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Al-Qaeda accused of plot against Lithunanian nuclear plant
Followup of a previous story.
THE Liverpool man accused of financing an al-Qaida cell has been linked to a Lithuanian nuclear power plant terror threat, the Daily Post can reveal. Mohammed Benhammedi, owner and director of Sara Properties and Ozlam properties in Wavertree, was named by the US treasury as a "key financier" for Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

Now the family of his mistress in Lithuania are being investigated because her father is a senior security manager at the country's major power plant. They fear the link between them could pose a security threat.

Victoria Zakuko spoke exclusively to the Daily Post about her lover who shares his time between his wife and seven children and her.

The story has been front-page news in Lithuania's national newspapers after the government launched an investigation into the suspected links to their country.

Russian-born Sergey Zakurko, Victoria's father, has been suspended from his job at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) while the investigation continues. Now the 47-year-old former policeman, who has worked at the plant since 1997, is considering leaving his post. He told Lithuania's main daily newspaper: "I am considering if I should write my resignation letter to my employers.

"I don't want to cause problems for my superiors and colleagues at the plant. I am ready for a very open talk.

"If I resign I will emigrate to the UK. I would learn English and work in the building industry. But now, when my surname is in every paper in both countries, will I ever get a job?

"The thing I wish most is to go to my motherland. Some day I will definitely go back to Russia for good." The security official had met Benhammedi, known to his friends as Ben, on a previous trip to Liverpool. He said he did not know that Benhammedi was married with children and had been told by the couple that he was divorced from his wife.

Ignalinsk Nuclear Power Station Linked with Al-Qaeda
Viktoria Zakurko, a Lithuanian citizen, was arrested in the UK last weekend suspected of links with al-Qaeda. British and Lithuanian law enforcement agencies are particularly apprehended since the detainee’s father works in the security of the Ignalinsk nuclear power station.

The Lithuanian, who now resides in Liverpool, has been arrested on the grounds of her relations with Lebanese citizen Mohammed Benhammedi who is believed to be a financier of al-Qaeda.
Just wait til you get home, young lady.
The 19-year-old met the Lebanese businessman through mutual friends and left for Liverpool where she “met him every second night”, she says.
Got into a 'relationship' with an exotic foreigner, and now it's come home to bite her.
Benhammedi was detained last Wednesday and charged with violations of migration regulations. His accounts were frozen as suspected to be financing al-Qaeda. Viktoria Zakurko told the British press that she does not believe the accusations and ready to wait for her lover all her life.
"Or until my friends call me to go clubbing."
The British police got apprehended as they learnt that the girl’s father, Sergey Zakurko, works in Lithuania as a security man at the Ignalinsk nuclear power station.
Wake up, Viktoria.

Al-Qaeda funding suspect in UK court
A British citizen whose assets were frozen because of his alleged involvement in funneling money to an al Qaeda affiliate appeared in court on Friday charged with helping his younger brother to live in Britain illegally.

Mohammed Benhammedi, 39, who is described by the U.S. Treasury as a key financier for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, was arrested Wednesday at his home in Liverpool in northwest England.

He appeared before magistrates in Liverpool, northwest England, Friday, charged with two counts of breaching immigration law.

Libyan-born Benhammedi, who has lived in Britain since 1997, said he will plead not guilty.

His brother, 28-year-old Khames Benhammedi, also known as Khames Al Barhami, from Birmingham in central England, appeared at the same time charged with applying for asylum under a false name and dishonestly obtaining travel documents. He also indicated that he will plead not guilty.

Both men were remanded in custody and ordered to appear before Liverpool magistrates again on February 14., when they are expected to be sent for trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

Mohammed Benhammedi was one of five men, a charity and three companies named by a United Nations committee Wednesday and accused of being involved in raising funds for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG, a group affiliated to al Qaeda.

British and U.S. authorities reacted immediately, freezing all assets belonging to the men and the organizations listed.

Benhammedi owns property across Britain through his Liverpool-based companies Sara properties Ltd. and Ozlam Properies Ltd., which were also on the United Nations list.

The other four men, all of Libyan descent, were Abd al-Rahman al-Faqih, described by the U.S. Treasury as a senior leader of LIFG who is also involved in the provision of false passports to LIFG members; Ghuma Abd'rabbah, an associate of al-Faqih and a trustee for the Sanabel charity; Abdulbaqi Mohammed Khaled and Tahir Nasuf, each described as a member of LIFG.

The U.S. Treasury also alleged the Sanabel Relief Agency Limited, with offices across Britain, provides "support to LIFG's jihadist activities." Meadowbrook Investments Limited were also listed on the order.

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