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How is Chris Cuomo still on the air at CNN?
[NYPOST] Is there a bigger joke in broadcast news than Chris Cuomo?

Now, he says, he cannot cover his brother, Gov. Andrew Sonny Cuomo, because it’s a conflict of interest. You don’t say? Apparently no such conflict arose when Chris constantly hosted his brother during the height of the pandemic, tastelessly turning his nightly news show into "The Cuomo Brothers Variety Hour."

The governor took time out of his busy schedule — consisting of daily ego baths dressed up as pressers and writing a book about leadership while allegedly sexually harassing at least one young employee and eugenically shunting old people with COVID into nursing homes and certain death — to answer hard-hitting questions and accusations such as these, posed by little brother Chris:

"No matter how hard you’re working, there’s always time to call Mom. She wants to hear from you."

"You know that what people are saying about how you look really can’t be accurate, so it must be hard for you to make sense of what is real and what is true now. I feel for you."

"Now I’ve seen you referred to a little bit recently as the LuvGuv and I’m wondering if that’s bleeding into your demeanor at all and making you a little soft on the president?"

"Do you think you are an attractive person now because you’re single and ready to mingle?" (Those last two haven’t aged well at all.)

This unethical coverage, by the way, was cheered on by the mass media: The "Today" show, Oprahmag.com, NBC News, USA Today — to name a few — heartily endorsed it.

"That is one thing the Cuomo brothers do: They love one other," New York Times

...which still proudly displays Walter Duranty's Pulitzer prize...

media columnist Ben Smith wrote last April. "On March 30, the day a Navy hospital ship arrived in New York, they said, ’I love you,’ twice each, in quick succession."

This reads more like a soggy diary entry written by a teenage girl.

The same day Smith’s column ran, April 5, 2020, the Times reported that new state data showed 4,183 people had died in New York nursing homes from COVID.

Not that Chris Cuomo asked his brother about that.

Nor has CNN
...formerly the Cable News Network, now who know what it might stand for...
been on top of Gov. Cuomo’s latest scandal, the three credible allegations of sexual harassment against him.

And so many on the left still wonder why the mainstream media is mistrusted — 33 percent of Americans having "none at all," according to a recent Gallup poll.

"Obviously I love you as a brother," Chris told Andrew on his show last June. "Obviously I’ll never be objective."

Imagine: A CNN anchor just admitted on-air what we all knew — he could not do his job, but would continue to do it anyway!

Seriously, what does Chris Cuomo have on Jeff Zucker? Why does he still have this job? I realize this may be a hypothetical given Brian Williams, that other puffed-up fabulist, is back on MSNBC, but still — Chris Cuomo, reported annual salary $6 million, is a special case.

Lest we forget his self-indulgent chronicles once he tested positive for COVID (according to his own self-report), then roaming around the Hamptons without a mask and calling a local who spotted him a "jackass loser fat-tire biker"; later faking his emergence from basement quarantine on CNN; spanked by management of his NYC building for repeatedly entering, exiting and riding the elevator without a mask, and — as Page Six reported last December — flexing his muscles and admiring himself in that same mirrored elevator.

Ron Burgundy doesn’t come close to Chris Cuomo.


-Lurid Crime Tales-
Woodward appraises DOJ inspector general uncovering FBI's FISA 'glorious mistake'
[Washington Examiner] From one investigator to another, Bob Woodward told Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz he was impressed with his "amazing discovery" of the FBI's missteps in its use of surveillance powers during the inquiry into ties between former President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia.

Although they hail from completely different spheres, the pair offered a window into how journalism can be quite similar to the work of an independent government watchdog during a virtual discussion hosted by Harvard Law School earlier this month.

Multiple times during the hourlong conversation, moderated by professor Jack Goldsmith, the two looked back at Horowitz's high-profile review completed in December 2019 that criticized the FBI for relying on British ex-spy Christopher Steele's dossier in obtaining Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants to monitor onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and became a road map for special counsel John Durham's criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation.

Africa Subsaharan
DRC: Italian ambassador killed by non-jihadi Hutu rebels
More on this story from yesterday, which has been moved to Page 3: Non-WoT.
[AnNahar] Italia's ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo
...formerly the Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Zaire, and who knows what else, not to be confused with the Brazzaville Congo aka Republic of Congo, which is much smaller and much more (for Africa) stable. DRC gave the world Patrice Lumumba and Joseph Mobutu, followed by years of tedious civil war. Its principle industry seems to be the production of corpses. With a population of about 74 million it has lots of raw material...
was among three people killed on Monday when a U.N. convoy was ambushed in the country's troubled east, an attack the government blamed on a Rwandan Hutu rebel group.

Luca Attanasio died of his wounds after a World Food Program (WFP) convoy came under gunfire near Goma while he was on a field trip, a senior diplomatic source said in Kinshasa.

The Italian government confirmed Attanasio's death and said an Italian policeman, Vittorio Iacovacci, as well as a driver it did not identify, had also died.

The DRC's interior ministry, in a statement, blamed the attack on "members of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR)," a Rwandan Hutu rebel group that has plagued the region for more than a quarter of a century.

According to a US monitor, the Kivu Security Tracker (KST), 122 gangs were active in North and South Kivu, Ituri and Tanganyika provinces last year.
Four people were kidnapped, one of whom was later found, it said.

The DRC's army said its troops were searching the area for the assailants.

A vast country the size of continental western Europe, the DRC is grappling with numerous conflicts, especially in its remote, mineral-rich east.

Scores of militias roam the four eastern provinces, many of them a legacy of wars in the 1990s that sucked in countries around central-southern Africa and claimed millions of lives.

According to a US monitor, the Kivu Security Tracker (KST), 122 gangs were active in North and South Kivu, Ituri and Tanganyika provinces last year. More than 2,000 non-combatants were killed, according to UN figures issued last week.

Monday's attack occurred north of the North Kivu capital of Goma, in Nyiaragongo Territory -- an area where the FDLR is one of a number of gangs.

Some of the founders of the FDLR were involved in the 1994 Rwandan genocide in which 800,000 people, mainly Tutsis but also Hutu moderates, were slaughtered by the Hutu majority.

The group is opposed to the current Rwandan government but has not launched any large-scale offensive in Rwanda since 2001.

In April last year, the FDLR was blamed for killing 12 rangers in the Virunga National Park, a UNESCO-listed wildlife reserve that is home to critically-endangered mountain gorillas.

Another group in the area north of Goma is a Congolese Tutsi group also known as the Congolese Revolutionary Army, which took Goma in 2012-2013.

The WFP said Attanasio had been with it on a fact-finding mission.

"The delegation was travelling from Goma to visit a WFP school feeding program in Rutshuru when the incident took place," it said in a statement.

"The attack... occurred on a road that had previously been cleared for travel without security escorts," it said.
Democratic Republic of the Congo: 2021-02-17 Suspected Islamists kill 10 people with knives, machetes in Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo: 2021-02-08 DR Congo militia kills at least 12 in new attack
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Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda: 2015-02-15 UN drops support for joint DRC operation
Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda: 2014-12-29 Dozens of Rwandan Hutu Rebels Surrender in DR Congo

2018 infection experiment, trans-species infection bats to livestock, antibodies and vaccine production
China Central TV: 2020-03-19 Early Feb. News on ChiCom TV about Wuhan Lab
China Central TV: 2011-09-30 Snafu as China space launch set to US patriotic song
China Central TV: 2005-03-16 China's course parallels old Germany's
Vaccine: 2021-02-21 Ministry of Truth: Biden admin to work with Big Tech to censor News and Opinion that don't SUPPORT his Covid effort
Vaccine: 2021-02-21 'America Is Back' China Joe Tries to Turn The Page On The Orange Man
Vaccine: 2021-02-21 CDC: 929 Dead And 15,923 Injured Following Experimental MRNA COVID Injections (February 12 Update)

Fifth Column
Plaintiffs drop federal suit in Kyle Rittenhouse case
Antifa/BLM lawfare, so moved to Fifth Column on Page 2: War on TerrorPolitics/Background.
[KenoshaNews] The plaintiffs in a civil suit filed against Kyle Rittenhouse, Facebook and the Kenosha Guard dropped their suit this week.

Rittenhouse, 18, of Antioch, Ill., is accused of killing two men and severely injuring a third during the August protests that occurred in the aftermath of the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha police officer. He has pleaded not guilty, arguing that he fired in self-defense.

The suit, filed in September, had sought to use Reconstruction-era federal law inspired by the rise of the Ku Klux Klan to seek damages from: Rittenhouse; the Kenosha Guard militia and its “commander” Kevin Mathewson; the Boogaloo Bois, a far-right, antigovernmental organization; and a West Bend man who identified himself to the media as a member of the Boogaloo Bois and said he was in Kenosha during the August protests.

The suit alleged that Facebook was negligent in allowing Mathewson and the Kenosha Guard to put out a call for militia members to come to the city, and alleged that the defendants had conspired to violate their civil rights.

Plaintiffs in the suit included Hannah Gittings, the girlfriend of Silver Lake resident Anthony Huber,
...the sweet, 26 year old Antifa lad filmed trying to brain young Kyle with a skateboard, the proud holder of a criminal history that included battery and repeated domestic abuse...
one of two men killed in the Rittenhouse shootings on Aug. 25. Also named as plaintiffs were three people who were at the protests who said they were harassed and threatened by militia members.
They would be Christopher McNeal, a Black resident of Kenosha; Nathan Peer, a Kenosha resident; and Carmen Palmer, a Black Milwaukee resident. Odd that they aren’t named...
Jason Flores-Williams, the attorney for the plaintiffs, filed a notice of dismissal with prejudice this week. Being dismissed with prejudice means it was dismissed permanently and will not be refiled. The notice does not give an explanation for withdrawing the suit. “In concluding the case we have agreed to no comment,” Flores-Williams said in an email.

Earlier, Flores-Williams and the attorney he originally worked with on the suit had a public spat over the case, with attorney Jennifer Sirrine withdrawing. In her motion to withdraw, Sirrine accused Flores-Williams of harassing and underpaying her. In that filing, Sirrine wrote that Gittings and another of the plaintiffs emailed her saying they wanted to end their attorney-client relationship due to “broken trust.”

Other possible suits in the Rittenhouse case are still pending. Earlier this month, attorneys for Huber’s family and Gaige Grosskreutz, 26,
...there with the People’s Revolution Movement, a faction of Milwaukee’s Black Lives Matter. He was aiming his own gun at young Kyle when the lad shot him...
who was seriously injured in the shootings, filed notices of claim indicating they will sue the City of Kenosha and Kenosha County, alleging that law enforcement negligence contributed to the shootings.
Kyle Rittenhouse: 2021-01-24 Patriots Rally at Bed, Bath and Beyond in South Florida for ‘My Pillow' Founder Mike Lindell (VIDEO)
Kyle Rittenhouse: 2021-01-01 Rittenhouse additionally charged with breaking curfew
Kyle Rittenhouse: 2020-11-23 Recounts underway in Wisconsin's two largest counties
Hannah Gittings: 2020-09-24 Four people, including the partner of a man killed during Kenosha protests, sue Facebook for 'allowing right wing militia to recruit for members and plan violence against BLM protesters on the social media site'
Hannah Gittings: 2020-08-28 (For Giggles) Huffpost: These Are The Victims Of The Kenosha Protest Shooting
Anthony Huber: 2021-01-01 Rittenhouse additionally charged with breaking curfew
Anthony Huber: 2020-11-21 Kyle Rittenhouse Released from Jail on $2 Million Bond
Anthony Huber: 2020-09-24 Four people, including the partner of a man killed during Kenosha protests, sue Facebook for 'allowing right wing militia to recruit for members and plan violence against BLM protesters on the social media site'
Gaige Grosskreutz: 2021-01-01 Rittenhouse additionally charged with breaking curfew
Gaige Grosskreutz: 2020-11-21 Kyle Rittenhouse Released from Jail on $2 Million Bond
Gaige Grosskreutz: 2020-09-12 Man, 26, who was shot in the arm during Kenosha protests where two others were killed says he has lost 90% of his bicep, is in constant pain and gets death threats from supporters of gunman 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse

-Lurid Crime Tales-
Twenty days of infamy: the January 2017 red flags the FBI blew past on Russia collusion
[Just the News] From its earliest moments, the FBI's Russia collusion probe was always fraught with warning signs.

Agents were told Christopher Steele provided faulty information, had likely been compromised by Russian intel disinformation, wanted to defeat Donald Trump, had leaked to the media and was being paid by Hillary Clinton, who herself might be carrying out an epic dirty political trick to vilify Trump with false information to distract from her own scandals.

Those intelligence reports alone should have given agents pause. The fact that Steele had been terminated by the FBI as an informant for leaking also should have weighed heavily.

But if ever there were red lights screaming for the FBI to end the counterintelligence probe, they were flashing during a harrowing 20-day window in January 2017 as Barack Obama was leaving office and Trump was coming in.

Between Jan. 4, 2017 and Jan. 24, 2017, nearly every major assumption of the FBI's Russia collusion theory was gutted, according to recently declassified evidence reviewed by Just the News.

Months of investigating Trump adviser Mike Flynn had turned up "no derogatory information," and agents recommended shutting down that part of the inquiry after concluding Flynn wasn't aiding Moscow. Two separate informant recordings of Trump adviser Carter Page — the target of an ongoing FISA warrant — produced stunning evidence of innocence.

U.S. intelligence had concluded a key allegation in the Steele dossier was Russian disinformation. And Steele's primary sub-source — whom the FBI assessed was likely tied to Russian intelligence — discounted much of the information attributed to him in the dossier. Even Director James Comey was telling colleagues there wasn't much corroborated in the dossier.


Fifth Column
Antifa In Portland Smash Up An Urgent Care Clinic Distributing The COVID Vaccine…
[Weasel Zippers] Anything the Black Bloc crowd does is Fifth Column. Page 1 if it’s an action, Page 2 if they’re just planning, announcing, or being released from prison after an overnight stay.

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Islamic State cell exposed outside Kyiv (Photo, video)
[Unian.info] During raids, security operatives seized a batch of explosives, grenade launchers, cash foreign currency, bank cards, and ledgers with records of financial transfers to Syria.

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine has exposed an alleged branch of the Islamic State (IS) international terrorist organization operating in Kyiv region.

The branch leader is wanted by one of the Eastern European countries for participating in Syria hostilities, as reported by the SBU press center.

In 2019, using forged documents, he arrived in Ukraine where he set up a group whose members were all foreign nationals

"The operatives found that the group had been engaged in forging Ukraine and Russia passports and legalize in the country migrants from the Middle East and Central Asia. The investigation believes some of them are active IS members," the SBU said.

As tasked by the leaders of the international terrorist organization, they were supposed to "lay low" in Ukraine to evade being brought to responsibility for the crimes committed, the SBU added. The suspects had also been distributing extremist literature among potential supporters.

As part of the intercepted correspondence, the culprits "discussed returning to Syria to take part in hostilities," the report says.
Breitbart adds:
A high-ranking Islamic State official, a Georgian national named Cezar Tokhosashvili who styled himself as “Al Bar Shishani” after joining ISIS, was arrested by the SBU in November 2019 in a joint operation with American and Georgian intelligence agencies. U.S. officials referred to Tokhosashvili as the Islamic State’s “minister of war.” Like the unnamed ISIS cell leader arrested on Thursday, he entered Ukraine with a false passport and was living in a home near Kyiv at the time of his arrest.
Kyiv: 2020-12-29 Ukrainian Member of Parliament Touts New Allegations of Biden Corruption
Kyiv: 2020-10-02 So Is Joe Taking A Page From Hillary's Handbook?
Kyiv: 2020-09-23 Uncle Joe Got paid
Ukraine: 2021-02-13 Ukrainian SBU arrests two Russian FSB agents
Ukraine: 2021-02-13 Germany 'offered $1bn if US dropped sanctions against controversial pipeline'
Ukraine: 2021-02-06 Russian Air Force blows up foreigner-led jihadist training camp in northwest Syria: video

North Korea using cyber attacks to update nukes
Filed on Page 2: War on Terror Background because they’re working closely with Iran on the nuke project.
[AlAhram] North Korea
...hereditary Communist monarchy distinguished by its truculence and periodic acts of violence. Distinguishing features include Songun (Army First) policy, which involves feeding the army before anyone but the Dear Leadership, and Juche, which is Kim Jong Il's personal interpretation of Marxism-Leninism, which he told everybody was brilliant. In 1950 the industrialized North invaded agrarian South Korea. Twenty-one countries of the United Nations eventually contributed to the UN force opposing the invasion, with the United States providing around 90% of the military personnel. Seventy years later the economic results are in and it doesn't look good for Juche...
has modernized its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles by flaunting United Nations
...boodling on the grand scale...
sanctions, using cyberattacks to help finance its programs and continuing to seek material and technology overseas for its arsenal including in Iran, UN experts said.

Re-post, still no update - Three weeks after Trump declassified Russia memos, most aren't released
[Just The News] More than two weeks after Donald Trump officially declassified the evidence, the vast majority of documents detailing FBI and Justice Department failures in the now-discredited Russia collusion investigation remain out of public view in a delay that has thwarted the former president's goal of sweeping transparency.

Multiple officials tell Just the News that the documents yet to be released include:

  • less redacted versions of the flawed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants that allowed the FBI to target former Trump adviser Carter Page and the Trump campaign for a full year without producing any evidence of wrongdoing.

  • the confidential human source handling documents for informant Stefan Halper showing the specific requests the FBI gave to Halper to spy on Trump campaign officials and the cover story used to justify his contacts with Trump officials during the election.

  • the confidential human source handling documents for informant Christopher Steele, including what he told the FBI at his first meeting on July 5, 2016, when he first approached agents about the dossier.

  • a spreadsheet used to assess the many allegations Steele provided in his infamous dossier showing most were uncorroborated, debunked or traced to open-source Internet rumors or unreliable sources.

  • hundreds of digital messages exchanged on the FBI's internal chat network among the most senior officials in the Crossfire Hurricane probe, including fired Director James Comey, fired Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, fired lead agent Peter Strzok, former bureau lawyer Lisa Page and others.

    Just the News was able to obtain about 15% of the thousands of pages of declassified documents, from a hodgepodge network of White House officials who worked on the declassification, law enforcement and intelligence officials who got their own versions of the declassified documents, and members of Congress who were given copies of some memos in the final days of the Trump presidency.

    Just the News has posted all of those documents, which include explosive revelations like:

  • Four days before the FBI secured a surveillance warrant against him in October 2016, Page repeatedly knocked down the key allegations at the heart of the Russia collusion investigation while unwittingly talking to a government informant who was wearing a wire.

  • As deputy director and acting director, McCabe was repeatedly pressured by FBI officials and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to step aside from the Russia and Clinton email probes because of a perceived conflict of interest.

  • Efforts by Hillary Clinton supporters to craft the Russia collusion narrative to vilify Trump began earlier than previously reported, in April 2016, and eventually involved an "indiscreet" effort to buy foreign video footage that made even Steele uncomfortable.

  • In a 2017 tell-all interview with agents, Steele admitted to the FBI that he leaked the Russia collusion story during the height of the 2016 election to help Clinton overcome her lingering email scandal and because he believed Trump's election would be bad for U.S. relations with his home country of Britain.
    The remaining documents, according to sources who have seen them, provide more details showing just how far the FBI went to deceive the FISA judges in an effort to keep surveilling Page and that the FBI's true target for surveillance was the larger Trump campaign.

    For instance, an August 2016 tasking document for Halper, one of the informants, made clear the FBI's real focus of the investigation was to determine whether "anyone in the Trump campaign is in a position to have received information either directly or indirectly from the Russian Federation regarding the anonymous release of information during the campaign that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton," according to a source who took verbatim notes from one of the documents.

    Those documents also show Halper was asked to potentially contact or monitor Trump campaign figures far beyond Page and George Papadopoulos, the two figures publicly acknowledged in the past.

    Among the names that show up in the FBI's operational plan are former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, former Trump campaign adviser Sam Clovis and eventual White House adviser Peter Navarro, according to sources interviewed by Just the News.

    The less redacted FISA warrants show, according to sources, that as the FBI failed to develop any evidence that Page was working for Russia — and in fact had worked as an asset for the CIA — it offered the FISA court unusual justifications for continuing to spy on him, including that he espoused foreign policy views deemed favorable to Russia and might be writing a book, two clearly First Amendment-protected activities.

    Also, the internal messages between senior FBI officials on the Russia probe, according to the sources, reveal that McCabe had direct contact with reporters from major news organizations like the New York Times and CNN even as his deputies, like Strzok, viewed the Russia reporting of those organizations as significantly flawed.
  • Link

    -Lurid Crime Tales-
    FBI's desperate pretext to keep spying on Carter Page: He might write a book!
    [Just the News] Nine months into a relentless effort to spy on Carter Page with the most awesome surveillance tools the U.S. possesses, the FBI had no proof the former Trump adviser had colluded with Russia to hijack the 2016 election.

    In fact, the bureau hid from the FISA court the fact that it knew Page was actually a U.S. asset who had helped the CIA and that in a secret recording with an informant he had denied all the core allegations against him with significant proof.

    But it wanted to keep spying on its target for another three months. So what did the FBI cough up to the FISA judge to keep up its surveillance and its now-debunked claim that Page might be a Russian agent of influence?

    The FBI actually argued that Page's lawful exercise of his First Amendment rights — he was giving media interviews and considering writing a book — might be proof he was carrying out a Russian plot, according to a newly declassified version of the final FISA warrant reviewed by Just the News.

    "The FBI also notes that Page continues to be active in meeting with media outlets to promote his theories of how U.S. foreign policy should be adjusted with regard to Russia and also to refute claims of his involvement with Russian government efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election," the once top-secret FISA application read on page 57.

    "The FBI believes that Page may have been instructed by Russian officials to aggressively deny, especially in the media, any Russian involvement with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The FBI believes this approach is important because, from the Russian government's point of view, it continues to keep the controversy of the election in front of the American and world medium, which has the effect of undermining the integrity of the US electoral process and weakening the effectiveness of the current US administration.

    -Lurid Crime Tales-
    Loser Americans : Video: LIVE Prison Riot – Inmates Taking Over Jail, Start Fire
    [RedStateNation] A video just surfaced this morning from the St. Louis Justice Center where a prison riot has kicked off.

    A group of inmates were seen gathered at the shattered windows of an upper floor of the jail about 6:30 a.m. They broke adjacent windows and threw chairs and other debris to the sidewalk below on Tucker Boulevard.

    The group of about 115 prisoners threw items out of broken windows and started a small fire inside the jail, Long said. They also flooded floors and clogged toilets, according to the Post-Dispatch.
    No jihadis, Black Bloc (anarcho-communists like Antifa and BLM), narco gangs, or human traffickers were reported as being involved, so I am moving this article to Lurid Crime Tales on Page 3: Non-War on Terror.

    I’d be willing to bet that anything named [City] Justice Center is not actually a prison, per se, but a jail holding people awaiting trial — meaning some unknown number of them are actually innocent.

    — trailing wife for the moderators at 3:40 p.m. ET

    -12 More