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#Terrorists leaders and organizations links to the #Benghazi #US embassy attack
Nota bene: Haftar’s LNA here claims having killed 18,000 jihadis in the various organizations descended from the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. With so many bodies piled up in the desert, it’s a wonder the hyenas aren’t spherical by now.

Firebrand Arab Israeli cleric sentenced to 28 months for inciting terrorism
[IsraelTimes] Raed Salah,
... alternately Raed Saleh, he fancies the title "Sheikh of Al Aqsa" as suitable for the head of the outlawed Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, the militant arm of the Israeli branch of the Muslim Brotherhood based in Umm al-Fahm in the Galilee. The Southern Branch went in for Israeli politics as part of the Obama-era Arab Joint List project, though their goals are the same. Sheikh Saleh’s role is to cycle in and out of Israeli prisons for cause — perhaps now would be a good time for Israel to change the pattern...
convicted in November over a series of expressions of support for terrorism, including speech praising Temple Mount button men, says claims against him are ’all lies’
Raed Salah: 2019-09-03 Ex-imam barred from Canadian elections over alleged anti-Semitic comments
Raed Salah: 2017-11-17 No. 2 at northern branch of the Islamic Movement returns to al-Aqsa
Raed Salah: 2017-08-18 Israel extends detention of leader of Islamic Movement’s northern branch
Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement: 2018-07-09 Arab Israeli sentenced to 8 years for plotting to attack soldiers
Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement: 2017-09-29 Shin Bet busts ISIS sympathizers planning Temple Mount shooting
Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement: 2017-08-16 Police say top Islamic cleric again held for incitement to terror
Raed Saleh: 2018-01-04 Texas mosque leader apologizes for ‘Muslims will kill the Jews’ sermon
Raed Saleh: 2017-12-29 Houston imam walks back sermon calling for Muslims to kill Jews
Raed Saleh: 2017-08-16 Police say top Islamic cleric again held for incitement to terror

Ehsanullah Ehsan sends greetings from Turkey, thumbs nose
A Talib sheltering in the territory of the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood? An unexpected addition to the collection of Sultan Recep Tayip Erdogan I, the much beloved.
[AlAhram] The confirmation comes days after the former front man for the Tehrik-e-Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
Pakistain (TTP) released an audio message claiming he had escaped detention and was now in The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire...
A leading member of the Pakistain Taliban has escaped custody more than two years after surrendering to authorities, a security bigshot said Sunday.

The Grand Turk
#Turkish president meets #Hamas political chief
The Jerusalem Post adds:
Turkey also hosted a large Hamas delegation and Haniyeh in mid-December.

Hamas currently has its delegation making a world tour, with recent stops in Qatar and Malaysia and other countries where it is trying to drum up support. Egypt and Israel have both been in contact with Hamas over recent months and reports indicated a long-term cessation of violence from the Gaza Strip could be in the works.

Israel accused Hamas of plotting attacks from Turkey in reports released in December at The Telegraph and in a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry website in 2018. The latter referred to economic and military activity. Turkey has recently slammed Arab countries for being open to Trump’s deal, accusing them of treason. Turkey’s foreign minister recently called Europe “spoiled, racist children.”

Turkey’s support for Hamas is part of a wider agenda where it is accused of working with extremist groups in Syria and has sent Syrian mercenaries it recruited to fight in Libya. In October and November US officials privately referred to Turkish-backed Syrian rebels as “undisciplined” and “jihadists” involved in human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing in Syria. Turkey also works with Russia to acquired Russia’s S-400 system which has angered US officials. Ankara has also been growing closer to Iran.

A recent cache of documents revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood and IRGC met in Turkey in 2014 to consider regional strategy.
Did they indeed? How very interesting.
Hamas has roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Ismail Haniyeh: 2020-01-23 Hamas chief to remain outside Gaza for months, his deputy says
Ismail Haniyeh: 2020-01-07 Hamas leader attends Soleimani’s funeral in Iran
Ismail Haniyeh: 2019-12-16 Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh visits Qatar

Africa North
Egypt sentences 3 to death over 2018 attack on Alexandria's security director
[AlAhram] The court convicted the defendants of the attempted murder of Alexandria's security director and the murder of two lower ranking coppers.

A Cairo criminal court handed preliminary death sentence
...the barbaric practice of sentencing a murderer to be punished for as long as his/her/its victim is dead...
s on Monday to three defendants over the failed liquidation of Alexandria's security director in March 2018 ahead of Egypt's presidential elections.

The court referred the preliminary sentences to the Grand Mufti, which is a necessary, albeit non-binding, procedure before issuing a death sentence, as per the Egyptian penal code.

The court convicted the defendants, 11 in total, of charges including the attempted murder of Alexandria's security director Mostafa El-Nemr and members of his convoy and others in the Mediterranean city, and the murder of two lower ranking coppers in the attack.

The court is set to issue its final ruling on 21 March.

In March 2018, an improvised bomb placed under a car detonated as El-Nemr’s convoy was passing in El-Moaskar El-Romany Street. El-Nemr was unharmed in the attack; however, the blast killed the two coppers and injured several others.

The attack came days before Egypt held its 2018 presidential elections, which saw Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi win in a landslide victory.

Days later, the Egyptian police said they killed six Hasm
...Decisiveness or Determination, which along with Lewaa al-Thawra (The Revolution Brigade) are the “fighting arms” of the Muslim Brotherhood established in 2016 to punish Egypt for the overthrow of President Morsi. It is hypothesized that Hasm is also connected to the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Mourabitoun organization, founded in Libya by discharged Egyptian army officer Hesham El-Ashmawy...
terrorist group members believed to be behind the failed liquidation attempt on Alexandria's security chief.
The report of that excitement can be seen here.
The liquidation attempt was the first against a security official since late 2016, which witnessed a number of attacks that included a failed liquidation attempt on a senior judicial official in September 2016, and the October 2016 liquidation of an army brigadier general who had previously served in North Sinai, where the army’s war against terrorism is concentrated.
Hasm: 2020-01-23 Egypt foils plot by fugitive Brotherhood leaders to disrupt national security: Interior ministry
Hasm: 2019-10-27 Death reduced to life sentence for six defendants in 2016 Khosous attack
Hasm: 2019-10-13 Giza Court sentences 6 to death in the 2016 Three Pyramids Hotel terrorist attack
Alexandria: 2020-01-27 Egypt Ushers in New Year With Murderous Assaults on Christian Copts
Alexandria: 2020-01-22 Occasional-Cortex: All Your Power Are Belong to... ME!!
Alexandria: 2020-01-20 Egypt's Sisi extends state of emergency for 3 months
Al-Mourabitoun: 2020-01-23 Egypt foils plot by fugitive Brotherhood leaders to disrupt national security: Interior ministry
Al-Mourabitoun: 2019-11-28 Egypt sentences high-profile militant to death
Al-Mourabitoun: 2019-07-17 US slaps sanctions on Al-Qaeda affiliate in Mali

Africa North
Egypt foils plot by fugitive Brotherhood leaders to disrupt national security: Interior ministry
[AlAhram] Hasm
...Decisiveness or Determination, which along with Lewaa al-Thawra (The Revolution Brigade) are two of the fighting arms of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, established to fight back against the overthrow of President Morsi. They sprang into existence, fully formed, in 2016. It is hypothesized that Hasm is also connected to the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Mourabitoun organization, founded in Libya by discharged Egyptian army officer Hesham El-Ashmawy...
was plotting a series of "terrorist attacks" against public figures, buildings and houses of worship on the anniversary of the 25 January Revolution

Egyptian authorities foiled a plot orchestrated by runaway leaders of the banned Moslem Brüderbund in The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the occupiers of Greek Asia Minor...
with the aid of accomplices in Egypt that was designed to destabalise the country on the ninth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, the interior ministry said on Wednesday.

The plan, unveiled by the National Security Apparatus, aimed at "undermining security and stability, stirring chaos in the country and damaging its economy" in tandem with the anniversary of the popular uprising, the ministry said in a statement.

The group was plotting a series of "terrorist attacks" by the holy warrior Hasm group against important figures and buildings and places of worship on the anniversary of the revolution, and was providing the necessary funding to achieve that.

The ministry said they already carried out an attack in Qalioubiya that killed two coppers and a civilian in November.

They also attemped to use accounts on social media platforms to organise protests and provoke riots and chaos, and hired media committees to "spread lies and rumours to fuel public anger."

The ministry identified the names of seven orchestrators of the plot whom it said are now in Turkey. Four of them face jail terms over terrorism-related charges and the others are issued arrest warrants over similar accusations, it said.

Police arrested a number of those behind online campaigns aiming to stir riots and sabotage state buildings, and others working for media platforms belonging to the outlawed Brotherhood, which was designated a terrorist organization in 2013.

Security forces arrested some members of the holy warrior Hasm group, including the perpetrators of the November attack, the statement added. They were found in posession of automatic weapons, shotguns, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and bombs.

Authorities are working to arrest the figuitives, the ministry said.
Hasm: 2019-10-27 Death reduced to life sentence for six defendants in 2016 Khosous attack
Hasm: 2019-10-13 Giza Court sentences 6 to death in the 2016 Three Pyramids Hotel terrorist attack
Hasm: 2019-08-30 Egypt says jihadist fighter arrested, search underway for 80 others
Hisham Ashmawi: 2019-08-06 20 killed after explosives-filled car crashes in central Cairo
Hisham Ashmawi: 2019-03-08 Egyptian police kill 7 Hasm terrorists in 6 October City: Ministry
Qalioubiya: 2019-10-27 Death reduced to life sentence for six defendants in 2016 Khosous attack
Qalioubiya: 2019-09-19 Egyptian police kill 9 terrorists in Greater Cairo shootouts
Qalioubiya: 2019-04-12 Egyptian police kill 6 Hasm terrorists in Nile Delta shootout: Ministry
Hesham El-Ashmawy: 2019-06-26 Terrorist Hisham El-Ashmawy being retried in five cases for supporting, carrying out attacks
Hesham El-Ashmawy: 2018-10-31 Egypt prosecution refers 43 to military court over 2017 Wahat terrorist attack
Mourabitoun: 2019-11-28 Egypt sentences high-profile militant to death
Mourabitoun: 2019-07-17 US slaps sanctions on Al-Qaeda affiliate in Mali
Mourabitoun: 2019-06-26 Terrorist Hisham El-Ashmawy being retried in five cases for supporting, carrying out attacks

Africa North
Egypt's Sisi extends state of emergency for 3 months
F-17 every three months, like clockwork. There are those who complain this is no different than it was under Hosni Mubarak, but it seems to me the current dictator is doing a better job — finances are better and President Sisi grasps economics as well as war in an area where the Islamists will always fight to establish one or another variant of the Muslim Brotherhood caliphate.
[AlAhram] President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has issued a decree extending the state of emergency nationwide for three months as of 1 AM Monday , January 27.

The decree was published in the gazette on Sunday.

According to the decree, the Egyptian Armed Forces and the police shall take the necessary measures to counter terrorism, maintain security and protect citizens and properties.

Egypt's House of Representatives approved by two third of its members on the President's decree to extend the state of emergency nationwide on 14 January

The state of emergency was first declared in April 2017 following two suicide kabooms in churches in Alexandria and Gharbiya on Palm Sunday that killed 47 worshipers, and has been constantly renewed ever since.

Africa North
Pompeo angry over death of US citizen jailed in Egypt
Response to this story from last Thursday...
[IsraelTimes] US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo "expressed outrage" to Egypt’s president at the death of an American citizen who insisted he had been wrongfully held in Egyptian prison, according to a State Department spokeswoman.

Pompeo’s sharp remarks signal the US government intended to place the death of Mustafa Kassem, 54, following his protracted hunger strike last week,
...also spelt Mostafa Kassem, he’s the one arrested at a Muslim Brotherhood sit-in in 2013. Possibly he only went to see what the excitement was about...
high on the diplomatic agenda.

Pompeo raises his concerns to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi about Kassem’s "pointless and tragic death" on the sidelines of an international peace summit in Berlin that aims to end Libya’s civil war.

The death of the auto parts dealer from Long Island, New York, prompted an outcry from human rights
...which often include carefully measured allowances of freedom at the convenience of the state...
groups, as well as accusations of medical negligence in Egypt’s prisons.

The case also touched a nerve in Washington, which has cultivated close security and diplomatic ties with Egypt despite growing unease over its human rights violations under general-turned-president Sissi.

Activists and foreign affairs experts have called for the Trump administration to penalize its staunch Middle Eastern ally by slashing millions of dollars in security assistance. The US grants $1.2 billion in annual military aid to Egypt.

Kassem was detained by Egypt in 2013 in what his lawyers described as a vast dragnet during the violent dispersal of an Islamist sit-in that killed hundreds of people. He was later sentenced to 15 years under a contentious anti-protest law that the government often uses to silence dissent. He maintained his innocence throughout his detention and started a hunger strike last year in protest.

Africa North
LNA spox: ‘[Erdogan] supported ISIS, other terror orgs in their efforts to kill Kurds, destroy their cities, cripple their economy’, Turkish NGOs actually MIT front

LNA spox: Turkish NGOs that are actually MIT fronts are supporting Turkey's Libya ops

Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s (IHH)
...the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, famous for the several increasingly unsuccessful Gaza Flotillas they organized. It was created by Hamas as a tool to funnel international funds to the Gaza terror group, and also has long-standing links to Al Qaeda and ISIS, for which they were caught running guns into Syria a few years ago. IHH is a proud member of the Saudi-based umbrella organization Union of Good (Ittilaf al-Kheir), a Treasury-listed terror entity...
Humanitarian Relief Foundation: 2019-12-24 At least 100,000 Syrians flee regime bombardment in Idlib: aid group
Humanitarian Relief Foundation: 2019-12-24 Europe 'will feel' new refugee wave, warns Turkey's Erdogan
Humanitarian Relief Foundation: 2017-07-29 Israel and Turkey declare cease-fire in twitter war

Home Front: Culture Wars
The Islamic Society of North America endorsed Lt. Saleha Jabeen to become the Air Force's first female imam
[Air Force Times] The Air Force last month commissioned the first female Muslim chaplain in the service.

Second Lt. Saleha Jabeen
...naturalized Indian-American, multi-lingual theologian, social justice advocate, interfaith professional, and former US Army medic who wrote about her journey here...
was commissioned Dec. 18 at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago by Air Force Chief of Chaplains Maj. Gen. Steven Schaick, the Air Force said in a release Friday.

The Islamic Society of North America
...one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s American front groups. Perhaps someone should look into why they have endorsed this particular lieutenant...
endorsed Jabeen to become the Air Force’s first female imam, a spiritual leader in Islam, the release said.
Female imams are not usually the Moslem Brotherhood’s style...
"Any time we advance religious freedoms, it’s a win for all persons of faith," Schaick said in the release. "This is a big day not just for Muslims, but for persons of all faiths."

While Air Force chaplains are ordained in their own particular faith, they are responsible for counseling and supporting the spiritual needs of all airmen in their units, even if the airman follows a different religion, or no religion at all.

In his remarks at the commissioning, Schaick spoke about the importance of diversity in the Air Force’s chaplaincy.
Islamic Society of North America: 2019-09-08 Bernie Sanders speaks at Muslim Brotherhood front group convention, calls for Americans to stand together
Islamic Society of North America: 2019-06-10 The Long Arm of Turkey's Erdogan
Islamic Society of North America: 2019-05-31 Imam tied to Holy Land case to be at American Jewish Committee forum

-Land of the Free
Dems Seek To Outlaw Suburban, Single-Family House Zoning, Calling It Racist And Bad For The Environment
[Daily Caller] Democrats in Virginia may override local zoning to bring high-density housing, including public housing, to every neighborhood statewide ‐ whether residents want it or not.

The measure could quickly transform the suburban lifestyle enjoyed by millions, permitting duplexes to be built on suburban lots in neighborhoods previously consisting of quiet streets and open green spaces. Proponents of "upzoning" say the changes are necessary because suburbs are bastions of segregation and elitism, as well as bad for the environment.

The move, which aims to provide "affordable housing," might be fiercely opposed by local officials throughout the state, who have deliberately created and preserved neighborhoods with particular character ‐ some dense and walkable, others semi-rural and private ‐ to accommodate people’s various preferences.

But Democrats tout a state-level law’s ability to replace "not in my backyard" with "yes, in your backyard."

House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah,
...the Joo-hating, Chicago-born, Palestinian-American dentist who spent his teen years in Jordan after his illegal immigrant father, Dr. Sabri Ibrahim Samirah, chair of the Hamas-linked Islamic Association of Palestine and a leader in the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, was barred in 2002 from re-entering the U.S. before being allowed back in 2010. In his own dawah outreach, this friend of Rep. Rashida Tlaib joined a Jewish fraternity as a poli sci undergrad, was an activist for Students for Justice in Palestine while in dental school, and has since become an advocate for BDS...
a Democrat, introduced six housing measures Dec. 19, coinciding with Democrats’ takeover of the state legislature in November.

"Single-family housing zones would become two-zoned," Samirah told the Daily Caller News Foundation. "Areas that would be impacted most would be the suburbs that have not done their part in helping out."

"The real issues are the areas in between very dense areas which are single-family zoned. Those are the areas that the state is having significant trouble dealing with. They’re living in a bubble," he said.

He said suburbs were "mostly white and wealthy" and that their local officials ‐ who have historically been in charge of zoning ‐ were ignoring the desires of poor people, who did not have time to lobby them to increase suburban density.
Islamic Association of Palestine: 2017-11-05 Harvard Org to Honor CAIR Founder
Islamic Association of Palestine: 2015-10-04 Meanwhile, An Islamic Fifth Column Builds Inside America
Islamic Association of Palestine: 2005-01-03 CAIR Named as a Defendant in 9/11 Terror Lawsuit
Students for Justice in Palestine: 2019-11-30 Hatred of Israel is the Symptom. Hatred of Western Society is the Disease.
Students for Justice in Palestine: 2019-04-23 When a Hamas Front Lobbies Congress Starring Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Athena Salman
Students for Justice in Palestine: 2018-07-11 Students for Justice in Palestine Claims ‘Progress Impossible So Long as Israel Exists'
BDS: 2019-12-24 IDF thwarts arms smuggle attempt in West Bank
BDS: 2019-12-21 ‘Extensive overlaps' between BDS and terror groups revealed
BDS: 2019-12-19 IDF prepares to raze home of terror leader in attack that killed Israeli teen
Sabri Samirah: 2003-01-27 U.S. Bars Leader of Chicago Muslim Group

Saudi Arabia sentences 5 people to death for murdering Jamal Khashoggi, 2 officials cleared
[ALMASDARNEWS] A Saudi court has handed death sentence
...the barbaric practice of sentencing a murderer to be punished for as long as his/her/its victim is dead...
s to five suspects charged in connection to the gruesome murder of journalist beloved martyr of journalism Jamal Khashoggi
......who was simultaneously a very well paid Washington Post columnist and a long time propagandist for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda — he died while on the Qatar
...an emirate on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It sits on some really productive gas and oil deposits, which produces the highest per capita income in the world. They piss it all away on religion, financing the Moslem Brotherhood and several al-Qaeda affiliates. Home of nutbag holy manYusuf al-Qaradawi...
i payroll, but previously wrote at the behest of then-Saudi intel chief Prince Turki al-Faisal......
. Three others have received lengthy prison terms for their roles in the killing.

Soddy Arabia
...a kingdom taking up the bulk of the Arabian peninsula. Its primary economic activity involves exporting oil and soaking Islamic rubes on the annual hajj pilgrimage. The country supports a large number of princes in whatcha might call princely splendor. When the oil runs out the rest of the world is going to kick sand in the Soddy national face...
’s public prosecutor announced the court’s ruling on Monday. Apart from the five sentenced to death, three additional suspects will spend 24 years behind bars. The prosecutor said that Saud al-Qahtani, a senior Saudi royal adviser, was investigated, but later released without being charged.

The Saudi consul in The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire...
was also released. The investigation found that there was no past enmity between those convicted and Khashoggi, the public prosecutor said.

Khashoggi was murdered at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul in October. Grisly details about the killing, including allegations that the journalist’s body was chopped up, made headlines and strained relations between Riyadh and many of its western allies.

Germany, as well as several other Europe
...the land mass occupying the space between the English Channel and the Urals, also known as Moslem Lebensraum...
an states, imposed a ban on weapon sales to Saudi Arabia following the murder. Washington refused to take similar measures, with US President Donald Trump
...The tack in the backside of the Democratic Party...
stating publicly that he didn’t want to lose Riyadh’s business.

In September, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
...Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia as of 2016. The Turks hate him, so he must be all right, despite the occasional brutal murder of Qatar-owned journalists...
claimed the credit for the murder, but insisted that he did not order the killing.


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