf leader killed in Philippines
[Arab News] MANILA: A key leader of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), believed to have been involved in the Jan. 27 twin bombings of a Roman Catholic Cathedral in the Philippines, was killed in a military offensive in southern Sulu island, authorities said on Thursday.

Maj. Gen. Divino Rey Pabayo, commander of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ‐ Joint Task Force Sulu, said information had been received about Indang Susukan’s death.

However, the Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG), the police force that tracks the ASG, could not confirm the reports of Susukan’s death. "We’re still validating the information," an AKG official told Arab News.

Susukan belonged to one of the main ASG factions on the Sulu islands, commanded by Hatib Hajjan Sawadjaan.

Authorities said Sawadjaan deployed the two alleged suicide bombers from Indonesia to carry out the attack on Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral, which killed 23 people and wounded more than 100.

Following the bombings, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered government troops to crush the ASG and other militant groups on the island of Mindanao.

On Feb. 2, the military engaged approximately 100 ASG members in a fierce gunbattle in the jungles of Patikul town in Sulu.

Five soldiers and three ASG gunmen were killed, while 18 were wounded from the government side and 15 from the group, including Susukan. According to intelligence reports, he succumbed to his wounds on Feb. 4.

Pabayo said an announcement will be made when the information is confirmed, adding that Susukan was linked to high-profile kidnapping cases.

Southeast Asia
Abu Sayyaf man dies in law enforcement operation
[SUNSTAR.PH] AN ABU Sayyaf bandit and leader of a kidnap-for-ransom-group (KFRG) was killed as the government continued Monday, October 9, its offensive against the bandits.

Brigadier General Custodio Parcon Jr. , Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi commander, identified the fatality as Guro Idzri, alias Commander Idris, a member of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and a kidnap-for-ransom-group cell leader in the province of Tawi-Tawi.

Parcon said Idzri was killed when he resisted troops in a law enforcement operation at 7:10 a. m. Sunday at Sitio Suwang Kagang in the village of Pasiagan, Bongao municipality.

“When troops are about to serve the warrant of arrest, Idzri fired at them using his caliber .45 pistol prompting our troops to shoot back,” Parcon said.

Parcon said Idzri failed to reach the Datu Halun Sakilan Memorial Hospital alive.

He said the troops recovered from Idzri’s possession a caliber .45 pistol with ammunition. The firearm was turned over to the police.

He said they received report that Idzri was the emerging new leader of the ASG-KFRG cell in the province of Tawi-Tawi.

He was also monitored looking for a possible victim to be kidnapped at the construction site of a Diesel power plant in the village of Pahut, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

Idzri was a follower of slain Sulu-based Abu Sayyaf spokesperson Muamar Askali, alias Abu Rami, and was believed to be involved in the November 5, 2016 kidnapping of German Jurgen Kantner. Troops killed Askali in a clash on April 11 in Bohol, while the ASG beheaded Kantner in February this year.

Southeast Asia
Wanted Abu Sayyaf rebel nabbed in Zamboanga
[PNA] Police and military forces have arrested a suspected Abu Sayyaf Group rebel, involved in the abduction of plantation workers in Basilan in 2001. Chief Inspector Elmer Solon identified the arrested suspect as Hamad Ajijul Susulan alias “Hajer Sailani” and “Ahmad.”

Solon said Susulan was arrested Friday afternoon along the highway in Barangay Mercedes in Zamboanga City in a combined security operation. He said the suspect has a standing arrest warrant for eight counts of kidnapping and serious illegal detention with ransom issued by the regional trial court in Basilan province.

Susulan is reportedly involved in the kidnapping of farm workers of the Golden Harvest Plantation at Barangay Tairan, Lantawan in Basilan on June 11, 2001. The Abu Sayyaf militants seized eight plantation workers during their attack and demanded ransom for their release.

The rebels beheaded some of the workers while others were either rescued by government forces or managed to escape during the firefight.

Southeast Asia
2 Abu Sayyaf nabbed in Tawi-Tawi
[SUNSTAR.PH] TROOPS of the Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi have arrested two Abu Sayyaf bandits involved in a series of robbery in Tawi-Tawi, a military official announced on Thursday, July 27.

Brigadier General Custodio Parcon, Jr. , Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi commander, identified the arrested suspects as Merson Arak Garim and Rustom Garim, both members of the Abu Sayyaf Group, based in Panglima Sugala town.

Parcon said the two suspects were arrested while the Marine Battalion Landing Team (MLBT)-Zamboanga Peninsula (Western Mindanao) troops were on combat operations around 5:30 a. m. , Wednesday, July 26, in the village of Batu-Batu, Panglima Sugala, Tawi-Tawi.

Parcon said the suspects’ arrest came after the residents have reported the presence of seven Abu Sayyaf bandits and the robbery by the group in the village of Batu-Batu. Parcon said the troops seized an M-16 (rifle) loaded with ammunition from the two suspects.

He said the Abu Sayyaf bandits resorted to robbery to sustain themselves, victimizing farmers in far-flung areas like in the village of Balimbing, Panglima Sugala since the marine troops intensified the conduct of seaborne patrols.

On Monday, July 24, the bandits robbed a certain Mansiar, a tenant of a coconut farm and threatened to kill its owner, Reny Flores, a brother of a soldier assigned with the MBLT-Zamboanga Peninsula.

Parcon said records showed the mayor of Panglima Sugala has ordered the Garims to leave the town but they refused and has established a temporary harbor site in the village of Batu-Batu in that municipality.

The Garims were turned over to the custody of the police in Panglima Sugala town. The arrest of the Garims has brought to 72 Abu Sayyaf bandits apprehended by the government troops as of Wednesday in Western Mindanao.


Southeast Asia
Philippine Militants Behead 2 Vietnamese Hostages
[AnNahar] Islamist holy warriors have beheaded two Vietnamese sailors held hostage for eight months in the southern Philippines, the military said on Wednesday.

Philippine troops found the remains of the two hostages early Wednesday morning on the island of Basilan
...Basilan is a rugged, jungle-covered island in the southern Philippines. It is a known stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf, bandidos, and maybe even orcs. Most people with any sense travel with armed escorts...
, a stronghold of the notorious Abu Sayyaf
...also known as al-Harakat al-Islamiyya, an Islamist terror group based in Jolo, Basilan and Zamboanga. Since its inception in the early 1990s, the group has carried out bombings, kidnappings, murders, head choppings, and extortion in their uniquely Islamic attempt to set up an independent Moslem province in the Philippines. Abu Sayyaf forces probably number less than 300 cadres. The group is closely allied with remnants of Indonesia's Jemaah Islamiya and has loose ties with MILF and MNLF who sometimes provide cannon fodder...
kidnap-for-ransom group, military spokeswoman Captain Jo-Ann Petinglay said.

"This is a desperate measure of the Abu Sayyaf Group because they see they have no gains from their kidnap-for-ransom activity," Petinglay told AFP.

Abu Sayyaf, originally a loose network of holy warriors formed in the 1990s with seed money from the late Osama bin Laden
... who doesn't live anywhere anymore...
's al-Qaeda network, has splintered into factions, with some continuing to engage in banditry and kidnappings.

One faction has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group, with members among those holding parts of Marawi, the largely Catholic nation's most important Islamic city.

Militants continue to occupy parts of Marawi despite a US-backed military offensive there that has claimed more than 460 lives and displaced nearly 400,000 people since it began in May.

The two Vietnamese were seized last November along with four other Vietnamese crew members of a vessel that was boarded by the holy warriors off the southern region of Mindanao, the military said.

One of the six crewmen was rescued last month and three remain in captivity, Petinglay said.

Abu Sayyaf holy warriors are holding a total of 22 hostages, including 16 foreigners, according to Petinglay.

The Abu Sayyaf is known to behead its hostages unless ransom payments are made.

German national Jurgen Kantner, 70, was beheaded in February after the kidnappers' demand for 30 million pesos ($600,000) was not met.

Last year, the group beheaded two Canadian hostages.

Southeast Asia
2 more Abu Sayyaf surrender in Basilan
[SUNSTAR.PH] TWO more members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) voluntarily surrendered to the government troops in Basilan province, the military reported on Monday.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Bacala, Army’s 4th Special Forces Battalion commander, identified them as Sarid Nisal, 25, and Mohammad Nisal 23. Bacala said the two bandits surrendered on Monday, June 12.

They are followers of Basilan-based Abu Sayyaf leader Nurhasan Jamiri. He said they yielded an M-16 Armalite rifle with attached M-203 granade launcher and a Garand Rifle with ammunition.

The bandits surrendered four days after three of their companions surrendered to the troops in Basilan. Bacala identified the three as Adulla Kalitut, 35, Natim Alamin, 25, and Adzmil Alamin, 20. They surrendered on Thursday, June 8. The surrender of the Nisals on Monday have brought to 73 the total number of Abu Sayyaf bandits who surrendered in Basilan province.


Southeast Asia
Two Abus, 11 NPAs surrender in Mindanao
[SunStar] Eleven New People’s Army militants and two Abu Sayyaf rebels have separately surrendered as Philippine troops continue their offensive in Mindanao.

Joint Task Force Central commander Arnel Delavega said the NPA militants surrendered Sunday morning in the village of Midtungok, Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat province. He said that all of the NPA surrenderees belong to the Manobo tribe and they were identified as Ayob Mopac, Benjamin Kalay, Samuel Badak, Mel Pandi, Kang Mopac, Tiin Mooac, Usad Mopac, Long Oding, Sebio Masandag, Gabriel Mopac, and Nonoy Lapi.

Colonel Bismarch Soliba said in the province of Sultan Kudarat the NPA is losing members due to demoralization in the ranks. He said, "The lumads are disgruntled over the unfulfilled promises of the NPA leaders. The members are dying in the encounters but the supamil (family support) for their followers was not provided."

The two Abu Sayyaf rebels surrendered on Saturday morning at Sitio Camalig in the village of Bohe Pahu, Ungkaya Pukan, Basilan province. They were identified as Wowee Hassan and Samer Batin, alias Iroh. Both are followers of Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Nurhasan Jamiri.

Lieutenant General Carlito Galvez said, "The two Abu Sayyaf revealed that they fear for their lives as more of their fellow ASG (Abu Sayyaf Group) members surrendered and gave information of the others. They said that they opted to surrender now believing that the government forces will eventually get them."

Southeast Asia
Abu Sayyaf militant killed, two surrender in Sulu
[SunStar] An Abu Sayyaf rebel was killed and two others surrendered after Philippine troops clashed with the militants around 2 a.m. Friday in Bangalaw Island, Banguingui, Sulu. The rebels were under the late sub-leader Alhabsy Misaya, who was killed in a clash with marines last month in Indanan, Sulu. The gun battle resulted in the death of Misaya's follower identified only as Imbo.

There were no reported casualties on the government side while the Abu Sayyaf militants were believed to have suffered more casualties as bloodstains were found on their retreat path.

Sobejana said, "Imbo is an ASG/KFRG (Abu Sayyaf Group/Kidnap-for-ransom-group) member and trusted contact on Bangalaw island of the late Misaya. He is a KFR contact and facilitator in the island and a keeper of Misaya's firearms and pump boats used in kidnapping ventures."

The two Abu Sayyaf militants who surrendered were identified as Janatin Mudjaral Madjakin, and his son, Aldaside.

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