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The Gravy Train is Rolling in
[HotAir] Last month, union boss Everett Kelley, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, sent out a self-congratulatory memo to all of his members celebrating the election of Joe Biden and the return of Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. But rather than just taking a victory lap, he cautioned union members to not "pat ourselves on the back" because "windows of opportunity rarely stay open for long." He warned them that there may be only two years to undo the "damage" (translation: ’progress’) that Donald Trump made in curbing abusive union practices in the federal government.
Pay-off for supporting China Joe. The working stiffs get left in the cold.
It looks like the AFGE has gotten their message through to the White House and Democrats in Congress. Tucked into the COVID relief bill currently being jammed through the legislative process are some huge perks for federal workers. One of the more eye-popping ones is a provision mandating fifteen weeks (!) of automatic paid leave above and beyond the normal, generous amounts of paid time off workers receive, for anyone "affected" by the pandemic. For those without a napkin and a pencil handy to do the math, that works out to nearly a third of the entire working year.

-Lurid Crime Tales-
South Carolina may add firing squads to list of execution methods
[Washington Examiner] South Carolina lawmakers voted this week to use firing squads as a way to perform executions to bypass a loophole in which death row inmates were able to extend their lives because of shortages for drugs needed for lethal injections.

On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of state senators voted in favor of introducing death by firing squad, which was proposed as an amendment to an execution bill that would make the electric chair the only alternative to lethal injection. The Senate voted to approve the bill 32-11, with several Democrats joining Republicans on the proposal, though other Democrats also opposed it over their disagreement with the death penalty.

South Carolina has been unable to carry out executions because its supply of lethal injection drugs has expired, and it has been unable to buy more with pharmaceutical companies clamping down on their use for capital punishment. Under current law, inmates can choose between the electric chair and lethal injection but often choose the latter since it currently cannot be done due to the lack of drugs.

The Senate bill will keep lethal injection as an execution method if the drugs are available but would require prison officials to use the electric chair if they are not available. But an inmate would also be able to choose death by firing squad if he or she wants.

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Majority of Americans disapprove of Biden's immigration executive order: poll
[NYPOST] A majority of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s executive orders on immigration and transgender athletes participating in women’s sports — his least popular actions since taking office, according to a new poll.The poll conducted in late February by Harvard University and Harris Insights and Analytics found 55 percent disapprove of Biden’s executive order to "[r]equire schools to let biological boys who identify as girls to participate in girls sports, and vice versa."

It was tied for least popular of choices offered in the poll order when responses were weighted to reflect national US demographics.

Also lagging, with 55 percent disapproval, was Biden’s decision to "[r]educe the deportation of those here illegally who have committed crimes such as DUIs that are not national security related."

Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, criticized for eliminating thousands of jobs, had 53 percent disapproval.

There was 50 percent disapproval for Biden’s repeal of a travel ban that the Trump administration said targeted countries that are failed or fragile states or beset by terrorism, including Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen
...an area of the Arabian Peninsula sometimes mistaken for a country. It is populated by more antagonistic tribes and factions than you can keep track of...
Forty-seven percent disapproved of Biden ending construction of Trump’s Mexico border wall.

The poll identified other soft spots for Democrats, who now control both chambers of Congress and the White House, and underscore the potential political wisdom of Republicans focusing on so-called "cancel culture."

“I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,” he said.


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House Democrats introduce bill providing citizenship to Dreamers
[THEHILL] Lawmakers on Wednesday formally introduced legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for young people brought to the U.S. as children ahead of House Democrats’ plan to hold an "immigration week" later this month.

The American Dream and Promise Act would allow the young people known as Dreamers, as well as others given temporary status when fleeing unrest in their home country, to apply for citizenship.

"During the years of the Trump Administration, the vicious targeting of our most vulnerable immigrant communities cultivated a climate of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear. For far too long, Dreamers and others have waited in limbo and lived with the fear of being deported from the only country they know as home," Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.) the bill’s sponsor said in a statement.
CA 40th District: The corrupt little cities of Vernon, Bellflower, Cudahy, ....

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Anti-Voter ID Activists Storm Georgia Capitol. Has Anyone Called the National Guard?
{PJ] Georgia legislators just got serious about fixing this nation’s voter fraud problem by passing a bill requiring ID to vote absentee. The Hill reported,
We must be over the target.
The Georgia state Senate on Tuesday passed legislation that would require voters to submit a driver’s license number, state identification card number or a photocopy of an approved form of identification in order to vote absentee in the state.

Predictably, the passing of this bill sparked a protest by Democrats on Monday who don’t want anyone to know who is voting absentee. Voter ID laws mean less fraud, a thing no Democrat I’ve ever known wants. Instead, they pretend it’s "racist" to require IDs. They have no problem, however, requiring IDs to get into their conventions.

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Liz and Bernie propose wealth tax
[CNBC] A slew of Democrats on Capitol Hill...including progressives Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. on Monday proposed a 3% total annual tax on wealth exceeding $1 billion.

They also called for a lesser, 2% annual wealth tax on the net worth of households and trusts ranging from $50 million to $1 billion....The legislation would invest $100 billion into IRS systems and personnel, ensure a 30% audit rate for the super wealthy, and impose a 40% exit tax on wealthy Americans who seek to renounce their citizenship to avoid a wealth tax.
I'd like to hear Oprah and Soros and Bezos testify on this.
Trusts and Houshold worth (not earnings)... Man is money going to flow offshore to havens. Vacation home? Sell it. Boat? Sell it. Newer or classic cars? Sell them. Move the money to hoards. High home price area? Move south. Mansions at vacation areas and islands? Sell. Create fake offshore companies to own stuff? Big Time!
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Cuomo to be stripped of pandemic powers amid sex harass, nursing home scandals
[NYPOST] Top Democrats in the state Legislature are taking steps to strip Gov. Andrew Sonny Cuomo of his pandemic emergency powers — possibly as early as Friday — as the administration is embroiled in dueling scandals over the handling of nursing home deaths and allegations of sexual harassment against the governor.

The agreement on a bill stripping Cuomo of the powers was forged between state Sen. Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers) and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-The Bronx). Once passed by both houses of the Legislature it would immediately repeal the powers granted to Cuomo last March to largely control state response to the coronavirus (aka COVID19 or Chinese Plague)
...the twenty first century equivalent of bubonic plague, only instead of killing off a third of the population of Europe it kills 3.4 percent of those who notice they have it. It seems to be fond of the elderly, especially Iranian politicians and holy men...
, presently set to sunset on April 30.

That vote could come as soon as Friday.

The legislation would also bar Cuomo from creating new emergency directives without a sign off from legislative leaders and relevant committee chairs and would only allow the extension of existing directives if they are directly tied to managing the pandemic.

The deal would allow some of the existing directives to continue, such as the statewide mask order.
Raj submitted the Zero Hedge report on this story, commenting:
I love the fellow NY Dem rats turning on this formerly nominal ally / Dem dirtball...

-PC Follies
Berkeley Teacher's Union Leader Criticized After Video Surfaces
[NBCBayArea] Parents in Berkeley are turning up the heat on the president of the teacher’s union after a group of moms posted a video that they say shows hypocrisy of the union leader.

The video released by the so-called "Guerilla Momz" shows Federation of Teachers President Matt Meyer walking his two-year-old child to a private preschool.

Meyer confirmed to NBC Bay Area that he is shown in the video.

A representative from Guerilla Momz would not go on camera out of fear that teachers would retaliate against them and their children.

But Jonathan Zachreson, with an affiliated group called Reopen California Schools, said this new tactic only reinforces how frustrated parents are with delays in returning to class.

"It’s really a message of hypocrisy where we see this union representative saying it’s not safe to go back, yet he feels safe enough to take his daughter to an in-person institution," said Zachreson.

Meyer also turned down repeated requests for an interview.

In an exchange of emails he said this was a non-issue. He wrote, in part, "Unfortunately there are no public options for kids her age. There are major differences in running a small preschool and a 10,000 person public school district in terms of size, facilities, public health guidance and services that legally have to be provided."

Berkeley parent Mara Kolesas is also pushing for schools to open faster. She’s been critical of some of Meyer’s recent comments about the delayed timeline of in-person instruction.

"There are doctors speaking up, epidemiologists, heads of UCSF, the letters have been published," Kolesas said. "It is safe to go back to school full-time following protocols when you have masks and vaccines."

But she disagrees with the tactics Guerilla Momz are using in this situation.

"I think that harassing someone in their private life is not the way I roll," she said.

The Berkeley Unified School District announced a plan for the youngest students to return to in-class learning through a hybrid model beginning March 29.

Older students will be phased in after that.

A big part of the plan involves getting the teachers vaccinated.
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Trump knows he won the election
[American Thinker] During his speech at CPAC on Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump made no bones about the fact that he won the 2020 election. The reason he's not in the White House is because of a system that was reconfigured for fraud and a cowardly Supreme Court. He also warned Americans worried about future elections that HR1, a bill the Congressional Democrats are pushing, will permanently ensconce election fraud.

In his first public speech since he left the White House, Trump made it perfectly clear that he knows he was cheated out of his election victory. During the course of laying out the Trumpism principles that should be at the center of the Republican Party, Trump said that one of the party's primary goals should be to ensure "honest elections that can give everyone confidence in the future of his country." Currently, no one has confidence. As matters stand, the process is completely corrupt:

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The most banned woman online, Laura Loomer, announces fresh bid for Congress
[ReclaimTheNet] Political commentator and investigative journalist Laura Loomer, often dubbed the "Most banned woman online," announced she would be running for the House Representative seat in Florida’s District 21. Despite being banned from all major social media platforms and payment processors, she ran for the seat in the 2020 election and lost to Lois Frankel of the Democratic Party
...every time you hear the phrase white people, white supremacy, white anything but paint, you're listening to a Democrat. Ask him/her/it to reimagine something for you; they do that a lot, though not well. They can hear a dog whistle a mile or two away. They invented the spoils system and Tammany Hall, and inspired the addition of the word (Thomas) Nasty to the English language. They want to stop continental drift and repeal the law of unintended side effects...
Loomer announced her decision to run again for a seat in Congress at the Trump International Golf Club, located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her decision was backed by Trump’s political adviser, Roger Stone, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), and GOP strategist Karen Giorno. Present in the fully-packed room were other members of the RNC, Florida’s GOP Committee, and many conservative activists and local donors.

Loomer was the first federal seat candidate and campaign to be deplatformed by Big Tech platforms. While addressing supporters in Trump’s golf club, she warned how American values were being targeted by Big Tech through censorship. She reminded the people present of her prediction in 2018, when she was banned from most mainstream social media platforms:

"If it can happen to me, it can and will happen to PresidentTrump."

"When you are designated as a domestic terrorist, which is what the Democrats are trying to do to all Trump supporters, your ability to travel is restricted and you are automatically stripped of your right to own a firearm," said Loomer. "This is what is happening in Joe Foreign Policy Whiz Kid Biden
...Candidate for president in 2020. We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created ... by the — you know — you know, the thing...
’s America."

Loomer noted how Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is being silenced in the House of Representatives, now controlled by the Democratic Party. Greene has also faced censorship online. In a statement to The Floridian, Greene endorsed Loomer’s candidacy.

Considering the upcoming redistricting, it is not clear whether Loomer will have to run against Frankel again in 2022. That said, Frankel already expressed the fear of losing her seat by sending a fundraising plea to supporters to contribute to her 2022 campaign.

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-Lurid Crime Tales-
‘Blame Trump’ Defense Not Working Out Well For Rioters
[HotAir] More than 250 people have been charged thus far as a result of the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill. Most are facing multiple, serious felony charges that could result in lengthy jail terms. More are expected to be arrested as the investigation continues. One thing that most of the suspects have in common is a serious problem when it comes to attempting to mount a legal defense. There are literally hundreds of videos that have been gleaned from social media providing damning evidence of their actions on that day. Defense attorneys representing many of the rioters have come up with one tactic to try to clear their clients of wrongdoing. They’re blaming former President Trump, saying that he was the one who "summoned" them to the White House and "instructed" them to shut down the count of the electors. Unfortunately for them, judges don’t seem to be buying that defense so far. (News Agency that Dare Not be Named)

The "Trump-made-me-do-it" defense is already looking like a longshot.

Facing damning evidence in the deadly Capitol siege last month — including social media posts flaunting their actions — rioters are arguing in court they were following then-President Donald Trump
...Perhaps no man has ever had as much fun being president of the US...
’s instructions on Jan. 6. But the legal strategy has already been shot down by at least one judge and experts believe the argument is not likely to get anyone off the hook for the insurrection where five people died, including a police officer.

"This purported defense, if recognized, would undermine the rule of law because then, just like a king or a dictator, the president could dictate what’s illegal and what isn’t in this country," U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell said recently in ordering pretrial detention of William Chrestman, a suspected member of the Kansas City-area chapter of the Proud Boys. "And that is not how we operate here."

I would first note that there’s something rather strange about a group of people so dedicated and loyal to Donald Trump that they would travel across the country to attend his rally outside the White House, now turning around and trying to throw him under the bus. People so dedicated to the idea of "stopping the steal" that they were willing to risk injury or death (in at least one case) to defend the President are now casting the blame on him in an effort to avoid jail time.
How many of them were actually Antifa/BLM Black Bloc agitators, and how many others were undercover government agents provocateur? Especially given that almost no one in the crowd joined in the festivities, even of the several hundred who walked over to see what was going on at the Capitol Building..
Heck, even the QAnon Shaman
... who mostly did his thing to acclaim at Antifa protests, and who was described by prosecutors back home as mentally unbalanced...
is getting in on the act. According to the linked report, Jacob Chansley’s attorney submitted an annotated transcript of the speech Trump gave that day, with highlighted passages purportedly showing how the President "instructed" them to stop the electoral college count.
”I heard his voice beamed directly to the new filling in my left bicuspid, yr honormensity,” he added.
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The hyenas are beginning to circle Andrew Cuomo
[American Thinker] When we think of hyenas, we think of animals who avoid strong prey. Instead, they find the weak and the wounded, first tentatively attacking them and, as their prey fails, becoming increasingly aggressive. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, last year’s golden boy, is this year’s wounded prey, and the Democrats are out to get him. Expect that same pattern — a golden boy who is seen as weak and will suddenly be destroyed — to happen to Biden soon.

I reported on Lindsey Boylan in December, when the former aide accused Cuomo of sexually harassing her. Back then, while finding Cuomo loathsome, I was a bit dubious about Boylan’s claims. Reading her texts about her experience, her narrative had internal contradictions that didn’t ring true.

In December, Boylan’s claims sort of vanished. The media certainly weren’t interested because Cuomo was still the anti-Trump who had shown America how good politicians handled the Wuhan Virus.

Everything changed when New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James, attacked Cuomo from the left, revealing that he had misrepresented the number of elderly people his nursing home policy killed. (I assume that James plans to run for New York governor and wanted to knock Cuomo out early.)


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