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Dollar scam linked to terror financing
With the money-laundering scam being linked to financing of terrorism, moneychangers are gripped with fear and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is chalking out a strategy for a major clampdown, sources privy to the matter told Daily Times. Haji Masood Parekh, a major moneychanger would be among those whom the FIA would investigate, a source said.

Sources said FIA was also eyeing two other big names, Shakeel Raj and Mehboob Kapadia, but both of them are abroad at the moment and Interpol help might be sought for their return.

Answering a question about moneychangers' links with terrorists or the underworld, FIA Deputy Director for Law Israr Ahmed told Daily Times, "It would be premature to say anything until the investigation is finalised."

A number of moneychangers allegedly involved in money laundering and terrorism-financing are either hiding in the country or have fled abroad.

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