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Mumbai Terror Outfit's Teachings Exposed
By Ahmar Mustikhan

A leading member of the Pakistan civil society has exposed the war-mongering ideology of the Jamaat ud Daawa, or JuD, the umbrella organization of the Lashkar-i-Toiba or Army of Pure—the terror outfit responsible for the Mumbai mayhem in November that left 200 people dead and over 300 injured.

Dr. Rubina Saigol of Action Aid Pakistan has expressed her disgust at the teachings of the jihadist outfit that had tried to show a softer face to the world immediately after the Mumbai attacks by inviting journalists to its headquarters in Muridke, Punjab.

The United Nations Security Council on December 11 imposed sanctions on the Pakistan-based terror outfit and declared four of its top leaders Dawaa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, suspected Mumbai terror mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Haji Muhammad Ashraf and Zaki-ur-Bahaziq as global terrorists.

Saigol posted her views on a progressive Pakistani public yahoogroups emailing list called SPN, with nearly 5,000 members. She was responding to the views of another liberal Pakistani editor, Omar R. Quraishi, editorial page editor of largest circulation English newspaper The News International.

In his article, Quraishi wrote: "Regrettably, this tendency to act superior than the rest of the world, ignore one's own warts and what not and to blame the rest of the world for all that ills the Islamic world is something that is found in many ordinary Pakistanis as well. Whether they have been influenced by organisations such as the JuD or whether the organisations have been influenced by the society that they have grown up in is not the issue but rather that the value system and worldview of the JuD and the LeT is in fact something that a lot of Pakistanis share -- particularly the view that a Hindu/Zionist/ American conspiracy of sorts has been put in motion to annihilate the Muslim world."

India still has plans to bomb the Muridke headquarters of the terror outfit and many people in the renegade province of Baluchistan believe New Delhi would be fully justified in doing so.

Even Indian Muslims were calling for tit-for-tat against Pakistan's rogue spy service Inter Services Intelligence and elements within the country's omnipotent army--the fourth largest in the world and armed with nuclear weapons. "The attacks were India's 911. The terror infrastructure has to be brought down. If the Congress Party will not act, it will lose the elections," the scion of a leading Muslim family from Mumbai said on a request of anonymity.

Saigol concurring with Quraishi's view on Jamaat ud Daawa gave some glaring examples from textbooks "that they distribute to their students and which are not available openly in the market." She added the books are published by Jamaat ud Daawa press and are given to students free of charge.

"The Mullahs [Islamic cleric] say that the books are meant to 'inspire' and to inculcate a truly Islamic spirit among students and to enable them to view Islam as a complete way of life, rather than as a set of rituals," Saigol said. "Through these textbooks children are given inspirational ideas and introduced to the objectives of Islam as seen by the Mullah. They are thus introduced the glorious Muslim past to inspire them to violence to re-create the past."

She said Jamaat ud Daawa argues that Muslims alone have right to rule the world and are allowed to kill infidels that stand in the way of Islam and this is being taught in textbooks used by the Jamaat ud Daawa.

Saigol said Daawa glorifies violence and hate and teaches the new version of alphabets in which children learn Bandook for Bai, Talwar for Tai, Tank for Ttai, jehaz for jeem and khanjar for khai, rocket for rai and tayyara for To-ay. [In English, all this will translate into G for gun, S for sword, T for tank, J for jet, K for knife, R for rocket and A for airplane.]

"In the Urdu textbook, children are told that infidels are cowards by nature and when a holy warrior attacks them, they scream with terror and fear," she said. "Mujahideen are glorified as being on a mission from Allah and they are superheroes that kill Hindus and make infidels cower in fear," she said, referring from the pages of the textbook.

She deplored games are organized around violence and killing and the children play with guns and learn to shoot at balloons, adding they play guerilla games of ambushing infidels, and in one story, a ten year old boy kills hundreds of Russians in Afghanistan .

She said poems and stories are taught about young boys that wage jihad and children read fictitious letters from jihadis killed in battle. “If I am killed in battle, celebrate”, reads one letter to a mother and sister in the seventh grade textbook, and then admonishes, “Make sure you conceal your body and never wear perfume.” Obscurantists among Muslims call this decadent and sexist practice hijab.

"India is presented as an enemy and Saudi Arabia as a best friend. Kashmir appears as Pakistani territory forcibly snatched by Hindus and Pakistan as a country created only for Muslims."

Saigol said children are instructed to mercilessly beat up non-Muslims and are told in the second grade textbook that every student should become a holy warrior and that they should be willing to lay down their lives for the great nuclear power that is Pakistan.

Quraishi notes: "Another (JuD) post is devoted to Mother's Day, or rather to equating it more or less with paganism. In fact, another post is on how Muslims should beware of doing actions that make them equal to kaafirs [infidels] -- such as celebrating their holy days and festivals. Also, it is clearly mentioned that non-Muslims are kaafirs and should not be even befriended."

Even after passage of one month, Pakistan is still in self-denial about the identity of the Mumbai terrorists. Though Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari initially admitted his country's non-state actors were involved in the Mumbai attacks, under the rogue army's instructions he has made a U-turn since then and said recently there were no solid proofs the lone surviving terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab is a Pakistani national.

Pakistan's leading English newspaper DAWN--owned by a cousin of Hussain Haroon, Pakistan's permanent representative to the United Nations-- recently carried an interview of Kasab's father from the Punjab town of Faridkot, confirming his son's identity. Baring one, all the 10 Mumbai terrorists were from Punjab, stronghold of the Pakistan army.

Hundreds held as Pak protests go on
Police on Friday arrested hundreds of activists of opposition parties and religious organisations, including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz MNA Khwaja Saad Rafique, as protests against caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PTUI peace be upon him) continued throughout the country. MNA Rafique and his party’s Punjab secretary general Zaim Qadri were arrested by plainclothes policemen in a restaurant in Blue Area when both were having lunch after participating in a rally, PML-N officials said. However, police authorities denied the arrest. “I didn’t send any cops to arrest Saad Rafique,” Rawalpindi District Police Officer Saud Aziz told Daily Times.

The PML-N officials said both were arrested on charges of instigating a mob during a violent rally in Lahore on February 14. Islamabad SSP Sikander Hayat also denied the arrests, saying he had not been contacted by Rawalpindi Police for assistance to arrest a member of the National Assembly. Sources said about 300 senior workers of the ARD and MMA had been arrested in Lahore alone in the last 24 hours. They said several hundreds were arrested in other Punjab cities and police were still raiding locations to arrest people allegedly involved in instigating the protesters in Lahore.

Jamaat ud-Daawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was detained at his house. “Hafiz Saeed has been detained at his Johar Town residence and a heavy contingent of police has surrounded his house and is not allowing him to come out even for the Friday sermon,” Jamaatu Daawa Information Secretary Habibullah Salfi told Daily Times. He said Saeed was due to address a conference in Faisalabad. Jamiat Mushaikh Pakistan President Pir Fazale Haq has also been arrested.

PPP Punjab spokesman Naveed Chaudhry claimed that more than 600 workers of his party had been arrested in Lahore, Faisalabad and other cities. He warned of a massive protest against the government if opposition workers were not released in 24 hours. Protests continued on Friday throughout the country. About 44 protesters, including a union council nazim, were held in Sheikhupura for looting, aerial firing and damaging public and private property during a protest. Police tear-gassed and baton charged thousands of protesters in Kasur. In Karachi, police arrested 70 after firing tear gas to disperse about 2,000 people who had blocked the Super Highway. About 7,000 people protested in Rawalpindi. Police detained about 35 members of the Shabab-e-Milli who tried to stage a violent rally in Multan. About 1,000 demonstrated in Peshawar and thousands gathered in Quetta in a peaceful rally.

London bomber 'was recruited' at Lashkar-e-Taiba madrassa
An article linked by John below.
No suprises here, but lets see what is done about it. Certainly all the revelations that came out of the Willie Brigitte case (an attack in Australia was prevented) did nothing to halt the Lashkar's training infrastructure. It seems they do far to valuable work in Kashmir and elsewhere to be disposed of by the Pakistani establishment.

ONE of the suicide bombers who struck in London was probably recruited when he attended a religious school in Pakistan with strong links to al-Qaeda and its south-east Asian offshoot, Jemaah Islamiyyah, The Scotsman can reveal. Security sources in Pakistan are investigating a tip-off that Shehzad Tanweer attended a religious school run by the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) during a recent visit to the country. The group's founder has publicly stated that he believes suicide bombing to be the "best form of jihad [holy war]".
In fact, Hafiz Saeed doesn't seem to utter a sentence without the word Jihad in it.

Yesterday, British police and security services were concentrating their efforts on tracing the man who masterminded the attacks. They now know the identity of all four bombers but are understood to be looking for a fifth man who appears on the CCTV footage from King's Cross. His picture has been distributed to police in London. There was also a fresh warning from Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, that a "large number" of people in Britain had been through radical camps abroad.
Presumable the Pakistani handler was a Lashkar operative who has returned to Pakland. If there is an Arab involved he probably gave the go-ahead for the attack.

The family of Shehzad Tanweer - whose bomb killed six people on a Circle Line train to Aldgate last Thursday - were yesterday said to have been "left shattered" by the news that the 22-year-old was a suicide bomber. His uncle, Bashir Ahmed, 65, said his nephew went to Lahore in Pakistan for two months earlier this year to study religion, but was "proud to be British". Pakistani investigators suspect that Tanweer attended one of the many madrassas, or religious schools, run by LeT, which is based in Lahore. The group, which also operates under the name Jamaat ud-Daawa (the party of preaching), has close ties with al-Qaeda and access to munitions and safe houses. Abu Zubaydah, a senior al-Qaeda lieutenant, was seized in an LeT safe house in Faisalabad in March 2002. The group has also been linked with Hamas the ISI and Jemaah Islamiyyah, and Indian security forces believe it is playing a significant role in channelling militants into Iraq. Most of its membership of several thousand have been through madrassas in Pakistan, and many are familiar with the use of explosives. The group maintains links with other terrorist networks and it is known to solicit donations from the Pakistani community in the UK through its charitable wing.

LeT was founded by Hafiz Saeed, a former professor at Lahore's University of Engineering Technology. In April 2003, he defended the use of suicide bombing, saying: "Suicide missions are in accordance with Islam. In fact, a suicide attack is the best form of jihad. Jihad is prescribed in the Quran. Muslims are required to take up arms against the oppressor. The powerful western world is terrorising the Muslims. We are being invaded, humiliated, manipulated, and looted. How else can we respond but through jihad?" The group runs a number of madrassas, including the Darasitul Islamia madrassa, where six Malaysian students were arrested in 2003 on suspicion of training for Jemaah Islamiyyah activities in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Hafiz Mohammed Saeed sez they need nukes and troops for jihad
Atomic weapons, traditional weapons, a strong army and voluntary mujahideen are obligatory for jihad and the Jamaat ud-Daawa (JD) will continue protecting and arranging these resources for jihad against Hindus, the JD party announced Thursday at a Kashmir Solidarity Day rally. Around 3,000 people participated in the rally on The Mall, the biggest Kashmir demonstration in the city. The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) also arranged a rally of about 1,500 people, mostly women and children. JD Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said the organisation would not allow the government to disregard the sacrifices of Kashmiri mujahideen, and would start a countywide campaign to inform people about “conspiracies against the Kashmir freedom struggle”.
"Dark conspiracies. Insidious plots..."
“Jihad is the only solution to the Kashmir issue and it was a fact and will remain a fact that jihad will free the Indian Muslims, who are looking to us,” he said. He said no one could stop Pakistani and Indian Muslims when they joined Kashmiris in their struggle against the Indian occupation because it was their “obligatory duty”.
"And if the Kashmiri Muslims don't want to do it, and the Indian Muslims don't want to do it, we'll do it ourselves!"
“Muslims throughout the world have a bond of kalma. From Lahore to Srinagar, Kabul to Baghdad, Basra to Chechnya, they are fighting under this kalma, but the infidel world doesn’t like it and describes it as terrorism,” he said.
That's because of all the civilian corpses, of course...
Mr Saeed said only jihad could guarantee the security of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and the whole Islamic world. He praised Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and said he hadn’t committed any crime by transferring nuclear technology to Muslim countries.
Like North Korea ...
“He shared the technology for the supremacy of Islam and he acted on the Allah’s command,” Mr Saeed said, describing Dr Khan as a hero. “He is our hero, will remain our hero, and the government can’t undermine his honour under American pressure.”

JD Foreign Affairs Committee head Maulana Abdul Rehman Makki said in his speech that the Western media was linking terrorism with Islam, which were wrong. America, Britain, Israel and India are the biggest terrorists, who are occupying the resources of Muslims countries and violating human rights all over the world.
"They're violating our right to cut people's heads off! They're violating our right to call people apostates and kill them all, even their kiddies and their dogs! They're violating our right to enforce our tribal mores on people who couldn't care less!"
“The media and the (Pakistani) parliament should know that there are 77 commands related to jihad in the Quran. They should follow these and fulfil their religious duty,” he said.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Ishtiaq Ahmed, an Indian Kashmir Muslim League leader, also addressed the rally. Mr Ghafoor said General Musharraf was the first Pakistani ruler to change the national stance on Kashmir. “General Musharraf has been practically in American custody since the September 11 incident. He is acting on US orders and is now ready to withdraw from Kashmir and the nuclear programme,” he said. “Now, the time has come to stand against his polices. Otherwise, not only Pakistan, but the whole Muslim Ummah will be at stake.” He said the MMA would not allow anybody to play foul with the nation.
That's a pretty casual assumption that Pakland and the Ummah are one. Or is it an admission?
JI Lahore chapter head Mian Maqsood said America had “officially announced the beginning of nuclear cooperation with India”. He said more propaganda would be launched against Pakistan with the promotion of fake Pakistan-India friendship to eliminate Pakistan’s justification to keep atomic weapons. “Musharraf has a pivotal role in this dangerous plan,” he said.
It’s a Conspiracy(TM), by Gawd! Hold me, Fatima!

Schoolbooks teach Children to hate
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Muslims alone have the right to rule the world and are allowed to kill infidels that stand in the way of Islam. This is the message being taught to schoolchildren through textbooks used in the network of institutions run by Jamaat ud-Daawa, according to a research report on Hate Speech complied by the Liberal Forum Pakistan.

Democracy, Freedom, and Peace in Textbooks: Campaign against Hate Speech reports that books published by the Lashkar-e-Taiba (the first incarnation of ud-Daawa) immerse young children in a culture that glorifies violence and hate. For example, the Urdu textbook employed to teach children the alphabet uses Bandooq (gun) as an example of a word that starts with the alphabet Bai, Talwar (sword) and Tank for Tai, Jahaz (fighter plane) for Jeem, Khanjar (dagger) for Khai, Rocket for Rai, and Tayyara (fighter plan again) for To-ay.

“Infidels are cowards by nature,” claims the Urdu textbook used in the second grade (for seven-year-olds). “When a holy warrior attacks them, they scream with terror and fear.” Mujahideen are glorified as the alpha male on a mission from God. They are the superheroes that kill Hindus, fashion all sorts of gadgets from found material, and make the infidel world cower in fear.

Art and music are forbidden so instead of handicrafts, children are asked to purchase plastic guns and trained to shoot at balloons. Games on the playground include playing guerrilla and ambushing infidel convoys. Poems relay stories of young boys that wage jihad. In Brave Child, ten-year-old Gul Rehman kills hundreds of Russians in Afghanistan. Probably fictitious letters from jihadis killed in battle strewn across textbooks. “If I am killed in battle celebrate,” reads a letter from one Abdul Nasir to his mother and sister which can be found in the seventh grade textbook. “Make sure you conceal your body and never wear perfume.”

India is presented as Pakistan’s sworn enemy and Saudi Arabia as its best friend.
And I wonder who is paying for these books
Kashmir is presented as Pakistani territory forcibly snatched by Hindus and Pakistan as a country created only for Muslims. Children are instructed to “mercilessly beat up” non-Muslims. “Every student should become a holy warrior,” the second grade textbook states. “We should all be willing to lay down our lives for the great nuclear power that is Pakistan.”

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