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Government Corruption
Durham Court Filing Reveals DOJ Inspector General Horowitz Withheld Key Evidence From Special Counsel
[ZH] A new court filing by special counsel John Durham reveals that Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz concealed crucial information from Durham in connection with the ongoing prosecution of Michael Sussmann, a former attorney to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The filing also reveals that Horowitz failed to disclose that his office is in possession of two cellphones used by former FBI general counsel James Baker. The phones may contain information that’s important to the Sussmann case, as well as to a separate criminal leak investigation of Baker that Durham personally conducted between 2017 and 2019.

Horowitz first came to public prominence in June 2018 when he issued a report on the FBI’s actions leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Horowitz followed up in December 2019 with another report on the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation and the bureau’s pursuit of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Durham’s filing on Jan. 25 involves discovery issues surrounding Sussmann’s upcoming trial for allegedly making a materially false statement to the FBI’s then-general counsel James Baker. As part of Durham’s discovery obligations, the Special Counsel’s Office met with Horowitz and his team on Oct. 7, 2021, and subsequently requested any materials, including any "documents, records, and information" regarding Sussmann that may have been in the possession of the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

On Dec. 17, 2021, Horowitz’s office provided Durham with information that Sussmann had given the OIG information in early 2017, that an OIG "employee’s computer was ’seen publicly’ in ’Internet traffic’ and was connecting to a Virtual Private Network in a foreign country." It isn’t clear what this information was about, why Sussmann would know about this information, or why he would have been interested in the internet activities of OIG employees.

It also isn’t known why Sussmann, a private citizen, would have been seeking out the OIG shortly after he was pushing information detrimental to Trump to both the FBI and the CIA.

At the time of the Dec. 17 disclosure, "the OIG represented to [Durham’s] team that it had "no other file or other documentation" relating to this cyber matter." However, last week, Sussmann’s attorneys informed Durham that there was additional information, including the fact that Sussmann had met with Horowitz in March 2017 to personally pass along the information about the OIG employee’s computer VPN use. This meeting between Horowitz and Sussmann hadn’t been disclosed by Horowitz to Durham during their previous meetings and interactions.

It isn’t known why Horowitz would have taken a personal meeting from Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer. According to Bill Shipley, a former federal prosecutor, "[y]ou don’t generally just call the IG and get a meeting with him personally." It also isn’t clear why Horowitz chose not to inform Durham of the meeting—particularly as it pertained directly to information that Horowitz’s office had been specifically requested to relay to Durham’s special counsel probe.

Sussmann’s attorneys further informed Durham that the VPN information had come from Rodney Joffe, a computer expert with close connections to the FBI. This was another material fact that hadn’t been disclosed by Horowitz. Joffe is of great import to Durham’s case against Sussmann and to the wider investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion investigation, since he was alleged to have provided Sussmann with falsified data about contacts between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

Those alleged contacts were used by Hillary Clinton and her campaign to push the narrative that Trump was compromised by the Kremlin. Durham had noted in a previous filing that "[Joffe’s] goal was to support an ’inference’ and ’narrative’ regarding Trump that would please certain ’VIPs.’" A subsequent filing by Durham noted that these VIPs were "individuals at the defendant’s [Sussmann’s] law firm and the Clinton Campaign." Joffe also is alleged to have been offered a high-ranking position in a Clinton administration.

The omission of information by Horowitz didn’t end with his meeting with Sussmann or the information on Joffe. Durham’s office has since discovered that the OIG "currently possesses two FBI cell phones" that belonged to Baker, the former FBI general counsel. Durham’s discovery of Horowitz’s possession of Baker’s two phones does not appear to have come through Horowitz or his office.

According to Durham’s filing, "in early January 2022, the Special Counsel’s Office learned for the first time that the OIG currently possesses two FBI cellphones of the former FBI General Counsel."

Sussmann is alleged to have lied to Baker when he tried to push incriminating data about Trump and Alfa Bank to the FBI; that data later turned out to be false.

That makes Baker, and his cellphones, central to the case against Sussmann.

There’s also another matter that relates directly to Baker and his undisclosed phones. Baker had been the subject of a criminal leak investigation for "unauthorized disclosures to the media" that was being conducted by Durham when he was the U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut.

During this investigation, Durham or a member of his team reportedly questioned Baker’s credibility. That memo is currently being sought by Sussmann’s attorneys. Although it’s not known with certainty, it’s believed that the leak investigation into Baker ultimately was closed without any charges. The disclosure about Baker’s cellphones would appear to be material not only to the Sussmann case, but also to the Baker leak investigation.
High Profile Investigations

Horowitz was in charge of a sequence of highly influential investigations into events leading up to and following the 2016 presidential election. Horowitz examined the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s private email server as well as the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign, alleged Russian collusion, and the resulting Carter Page FISA and abuse of the FISA court.

The Clinton email investigation review resulted in a 2018 OIG report that outlined a number of failures on the part of the FBI and made recommendations such as improving the FBI’s media contact policy and clarifying guidelines on making public statements. However, certain crucial issues, such as the fact that then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was supervising the investigation while his wife was running for a Virginia state Senate seat and had received large sums of campaign funding from Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe, were glossed over by Horowitz.

The IG merely recommended that "ethics officials include the review of campaign donations for possible conflict issues when Department employees or their spouses run for public office."

-Great Cultural Revolution
Disgraced FBI No. 2 Andrew McCabe Calls For Feds To Treat ‘Mainstream' Conservatives Like Domestic Terrorists
How fortunate he no longer has any power to act on his nasty ideas.
[The Federalist] Have you ever wondered what disgraced former deputy FBI directors do after trying to stage a coup and lying under oath? Apparently, they give talks about "protecting democracy" at top-rated institutions of higher learning. Indeed, this last Thursday the University of Chicago invited former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe to join a panel of partisans to discuss the Jan 6 "insurrection."

McCabe was fired as the deputy FBI director for leaking sensitive information about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation and then lying about it under oath. He also took part in spying on the Donald Trump campaign through a secret warrant granted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court.

The dossier he used to obtain the surveillance warrant was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and, in an ironic twist, was itself the product of Russian disinformation. McCabe and his allies in corporate media justified all sorts of similar illegal and undemocratic tactics to discredit and attempt to unseat President Trump.

-Great Cultural Revolution
VDH - Losing Confidence in the Pillars of Our Civilization
[Townhall] Millions of citizens long ago concluded that professional sports, academia, and entertainment were no longer disinterested institutions, but far Left and deliberately hostile to Middle America.

Yet American conservatives still adamantly supported the nation's traditional investigatory, intelligence, and military agencies - especially when they came under budgetary or cultural attacks.

Not so much anymore.

For the first time in memory, conservatives now connect the FBI hierarchy with bureaucratic bloat, political bias, and even illegality.

In the last five years, the FBI was mostly in the news for the checkered careers of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok. Add in the criminality of convicted FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

The colossal FBI-driven "Russian collusion" hoax was marked by the leaking of confidential FBI memos, forged documents, improper surveillance, and serial disinformation.

Prior heads of the CIA and FBI, as well as the director of national intelligence, have at times either not told the truth under oath or claimed amnesia, without legal repercussions.

Mention the military to conservative Americans these days, and they unfortunately associate its leadership with the disastrous flight from Afghanistan. Few, if any, high-ranking officers have yet taken responsibility - much less resigned - for the worst military fiasco of the last half-century.

Government Corruption
DOJ's chief watchdog adamant FBI's McCabe lied and that no politics involved in firing
[Just the News] The Justice Department's chief watchdog said Thursday he was certain that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied on multiple occasions during an investigation and that the decision to fire him had nothing to do with politics.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz reacted to the Biden administration's decision to restore McCabe's pension years after he was terminated by the DOJ.

Horowitz told Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) that career officials, not political appointees, made the decision to fire McCabe back in 2018 for lying during a leak investigation.

"Mr. McCabe lied both under oath and not under oath on several occasions when he denied at various points certain facts and information, including who was the source of that leak," Horowitz testified.

"We stand by our findings," he added at another point in his testimony.

Asked if there was any pressure from then-President Donald Trump or other political officials that influenced the investigation or termination of McCabe, Horowitz answered: "Absolutely none."

Horowitz said he did not want DOJ or FBI officials to believe that just because McCabe got his pension back that employees can escape punishment for wrongdoing.
McCabe just did that.

Government Corruption
FBI Raids Home of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska Who Refused to Go Along With Russiagate Coup
[Forbes] FBI Raids Home of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska This Morning in DC — He’s Connected to the Steele Dossier

FBI Agents reportedly swarmed the home of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska this morning in Washington DC. There’s no mention in today’s reporting of the FBI’s efforts to have Deripaska work for them in 2016.

NBC News reports:

FBI agents on Tuesday swarmed the home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in Washington, D.C., an agency spokesperson confirmed to NBC News.

The reason for their presence wasn’t immediately clear. The spokesperson said the agency is conducting "law enforcement activity at the home," but wouldn’t elaborate.

From 2019:
Russian oligarch's story could spell trouble for Team Mueller

[TheHill] Sometimes it is the quiet, elusive ones who come back to haunt you. And for ex-special prosecutor Robert Mueller, one of those might be a Russian billionaire named Oleg Deripaska.

The oligarch who once controlled Russia’s largest aluminum empire has been an international man of intrigue in the now-completed and disproven Trump collusion investigation.

Deripaska was a disaffected former business client of Donald Trump’s fallen campaign chairman Paul Manafort. He also was a legal research client of Trump-hating, Clinton-aiding British spy Christopher Steele. In his spare time, he was an occasional friendly cooperator with the FBI and its fired deputy director, Andrew McCabe.

And, at the height of the Russia collusion hysteria, Deripaska was sanctioned by the Trump administration to financially punish Russian President Vladimir Putin for his meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

With the Russia case, in which he had so many connections, now completed, Deripaska is breaking his silence. And what he has to say could impact Mueller’s July 17 testimony before Congress.

In a wide-ranging interview with me, Deripaska confirmed a story told to me more than a year ago by law enforcement sources: He was indeed interviewed by FBI agents in September 2016 during the early Russia probe, and he told them he strongly doubted the bureau’s theory that the Trump campaign, through Manafort, was colluding with Moscow to hijack the 2016 election.

"I told them straightforward, ’Look, I am not a friend with him [Manafort]. Apparently not, because I started a court case [against him] six or nine months before ... . But since I’m Russian I would be very surprised that anyone from Russia would try to approach him for any reason, and wouldn’t come and ask me my opinion,' " he said, recounting exactly what he says he told the FBI agents that day.

"I told them straightforward, I just don’t believe that he would represent any Russian interest. And knowing what he’s doing on Ukraine for the last, what, seven or eight years."

Deripaska’s interview with the FBI reportedly was never provided by Team Mueller to Manafort’s lawyers, even though it was potential proof of innocence, according to Manafort defense lawyer Kevin Downing. Manafort, initially investigated for collusion, was convicted on tax and lobbying violations unrelated to the Russia case.

That omission opens a possible door for appeal for what is known as a Brady violation, for hiding exculpatory information from a defendant.

"Recent revelations by The Hill prove that the Office of Special Counsel’s (OSC) claim that they had a legitimate basis to include Paul Manafort in an investigation of potential collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government is false," Downing told me. "The failure to disclose this information to Manafort, the courts, or the public reaffirms that the OSC did not have a legitimate basis to investigate Manafort.
FBI is going to charge this guy to hide their own crimes in the Russiagate sedition coup?

Courtesy of Skidmark:
FBI raids $15million D.C. mansion of Russian oligarch and Putin ally Oleg Deripaska, who had ties to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele
[Daily Mail, Where America Gets Its News]
  • Oleg Deripaska is an oil tycoon with close ties to Russia's President Vladimir Putin and his government in general

  • His spokesperson said Deripaska doesn't own either of the homes searched but raids are sanctions-related

  • The Washington, DC residence is reportedly worth around $15 million and is called Haft Mansion

  • Deripaska was implicated in a 2020 Senate report as having aided Russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election cycle, working closely with Paul Manafort

  • In 2018 the Treasury Department accused Deripaska of ordering the murder of a fellow businessman, and blacklisted him as well as other Putin allies and businesses link to him
Related: The Washington Post outed Mr. Deripaska as the owner of that property and a Manafort client in 2017.
Oleg Deripaska: 2020-01-14 IG Report Bombshell: Did The FBI And DOJ Ask Putin's Buddy To Help Get Trump?
Oleg Deripaska: 2019-12-04 Fusion GPS Leaders: Chris Steele Hired Us First ‐ to Find Manafort Dirt for Russian Oligarch
Oleg Deripaska: 2019-07-07 Russian oligarch's story could spell trouble for Team Mueller (Opens to Video)
Paul Manafort: 2021-09-26 Biden Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Tied to Alleged 2016 Clinton Scheme to Co-Opt the CIA and FBI to Tar Trump
Paul Manafort: 2021-03-07 4 Arrested as Trump Supporters, Anti-Police Protesters Clash in New York City
Paul Manafort: 2021-02-28 Paul Manafort can keep millions in real estate after pardon, judge rules

Home Front: Politix
Democrats face growing storm over IRS reporting provision
[THEHILL] Democrats are facing a firestorm of criticism over a proposal to increase the amount of bank account information reported to the IRS
...the Internal Revenue Service; that office of the United States government that collects taxes and persecutes the regime's political enemies...
, posing a challenge as they craft their wide-ranging social spending bill.The proposal is a top priority of the Biden administration, the same old faces in slightly different places, the same old ideas, the same old graft
...the collection of boodlers, grifters, hangers-on, and self-proclaimed experts affiliated with the Biden Crime Family. Entrusted with an entire nation as the result of a suspicious election, they set about happily implementing stuff they absorbed in college, all of which blew up and splattered the rest of us...
, which argues it will help the IRS go after wealthy tax cheats.

But it has come under a barrage of attacks from banks and Republicans, who say it raises significant privacy concerns. Financial institutions have been mobilizing their customers to speak out against the proposal to politicians.

Congressional Democrats are expected to make changes to the administration’s initial proposal, but are generally supportive of the idea. The increasing attacks on the proposal has prompted politicians and administration officials to go on the defensive.

"Ultimately, the President’s proposal seeks to pare back tax evasion by shedding some light on opaque sources of income that accrue disproportionately to the top 1 percent of earners," Natasha Sarin, deputy assistant secretary for economic policy at the Treasury Department, wrote Thursday in a post on the department’s website.

"As such, it is unsurprising that substantial resources are being deployed to defeat these efforts, because many tax cheats stand to lose from a fairer tax system," Sarin added.

The Biden administration earlier this year released a proposal that would require banks and other financial institutions to report on existing annual IRS forms the total amount of money that came into an account during a year and the total amount of money that came out of it.

The president’s budget request proposed imposing the reporting requirement for accounts with flows of at least $600. Congressional Democrats have discussed raising that threshold to $10,000 and exempting payments from payroll processors.

The proposal could be a way to raise revenue that could be used to offset the cost of spending in Democrats’ social safety net package in areas such as child care, education and climate. Treasury estimated that the administration’s proposal would raise about $460 billion over 10 years, and has said that a narrower proposal could raise $200 billion to $250 billion over a decade.
IRS: 2021-10-17 Queen advised to drop her daily cocktail; family friend says 95-year-old does not appreciate it
IRS: 2021-10-15 Andrew McCabe, FBI official fired by Trump administration, gets pension restored
IRS: 2021-10-14 $600 IRS reporting requirement for banks is “absolutely not” a way for the government to peek into American’s pocketbooks but to hold billionaires accountable

Government Corruption
Andrew McCabe, FBI official fired by Trump administration, gets pension restored
[FOX] In a settlement deal disclosed Thursday, fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has had his government pension fully restored.

McCabe, 53, who has been a CNN contributor since 2019, had filed a lawsuit that year, claiming his firing was an effort by the Trump administration to rid the FBI of officials who were seen as disloyal to the then-president. Nearly a year before McCabe was ousted in March 2018, the Trump administration had terminated James Comey, who was the bureau’s director.

In McCabe’s case, the inspector general for the U.S. Justice Department, which oversees the FBI, concluded McCabe had OK’d the release of information to a newspaper reporter and then misled investigators who were seeking information about his role in the alleged leak, The Associated Press reported.

McCabe, who first joined the FBI in 1996, was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, just hours before McCabe had planned to retire from the bureau. The firing prompted McCabe’s pension to be denied, the AP reported.

Trump quickly acknowledged McCabe’s ouster on Twitter, writing: "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!"
Andrew McCabe: 2021-09-27 VDH - The Symptoms of Our Insanity
Andrew McCabe: 2021-08-21 Oliver North: Taliban Now Has Lists of Names, Addresses and Phone Number of Every Afghan Who Worked for USA Thanks to Abandoned US Embassy (VIDEO)
Andrew McCabe: 2021-05-16 FBI quietly admits 2017 GOP baseball shooting was domestic terrorism after all

-Land of the Free
VDH - The Symptoms of Our Insanity
[American Greatness] Think for a minute.

When did we become a nation of socialist AOCs wearing "Tax the Rich" dresses to $35,000-a-ticket celebrity galas, without mandatory masks, while being served by masked servants—a now tired script from the Obama birthday bash crowd to the grandees at the Emmys?

When did we discover that we must listen to oppressed billionaire Oprah from her $90 million Montecito estate commiserating with a billionaire Lebron or royal Meghan Markle about the racist white establishment? Is there anyone in the recent Washington intelligence and investigatory hierarchy who has not lied or feigned loss of memory under oath—a low bar that nevertheless excludes, among others, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, or Peter Strzok?

Did anyone just five years ago believe the following could possibly happen in America—and invoke almost no popular outrage from a somnolent public?

Item: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, does not deny that: 1) he deliberately aborted the legal chain of operational command—that is, violated the law—by recalibrating established protocols for using nuclear weapons in times of crisis. And he says his interventions were based on his own diagnoses (after prompting from opposition leader, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) that the commander-in-chief was crazy, and thus could be circumvented.

And 2), in freelancing style, Milley, on more than one occasion, called the top figure of the Chinese Communist People’s Liberation Army, General Li Zuocheng. He reportedly announced that his own country was currently in crisis (experiencing "messy" democracy), reassuring the Chinese that if he, Milley, the newfound autokrator, sensed there was any chance of hostile and aggressive action on the part of his own country, then on his own initiative he would tip off the Chinese in advance. And far from resigning or being fired for his Strangelovian efforts, Milley would then be hailed as a hero by the popular media and progressive civil libertarians. In other words, for the Left, it is as if Burt Lancaster’s movie character, Air Force General James Mattoon Scott, was the real hero of Seven Days in May.

Milley has also become the Zelig or Forrest Gump of our times. He turns up at almost all our recent military melodramas and disasters. Milley appears variously in the photo-op/federal troops/tear-gas spoof, the virtue-signaled rumored resignation, the talking referent in anonymously sourced books, puff-piece op-eds, and backgrounder quotes, the Inspector Javert of "white rage," the student of How To Be An Antiracist, the Afghanistan progress reassurer, the "righteous" drone striker, the adjudicator between January 6 "coups" and 120 days of "penny packet protests" costing $2 billion-dollars in riot and arson destruction and 28 deaths, the Article 88 violator, the reductio ad Hitlerum promulgator, and the underappreciated but rumored polymath bibliophile.

Oliver North: Taliban Now Has Lists of Names, Addresses and Phone Number of Every Afghan Who Worked for USA Thanks to Abandoned US Embassy (VIDEO)
[Gateway] Lt. Col. Oliver North joined Sean Hannity tonight to discuss the Biden catastrophe in Afghanistan.

Oliver North told Sean Hannity that the outer perimeter at the Kabul Airport has serious problems because the Taliban now has lists of the names and phone numbers of every Afghan who has worked for our country in the last 20 years.

The evolving Afghanistan bloodbath lays at the feet of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Lt. Colonel Oliver North: They’ve got the bank records. They got it all thanks to the embassy... It is being reported that the Taliban has captured the payroll data from the American embassy and the Kabul banks showing the names, addresses and phone numbers for locals now being hunted down.
If so, an unforgivable security lapse. All that stuff is supposed to get the thermite kiss-off.
Number Five: There are 50 or more Afghan Air Force fixed wing and helicopter aircraft now safely on the ground in neighboring countries. The senior Afghan officer has appealed directly for help. I have his phone number. Is anyone going to answer his calls? If not, if you’re in the government of the United States, give me a call. I’ll give you his phone number. He’s desperate that the 500 who came out with him get somewhere safe before they are bounced out of Uzbekistan or Tajikistan or God knows where else.

Number Six. The Communist Chinese are apparently on scene working with the Taliban in ways to further disgrace the USA...
Oliver North: 2018-11-28 Update: Why Hezbollah Is in Argentina
Oliver North: 2018-09-27 Ollie North and NRA Blast Key Dems in Jaw-Dropping Ad in Support of Kavanaugh (video)
Oliver North: 2018-09-23 Christine Blasey Ford Hires Andrew McCabe Lawyer Who Was Iran Contra Assoc. Counsel
Sean Hannity: 2021-08-13 Sean Hannity: Why is FBI doing nothing about Hunter Biden?
Sean Hannity: 2021-07-21 Senator Rand Paul says he will ask DOJ for 'criminal referral' over Fauci testimony
Sean Hannity: 2021-04-26 Leo Terrell: The far-left 'has declared war on white Americans and police officers'

Government Corruption
FBI quietly admits 2017 GOP baseball shooting was domestic terrorism after all
Bernie-Bro and acquaintance of Dick "Dick” Durbin
[WASHINGTONEXAMINER] The FBI quietly admitted Friday that the 2017 Alexandria, Virginia, baseball field shooting that nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise has been classified as "domestic terrorism" carried out by a "domestic violent mostly peaceful holy warrior" targeting Republicans after the bureau previously classified it as "suicide by cop."

The revelation appears in the middle of an appendix on page 35 of a 40-page FBI-DHS report released on Friday titled "Security Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism." In a section describing approximately 85 different "FBI-Designated Significant Domestic Terrorism Incidents in the United States from 2015 through 2019," the Alexandria baseball field shooting appears, with the FBI categorizing the perpetrator as a "Domestic Violent Extremist" and describing the incident thusly: "An individual with a personalized violent mostly peaceful ideology targeted and shot Republican members of Congress at a baseball field and maimed five people. The subject died as a result of engagement with law enforcement."

In June 2017, James Hodgkinson, a man from Illinois who was living out of a van in Alexandria, shot up Eugene Simpson Stadium Park after asking GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan, who was leaving practice early, if the players were Republicans or Democrats. Hodgkinson struck Scalise in the hip, hit lobbyist Matt Mika in the chest, and injured two U.S. Capitol Police officers, Crystal Griner and David Bailey. Scalise nearly bled to death and required multiple surgeries before returning to Congress.

Hodgkinson, an avid liberal and supporter of Democratic presidential primary candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
...The only first openly Socialist member of the U.S. Senate. Sanders was Representative-for-Life from Vermont until moving to the Senate for the rest of his life in 2006, assuming the seat vacated by Jim Jeffords. He ran for the 2016 nomination for president, to be cheated out of it by Hillary Clinton, then went back to being an Independent socialist, waiting for 2020 to roll around...
, was killed by law enforcement. He had posted on Facebook that "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co." and joined other groups such as "Terminate The Republican Party" and "Join The Resistance® Worldwide!!"

Last month, the FBI had said that the shooting would have been classified as "domestic terrorism" if it happened today, but that seemed to dance around the issue of how it should properly be classified. Earlier in April, Republican congressmen had criticized the decision by the FBI, led in an acting capacity at the time by Andrew McCabe, not to label the shooting by Hodgkinson as domestic terrorism despite his targeting of elected Republican leaders as they practiced for the annual congressional baseball game, calling upon FBI Director Christopher Wray, who has led the bureau since August 2017, to provide answers.
Courtesy of Frank G, the Post Millennial describes our miscreant as:
... James Hodgkinson, a known far-left political activist who worked on Bernie Sanders' campaign in 2016.

Hodgkinson was found with a list of Republican Congressmen in his pocket and only began shooting after asking then Rep. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Jeff Duncan if the people on the field were "Democrats or Republicans." Hodgkinson was a member of many extremist Facebook groups called "Terminate the Republican Party," "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Republicans," and "Donald Trump is not my President."

-Short Attention Span Theater-
A. McCabe Says Capitol Attack a "Result" of Jan. 6 Riot
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said Friday evening on CNN that Friday's attack on the Capitol was "one of the results" of the Jan. 6 riot.

McCabe told CNN's Wolf Blitzer "it's not uncommon to have people who are suffering from some form of mental illness or emotional distress" to go to places like the Capitol, the White House or the FBI headquarters to air their grievances or delusions. He gave an example of a woman in 2013 who was shot when she drove her car from Connecticut to the White House and tried to drive through a checkpoint.
Right, Andy. The guy hated the government, and the media will never let Jan. 6 go away, so it's Trump's fault. Again. Still. Always.

-Lurid Crime Tales-
Vid: Executives connected to McCabe, Comey FBI team created a 'false Russian narrative': Solomon
[FoxNews] John Solomon, editor-in-chief at Just The News, discusses interal FBI text messages showing senior agents being on first-name basis with reporters from several media outlets.
Andrew McCabe: 2021-03-04 Recording Trump was discussed, Rod Rosenstein concedes
Andrew McCabe: 2021-02-10 Re-post, still no update - Three weeks after Trump declassified Russia memos, most aren't released
Andrew McCabe: 2020-11-28 Carter Page files $75M suit against FBI, DOJ, others over 'unlawful surveillance'
Comey: 2020-11-28 Carter Page Takes Comey, McCabe, Strzok to Court in $75M Obamagate Lawsuit
Comey: 2020-10-11 Jim Comey Ignored State Department Whistleblower on HIllary's Crimes With Classified Material
Comey: 2020-10-02 Dirtiest Cop Testifies

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