427421 hits for variants of dadullah.
1969-12-31 Channing Dungey, ABC executive who canceled Roseanne, is stepping down
2001-01-01 Tenet testimony, continued...
2001-09-11 PETA: What about the pets?
2001-09-11 Terror strikes on US
2001-09-11 Remarks by the President
2001-09-12 Hijacking days are over
2001-09-12 Hatch says evidence points to bin Laden
2001-09-12 South Florida alert for possible terrorist
2001-09-12 Mickey Kaus: Story will be off the news by Thanksgiving
2001-09-12 Al-Muhajiroun: America had it coming
2001-09-12 Tenet should resign...
2001-09-12 Egyptian Gazette sez Bush doesn't appreciate gamble he's running
2001-09-12 Prisoners' reactions just like anyone else's...
2001-09-12 White House and Air Force One may have been targets
2001-09-12 Bush addresses nation
2001-09-12 Band decides to change album cover design...
2001-09-12 Osama bin Laden tops list of suspects
2001-09-12 Sullivan: New era has begun
2001-09-12 Jeremy Glick, RIP
2001-09-12 Feds going over manifests
2001-09-12 Feds storm Boston hotel
2001-09-12 Al-Akhbar: US is a "racial state"
2001-09-12 U. Mass. prof: America had it coming
2001-09-12 WaPo: Assemble an alliance
2001-09-12 Hijackers killed stewardesses as diversion...
2001-09-12 Egyptian man-in-the-street liked 9-11 strike
2001-09-12 Feds have names of 12 hijackers
2001-09-12 Palestinians celebrate in the streets
2001-09-12 Iraqi TV: "Operation of the century!"
2001-09-12 Cal. Peace Action: "Eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"
2001-09-12 Casualty figure may be 15 - 20,000
2001-09-12 WTC is gone...
2001-09-12 Five Arabs identified as suspects
2001-09-12 Al-Ayam: US obedient to Hebrew high priest...
2001-09-13 18 hijackers on planes
2001-09-13 Rumsfeld thumps Hatch
2001-09-13 Canucks: Maybe we should distance ourselves from the US...
2001-09-13 Bush vows no difference between terrorists and states who harbor them
2001-09-13 Intel confirms bin Laden link
2001-09-13 Afghans will hand over Binny to Islamic court, maybe...
2001-09-13 Anne Coulter on Barbara Olson
2001-09-13 Mark Steyn on Canada's reaction...
2001-09-13 Economist calls for leadership
2001-09-13 Giuliani: Just the facts...
2001-09-13 Feds questioning people in Florida, Mass.
2001-09-13 Bomb scare at Capitol
2001-09-13 Ann Coulter
2001-09-13 Backlash against Muslims isn't as bad as it could have been...
2001-09-13 9-11 thugs once lived in Hamburg
2001-09-13 Bomb threat at Pentagon
2001-09-13 Feds seeking clues to hijackers' identities
2001-09-13 Chris Matthews: Don't get mad, get even.
2001-09-13 Feds haven't ruled out that Flight 93 may have been shot down
2001-09-13 Schroeder: "Declaration of war against the entire civilized world"
2001-09-13 PA threatens life of cameraman
2001-09-13 Pols need to practice evac drills
2001-09-13 4,763 reported missing
2001-09-13 Osama bin Laden is prime suspect
2001-09-13 We had dancing in the streets, too...
2001-09-13 Man says two hijackers stayed at his home
2001-09-13 Pols plea for tolerance for Muslims
2001-09-13 Flight 93 recorder recovered
2001-09-13 UAE question's Alshehhi family
2001-09-13 Man with false papers, pilot's license nabbed at JFK
2001-09-13 Feds recover rental car
2001-09-13 Powell says Bin Laden is prime suspect
2001-09-14 Harry Browne's lost it...
2001-09-14 Europe backpedals...
2001-09-14 Pat Robertson's lost it...
2001-09-14 Number of bodies exceeds morgue's storage space
2001-09-14 Lehigh University lost it and got slapped...
2001-09-14 CAIR expresses anger, sorrow...
2001-09-14 New York: Whoever's responsible should pay
2001-09-14 Tamim Ansary on Afghanistan
2001-09-14 Civil Rights Commission urges Muslims to report harassment
2001-09-14 U. Mass is happy we're showing sympathy to Muslims
2001-09-14 Bush: "I'm with ya!"
2001-09-14 Woolsey sees Iraq's hand behind attacks...
2001-09-14 Death toll surpasses Pearl Harbor
2001-09-14 Backlash against Muslims
2001-09-14 Guardian: "Where are you Mr President?"
2001-09-14 We need to resume special ops...
2001-09-14 Mohammad Atta was a jerk...
2001-09-14 Jerry Falwell's lost it...
2001-09-15 Afghans start to flee the country
2001-09-15 "Every tradesman in New York"
2001-09-15 Russia won't allow attacks from Central Asia
2001-09-15 Tom Burnett, RIP
2001-09-15 Maureen's scared. Somebody do something.
2001-09-15 A dozen hijackers lived in southern Florida
2001-09-15 Barbara Lee and her "moral compass"
2001-09-15 Feds looking into al-Qaeda links to other groups
2001-09-15 "Father Mike" buried
2001-09-15 Iran and Talibs don't like each other
2001-09-15 Muslims in Britain are insular
2001-09-15 "It's wierd!" He's an American.
2001-09-15 Gunnies kill kid in India as warning
2001-09-15 Giuliani's leadership...
2001-09-15 Bush as wartime president
2001-09-15 Bitching about Bush
2001-09-15 Bush: "I can hear you!"
2001-09-15 "Nuke 'em!"
2001-09-15 Meehan catches it for stupid remarks
2001-09-15 The Mirror misses Clinton
2001-09-15 Barbara Olson buried
2001-09-15 Dealing with Bin Laden
2001-09-15 CNN footage a re-run?
2001-09-15 Musharraf in the middle...
2001-09-15 Blair sez next generation of terrorists will use nukes
2001-09-15 Why do they hate us?
2001-09-15 Two arrested in Jersey City
2001-09-15 Muslim goof deported
2001-09-15 Bush's timing off?
2001-09-15 Vajpayee pledges Indian support
2001-09-15 Six Brit ships pass through Suez
2001-09-15 Gephardt impressed by Bush
2001-09-15 Cal Thomas: Moral equivalency is dead
2001-09-15 Go ahead and ululate...
2001-09-15 "We took a taxi"
2001-09-15 State department summons diplomats
2001-09-15 Congress approves joint resolution
2001-09-15 Bin Laden's ties
2001-09-15 Two men with box cutters, hair dye arrested
2001-09-15 Cuba condemns terrorism
2001-09-15 Congress to vote on missile defense
2001-09-15 US contributed food aid to Afghans
2001-09-15 50,000 reserves called up
2001-09-15 Masood is dead
2001-09-15 BBC apologizes for scummy behavior to guest
2001-09-15 Bush warns conflict won't be short
2001-09-15 Palestinians march in support of Bin Laden
2001-09-15 Mullah warns jihad will come
2001-09-15 Bush: "Get ready"
2001-09-15 Mullah Omar calls for world-wide jihad
2001-09-15 Binny's family denounces him
2001-09-15 71 percent would support strikes
2001-09-15 Neal catches it for stupid remarks...
2001-09-15 Binny free to leave but Afghans won't throw him out
2001-09-15 Virginia Postrel on the Saudis
2001-09-15 Binny may have made a market profit from 9-11
2001-09-15 Dems salute Bush
2001-09-15 China warns against gloating
2001-09-15 Flight student believed to be al-Qaeda thug
2001-09-16 Jaish-e-Mohammad thug detained in Britain
2001-09-16 Binny met with Indian crooks
2001-09-16 Indians kick in intel information
2001-09-16 Paks will ask Talibs to hand over Binny
2001-09-16 And then there's Amherst...
2001-09-16 Arabs reluctant to join coalition
2001-09-16 Arabs cautious on antiterror coalition
2001-09-16 How we've changed in a week
2001-09-16 Hindus riot against Paks, Talibs
2001-09-16 Chris Matthews: Insults to the American soul
2001-09-16 Bin Laden's ventures...
2001-09-16 Cheney pledges to track down Bin Laden
2001-09-16 Feds issue more arrest warrants
2001-09-16 Alan Reynolds: Murder is murder
2001-09-16 Bush ordered fighters to shoot down airliners that ignored warnings
2001-09-16 Cheney sez he'd take Binny's head on a platter...
2001-09-16 Calls for end of ban on assassinations
2001-09-16 Terror groups met in Beirut
2001-09-16 Howie Carr on the Hempfest
2001-09-17 Bipartisanship to the fore in Congress
2001-09-17 Jersey City woman arrested for bomb threats
2001-09-17 Paks say 25,000 Talibs deployed along border
2001-09-17 Al-Akhbar: Statue of Liberty must be destroyed
2001-09-17 Tadjikistan won't allow attacks from its soil
2001-09-17 Binny sez he didn't do it
2001-09-17 Bush receives positive support from Pak, India, Saudi
2001-09-17 Gun battles in West Bank, Gaza
2001-09-17 Chechen rebels launch offensive
2001-09-17 Investigation spreading...
2001-09-17 Farrakhan warns of Armageddon
2001-09-17 1200 peace marchers in Portland
2001-09-17 Indonesia urges US not to make Muslim scapegoats
2001-09-17 Dad begs to take place of daughter detained by Talibs
2001-09-17 Paks fail to persuade Mullah Omar
2001-09-17 High school kiddies don't seem to get it...
2001-09-17 Sikh shot - goober thought he was an Arab
2001-09-17 Nordlinger: The perfect Euro
2001-09-17 Al- Muhajiroun recruiting jihadis
2001-09-17 Stores selling out of flags
2001-09-17 Masood buried
2001-09-17 Binny planned to attack Europarliament
2001-09-18 Fisk sez expect Afghanistan will be a quagmire
2001-09-18 Vigilantes break up Tehran vigil
2001-09-18 Paks ready for Holy War
2001-09-18 Hoax call dashes hope
2001-09-18 Iran will not oppose targeted strikes
2001-09-18 Bush-bashers mending their way - for now
2001-09-18 Michael Moore: Damn those capitalists!
2001-09-18 Warships heading overseas
2001-09-18 Blair warns Talibs
2001-09-18 Feds investigating Jordan link
2001-09-18 Chapel Hill bitches about God Bless America sign
2001-09-18 Arafat orders forces to prevent attacks on Israelis
2001-09-18 Al-Muhajiroun issues fatwa against Musharraf
2001-09-18 75 immigrants detained
2001-09-18 Brit plane spotters looking for B52s
2001-09-18 Falwell apologizes
2001-09-18 Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence
2001-09-18 Mullah Akhund promises Holy War
2001-09-18 Foreign press sez we're to blame...
2001-09-18 Pak delegation delivers ultimatum to Talibs
2001-09-18 Binny's relatives leaving Boston
2001-09-18 Sammy sez no evidence
2001-09-18 Cyprus pooh-poohs money allegations
2001-09-19 Mfume rebukes Durham NAACP chapter
2001-09-19 Ex-king calls on Afghans to renounce terrorism
2001-09-19 Aircraft ordered to Middle East
2001-09-19 Security guard called in bomb threat
2001-09-19 Euros urge US to limit campaign
2001-09-19 Bush urges Talibs to turn over Binny and his boys
2001-09-19 Varadarajan on the two kinds of allies
2001-09-19 The Nation: US the world's leading rogue state
2001-09-19 Canadian MP: US had to swallow own medicine
2001-09-19 Hamas will ignore ceasefire
2001-09-19 Talibs ready to renew talks
2001-09-19 Mercy Corps pulls workers from Afghanistan
2001-09-19 Mafia offers help
2001-09-19 Fedex pulls ads from Politically Incorrect
2001-09-19 Lahore newspaper offers head money for Americans
2001-09-19 Sullivan: The blindness of the left
2001-09-20 FAA reg will take away pilots' right to pack a rod
2001-09-20 Army units to deploy
2001-09-20 Saudis say hijackers were using false names
2001-09-20 Marines head for Med
2001-09-20 Feds rounding 'em up...
2001-09-20 Several other Arab countries could be targeted
2001-09-20 Louisiana congressman apologizes for diaperhead comment
2001-09-20 Talibs invite Binny to leave
2001-09-20 IAC calls "imperialist" USA a monster
2001-09-20 No credible threat for September 22nd
2001-09-20 Pak Muslims push for national strike
2001-09-20 Iraq sez 9-11 was an inside job
2001-09-20 Tikkun favors navel gazing to war
2001-09-20 Al-Manar reported the 4000 Jews story first...
2001-09-20 Bush rejects Talib offer to ask Binny to leave
2001-09-20 No "God Bless America" for Roxbury, NJ
2001-09-20 Bomb threats were made in concert with 9-11 attack
2001-09-20 Bush to address Congress
2001-09-20 Al-Ahram sez Barak's planning the campaign
2001-09-20 Sharon will convene cabinet to discuss shooting incidents
2001-09-21 David Duke: It was America's fault...
2001-09-21 Two Central Asian states will allow US aircraft
2001-09-21 Hockey halts for Bush speech
2001-09-21 Thousands protest in Pakistan
2001-09-21 Japanese may send forces
2001-09-21 Mubarak says he's seen no proof
2001-09-21 Libya developing ties with South African fundo group
2001-09-21 Putin says no haggling with US
2001-09-21 Sontag: It wasn't cowardly. Nope.
2001-09-21 US, Brits will go it alone
2001-09-21 Bush: Harbor terrorists and we'll defeat you
2001-09-21 Forgiving and hugging won't work...
2001-09-21 Muslims will unite against American strike on Afghanistan
2001-09-21 Bombers, troops prepare to move out
2001-09-21 Pravda: Israeli WTC workers didn't show up for work
2001-09-21 Chapel Hill clods call for international cops
2001-09-21 Binny's skipped?
2001-09-21 Canucks miffed because they weren't mentioned in speech
2001-09-21 Arrests continue...
2001-09-22 Egyptian nabbed with phoney papers
2001-09-22 Talibs downed unmanned spy plane
2001-09-22 Former assistant FBI director's body recovered from WTC
2001-09-22 Arabs refuse to move against groups targeting Israel
2001-09-22 SAS in Afghanistan?
2001-09-22 Joan Rivers boycotting Star-a-Thon
2001-09-22 Binny in Uruzgan province...
2001-09-22 Julia Roberts kicks in $2 million
2001-09-22 Bush rejects Taliban demand
2001-09-22 LA Times sez terror is local
2001-09-22 US planes in Uzbekistan
2001-09-22 Canadian MP bitches about marching "in goose step" with Americans
2001-09-22 Gephardt promises revenge, preaches tolerance
2001-09-22 Taliban sez no indication Saudis will sever ties
2001-09-22 Northern Alliance wants to help
2001-09-22 Jesse Jackson expresses concern over ultimatums
2001-09-22 Arrests in Britain, Belgium
2001-09-22 B52s rolled out, more reserves called up
2001-09-23 Cheney says we may use thugs, too
2001-09-23 US warns of second round of attacks
2001-09-23 Crop duster plot feared
2001-09-23 Brits to lead coalition?
2001-09-23 Bad Guys are patriots, too.
2001-09-23 International Action Center protests against war
2001-09-23 Expect guerrilla war...
2001-09-23 Cole killer may have been involved in 9-11
2001-09-23 UAE cuts relations with Taliban
2001-09-23 Four to five al-Qaeda groups operating in US
2001-09-23 India, Pakistan sanctions lifted
2001-09-23 Americans worry about racial profiling
2001-09-23 Four dead in Pak protests
2001-09-23 Talibs: Binny's gone missing
2001-09-23 Feds sorting through 150,000 leads
2001-09-23 US will lead coalition, with Brit, French, Russian help
2001-09-23 Northern Alliance has 15,000 troops...
2001-09-23 Guardian: Consequences could be awful...
2001-09-23 Al-Qaeda may have trained 11,000 in past five years
2001-09-23 Putin says civilized world must unite against terror
2001-09-23 Stars come out for WTC
2001-09-23 Watch list didn't work
2001-09-23 Bangladeshis march against Taliban
2001-09-23 Afghanistan will be frustrating target
2001-09-23 FAZ: Comic book America's gone
2001-09-23 Saudi connection to terror networks...
2001-09-23 Dostum asks for logistical support
2001-09-23 Bill would allow airline pilots to pack a rod
2001-09-23 The Wahhabi style...
2001-09-23 US freezes visas for Palestinians
2001-09-23 Northern Alliance claims progress
2001-09-23 Focus on those root causes...
2001-09-23 Mall bombing in Jakarta
2001-09-23 Arab League: Attacks against Arab states "unacceptable"
2001-09-23 Mubarak fears "friend or foe" policy will backfire
2001-09-23 Muslim support wavering...
2001-09-23 Talibs fire on SAS
2001-09-23 Pak jihadis marching to Afghanistan
2001-09-23 Talibs will execute UN workers using computers
2001-09-23 Feds may know who Binny's paymaster is...
2001-09-23 9 out of 10 support war
2001-09-23 US continues transferring planes to Gulf
2001-09-23 US intel is unprepared...
2001-09-23 Perfessor sees "groundswell of skepticism"
2001-09-23 Threats in Boston
2001-09-23 Feds following financial leads
2001-09-23 Feds believe 20 in custody 'directly involved'
2001-09-23 Sales of Binny tee shirts soaring in Indonesia
2001-09-23 Saudis resist US request to use command center
2001-09-23 Mohammad Atta's Dad: "It was the Jews!"
2001-09-24 Fighting escalates in northern Afghanistan
2001-09-24 Gulf Arabs pledge support
2001-09-24 Indonesian bully boys looking for foreigners
2001-09-24 Iran skeptical over Straw visit
2001-09-24 Slate contributor revealed to be a loon. Film at 11.
2001-09-24 Binny calls on Pak Muslims to fight The American Crusade
2001-09-24 Lebanon won't cooperate
2001-09-24 Arabs warn of backlash
2001-09-24 Duham NAACP sez for blacks not to support their country
2001-09-24 Seattle Times: Do we want to embrace "an eye for an eye"?
2001-09-24 Saudis played a double game
2001-09-24 Terror groups' finances targeted
2001-09-24 Katha Pollitt on the flag
2001-09-24 Iraqi intel officers visited Binny in Pakland
2001-09-24 Kofi wants to be in charge of the war on terror
2001-09-24 Samiul Haq warns US
2001-09-24 ABC: We're all in this together, except journalists
2001-09-24 Bush orders Feds to go after terror finances
2001-09-24 Putin offers support
2001-09-24 Bush makes nice with Biden
2001-09-24 ANSWER sez it's not unpatriotic. Then what is it?
2001-09-24 Talibs mobilizing 300,000
2001-09-24 Germans call for caution
2001-09-24 Talibs shut down UN comms network
2001-09-24 Two arrested for marriage fraud
2001-09-24 West's position favorable. Kinda.
2001-09-25 Paks the only country who still recognize Talibs
2001-09-25 Paks warn against supporting Northern Alliance
2001-09-25 US will bomb Kabul front line, then send in airborne
2001-09-25 Sami ul-Haq: Everything's ready...
2001-09-25 Pakistan's states within the state
2001-09-25 Hamid Gul doing good works
2001-09-25 Rev. Jesse offers to chat up the Talibs
2001-09-25 Feds have taken in 350, still looking for 400
2001-09-25 Refugees may overwhelm Pak wheat reserves
2001-09-25 Masood's assassination - details
2001-09-25 Talibs drafting Tadjiks
2001-09-25 Northern Alliance says it has assurance of support
2001-09-25 Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires
2001-09-25 Binny may take command of Talib forces
2001-09-25 Five Afghans nabbed near US Embassy in Vatican
2001-09-26 Yemeni group threatens to attack US targets
2001-09-26 Starbucks Apologizes for Charging NYC Rescue Workers for Water
2001-09-26 Demonstrators torch US embassy buildings in Kabul
2001-09-26 Pakistan Warns U.S. on Afghan Role
2001-09-26 Chechen leader 'agrees to talks'
2001-09-26 Fighting rages in north Afghanistan
2001-09-26 Jesse Jackson mulls invitation from Taliban
2001-09-26 Mubarak sez Binny wanted to bump off Bush
2001-09-26 400 Taliban militia defect to Northern Alliance
2001-09-26 Iran won't help U.S.-led alliance
2001-09-26 Warnings were there...
2001-09-26 Row over Berlusconi Islam jibe
2001-09-26 Pacifist Claptrap
2001-09-27 Death Certificate Process Begins
2001-09-27 Pakistani delegation leaves for Afghanistan on Friday
2001-09-27 Afghans Ask Bin Laden to Leave
2001-09-27 Hollywood Jumps on Bush Bandwagon
2001-09-27 Shaykh Saiid
2001-09-27 WTC folklore
2001-09-27 Mohammad Atef
2001-09-27 Ted Rall: They died so we'd forget Bush stole the election
2001-09-27 Binny's fatwa
2001-09-27 Abu Zubaydah
2001-09-27 Kingsolver: Patriotism threatens free speech with death. Really.
2001-09-27 Al Zawahiri
2001-09-28 Syria cautions EU on terror fight
2001-09-28 Bin Laden sez it was the Jews...
2001-09-28 Flag-Burning Teacher Could Lose His Job
2001-09-28 Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad accuse U.S. of launching war on all Muslim countries
2001-09-28 Man, Woman Charged With Lying About Relatives Dying in World Trade Center Attacks
2001-09-28 Indian police crack down on Islamic group
2001-09-28 Aid begins to reach Afghan refugees
2001-09-28 Talibs request Binny to leave...
2001-09-28 Taliban rebuffs new Pakistani appeals
2001-09-28 Berlusconi tells truth, Muslims howl
2001-09-28 Brink Lindsey on Islamism...
2001-09-28 Taliban leader says those who help US may "be considered enemies"
2001-09-28 4000 Jews didn't show up for work on 9/11?
2001-09-28 Never trust content from Robert Scheer!
2001-09-29 Hit on Bin Laden bases expected within days
2001-09-29 Saudi charities...
2001-09-29 Arnold Schwarzenegger donates $1 million to New York relief
2001-09-29 Some Muslim Leaders Seen With Bush Expressed Support for Terrorist Groups
2001-09-29 Taleban deny capture of US troops
2001-09-29 Pak shuts down Harakat ul-Mujahedeen
2001-09-29 Empire State Building reopens deck to sightseers
2001-09-29 Ground Zero Diary
2001-09-29 Rev Jesse's not going to Afghanistan...
2001-09-29 Recon mission is 1st round in fight, says Bush
2001-09-29 Al-Fuqra member detained
2001-09-29 About that trip to Afghanistan...
2001-09-29 Chaos in Afghanistan
2001-09-29 Kyl sez nuke 'em
2001-09-29 Demonstrators Converge in D.C. for Anti-War Protests
2001-09-29 Muslims in U.S. Consider Lawsuits
2001-09-29 International Islamic Relief Organization...
2001-09-29 Authorities: Pilot trained hijackers
2001-09-29 FBI's sweep angers Muslims
2001-09-29 Pacifist: Perps should be apprehended and brought to justice
2001-09-29 UN Aid Convoys Heads for Afghan Capital and North
2001-09-29 Bush Vows 'Different Kind of War'
2001-09-29 Passenger ejections seen as profiling
2001-09-30 Taliban: bin Laden Under Our Control
2001-09-30 Ashcroft Says More Terror Activity Likely
2001-09-30 Mullah Omar: Americans lack courage to attack Afghanistan
2001-09-30 Taliban sadism
2001-09-30 Musharraf in the middle...
2001-09-30 Hamas leader sez the Jews dunnit
2001-09-30 Afghanistan Opposition Claims Hundreds of Taliban Defecting in Fierce Fighting in North
2001-09-30 Crack force set to prise bin Laden from his lair
2001-09-30 Kabul aid workers trial delayed
2001-09-30 Thousands Fill Streets Of D.C. to Protest War
2001-09-30 Congress team to meet former king
2001-09-30 Afghan king to urge anti-Taliban uprising
2001-09-30 Iran Says 41 U.S., British Warships in Gulf, Oman Sea
2001-09-30 Clinton Praises Response to Crisis
2001-09-30 Clinton stayed Philippine hand in Abu Sayyaf raid
2001-09-30 Pakistan will allow U.S. ground troops
2001-10-01 Osama is under protection of Taliban: envoy
2001-10-01 Pacifists will e-mail them, by God! Strong letter to follow.
2001-10-01 Four Afghan shells land near Chaman
2001-10-01 US may offer aid for toppling Taliban
2001-10-01 Pakistan warned of biological attack
2001-10-02 Two collaborators arrested in Virginia
2001-10-02 Arabs don't want wider war against terror
2001-10-02 Rumsfeld says no D-Day assault on Afghanistan
2001-10-02 Rushdie: Terrorism is murder of innocents. Period.
2001-10-02 Blair: Surrender Binny or surrender power
2001-10-03 Court declaring WTC missing dead
2001-10-03 Steinem sez feed 'em...
2001-10-03 Hillary sez she's been the target of rage, too...
2001-10-03 Ehrenreich sez retaliation would be misogynist
2001-10-03 Sontag-sez-Bush-is-a-robot-bzzzdp!
2001-10-03 Saied: Muslims don't play well with others
2001-10-03 Dan Rather's on board...
2001-10-03 Four Iraqis indicted for trying to obtain fraudulent hazmat licenses
2001-10-03 Thobani: US is "soaked in blood"
2001-10-03 70 percent approve of Bush
2001-10-03 Jim Hoagland: Diplomacy without vision
2001-10-03 Feds turned down FBI request to gather info on Moussaoui
2001-10-03 Condit relaunches
2001-10-03 Terrorists call US "sponsor of terrorism." Go figure.
2001-10-03 Rumsfeld in Saudi Arabia
2001-10-03 Arundhati Roy: Bush and Binny are the same person
2001-10-03 Hitchens: struggle is against theocratic fascism
2001-10-03 Kelly: Pacifism=Reaction
2001-10-03 Powell sez anti-terror campaign isn't directed at Islam
2001-10-03 Neo-Nazis think Binny is swell
2001-10-03 Zinn on retaliation...
2001-10-03 Katha blabbers about international criminal court
2001-10-03 Thug planned to blow US Embassay in Paris
2001-10-03 Maureen: "We are more than the sum of our stuff"
2001-10-03 Stupid actor condemns retaliation...
2001-10-03 NYU prof sez we need a civil war...
2001-10-03 Mullah Omar calls for Holy War
2001-10-03 9-11 thugs were also involved in Cole attack
2001-10-03 JUI: Attack on Taliban an attack on Islam
2001-10-03 Hume: FoxNews ain't in Switzerland
2001-10-03 MJC sez stay out of Kashmir
2001-10-03 Al-Qaeda money man left UAE for Pak on 9-11
2001-10-03 Flag burner thumped
2001-10-03 Arab League says any attack would have consequences for coalition
2001-10-04 Logan security head canned
2001-10-04 Village Voice complains about firefighters' skin color
2001-10-04 Talibs running press gangs
2001-10-04 Pakland closes airspace
2001-10-04 White House proposing food drops
2001-10-04 Talibs won't hand over Binny even with evidence
2001-10-04 Rumsfeld and Blair tour "coalition"
2001-10-04 Talibs wouldn't be excluded from Loya Jirga
2001-10-04 Afghan women trapped under the burqa
2001-10-04 The Left splits
2001-10-04 Dust storms halt advance
2001-10-04 Ohio Jews forgive ranting Muslim cleric
2001-10-04 Ismail Khan: Ghor and Bagdhis will fall within a week
2001-10-04 Paks plan to sever ties with Taliban
2001-10-04 Six killed in attack on Karachi mosque
2001-10-04 Assyrian Christians sue for being kicked off airliner
2001-10-04 Thompson: Anthrax is isolated case, not terrorism
2001-10-04 Relativism is dead?
2001-10-04 ICRC doubles aid estimate
2001-10-04 Stockhausen: 9--11 was "Greatest work of art imaginable"
2001-10-04 More multiculturalism, please!
2001-10-04 Lileks on ANSWER
2001-10-04 Passenger arrested with disassembled shotgun
2001-10-04 Tower Boy
2001-10-04 Lileks on "Violence never solves anything"
2001-10-04 Press can't find the Americans in Uzbekistan...
2001-10-04 Talibs close UN offices in Jalalabad
2001-10-04 Lileks on e-mailing the Taliban
2001-10-04 Egypt won't take part in war on terror
2001-10-04 Mark Steyn on breeding...
2001-10-04 Cockpit recording confirms flight 93 passengers attacked their captors
2001-10-04 Global Relief Foundation under the scope
2001-10-04 Using phone records to show Binny's involvement...
2001-10-04 International Action Center to Washington for "World Peace"
2001-10-04 CUNY trustees condemn faculty hate speech. Really.
2001-10-04 US to ensure security of Pak nukes?
2001-10-04 Mullah Omar: "Americans don't have the courage to come here"
2001-10-04 Armitage in Russia
2001-10-04 Russia will supply Northern Alliance
2001-10-04 Bush visits New York again
2001-10-04 McCaffrey on what's going to happen
2001-10-05 Rev. Sheldon is against assistance for gay 9-11 partners
2001-10-05 Muslims say we're "threatening innocent people"
2001-10-05 Derrick Z. Jackson: US leading exporter of tools of death
2001-10-05 Britain, Paks discuss future of Afghanistan
2001-10-05 Katha Pollitt's utterance in The Nation
2001-10-05 Thatcher criticism angers Muslim leaders
2001-10-05 Israel supplying US with intel
2001-10-05 Northern Alliance says they can be in Kabul within 30 days
2001-10-05 Frenchies have al-Qaeda codebook
2001-10-05 US, Russia discuss antiterror cooperation
2001-10-05 Talibs waiting for American assault at Kandahar
2001-10-05 "Hundreds of millions" of dollars sent to extremists
2001-10-05 Talibs have 20 - 30 percent defection rate
2001-10-05 Rooney to retract stupid criticism
2001-10-05 Prof. Lutz: US has been in state of war since the 30s
2001-10-05 Student fesses up to fabricating assaults
2001-10-05 "100%" chance of more attacks
2001-10-05 ABC interview with Abdul Haq
2001-10-05 Blair in Pakistan
2001-10-05 US may wait until OIC conference is over before attack
2001-10-05 Slate on the economic fallout
2001-10-05 US doesn't expect strikes to hit bin Laden
2001-10-05 Major military action may not come soon
2001-10-05 Mohamed Atta's travel records point to Afghanistan
2001-10-05 Krauthammer on the debate on war aims
2001-10-05 Talibs bomb Northern Alliance positions
2001-10-05 Prof. Foley: Ultimate cause is US fascism
2001-10-05 Al-Arian suspended with pay
2001-10-05 Commercial pilots want to be armed
2001-10-05 Saudi diplo: Binny's in charge
2001-10-05 Northern Alliance says they're ready
2001-10-06 9-11 thug was involved in two other bombings
2001-10-06 Riyadh explosion kills two foreigners
2001-10-06 Binny says he's not afraid of death
2001-10-06 Talibs threaten to attack Uzbekistan
2001-10-06 Musharraf extends his term as army chief
2001-10-06 Talibs say journalists are spies
2001-10-06 Talibs fire at unknown aircraft
2001-10-06 Uzbekistan grant permission for military operations
2001-10-06 Talibs offer to release aid workers if US backs off
2001-10-06 Talibs reject any government but them
2001-10-06 Binny releases video
2001-10-06 ACLU demands removal of "God Bless America" sign
2001-10-07 Jihadis: "We'll drink their blood"
2001-10-07 Talibs sic commandos on our commandos
2001-10-07 Talibs claim shootdown
2001-10-07 Mohammad Atef identified as 9-11 planner
2001-10-07 At least four hits on Defense Ministry
2001-10-07 Northern Alliance claims significant gains
2001-10-07 Afghan king "shocked and saddened"
2001-10-07 Taliban condemns attack. Wotta surprise.
2001-10-07 Binny has look-alikes
2001-10-07 Shindand airbase attacked
2001-10-07 Mullah Omar subject to siezures, irrationality
2001-10-07 Joint statement praises strike
2001-10-07 Saudis believe evidence against Binny
2001-10-07 Holy Land Foundation under investigation
2001-10-07 Strikes just hours away...
2001-10-07 Talibs ready for jihad
2001-10-07 Ziranj airport hit
2001-10-07 Hezbollah denounces terror list
2001-10-07 LA Times dismisses flag haters
2001-10-07 Binny: "America is full of fear"
2001-10-07 Iran calls attacks "unacceptable"
2001-10-07 Zawahri sez America "world's biggest criminal"
2001-10-07 Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad struck
2001-10-07 Binny will "never accept that the tragedy of Andalucia"
2001-10-07 Talibs reported moving troops to Uzbek border
2001-10-07 Bombing under way
2001-10-07 Fighting in Ziranj in the wake of US strikes
2001-10-07 Bush informed Chirac ahead of attack
2001-10-07 Northern Alliance launches assault north of Kabul
2001-10-07 Al Khalij calls it genocide
2001-10-07 Allies supportive of raids
2001-10-07 Bush phoned Putin before attack
2001-10-07 Refugees crowd border crossings
2001-10-07 McKinney to headline CAIR fundraiser
2001-10-07 Talibs holler "terrorism" as bombing begins
2001-10-08 Kabul residents fleeing capital
2001-10-08 Fresh assaults on Kabul
2001-10-08 Talibs boot Yvonne Ridley
2001-10-08 Paks stock up on groceries
2001-10-08 AIP reports 20 dead in Kabul
2001-10-08 Jordan opposition condemns "dirty war of extermination"
2001-10-08 Talibs say they shot down plane
2001-10-08 Feds investigating anthrax deaths
2001-10-08 Berlusconi's remarks piouly deplored
2001-10-08 90 percent of Talib air force destroyed
2001-10-08 1000 antiwar kiddies hit Chicago streets
2001-10-08 Al Muhajiroun condemns attacks. Wotta surprise.
2001-10-08 Malaysia deplores attacks
2001-10-08 Egypt cautiously supportive
2001-10-08 Viets call for "restraint"
2001-10-08 Sullivan: The First Biological Attack
2001-10-08 Attacks may extend beyond Afghanistan
2001-10-08 Putin supportive of strikes
2001-10-08 Taliban apologist changes her tune
2001-10-08 Doctors Without Borders condemns food drop
2001-10-08 Cargo planes drop groceries for Afghans
2001-10-08 Fighters escort airliner after loon tries to enter cockpit
2001-10-08 Iraq predicts American failure
2001-10-08 Daily Jang: Pak's Aghanistan experiment was reckless
2001-10-08 Indians: Pak delegation told Talibs to hang tough
2001-10-08 Protests in Srinagar
2001-10-08 Two killed, four injured in Kandahar airport attacks
2001-10-08 50 Tomahawks hit Afghanistan
2001-10-08 Rioting in Quetta
2001-10-08 Four Islamothugs questioned in France
2001-10-08 Northern Alliance strikes north of Kabul
2001-10-08 Afghan Defense Council calls for jihad
2001-10-08 Florida man died of anthrax
2001-10-08 Indonesians threaten to hunt down foreigners
2001-10-09 Pak sets fire to himself lighting the flag
2001-10-09 Yasser closes Gaza schools, bars reporters
2001-10-09 UN appeals for protection of civilians
2001-10-09 Baghdad hates that war
2001-10-09 Anthrax exposures did not occur "without human intervention"
2001-10-09 Most 9-11 thugs didn't know it was a one-way trip
2001-10-09 700 Indonesians signed up for jihad
2001-10-09 Arabs are the backbone of the Taliban forces
2001-10-09 Boise State kiddies just hate that war
2001-10-09 McDermott: Bush hasn't thought this out...
2001-10-09 Daschle supports the bombing
2001-10-09 Alice Walker: "The only punishment that works is love"
2001-10-09 94% support strikes
2001-10-09 Riots, unrest in Pakistan
2001-10-09 Peaceniks just hate those food drops
2001-10-09 Commander of Taliban air force no longer ticklish
2001-10-09 Drudge: Russians operating Northern Alliance tanks
2001-10-09 Pryce-Jones: It's their own damned fault
2001-10-09 Search begins for Taliban successor regime
2001-10-09 Madison school board bans Pledge of Allegiance
2001-10-09 B2's join the bombing
2001-10-09 Mohammad Atta met Iraqi intel officials in Prague
2001-10-09 Bush: "They're either with the terrorists, or they're with us"
2001-10-09 Talibs say 20 civilians dead in bombing
2001-10-09 Hundreds of would-be jihadis show up at border
2001-10-09 Tough time to peddle pacifist drivel
2001-10-09 Pak reshuffles military
2001-10-09 Varadarajan: US and Britain, still partners
2001-10-09 Antiwar goobers tossed
2001-10-09 American Afghans support the war. Wotta surprise.
2001-10-09 Feds suspect foul play in anthrax death
2001-10-09 Abu Gheith: "The storm of airplanes will not stop"
2001-10-09 Minneapolis jugheads: "Hands off Afghanistan!"
2001-10-09 Iran condemns bombing
2001-10-09 Quarantine for family, paramedix for white powder
2001-10-09 Arabs just hate that bombing
2001-10-09 Barbara Ehrenreich: It's so misogynist!
2001-10-09 Molly Ivins wants a Marshall Plan
2001-10-09 Guardian: Bush and Blair are lost
2001-10-10 Mullah Omar sez no terrorists in Afghanistan
2001-10-10 Talibs say 76 dead in bombing
2001-10-10 Gaza Palestinians demonstrate in favor of Binny
2001-10-10 Minuteman loses his gun
2001-10-10 Binny promises more suicide attacks
2001-10-10 French journalist paraded through Jalalabad
2001-10-10 Kuwaitis strip Abu-Gheith of his citizenship
2001-10-10 Berkeley City Council: US is now a terrorist!
2001-10-10 Al-Muhajiroun: Blair a "legitimate target"
2001-10-10 Sullivan debunks Scheer
2001-10-10 Alliance sez 40 commanders, 800 men surrender
2001-10-10 Northern Alliance agrees to delay offensive
2001-10-10 Demonstration was scheduled for 5 p.m. "the day the bombing starts"
2001-10-10 Plane diverted after threatening note
2001-10-10 Bert allied with bin Laden?
2001-10-10 Bonehead jugged for storming cockpit
2001-10-10 Talibs tell Binny to button it
2001-10-10 Food drops making matters worse?
2001-10-10 No pledge for Chapel Hill kiddies
2001-10-10 He was a hero, but don't tell anybody he was gay
2001-10-10 Richard Gere calls for "medicine of love and compassion"
2001-10-10 Reuters: "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"
2001-10-10 India claims WTC hijackers money came from Pakistan
2001-10-10 NYU Arab Students United parrots David Duke
2001-10-10 David Duke: None dare call them cowards
2001-10-10 School kid's suspension for "insensitivity" overturned
2001-10-10 Thobani accused of - heh heh - a hate crime
2001-10-10 Canadian killed in Kuwait drive-by shooting
2001-10-10 "I wanna be the next bin Laden"
2001-10-10 Idiot: "Look, it's not like they attacked the U.S."
2001-10-10 Brit Muslims: "Stop referring to Binny's religion"
2001-10-10 Taliban running press gangs to fill ranks
2001-10-10 US asks Lebanon for info on six suspects
2001-10-11 Talicourt will resume aid workers' trial Saturday
2001-10-11 Binny spread the cash thick
2001-10-11 Italians arrest two, Germans one
2001-10-11 NATO pilots to be deployed to US
2001-10-11 Third American Media employee has anthrax
2001-10-11 Northern Alliance is not only non-Pashtuns
2001-10-11 Episcopalians urge believers to "wage reconciliation"
2001-10-11 UC Berkeley doesn't like what they said, wants to raise the rent
2001-10-11 Arab students: Binny's only a suspect
2001-10-11 Brown U kiddies protest war on terror
2001-10-11 Palestinian pilot pleads innocent to gun and immigration charges
2001-10-11 Saudis rounding up Christians
2001-10-11 Molotov cocktail tossed at German couple in Riyadh
2001-10-11 Alliance claims Chaghcharan
2001-10-11 Rudy to Saudi prince: Keep your damn check
2001-10-11 Northern Alliance infighting by usual suspects
2001-10-11 "Top leaders" iced in raids
2001-10-11 40 Talib commanders defect to the Good Guys
2001-10-11 Malaysia starts cleanup of universities
2001-10-11 String of anthrax hoxes in South Florida
2001-10-11 Binny sez not a single Talib has been hurt. Not one!
2001-10-11 Berkeley kiddy: "Y'know, it did reek of fascism!"
2001-10-11 Egyptians arrest 12 al-Qaeda
2001-10-11 Fontier Post: 20,000 Americans and Brits will invade on Thursday
2001-10-11 Nitwit sez terror war is a "tantrum"
2001-10-11 Hezbollah was behind Khobar Towers bombing
2001-10-11 Northern Alliance sends delegation to Rome to meet with King
2001-10-11 Phil Donahue wants Binny tried in "world court"
2001-10-11 Socialist Party USA "outraged"
2001-10-11 Rat bastard steals money raised by schoolkids
2001-10-11 Rabbani sez future includes no Taliban
2001-10-11 Binny offers 50 grand to anyone who catches an American
2001-10-11 Fourth night of air strikes around Kabul
2001-10-11 Paks will deport Afghans involved in demonstrations
2001-10-11 Dona Spring sez she never denounced Amerikkka
2001-10-11 Band "Anthrax" might change its name
2001-10-11 Al-Zawahiri came to US to raise funds
2001-10-11 Talibs negotiating defection at Charikar
2001-10-11 Alliance takes Ghor in overnight battle
2001-10-11 Taliban demands road tax on food aid
2001-10-11 US has foiled four embassy attacks since 9-11
2001-10-11 Dostum's forces 28 miles from Mazar-e-Sharif
2001-10-11 Paks pushing for non-Northern Alliance post-Taliban
2001-10-11 Russian troops in Afghanistan?
2001-10-11 Mugniyah on most wanted list
2001-10-11 Talib commander: More defections to come
2001-10-11 Deputy Hamas Big killed by his own bomb
2001-10-12 Yemen springs four terror loonies
2001-10-12 Mullah Zaeef: US interested in Central Asia, not Binny
2001-10-12 Jihadi groups demonstrate against US, Musharraf
2001-10-12 Al-Jazeera reports Afghans burning food drops
2001-10-12 Mary Robinson demands bombing stop right now, dammit
2001-10-12 Noonan: Real men are back
2001-10-12 Civilians flee Kandahar, strikes in 5th day
2001-10-12 Al-Qaeda threatens dire revenge
2001-10-12 Refugees choking Chaman border crossing
2001-10-12 Ismail Khan captures Chaghcharan
2001-10-13 Uzbekistan allows US to use bases
2001-10-13 Kabul, Kandahar hit
2001-10-13 Nader just hates that bombing
2001-10-13 China bars Middle Easterners from aircraft
2001-10-13 Talibs no longer able to mount counteroffensive
2001-10-13 Talibs say they'll fight to the last breath. Well, okay.
2001-10-13 Bert shows up on Binny poster
2001-10-13 Indonesians beating up foreigners
2001-10-13 US strikes Herat airfield
2001-10-14 Bush: No negotiations
2001-10-14 4000 Talibs defect to Northern Alliance at Sar-e-Pol
2001-10-15 Kuwaiti assails his nation for timidity
2001-10-15 Anthrax = Terrorism. Duh.
2001-10-15 Northern Alliance will hold back offensive until political agreement reached
2001-10-15 Daschle gets anthrax letter
2001-10-15 Trial of foreign aid workers resumes, kinda
2001-10-15 Royalist envoys meet with Paks
2001-10-15 Paks don't regard Talibs as terrorists
2001-10-15 Air raids knock out Kabul phones
2001-10-16 US-Saudi relations nose a little lower
2001-10-16 Fundo rallies falling short
2001-10-16 Anthrax panic...
2001-10-16 Daylight strikes mark ninth day of raids
2001-10-16 Northern Alliance closing in on Mazar-e-Sharif
2001-10-16 George Monbiot: The Americans did it!
2001-10-17 Pak court sentences 14 to hang
2001-10-17 Israel suspends political contacts over tourism minister assassination
2001-10-17 Phone calls link Moussaoui to 9-11 thugs
2001-10-17 700 more Talibs jump ship
2001-10-17 Dowd feels so forensic
2001-10-17 Aussies to send troops
2001-10-17 Berkeley City Council votes to demand bombing halt
2001-10-18 US strikes enter 12th day, focus to shift to ground
2001-10-18 Scottish MP: Bombing is "morally grotesque"
2001-10-18 Binny aide kills himself with his own grenade
2001-10-18 Saudis bitch about treatment of their nationals
2001-10-18 Red Cross warehouse was full of Talibs and military equipment
2001-10-18 Rumsfeld says no rules of engagement prevent icing Taliban leadership
2001-10-18 Dan Rather employee tests positive for anthrax
2001-10-18 Al-Qaeda thug sez there's a pact between Talibs and al-Qaeda
2001-10-18 Belgium drags its feet in terror investigations
2001-10-19 Sullivan on Sontag
2001-10-19 Nigerian woman sentenced to stoning for premarital sex
2001-10-19 Dems say they like Bush
2001-10-19 NY Post employee with skin anthrax
2001-10-19 Taliboasts fall flat with real military
2001-10-19 David Duke = Arab Student Union president. Go figure.
2001-10-19 Sullivan: Syrians say the Jews dunnit
2001-10-20 Lisa Beamer takes Todd's flight
2001-10-20 Boomer valise found at Philadelphia bus station
2001-10-20 David Limbaugh of Multicultural stupidity
2001-10-20 Following the 9-11 money trail
2001-10-20 Muslims torn over support to war on terror. CAIR's not - they're against it.
2001-10-20 Bomb at Islamabad airport
2001-10-20 Prince Nayef: 9-11 killers weren't Saudis
2001-10-20 Rangers raid Kandahar
2001-10-20 Talibs say US troops too soft to fight them
2001-10-20 Saudi clerics denounced US assault, call for jihad
2001-10-20 O'Reilly on anti-Americanism
2001-10-20 Saudi largesse pushes Wahhabism
2001-10-20 Qazi sez the Islamic Revolution's begun
2001-10-21 Kandahar raid struck leadership compound
2001-10-21 Anthrax Found on a 3rd Letter From Trenton
2001-10-21 Pashtuns
2001-10-21 Talib commander in talks on post-Talib government
2001-10-21 Intel says second, third waves of attacks planned
2001-10-21 Emphasis at FBI shifting to terrorism
2001-10-22 Posner: "I was wrong about Bush"
2001-10-22 Alice Walker wants us to examine the contents of her colon
2001-10-22 FDNY's Moran: "Kiss my royal Irish ass!"
2001-10-22 Another postal worker with inhalation anthrax in Washington
2001-10-22 Farrakhan sez the usual stupid things
2001-10-22 Bombs Aim to Put Heat on Taliban and Pakistan
2001-10-22  Northern Alliance Prepares for a Ground Battle
2001-10-22 Naomi Klein doesn't think antiglobo is 9-10
2001-10-22 Mullah Zaeef hollers "genocide"
2001-10-22 Berkely boycott threat
2001-10-22 NY Post front page: "Anthrax this!"
2001-10-22 Hillary booed off the stage by firemen
2001-10-22 Sammy's relocated his chem weapons factories
2001-10-23 Hoon says all nine active al-Qaeda camps destroyed
2001-10-23 Islamic Cultural Center disowns lying Egyptian cleric
2001-10-23 Crop dusters cause panic in Mississippi
2001-10-23 Northern Alliance nabs jihadi who went out to buy smokes
2001-10-23 Christianity a cancer on the Muslims
2001-10-23 Ashcroft sez Hamburg was center of Euro-al-Qaeda
2001-10-23 School officials nix Binny egg drop: "Culturally insensitive"
2001-10-23 Andrew Sullivan: What's the response to bioattack
2001-10-23 Talibs' "victory trophy" fell off helicopter
2001-10-23 Ted Rall sez the war's for Unocal. Forget the deaders.
2001-10-23 Pak fundos fire on downed helicopter recovery
2001-10-23 SFGate: Military shot down Flight 93
2001-10-24 Al-Qaeda "charity" front collected $1.4m from UN
2001-10-24 Brits nab al-Qaeda mouthpiece
2001-10-24 Egyptian sez Binny's bought anthrax spores
2001-10-24 Glenn Reynolds: Beat them with girls
2001-10-24 Anthrax message published
2001-10-24 Islamic cleric: Muslims being killed in US streets. Really.
2001-10-24 Flag burners rant at Daily Jolt
2001-10-24 Haunani-Kay Trask, a Real Merkin Patriot
2001-10-24 Al-Ahram: US dropping groceries in mine fields
2001-10-24 Bonior: McCarthyism against Arabs in Michigan
2001-10-24 Al-Qaeda front group "perfectly legal"
2001-10-24 School policy reversal: Okay to egg Binny
2001-10-24 Qatar sez airstrikes "unacceptable"
2001-10-24 Talibs trying to maximize civilian casualties
2001-10-25 Chinese report Binny and Omar were assassinated
2001-10-25 Some Muslims don't show support
2001-10-25 Some Muslims showing support...
2001-10-25 He's either a terrorist or a nut case. Maybe both.
2001-10-25 Suspect beat it to Afghanistan
2001-10-25 Poverty drove Binny to terrorism. Really.
2001-10-25 New York Muslim leader won't say the Jews did it, but won't rule 'em out
2001-10-25 Peter Beinart on Kofi's Peace Prize
2001-10-25 15 of 19 hijackers were Saudis. Pure coincidence, of course.
2001-10-25 Virginia Postrel on Fake Females
2001-10-25 Harkat killing: Red faces in Pak
2001-10-25 Talibs planning to poison food drop?
2001-10-25 Biden doesn't want us to be a "high-tech bully"
2001-10-25 Pak nuke scientist detained
2001-10-25 Latest on anthrax
2001-10-26 Talibs don't trust ISI
2001-10-26 If Mr. Medium's that good, why didn't he say something September 10th?
2001-10-26 "By Allah, I am amazed at your act, you Jew"
2001-10-26 Dan Rather sez no Cipro for him
2001-10-26 "Zionist Anthrax has penetrated the American body to the bone"
2001-10-26 Putin goes with his gut
2001-10-26 Medium hits low in taste
2001-10-26 UN report details Taliban civilian executions
2001-10-26 Binny sez he has nukes
2001-10-26 Victor Davis Hanson on fault lines
2001-10-26 WTC death toll drops again
2001-10-26 Two suspects arrested in Texas
2001-10-26 A little anthrax-based class warfare...
2001-10-26 They hate us, but they want to live here. Why?
2001-10-26 Stephen Hayes on press "guidelines"
2001-10-26 Tony Blair interview
2001-10-26 Politix becoming more as usual
2001-10-26 The religious-secular gap
2001-10-26 Sullivan: West in denial over anti-Semitism
2001-10-26 Sorkin bitches about "blacklist"
2001-10-27 Pol wants WTC bomber moved
2001-10-27 "Stop Bush's War!"
2001-10-27 Abdul Haq captured and killed
2001-10-27 Saudi FM: "We're not soft on terror." Really.
2001-10-27 US turned down air support to Abdul Haq
2001-10-27 Dostum's troops have it tough
2001-10-27 Northern Alliance stalled, outgunned
2001-10-27 Dostum wants US ground forces
2001-10-27 Daschle: We need to expand defenses against bioterrorism
2001-10-27 Hunt continues for anthrax mailers
2001-10-27 Faith in military campaign high, but gov't not sharing enough info on home front
2001-10-27 US strikes around Kabul
2001-10-27 Talibs allow grocery distribution in Kabul
2001-10-27 Jihadis massing to go help the Talibs
2001-10-27 Talibs patrol Kabul while people hide at home
2001-10-28 Straw sez allies considering Ramadan bombing pause
2001-10-28 Mullah Omar sez collaborators will be killed
2001-10-28 Firefighters are hot
2001-10-28 Talibs reported to have killed Hamid Karzai
2001-10-28 US continues whacking Taliban front lines
2001-10-28 Talibs warn foreigners will be treated as spies
2001-10-28 ETA claims credit for attacks in Spain
2001-10-28 Idiot in the band is more worried about elephants
2001-10-28 AIP says 13 civilians killed in bombing
2001-10-28 "Osama needs a hug"
2001-10-28 Islamic charities say they're not supporting terror
2001-10-28 Dowd: Bush is namby-pamby
2001-10-28 Frank Rich: Losing the war at home
2001-10-28 Quetta bus bombing
2001-10-28 Anthrax spores may have been treated with bentonite
2001-10-28 15 Christians killed in Bahawalpur
2001-10-28 Palestinian crazed killers ice four, wound 40
2001-10-28 Americans standing by to secure Pak nuclear arsenal
2001-10-28 Mullah Zaeef: No Taliban peace plan
2001-10-28 IRA training Columbia thugs
2001-10-28 McCain calls for walloping the Bad Guys
2001-10-28 US planes hit Talibs near Tadjik border
2001-10-28 Zamboanga kills six
2001-10-28 Abu Sayyaf says they beheaded Gracia Burnham
2001-10-28 New Jersey postal worker has inhalation anthrax
2001-10-28 Mullah Omar says real war has not yet begun
2001-10-28 CIA is sad shape, no Dari speakers
2001-10-28 Berkeley may reconsider opposition to war
2001-10-28 Rumsfeld sez it's not a quagmire, dammit
2001-10-28 Feds freeze Saudi charity assets
2001-10-28 Jihadi nabbed on his way to work in Frankfurt
2001-10-29 Egypt sez to stop bombing during Ramadan
2001-10-29 Antiwar goofs bitch about US taking action - any action
2001-10-29 Paks head off to join the jihad
2001-10-29 Post Office will irradiate mail against anthrax
2001-10-29 Administration dismisses war criticism
2001-10-29 Eric Alterman rejects "Hate America" crowd
2001-10-29 Binny sister sez royal family members back him
2001-10-29 Bombing enters fourth week
2001-10-29 Brits arrest Masoon assassination accomplice
2001-10-29 Bush will attend World Series
2001-10-29 Al-Muhajiroun says 1000 Brit Muslims have joined jihad
2001-10-29 Anne Applebaum: Like 'em or not, we're stuck with Northern Alliance
2001-10-29 No anthrax on 9-11 killers' cars
2001-10-29 Noo Yawk has changed... for now
2001-10-29 CAIR wants the bombing to stop
2001-10-29 Pilger says the war is a fraud
2001-10-29 NY Post on the Quagmire
2001-10-29 Three Brit, two American traitors doorknob dead
2001-10-29 Center for Constitutional Rights bitches about detentions
2001-10-29 Feds say expect more attacks
2001-10-29 Pak religious loons threaten to paralyze Pakland
2001-10-29 Northern Alliance holds war council. Talibs continue blather.
2001-10-29 Palestinian mouthpiece sez Giuliani obsessed by hatred of Arabs
2001-10-29 Talibs complain of US chem weapons
2001-10-29 Jordan jugs thug
2001-10-29 Jonah Goldberg on Cynthia McKinney
2001-10-29 Nashville journalist warns of attack on city's sewage supply
2001-10-29 American Red Cross acknowledges rake-off
2001-10-29 Maharishi sez to dump Bush
2001-10-30 Rev. Jesse sez to call off Halloween
2001-10-30 King Abdullah sez not to target Arab countries
2001-10-30 Farrakhan sez there's not enough proof against Binny
2001-10-30 Saudi prince: US-Saudi relations "at a crossroads"
2001-10-30 Egyptian jugged for providin credentials to Masood killers
2001-10-30 Over 1000 detained in wake of attacks
2001-10-30 11 Arab Israelis arrested
2001-10-30 University profs complain of McCarthyism. As usual.
2001-10-30 Palestinothugs targeting Israeli military commanders
2001-10-30 Stephen Schwartz on Wahhabis
2001-10-30 Chavez does the Dead Baby thing
2001-10-30 Enviroloons firebomb barn
2001-10-30 Hamas says pull out and maybe they'll think about it
2001-10-30 Sauds will call their citizens home if we're not nice
2001-10-30 Al-Ahram accuses US of using "genetically treated" groceries
2001-10-30 Majlis deputy condemns church attack
2001-10-30 Talibs plan stubborn resistance at Mazar-e-Sharif
2001-10-30 Rev. Hagler bitches about Bush calling out the posse
2001-10-30 Krauhammer on why we're hesitant
2001-10-30 McKinney whines about free speech
2001-10-30 Talibs threaten to beat up Russia
2001-10-30 2000 Iranians jugged in wave of unrest
2001-10-30 Musharraf will back bombing through Ramada
2001-10-30 Hoon wobbles
2001-10-30 US jets hitting Balkh
2001-10-30 US forces are directing airstrikes
2001-10-30 Widdecombe says "treason." Hughs says "give them money."
2001-10-30 Is this a war against Islam?
2001-10-30 U of Michigan bitches about NSA recruiting
2001-10-30 Anthrax spores not mixed with bentonite
2001-10-31 Afghan Defense Council: "We'll take care of you."
2001-10-31 James Bowman on free speech
2001-10-31 Murdoch apologizes for calling Christiane a "war slut"
2001-10-31 Is it "war" or "an emergency"? Who cares?
2001-10-31 Blair takes it on the chin in Syria
2001-10-31 Bush goes to the World Series
2001-10-31 Feminists going back to "nonviolence" cliches
2001-10-31 Rumseld suffers fools, if not gladly
2001-10-31 What happened in Dagestan
2001-10-31 Egyptians howl over Vast Zionist Conspiracy
2001-10-31 Red Cross halts appeals
2001-10-31 Feds searching for six in midwest
2001-10-31 Calls for bombing halt during Ramadan
2001-10-31 Paks still supplying Talibs
2001-10-31 Taliban hollers "genocide"
2001-10-31 "One Afghan worth a hundred Americans"
2001-10-31 Buffs whack Talibs at Mazar
2001-10-31 Do we have a problem with the Saudis?
2001-10-31 Fleischer's a wit. Who'da thunk it?
2001-11-01 Saudis complain of "hidden hatred" against Islam
2001-11-01 New Black Panthers say the Jews did it
2001-11-01 Richard Cohen on cowardice
2001-11-01 Talibs say they've arrested Americans
2001-11-01 Pressure increasing for bombing halt
2001-11-01 Church of England tries to back away from "inclusiveness"
2001-11-01 Islamic clerics in Egypt declare war on America
2001-11-01 Geraldo's on board
2001-11-01 Turkey will send special forces
2001-11-01 Taliban still being supplied by ISI
2001-11-01 Feds nab three in Michigan
2001-11-01 B52 hits north of Kabul for first time
2001-11-01 Another anthrax death
2001-11-01 Iran sez to stop the bombing
2001-11-01 Alliance will attack within days
2001-11-01 Al-Muhajiroun goon thumped in Luton
2001-11-01 Mark Goldblatt on the Root Causes of Antiwar
2001-11-01 Binny needs dialysis
2001-11-01 Nitwit can't form anarchy club
2001-11-01 How tough are they?
2001-11-01 Taliban repulses Northern Alliance offensive
2001-11-01 Balkh radio says the west is panic-stricken
2001-11-01 Reinforcements arriving for the Talibs
2001-11-01 Sources and methods compromised
2001-11-01 Pakistani US resident sues over airline "discimination"
2001-11-01 Mark Steyn on when it'll be over
2001-11-01 Alliance says they're ready to go
2001-11-01 Alliance knew where Binny was
2001-11-02 Brit traitor disappointed in jihad
2001-11-02 Talibs claim 70-100 Americans killed
2001-11-02 Innalekshul complains about NYPD/NYFD "heroes"
2001-11-02 French Muslims regret Eiffel tower didn't get hit
2001-11-02 Karzai says he survived Taliban attack
2001-11-02 Turks coming to Afghan theater
2001-11-02 Boulder library nixes flag 'cuz they're "sensitive"
2001-11-02 1000 Paks come to help fight infidels
2001-11-02 Pashtun uprising against Talibs in south led by Karzai
2001-11-02 Al Qaeda getting rich from Sierra Leone diamonds
2001-11-02 ISI blew Binny snatch
2001-11-02 B52 hits lines north of Kabul
2001-11-02 Reverend Al wants to go to Afghanistan
2001-11-02 Palestinian student: "Blair is a pimp"
2001-11-02 Prison chaplain canned for stupid remarks
2001-11-02 Taliban claims shootdown. US sez it ain't so
2001-11-02 Daily Jang gets anthrax
2001-11-02 Brit terror hoax artist jugged
2001-11-02 Paks dump troublemakers
2001-11-02 Rushdie sez for Muslims to wake up, get secular-humanist
2001-11-02 New Black Panthers like bin Laden, hate Jews. What else is new?
2001-11-02 Clinton makes stupid remark. Again.
2001-11-03 Assad thumps Blair
2001-11-03 Anthrax in NY sorting machine, Kansas City stamp store
2001-11-03 US jets hit Kabul front
2001-11-03 PFLP sez... heh heh... it's not a terrorist organizations
2001-11-03 Bush says campaign won't stop for Ramadan
2001-11-03 Flap over Charlie Daniels song
2001-11-03 Mass. cops looking for possible bomb truck
2001-11-03 Feds raid Trenton apartment
2001-11-03 International Man of Mystery held in New York
2001-11-03 National Guard to protect Capitol
2001-11-03 Demonstrators converge on stadium in Quetta
2001-11-03 Yasser sez Palestinian uprising isn't "terrorism." It's... something else.
2001-11-03 Flag burner burns down woods
2001-11-03 Anti-government demonstrations in Iran
2001-11-03 Search for Binny narrows to border area
2001-11-03 Some Pak preachers stay aloof from jihad
2001-11-03 Bush thumps war critics
2001-11-03 Alliance claims outlying district at Mazar
2001-11-03 Copter crashes in weather, four injured
2001-11-03 National Guard patrols Golden Gate
2001-11-03 Patriotism included in Nebraska school certs
2001-11-03 Hamas, Hezbollah added to terror list
2001-11-03 Church vandal arrested in LA
2001-11-04 Binny calls for Muslims to help
2001-11-04 Talibs claim two heli shootdowns, 50 US dead
2001-11-04 Man arrested trying to board plane with seven knives and a stun gun
2001-11-04 Med workers being vaccinated against smallpox
2001-11-04 News of the World: Binny has a tiny doinker
2001-11-04 Airstrip open at Sherkat
2001-11-04 New Yorker off to join the Talban
2001-11-04 1200 more Pak reinforcements join Taliban
2001-11-04 Over 1100 have been detained to date
2001-11-04 Paks deport 200 troublemakers
2001-11-04 Major attack south of Mazar
2001-11-04 Taliban powder's dry, waiting for US ground forces
2001-11-04 Carpet bombing in northeast Afghanistan
2001-11-04 Paks arrest one in connection with anthrax letter
2001-11-04 Saudis upset with western press
2001-11-04 Taliban says they've hanged Hamid Karzai
2001-11-04 Saudi paper: The Jews did it!
2001-11-05 Three Pakistanis questioned on anthrax
2001-11-05 3000 more jihadis join Taliban
2001-11-05 Musharraf meets with Bhutto party
2001-11-05 Talibs claim to have halted offensive at Mazar
2001-11-05 Afghan royalist in Islamabad for talks
2001-11-05 Episcopalians picket Israeli consulate
2001-11-05 Discussion: Resentment vs Hostility
2001-11-05 Pols up in arms over Nepalese man with seven knives at airport
2001-11-05 Saudis will flog anthrax hoaxers
2001-11-05 Chomsky decries "silent genocide"
2001-11-05 Talibs promise "decades" of war
2001-11-05 Talibs challenge Bush, Blair to a gunfight
2001-11-05 US recruiting KhAD agents to use against Taliban
2001-11-05 US whacks Kabul Talihotel
2001-11-06 Australian school bombed in Jakarta
2001-11-06 Gunnies fought off at Quetta airport
2001-11-06 Arabs are running things in Afghanistan
2001-11-06 US thinks Abdul Haq's capture was ISI set-up
2001-11-06 Taliban positions daisy cut
2001-11-06 Five enviroterrorist attacks in past two months
2001-11-06 Controversy over whether terror suspects should be tortured
2001-11-06 Alliance takes three more locations around Mazar
2001-11-06 Anthrax to consulate in Russia
2001-11-06 Saudis have to think about relationship with the US
2001-11-07 Talibs organizing suicide squads
2001-11-07 Germany, Italy to send troops
2001-11-07 Talib commander, 48 Paks now decomposing
2001-11-07 Hekmatyar wants to join Talibs against USA
2001-11-07 Feds investigating money exchanges
2001-11-07 Northern Alliance takes Shul Ghar, capture Talib commander
2001-11-07 Gunny attacks Americans at airbase in Qatar
2001-11-07 "You'll never take me alive!" he said. They didn't.
2001-11-07 Moussaoui to be first one indicted
2001-11-07 NPR sez it would never compromise security of military
2001-11-07 Army chaplain questions permissibility of fighting against Muslims
2001-11-08 Hamid Karzai still alive
2001-11-08 Jordan behind Afghan war
2001-11-08 F16s force down plane
2001-11-08 Rabbani meets with Turks
2001-11-08 Pak orders Talibs to close consulate
2001-11-08 Viets say they got an anthrax letter, too
2001-11-08 Palestinian explodes as Israelis close in
2001-11-08 Sri Lanka fighting escalates
2001-11-08 Cops in Instanbul nab two with weapons-grade uranium
2001-11-08 Talibs arrest 15 "spies"
2001-11-08 More help for Taliban from Pakland
2001-11-08 Talib chief ready to come over with 1600 men
2001-11-08 Detained thug had threatened to shoot any cop who entered his mosque
2001-11-08 85 Harkat-e-Jihad thugs iced in bombing
2001-11-08 Sayyat falls, Dostum four miles from Mazar
2001-11-08 Offensive on Mazar starts Thursday
2001-11-09 13 Saudi Bad Guys killed in strike
2001-11-09 Netherlands, Japan to help the US
2001-11-09 Islamabad cops kill three in protest
2001-11-09 Ismael Khan's forces 20 km from Herat
2001-11-09 Palestinian gunny iced after killing woman motorist
2001-11-09 Talibs grant Binny Afghan citizenship
2001-11-09 Harkat chief in Afghanistan to fight USA
2001-11-09 Hezbollah volunteers showing up in Afghanistan
2001-11-09 September 11th Fund gives dough to detained Arabs
2001-11-09 Strikes around Kabul continue
2001-11-09 Northern Alliance takes Mazar-e-Sharif
2001-11-09 Key commanders ready to dump US alliance
2001-11-09 Indian commies demonstrate against US. Whoopdy-doo.
2001-11-09 Church bombed in Jakarta
2001-11-09 Zinn rants against bombing. Any bombing.
2001-11-10 King Abdullah says Arabs must guarantee Israel's security
2001-11-10 Northern Alliance takes northern Samangan province
2001-11-10 France: Gotta get those root causes
2001-11-10 NJ cardiologist may have contacted anthrax early
2001-11-10 Frontier Post: Al-Qaeda has CBR weapons in USA
2001-11-10 France arrests five Algerian boomers
2001-11-10 Notary admits helping 9-11 hijackers
2001-11-10 Switzerland allows humanitarian flights to use airspace
2001-11-10 Israelis arrest 12 cops, intel guys
2001-11-10 Bush to address UN
2001-11-10 Binny sez he has weapons of mass destruction
2001-11-11 Kuwaitis jug five Iraqis
2001-11-11 Alliance takes Taloqan, Pol-e-Khomri
2001-11-11 Zawahri vows holy war will continue
2001-11-11 Talib commander comes over with "thousands"
2001-11-11 Samiul Haq jugged in Pakland
2001-11-11 Bush addresses UN General Assembly
2001-11-11 Mazar celebrates
2001-11-11 Britain to be placed under state of emergency
2001-11-11 Saudis nab three Kuwaitis for "militant activities"
2001-11-11 3000 people bitch to Red Cross over dipping into the till
2001-11-11 Malays break up terror ring
2001-11-11 America's Worst Cliche
2001-11-11 Binny says he dunnit
2001-11-11 Pak jihadis jugged at Mazar
2001-11-11 Talibs invite Hekmatyar to join them
2001-11-11 Paknews charges Northern Alliance atrocities
2001-11-11 300 Saudi students return home
2001-11-11 Charges dropped against firefighters
2001-11-11 Taliban accuses US of chem warfare and commie loving
2001-11-11 Lebanon supports US, kind of
2001-11-11 Kuwait sends groceries to Kabul
2001-11-11 Frontier Post: US "commandos" took Mazar
2001-11-11 Syria extradites crazed killer to Egypt
2001-11-11 Talibs surrounded in Konduz
2001-11-12 Israelis nab Hamas gunny
2001-11-12 Bomb in Vladikavkaz
2001-11-12 Bush preparing to meet with Putin
2001-11-12 Airbus crashes in Queens
2001-11-12 Three journalists killed in ambush
2001-11-12 Euros have found evidence of chem attack plans
2001-11-12 Ceramic doinkers swiped in Boulder
2001-11-12 Trial of foreign aid workers postponed...
2001-11-12 Al-Qaeda money man nabbed in Canada
2001-11-12 Red Brigades suspect nabbed in Italy
2001-11-12 Alliance captures two trenchlines at Kabul
2001-11-12 Pashtuns trying to form "Southern Alliance"
2001-11-12 Chomsky sez Afghan war worse than 9-11
2001-11-12 Alliance takes Herat and Konduz
2001-11-12 Talibs leaving Kabul
2001-11-12 Bush says for alliance not to take Kabul
2001-11-12 Russers will withdraw from Chechnya by spring
2001-11-13 Talibs take eight foreign aid workers with them in retreat
2001-11-13 One-eyed mullah says "Don't panic!"
2001-11-13 Spanish cops nab nine al-Qaeda suspects
2001-11-13 Hekmatyar doesn't really want to join Taliban
2001-11-13 Brit Muslim leaders threaten riots. German, too.
2001-11-13 UN spokewoman reports violence and executions at Mazar
2001-11-13 Jalalabad falls
2001-11-13 BBC reports "ethnic cleansing" at Bamian
2001-11-13 Third Corps elements deployed from Fort Hood
2001-11-13 Qaddafi's kid cautions Germany against sending troops
2001-11-13 Washington physicians' group calls for bombing halt
2001-11-13 Talibs appear to have deserted Kandahar
2001-11-13 Novosti reports Mullah Omar has beat it to Pakland
2001-11-13 Anti-war kiddies gather at Berkeley
2001-11-13 Analysis: They're Toast
2001-11-14 Woman charged in immigration marriage scam
2001-11-14 US envoy in Philippines to confer on Abu Sayyaf
2001-11-14 Saudis say suicide attacker was Palestinian
2001-11-14 Bush signs military tribunals order
2001-11-14 Lebanese army says it will respond to Palestinian attacks
2001-11-14 Pashtun force enters southern Afghanistan from Quetta
2001-11-14 Egypt won't freeze terror groups assets
2001-11-14 23 Egyptians jugged for being gay
2001-11-14 Iraq criticizes "brute force"
2001-11-14 Jerk pleads guilty to threatening to blow up oily preacher
2001-11-14 Reverend Al sez he'd have opposed authority to launch strikes
2001-11-14 Rec Cross will give donations to families
2001-11-14 Diplomats scramble to establish Afghan government
2001-11-14 3000 Palestinians attack cop shop
2001-11-14 TNSM Jihadis heading home
2001-11-14 Northern Alliance has killed as many as 600 at Mazar
2001-11-14 Paks offer to contribute - heh heh - peacekeeping force
2001-11-14 Lebanon criticize US terror list
2001-11-14 Karzai sez forces have taken Kandahar airport
2001-11-14 Aid workers on their way back to Kabul
2001-11-14 Liar arrested for scrounging sympathy donations
2001-11-14 Brits arrest terror suspect
2001-11-15 Hekmatyar wants to form coalition government
2001-11-15 Saudis, Paks make plans for Afghans
2001-11-15 American Express bombed in Athens
2001-11-15 Israelis enter PA territory with tanks
2001-11-15 Ethnic Albanians warn Macedonian forces to keep out
2001-11-15 Fighting continues around Kandahar
2001-11-15 Taliban commanders offer to deliver Binny to US
2001-11-15 ETA says it killed judge
2001-11-15 Nuke plans found at al-Qaeda safe house
2001-11-15 Konduz deciding whether to surrender
2001-11-15 One-eyed potentate sez America will be destroyed
2001-11-15 Feds question Pak about anthrax
2001-11-15 Rabbani will return to Kabul
2001-11-15 Putin and Bush get together in Crawford
2001-11-15 94 Egyptians charged in terror plots
2001-11-15 Afghan Defense Council to hold rallies in solidarity with Taliban
2001-11-15 Karzai sez Talibs have retaken Uruzgan
2001-11-15 Analysis: Peace-keepers
2001-11-15 Abu Sayyaf releases seven hostages
2001-11-15 Chechen warlord on trial in Dagestan
2001-11-16 Indians fear Afghan gunnies will go to Kashmir
2001-11-16 Neighbors won't take part in Afghan peace force
2001-11-16 Danny Glover blames US
2001-11-16 Saudis flog 59 for harassing girls
2001-11-16 Binny and Omar flee to Pakland?
2001-11-16 "Lion and Lamb Project" condemns GI Joe
2001-11-16 Saudi prince urges clerics to be cautious
2001-11-16 Jihadis changing their minds and going home
2001-11-16 Palestinians fire home-made rocket at army camp
2001-11-16 Jordanian force will patrol Kabul
2001-11-16 17 Taliban biggies make it Turkmenistan
2001-11-16 Taliban biggy switches sides in Kabul
2001-11-16 Ayers sez he didn't set enough bombs
2001-11-16 Wheelchair-bound man book with guns at mosque
2001-11-16 Konduz talks collapse
2001-11-16 Karzai, Gul Agha take up positions around Kandahar
2001-11-16 UN reduces peacekeeping force in Lebanon
2001-11-16 Abu Sayyaf wants ransom for nurse
2001-11-17 Albanian gunnies threaten new insurgency in Macedonia
2001-11-17 Ismail Khan sez US forces don't need to stay, thanks.
2001-11-17 300 antiwar kiddies at German parliament
2001-11-17 Germans finger five in Hamburg
2001-11-17 Rabbani arrives in Kabul
2001-11-17 Brits questioning six "Real" IRA
2001-11-17 Talibs admit Mohammed Atef is dead, then change their minds
2001-11-17 150 Talibs executed by al-Qaeda at Konduz
2001-11-17 Israelis kill one, catch one
2001-11-17 Iran will reopen embassy in Kabul
2001-11-17 Arabs, Paks resisting at Paghman
2001-11-17 Mullah Zaeef sez Binny's left Afghanistan
2001-11-17 Taliban still in control in Kandahar
2001-11-17 Saudi clerics blame lack of rain on sin
2001-11-17 Pak won't grant asylum to Omar or Binny
2001-11-17 Senate offices close for anthrax tests
2001-11-17 Five Brit Taliban no longer ticklish
2001-11-18 Greeks protest Afghan war
2001-11-18 Russian delegation leaves for Kabul
2001-11-18 Binny's in Kandahar province
2001-11-18 Chechen envoy in Moscow
2001-11-18 Talibs ask for UN intervention at Konduz
2001-11-18 Attack in Jammu & Kashmir kills 10, wounds 30
2001-11-18 One-eyed potentate still in charge in Kandahar, maybe
2001-11-18 Safe house full of al-Qaeda clues
2001-11-18 Kabul teevee back on the air
2001-11-18 Nigerians arrest six Pak preachers for inciting violence
2001-11-18 Italian priest rescued from MILF
2001-11-18 "Stop the War Coalition" marches in London
2001-11-18 WTC cleric's son killed/captured in Afghanistan
2001-11-18 US will provide help against Abu Sayyaf
2001-11-18 Spain files charges against eight snuffies
2001-11-18 150 TNSM are doorknob dead
2001-11-18 Malaysia sez OIC in danger of becoming irrelevant
2001-11-18 Talibs pull out of Farah
2001-11-18 Three bomb plotters arrested in Jordan
2001-11-18 Danforth gives Sudan two months to shape up
2001-11-18 Feds: Half a dozen centers of terrorist support
2001-11-18 Afghans squabbling over country's future
2001-11-18 Anti-capitalism kiddies march in Ottawa
2001-11-19 US identifies germ warfare states
2001-11-19 Red Cross, United Way money handling scrutinized
2001-11-19 Lashkar-e-Taiba sez attacks will continue in Kashmir
2001-11-19 One-eyed mullah has a dream...
2001-11-19 51 MNLF cold in attack on army camp
2001-11-19 Brit "Supporters of Shariah" a bunch of swindlers
2001-11-19 Israelis snatch Hamas gunny
2001-11-19 Iranians: Binny still in Afghanistan
2001-11-19 Another germ letter found in quarantined mail
2001-11-19 Somali "government" tries to distance itself from terrorists
2001-11-19 Saudi sez Taliban betrayed its people
2001-11-19 Paks no longer recognize Taliban government
2001-11-19 Siege of Konduz continues
2001-11-19 Analysis: Konduz delenda est.
2001-11-19 Movies open in Kabul
2001-11-19 Hijacker's uncle sez it's all a lie
2001-11-19 Houston ANSWER on the march
2001-11-19 Ramsey Clark advises Slobo
2001-11-19 Pashtun support sought for talks
2001-11-19 Four journalists murdered near Jalalabad
2001-11-19 Frenchies negotiating to deploy troops to Mazar
2001-11-19 Russers in talks with Chechens
2001-11-19 Iran and Pakland will cooperated for stable Afghanistan. Really.
2001-11-20 11 jihadis bumped off in Kashmir
2001-11-20 Protesters bitch about German support to Afghanistan
2001-11-20 MNLF abandons peace agreement
2001-11-20 White House cancels holiday tours
2001-11-20 Ismael Khan sets up Iran border crossing
2001-11-20 Russian peacekeepers attacked in Georgia
2001-11-20 Canary Islands fraud ring may be linked to Hezbollah
2001-11-20 Abu Qatada named by Spanish court
2001-11-20 Peru arrests Pakistani on terror charges
2001-11-20 Northern Ireland cops arrest boomer
2001-11-21 Protests in Japan over support to Afghanistan
2001-11-21 Portland rebuffs feds
2001-11-21 Kids set off explosion at presidential palace
2001-11-21 Taliban sez its time to move on
2001-11-21 Binny wants aides to kill him rather than let him be captured
2001-11-21 Feds arrest Indonesian man who helped 9-11 thugs
2001-11-21 Israelis nab Palestinian cop
2001-11-21 Montgomery County will fine you if they smell your cigarette
2001-11-21 Taliban has until Thursday to surrender Konduz
2001-11-21 Unclear whether Karzai can attend Berlin talks
2001-11-21 MNLF toll rises to 100 in Philippines
2001-11-21 Murdered correspondent reported on nerve gas
2001-11-21 Nevada topless dancer to run for governor
2001-11-21 Indians ice a dozen jihadis
2001-11-21 Silicon Valley car salesman was al-Qaeda recruiter
2001-11-21 Ismael Khan meets with teachers on reconstruction
2001-11-22 France plans to commit 5000 troops
2001-11-22 Poland will send 300 troops
2001-11-22 Nur Misuari beats it for Malaysia
2001-11-22 India, Pakistan trade artillery fire
2001-11-22 Two IRA thugs in court in Britain
2001-11-22 94-year-old Connecticut woman dead of anthrax
2001-11-22 Mullah Omar sez to straighten those turbans, dammit!
2001-11-22 Talks switched from Berlin to Bonn
2001-11-22 Konduz commander sez he's ready to surrender
2001-11-22 Three more journalists killed
2001-11-22 PI sez Abu Sayyaf strength down to 600
2001-11-22 Haji Qadir arrests Talib commander
2001-11-22 Jordanian troops to leave for Afghanistan
2001-11-22 Northern Alliance attacks Maidan Shahr
2001-11-22 Canada will send troops, if nobody minds
2001-11-23 Maoists shoot up 15 towns in Nepal
2001-11-23 Jordanians, Iraqi nabbed in Philippines
2001-11-23 Gunnies kill 11 in Kashmir
2001-11-23 Binny's moved to Tora Bora
2001-11-23 ETA kills traffic cop
2001-11-23 Detainees could be hold at Wake Island
2001-11-23 Daoud Khan attacks Konduz from the east, Dostum from the west
2001-11-23 Libyan extradited from Germany to Italy
2001-11-23 Vidal sez US shoulda bribed Binny
2001-11-23 Taliban embassy in Pakland is closed
2001-11-23 Bin Laden aide nabbed in Peshawar
2001-11-23 Talibs at Maidan Shahr refuse to surrender
2001-11-23 Somalia's internet company closed
2001-11-24 Journalist injured at Mazar in grenade blast
2001-11-24 Hazrat Ali sez Binny's in eastern Afghanistan
2001-11-24 One-day delay in Bonn conference
2001-11-24 1000 surrender at Konduz
2001-11-24 Malays nab Nur Misuari
2001-11-24 Allied force enters Helmand province
2001-11-24 Pak newspaper: 35 US special forces killed by Taliban
2001-11-24 47 grocery trucks arrive in Kabul
2001-11-24 US and Paks at odds over Konduz jihadis
2001-11-24 Tadjikistan will allow French fighter aircraft
2001-11-24 2000 Talibs surrender at Maidan Shahr
2001-11-24 Gul Agha attacks Bala Zare
2001-11-24 10 killed, 32 wounded in Kashmir
2001-11-25 Feds nab six more Paks
2001-11-25 Tribals take Kandahar airport, helis landing
2001-11-25 Rabanni sez individual Talibs may take part in government
2001-11-25 Bush authorized admission of 70,000 refugees
2001-11-25 Paks negotiate for evacuation of jihadis
2001-11-25 Egypt asks Pak to hand over Zawarhri
2001-11-25 New Bedford, Mass. students held for Columbine plans
2001-11-25 Feds looking for 3 to 5 "aiders and abettors"
2001-11-25 Taliban office closed in Karachi
2001-11-25 Palestinian to be deported
2001-11-25 Bhutto asks India to push US for Pak democracy
2001-11-25 Konduz has fallen
2001-11-25 Qala-i-Jangi prisoners "unsurrender"
2001-11-25 O'Neill sez US economy recovering
2001-11-25 Four cops killed by Maoists in Nepal
2001-11-25 Palestinians vow - you guessed it - revenge
2001-11-25 Four killed in Kashmir
2001-11-25 Talibs withdrawing from Spin Boldak
2001-11-26 Oil and gas industry on alert after FBI warning
2001-11-26 Paks investigate jihadi backgrounds
2001-11-26 Hat sellers selling out in Taloquan
2001-11-26 Arab League convenes to discuss Muslim image
2001-11-26 Guy mugs nun in Philadelphia
2001-11-26 Delegation goes to Kandahar to chat with Mullah Omar
2001-11-26 Four cops killed in Kashmir suicide attack
2001-11-26 Tribal forces take Spin Boldak
2001-11-26 Cornell prof confuses burkas and bikinis...
2001-11-26 Four Pak al-Qaeda detained in Israel
2001-11-26 Russian transports arrive in Kabul with groceries
2001-11-26 Parties circle warily in Bonn
2001-11-26 Nepal declares state of emergency
2001-11-26 Fugitive admits he's behind family planning anthrax hoaxes
2001-11-26 Saudi defense minister sez for Afghan Arabs to come home
2001-11-26 Dr. Abdulla Abdulla, the NA foreign minister on FoxNews
2001-11-26 Hamas gunny goes "boom," two wounded
2001-11-26 Bush offers Sammy a knuckle sandwich
2001-11-26 Tunisian arrested in France in Masood investigation
2001-11-26 Kabul's gonna have a newspaper
2001-11-26 Yemenis begin rounding up suspects
2001-11-26 Paks step up efforts to mend fences
2001-11-26 US advisor killed in Mazar shootout
2001-11-26 Northern Alliance mops up in Konduz
2001-11-26 Chomsky sez US has no proof against Binny
2001-11-27 MNLF gunnies flee compound with human shields
2001-11-27 Anarchist high school brat's Mom pulls her from school
2001-11-27 Hekmatyar raps Bonn talks
2001-11-27 Cave hunting begins with bunker busters
2001-11-27 Prison revolt over. Bad Guys dead.
2001-11-27 Paks detain retired nuke scientists for questioning
2001-11-27 US wants to extradite Algerian snuffy from Britain
2001-11-27 Pashtun jirga urges UN to convene jirga
2001-11-27 Five soldiers, eight civilians dead in Kashmir
2001-11-27 Two WTC families sue Binny
2001-11-27 Abu Qatada was cheatin' on the dole
2001-11-27 Brits investigate anthrax hoaxes
2001-11-27 Sammy refuses to readmit weapons inspectors
2001-11-27 Maoists bump off four cops in Nepal
2001-11-27 Boston Globe writer sez anthrax attacks were "Gulf of Tonkin"
2001-11-27 Northern Alliance expects government deal within three days
2001-11-27 Al Aqsa Brigades attempted to bump off Sharon
2001-11-27 US hits Iraqi sites in no-fly zone
2001-11-27 Kandahar leadership compound clobbered
2001-11-27 Caymans will share tax info
2001-11-28 Belgians arrest Algerian in Masood investigation
2001-11-28 Anthrax bomb plans found in Kabul NGO offices
2001-11-28 Spain will commit troops if needed
2001-11-28 Maryland bans Santa Claus
2001-11-28 Somalia PM sez US can send troops to track terrorists
2001-11-28 Eight reporters dead so far
2001-11-28 13 Maoists killed in Nepal
2001-11-28 Jordan, Arab League ask US not to attack Iraq
2001-11-28 Anthrax letter to Chile bore Swiss postmark
2001-11-28 Mullah Omar sez for Talibs not to yield
2001-11-28 WMD development sites identified
2001-11-28 Germans arrest Moroccan connected with 9-11
2001-11-28 UN orders freeze on Taliban funds
2001-11-28 Palestinian, Jordanian al-Qaeda recruiters arrested in Philippines
2001-11-28 Canuck journalist held for ransom
2001-11-28 Talibs waiting to get their hands on US troops
2001-11-29 Northern Alliance rejects peacekeeper force
2001-11-29 Muslim students caught in smear lie against prof
2001-11-29 Northern Alliance sez its forces in Kandahar
2001-11-29 Talib intel chief defects
2001-11-29 Woman dies when 1200 pounds of groceries land on her house
2001-11-29 13 gunnies take a nap in the dirt in Jammu & Kashmir
2001-11-29 Dancing in the streets of Jenin as three Israelis die
2001-11-29 Musharraf expected to crack down on madrassas
2001-11-29 Greenpeace sez anthrax attacks probably domestic
2001-11-29 CIA confirms one of its own dead
2001-11-30 Northern Alliance tosses Taliban lawbook
2001-11-30 Trout Unlimited sues feds over, well, you know...
2001-11-30 Five PLF arrested with boom-boom in Sri Lanka
2001-11-30 Northern Alliance lifts religious restrictions
2001-11-30 Taliban force trying to regroup at Char Dara
2001-11-30 Iraq sez it'll launch on Israel if US attacks
2001-11-30 Dems want to require guards at nuke plants
2001-11-30 Iraq recalls ambassador to Turkey
2001-11-30 Iran and Pakland will work together for broad-based Afghan government
2001-11-30 Gul Agha takes Jugnari district, east of Kandahar
2001-11-30 Anthony Lewis just hates those military tribunals
2001-11-30 Million Santa March scheduled for Kensington
2001-11-30 Haji Qadir quits Bonn talks
2001-11-30 Talibs looted national bank
2001-11-30 NYPD imposes mental health counseling
2001-11-30 Frenchies convict 19 GIA thugs
2001-11-30 Nepalis rule out peace talks with Maoists
2001-12-01 Bookstore open in Kabul
2001-12-01 Saudi woman gets a year, 200 lashes for torturing maid
2001-12-01 Six Misuari thugs bumped off in Philippines
2001-12-01 Parcel bomb in Sri Lanka
2001-12-01 Missile defense system to be tested today
2001-12-01 Helis rake Nepal Maoists
2001-12-01 Kensington backs down from ban Santa Claus
2001-12-01 20 dead in Jammu & Kashmir
2001-12-01 Top Talibs in secret surrender negotiations
2001-12-01 SAS preparing to visit Tora Bora
2001-12-01 Greek commies, anti-globos protest against NATO
2001-12-01 US wants Taliban, al-Qaeda biggies turned over
2001-12-01 Pashtun biggies keeping the bribes for themselves
2001-12-01 Bobby Fischer sez US deserved it
2001-12-01 Kabul U. opens up to co-eds
2001-12-01 Kuwait sez 50 al-Qaeda coming home from Afghanistan
2001-12-01 Mullah Zaeef sez Talibs shot down plan, killed five SF
2001-12-01 Islamic Jihad suicide bomber kills three
2001-12-01 Turkey bolsters Iraq border
2001-12-01 Mullah Omar sez to fight to the death
2001-12-01 Bonn talks in fifth day
2001-12-01 NYC school board sez no Pledge of Allegiance
2001-12-01 American among Qali-i-Jhangi survivors
2001-12-01 Italians detain Egyptian gunny
2001-12-02 Boomer on a bus in Haifa
2001-12-02 Cops stomp WTO protest
2001-12-02 Containerized Talibs detonate
2001-12-02 Brits meet with CentCom to discuss Somalia
2001-12-02 Bombing at Tora Bora may have hit the wrong place
2001-12-02 Powell sez for Yasser to stop attacks
2001-12-02 Pakistan Observer claims 124 American dead
2001-12-02 Mullah Omar sez for his boys not to fight each other
2001-12-02 Sharon doesn't expect Yasser to deal with terrorism
2001-12-02 PA biggies run for cover as Israeli helis hit the air
2001-12-02 PA bans demonstrations, public arms
2001-12-02 Muhammad Omer Abdul Rehman doorknob dead
2001-12-02 Pakland sez some of its worst trapped in Kunduz, Kandahar
2001-12-02 Hekmatyar sez only riff-raff in Bonn
2001-12-02 American Taliban ID'd
2001-12-02 Muslim heroes shoot up wedding party in Jammu & Kashmir
2001-12-02 Mary Robinson "concerned" about Taliban deaths
2001-12-02 Christians fleeing Laskar Jihad attacks in Sulawesi
2001-12-02 Canucks spring al-Qaeda - no room at the inn
2001-12-02 Brownshirts march in Berlin
2001-12-02 Gul Agha battles for airport
2001-12-02 Jamiat Biggie sez imposed leadership unwelcome
2001-12-02 Frenchies arrive at Mazar
2001-12-03 Arafat buddy iced in Bethlehem
2001-12-03 Kensington has 75 Santas, bullhorn smashed
2001-12-03 US has evidence Saudi finance terror
2001-12-03 Mullah Omar buys camels
2001-12-03 Pakland will crack down on extremists. Really.
2001-12-03 Northern Alliance has two more American Taliban
2001-12-03 Chechens bump off prosecutor
2001-12-03 Five get the high jump in Jordan - four in absentia
2001-12-03 Yemen agrees to arrest two al-Qaeda
2001-12-03 Moroccan suspected gunny arrested in Germany
2001-12-03 Afghans agree on power-sharing deal at Bonn
2001-12-03 Sharon declares War on Terror. Terror fights back.
2001-12-03 Talibs negotiating Kandahar surrender
2001-12-03 Bush demands Yasser break up Hamas, Islamic Jihad
2001-12-03 Sammy offers asylum to Binny, Omar
2001-12-03 Abu Ghaith "seriously wounded"
2001-12-03 94 Egyptian thugs in the dock
2001-12-03 US commandos in Jalalabad
2001-12-03 Kofi sez suicide bombings were terrorism
2001-12-03 Kabulis can bathe, go to cockfights
2001-12-04 Al-Qaeda families stranded
2001-12-04 Factions in Bonn may have agreed on head of government
2001-12-04 Fierce resistance outside Kandahar
2001-12-04 Kandahar's Taligovernor may be dead
2001-12-04 Israeli Labor Party boycotts security vote
2001-12-04 One-eyed mullah living in the back of a car
2001-12-04 Yasser sez he doesn't support terror. I'm an Irishman named Murphy.
2001-12-04 Lashkar-e-Taiba suicide squad attacks in Jammu & Kashmir
2001-12-04 Holy Land Foundation funds frozen
2001-12-04 Sammy sez he 7 million man army
2001-12-04 Tariq Aziz sez Iraq ready for war with US
2001-12-04 Abu Ghaith sez jihad goes on, even if Binny doesn't
2001-12-04 Frontier Post claims 25 Brit dead
2001-12-04 Aussies in Kandahar
2001-12-04 Kyrgyzstan will allow US warplanes
2001-12-04 Talibs holding out in Balkh
2001-12-04 1500 fighters prepare to attack Tora Bora
2001-12-04 Swede kiddies fined for high treason. Go figure.
2001-12-04 Nepalis jug top Maoist
2001-12-05 Minnesota courthouse has no room for holiday plants
2001-12-05 Debka: Material for "dirty bomb" already in US
2001-12-05 Seven Osamanauts on trial in Italy
2001-12-05 Stolen airline parts recovered from Talibs
2001-12-05 Mullah Zaeef rejects interim government
2001-12-05 Mullah Omar willing to surrender?
2001-12-05 Sharon gives Yasser 12 hours
2001-12-05 Talibs told to get out of Dodge Helmand
2001-12-05 Yasser sez Sharon wants to dump him
2001-12-05 Pak cops nab three Afghan snuffies
2001-12-05 Interim Afghan administration approved at Bonn
2001-12-05 Judge assassinated in Kashmir
2001-12-05 Tourism down in Indonesia for some reason
2001-12-05 Karzai forces advance on Kandahar from the north
2001-12-05 Christian Coalition dumps Robertson
2001-12-05 9-11 pilot buried at Arlington
2001-12-05 Sohrab Khan forces control half of Tora Bora
2001-12-05 US proposes Jordanian observers
2001-12-05 3 Americans, 5 Afghans killed in friendly fire
2001-12-05 Civil airline flights to resume
2001-12-05 SF soldier lightly wounded
2001-12-05 Great White North freezes Osamafunds
2001-12-05 Paks arrest 23 Arab stragglers
2001-12-05 Kuwait will hire international auditors to scrub charities
2001-12-05 Columbian thugs kill woman held hostage
2001-12-05 Egypt sez not to hurt Yasser
2001-12-05 Saudis admit 45 dead in Afghanistan
2001-12-05 Anti-abortion nut arrested in Ohio
2001-12-05 Another boomer in Jerusalem
2001-12-05 Indos pick up al-Qaeda controller
2001-12-05 Hamas gunnies spring Sheikh Yassin
2001-12-05 Hekmatyar rips Bonn agreement
2001-12-06 Nut apprehended at White House
2001-12-06 Dostum will boycott Karzai government
2001-12-06 Gul Agha takes control of Kandahar airport
2001-12-06 Marine heli crashes at Rhino
2001-12-06 Karachi fried chicken joint grenaded
2001-12-06 Binny son or son-in-law zapped
2001-12-06 Malaysia focusing on fundo threat
2001-12-06 War of the Poinsettias continues in St. Paul
2001-12-06 Geraldo's hair parted at Tora Bora
2001-12-06 Israel blows PA cop compound
2001-12-06 Canuck commandos heading overseas
2001-12-06 Italian cops raid six Islamocompanies
2001-12-06 Russian cops arrest uranium hawkers
2001-12-06 Mullah Omar sez he'll toss it in
2001-12-06 Hamas supports beat up PA coppers
2001-12-06 Talibs surrender in northern Afghanistan
2001-12-06 The Good Guys Win
2001-12-06 INS wants to find 314,000 missing illegals
2001-12-06 Indonesia invesigates reports of foreigners operating in Sulawesi
2001-12-06 Maoists blow Nepali MP's house
2001-12-06 Gul Agha miffed at Naqibullah appointment
2001-12-07 Rialto Towers were targeted in Melbourne
2001-12-07 Sharon: Israel has no intention of hurting Arafat
2001-12-07 Kandahar celebrates victory
2001-12-07 In the Wee Hours of the Morning, Near Kandahar
2001-12-07 Kandahar Talibs beat it but brought their guns
2001-12-07 US arranges Israeli-Palestinian security meeting
2001-12-07 Marines dust stragglers near Kandahar
2001-12-07 Israel bombs Palestinian cop shop
2001-12-07 Most of Tora Bora under tribal control
2001-12-07 Jimmy Carter "concerned" over military tribunals
2001-12-07 Gul Agha moves into governor's mansion
2001-12-07 Talibs say they lost around 10,000 gunnies
2001-12-07 One-eyed Mullah beat it
2001-12-07 Ashcroft whacks critics with al-Qaeda terror manual
2001-12-08 Israelis thump Force 17
2001-12-08 Johnny Jihad at Camp Rhino
2001-12-08 Jerusalem mufti sez it's okay to explode
2001-12-08 Gul Agha has eyes on Herat, Farah,Helmand...
2001-12-08 Two prosecutors killed in Chechnya
2001-12-08 Bush visits relief warehouse
2001-12-08 US and Norway pinpoint al-Qaeda ships
2001-12-08 Paks: Binny's not in Pakland
2001-12-08 Fighting in Gardez over who's in charge
2001-12-08 Yasser sez suicide bombings aimed against "the Palestinian People"
2001-12-08 Yasser sez PA will accept truce with Israel
2001-12-08 Convoy attacked in Kashmir
2001-12-08 Marines bury Afghan casualty with honors
2001-12-08 Masood assassin was al-Qaeda rep
2001-12-08 Zawahri's family obituaried in Egypt
2001-12-08 Fisk thumped in Pakland
2001-12-08 Saudis want custody of their Bad Guys
2001-12-08 Karzai wants peace and security
2001-12-08 Yasser's arrested 17 out of 33 Bad Guys
2001-12-08 Mullah condemns Omar
2001-12-08 Rival groups fight over who's gonna be governor of Kandahar
2001-12-08 Paks will try Taliban voluteers
2001-12-08 One-eyed Mullah's family in Pakland
2001-12-08 Israelis: PA is faking it
2001-12-08 Yemenis free kidnapped businessman
2001-12-08 Friendship Bridge to reopen
2001-12-09 Brits: Immigrants should learn English and not multilate their genitals
2001-12-09 Bhutto welcomes Indo peace initiative in Kashmir
2001-12-09 Pashtun clans fighting it out over Helmand
2001-12-09 North Korea sez US wants to fight
2001-12-09 Malaysia tries whipping its immigration problem
2001-12-09 Qaddafi applauds Pak support for war against terrorism
2001-12-09 Johnny Jihad sings
2001-12-09 Three Yemenis go "boom"
2001-12-09 Hoon needs assurances Binny won't get the high jump
2001-12-09 Binny has 1000 hard boys in eastern Afghanistan
2001-12-09 Eastern Shura kicks out 12 Paks
2001-12-09 Arab pays $3000 taxi fare to Afghan border
2001-12-09 Congress gets a pay raise for a job well done. Really.
2001-12-09 Videotape pins 9-11 on Binny
2001-12-09 One-eyed Mullah took to the hills
2001-12-09 Yasser sez they've arrested 17 out of 33 thugs
2001-12-09 UN team prepares way for peacekeepers
2001-12-09 Yvonne Ridley suffering from delusions of importance
2001-12-09 Heli crash kills 20 Afghans
2001-12-09 Spin Boldak wild westing
2001-12-09 Fisk thumped by Muslim mob
2001-12-09 India will advise on Afghan cops
2001-12-09 Harkat-i-Islami wants 20 percent
2001-12-09 Taliban puts on false moustache and glasses
2001-12-09 Philippine commies order Tet holiday ceasefire
2001-12-09 Israelis bump off four Palestinian cops
2001-12-09 Dostum sez he won't resort to force of arms
2001-12-09 Afghanistan still lacks miniskirts
2001-12-09 Two Palestinians charged in Zeevi assassination
2001-12-09 Gul Agha confirmed as Kandahar governor
2001-12-09 50 Maoists knocked off in Nepal
2001-12-09 Indos bump off ten gunnies in Kashmir
2001-12-09 12 Russes killed in Chechnya
2001-12-09 Ghazni Talibs promise to surrender
2001-12-09 Palestinian boomer wounds eight
2001-12-10 Gay group trashing Salvation Army kettles
2001-12-10 Gailani wants Loya Jirga more representative than Bonn
2001-12-10 26 al-Qaeda arrested entering Pakland
2001-12-10 Hezb-e-Wahadat won't join Bonn agreement, won't fight government
2001-12-10 Al-Qaeda cave daisy cut
2001-12-10 Perle sez for EU to dump Arafat
2001-12-10 Marines secure embassy in Kabul
2001-12-10 Brits clarify foolish comments by Hoon
2001-12-10 Mullah Zaeef thinking about political assylum in Pakland
2001-12-10 Palestinian truck blows up in Ramallah
2001-12-10 Ag minister wants to grow groceries, not opium
2001-12-10 Latest on Johnny Jihad
2001-12-10 Al-Arian rants about Israel
2001-12-10 Rasool Sayyaf rejects Bonn agreement
2001-12-10 Yasser drops plans to attend OIC conference
2001-12-10 Hampshire Colleges condemns War on Terror
2001-12-10 Ismail Khan complains he's not in government
2001-12-10 Binny's wife sez he'll launch if he's gonna be captured
2001-12-10 Iraq wants to end problems with US
2001-12-10 Al-Qaeda big arrested in Kenya
2001-12-10 Israeli helis blow Islamic Jihad biggy
2001-12-10 US surveillance flights over Somalia
2001-12-11 Helmand jirga sez Pashtuns should be in charge
2001-12-11 Qanooni sez still 5000 foreign thugs in Afghanistan
2001-12-11 Taliban top army and intel muckety-mucks nabbed
2001-12-11 Karzai sez for US not to dump Afghanistan
2001-12-11 Air traffic to be resumed with India
2001-12-11 Al-Qaeda gunnies say they want to hang it up
2001-12-11 Israeli heli attacks in Gaza Strip
2001-12-11 China wants its gunnies handed over
2001-12-11 Moussaoui charged
2001-12-11 Tamil Tigers kill six
2001-12-11 Gul Agha sets up Kandahar cop shop
2001-12-11 One-eyed mullah still in Kandahar province
2001-12-11 Red Cross investigating Shibarghan prison
2001-12-11 India's help requested to set up schools
2001-12-11  The Zawahri Memoir
2001-12-11 Geraldo sez Tora Bora cave complex penetrated
2001-12-11 Yvonne Ridley suffering from delusions of significance
2001-12-11 Prince Naif doesn't think Binny's the top
2001-12-11 Overnight raids on Melawa Mountain
2001-12-11 No all-Muslim peacekeeping force (Wotta relief!)
2001-12-11 Tenet pushes Paks on extremist groups
2001-12-11 Cave complex daisy cut
2001-12-11 Aussie al-Qaeda captured by Northern Alliance
2001-12-11 Solana going to Middle East
2001-12-12 Hamas adds rat poison to its bombs
2001-12-12 Rabbani will step down
2001-12-12 She took a taxi from New Orleans to the WTC
2001-12-12 Israeli helis retaliate for mortar attacks
2001-12-12 Iranian bridegroom chokes to death on bride's fingernail. Really.
2001-12-12 Baghlan troops fight off bandits
2001-12-12 Taliban holding out in Sperwan
2001-12-12 Yasser sez he'll shut down Hamas, Islamic Jihad. Really.
2001-12-12 Somalis say al-Qaeda making a comeback
2001-12-12 Johnny Jihad sez Phase 2 is on the way
2001-12-12 US consulting with Kurdish leaders in Northern Iraq
2001-12-12 JDL chairman arrested in mosque boomer plot
2001-12-12 No mercy for Arab Taliban in Kandahar
2001-12-12 Iran shuts down 50 newspapers for the glory of God
2001-12-12 Israelis rocket Fatah HQ
2001-12-12 Al-Aksa Martyrs claim credit for bus attack
2001-12-12 US consulting with Somalis
2001-12-12 18 Brit Taliban held in Pakland
2001-12-12 Pak rogue scientists "briefed" Binny on nukes
2001-12-12 Australia negotiating with US over Taliban Dundee
2001-12-12 Israel to dump Arafat
2001-12-12 Tora Bora cease-fire collapses
2001-12-12 Palestinians say EU biased toward Israel
2001-12-12 Germany bans Turk "Islamic State"
2001-12-12 Moussaoui's Mom sez her boy's being framed
2001-12-13 Paks say Taliban bigs aren't in their counry
2001-12-13 Tape clears accused prof
2001-12-13 Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami supremo bumped off in Jammu
2001-12-13 Al-Qaeda cells may be in Somalia. Wotta surprise.
2001-12-13 Lashkar big promised "Red Fort" style attacks
2001-12-13 Corsicans use teeny-tiny car bomb
2001-12-13 Zawahri sez al-Qaeda will fight on
2001-12-13 Tape says Binny knew about 9-11 in advance
2001-12-13 Indian pol wants Pak terror camps destroyed
2001-12-13 Mohammad Atta's Dad sez "Wasn't my kid!"
2001-12-13 Israel confines Yasser to Ramallah
2001-12-13 US believes Binny holed up at Tora Bora
2001-12-13 Indian parliament stormed
2001-12-13 Indian government on highest alert
2001-12-13 Yasser is in hiding
2001-12-13 Indonesia's gonna clamp down on terrorists
2001-12-13 Karzai meets with Rabbani
2001-12-13 Daisy cutters at Tora Bora, assault will resume
2001-12-13 Indo-Pak border hit by 61 explosions
2001-12-13 Indos say foreigners were Parliament attackers
2001-12-13 Israelis rocket mosque compound, miss Sheikh Yassin
2001-12-14 India accuses Lashkar, Jaish
2001-12-14 Paks arrest 109 jihadis
2001-12-14 Taliban sez they'll be back in control in a month
2001-12-14 50 al-Qaeda surrender at Tora Bora
2001-12-14 "Lies! All Lies!" Lashkar sez
2001-12-14 Some Parliament attackers may have been mercenaries
2001-12-14 Saudi cleric visiting Binny identified
2001-12-14 PA sez US biased toward Israel
2001-12-14 Israel wants to replace Yasser
2001-12-14 Malhotra demands hot pursuit policy in Kashmir
2001-12-14 Hamas will keep up attacks
2001-12-14 Indos bump off a dozen gunnies in Jammu & Kashmir
2001-12-14 Bombers, AC-130s hit Tora Bora
2001-12-14 Blankets, tents arriving in Kabul
2001-12-14 Johnny Jihad moved to USS Peleliu
2001-12-14 DFLP says to hit military targets, not civilians
2001-12-14 Pak threatens India
2001-12-14 Pak against terrorism, Pak govt sez
2001-12-14 Two SF wounded at Tora Bora
2001-12-14 Canucks coming to Afghanistan, one of these days
2001-12-14 Marines take control of Kandahar airport
2001-12-14 Israelis attack Force 17
2001-12-14 Hezbollah wants more suicide attacks
2001-12-14 3rd Army Forward HQ deployed to Kuwait
2001-12-14 Americans, Brits see the sights in Kandahar
2001-12-14 Two Kashmiris nabbed in Parliament investigation
2001-12-14 PA sez Israelis derailing peace process
2001-12-14 13 wounded al-Qaeda holed up in Kandahar hospital
2001-12-15 400 Scots protest war on terrorism in Glasgow
2001-12-15 Snuffies continue working Kashmir
2001-12-15 AIP reports in-fighting at Pol-e-Khomri
2001-12-15 US vetoes Palestinian-backed resolution
2001-12-15 PA shuts down Hamas, Islamic Jihad newspapers
2001-12-15 Israel sends tanks into Beit Hanoun
2001-12-15 Paks arrest al-Qaeda stragglers at the border
2001-12-15 Taliban Dundee to be handed over to US
2001-12-15 India serves demarche to Pakistan
2001-12-15 Saudis say no evidence 9-11 was done by Saudis
2001-12-15 Pak forces on alert
2001-12-15 SF, CIA going thru al-Qaeda phonebook
2001-12-15 Haji Zahir sez "No conditions" at Tora Bora
2001-12-15 Hekmatyar sez interim government is lacky to US
2001-12-15 Binny's voice ID'd on radio at Tora Bora
2001-12-15 Brussels cops hose antiglobo kiddies
2001-12-15 Pak fundos rant against Musharraf
2001-12-15 Al-Qaeda Frenchie hospitalized in Pak
2001-12-15 Jaish and Lashkar to change names, grow beards
2001-12-15 Feds raid charities
2001-12-15 Hair bending salons open in Kabul
2001-12-15 Suicide bomber knocked off in Gaza
2001-12-15 Indo cops nab 14
2001-12-15 Jordan and Turkey to join talks on peacekeepers
2001-12-15 Parliament gunny tried to trigger car bomb
2001-12-15 Plans for bomb attack on London found in Kandahar
2001-12-15 Al-Qaeda stragglers lurking in Kunar
2001-12-15 Marines to build POW camp at Kandahar
2001-12-16 Pakland wants joint inquiry
2001-12-16 Indos decoding Afzal's e-mail messages
2001-12-16 Parliament controllers snagged
2001-12-16 Marines wounded clearing ordnance at Kandahar
2001-12-16 Parliament attackers identified
2001-12-16 Indo cops chasing down Jaish controller
2001-12-16 Arrested gunnie is Jaish controller
2001-12-16 Yasser calls for end to suicide attacks
2001-12-16 Last al-Qaeda position falls at Tora Bora
2001-12-16 Maoists blow telecom tower in Nepal
2001-12-16 Indos blame Jaish, Lashkar for Parliament attack
2001-12-16 Haji Zaman says he doesn't know where Binny is
2001-12-16 US recalls Zinni; Israelis blow PA cop shop
2001-12-16 Parliament attacker was Kandahar hijack killer
2001-12-16 Rumsfeld at Bagram
2001-12-16 Four Hizbul waxed in Kashmir
2001-12-16 Fernandes blames ISI for Parliament attack
2001-12-16 Palestinian cops close Hamas, Islamic Jihad offices
2001-12-17 Rounding up Bad Guys at Tora Bora
2001-12-17 Spain puts away two ETA gunnies
2001-12-17 Lashkar and Jaish not yet formally on US terror list
2001-12-17 Prosecutor asks for the high jump for Temirbulatov
2001-12-17 Nine al-Qaeda gunnies holed up in Kandahar hospital
2001-12-17 Binny's successor named
2001-12-17 Pakland sez it wasn't Jaish
2001-12-17 J & K coppers nab Jaish runner
2001-12-17 Special Forces in Pakland
2001-12-17 US hollers at Paks over terrorism
2001-12-17 Geraldo sez Binny's shaved and skipped
2001-12-17 Three gunnies arrested, five come down with rigor mortis in Kashmir
2001-12-17 Shootouts in Nablus, Ramallah
2001-12-17 US embassy in Kabul opens with the same old flag
2001-12-17 Pashtuns say one-eyed mullah is toast
2001-12-17 Rafsanjani sez if Islam gets the bomb, Israel's a goner
2001-12-17 Afzal's laptop a bucket of intel goodies
2001-12-17 India requisitions trains for troop transport to Kashmir
2001-12-17 Sri Lanka to ask India's help with Lib Tigers
2001-12-17 Court sez Brits can extradite al-Qaeda gunnies to US
2001-12-17 Fazlur Rahman sprung in Pakland
2001-12-17 Hamas snuffy shot "trying to escape"
2001-12-17 Hamas & Islamic Jihad leaders go underground
2001-12-17 Harkat gunnies jugged by NA hoping to get sprung
2001-12-18 Karzai warns Talibs to come over
2001-12-18 US: Don't even think about harboring Binny
2001-12-18 Iraqi opposition wants US support
2001-12-18 Hurriyat sez for Pak, India to cool down
2001-12-18 Pak delegation to Saudi, then off to China
2001-12-18 Saudi princess booked for battery
2001-12-18 Yemeni forces operating against suspected al-Qaeda
2001-12-18 US puts Lashkar and Jaish on The List
2001-12-18 Yemen sez they'll clean house
2001-12-18 Sammy wants Palestine summit
2001-12-18 Rumor mill: Binny had his face done
2001-12-18 Turks might let US use bases against Iraq
2001-12-18 Pak sez Kashmir gunnies are "freedom fighters"
2001-12-18 India threatens war
2001-12-18 Binny's skipped
2001-12-19 Israelis will pull out if Palestinians stop exploding
2001-12-19 Yasser wants more "martyrs"
2001-12-19 Indo cops chase Ghazi Baba
2001-12-19 8 direct lines from Kabul to ISI
2001-12-19 Butthead tosses firecracker at border post, gets shot. Wotta surprise.
2001-12-19 Indo cops bust Maoists
2001-12-19 PA arrests a dozen of its own
2001-12-19 Hamas sez they'll quit bombing, but won't admit it
2001-12-19 Advani wants Pak to hand over thugs
2001-12-19 Feds questioning al-Qaeda gunnies at Kandahar
2001-12-19 Johnny Jihad's Mom and Dad: "Get our boy a mouthpiece!"
2001-12-19 11 gunnies in Kashmir aren't ticklish anymore
2001-12-19 Yemen uses troops to search for Islamothugs
2001-12-19 French ambassador can't remember "shitty little country" crack
2001-12-19 Al-Qaeda prisoners revolt in Pakland, 12 dead
2001-12-19 Kashmir coppers nab four in Parliament attack
2001-12-19 Fadlallah sez Arabs aren't fanatic enough
2001-12-20 Israeli tanks return to Nablus, Ramallah
2001-12-20 PA - Hamas gunfight in Gaza Strip
2001-12-20 Karzai sez not to abandon Afghanistan
2001-12-20 Berri sez last sparks of "Arab Dignity" flickering
2001-12-20 Bloodthirsty mullah skips
2001-12-20 Jaish sez it didn't do Parliament attacks, but will do worse
2001-12-20 Bush blocks Lashkar, Tameer-e-Nau finances
2001-12-20 Afzal was Jaish agent
2001-12-20 100 Days: To recap...
2001-12-20 Mazar explosion injures 50
2001-12-20 Brits ask for action against Jaish and Lashkar
2001-12-20 UN General Assembly back Yasser
2001-12-20 US forces operating in Pakland
2001-12-20 Northern Alliance hands over Bad Guys to India
2001-12-21 Pak declines to accept corpses of terrorists
2001-12-21 India recalls ambassador to Pakland
2001-12-21 India to help Bhutan drive out gunnies
2001-12-21 3 gunnies indicted in Italy
2001-12-21 More US forces to eastern Afghanistan
2001-12-21 Islamic Jihad to continue "resistance"
2001-12-21 Hamas announces it will stop attacks
2001-12-21 Getcher Binny cologne! Right here in Lahore!
2001-12-21 Somalia starts arresting people
2001-12-21 Convoy of elders bombed. Oops.
2001-12-21 Yemen will strike "with an iron hand"
2001-12-21 Shootout between PA and Hamas kills one
2001-12-21 Pak Interior Minister's brother snuffed
2001-12-21 Bush wants Perv to take a tougher stand against gunnies
2001-12-21 Saudis complain about US media treatment
2001-12-21 7000 Talib and al-Qaeda prisoners
2001-12-21 Pak to freeze accounts of Tameer-e-Nau
2001-12-22 Slow news day...
2001-12-22 Pak air force ready to fight
2001-12-22 Lashkar-e-Taiba double-dares Perv to take action
2001-12-22 Iraq can resist any US attack. Yeah, yeah.
2001-12-22 Uranium, cyanide, all the delicacies of the season
2001-12-22 Karzai inaugurated, still not dead
2001-12-22 Call for end of violence leaves seven dead
2001-12-22 Six dead, the Jews dunnit
2001-12-22 Georgian cops arrest uranium hustler
2001-12-22 Treason case againt JUI Biggie
2001-12-22 Hamas leader agrees to house arrest, no TV for a week
2001-12-22 American Airlines passenger tries to light his shoes. Really.
2001-12-22 Hamas calls Yasser a traitor
2001-12-22 Perv sez Binny not in Pakland
2001-12-22 Indos, Paks exchange small arms fire
2001-12-22 Russers, Brits to share antiterror intel
2001-12-22 Afghans need $9 billion - with a B - in aid
2001-12-22 Sharon will prevent Yasser traveling to Bethlehem
2001-12-22 Paks nab three al-Qaeda
2001-12-22 Perv sez Indos rash and arrogant
2001-12-23 Arab News: Nobody will shed a tear when Sammy's gone
2001-12-23 Binny's Mom sez tape was faked
2001-12-23 Shoe bomber sez he's Jamaican, mon.
2001-12-23 Passengers overcame Shoe Bomber
2001-12-23 No one expected to die of hunger this year
2001-12-23 Athens McDonald's blown
2001-12-23 Giuliani is Person of the Year
2001-12-23 Paks will try 40 al-Qaeda
2001-12-23 Two Afghans arrested in India have al-Qaeda links
2001-12-23 Mullah Zaeef asks Paks for assylum
2001-12-23 Gunfire, tension along Line of Control
2001-12-23 Bush to receive Iraq attack options
2001-12-23 Hezbollah in "total readiness"
2001-12-23 Al-Aqsa sez attacks will continue
2001-12-23 Rocket misses Franks' heli
2001-12-23 Shoe bomber so far has three names...
2001-12-23 Happy Holidays: "Ho, ho, ho, war toys have got to go"
2001-12-23 Indian forces on high alert
2001-12-23 Berkeley bans log-burning fireplaces
2001-12-23 Yasser sez he's goin' to Bethlehem. Yoo betcha.
2001-12-23 Jumblatt decries "tyrants, dictators" in Mid East
2001-12-24 Binny's beat it to Kashmir
2001-12-24 Syrians say 9-11 thugs had inside help
2001-12-24 FBI says Shoe Boy was acting alone
2001-12-24 Talibs mingling in with Pashtun commanders
2001-12-24 Chinese to make terrorism a capital offense
2001-12-24 Talibs looted the treasury before they beat it
2001-12-24 French Muslim froze to death
2001-12-24 Pak freezes Lashkar assets
2001-12-24 Indos toss Pak embassy staffer
2001-12-24 Yasser misses Christmas in Bethlehem
2001-12-24 US to conduct DNA tests of corpses to see if they're Binny
2001-12-24 Indos destroy Pak bunkers in Poonch
2001-12-24 Indians move up short range missiles
2001-12-24 Pak cancels leave for troops
2001-12-24 500 Maoists bumped off in past month in Nepal
2001-12-25 Paks redeploy strategic units
2001-12-25 Simberg on the next year...
2001-12-25 Chechnya: Raduev gets life
2001-12-25 Indos have broken up 101 ISI cells
2001-12-25 Al-Qaeda-friendly? Step this way, please...
2001-12-25 New government preparing a national army
2001-12-25 Turkey continues no-fly zone cooperation
2001-12-25 Feds think Shoe Boy had an accomplice
2001-12-25 Shoe Boy's a radical Muslim. Wotta surprise.
2001-12-25 Ambush on Israel-Jordan border
2001-12-25 Musharraf calls on Paks to reject extremism
2001-12-25 Five Lashkar-e-Taiba no longer ticklish
2001-12-25 Somali factions sign peace accord. Some of them, anyway.
2001-12-25 Yemen searching for Bad Guys
2001-12-25 Indian Railways suspends four train lines
2001-12-25 Merry Christmas
2001-12-25 IDF tanks, infantry arrest seven Bad Guys
2001-12-26 Russers have lost over 2300 killed in Chechen war in two years
2001-12-26 Indos say Pak efforts against terror networks inadequate
2001-12-26 Pak coast guard nabs 43 Afghans
2001-12-26 Binny getting away on a tramp freighter?
2001-12-26 Saudis snuggle up with Iranian delegation
2001-12-26 30 Jaish thugs nabbed
2001-12-26 Shoe Boy used to hang around with Moussaoui
2001-12-26 Binny on tape sez our hatred's not defined
2001-12-26 Pak missiles on alert
2001-12-26 Lashkar-e-Taiba moves offices to Kashmir
2001-12-26 Kashmir thugs trained in Afghan camps
2001-12-26 Palestinian gunnies hit and run
2001-12-26 5000 explosives defused
2001-12-26 Criminal mastermind hits Blogger
2001-12-26 Binny dead at Tora Bora?
2001-12-26 Shoe Boy's al-Qaeda friends remember him
2001-12-26 Chretien went to bat for al-Qaeda thug
2001-12-26 Egyptians try 22 Muslim Brotherhood
2001-12-26 Paks shell Indo positions
2001-12-26 Israel and PA try to shore up truce
2001-12-26 12 Maoists iced in Nepal
2001-12-26 Pro-war resolution is "racist"
2001-12-26 IDF arrests 17
2001-12-26 New government sez Talibs were controlled by al-Qaeda and Paks
2001-12-26 Russers whack Chechens
2001-12-26 Binny in Baluchistan?
2001-12-26 US asks Yemen to allow Marines
2001-12-26 Iraq sez it hit one of our aircraft
2001-12-26 Japanese demand death penalty for Aum thug
2001-12-27 Shoe Boy's lawyer: Nope, no evidence.
2001-12-27 Hurriyat's tired of foreign thugs hanging around
2001-12-27 Somali big says attacking his country wouldn't be worth it
2001-12-27 Abu Nidal tried to bump off Yasser stooge in Lebanon
2001-12-27 Taliban Biggy injured, maybe dead
2001-12-27 Musharraf: No crackdown on madrassahs
2001-12-27 Pak Afghan Defense Council bitches about drift toward secularism
2001-12-27 11 dead in Somali gang shootout
2001-12-27 Frenchies say Shoe Boy was in Israel this year
2001-12-27 Indos, Russers complain of terrorism double standard
2001-12-27 Pak has ruled out nuke war
2001-12-27 Kasmir cops nab al-Qaeda thug
2001-12-27 Guantanamo to be al-Qaeda's new home
2001-12-27 Saudi suggests dumping Yasser
2001-12-27 Binny's in Pakland with Fazl?
2001-12-27 Malay cult members guilty of treason
2001-12-27 Six Russians killed in Chechen land mine explosion
2001-12-27 Saudis: One little mistake...
2001-12-27 To continue yesterday's rant...
2001-12-27 Six dead, 23 injured in Kashmir gunfights
2001-12-27 EU issues terror list
2001-12-27 Vehrs on India-Pak
2001-12-27 IDF arrests seven in Hebron
2001-12-27 Oops.
2001-12-27 Indos to cut diplomatic numbers with Paks
2001-12-27 Binny sez USA's gonna collapse
2001-12-27 Secret Service agent barred from flight
2001-12-27 Indos, Paks back off on cross-border fire
2001-12-28 Brits can Muslim jail clerics for remarks
2001-12-28 Indos claim Pak embassy involved in spying
2001-12-28 Pak says Indo war will reduce ability to support in Afghanistan
2001-12-28 Three Maoists iced in Nepal
2001-12-28 No bail for Shoe Boy
2001-12-28 Somali warlords call for international intervention
2001-12-28 Turks bust up New Year's party poopers
2001-12-28 Paks, Indos shell each other
2001-12-28 Dutchies investigating where Shoe Boy got the explosives
2001-12-28 Indos prepare thug list for Paks
2001-12-28 IDF lifts blockade of Bethlehem
2001-12-28 Shoe Boy's mouthpiece sez no evidence
2001-12-28 Islamic Jihad takes credit for bomb attempt
2001-12-28 Jordanian dynamite man arrested in Manila
2001-12-29 India's still offended by Pak
2001-12-29 Palestinian coppers nab a few more jihadis while PFLP squeal like a pig
2001-12-29 Pakistan says if they show up there, they're toast
2001-12-29 Hardly anybody killed along the Line of Control; pretty hard on the "hardly anybody."
2001-12-29 SneakerBoy's aunt says he's just a misunderstood lad who's been misused by his friends
2001-12-29 PFLP Bad Guys charge (heh-heh!) kidnapping
2001-12-29 Helpful Euros show up to set fire to things and make faces at the Israelis
2001-12-29 China terrorism pops up above the background noise
2001-12-29 MILF slaughters 10 in Philippines
2001-12-29 Pak asks India to allow Musharraf overflight
2001-12-29 Bahrain joins the fleet, now that the shooting's over
2001-12-29 Yemen continues cleanup because they don't want the Marines to come help
2001-12-29 Prison sealed off for gunny transfer
2001-12-29 Shootouts continue to be the Somali National Sport
2001-12-29 Bad Guys had orders to head for Kashmir after they got waxed in Afghanistan
2001-12-29 Where's Binny? Where's Omar?
2001-12-30 More Indians evacuating the border
2001-12-30 The Philosophy of Terror
2001-12-30 FBI still investigating domstic Bad Guys.
2001-12-30 Pak freezes assets of their rogue scientists, finally
2001-12-30 Garbage collector blown up by a bomb somebody tossed out
2001-12-30 Lashkar-e-Taiba puts on a false nose and glasses
2001-12-30 Saudis hire a loon to say the Jews did it
2001-12-30 We're stuck with the same old dummies at the airport
2001-12-30 And continues shooting up the neighborhood
2001-12-30 Singapore stops an attack on US aircraft carrier.
2001-12-30 If I could write...
2001-12-30 Bush bears down on Pakistan while trying to defuse the tensions
2001-12-30 Muslim Bad Guys still causing trouble in Philippines
2001-12-30 Internees up to 150 and probably still rising
2001-12-30 Habil says Binnie's having tea with Fazelur Rahman in Pakland
2001-12-30 Israel and Palestinians trying to get Zinni back before something else goes wrong
2001-12-30 Afghans say ISI is helping Binnie
2001-12-30 Gulf States want an advertising campaign to clean up their tarnished image
2001-12-30 Berriganistas in Iraq say sanctions are "weapon of mass destruction."
2001-12-30 Israel trying to get Syria to talk
2001-12-30 Lebanon parties vie over who likes terrorists more
2001-12-31 Showtime at the Chicago airport
2001-12-31 Binny's probably still alive
2001-12-31 Pak: Just cool down
2001-12-31 Lashkar small fry wanted to blow up the New Year
2001-12-31 Lashkar bigwig jugged in Pakland
2001-12-31 India cops bump off eight Jaish gunnies
2001-12-31 Foreigners give Kashmir thugs a bad name
2001-12-31 Pak "Most Wanted" jugged
2001-12-31 Stuart Reid sez we lost in Afghanistan and he can't quite make out the difference between amputations and lap-dancing (Whoa! There's one... Nope, that's not it)
2001-12-31 Dynamite Man's Dad: My Boy was Framed!
2001-12-31 PA coppers pick up a couple small fry
2001-12-31 Six more cold ones in Palestine, predictable cries for revenge
2001-12-31 Chechen corpse count
2001-12-31 Indians, Paks trade mortar fire
2001-12-31 Serve some time for the cause
2001-12-31 Gulf States: Let the inspectors back, before something dreadful happens
2001-12-31 MI5 dropped the ball on SneakerBoy and Moussaoui
2002-01-01 Traditional Chechen New Year festivities in Grozny
2002-01-01 Islamic New Year in Karachi II
2002-01-01 Indonesian Muslims blow up churches to celebrate New Year
2002-01-01 Vajpayee sez knock off the proxy war
2002-01-01 Al-Qaeda detritus to move from Pakland to Kandahar
2002-01-01 Islamic New Year in Karachi
2002-01-01 Hindu New Year in Lucknow
2002-01-01 Palestinians say killing suicide bombers "fans the flames"
2002-01-01 Saudis have traditional New Year celebration
2002-01-01 Indos fire on Pak bunkers in Kashmir
2002-01-01 Palestinian chorus to sing "Well hello, Zinni! This is Nablus, Zinni! It's so nice to have you back where you belooong!"
2002-01-01 And we'll blow ourselves up to prove it!
2002-01-01 Handler sez Binny doesn't look well
2002-01-01 Eurobombers ring in the New Year around Strasbourg
2002-01-01 Lashkar heroes bump off a baby in Poonch
2002-01-01 One-eyed mullah hunt in Helmand
2002-01-01 To hell with Musharraf, jihad goes on in Kashmir
2002-01-01 Gulf States call for UN involvement
2002-01-01 Jordanian-American al-Qaeda may get the jump
2002-01-01 Israel uses tanks to arrest four Bad Guys
2002-01-02 Russians continue grinding Chechens
2002-01-02 Israel continues cleaning up Palestinians
2002-01-02 Lashkar says it'll blow the Taj Mahal
2002-01-02 Another deader and now negotiating for the one-eyed mullah
2002-01-02 Al-Aqsa Martyrs say they'll be good
2002-01-02 Kashmiri "freedom fighter" mob moves offices to Kashmir
2002-01-02 India-Pak shake hands while thugs try to torpedo meeting
2002-01-02 Pak cuts funding to mercenary Kashmir groups
2002-01-02 Jamiat-e-Islami head jugged
2002-01-02 Pak kiddies may learn to read and write
2002-01-02 Moussaoui sez "no plea" - trial scheduled for one of these days
2002-01-02 Kuwait sez Bad Guy's not really theirs
2002-01-02 Islamists: "Hey, hey! Ho ho! Musharraf's got to go!"
2002-01-02 Hekmatyar ready for a comeback now that better men have kicked out the Taliban
2002-01-02 Pak mob opposes extraditing crazed gunmen
2002-01-02 Pak condolences for baby massacre
2002-01-02 Yemenis continue chasing al-Qaeda
2002-01-03 Saudis funding Hamas bomb-makers
2002-01-03 Azerbaijan arrests attempted mad bombers
2002-01-03 Pak: give us evidence, we'll try our own thugs
2002-01-03 Jaish sez campaign of mad-dog killing will continue
2002-01-03 Blair wants to help
2002-01-03 "The difficult we do immediately. The impossible sometimes takes forever"
2002-01-03 Somalia next in the barrel?
2002-01-03 Firefighters and victims at WTC had it tougher than Shoe Boy
2002-01-03 SneakerBoy's Dad sez he had a tough life
2002-01-03 Indos bump off a dozen small fry
2002-01-03 Ramsey Clark still loves Saddam
2002-01-03 Good Guys 1, Left Mullahs 0, in Madison, Wis.
2002-01-04 Iran sez so, so that must make it so
2002-01-04 Bad Guys kill one of our own
2002-01-04 It's all an Israeli plot
2002-01-04 Ismail Khan's a law 'n' order kind of guy
2002-01-04 Palestinians caught with pants down in arms shipment
2002-01-04 Another small-fry spy jugged in India
2002-01-04 A baker's dozen thugs rounded up in Malaysia
2002-01-04 Vajpayee and Musharraf at the same dinner - so what?
2002-01-04 Learned Elder of Islam sez we're arrogant tyrants
2002-01-04 India still waiting for "the authorities" to round up perpetrators of atrocities
2002-01-04 Irish killer blows his own head off
2002-01-04 One-eyed Mullah hunt goes house-to-house
2002-01-04 Pak sez "My, what a lot of troops you have! Mind pulling back a little?"
2002-01-04 Vajpayee sez SAARC should focus on economic issues instead of impending slaughter
2002-01-04 Pak planners: Maybe crazed killers aren't the best policy tool
2002-01-04 Pak crackdown on religious thugs
2002-01-04 Crazed killer/religious lunatic umbrella organization sez maybe crazed killers aren't the way to go
2002-01-04 Blair tries to please both sides, pleases neither. Wotta surprise.
2002-01-05 Indo cops rescue Bangla kids from life as camel jockeys
2002-01-05 Paks and Indos trade fire in Kashmir
2002-01-05 Zinni still trying
2002-01-05 Taliban regrouping?
2002-01-05 Faisalabad thugs sprung
2002-01-05 Pak cops thump demonstrating religious loons
2002-01-05 Singapore rounds up its own al-Qaeda...
2002-01-05 One-eyed Mullah on the run again
2002-01-05 Musharraf and Vajpayee shake hands - Vajpayee would rather be in Philadelphia
2002-01-05 Mullah Zaeef, meet the Great Satan
2002-01-05 Fox and NBC news are reporting that a small plane has crashed into the Bank of America offices in Tampa, Fla.
2002-01-05 Kashmiri students march for independence
2002-01-06 Interim administration in Pakland?
2002-01-06 US-Saudi relations
2002-01-06 India wants US to go bail for Pakistan
2002-01-06 Musharraf offers to free Bhutto's husband
2002-01-06 Jugged mercenaries shifted to avoid jailbreaks
2002-01-06 Pak families trying to ransom their jihadis
2002-01-06 Lowenstein Institute?
2002-01-06 Dostum ships Uzbek killers home
2002-01-06 Learned Elders of Islam to try and define terrorism
2002-01-06 Chechen thugs kill 16 Russian troops
2002-01-06 Saudis: No politics during Haj
2002-01-06 Pak drone shot down
2002-01-06 New Lashkar head is a Pak, too
2002-01-06 Hekmatyar aide sez he supports Karzai. Pigs whistle
2002-01-06 Iran snuggles up with Iraqi opposition
2002-01-06 PPP wants elections, now! Dammit!
2002-01-06 Pak coppers raid Jaish hideouts
2002-01-06 Five thugs bumped off in Kashmir gunfights
2002-01-07 Yasser to investigate boom boat
2002-01-07 Saudi debt going up
2002-01-07 Pak reviewing Indo Most Wanted list
2002-01-07 Russians shell Argun to dislodge Chechen rebels
2002-01-07 Jamiat Ulema Pakistan religious fanatics support their government against India
2002-01-07 Saudis tear down Ottoman treasure for a new hotel
2002-01-07 Musharraf and Vajpayee meet
2002-01-07 Binnie's wife picked up in Yemen
2002-01-07 Palestinian ship captain sings
2002-01-07 Mad bomber explodes himself, others, at Christmas celebration
2002-01-07 Maoists blow Indian temple, abduct priest
2002-01-07 Muslim League religious fanatics don't support Musharraf
2002-01-07 Turk snuffies sentenced to the jump
2002-01-07 Killer kiddie skips
2002-01-07 Musharraf rejects all terrorism, not just the kind he doesn't like
2002-01-07 Jihad threatened for Britain...
2002-01-08 US gets Hot Pursuit agreement from Pakland
2002-01-08 Philippine troops bump off 11 Moro Liberation snuffies
2002-01-08 NGO people stealing groceries
2002-01-08 Indonesian religious fanatics decry insidious American plot
2002-01-08 Sikhs signing up in Punjab
2002-01-08 Jammu organization sez Indos should just get it over with and declare war
2002-01-08 Taliban muckety-mucks surrender
2002-01-08 A dozen dead in Chechen siege
2002-01-08 Syria willing to help US against Bad Guys
2002-01-08 Taliban made off with all the cash on the way out the door
2002-01-08 Pak Muslim League trying to consolidate factions to oppose Bhutto's party
2002-01-08 Somalis say they like us, so don't bomb, okay?
2002-01-08 Baker bumped off in Kosovo
2002-01-08 Syria taking baby steps to lighten up
2002-01-08 Israel-Indo line up against terror networks
2002-01-08 "We'll take you to court!" Malay fundos threaten
2002-01-08 Pak Muslim League sez no impact on Kashmir fight
2002-01-08 Two Pak gunnies dead in army camp attack
2002-01-08 Tehran doesn't want a Jew as British ambassador
2002-01-08 US forces catch another 14 al-Qaeda gunnies
2002-01-08 Mid Easterners arrested in India on document charges
2002-01-08 Jaish sez crackdown will make no difference
2002-01-08 Kandahar hospital stand-off: And then there were six
2002-01-08 Saudis won't change curriculum for the West
2002-01-09 Law and order to come to Kabul?...
2002-01-09 Marine aircraft down in Pakistan
2002-01-09 LLTE is funded by ISI, armed by al-Qaeda...
2002-01-09 Ceasefire has ceased: Hamas gunnies hit Israeli army post...
2002-01-09 Shoot-out at Kashmir mosque
2002-01-09 Jaish and Lashkar to be shut down?
2002-01-09 Four Lashkar deaders in Kashmir, two real people
2002-01-09 Brits freeze charity funds for al-Qaeda involvement
2002-01-09 Moussaoui wants TV trial, just like OJ got
2002-01-09 Heavily armed loon worked in nuclear power plant
2002-01-09 Karzai says Afghanistan to follow the free market
2002-01-09 Paks set up moderate committee on Kashmir
2002-01-09 Human rights group demands UN do something about Jihad regimes
2002-01-09 Somalia's been warned - again
2002-01-09 Sudan sez "Let's talk about what terrorism is
2002-01-09 Turks say Islamist party leader must step down
2002-01-10 Somalia already getting too hot to hold the snuffies
2002-01-10 Congressmen dump meeting with Yasser
2002-01-10 Pak jugs another Jaish biggie...
2002-01-10 Bhutto's party calls for independent election commission, dropping of charges
2002-01-10 Nazareth Islamist leader tells Pope to butt out
2002-01-10 Terrorist havens shutting down
2002-01-10 Musharraf gets go-ahead to ban Bad Guys from military
2002-01-10 Bush tells Iran to butt out...
2002-01-10 Lashkar Jihad still operating on Sulawesi...
2002-01-10 Still bombing Khost cave complex...
2002-01-10 Somali PM sez they're cleaning up the act
2002-01-10 Israel will prefer charges against Mufti of Jerusalem
2002-01-10 US blocks phony Islamic "charities"...
2002-01-10 Pak to adopt a moderate path?
2002-01-10 Saudis tell Turkey to butt out
2002-01-10 Indonesia rediscovers Muslim moderation
2002-01-11 Somalia is "terrorized" by the US
2002-01-11 Singapore springs two sympathizers, keeps 13 live ones
2002-01-11 US gripes about Russians using too much force against Chechens
2002-01-11 Bad Guys shipped express to Guantanamo
2002-01-11 Gunnies being relieved of Russian-made manhood at Spin Boldak
2002-01-11 Palestinians bust three for arms shipment...
2002-01-12 Pakistan: US asked to vacate two key air bases
2002-01-12 Plane with Al-Qaeda detainees arrives at US base in Cuba
2002-01-12 Israel destroys Palestinian airport runway
2002-01-12 We are ready for war: Indian general
2002-01-13 Musharraf bans key militant groups
2002-01-13 Israeli gunships attack Gaza harbor
2002-01-14 Threat to embassy in Yemen
2002-01-14 Baker's dozen snuffies decomposing in Kashmir
2002-01-14 Over 500 arrested in Punjab
2002-01-14 India waiting and watching
2002-01-14 Lashkar will try to carry on
2002-01-14 Three Brit al-Qaeda in Guantanamo, more on the way
2002-01-14 Pak mullah sez Islamic revolution brewing
2002-01-14 Palestinian networks back in business...
2002-01-14 Afghan Defense Council mullah calls for riots in Peshawar
2002-01-14 US to lend a hand in Philippines
2002-01-14 450 al-Qaeda in custody
2002-01-14 Sudan offers cease-fire...
2002-01-14 Hurriyat tries to put a good face on it
2002-01-14 Pak Muslim League just hates it
2002-01-14 Banditi kidnap American in Afghanistan
2002-01-15 MNLF coordinating with Abu Sayyaf
2002-01-15 Paks can't find the money trail
2002-01-15 Al-Aqsa bumps off somebody's granddad
2002-01-15 5,000 thugs on banned group rolls
2002-01-15 Pak gunnies to go underground
2002-01-15 MILF to give up kidnaping hobby
2002-01-15 Levin sez we may shake the Saudi dust from our feet
2002-01-15 MILF in cease-fire with Philippines
2002-01-15 Terror networks can't operate under new names
2002-01-15 US intel going over the books with Kuwait
2002-01-15 Six religious fanatic leaders arrested in Quetta
2002-01-15 Sudan peace talks in Switzerland...
2002-01-15 Musharraf sez no compromise on support to Kashmir struggle
2002-01-15 Palestinian snuffies shoot another woman
2002-01-15 Philippine political rally leaves 20 dead
2002-01-15 Two gunnies jugged in Kashmir
2002-01-16 More al-Qaeda gunnies arrive at Guantanamo
2002-01-16 Algerian boom boy jugged for 24 years
2002-01-16 Nepali Maoists stage jailbreak...
2002-01-16 Sneaker Boy was al-Qaeda target scout
2002-01-16 PLO arrests head of PFLP...
2002-01-16 More charges against Maxwell Smart
2002-01-16 Mysterious fire destroys records on banned groups
2002-01-16 Palestinian bumped off by mistake...
2002-01-16 MNLF violence continues in Philippines...
2002-01-16 Johnny Jihad to be charged with conspiracy to kill Americans
2002-01-16 Mary Robinson sez al-Qaeda prisoners are POWs...
2002-01-16 125 Pak jihadis return from Afghanistan...
2002-01-16 India eases stance with Pakland
2002-01-16 Musharraf introduces electoral reforms...
2002-01-16 Arroyo taking heat over US help against Abu Sayyaf...
2002-01-16 Al-Qaeda money man turns himself in...
2002-01-16 Almost 2,000 thugs rounded up in Pakland
2002-01-16 Gunnies shoot up Lahore airport
2002-01-16 No Senzayuma Watch
2002-01-16 Pakland cracks down on madrassahs
2002-01-16 Charges against five Symbionese Liberation Army goons...
2002-01-17 Peace seems to be on the horizon for Indo-Pak
2002-01-17 MNLF looking for an excuse to resume hostilities
2002-01-17 Singapore info leads to Philippines arms cache
2002-01-17 Yemen to toss foreign religious fanatics
2002-01-17 Five al-Qaeda caught wearing women's clothes in Pakistan
2002-01-17 Arafat: Israelis kill Palestinian children for spare parts
2002-01-17 Palestinian suicide thug shoots up Israeli wedding party
2002-01-17 Al-Aqsa snuffy bumped off
2002-01-17 Fazlur Rahman goes underground... Three more groups to be banned
2002-01-17 Crackdown on Bad Guys continues in Pakland
2002-01-17 Israel jugs nine PFLP
2002-01-17 PFLP sez it'll kill Palestinian Authority security chiefs if it can't have its way
2002-01-17 Kashmir thugs bomb market
2002-01-17 Sammy sez Iraq is ready to take on the US
2002-01-17 Three snuffies depart gene pool in Kashmir
2002-01-17 Two Algerian snuffies charged in Britain
2002-01-18 Seven Russian troops killed in Dagestan
2002-01-18 PeeCee firefighters' memorial is no more
2002-01-18 Correction! Correction! Correction!
2002-01-18 Lashkar and Jaish to stand down
2002-01-18 Israelis beat up Palestinian Authority for bat mitzvah attack
2002-01-18 Aideed: Al-Qaeda arriving in Somalia
2002-01-18 Brits arrest four more gunnies in Leicester
2002-01-18 Sara Jane gets back-to-back tenners
2002-01-18 Greece on al-Qaeda hit list
2002-01-18 No teevee trial for Moussaoui
2002-01-19 Malaysian cops nab seven more al-Qaeda gunnies
2002-01-19 Call for strike in Baluchistan flops
2002-01-19 Sudan government and rebels agree to cease-fire
2002-01-19 Mullah Fazlur Rehman sez Binny's still alive - he thinks
2002-01-19 Israelis shut down Voice of Palestine with dynamite
2002-01-19 Religious fanatics protest in Peshawar to spring mullahs
2002-01-19 Maxwell Smart left e-mail trail
2002-01-19 Mullah Fudlullah sez Palestinians rebelling against Israeli and American oppressors (as opposed to killing people out of habit)
2002-01-19 Hostage released after ransom in Afghanistan
2002-01-19 Pakland has its own list of Bad Guys it would like from India
2002-01-19 Six al-Qaeda picked up in Kabul
2002-01-19 India busts two Lashkar-e-Taiba money men
2002-01-19 Crisis over: India back to politix as usual
2002-01-19 Pak religious fanatics blame capitalism for ills of the world
2002-01-19 Salang tunnel is open again
2002-01-19 Two al-Qaeda gunnies picked up in Spain
2002-01-19 Karzai meets with Saudis on world tour
2002-01-19 Pak mullahs against electoral reforms
2002-01-20 Indo troops will remain on Pak border
2002-01-20 Family sez al-Qaeda tape gunny is nuts
2002-01-20 Pak religious fanatics rant against Musharraf
2002-01-20 Rumor has it Yasser might resign
2002-01-20 Mubarak sez Egypt winning domestic war on terrorism
2002-01-20 Sri Lanka and Tamil Tigers to begin peace talks
2002-01-20 Troops, supplies arrive in Philippines
2002-01-20 Indo cops nab two Hizbul snuffies in Jammu
2002-01-20 Palestinians will renew attacks if Israel doesn't back down
2002-01-20 Seven more gunnies attain Paradise in Kashmir
2002-01-20 Heli crash in Afghanistan kills two Marines
2002-01-20 Cuba will return any al-Qaeda escapees
2002-01-20 People's War Group sez it wants to talk
2002-01-20 Pak religious loons riot
2002-01-20 Saudi's Sheik al-Shoeiby is decomposing
2002-01-21 India willing to trade Bad Guys with Pak
2002-01-21 Somalia picks up 20 suspects
2002-01-21 Malaysia to clamp down on madrassahs
2002-01-21 Kashmir pol: jihadis provide an "excuse" to term struggle as terrorism
2002-01-21 Swedish al-Qaeda in Guantanamo
2002-01-21 Singapore group to register as political website
2002-01-21 Jerusalem mufti doesn't want any Jews in his mosque
2002-01-21 Israel takes over Tulkarem
2002-01-21 Indonesian religious loons threaten violence if they can't have their way
2002-01-21 Ramsey Clark goes to court for al-Qaeda
2002-01-21 Yasser blathers on about Palestinian state
2002-01-21 Philippines nab al-Qaeda runner
2002-01-21 Pak Kashmir PM refuses to shut down Lashkar and Jaish
2002-01-21 Seven more snuffies depart gene pool in Kashmir
2002-01-21 Lashkar-i-Taiba thug to take the high jump
2002-01-21 Gunnies shoot up family in Kashmir
2002-01-21 China links Xinjiang rebels to bin Laden
2002-01-22 Indonesian cops to question cleric about al-Qaeda links
2002-01-22 India's had it with madrassahs
2002-01-22 Suspect in massacre is massacred
2002-01-22 Johnny Jihad on his way to the USA
2002-01-22 Harkat Jihadis shoot up American Center in Calcutta
2002-01-22 Afghan civil servants get paid - at last
2002-01-22 India claims Ansari-Omar Sheikh-Mohammad Atta link
2002-01-22 Pak cops pick up crazed killer
2002-01-22 Yemen to shut down madrassah
2002-01-22 Military to quit veil policy in Arabia
2002-01-22 Pak sez not involved in Calcutta attack
2002-01-22 Hamas and al-Aqsa argue over whose gunny wounded 39 in Jerusalem
2002-01-22 Paks close down Harkat ul Mujahideen
2002-01-22 Judge schedules further proceedings on Ramsey Clark al-Qaeda meddle
2002-01-22 US forces pick up Taliban commander
2002-01-22 Three snuffies depart gene pool in Jammu
2002-01-23 Poonch killer was bumped off for besmirching gunnies' reputation
2002-01-23 Afghanistan could repatriate Chinese al-Qaeda snuffies
2002-01-23 German ships join US off coast of Africa
2002-01-23 "Nope, not me," sez Indonesian mullah
2002-01-23 Leader of Free Aceh Movement is killed
2002-01-23 India charges six with murder in Calcutta
2002-01-23 Israel bumps off four Hamas
2002-01-23 Flights to Guantanamo paused
2002-01-23 Paks and Taliban commanders head to court in Kabul
2002-01-23 Allies disarm some Haji Bashir forces
2002-01-23 Arafat's problems...
2002-01-23 Karzai to address UN
2002-01-23 Palestinians threaten all-out war
2002-01-23 US, Brits attack Iraqi anti-aircraft site
2002-01-23 Indonesia blew al-Qaeda trap
2002-01-23 61 detained in American Center shoot-up
2002-01-23 Indo cops foil bomb attack on calaboose
2002-01-23 "Asif Reza Commando Force" made up of junior jihadis
2002-01-23 Two Abu Sayyaf snuffies buy farms
2002-01-23 Hezbollah attacks Israeli army positions
2002-01-23 Pak wants No-War Pact with India
2002-01-24 Johnny Jihad in court
2002-01-24 Epidemic of rigor mortis among Palestinian gunnies
2002-01-24 Hobeika bombed in Beirut
2002-01-24 Are the Arabs bored with Yasser, too?
2002-01-24 Two Algerian al-Qaeda in court in Britain
2002-01-24 Gul Agha backs down from plan to invade Herat
2002-01-24 Pak religious lunatic rants against Musharraf and US
2002-01-25 IRA boyo gets 14 years
2002-01-25 Five more snuffies bite the dust in Kashmir
2002-01-25 West Bengal cracks down on religious subversives
2002-01-25 Terror camps established in Bangladesh
2002-01-25 Palestinian detonates in shopping mall
2002-01-25 Cops bust four IRA thugs
2002-01-25 Former Enron exec an apparent suicide
2002-01-25 Hezbollah sez Palestinians should fight Israel
2002-01-25 Booze may ward off dementia
2002-01-25 Cutting ties with PA will "cause an earthquake"
2002-01-26 Yasser calls on Palestinians to cease and desist
2002-01-26 $650,000 snagged at O'Hare
2002-01-26 Saudi thugs were duped, Saud sez
2002-01-26 Marjan the Lion dies
2002-01-26 Thieves hit home while Marine is buried
2002-01-26 Philippine commies oppose US forces
2002-01-26 French cops sieze ETA dynamite cache
2002-01-26 Hegel sez think twice before cutting relations with Arafat
2002-01-26 Michelle Malkin thumps Ramsey Clark
2002-01-27 Bellicose women oversee Guantanamo gunnies
2002-01-27 FARC bike bomb kills 5, injures 21
2002-01-27 53 injured in today's suicide blast: Jerusalem
2002-01-27 Saudi prince admits "mistakes were made"
2002-01-27 "Days of Rage" coming to New York
2002-01-27 Dozens killed or wounded in pointless Somali violence
2002-01-27 Afghan commission picked by UN for some reason
2002-01-27 Indonesian separatist fighting in Aceh
2002-01-27 Government sez Sudan cease-fire working
2002-01-27 Lashkar Jihad shoots up Ambon city
2002-01-27 Ex-Taliban foreign minister hiding in Pakland
2002-01-27 Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa claim credit for atrocity
2002-01-27 London School of Economics: Hotbed of Terrorism?
2002-01-27 Brit Junior Jihadi released by Yemen
2002-01-27 Zinni calls Arafat "an unreformed liar"
2002-01-27 Afghan security forces snag Lashkar-e-Taiba arms stash
2002-01-27 Germans may prosecute Fritz Jihadi
2002-01-27 Algerian group uses snuff video for recruiting in England
2002-01-27 Chechnya heli explosion kills 11
2002-01-28 21 commies, 4 cops dead in Nepal
2002-01-28 Kandahar hospital snuffies are holed up in the morgue
2002-01-28 Israeli cops plug Killer Karjacker
2002-01-28 Arafat dismisses military finance guy
2002-01-28 Six snuffies iced in Algeria
2002-01-28 Religious loons rant against Musharraf - again
2002-01-28 11 killed by Indian People's War Group
2002-01-28 SAS working in Somalia
2002-01-28 Kashmir grenade attack injures nine
2002-01-28 Palestinian heroes stab 7-year-old in the ass
2002-01-28 5 questioned in Pearl kidnaping
2002-01-28 Two Calcutta gunnies iced
2002-01-28 Afghanistan dusts off the old flag
2002-01-28 14 troops injured in heli landing near Khost
2002-01-28 Paks spring fundo loon for medical reasons
2002-01-28 Two more Lashkar deaders in Kashmir
2002-01-28 "Family members" spring six Palestinian gunnies
2002-01-29 Brits arrest six for terrorism links
2002-01-29 No bail for crazed killers, Jordanian court rules
2002-01-29 Pak proposes talks with India
2002-01-29 Porn wants to say hello to the troops
2002-01-29 Butler Booted: Gave white supremacists a bad name
2002-01-29 Relatives say Brit al-Qaeda musta been brainwashed
2002-01-29 Al-Muhajiroun sez Brit al-Qaeda thugs are heroes
2002-01-29 Pak religious loon transferred to hospital in Lahore
2002-01-29 Kandahar hospital detainee is a Brit
2002-01-29 101st in Kabul has it tougher than al-Qaeda at Club Fed
2002-01-29 Sadist mom had unhappy childhood. Whoopdy doo.
2002-01-29 Brit al-Qaeda heroes are street thugs with passports
2002-01-29 Pak using jihadis to build up along Kashmir border
2002-01-29 Israel sweeps Palestinian town
2002-01-29 Sharansky sez to by-pass Arafat with development
2002-01-30 Yemenis to al-Qaeda: Surrender or we'll shoot you
2002-01-30 Two Hizbul Mujahideen snuffies snuffed in Kashmir
2002-01-30 Taliban Big Fish picked up in Pakland
2002-01-30 Palestinians conduct routine indiscriminate firing
2002-01-30 Five more Lashkar-e-Taiba cannon fodder dead in Jammu
2002-01-30 Pols make it big while cannon fodder bleeds. D'oh!
2002-01-30 Two security agents injured as double triple agent explodes
2002-01-30 Warlords fighting it out at Gardez
2002-01-30 Gunny nabbed in American Center attack
2002-01-30 Palestinian gunny nabbed riding in ambulance
2002-01-30 Florida Muslim woman sues
2002-01-30 Frenchies accuse Scotland Yard of letting al-Qaeda figure escape
2002-01-30 Kidnapers threaten to kill Pearl
2002-01-30 Taliban wants to try for a comeback in Gardez
2002-01-31 Musharraf sez religious schools should expand curricula
2002-01-31 "First, do no harm"
2002-01-31 Warlords continue to fight it out at Gardez
2002-01-31 Fem suicide bomber had problems. Whoopdy doo.
2002-01-31 Pak religious demagogue rants in Karachi
2002-01-31 Frenchies nab half dozen ETA gunnies
2002-01-31 Palestinians ambush farm truck
2002-01-31 India to help Afghans build a real army
2002-01-31 Pearl gets another 24 hours
2002-01-31 Hezbollah snarls defiance
2002-01-31 World Beauzeaux Convergence in Noo Yawk!
2002-01-31 World Beauzeaux Convention: List of Speakers
2002-01-31 Sharon: Shoulda killed Yasser 20 years ago
2002-02-01 Hildegard Knef is dead
2002-02-01 Israelis rocket Palestinian Naval Cops
2002-02-01 Canadian zoo owner wants to donate lions to Kabul
2002-02-01 Iranians urged to unite against US
2002-02-01 Kidnapers say they've killed Pearl
2002-02-01 Sharon met with Palestinian officials
2002-02-01 Jack Straw mocks Bush
2002-02-01 Russers bump off 48 Chechen snuffies
2002-02-01 Five gunnies waxed in Philippines
2002-02-01 Hizbollah firing at Israel/Lebanon border
2002-02-01 Lunatic tries to burn himself to the ground on Indian airlines
2002-02-01 For Sale
2002-02-01 Beauzeaux convergence low-key so far...
2002-02-02 Investigation goes on in Central Florida
2002-02-02 Saudi Interior Minister doesn't - quite - accuse US of torture
2002-02-02 Somali PM's home grenaded
2002-02-02 Club Fed detainees are pervs
2002-02-02 Noo Joisey's PeeCee history curriculum shot down
2002-02-02 Madeleine still doesn't get it
2002-02-02 Zadran sez "I'll be back!"
2002-02-02 Beauzeaux Convergence still unimpressive
2002-02-02 US in negotiations with Vietnam for Cam Ranh Bay
2002-02-02 Pearl kidnaping: new e-mail, new clues
2002-02-02 Al Fuqra in America
2002-02-02 PFLP sez it won't work with PLO
2002-02-02 Troops to guard US borders
2002-02-02 Chechen snuffy in Mumbai cancels Metzger visit
2002-02-02 Saudi murderer receives Very Short Haircut
2002-02-02 Tamil Tigers using cease-fire for press gangs, extortion up
2002-02-02 Musharraf: Pak lacks law'n'order. Wotta surprise.
2002-02-03 Turks suggest Iraq allow inspectors back
2002-02-03 In-fighting among Kashmir gangs
2002-02-03 Hamas doesn't need woman bombers
2002-02-03 Afghanistan needs an army of peacekeepers
2002-02-03 Pak cops no closer to finding Pearl
2002-02-03 7 Lashkar among 12 deaders in Kashmir
2002-02-03 Afghan post office now open for business
2002-02-03 The Islamists: A little soul-searching
2002-02-03 Karzai sez Afghanistan doesn't need warlords
2002-02-04 Pak cops stalled on search for Pearl
2002-02-04 Jaish e Mohammad to focus strength in Kashmir
2002-02-04 Pak paper sez Gilani to be extradited to US
2002-02-04 How Iran got on the US poop list
2002-02-04 9-11 caused a sea change in Hurriyat tactics
2002-02-04 Five DFLP gunnies come down with rigor mortis
2002-02-04 Malay gunny sings: Fingers Indonesian bossman
2002-02-04 Tamil Tigers deny charges
2002-02-04 Al Qaeda may have tried to kill Clinton
2002-02-04 First Indo-US Executive Steering Group meets
2002-02-04 US, Brits bomb sites in northern Iraq
2002-02-04 North Korea rants against Bush
2002-02-04 Rice slaps Straw for stoopid remarks
2002-02-04 Hazara faction distances itself from Iran
2002-02-04 Al-Qaeda hard boy in Philippines wanted to make 21 tons of explosive
2002-02-04 Fundos hardening opposition to Musharraf
2002-02-04 Two Hizbul gunnies surrender to Indian cops
2002-02-04 How Iran got on the US poop list II
2002-02-05 Palestinians shoot up "human rights worker"
2002-02-05 Israel has no plans to attack Iran
2002-02-05 Snuffies kill 24 in Algeria
2002-02-05 Iraq wants to talk with Kofi Annan - no preconditions
2002-02-05 Iraq sez four civilians dead in US bomb run
2002-02-05 MILF says it will fire on US troops if they enter its territory
2002-02-05 Al-Saiqa begins operations against Pakistan
2002-02-05 Frenchies arrest three snuffies in connection with plot to bomb cathedral
2002-02-05 France to send intellectual to Afghanistan to fix things
2002-02-05 Thugs beat defendants to death in Palestinian court
2002-02-05 Starvation Watch
2002-02-05 More on al Ghozi and the Southeast Asia network
2002-02-05 Three named as suspects, three arrested in Pearl case. Not the same three.
2002-02-05 Italians try four for links to Binny
2002-02-05 16 cops, 7 Maoists dead in attack on cop shop
2002-02-05 Iraqi VP sez we're gonna get it, just you wait
2002-02-05 Uighurs codemn Chinese crackdown
2002-02-05 Abu Sayyaf wants $2m for Burnhams
2002-02-05 Iran Asks U.S. Help to Keep Al Qaeda Fighters Out
2002-02-05 Johnson 1, Mailer 0
2002-02-06 Saudis admit hijackers were Saudis
2002-02-06 Abu Sayyaf grabs teevee reporterette
2002-02-06 The Learned Elders of Islam
2002-02-06 Hamas gunny kills three women
2002-02-06 Yasser sez he wants peace, really, truly.
2002-02-06 Eastern Khost shura rejects Karzai appointment
2002-02-06 W. Deen Mohammad: We should understand Osama
2002-02-06 Detainees flown out of Afghanistan, probably to Club Fed
2002-02-06 No bail for Johnny Jihad
2002-02-06 Pearl investigation: Jaish e Mohammad involved?
2002-02-06 Hiram goes to Afghanistan
2002-02-06 The "E" Word
2002-02-06 Drudge: IOC won't allow Afghan flag
2002-02-06 Feds investigate US branch of al-Fuqra
2002-02-06 Yasser sez the PA's working on it...
2002-02-07 US will apply Geneva Convention to Taliban, not to al-Qaeda
2002-02-07 China sets up antiterror cop shop
2002-02-07 France unilaterally accuses USA of unilateralism
2002-02-07 US will go it alone on Iraq if necessary
2002-02-07 Qadir's Dad questioned by cops
2002-02-07 Chechen war grinds on
2002-02-07 Saudis to oversee charities
2002-02-07 Karzai goes to Herat to meet with Ismail Khan
2002-02-07 Brit minister blames Israel for Palestinian poverty
2002-02-07 Indos knock off five Jaish gunnies
2002-02-07 Iran may dump Hekmatyar
2002-02-07 PA springs gunnies after Israeli airstrike
2002-02-07 Co-pilot axes loon who tried to storm cockpit
2002-02-07 Lithuania fines Brit cop for peeing on presidential palace
2002-02-07 Insignia of rank surgically removed from Russian captain
2002-02-07 Nuke plant converted to vodka production
2002-02-07 Cook sez Binny's gone to Chechnya
2002-02-08 United Flight 855: Is it cursed?
2002-02-08 Sami al-Arian wants his job back
2002-02-08 Hambali wanted to blow 12 US airliners over the Pacific
2002-02-08 Exploder causes no casualties
2002-02-08 LA schools dump 300 anti-Semitic Korans
2002-02-08 Greedheads to sue for 9-11
2002-02-08 North Korean vilification not up to Iranian standard
2002-02-08 Iranian mucketymuck barfs cliches
2002-02-08 Arroyo fries anti-alliance pols...
2002-02-08 Pearl Case: e-mails finger Omar Sheikh
2002-02-09 Israel will retaliate against Iraqi launches
2002-02-09 Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here?
2002-02-09 CIA launches at senior al-Qaeda
2002-02-09 Malay suspect nabbed in Manila
2002-02-09 Iran delivers fresh vitriol
2002-02-09 Pearl Case: has he been rescued?
2002-02-09 Mubarak warns of chaos if anything happens to Yasser
2002-02-09 Ansari arrested, extradited to India
2002-02-09 Al-Ghozi sings in Manila
2002-02-09 Singapore: Some Bad Guys got away
2002-02-09 Canadians board tanker in Arabian Sea
2002-02-09 Taliban bigwig surrenders
2002-02-09 Indo cops nail two Jaish gunnies in mosque shootout
2002-02-09 Israel charges al-Qaeda linking up with Hezbollah
2002-02-09 Iran sez it'll put non-Afghan Taliban on trial
2002-02-09 Indian troops kill one Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, wound another
2002-02-09 Algerian cops bump off head of GIA
2002-02-09 Saddam blows off Turks
2002-02-09 Yasser forgives Sharon
2002-02-09 Two Palestinians explode on West Bank
2002-02-09 Palestinian heroes kill another woman
2002-02-10 Pearl Case: Two more arrests
2002-02-10 Naked Saudi wimmin?
2002-02-10 Warlord ready to start fighting again in Gardez
2002-02-10 Aknouche sings
2002-02-10 Taliban bigwigs taking it easy in Baluchistan
2002-02-10 Iraq veep: We'll beat you up if you attack!
2002-02-10 North Korea cancels visit
2002-02-10 Palestinian heroes bump off somebody's granddaddy
2002-02-10 Rabbani expresses sour grapes
2002-02-10 Mutawakil sings
2002-02-10 Two Palestinian gunnies iced in attack
2002-02-10 Indo cops arrest three Paks in Calcutta shootout case
2002-02-10 Algerian snuffies slaughter six
2002-02-10 No further actions against jihadis
2002-02-10 Iran shuts down Hekmatyar
2002-02-10 Ansari sings
2002-02-10 Muslims, Christians thump each other in Egyptian town
2002-02-10 Hamas launches Qassam 2 at farm
2002-02-11 JI source strategizes on Southeast Asia jihad
2002-02-11 Franks: No US troops needed for Yemen
2002-02-11 Palestinian bomb maestro gets 26 life terms
2002-02-11 Vitriol Watch: Iran
2002-02-11 Jordanian-American bomb artist sentenced to the jump
2002-02-11 Jemaah Islamiah oplan recovered in Indonesia
2002-02-11 Al-Qa'ida's Combat Doctrine
2002-02-11 Israelis raid Nablus
2002-02-11 Malaysia worried about triumvirate of bloodthirsty holy men
2002-02-11 Philippines still working on Passport Man
2002-02-11 Filipino general fears MILF or MNLF could help Abu Sayyaf
2002-02-11 AP: Number of dead civilians not that high
2002-02-11 Iran makes blood-curdling threats
2002-02-11 Saudi: "When Abdullah comes marching home again, hurrah! Hurrah!"
2002-02-11 Palestinian lemmings frolic in Gaza
2002-02-11 Ismail Khan sez no arms coming from Iran
2002-02-11 Peace talks in Sulawesi
2002-02-11 Hoodlums who burglarized home of dead Marine are arrested
2002-02-11 US irritated at Pak trying to pin Pearl on India
2002-02-11 Palestinians take over prison in Hebron, spring gunnies
2002-02-11 Iranians rally to make faces at USA
2002-02-11 Bio-terror
2002-02-11 Bodies of five heroes recovered from WTC
2002-02-11 Pearl Case: Azhar sez drop dead
2002-02-12 Hekmatyar might go to Iraq or Libya if kicked out of Iran
2002-02-12 Musharraf in Washington
2002-02-12 Pearl Case: Two Jaish gunnies arrested
2002-02-12 15 Taliban muckety-mucks in surrender negotiations
2002-02-12 Sayyaf supporter named governor of Ghazni
2002-02-12 Pearl Case: Omar Sheikh clinked, Pearl reported alive
2002-02-12 Pearl Case: Three gunnies in antiterrorism court
2002-02-12 Sulawesi factions reach agreement
2002-02-12 Pak sez "No Thanks" to Hekmatyar
2002-02-12 Philippine aircraft hit Abu Sayyaf
2002-02-12 Pearl Case: India would like to have a talk with Omar Sheikh
2002-02-12 Kazakh-India talks will focus on terrorism
2002-02-12 Israelis bump off Palestinian cop in gunfight
2002-02-13 Nice turnout for Gaza strip funerals
2002-02-13 Aghan gunnies captured in probe at Kandahar airport
2002-02-13 Karzai: "Let's try this again..."
2002-02-13 Yemeni Bad Guy fumbles grenade, goes "boom"
2002-02-13 The Pursuit of Happiness
2002-02-13 Somalia, Yemen up for surveillance
2002-02-13 Bush decides to dump Saddam Hussein
2002-02-13 Yasser makes ineffectual moves to assert control
2002-02-13 Hindu fundamentalists in Mumbai don't like St. Valentine
2002-02-13 Pearl Case: Pak cops don't think Omar Sheikh was the top
2002-02-13 Iraq: "We don't need no damned spies!"
2002-02-13 Palestinian lemmings swarming into anarchy
2002-02-13 Omar Sheikh: "I confess! I dunnit!"
2002-02-13 A junta will take over when Yasser's gone
2002-02-13 Israelis pick up 15 Palestinian gunnies
2002-02-13 FBI helps rescue kidnapped child
2002-02-13 Johnny Jihad pleads innocent
2002-02-13 Yasser pulls a rod on his security goon
2002-02-14 Pearl Case: Omar Sheikh says he is dead
2002-02-14 Libya takes in Afghan Arabs
2002-02-14 Dead co-conspirators tell no tales, do they?
2002-02-14 Pak sez they'll talk about extraditing Bad Guys to India
2002-02-14 Arafat accepts responsibility for Karine A. Well, not personally...
2002-02-14 Tourism minister beaten to death in Kabul
2002-02-14 Al-Qaeda has new operations head
2002-02-14 Kandahar airbase attacked again
2002-02-14 Jund al Islam gunnies leave Kurdistan for Lebanon, via Iran
2002-02-14 Porn comes to Kandahar
2002-02-14 US making plans for Iraq assault
2002-02-14 Hamas and Fatah claim credit for bombing
2002-02-14 Samir al-Hada linked to Cole attack
2002-02-14 Hekmatyar may return to Afghanistan
2002-02-14 Zouabri: The obituary
2002-02-15 Discussions
2002-02-15 Arab League head sez "Don't whack Iraq!"
2002-02-15 Yasser and Jibril kiss and make up
2002-02-15 Afghan casualties up again
2002-02-15 Bahrain becomes a constitutional monarchy
2002-02-15 Pearl Case: Wonder what they're really doing?
2002-02-15 US gripes to Lebanon about Hezbollah
2002-02-15 Karzai: Rahman killing was a hit
2002-02-15 PA could go Enron
2002-02-15 "It ain't mine. Somebody left it here."
2002-02-15 Eurothugs among those detained in Iran
2002-02-15 Herat's Taliban governor arrested in Pakland
2002-02-15 Three Algerian paramilitaries killed by Salafists
2002-02-15 Najib al-Salehi picked as the "Iraqi Karzai"
2002-02-15 Ansari funded 9-11 attack through Jaish-e-Mohammed
2002-02-15 Six of 17 suspects on FBI list already jugged in Yemen
2002-02-16 3 dead, 48 injured in Philippine grenade attack
2002-02-16 Jamiat-i-Islami implicated in Rahman killing
2002-02-16 Hamas biggie goes "boom"
2002-02-16 France to resume air traffic with Libya
2002-02-16 Euroweenies
2002-02-16 Straw cautious as usual on more peacekeepers
2002-02-16 Pearl Case: Pak coppers look for go-between
2002-02-16 Musharraf sez for Lashkar and Jaish to stop jihad abroad
2002-02-16 India to clean house in Manipur
2002-02-16 Three lemmings Palestinians killed in Gaza
2002-02-16 Pak justice minister calls for clean politix
2002-02-16 Al-Qaeda and Talibs popping up in Georgia
2002-02-16 Bangladeshi cannon fodder arrested in India
2002-02-16 Musharraf backs ISI
2002-02-16 Pashtun leader calls for Pak miltary to get political training
2002-02-16 Pashtun Hatfields, McCoys shoot it out in Gulistan
2002-02-16 Indos bump off eight Pak infiltrtors
2002-02-16 Shiites demand people stop killing them - or they'll protest
2002-02-16 Fischer cuddles with Arafat
2002-02-16 Australian dies from land mine
2002-02-16 Palestinian boomer kills two, injures 30
2002-02-16 Three IRA gunnies to go on trial in Columbia
2002-02-16 Gunny shoots up UK post in Kabul
2002-02-16 Three Harkat runners apprehended in India
2002-02-16 Pearl Case: Pak cops working on it. Yup.
2002-02-17 106 dead in Maoist attacks in Nepal, 100 gunnies killed
2002-02-17 US-India military make nice
2002-02-17 Lebanon MP wants citizenship for religious nuts
2002-02-17 India to set up madrassah oversight board
2002-02-17 Hamas launches another Qassam
2002-02-17 French undies in a bunch over US diplomatic chewing out
2002-02-17 Libya plans to take in more "Afghan Arabs"
2002-02-17 Pearl Case: Pak cops hot on the trail of Siddiqui. Yup.
2002-02-18 US to fly night air patrols in PI
2002-02-18 Hindu loons sack church
2002-02-18 Pearl Case: Pak cops stalled
2002-02-18 Iraq complains of psywar
2002-02-18 Israelis building buffer zone in Gaza
2002-02-18 Frenchies back off
2002-02-18 Pak bomb squad defuses rockets
2002-02-18 Yazid charged in Malaysia
2002-02-18 4,750 lashes, six years in jug for Saudi rapist
2002-02-18 Taliban Interior Minister talks about hanging it up
2002-02-18 Saudis will extradite tourism assassins
2002-02-18 Qadaffi makes nice with Mubarak
2002-02-18 Boomers kill four Israelis
2002-02-18 Ann Marlowe on Dostum and Ismail Khan
2002-02-18 Saudis would recognize Israel in return for withdrawal
2002-02-18 Berenson sentence upheld
2002-02-18 Austria detains possible gunny
2002-02-18 Cambodian attempted boomers go on trial
2002-02-18 Northern Ireland cops nab four IRA gunnies
2002-02-18 Palestinians like Abdullah remarks
2002-02-18 New link...
2002-02-19 No progress in Pearl case
2002-02-19 Hekmatyar free to leave Iran: Kharazi
2002-02-19 US bombing 'enemy positions' in Afghanistan
2002-02-19 Troops seal off West Bank town
2002-02-20 Indian demand on Omar rejected
2002-02-20 JKLF stresses negotiated settlement
2002-02-20 16 die in Mideast violence
2002-02-20 52 Pakistani pilgrims dead
2002-02-21 U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl is dead, officials confirm
2002-02-21 Pakistan disbanding ISI's units: NYT
2002-02-21 18 Palestinians killed in fresh Israeli attacks
2002-02-21 Police on trail of Jawwad in Pearl case
2002-02-22 MILF terms fall of Pentagon leader ‘moro-moro’
2002-02-22 Israelis thump Paleos, kill 9 more
2002-02-22 Saudi Arabia steps up diplomatic drive for peace
2002-02-23 Delta and SAS said hunting Binny in Jammu & Kashmir
2002-02-23 Pak religious fanatic rants against US, India, Israel, infidels...
2002-02-23 Italians hand out lite sentences to four al-Qaeda gunnies
2002-02-23 Truce in effect in Sri Lanka
2002-02-23 Iran to scrap ballistic missile, concentrate on antiaircraft
2002-02-23 More vitriol, still no coherence, from North Korea
2002-02-23 Jhangvi thug arrested
2002-02-23 Four snuffies, three people dead in Jammu & Kashmir
2002-02-23 Sammy sez he'd rather be deposed
2002-02-23 Pearl Case: Pak Keystone Kops continue search
2002-02-23 Jonas Savimbi: Doorknob dead
2002-02-23 Gul Agha trying to put the fix in for Muttawakil
2002-02-23 Second Masood murderer ID'd
2002-02-23 Web site claims message from Binny, Omar
2002-02-23 Musharraf sez he'll "liquidate terrorists"
2002-02-23 Pearl Case: District cops without a clue
2002-02-23 Pearl Case: Murderers filmed cutting his throat
2002-02-24 Afghan army to begin training
2002-02-24 Pearl Case: Omar Sheikh due in court
2002-02-24 Four ULFA gunnies go the way of the passenger pigeon in Assam
2002-02-24 Security hole dug under US embassy in Rome
2002-02-24 Karzai sez he'll ask allied help against warlords
2002-02-24 Pearl Case: Cops search for Arabs
2002-02-24 Evil and its penalties
2002-02-24 Pearl Case: Guy with the videotape arrested
2002-02-24 Savimbi death arouses strong feelings of apathy
2002-02-24 Nepal war becoming a meat grinder
2002-02-24 Ansari on ISI hit list
2002-02-24 Iran sez Bush showing "signs of sense"
2002-02-24 Pearl Case: Thugs to cops - "Drop it or we get your families"
2002-02-24 Madame Clinton makes faces at Arafat
2002-02-25 Mugabe ready to do a flit if he's defeated
2002-02-25 Sadjaya is gone. Did he fall or was he pushed?
2002-02-25 Feds have an anthrax suspect
2002-02-25 Commies win again in Laos. Wotta surprise.
2002-02-25 Georgia prepared to allow antiterror operations on its territory
2002-02-25 Ismail Khan smells Taliban and al-Qaeda in Kandahar
2002-02-25 Israelis nibble the hook on Abdullah offer
2002-02-25 Indocommies charge US with (ho-hum) "dangerous game"
2002-02-25 Pearl Case; ISI against Omar Sheikh extradition
2002-02-25 Russers say al-Qaeda setting up shop in Georgia
2002-02-25 Omar Sheikh sez cops pressured him
2002-02-25 Ansari got his training in Pakland
2002-02-25 Pearl Case: It was the Arabs!
2002-02-26 One snuffy dead, two nabbed in J&K
2002-02-26 Gunmen shoot up Shiite mosque in Rawalpindi
2002-02-26 Jamiat-e-Islami troops begin disarming in northern Afghanistan
2002-02-26 PLO, Israel to resume security talks
2002-02-26 JI wants to ally with other religious loons to defeat Musharraf
2002-02-26 Saudi mufti sez Islam ain't Terrorism
2002-02-26 Pearl Case: US asks Pakland nicely for Omar Sheikh
2002-02-26 Hekmatyar "disappears" from Tehran
2002-02-26 Andrea fries Fisk
2002-02-26 Karzai in India
2002-02-26 Major gun runner under the gun himself
2002-02-27 Iraqi officers to meet to plan Sammy's overthrow
2002-02-27 US makes nice with India. Take that, Pakland!
2002-02-27 Saudis want their nationals from Guantanamo
2002-02-27 US troops to go to Georgia
2002-02-27 Anti-aircraft fire on US plane landing at Pak airfield
2002-02-27 Kharazi: Those damn' Jews did it themselves!
2002-02-27 Ayatollah goons thump students, close down organization
2002-02-27 US pushing for Omar Sheikh extradition
2002-02-27 Karzai made nice with Khamenei, boosted Khatami
2002-02-27 Peres takes the Saudi hook
2002-02-27 Al-Ghozi sez he was behind PI bombing attack
2002-02-27 Another West Bank bomberette
2002-02-27 57 killed in senseless violence
2002-02-27 Another suspect detained in Masood investigation
2002-02-27 Have I missed something?
2002-02-27 Malaysia cracks down on illegals
2002-02-27 Warlords don't like having national army. Wotta surprise.
2002-02-27 Spike Milligan, dead at 83
2002-02-28 VodkaPundit: Case of the Missing Doinker solved!
2002-02-28 Headline: "Surge of Violence Threatens Mideast Peace Idea"
2002-02-28 Russers react to US forces in Georgia
2002-02-28 Afghan heroes mortar school
2002-02-28 Banglaboomer sentenced to 20 years in Britain
2002-02-28 ISI being reorganized
2002-02-28 Hindu mob torches Muslims in response to Muslims torching Hindus...
2002-02-28 Montana militia loons busted before jihad starts
2002-02-28 Yemen promises to clobber terrorism
2002-02-28 Gul Agha just can't seem to find Kandahar attackers
2002-02-28 Poliblogs?
2002-02-28 Jamiat-e-Islami duce walks
2002-02-28 Dostum moves troops into Shulgara
2002-02-28 US planes hit Iraqi air def targets
2002-02-28 Club Fed prisoners hunger striking
2002-02-28 Paks say groundfire on plane was a brick kiln. Really.
2002-02-28 Hezbollah shoots at something...
2002-02-28 Fundos ambush cops to spring gunnies
2002-02-28 Pankisi Gorge backgrounder
2002-02-28 Sheikh nazis:
2002-02-28 Paks think up more reasons not to turn Omar Sheikh over
2002-02-28 Boomers strike at Jordanian anti-terror invesigator
2002-03-01 Pak terror groups consolidate in opposition to Musharraf
2002-03-01 Vajpayee to skip Commonwealth meeting because of Gujarat riots
2002-03-01 11 snuffies snuffed in Kashmir
2002-03-01 Kyrgyz drunks disrupt alcabuse conference
2002-03-01 Nepal war of attrition attrits 15 Maoists
2002-03-01 US advisors to Yemen, of all places
2002-03-01 Georgia begins to tighten security
2002-03-01 Over 200 dead in senseless rioting in Gujarat
2002-03-01 Pak fundos to combine strength for elections
2002-03-01 Dostum takes Sholgera
2002-03-01 Putin softens Moscow stance on Georgia
2002-03-02 Omigawd.
2002-03-02 Bihar town resists Gujarat lunacy
2002-03-02 Chechnya and Russian-US relations
2002-03-02 Makedonskis bump off seven... Paks?
2002-03-02 Three Jaish hard boys nabbed in Cuttack
2002-03-02 Fernandes sez train attacks were "pre-meditated"
2002-03-02 Vajpayee: Riots are a national disgrace
2002-03-02 13 killed in Jammu & Kashmir
2002-03-02 US pressures Paks for Kandhar hijackers
2002-03-02 I hÞpe yÞu're hÊppy nÞw, BjÞrn.
2002-03-02 Qazi's Plans
2002-03-02 "Ooooh! Mom! Take me there!"
2002-03-02 Taliban and al-Qaida thumped in Gardez province
2002-03-02 Ramallah celebrates new boomer attack
2002-03-02 Osama McLaden targets Brit Bigs
2002-03-03 Eight snuffies no longer ticklish in Jammu & Kashmir
2002-03-03 Wash Times sez Nepal is toast
2002-03-03 India nabs "Mister Big" in Gujarat violence
2002-03-03 Al-Aqsa sniper kills ten
2002-03-03 Rumor has it there are another five American Talibs in custody
2002-03-03 Macedonian shootout was result of tip from arrested Jordanians
2002-03-03 Gujarat lunacy seems to have tapered off
2002-03-03 Uganda has no homosexuals. Really.
2002-03-03 Yemen to get coast guard boats
2002-03-03 IVs for Club Fed hungerstrikers
2002-03-03 Observer demolition derby
2002-03-03 US will train 1500 Georgian troops
2002-03-03 Natalija on Serbia and its defenders
2002-03-03 Israelis continue ripping into gunny camps
2002-03-03 Dumbest observation of the week (at least)
2002-03-04 Saudis nab "scores" of hajis for forged passports
2002-03-04 Bahrain commits to waging bank war
2002-03-04 Pak interior minister warns of crackdown on fundos
2002-03-04 India VIP plane hit by ground fire in Kashmir
2002-03-04 Israelis dust Yasser's britches
2002-03-04 Israelis kill 16 Palestinians
2002-03-04 Frenchie website sez the Jews were responsible for 9-11
2002-03-04 US, Russia, Georgia smooth over relations
2002-03-04 US death toll at nine as al-Qaeda pockets cleaned up
2002-03-04 Five Osamanauts to go on trial in Frankfurt
2002-03-04 An interview with General Hamid Gul
2002-03-04 Possible boomer nabbed at LAX
2002-03-04 US, Georgia smooth details of training arrangement
2002-03-05 SEAL killed by al-Qaeda
2002-03-05 Israeli-Palestinian carnage intensifies
2002-03-05 Piper's
2002-03-05 US in intense fighting near Gardez
2002-03-05 Fatah directing terror campaign
2002-03-05 Kidnapped Somali UN official freed
2002-03-05 Iranians nab "Jordanian Afghans"
2002-03-05 Hekmatyar's in Herat
2002-03-05 Sudan accepts proposal to stop slaughtering civilians
2002-03-05 Abkhazia isn't the Pankisi Gorge, but it's kinda like it...
2002-03-05 India starts rounding up Gujarati mob ringleaders
2002-03-05 Mubarak invites Sharon to meet Yasser in Sharm-el-Sheikh
2002-03-06 Do not mess with Captain Butler
2002-03-06 Warlords agree on new army
2002-03-06 Three euroallies die in Kabul explosives accident
2002-03-06 US, Bad Guys, both reinforcing positions as fighting goes on
2002-03-06 ISI kept Pearl info from Musharraf
2002-03-06 Israel continues beating up PA
2002-03-06 Abu Sayyaf Biggy named Sonny nabbed
2002-03-06 J. Goldberg on the difference between Us and Them
2002-03-06 Brits hunting one-eyed mullah
2002-03-06 32 dead in Kashmir
2002-03-06 2.5 million Pak kiddies die of diarhhea every year?
2002-03-06 24 snuffies decomposing in Algeria, 100 arrested
2002-03-06 Yemenis shoot each other up over water hole
2002-03-07 Boomer splatters himself all over supermarket
2002-03-07 20,000 deadly fondue sets recalled
2002-03-07 Buddhists contend Ayodhya site is - you guessed it! - Buddhist
2002-03-07 Bookies booked for offering odds on more riots
2002-03-07 Talithugs in Pakland showing signs of life again
2002-03-07 Gardez fighting snapshot
2002-03-07 Mogadishu thugs bump off 15 of each other
2002-03-07 Shah-i-Kot from the other side
2002-03-07 Exploder groups plotting to dump Yasser
2002-03-07 Busy day for snuffies in Kashmir
2002-03-07 Doctor snuffed in Karachi by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
2002-03-07 Speculation Corner: Binny might be dead. Or not.
2002-03-07 Bitch woman leaves bum to die stuck in her windshield
2002-03-08 Enemy ground fire slackens at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-08 Zinni to return to hopeless task
2002-03-08 Israelis bump off PA Major General
2002-03-08 Mugabe sez he'll "storm to victory"
2002-03-08 One of Binny's better halves sez he's still alive. She thinks.
2002-03-08 Zim elections coming...
2002-03-08 Lileks makes Rallburger
2002-03-08 Kashmir cops nab pro-government thug
2002-03-08 Nice, site, Greta
2002-03-08 Israelis have 300 snuffies surrounded at Tulkarm
2002-03-08 Arab states kick in $50 million to keep the pot boiling in Palestine
2002-03-08 Palestinian strategy, if any...
2002-03-08 MILF sez they're not colluding with Abu Sayyaf
2002-03-08 Two Turkish Hezbollah sadists killed
2002-03-08 ICRC blasts Israel for shooting up ambulances
2002-03-08 Spanish cops nab 11 Segi thugs
2002-03-09 Muslim loons decry Saudi peace plan
2002-03-09 Zim voting going as expected. Ouch.
2002-03-09 Polish troops to head out for Afghanistan
2002-03-09 Tension along border eases
2002-03-09 US ships out detritus to Pakistan
2002-03-09 Fazlur Rahman pushes for religious party alliance
2002-03-09 Reinforcements arriving at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-09 US to remain in Kyrgyzstan for the duration
2002-03-09 Zim election coverage...
2002-03-09 Paks say reinforcements to Bad Guys aren't coming from their side
2002-03-09 Whoa! Blogger was up for a few minutes...
2002-03-09 Shuttle talks between Sharon, Prince Abdullah
2002-03-09 Paks to dump foreign students at madrassahs
2002-03-09 The Case of the Exploding Coop
2002-03-09 Bury it. It's starting to stink.
2002-03-09 Exploder wounds 10 in hotel lobby
2002-03-09 Israelis round up 640 suspected gunnies in Tulkarm
2002-03-09 US families to be withdrawn from Izmir...
2002-03-09 Kashmir Karnage Watch
2002-03-09 China would like to have a talk with al-Qaeda Uighurs
2002-03-09 Abu Sayyaf banditti demand ransom for Burhams
2002-03-09 Georgia and Russia agree on Chechen repatriation
2002-03-09 Czech CBR unit leaves for Kuwait
2002-03-09 Zim: Bob casts his vote, predicts victory
2002-03-09 A dozen Iranians held at Kandahar
2002-03-09 "Provocations"
2002-03-10 Anaconda: Enemy troops mostly cannon fodder
2002-03-10 Pak "crackdown" cracks
2002-03-10 US forces on the ground in Yemen
2002-03-10 Aussies were lifeline at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-10 800 killed at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-10 Hindu loons continue aggravating Muslim loons over Ayadhya
2002-03-10 US pulls troops back from Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-10 Huffy Pashtun sez for US to butt out of Shah-i-Kot dispute
2002-03-10 Pashtuns huffy over arrival of Tadjik reinforcements
2002-03-10 Anaconda: Enemy beginning to run low on ammunition
2002-03-10 Israel blows away Yasser's Gaza HQ
2002-03-10 Our buds, the French
2002-03-10 Moroccan gunnies to remain jugged in Italy
2002-03-10 Zim voting in second day...
2002-03-10 Another "set-up" raid in Paktika
2002-03-11 Zia Lodin left US troops in the lurch
2002-03-11 Taliban commander reportedly turns himself in
2002-03-11 JUI supremo rants against US
2002-03-11 Zim voting officials frolic
2002-03-11 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi fuehrer bumped off
2002-03-11 Philippines get unmanned spy planes
2002-03-11 104 ISI agents have been arrested in West Bengal
2002-03-11 Hekmatyar will support Karzai government. Really.
2002-03-11 Three Hizbul pushing up daisies in Kashmir
2002-03-11 US isn't rebuilding Georgian airfields
2002-03-11 News from the Other Side...
2002-03-11 Jamaat-i-Islami hits the bricks to rally support
2002-03-11 Six months of war
2002-03-11 Bombing continues at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-11 Zim watch goes on...
2002-03-11 Khatami sez Bush should fight "real" evil
2002-03-11 Zim voting extended...
2002-03-11 300 Albanian rebels sprung in Macedonia
2002-03-11 Israel lifts travel ban on Yasser
2002-03-11 Iran denies any of its people arrested in Afghanistan
2002-03-11 Jamaat-i-Islami duce rants and promises
2002-03-11 The six month mark...
2002-03-11 Gulf Arabs support Saudi plan
2002-03-12 Mansoor touted as The Great Taliban Hope
2002-03-12 Brotherly love blossoms among Shah-i-Kot Afghans
2002-03-12 Putin assesses Chechen situation
2002-03-12 Layne on the Euro Terror War
2002-03-12 Gorbachev admits it was all propaganda
2002-03-12 Six Israelis killed in spy ambush
2002-03-12 Abkhazia sez Georgia preparing for large-scale war
2002-03-12 Northern Alliance forces advancing at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-12 23 die in fighting in Aceh
2002-03-12 KYKL shoots exam cheats
2002-03-12 Police ice two arsonists, riot stops
2002-03-12 Shi'ites riot over killings in Karachi
2002-03-12 Chechen Bad Guys number around 1500
2002-03-12 Sammy organizes anti-airborne force in Iraq
2002-03-12 Paks need more time on Pearl case
2002-03-12 Israel moves into West Bank and Gaza in force
2002-03-12 Army destroys bomb factories while Ashrawi wails
2002-03-12 Dr. Chaos nabbed in Chi
2002-03-12 UN functionaries demand bribes from Chechen refugees
2002-03-12 Shah-i-Kot looks like a victory
2002-03-12 Zim election is "fundamentally flawed"
2002-03-12 No evidence of al-Qaeda presence in Abkhazia
2002-03-12 Afghans losing that Old Time Religion
2002-03-12 Zim vote: Mugabe in the lead with a quarter of votes counted
2002-03-12 Gawd! I wish I'd written that...
2002-03-12 INS approves crazed killers for flight school
2002-03-12 Ready for the final(?) push at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-13 US advance party in Yemen
2002-03-13 Bush hits the roof over visas for crazed killers
2002-03-13 Jamaat-i-Islami sez No, No, a Thousand Times No to secular state
2002-03-13 Mansour beat it
2002-03-13 Amygwhatsis
2002-03-13 Iraq: We don't need no steenkin' inspectors!
2002-03-13 Today's Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-13 Security Council adopts resolution affirming Palestinian state
2002-03-13 Mugabe wins. Wotta surprise.
2002-03-13 Doctor Chaos held without bond
2002-03-13 "Fighting Whities"
2002-03-13 Religious fanatics riot in Srinagar over something or other
2002-03-13 Airstrip One's Zim watch
2002-03-13 Forces at Shah-i-Kot mopping up
2002-03-13 Kinsley thumps humorless politicowannabe
2002-03-14 Lockerbie bomber's appeal rejected
2002-03-14 Zinni's back in the Middle East
2002-03-14 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-14 Kashmir Ikhwan crackdown expands
2002-03-14 More VHP violence on the way...
2002-03-14 11 of 12 captured "Iranians" are Afghans
2002-03-14 VHP banned from Ayodhya ceremony
2002-03-15 Another Merkava taken out by a mine
2002-03-15 Three Jhangvi thugs iced, Mister Big nabbed
2002-03-15 Khatami sez Euros are next
2002-03-15 Explosion near US embassy in Yemen
2002-03-15 Still bombing at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-15 US: No plans to send forces to Caspian Sea
2002-03-15 Pearl Case: Fall guy changes his mind
2002-03-15 Ayodhya explosion fizzles
2002-03-15 Georgia might use US-trained troops in Abkhazia
2002-03-15 Israel pulls tanks out of Ramallah
2002-03-15 Yates gets life (yawn!)
2002-03-15 Secret South African plan to cool down Zim
2002-03-15 Omar Sheikh indictment
2002-03-15 Commonwealth scathes Zim election
2002-03-15 Lashkar-e-Jabbar sadist(s) threaten "loose" Kashmir women with acid
2002-03-15 More riots over stupid remarks from VHP
2002-03-16 Intel will be the cutting edge as war against terrorism develops
2002-03-16 Eurocells as important as armed al-Qaeda
2002-03-16 Kandahar jirga favors king
2002-03-16 US indictment won't hasten Omar Sheikh's extradition
2002-03-16 Paks have released 809 religious fanatics
2002-03-16 Sudan nabs al-Qaeda Big
2002-03-16 Russia doesn't want Iraq whacked, but won't pull out of coalition
2002-03-16 Sammy bumps off six officers for subversion
2002-03-16 17 gunnies bumped off in Columbia
2002-03-16 Franks meets with Ethiopians
2002-03-16 Palestinians bumping off collaborators
2002-03-16 Karzai does Turkmenistan
2002-03-16 Zinni trying to set up trilateral cease-fire talks
2002-03-17 25 North Korean asylum-seekers in Philippines
2002-03-17 Al-Qaeda money starting to flow again
2002-03-17 Zinni welcome committee shoots 'em up and explodes
2002-03-17 Another church attack in Pakistan
2002-03-17 Anarchokiddies riot in Barcelona
2002-03-17 Hezbollah denies its gunnies attacked kibbutz
2002-03-17 Five Sipah-e-Sihaba gunnies iced in Jhang
2002-03-17 Bob sworn in as Zim president
2002-03-17 Yemen grenade artist is a nut
2002-03-17 Hindu mob attacks Muslims returning from shelter
2002-03-17 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-17 Republican Guard deployed around Bagdad
2002-03-17 Indocops arrest prime suspect in train attack
2002-03-18 Al Qaeda Bigs may have been at Shah-i-Kot
2002-03-18 Indo parties demand ban on VHP
2002-03-18 Vitriol Watch: Khamenei rejects talks with US
2002-03-18 Saudi Dads: "Wasn't our kids!"
2002-03-18 David Gelertner on the 72-year-old virgin idea
2002-03-18 Chinese, North Koreans funding Philippine rebels
2002-03-18 Parliamentary fruit fling over Orissa Assembly attack
2002-03-18 16 Bad Guys find Paradise, 31 jugged
2002-03-18 Jews Indians may have been behind church attacks
2002-03-18 Vajpayee declines vivas of brownshirts
2002-03-18 Paks say church boomer may have detonated himself
2002-03-18 RSS tries to exacerbate tensions with Muslims
2002-03-18 I'm not running, either...
2002-03-18 Feds will ask for Moussaoui death penalty
2002-03-18 Now you can get Mein Kampf in Arabic
2002-03-18 Ben Stein on the difference between them
2002-03-18 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-18 Saudis trying to leave us in the lurch?
2002-03-18 Arabs will go for Saudi plan
2002-03-18 Ansar al-Islam
2002-03-18 Hezbollah says the time is ripe to bring down Sharon
2002-03-18 Accidental kaboom in Bekaa kills one, maims one
2002-03-19 PA sez it's really, truly "fully ready" to implement Tenet plan
2002-03-19 Spring break in Texas sounds like real fun...
2002-03-19 Denver won't enforce antiterror legislation
2002-03-19 Paks spring terror Bigs
2002-03-19 Today's Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-19 Sammy has germ warfare labs disguised as milk trucks
2002-03-19 Iranian plane loon gets deuce and nine
2002-03-19 Seven al-Qaeda nabbed by Pak border troops
2002-03-19 Perv fires senior cops over church slaughter
2002-03-19 Bush, Powell discuss church bombing with Perv
2002-03-19 Al-Qaeda showing up in Kashmir
2002-03-19 Fun = Sin
2002-03-19 Turkish and Georgian border troops to exercise together
2002-03-19 Pak Muslim League trying to spring detained al-Qaeda
2002-03-19 Paks piously deplore church slaughter
2002-03-19 Spaniard had corpses lying around, too.
2002-03-19 Muslims and Christians thump RSS for stupid remarks
2002-03-19 Northwest Frontier the new capital of the Talibs
2002-03-20 Pak hard boys starting to free-lance
2002-03-20 Boomer on a bus kills 8
2002-03-20 Manila cops on alert after bombs found on trains
2002-03-20 Musharraf buddy: No change at ISI
2002-03-20 Sisyphus Zinni talks adjourn with no deal. Wotta surprise.
2002-03-20 Paks vow "merciless" campaign against violence
2002-03-20 Mogadishu GPS unit turns up in eastern Afghanistan
2002-03-20 False alarm: Guy in Sudan isn't an al-Qaeda Big
2002-03-20 Red Brigades snuff Italian pol
2002-03-20 Ugandan lady chews off hubby's doinker
2002-03-20 Those 72 virgins...
2002-03-20 Shootout at Khost wounds one Good Guy
2002-03-21 Car bomb in Lima kills nine
2002-03-21 Six Harkat-ul-Mujahedin gunnies arrested in Pak Kashmir
2002-03-21 JUP Biggie decries Pak drift to a secular state
2002-03-21 PPP pol grenaded in Lahore
2002-03-21 Another boomer in Jerusalem
2002-03-21 Al Aqsa to be designated a terror organization
2002-03-21 "Iranians" released from custody. Oops.
2002-03-21 JI's Qazi busy building alliances for the elections
2002-03-21 Bush, Cheney, Powell, and Yasser
2002-03-21 Jihadis reject Kashmir elections
2002-03-21 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-21 US forces may cross into Pakland in hot pursuit
2002-03-21 23 charged with trying to grab WTC dough
2002-03-22 Nepalis bump off 20 Maoists
2002-03-22 Sisyphus Zinni still plugging away...
2002-03-22 Yemeni SUV goes "boom" in car chase
2002-03-22 Indo MPs try to thump each other over VHP control of BJP
2002-03-22 My bio...
2002-03-22 Civil, well-reasoned discourse with commies
2002-03-22 Exploding Finn nabbed
2002-03-22 Today's best google
2002-03-22 Hotel boomer was fresh out of jug
2002-03-22 Princes still throwing money al-Qaeda's way
2002-03-22 Nepal will crack down on foreign hard boys
2002-03-22 RSS-Christian talks flop
2002-03-22 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-22 Four jihadi Bigs nabbed for getting rich on revolution
2002-03-22 Intended boomer nabbed in Bosnia
2002-03-22 And a little arson, just for flavor...
2002-03-22 Al-Aqsa sez "so what"?
2002-03-22 Vajpayee taking heat over VHP
2002-03-22 Bosnian "charity" Bigs jugged
2002-03-22 Three days, three boomers
2002-03-23 Advani sez Paks behind Gujarat slaughters
2002-03-23 Five Abu Sayyaf depart gene pool
2002-03-23 Yasser plans to take his ego to Beirut
2002-03-23 Terror Crackdown: Jaish-e-Muhammad chief gets house arrest and a stipend
2002-03-23 Kashmir grenade campaign continues
2002-03-23 US evacuates Pakistan embassy personnel
2002-03-23 Pearl Case: Team of senior lawyers to defend Omar Sheikh
2002-03-23 Srinagar cops detain 55 Shi'ites
2002-03-23 US has no comment on Perv For President campaign
2002-03-23 Indos nab four Lashkar-e-Taiba hard boys near Delhi
2002-03-23 INS screws up again
2002-03-23 9-11 thug may have had anthrax
2002-03-23 Feds raid Islamists around Washington
2002-03-23 Vajpayee plasters cracks in coalition
2002-03-24 Congresswoman bitches about vid cameras at national monuments
2002-03-24 Paks have highest TB rate in region, sixth highest in the world
2002-03-24 Biofactory near Kandahar
2002-03-24 Pak trade union leaders demand abolition of capitalism
2002-03-24 Peres says "fair chance" of a cease-fire
2002-03-24 Yasser allies with Axis of Evil
2002-03-24 Zinni Welcome Committee continues festivities
2002-03-24 Botched effort to bump off Khost security wallah
2002-03-24 Two more arrests in Godhra train attack
2002-03-24 Faction of Pakistan Muslim League supports referendum
2002-03-24 Cheney won't meet with Yasser
2002-03-24 Stop me if you're heard this before...
2002-03-24 Fiddlin' the interface...
2002-03-24 Qazi rants against Perv's referendum
2002-03-24 Pak sez sure, they'll hand Omar Sheikh over...
2002-03-24 Warthogs come to Bagram
2002-03-24 Saudis start snatching the football...
2002-03-25 Army - MILF clash in Philippines
2002-03-25 Cheney may go back to meet with Yasser, some day
2002-03-25 Kashmir jihadi groups redoing their org charts again...
2002-03-25 Perv wants to avoid antagonizing jihadis. Wotta surprise.
2002-03-25 18 Cambodian Freedom Fighters sentenced
2002-03-25 Philippine commander rejects Abu Sayyaf offer
2002-03-25 Jihadi intimidation campaign against Kashmir assembly elections
2002-03-25 Indos claim ISI master destabilization plan
2002-03-25 Sharon to Yasser: You can't go to the prom
2002-03-25 Sammy turning into the voice of moderation?
2002-03-25 Qazi disdains to meet with Perv
2002-03-25 Nigerian court overturns stoning decision, so another one's sentenced
2002-03-25 Sharon unlikely to allow Yasser to go to the prom Arab summit
2002-03-25 JKLF Big arrested in Kashmir
2002-03-25 Usual suspects condemn raids on Muslim "charities"
2002-03-25 TaliBig nabbed at Spin Boldak
2002-03-25 Gujarat riots were done "by the book"
2002-03-25 More talks on cease-fire. They never end, do they?
2002-03-26 Nation Back to Normal: Britney and Justin broke up?
2002-03-26 About the Talibs in the NWFP...
2002-03-26 Two boom boys goners when their car goes up
2002-03-26 Nation back to normal: Condit's back in the news
2002-03-26 US dumping Saudi airbase?
2002-03-26 Judge eases restrictions on Maxwell Smart Shoe Boy
2002-03-26 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-26 No strikes on Iraq/Iran from Georgia
2002-03-26 No need for full scale operations in Pankisi
2002-03-26 Jihadi in Florida being deported
2002-03-26 Sharon: Yasser can't go to the prom unless the exploders stop
2002-03-26 Virginia jihadi charged
2002-03-26 Bush pushes Israel to let Yasser go to the prom
2002-03-26 Al-Qaeda bioworx features traces of anthrax
2002-03-26 Two on-target Photodudian rants
2002-03-26 Two observers shot near Hebron
2002-03-26 Time chats up the Talibs
2002-03-26 Talithugs rig car bombs
2002-03-26 Lebanon: Hezbollah, Amal duke it out in the streets; 60 injured
2002-03-26 Kuwait isn't buying Iraq's
2002-03-26 Yasser doesn't want to go to the prom. So there.
2002-03-26 Georgia isn't going to war with Abkhazia
2002-03-26 US greased ransom payment to Abu Sayyaf
2002-03-26 Ken Layne on FoxBlog
2002-03-26 Binny and Ayman walking around Khost area?
2002-03-27 Gunnies iced, boomer autobooms
2002-03-27 Saudis present The Plan at Beirut
2002-03-27 Paks still looking for Pearl suspects
2002-03-27 Paks say Binny, Omar not in their territories
2002-03-27 INS hustles to save itself
2002-03-27 Reverend Jesse wants to mediate peace in the Middle East
2002-03-27 CNN Special Report: Special Forces do something in Bamiyan
2002-03-27 Fernandes doesn't rule out war with Pakistan
2002-03-27 Yasser temper tantrum disrupts Beirut summit
2002-03-28 Feds charge charity tied to Binny
2002-03-28 Another jerk on a plane...
2002-03-28 News from the Other Side: Al Jazeera chats up the Talibs
2002-03-28 News from the Other Side: Talibs claim famous victory at Khost
2002-03-28 Malaysia sez knock it off with the shariah
2002-03-28 News from the Other Side: Mullah Omar chases Gul Agha out of town
2002-03-28 PA ambo caught transporting boomer belt
2002-03-28 PA evacuating West Bank sites
2002-03-28 Aid workers demanded sex for food
2002-03-28 Some Canucks joined Taliban, too
2002-03-28 Students brainwashed at Islamic school
2002-03-28 Qatar sez Kuwait, Iraq reach agreement
2002-03-28 Yesterday's atrocities...
2002-03-28 Sammy promises never to do it again
2002-03-28 Three more groups on terror list
2002-03-28 Mullah Rehmatullah sprung
2002-03-28 (Maybe) Binny praises "Battle of New York"
2002-03-28 Israel rejects The Plan
2002-03-28 Hamas rejects The Plan
2002-03-28 Paks arrest 30 gunnies after shootout
2002-03-28 Waters demands resignation because he called her a bitch
2002-03-28 SF soldier killed in explosion
2002-03-28 Moussaoui's Mom sez he's a scapegoat
2002-03-28 Al-Qaeda: Afghan earthquake is God's punishment
2002-03-28 Mosque siege ends with dead gunny
2002-03-28 News from the Other Side: CBS chats up the Talibs
2002-03-28 Frenchie flightcrew jerk charged for grounding plane
2002-03-28 Bush demands killing stop
2002-03-28 Feds to ask death penalty for Moussaoui
2002-03-28 Former NZ PM sez Dan Quayle wanted to have him liquidated
2002-03-29 Perv would rather hang Omar Sheikh himself than extradite him
2002-03-29 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-29 Israel warms up to The Plan
2002-03-29 Arab world bitches about incursion
2002-03-29 Yasser sez he'd really, really like that cease-fire now, please
2002-03-29 Red Cross investigating ambo bomb
2002-03-29 Yasser loses it with Christiane
2002-03-29 April trial date for Omar Sheikh
2002-03-29 Remains being unearthed more frequently at Ground Zero
2002-03-29 Israelis call up 10,000 reserves
2002-03-29 Yasser promises "millions of martyrs"
2002-03-29 Terror groups rant, wave, declare war
2002-03-29 Euronuts head for Ramallah to be "human shields"
2002-03-29 New links...
2002-03-29 Palestinians counterattack...
2002-03-29 Israelis storm Yasser's compound
2002-03-29 Islamic Tawheed Movement sez "Way to go, boomers!"
2002-03-29 Israeli cops storm al-Aqsa mosque
2002-03-29 Two dead, 18 wounded in Algerian market attack
2002-03-30 Nut crashes Tallahassee mosque
2002-03-30 International pressure mounts...
2002-03-30 Israelis want to search Yasser's remaining space
2002-03-30 Israelis rounding up thugs and gunnies
2002-03-30 Paks to spring Lashkar-e-Taiba head
2002-03-30 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-03-30 EU protests
2002-03-30 Yasser still stuck in his office
2002-03-30 Boomers infiltrating from West Bank explode in firefight
2002-03-30 Teevee cameraman shot in the face in West Bank
2002-03-30 Gunnies shoot up Hindu temple in Kashmir
2002-03-30 Qazi acquitted on incitement to violence charges
2002-03-30 Yasser's still there as part of a "compromise"
2002-03-30 US Persian Gulf presence growing
2002-03-30 Paks think they might have Zubaydah
2002-03-30 UN demands Israel withdraw
2002-03-30 Hezbollah attacks from the north...
2002-03-30 Another boomer, in Tel Aviv
2002-03-30 Smoking rats out of their holes
2002-03-30 Goof is trapped with Arafat...
2002-03-30 20 injured in Katmandu bomb blast
2002-03-30 Ugandans say they've broken up Lord's Resistance Army
2002-03-30 Israelis move into Beit Jalla
2002-03-31 SPLA attacks oil-producing region in Sudan
2002-03-31 Angola, UNITA peace pact
2002-03-31 Sharon declares war on terrorism
2002-03-31 Arab News sez Yasser's a hero again
2002-03-31 Heroic boomer targets medics in West Bank
2002-03-31 Boomer in Haifa kills at least 12...
2002-03-31 Yasser still stuck in his hole
2002-03-31 Photodude on boomers
2002-03-31 Arabs protest, condemn Israel. Wotta surprise.
2002-03-31 Israelis say Yasser could take a bullet by accident...
2002-03-31 It wasn't Abu Zubaydah
2002-03-31 Eurogoofs butt in for Yasser
2002-03-31 Shapiro the Palestinian Hero makes it out
2002-03-31 WaPo thinks it's found an atrocity...
2002-03-31 Asparagirl vs the Palestinians
2002-03-31 Perv's gonna run
2002-03-31 MILF sez it fights off Philippine army attack
2002-03-31 One of four Paks who jumped ship nabbed in Texas
2002-03-31 Fatah: Harm a hair on Yasser's head and we're gonna get it
2002-03-31 CAIR will start legal defense fund
2002-04-01 Bush demands halt to boomers
2002-04-01 Bus bomb in Pak
2002-04-01 Yasser's counterfeiting operation busted
2002-04-01 Five Euroloons wounded
2002-04-01 American reporter covering West Bank conflict is shot
2002-04-01 Anti-Semitic violence jolts France
2002-04-01 Yasser enlists leftist loonies in war effort
2002-04-01 Sudan praises Bush
2002-04-01 Car boomer in Jerusalem
2002-04-01 Feds questioning al-Qaeda thugs
2002-04-01 Muammar wants to help kill Jews
2002-04-02 It's legal to swear in Michigan now
2002-04-02 Israelis beat up Bethlehem force
2002-04-02 Ressam has been turned
2002-04-02 Gunmen invade Church of the Nativity
2002-04-02 Fazl just hates that referendum
2002-04-02 Israelis tell Hezbollah to back off
2002-04-02 Israel thinks "most wanted" are trapped
2002-04-02 PA security HQ demolished
2002-04-02 Attempted boomer blown
2002-04-02 Tanks move into Jenin
2002-04-02 CBS crew kicked out of Ramallah
2002-04-02 It's baaaaack! Beating up Jews in Berlin
2002-04-02 VHP thug slaps Hurriyat leader around
2002-04-02 Israel tells Euros to take him if they want him
2002-04-02 Paks round up a few more al-Qaeda thugs
2002-04-02 Perv and Karzai will crack down on terrorist sanctuaries
2002-04-02 US just waiting to talk to Zubaydah
2002-04-02 Iran sez it doesn't sponsor terrorism
2002-04-02 The Gaurdian just hates those tactics
2002-04-02 Yasser approves plans for 30 more boomers
2002-04-02 A smoking gun seems kinda redundant at the moment, but...
2002-04-02 Lileks on whatsisname
2002-04-02 Rev. Jesse sharpshoots Bush
2002-04-02 Talibs issue bloodcurdling threats, using an alias
2002-04-02 Two arms caches found
2002-04-02 India bans two Kashmir gunny groups
2002-04-02 Israel going after PA Bigs
2002-04-02 David Warren: Yasser's cover is blown
2002-04-02 11 Euroloons deported, six wounded
2002-04-03 Iraqi Kurdish leader evades assassins
2002-04-03 Nut case Rep. Traficant storms out of courtroom
2002-04-03 Yasser overdue for a checkup
2002-04-03 Mark gets it. The pundits don't.
2002-04-03 Northern Front: IDF-Hezbollah exchange of fire
2002-04-03 Zubaydah's not talking yet...
2002-04-03 First 600 of new Afghan Army graduate training
2002-04-03 Gunnies still holed up in church...
2002-04-03 Eight dead in Gujarat rioting
2002-04-03 Israel expands offensive
2002-04-03 Nazis Unidentified parties keep up strikes against Jews
2002-04-03 Oprah feels "used"
2002-04-03 North Korea sez maybe we can talk
2002-04-03 Egypt to suspend ties
2002-04-03 Shapiro the Hero's Mom and Dad run out of town
2002-04-03 Boomer blows at checkpoint - 7 in 7 days
2002-04-03 Muslim conference can't seem to come up with definition of terrorism
2002-04-03 Rumsfeld: Iran funneling al-Qaeda
2002-04-03 Maybe smaller attacks from Tal-Qaeda
2002-04-03 Perv's cabinet approves referendum
2002-04-03 IDF starts scrubbing Nablus
2002-04-03 Saudi Link Among Suspect Islamic Charities. Really.
2002-04-04 Security Council adjourns discussion on Mideast
2002-04-04 Frenchies suggest foreign troops
2002-04-04 Hundreds of Hekmatyar thugs rounded up
2002-04-04 Sammy wanted to boom US ship, blame Iran
2002-04-04 NY Times chats up Hamas Bigs
2002-04-04 Kofi talks to Syria, Lebanon about northern front
2002-04-04 Likely Arafat successors keep out of sight
2002-04-04 IDF takes boomer belt factory
2002-04-04 Spy planes tracking down Abu Sayyaf
2002-04-04 North Koreans decide maybe they don't want to talk...
2002-04-04 IDF continues West Bank ops...
2002-04-04 Gunnies still holed up in church
2002-04-04 Nazis Unknown assailants molotov French synagogue
2002-04-04 The trouble with links...
2002-04-04 Sammy increases boomer stipend
2002-04-04 North Korea calls US "sworn enemy"
2002-04-04 50 Hekmatyar backers jugged
2002-04-04 Cranky Hermit on the church invasion
2002-04-04 IDF moves into Hebron
2002-04-04 Bush calls for halt to incursions
2002-04-04 The difference between a soldier and a man with a gun
2002-04-04 Tal-Qaeda attack near Shah-i-Kot
2002-04-04 Instantman's got spies...
2002-04-04 Euros do lunch, discuss Mideast
2002-04-05 Bell-ringer killed
2002-04-05 Asparagirl: Is he wobbling?
2002-04-05 Uzbeks say Paks sheltering al-Qaeda members
2002-04-05 Snuffy planned attack in Singapore
2002-04-05 Islamolosers wanted to wage economic jihad
2002-04-05 Hooghly mosques "bombed"
2002-04-05 Yet another whoopdee-doo feature...
2002-04-05 Vandalizing synagogues...
2002-04-05 Sonofabitch responsible for Passover attack doorknob dead
2002-04-05 The fighting goes on...
2002-04-05 Pearl Case: Omar Sheikh trial adjourns
2002-04-05 Zinni persuades Arafat to form a committee...
2002-04-05 Dr Frank worries, too...
2002-04-05 Observers, peacekeepers roughed up by Hezbollah
2002-04-05 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-06 Boomer lab at police chief's house...
2002-04-06 Lemmings Palestinians: Meet with Yasser or meet nobody
2002-04-06 It is so idealistic. So there. Well, kinda...
2002-04-06 Rewards offered for infidels...
2002-04-06 Palestinians explode...
2002-04-06 Abu Zubaydah doesn't want to be touched by Americans. Heh heh.
2002-04-06 Shelling at Yasser's compound
2002-04-06 If it's Saturday, North Korea must be willing to talk...
2002-04-06 Thousands of Euros protest against Israel
2002-04-06 Two PFLP gunnies arrested by IDF
2002-04-06 3000+ gunnies waiting to swarm Kashmir
2002-04-06 Al Aqsa leader suffers from premature boom syndrome
2002-04-06 Nine snuffies nabbed in Nablus governor's residence...
2002-04-06 Madeleine doesn't get it, either...
2002-04-06 Yasser would have done the fueherbunker thing...
2002-04-06 West Bank action...
2002-04-06 Hamas acknowledges half dozen deaders
2002-04-06 Still more West Bank fighting...
2002-04-06 What's up with the church siege...
2002-04-06 Getting down to the hard core...
2002-04-07 Synagogue hit again
2002-04-07 Religious fanatics to campaign against referendum
2002-04-07 Two Gaza bomb boys iced
2002-04-07 Six more al-Qaeda arrests revealed in Pakland
2002-04-07 Fighting may end soon in Jenin
2002-04-07 Fighting continues in West Bank...
2002-04-07 Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here?
2002-04-07 Condi: We Don't Want 'Helter-Skelter' Israeli Pullout
2002-04-07 Powell Says He May Meet with Arafat
2002-04-07 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-07 Blair Calls for U.N. Backing for Saudi Peace Plan
2002-04-07 Blair demands Sammy allow inspections. Fat chance.
2002-04-07 Perv waves nukes
2002-04-07 Rockets Fired at Kabul Peacekeepers
2002-04-07 Qazi takes Perv to court over referendum
2002-04-07 Standoff continues in Bethlehem church
2002-04-07 David Warren on Bush vs Arafat
2002-04-08 Powell begins MidEast trip
2002-04-08 Perv's referendum set for April 30th...
2002-04-08 Blogging as addictive behavior
2002-04-08 Mass Graves Tied to Last Days of Taliban
2002-04-08 Jenin fighting is fierce
2002-04-08 Jugheads heckle Bush in Knoxville
2002-04-08 IDF controls about half of Nablus
2002-04-08 Egypt Receives Jihad Leader From Pakistan
2002-04-08 News from the Other Side: The Plot Sickens
2002-04-08 IDF pulling out of Qalqiliya and Tulkarem
2002-04-08 Bomb attempt on Minister of Defense
2002-04-08 That open secret...
2002-04-08 Powell sez he'll meet with Yasser if he has time
2002-04-08 Hezbollah harrassing attacks on northern front
2002-04-08 Sammy sez "Put 'em up! Put 'em up! Hrowf!"
2002-04-08 US remains mum on Saudi help to PA
2002-04-08 Filthy lucre...
2002-04-08 Half of foreign "students" decide maybe they don't want to be in madrassahs
2002-04-08 Jock sez Frenchies aren't anti-Semitic
2002-04-08 IDF brief...
2002-04-08 Raid that got Zubaydah almost snagged Binny
2002-04-08 Sammy cuts oil exports...
2002-04-08 ISI and Lashkar said to be training Sikh gunnies, too...
2002-04-09 Referendum unlawful, says ANP
2002-04-09 Mary Robinson wrings her hands over Palestinians
2002-04-09 Frenchies: No organization behind synagogue attacks
2002-04-09 ISI, arms smuggling, drugs, all cozy in Kashmir
2002-04-09 Another boomer, this one 10 years old
2002-04-09 Yasser allowed to meet with Da Boys
2002-04-09 Domestic suicide bombers...
2002-04-09 Powell tries to line up Egyptian support. Fat chance.
2002-04-09 PA holds out cease-fire carrot for Powell
2002-04-09 Perv sure of victory
2002-04-09 More opinion on anthrax...
2002-04-09 Sharon calls for peace parley
2002-04-09 Gunnies try to shoot up troops, road workers
2002-04-09 Hizbul Mujahideen threatens to target National Conference
2002-04-09 Hezbollah keeps pressure up on northern front
2002-04-09 Firefights south of Hebron
2002-04-09 Sharon accepts Zinni cease-fire proposal, for what it's worth
2002-04-09 Rocket launchers found in mosque
2002-04-09 Iran ready to stop oil exports
2002-04-09 IDF loses 13 in Jenin ambush
2002-04-09 Peres termed Jenin operation a "massacre"
2002-04-09 Four indicted on aiding Abdel Rahman
2002-04-09 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-10 Who drives ISI?
2002-04-10 Monk shot in church siege
2002-04-10 Deport Church of Nativity fighters, Greek Orthodox bishop suggests
2002-04-10 Another synagogue attack...
2002-04-10 Katsav tells Pope church siege will continue
2002-04-10 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-10 More Hezbollah fire on northern front
2002-04-10 Yasser hasn't had a shower in two weeks
2002-04-10 Bus boomer near Haifa kills eight
2002-04-10 Muslims volunteer to bomb Jewish targets in Oslo
2002-04-10 Kofi wrings his hands over Human Rights
2002-04-10 IHT faces prosecution
2002-04-10 Powell will meet with Yasser
2002-04-10 Tibi praises Jenin fighters
2002-04-10 Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen:
2002-04-10 Shiv Sena sez BJP's losing because it's not fanatical enough
2002-04-10 Lebanon huffy because Powell's not coming to see them
2002-04-10 ULFA uses bases in Bhutan, Bangla
2002-04-10 Hebron Hamas Big explodes
2002-04-10 Musharraf's balancing act...
2002-04-10 PA claims 500 dead in Jenin
2002-04-11 PLO evicted in Washington
2002-04-11 Swissers lock funds of Saudi charities
2002-04-11 Yasser rejects Zinni proposal
2002-04-11 Six dead in blast near Tunisian synagogue
2002-04-11 Godhra conspirator jugged
2002-04-11 IDF withdraws from 24 villes, moves into two more
2002-04-11 Saudis clamp down on pro-Palestinian demonstrations
2002-04-11 US gets gypped on Abu Sayyaf ransom deal
2002-04-11 Powell stops in Jordan on liesurely trip to Israel
2002-04-11 Pak referendum maneuvering...
2002-04-11 Boomerette wanted to give birth to an explosion
2002-04-11 Israeli soccer team attacked by Klansmen in France
2002-04-11 Candadian Jewish Congress to church leaders:
2002-04-11 Jenin is taken
2002-04-11 Administration to fight it out with tiresome local warlords
2002-04-11 US peacekeepers? Yuck.
2002-04-12 I've been a Republican too long...
2002-04-12 Islamic Jihad thug in custody
2002-04-12 PPP to boycott referendum
2002-04-12 Another boomer belt in an ambo
2002-04-12 Den Beste on The McKinney
2002-04-12 Gunny kills border cop in shootout
2002-04-12 PA copper's house chock full of weaponry
2002-04-12 PA Biggy was Islamic Jihad stooge
2002-04-12 North Korea sez time's not right for talks
2002-04-12 Kofi wants to send troops
2002-04-12 Jerusalem boomer kills six, fifty wounded
2002-04-12 Jewish man attacked in Sacramento
2002-04-12 Paks set trial for four crazed killers
2002-04-12 Hamas controller rounded up
2002-04-12 Welcome to Hawspipe...
2002-04-12 Millat Party is on board for Perv
2002-04-12 Chavez out in Venezuela
2002-04-12 Sweep Nets Bad Guys, Weapons
2002-04-12 Powell to tell Yasser the jig's up
2002-04-12 Attempted boomer nabbed
2002-04-12 Zubaydah still hasn't sung
2002-04-12 PA intelligence chief implicated
2002-04-13 Court tosses referendum suit
2002-04-13 Iran blames US for Hugo's fall
2002-04-13 Religious loons warn of secular state
2002-04-13 U.S. 'Cautiously Optimistic' on N.Korea Talks
2002-04-13 Russers pull out of Kodori Gorge
2002-04-13 Ethiopia - Eritrea boundary ruling
2002-04-13 Swastikas painted on Jewish cemetary in France
2002-04-13 JUI sez don't vote
2002-04-13 Hamas head calls suicide bombing punishment for offensive
2002-04-13 Chavez backers may try for civil war
2002-04-13 Arafat says The Words
2002-04-13 Iraq puts off talks
2002-04-13 Church standoff continues
2002-04-13 Fazlur Rehman rips Perv
2002-04-13 Tiresome warlords fighting it out in Wardak
2002-04-13 112 dead in Maoist attacks
2002-04-13 Hezbollah shells Shebaa Farms
2002-04-13 US parses Yasser's statement
2002-04-13 PML-N Big rips Perv...
2002-04-13 Pak Muslim League factions discuss reunifying
2002-04-13 Peacekeepers clash with rogue cops
2002-04-14 Mrs. Yasser approves of boomer attacks...
2002-04-14 Khost airstrip harassed
2002-04-14 Chavez back in power
2002-04-14 Al-Qaeda money man nabbed in Spain
2002-04-14 US forces fired on, "several" Bad Guys killed
2002-04-15 Pak may re-arrest Lashkar founder
2002-04-16 Israelis kill two, knock down buildings
2002-04-16 Gov’t, MILF to form monitoring groups in 11 areas
2002-04-16 Officials killed minister: Karzai
2002-04-17 Oh, hell. Not again...
2002-04-17 Gujarat MPs cut themselves in for a little relief
2002-04-18 Frenchies nab suspected Shoe Boy controllers
2002-04-18 Israel nabs Hamas thug
2002-04-18 Is this a great country or what?
2002-04-18 Yasser going senile?
2002-04-18 Pilot Trainee Held on Immigration Charge
2002-04-18 Malays round up 14 Jemaah Islamiyah thugs
2002-04-18 Kofi asks Security Council for troops
2002-04-18 9-11 Strike on Milano?
2002-04-18 Gray Lady doesn't like the referendum, either...
2002-04-18 Qazi's mouthpiece sez referendum's undemocratic
2002-04-18 Still on the alternate server...
2002-04-18 Efforts to unify PML fail again
2002-04-18 Binny speaks
2002-04-18 Negotiations on Bethlehem standoff canceled
2002-04-18 16 police killed by Chechen rebels
2002-04-18 Powell to Report to Bush on Mideast
2002-04-18 Zahir Shah comes home
2002-04-19 Iranian paper calls Zahir Shah a 'fossil'
2002-04-19 Milan pilot was suicidal
2002-04-19 Hmmm... Hadn't thought of that...
2002-04-19 Abu Zubaydah mumbles...
2002-04-19 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-19 Acid attack on Kandahar teacher
2002-04-19 Iran: Two killed in pointless rioting
2002-04-19 U.S. Threatens Veto of Crummy Idea
2002-04-19 Arab News: 'Let's not be too hasty!'
2002-04-19 Mind moving your foot? You're standing on his tongue.
2002-04-19 Hariri Says Lebanon Has Right to Fight For Shebaa
2002-04-19 All Anti-Terrorism Campaigns Should Be Led by UN: Karrubi
2002-04-19 Hizbullah fires more rockets
2002-04-19 Afghan leaders queue up for audience with former king
2002-04-19 Three dead in Khost rocket attack
2002-04-19 Violence erupts in Gaza Strip
2002-04-19 Indonesia may jug terror cell Big
2002-04-19 Cutest picture of the week...
2002-04-19 U.S. Troops to Build Roads
2002-04-19 Bill Quick on Bush, Powell, Sharon and Yasser...
2002-04-19 Pearl Case: Defense shops a new judge
2002-04-19 Royal Marines wrap up mission
2002-04-19 Hanson on the Euros...
2002-04-19 Nawaz expects to come home
2002-04-19 Israeli Army Leaves Jenin Ruins
2002-04-20 An Arab assessment...
2002-04-20 Seven Pak thugs rounded up in France
2002-04-20 Snuffies may pose as journalists to kill Afghan ex-king
2002-04-20 IDF quits Jenin
2002-04-20 ETA car bomb explodes in northern Spain
2002-04-20 Euros issue statement on anti-Jewish attacks
2002-04-20 Clerics back boycott of US products
2002-04-20 Fazl sez only Parliament can elect the president
2002-04-20 Euros 'profoundly distressed' over Jenin
2002-04-20 PLO still without a home...
2002-04-20 G7 to publish new list of terrorism financiers
2002-04-20 Hot damn! Sufi Mohammad jugged for seven big ones!
2002-04-20 Warlord's brother sez Kabul forces must pull back
2002-04-20 Russia escapes UN condemnation over Chechnya
2002-04-20 Venezuelan general dies in 'unfortunate accident'
2002-04-20 Saudi intelligence chief released from hospital
2002-04-21 Israel faces Eurobargo on weapons
2002-04-21 Georgia expects armed intrusion in Kodori Gorge
2002-04-21 Binny's not in Pak Kashmir. Nope.
2002-04-21 Core dumps...
2002-04-21 Protesters Spread Out Across Capital
2002-04-21 Links...
2002-04-21 IDF pulls out of Nablus and Ramallah. Yasser still jugged.
2002-04-21 Hegemonists picking on Muslims
2002-04-21 Lone Detainee Arrives at Guantanamo
2002-04-21 54 Islamothugs jugged in Egypt
2002-04-21 Bomb attacks kill 14, wound 60 in Philippines
2002-04-21 Israel: You can keep Mary and Terje
2002-04-21 Qazi jugged
2002-04-21 Changes to comments...
2002-04-21 Feds want to lengthen spy's neck
2002-04-21 Karzai makes nice with mullahs
2002-04-21 Still exploding in Jenin even after the fighting's done
2002-04-21 Nitwit pervert attacks two mall maidens and a granny lady
2002-04-21 Saudi intellects: US and Israel are Axis of Evil
2002-04-21 Iraq salutes Chavez
2002-04-21 Al Rashid trust put on false nose, glasses, stayed in business
2002-04-22 "Not a positive meeting" with Yasser
2002-04-22 Three hard boys banged in Gaza
2002-04-22 Iraq Moving Missiles Into No-Fly Zones
2002-04-22 Yemen terror alert
2002-04-22 Yasser sez church gunnies can negotiate
2002-04-22 MNLF now has three chairmen
2002-04-22 Suspected U.S. 'Millennium Bomber' in British Court
2002-04-22 Moussaoui wants to defend himself
2002-04-22 Arab foreign ministers stomp out of Euro-Med conference
2002-04-22 Zubaydah sez al-Qaeda knows how to build dirty bomb
2002-04-22 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-22 On a new server...
2002-04-22 Lashkar Jihad operating in Papua
2002-04-22 Two MILF arrested in connection with General Santos blast
2002-04-22 Kofi appoints fact-finding team for Jenin
2002-04-22 Omar Sheikh pleads "not guilty"
2002-04-22 Follow-up blast in General Santos
2002-04-23 Bomb explodes in Algiers, one injured
2002-04-23 Maulvi Mohammed Nabi Mohammedi dead at 82
2002-04-23 Spain nabs another al-Qaeda money man
2002-04-23 Three "collaborators" iced in Hebron
2002-04-23 Gerry Adams considering whether to testify on Irish FARC thugs
2002-04-23 Gaza Strip may get thumped next
2002-04-23 Saudi intel insufficient to combat terror networks
2002-04-23 Getting ready to put Marwan on trial
2002-04-23 Sammy's romance novel hits the stage
2002-04-23 Palestinians Say Church Talks 'Constructive'
2002-04-23 Maoists call Nepal general strike
2002-04-23 Vajpayee facing censure vote over Gujarat violence
2002-04-23 Israel sez forget the UN mission, Kofi
2002-04-23 Hezbollah resumes use of SA-7s
2002-04-23 Philippines Files Charges Against Bomb Suspects
2002-04-23 Bush administration sets guidelines for peacekeepers
2002-04-24 Two more MILF thugs and a jerk arrested in General Santos blast
2002-04-24 Senior Hamas gunny diagnosed with rigor mortis
2002-04-24 Explosions in Yasser's compound
2002-04-24 Colombia is safe haven for terror groups
2002-04-24 German court questions suspected Palestinian terrorists
2002-04-24 Intended bomb artist squeals like a pig in trial
2002-04-24 Saudis deny troops massing on Jordanian border
2002-04-24 Dutchies arrest four Salafists
2002-04-24 Islamic prosecutors seek death penalty for Christian converts
2002-04-24 Church talks will pick up again
2002-04-24 Internal links...
2002-04-24 Lebanon nabs a live one
2002-04-24 Georgia proposes sending delegation to Abkhazia
2002-04-24 Prince Abdullah won't mince words with Bush...
2002-04-24 Euros meet with Arafat
2002-04-24 Hafiz Majid iced near Chaman
2002-04-24 Spain bags another money man
2002-04-24 Perv slams religious parties. In a speech, anyway.
2002-04-24 One Bad Guy drilled, two surrender at church
2002-04-24 Intended boomer nabbed
2002-04-24 Population of Thugburg rises...
2002-04-25 Makeshift Palestinian court convicts 4 in Israeli official's death
2002-04-25 The Saudi Entity
2002-04-25 More than half of Venezuelans want to dump Hugo
2002-04-25 US allowed joint operation in tribal areas
2002-04-25 All that money, all those Palestinians...
2002-04-25 Jerusalem area terrorist cell arrested
2002-04-25 Qazi won't accept favorable referendum ruling
2002-04-25 Another gunny in an ambo
2002-04-25 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-25 Bomb threat against Moscow synagogue
2002-04-25 Two monks, nine kids, two deaders leave Church of the Nativity
2002-04-25 30 leftover Pak jihadis kicked out
2002-04-25 Two PA intel officers nabbed
2002-04-25 Palestinocopper zapped in Hebron incursion
2002-04-25 Pashtuns want Zahir Shah to return to throne
2002-04-25 Four dead in Shootout at the OK Serai
2002-04-25 Woman appeals death by stoning verdict
2002-04-26 Shiite mosque bombed in Punjab
2002-04-26 Dan's back...
2002-04-26 Kathy on blind spots, me on hatred
2002-04-26 Learned Elders of Islam on America and Jewish wimmin
2002-04-26 Saudis paid off boomers' families
2002-04-26 Al-Qaeda detritus behind Salih attack
2002-04-26 U.S. forces searching for al-Qaeda in Pakland
2002-04-26 North Korean asks for asylum at German embassy in Beijing
2002-04-26 Eight of nine church kiddies sent home
2002-04-26 Le Pen sez round 'em up and send 'em home
2002-04-26 The Divine Orianna
2002-04-26 G'bye, INS. You're toast.
2002-04-26 Islamists kill 16 in Algeria
2002-04-26 PFLP gunny iced in Qalqiliya raid
2002-04-26 Hezbollah restarts Shebaa Farms festivities
2002-04-26 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-04-26 Lionel sulks
2002-04-26 Church standoff may be winding down...
2002-04-26 Indonesia mushy on terrorists
2002-04-26 General Santos bomb boys say they trained in Malaysia
2002-04-27 Yemen demonstrators demand break with US
2002-04-27 Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan debrief...
2002-04-27 Links...
2002-04-27 Another addition to the old style book...
2002-04-27 Fun with graphs...
2002-04-27 UN fact-finders delay a day
2002-04-27 What the Good Guys are facing...
2002-04-27 Pak clerics squeal like pigs over raids
2002-04-27 More fixes...
2002-04-27 Russers say they've iced Khattab in Chechnya
2002-04-27 Tunisia dumps interior minister
2002-04-27 Five settlers killed by Palestinian thugs on West Bank
2002-04-27 Syria removing troops, equipment from Lebanon
2002-04-27 Palestinians fortifying, booby-trapping Gaza
2002-04-27 Islamoclerics: God sez to vote for the guy with the turban
2002-04-27 Nepal zaps 35 Maoist gunnies
2002-04-27 North Koreans seek asylum at US embassy in Beijing
2002-04-27 Reporterette released by Abu Sayyaf
2002-04-27 Yasser still won't give up his thugs
2002-04-27 GIA's leader's plan for Algeria...
2002-04-27 Church standoff in 25th day
2002-04-27 Vajpayee tut-tuts ineffectually over Gujarat violence
2002-04-27 Gunner20
2002-04-27 Supreme Court okays referendum
2002-04-27 Club Fed inmates are going nutz
2002-04-27 Gardez attacked by somebody or other
2002-04-27 Algerian thugs continue sectarian cleansing
2002-04-28 Alexander Lebed, RIP
2002-04-28 9-11 without the planes?
2002-04-28 Gunfighters holed up in Tombstone Khost cop shop
2002-04-28 Honor-Shame versus Accomplishment
2002-04-28 Happy (last) birthday, Sammy!
2002-04-28 Gore Vidal sez we're a 'seedy imperial state'
2002-04-28 Dildar gets the high jump
2002-04-28 He wants to give them the Sudetenland, too...
2002-04-28 Style changes...
2002-04-28 Referendum's looking good for Perv
2002-04-28 Turkish president vetoes amnesty for Agca
2002-04-28 Qazi just hates that verdict
2002-04-28 Daily Star: We're gonna get it...
2002-04-28 Mary Robinson: Human rights cannot be sacrificed in search of justice
2002-04-28 Lashkar Jihad kills 14 Christians
2002-04-28 NY Times: Iraq invasion will come in 2003
2002-04-28 Russian market blast kills five
2002-04-28 Israeli cabinet approves proposal to end Yasser's siege
2002-04-28 Five nabbed by joint force in tribal belt
2002-04-28 Just out of curiosity...
2002-04-28 Embassy defectors in Seoul
2002-04-28 Georgia getting tough with outsiders...
2002-04-28 Extra troops deployed to Grozny
2002-04-29 Gujarat still burning
2002-04-29 Pakistan prepares for presidential referendum
2002-04-29 Gunny sniped at Church of Nativity
2002-04-29 Yasser (we're so surprised!) renegs
2002-04-29 New venue demanded for Pearl trial after threats
2002-04-29 Ugandan rebels shoot 60 mourners dead inside Sudan
2002-04-29 Vajpayee will march for peas in Gujarat
2002-04-29 IDF goes into Hebron
2002-04-29 Yasser's out of jug
2002-04-29 Chechens confirm Khattab is dead
2002-04-29 Coalition minister resigns over Gujarat
2002-04-29 U.S. envoy to Pakland sez to hell with it...
2002-04-29 US reelected to UN human rights commission
2002-04-29 RSS, BJP feel the heat
2002-04-30 Ten thugs killed in Hebron operation
2002-04-30 Perv and Opposition Quibble on Poll Turnout
2002-04-30 Pearl trial moves to Hyderabad
2002-04-30 N.Korea Appears to Reach Out to South and Its Allies
2002-04-30 Changes to Thugburg...
2002-04-30 Maybe four al-Qaeda banged in Pak border area
2002-04-30 Kofi sez U.N. Has Answered Israeli Concerns
2002-04-30 Gunmen occupy Hebron’s Alia Hospital
2002-04-30 26 sprung from church siege...
2002-04-30 Head of Islamocharity arrested
2002-04-30 Saudi Entity expands Pak military presence
2002-04-30 Kofi Considers Aborting U.N. Mission to Jenin
2002-05-01 Two more Palestinians leave Church of Nativity
2002-05-01 Stand off in Hebron hospital resolved
2002-05-01 Modi not to be removed
2002-05-01 Sonia quietly positive; Modi gloats after vote
2002-05-01 Pak expats vote early and often
2002-05-01 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-05-01 The usual vitriol from Iran...
2002-05-01 IDF arrests over 150 suspects in Hebron operation
2002-05-01 Haji Zaman gets out of Dodge
2002-05-01 Sporadic incidents in Baroda, Ahmedabad
2002-05-01 13 army officers killed in Tunisian copter crash
2002-05-01 Yasser still doesn't want to hand over his thugs...
2002-05-01 Perv's in like Flynn for five more years
2002-05-01 Opposition sour grapes, sez Perv should quit anyway
2002-05-02 Viruses...
2002-05-02 Perv wins. Now what?
2002-05-02 Condi states the obvious, many people will be surprised
2002-05-02 Kofi disbands fault fact-finding tour
2002-05-02 Pro-Musharraf parties played vital role
2002-05-02 Treasure from Google...
2002-05-02 Barghouti sings
2002-05-02 Fire, gunfight at Church of the Nativity
2002-05-02 Twenty wounded in Karachi booms
2002-05-02 Missile attack at college building
2002-05-02 Yasser walks...
2002-05-02 New operation along Pak border
2002-05-03 Dozens killed in Colombia attack
2002-05-03 Yep. There's a purge a-comin'.
2002-05-03 Steyn calls for investigation!
2002-05-03 Threats on prison monitors already
2002-05-03 Powell announces international conference on Palestine
2002-05-03 Fires came from inside the church...
2002-05-03 PA purges coming?
2002-05-03 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-05-03 One gunny iced at church siege
2002-05-03 'Just look at all those dead person!'
2002-05-03 Palestinians want two thugs freed
2002-05-03 Britain asks for action against Bout
2002-05-03 Britain reports Saudis over arms plane
2002-05-03 Bomb kiddy mines mailboxes in Illinois
2002-05-03 Fencing Gaza
2002-05-03 Whisper of betrayal as Yasser is shunned
2002-05-03 Moira's back...
2002-05-03 Pentagon Objects To U.S. Peacekeepers
2002-05-03 Soddi-free gasoline...
2002-05-03 Four explosions rock Karachi
2002-05-03 Khaled Meshaal condones killing of all Israelis
2002-05-03 Musharraf promises to pursue reforms
2002-05-03 Ninety Maoists Killed in Nepal
2002-05-03 Sharon to present Bush the ‘most serious’ peace plan yet
2002-05-03 Nitwits butt into church siege
2002-05-03 Four civilians leave church...
2002-05-03 Palestinian Cabinet Minister Resigns
2002-05-03 Two IDF killed in Nablus raid
2002-05-04 EU gets around to freezing Lashkar funds
2002-05-04 Feds Have Pipe Bomb Leads
2002-05-04 Egypt wants IDF exit from PA areas before any talks on summit
2002-05-04 Killer kop beats it
2002-05-04 IDF pots another Palestinian at the church...
2002-05-04 350 Nepali Maoists no longer ticklish
2002-05-04 Why they hate us...
2002-05-04 Filipino police arrest 9 al-Qaida suspects
2002-05-04 Crackdown on Muttahida Quami movement
2002-05-04 Perv urged to repeal laws against women
2002-05-04 Holy hit counter!
2002-05-04 Chechen kebab artist frees hostages, surrenders
2002-05-04 Postal boy's note...
2002-05-04 Fazl demands U.S. troops out of Fata
2002-05-04 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-05-04 Interrogation of tribal men begins
2002-05-05 Hizb purges three top commanders
2002-05-05 Coalition troops disarm Afghan town
2002-05-05 Condi: Bush to push PA to clean up its act
2002-05-05 Iraq to resume oil exports
2002-05-05 30 more Pakistanis arrive from Afghan jails
2002-05-05 Qazi and ARD still bitching about the referendumb...
2002-05-05 Just when you thought things couldn't get worse...
2002-05-05 Reforms? Whatever for?
2002-05-05 Mailbox boy may be targeting postal workers
2002-05-05 Warlord's doing for the Pee-pul...
2002-05-05 IDF blockades Tulkarm camp...
2002-05-05 Woman and two children killed by IDF tank fire
2002-05-05 Pro-govt parties plan alliance
2002-05-05 Pak faces threat of civil war in tribal areas
2002-05-06 The deal...
2002-05-06 Syrian weapons complex explosion missed its weapons of mass destruction
2002-05-06 Count of dead Reds in Nepal up to 560...
2002-05-06 UN decides to look into talking about stopping abuse by aid workers
2002-05-06 GCC working on cooperation in tracking terror funds
2002-05-06 PA jugs four PFLP thugs
2002-05-06 Mailbox Boy drops another load, another dud
2002-05-06 Pro-Iraqi pressure building in Jordan
2002-05-06 Egypt stopping attempted boomers
2002-05-06 Shubaki, Sa'adat still in Jericho calaboose
2002-05-06 Yemen's starting to grate...
2002-05-06 15 troops killed in Salafist attack in Algeria
2002-05-06 Fortuyn assassinated in Netherlands
2002-05-06 U.S. funding airbase in Oman
2002-05-07 Clinton butts in, calls for international force...
2002-05-07 Observers were bumped off by Islamic Jihad
2002-05-07 Dead guy had three IDs, four checkbooks...
2002-05-07 Fortuyn murderer said to be an animal rights nut
2002-05-07 Boomer controller nabbed
2002-05-07 PA's gonna get it...
2002-05-07 No One Wants Palestinians
2002-05-07 Paks want to be the Arabs' friend...
2002-05-07 Yassers sputters, spits, demand evidence that the evidence is evidence
2002-05-07 Mailbox Boy drops two more...
2002-05-07 Boomer hits Tel Aviv pool hall...
2002-05-07 Mailbox Boy in Texas?
2002-05-07 Hamas doesn't want their snuffies to go...
2002-05-08 Sharon goes home...
2002-05-08 Pool hall boomer came from Gaza
2002-05-08 Yasser sez they've nabbed 14 with boomer links
2002-05-08 Beavis Mailbox Boy in court today. Huh huh.
2002-05-08 Euroflagging...
2002-05-08 Karachi attack was a suicide bomber
2002-05-08 Device used in Buenos Aires was not a smart bomb...
2002-05-08 Amir Taheri on cannon fodder...
2002-05-08 A little dissension in Hizb-ul-Mujahideen?
2002-05-08 IDF getting ready to thump Gaza
2002-05-08 More on the figurehead plan...
2002-05-08 Iranian right hand denies what left hand is doing...
2002-05-08 Karachi bus bomb kills 11 Frenchies, three Paks
2002-05-08 Shiv Sena thugs accused of roughing up Yasin Malik
2002-05-08 Yasser sez for PA thugs to crack down on thugs...
2002-05-08 Senseless violence kills 14 in Gujarat
2002-05-08 Yasser condemns pool hall attack...
2002-05-08 Sharon still thinking of dumping Yasser...
2002-05-08 Kofi oozes platitudes about The Children®
2002-05-08 Yasser to become a figurehead?
2002-05-08 Butthead Eco-Activist Charged with Fortuyn Murder
2002-05-08 Gujarat cabinet thumps Modi...
2002-05-08 Paks chat up the Omanis...
2002-05-08 Megiddo suicide bomber survives blast
2002-05-08 IDF rounds up more murderous bastards at Tulkarm
2002-05-08 Irish priest who sez Jesus not the son of God resigns
2002-05-08 Nepal Rebels Attack Security Post
2002-05-08 Paisley Attacks Bloody Sunday Inquiry
2002-05-08 Still nobody who wants the church snuffies...
2002-05-08 Brit Marine commander indulges in over-confidence...
2002-05-08 Palestinian economy close to total collapse
2002-05-09 Qazi trying to dislodge Perv's allies...
2002-05-09 CIA tries to bump off Hekmatyar
2002-05-09 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-05-09 Reserves to be called up for Gaza operation
2002-05-09 Damascus Palestinians holler about Yasser's 'disgraceful concession'
2002-05-09 Just a final word on Mailbox Boy...
2002-05-09 KFC bombed in Tripoli
2002-05-09 Hizbul Mujahideen still arguing about the purge
2002-05-09 Islamic bastards kill at least 34 in Dagestan
2002-05-09 Beavis Mailbox Boy wanted to make a smiley face
2002-05-09 National Alliance pledges good government
2002-05-09 Paks say al-Qaeda might be involved in hotel attack. Duh.
2002-05-09 Jewish thugs claim responsibility for killing eight Palestinians
2002-05-09 Paks round up more than 100 in bus bombing
2002-05-09 Egyptian soldier wounded in cross-border shooting
2002-05-09 David Warren's back...
2002-05-09 Lebanon to be al-Qaeda's new home?
2002-05-09 Barghouti meets with his mouthpiece
2002-05-09 Hamas sez 16 of its gunnies have been arrested...
2002-05-10 Blast seen blowing up tourism industry
2002-05-10 Siege of Bethlehem church ends after 38 days
2002-05-10 Explosion in Southern Israel
2002-05-10 Nepal PM tells Maoists to shove their cease-fire offer
2002-05-10 24 activists of religious parties arrested
2002-05-10 Russian investigators mull Chechen link
2002-05-10 Gill gets cracking
2002-05-10 VodkaPundit's back, for awhile...
2002-05-10 SSP leader arrested
2002-05-10 Lebanese movement created in name of Saudi prince
2002-05-10 Blast a proof of govt's weakness, says ARD
2002-05-10 Pakistan police seek three men over Karachi bombing
2002-05-10 Baghdad massing troops at border with Kurdish areas
2002-05-10 Hizbul commanders join the purged
2002-05-10 Yasser's view...
2002-05-10 Al-Qaeda suspect can be extradited to US
2002-05-10 PML (N) continues bitching about referendumb
2002-05-10 Israel suspends Gaza offensive
2002-05-10 BJP tries to put a bucket on Gill's foot...
2002-05-11 Battered Nepalese troops await new attack
2002-05-11 Pak going after second and third tier thugs
2002-05-11 Coppers question TNSM thugs in crackdown
2002-05-11 Hizbul trying to mend its internal fences
2002-05-11 Jakarta expels militants from Maluku
2002-05-11 ChomskyPirate
2002-05-11 U.S.-Indian wargames
2002-05-11 Paks move commandos to tribal areas
2002-05-11 Qazi rants againt Perv again...
2002-05-11 Lord's Army kills 470 civilians in south Sudan
2002-05-11 Explosives, rifles found in Church
2002-05-11 Disband the Christians first
2002-05-11 Blast in Netherlands
2002-05-11 Gill meets community leaders
2002-05-11 Afghanistan releases 204 pro-Taliban fighters from Pakistan
2002-05-11 Rocket fired at building said to house U.S. troops
2002-05-11 MILF to hunt crooks?
2002-05-11 JUI protests joint military operations
2002-05-11 Frenchies say Karachi bombing was directed at them
2002-05-11 Jewish settlers arrested for attempted bombing of hospital
2002-05-11 Al-Qaeda guns in Nepal?
2002-05-12 Dar faction will fire Salahuddin?
2002-05-12 Paks dig in their heels at operations in tribal areas
2002-05-12 Mullah Fadlallah slams US on weapons of mass destruction
2002-05-12 Weapons inspectors getting sensitivity training...
2002-05-12 Thumping Gaza still on hold...
2002-05-12 Ansari had close relations with Omar Sheikh
2002-05-12 Warlord and perfessor headed fer a shootout in Khost...
2002-05-12 Woman’s head discovered in compost separation plant
2002-05-12 Sheriff Gill sez don't spare the guilty...
2002-05-12 Yasser sez al-Aqsa's a jobs program. Really.
2002-05-12 Yasser prepared to accept Jewish state. Really.
2002-05-12 Chirac warns Israel of ‘consequences’ on anti-France campaign
2002-05-13 Lileks versus the APC conspiracy...
2002-05-13 Saudis putting on pressure to stop suicide attacks
2002-05-13 Pakistan Attacks Blamed on Fugitives
2002-05-13 Exiled Palestinian thugs ran two-year reign of terror
2002-05-13 Yasser's hard boys shoot it out...
2002-05-13 Sharon sticks his thumb in Likud central committee eye
2002-05-13 Interface tweaks...
2002-05-13 Likud rejects a Palestinian state
2002-05-13 Yasser calls for 'millions of martyrs'
2002-05-13 Yasser tours West Bank
2002-05-13 U.S. Troops Kill Five in Afghanistan
2002-05-13 Jacques sez no sactuary for terrorists. Nope.
2002-05-13 Qazi sez country's future not safe
2002-05-13 Gill assures minority community protection
2002-05-13 Padsha Khan Zadran loses his radio station...
2002-05-13 Where are the opinions?
2002-05-13 Musharraf Creates Terror Task Force
2002-05-13 Rejuvenated Gujarat police
2002-05-13 Hizbullah rejects alleged link with US narcotics ring
2002-05-13 Now, datsa rant!
2002-05-13 Hamas, PFLP, vow to continue
2002-05-13 Nepal rebels set fire to Sanskrit university
2002-05-13 Yasser avoids Jenin...
2002-05-13 Zubaydah spills 4th of July threat
2002-05-13 Hizbul gunnies shoot each other up...
2002-05-13 Arab world’s 'Big Three' reject violence
2002-05-13 'No one can force us to remove Modi'
2002-05-14 Modi blames Pakistan for Gujarat violence
2002-05-14 Pak condemns Kashmir attack, calls for inquiry
2002-05-14 Indonesia Cautious Over Muslim Militant Eviction
2002-05-14 North Korea's Kim wants to meet South Korea's Kim in Seoul
2002-05-14 David Warren on the Muddle East...
2002-05-14 Hamas thug nabbed in Hebron
2002-05-14 Two militant groups claim responsibilty for attacks
2002-05-14 Riaz Basra, dead again
2002-05-14 'Politically Incorrect' is toast
2002-05-14 Kashmir raid kills 30
2002-05-14 Palestinians left in limbo as EU fails to agree their fate
2002-05-14 Looks like the purges are under way...
2002-05-14 Gujarat police image can be improved: Gill
2002-05-14 Pakistan bans display of arms in tribal area
2002-05-14 Two gunnies iced, 13 nabbed in West Bank raid
2002-05-14 Sharon: No Peace Until Palestinian Leaders Reform
2002-05-14 Hindus set terms for Muslims' return to Gujarat villages
2002-05-15 10,000 Somalis fled to Kenya last month
2002-05-15 India sez Pakistan's gonna get it...
2002-05-15 Forget that terrorism stuff, this is important...
2002-05-15  Pakistan rejects India's charges of hand in Jammu attack
2002-05-15 Yasser promises elections
2002-05-15 Amnesty Says Israel Committed Torture in West Bank
2002-05-15 PA condemns attacks on its officials
2002-05-15 Riaz Basra: Is that what happened?
2002-05-15 Tension still prevails in Gujarat as police maintain vigil
2002-05-15 Spanish police say summit attack thwarted
2002-05-15 Europe Parliament Condemns U.S. Unilateralism
2002-05-15 Pre-Attack Memo Cited Bin Laden
2002-05-15 Defense claims Daniel Pearl video is a fake
2002-05-16 Defence cross-examines FBI agents in Pearl murder trial
2002-05-16 And let that be a lesson to you...
2002-05-16 Colombian gunnies shoot up restaurant
2002-05-16 Brit troops in Kabul may have typhoid
2002-05-16 IDF, Shin Bet strike at cell behind Park Hotel attack
2002-05-16 Fight against Indian troops to continue
2002-05-16 Four killed in Algerian bomb attack
2002-05-16 Department of redesign...
2002-05-16 Suspects Tell Pakistan Cops Where Pearl's Body Is Located
2002-05-16 Palestinian legislator: Yasser Arafat loves only Yasser Arafat
2002-05-16 Afghan chiefs say bin Laden and Omar likely alive
2002-05-16 Somalia accuses Ethiopia of murdering militia commander
2002-05-16 Pakistan steps up al-Qaeda search
2002-05-16 Strange combination. Hope it doesn't explode...
2002-05-16 IDF continuing cleanup
2002-05-16 Security apparatus first target of Palestinian shake-up
2002-05-17 Cheney batters, deep fries carpers
2002-05-17 Azerbaijan jails 7 for fighting on separatists’ side in Chechnya
2002-05-17 Gill paves way for return of peace
2002-05-17 New deputy military commandant appointed in Chechnya
2002-05-17 Latvian man released from captivity in Chechnya
2002-05-17 Army group in Chechnya may be reduced
2002-05-17 Saudi torture condemned by UN
2002-05-17 First wounded shot...
2002-05-17 Police prevent terrorist act in Kaspiisk, Dagestan
2002-05-17 Iran faces 'social explosion'
2002-05-17 Mullah Omar 'gives interview'
2002-05-17 Chechen rebels threaten to execute missing helicopter crew
2002-05-17 1 killed 10 wounded as blast hits police truck in Chechnya
2002-05-17 Israeli army occupies Jenin again
2002-05-17 Yasser hedges on vote
2002-05-17 The bride looked so natural...
2002-05-17 One killed, 13 injured in Kashmir explosion
2002-05-17 Russia not preparing operations against Georgia
2002-05-17 Three Jaish snuffies killed, RDX recovered
2002-05-18 Car bomb explodes near school in Ingushetia
2002-05-18 Afghans, Kurds battle in French refugee camp
2002-05-18 Sunni Tehrik demonstration in Hyderabad
2002-05-18 Chechen rebels using M16s...
2002-05-18 US/ UK prospect of advance base in Jordan
2002-05-18 US embassy bomber jailed for 10 years in Yemen
2002-05-18 Two Men Charged in Alleged South Florida Bomb Plot
2002-05-18 Cyprus still stuck with vacationing thugs
2002-05-18 Saudi Entity bitches about human rights 'double standards'
2002-05-18 Kuwaiti editorial: Arafat is a Traitor
2002-05-18 Situation normal in Venezuela...
2002-05-18 Pak terror big jugged. Again.
2002-05-18 Hamas ready to stop attacks on Israeli civilians
2002-05-18 Palestinian challenges Arafat in elections
2002-05-18 It isn't typhoid
2002-05-18 Sudanese Rebels To Continue Attacking Oil Installations
2002-05-18 Khattab's obit...
2002-05-18 Iraq expects US strike despite revision of UN sanctions regime
2002-05-18 More on the attempted Kaspiisk bombing...
2002-05-18 Terrorist act prevented in Grozny
2002-05-18 Palestinians, Israelis deadlocked over elections
2002-05-19 Al-Qaida commander brags
2002-05-19 American military group arrives in Tbilisi
2002-05-19 Govt is under pressure to launch selective strikes
2002-05-19 No violence in Gujarat, night curfew continues
2002-05-19 Osama bin Laden still alive, claims new video
2002-05-19 DFLP sez, 'We're still here, too!'
2002-05-19 Reasons behind JI's failure listed
2002-05-19 Church thugs find homes
2002-05-19 Another Tulkarm boomer in Netanya
2002-05-19 US plane crashes near Jacobabad
2002-05-19 Jammu attack aimed at triggering Indo-Pak conflict: JKNAC
2002-05-19 Yep. It's David Warren again...
2002-05-19 PA ministers say they will resign from their posts
2002-05-19 Ten dead in Afghan battle
2002-05-20 Boom babe arrested in Tulkarm
2002-05-20 City sizzles, power supply system collapses
2002-05-20 Two killed by Iranian border guards
2002-05-20 Pakistan urges world to make India 'see reason'
2002-05-20 Pak pols demand 'national government'
2002-05-20 India, Pakistan Trade Heavy Fire as Tensions Mount
2002-05-20 Attempt to set up training camp in Dagestan foiled
2002-05-20 U.S. Jets Hit Iraqi Radar Site in 'No-Fly' Zone
2002-05-20 US soldier killed in ambush, one attacker shot dead
2002-05-20 Car Bomb Kills Palestinian Big Shot's Son
2002-05-20 One dead, three wounded as APC blown in Chechnya
2002-05-20 Abu Sayyaf Big iced
2002-05-20 Bush's critics backing off on Sept. 11 clues
2002-05-20 Families of 13 Exiled Gunmen Protest in Bethlehem
2002-05-20 Madeleine hits `bipolar' foreign policy
2002-05-20 8,000 troops deployed along tribal belt
2002-05-20 Head of Chechen admin thinks Basayev still alive
2002-05-20 One dead in North Ossetia blast
2002-05-20 Advani favours change in strategy to counter proxy war
2002-05-20 W. Bank security chief in Cairo amid reports he may be ousted
2002-05-20 Russia sez India has right to respond to attacks
2002-05-20 Explosives discovered at airport in Grozny
2002-05-20 Suicide Bomber Kills Himself Near Israeli Police
2002-05-20 Pak instals Shaheen missiles as precautionary step
2002-05-20 Two Chechen snuffies iced
2002-05-21 Armed assailants kill four, burn houses in Assam
2002-05-21 Three militants killed in factional fight
2002-05-21 Terror summit in Beirut...
2002-05-21 Army to leave Gujarat and return to border
2002-05-21 'Akin to taking sacred brain cells'...
2002-05-21 Doctors release report on body believed to be Daniel Pearl's
2002-05-21 Yasser's poll numbers are off
2002-05-21 Salahuddin beats his chest, makes faces, warns India
2002-05-21 Hizbul Mujahideen vows to continue 'jihad' against India
2002-05-21 Troops search for sergeant's killers
2002-05-21 Do we see a pattern in Lebanon?
2002-05-21 Sharon dismisses Shas party Cabinet ministers
2002-05-21 India preparing for limited punitive strikes in Kashmir
2002-05-21 India and Pak are 'very close' to war
2002-05-21 10 held for rocket blast in Jacobabad
2002-05-21 Three civilians killed in exchange of cross-border fire
2002-05-21 Pak-India war...
2002-05-21 Attempt on life of Dagestani prosecutor
2002-05-21 Musharraf incapable of handling crisis: JI
2002-05-21 Abdul Ghani Lone assassinated
2002-05-21 PPP rules out electoral alliance with Jamaat
2002-05-21 Two National Conference activists beheaded in Kashmir
2002-05-21 Antiaircraft weapons confiscated in Chechnya
2002-05-21 3 Chechens plead innocent...
2002-05-22 Gaza Gang of Five?
2002-05-22 Alerts tied to memo flap
2002-05-22 Let's have a procession...
2002-05-22 Marwan sez don't stop now...
2002-05-22 Another boomer in Rishon Letzion
2002-05-22 Musharraf's jehadi plan
2002-05-22 Iran Again Tops in Terror
2002-05-22 Hamas calls for reform, may participate in elections
2002-05-22 UK pulls diplomats from Pakistan
2002-05-22 U.N. spreads blame for Colombia massacre
2002-05-22 Troops told to ready for 'decisive battle'
2002-05-22 Paks warn India against cross-border action...
2002-05-22 They think it might be Chandra...
2002-05-22 PA court orders Shubaki released
2002-05-22 Palestinian fellow bumped off in Lebanon camp...
2002-05-22 Church snuffies begin Eurovacation...
2002-05-22 Lebanon terror summit didn't include al Qaeda leaders
2002-05-22 Yasser thinks having his own state would be dandy, thank you...
2002-05-22 Pak steps back
2002-05-22 Three Fatah thugs killed in IDF attack near Nablus
2002-05-23 The New Companion
2002-05-23 Bad Guys blow tanker at fuel depot
2002-05-23 Taliban Reorganizes Troops, Awaits Missiles
2002-05-23 Who's in, who's out: Yasser juggling thugs
2002-05-23 India willing to consider autonomy for J&K
2002-05-23 Beavis, Butthead convicted in Sacramento
2002-05-23 Boom boy explodes prematurely in Tel Aviv
2002-05-23 Bush: 'I've never had respect for Arafat'
2002-05-23 Church thugs pledge to return home
2002-05-23 Elections Commission quits in disgust
2002-05-23 Two gunnies nicely iced in Chechnya
2002-05-23 White House Was Target
2002-05-23 Chechen hero accidentally explodes
2002-05-23 Lone's kid inherits J & K People's Conference
2002-05-23 Indian warships sail near Pakistan
2002-05-23 India may dump Indus Water Treaty
2002-05-23 US hopes Islamabad will end terrorism
2002-05-23 Loon shoots up airport 'cuz somebody made fun of his turban
2002-05-23 Say hello to Just Cuz...
2002-05-23 Three leaders forced MMA to boycott APC
2002-05-23 Titi and pals have traditional funeral
2002-05-23 Indos say Lashkar-e-Taiba behind Lone hit
2002-05-24 What we'd like, versus what is...
2002-05-24 Raid on compound in Afghanistan
2002-05-24 My country, Tizathee, Part 562...
2002-05-24 Rafsanjani calls on Iranians to unite
2002-05-24 Chandra Levy update...
2002-05-24 Sami bitches about Hafiz Saeed arrest...
2002-05-24 Car bomb linked to ETA injures 2 in Spain
2002-05-24 Australia directs its citizens to leave Pak
2002-05-24 Sudan kills 11 in bombing raid
2002-05-24 Bush urges Europe to deal with terrorism
2002-05-24 Dostum releases more riff-raff
2002-05-24 Hizb claims killing 25 Indian soldiers
2002-05-24 The world according to Suman...
2002-05-24 Pakistan envoy foresees more terrorist attacks
2002-05-24 Frenchies may jump ship, too...
2002-05-24 U.S. acknowledges Musharraf allows guerrilla camps in Kashmir
2002-05-24 Al-Aqsa takes responsibility, Fatah denies responsibility
2002-05-24 Maybe that's why they're not united...
2002-05-24 I think I like this guy...
2002-05-24 Venezuelan coup figurehead seeks asylum
2002-05-24 Fatah distances itself from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades
2002-05-24 Gunmen attack home of Somalia's interior minister
2002-05-24 Arafat adviser: elections in winter, but only after IDF pullback
2002-05-24 India prepares for military strikes
2002-05-25 Pakistan Tests Medium Range Missile
2002-05-25 Two soldiers among 10 injured in Kashmir explosion
2002-05-25 Pak mercenary captured, three others killed
2002-05-25 Israeli Troops Search Tulkarm
2002-05-25 'Journalist' nabbed with boom belt
2002-05-25 Russers wax five Bad Guys in Chechnya
2002-05-25 Pak orders troops to block militants
2002-05-25 Work accident kills two lemmings Palestinians
2002-05-25 Kashmir militants plan new attacks
2002-05-26 Israeli tanks destroy Gaza workshops
2002-05-26 IDF in West Bank again...
2002-05-26 19 wedding guests electrocuted
2002-05-26 Bangla pol assassinated with meat cleavers
2002-05-26 Them damn Jews is takin' over the Kremlin, too...
2002-05-26 Iran confirms it tested ballistic missile
2002-05-26 Fazl sez Muslims are misunderstood...
2002-05-26 Qazi hollers for OIC help
2002-05-26 Al-Qaida trying to establish haven in Pakistan
2002-05-26 Germans cut diplomatic staff...
2002-05-26 More missile tests conducted by Pakistan
2002-05-26 A terrorist under every bed?
2002-05-26 India losing patience with Pakistan
2002-05-26 Sharon orders importation of 6,000 Thai workers
2002-05-27 Abu Sayyaf Big ran off with the ransom dough...
2002-05-27 Fatah leader arrested near Bethlehem
2002-05-27 9 hurt in Kashmir grenade blast
2002-05-27 'Death to Jews' sign in Moscow was booby trapped...
2002-05-27 Perv sez infiltration into J&K stopped
2002-05-27 Russia strengthens border with Georgia...
2002-05-27 Hizbul thugs demand no compromise
2002-05-27 Pak elections set for October
2002-05-27 India will ask Brits for jihadi banker
2002-05-27 Palestinians rally for Barghouti
2002-05-27 Shapiro the Hero weds
2002-05-27 Fat Zaki and Yussuf the Weasel nabbed
2002-05-27 Bomb discovered by gardener disarmed by police
2002-05-27 Mall boomer injures at least 20...
2002-05-27 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-05-27 Army guns down nine Bodo militants in Assam
2002-05-27 500 RAW trained terrorists to carry out attacks in Pak
2002-05-27 Has US seized Pak N-arms?
2002-05-28 Amnesty International sez US Sacrificing Human Rights
2002-05-28 India tells Pak to stuff it...
2002-05-28 Arafat announces new government within 10 days
2002-05-28 Chechen 'emir' iced
2002-05-28 Indian Defense Minister Says Options Narrowing
2002-05-28 Top Taliban Move Freely in Pakistan
2002-05-28 Arafat reneges on reform promise
2002-05-28 Bush mocks snotty NBC reporter
2002-05-28 At least 62 people killed in Mogadishu violence
2002-05-28 Rumors of Iran FM's resignation denied
2002-05-28 Unexploded bomb from US jets claims nine lives
2002-05-28 Zahir Shah ready to accept role as head of state
2002-05-28 Paks hand over Uighur thug to Chinese
2002-05-28 Pak 'tests' another missile...
2002-05-28 Trouble in Fatah paradise...
2002-05-28 Iran Says Bush Acting Like a 'Cowboy'
2002-05-28 Perv sez 'We ain't givin' up nuttin'!'
2002-05-29 Blasts in 3 Ahmedabad buses
2002-05-29 'Old Sore Head'
2002-05-29 Nablus thug kills three kids playing basketball at school...
2002-05-29 Arafat's performance 'abysmal'
2002-05-29 Israeli authorities build fence around Jerusalem
2002-05-29 SFSU Blogburst: 'We cannot afford to distort each others' positions'
2002-05-29 India tells Pak to knock it off...
2002-05-29 FBI reorganizing
2002-05-29 Al-Qaeda, Taliban setting up camps in J&K
2002-05-29 Two suspected al-Qaida arrested in Pakistan
2002-05-29 Al-Omar Mujahideen kills 2 RAW agents
2002-05-29 Russian Muslims ask Putin to dump the Wahhabis...
2002-05-29 Gunnies express concern over shift in Kashmir policy
2002-05-30 Hekmatyar sez 'Let's get some jihad goin'!'
2002-05-30 Boomer babe backed out 'cuz she doesn't do tight pants...
2002-05-30 Yummy! Yasser Cheese Snack
2002-05-30 Indonesian V-P meets cleric probed for terror links
2002-05-30 Abu Sayyaf thugs promise to free Filipina hostage
2002-05-30 13 S'pore terrorists to be detained till 2004
2002-05-30 Belgium Recruiting Ground for Islam Radicals
2002-05-30 Pakistan Police Arrest 14 Al Qaeda
2002-05-30 Fatah council calls for end to attacks inside Israel
2002-05-30 PFLP, DFLP tell Yasser no, thanx...
2002-05-30 Algerian Snuffies Kill 23 Before Poll
2002-05-30 I wish I could write like David Warren...
2002-05-30 Arab states refuse to accept hijackers
2002-05-30 Militants Storm Kashmir Police Camp, Kill Three
2002-05-30 INS can't be bothered with New York pickup of illegals...
2002-05-30 Pakistan May Move Troops to Indian Border
2002-05-31 Islamic thugs recruiting in Netherlands. Wotta surprise.
2002-05-31 Indos say Lashkar behind Lone’s assassination
2002-05-31 Bill Quick has a new design...
2002-05-31 State Department advises Americans to leave India
2002-05-31 Missiles smuggled into U.S.
2002-05-31 Saudi money behind anti-Israel ads. Wotta surprise.
2002-05-31 Unblog of the day...
2002-05-31 Pakistan withdraws troops from Afghan border
2002-05-31 India set to launch 'small war'
2002-05-31 Israeli troops search for militants in Nablus
2002-05-31 Pakistan's defence is impregnable, says Dr Qadeer
2002-05-31 Women's equal participation in Loya Jirga 'contravenes Islam'
2002-05-31 Benazir's proposal to prevent war
2002-05-31 U.S. Attacks Iraqi Air Defenses
2002-05-31 Kashmiris want Pak to keep off
2002-05-31 Afghan Warlord Feared Teaming Up With Qaeda and Taliban
2002-05-31 Arafat signs framework for Palestinian constitution
2002-05-31 Yemen Says Holding 85 Suspected Islamic Militants
2002-05-31 Islamabad refuses to accept 'no first strike' doctrine
2002-05-31 Israeli Woman Aided Suicide Bomber
2002-05-31 Five Wounded in Grenade Attack in Indian Kashmir
2002-06-01 Rivals Battle in Afghan Town, 10 Said Killed
2002-06-01 India asks Israel to snap it up with the radar deliveries
2002-06-01 Yasser Decides Cabinet, Security Changes
2002-06-01 Paks nab Indian spies
2002-06-01 21 Hizbul surrender...
2002-06-01 Jesse Jackson Headed to Mideast
2002-06-01 Dynamite Cache Stolen
2002-06-01 One dead, 30 injured in two grenade attacks in Kashmir
2002-06-01  FBI Issues Missile Launcher Alert
2002-06-01 Pakistani Pullout May Change U.S. Strategy
2002-06-01 Afghanistan Frees Prisoners From Overcrowded Jails
2002-06-01 Today's unblog...
2002-06-01 Iraqi Tanker Caught Smuggling Oil
2002-06-01 Jaish threatens to blow Ayodhya temple...
2002-06-01 Israeli Troops Conduct Searches
2002-06-01 Justice Official: Many Signs Pointed to Terrorist Attack
2002-06-01 Bomb Explodes Outside Gul Agha's Office
2002-06-01 Paks round up depraved lot who watch Indian movies
2002-06-01 UN evacuating Pak and India
2002-06-01 Perv tries to quell nuclear war fears
2002-06-01 Venezuela Detains Basque Terror Suspect
2002-06-01 Saudis say they've sentenced some Khobar bombers
2002-06-02 Forces Trail Kidnapped Americans
2002-06-02 U.S. targets al Qaeda in eastern Afghanistan
2002-06-02 IDF continuing sweeps...
2002-06-02 Wolfowitz: Terrorists Will Target Asia
2002-06-02 Kashmir militants reject terrorist tag
2002-06-02 Pak puts freeze on madarsas
2002-06-02 Top officers among 25 dead in Angolan helicopter crash
2002-06-02 Faint hopes for India-Pakistan talks
2002-06-02 Pakistan not to strike first
2002-06-02 Qazi warns Perv against sabotaging Kashmir 'freedom struggle'
2002-06-02 Pak Army helps in infiltration: Gunny
2002-06-02 Four Palestinian women students held
2002-06-02 Jaish, Lashkar hold meet, discuss strategy
2002-06-03 Now Dawson's moved...
2002-06-03 Perv: 'Militants to the east of me, militants to the west of me...'
2002-06-03 America, Fasten Your Seat Belt!
2002-06-03 Top Saudi imam sez 'God, please kill them all!'
2002-06-03 CIA director arrives in West Bank
2002-06-03 News flash: Common sense appears briefly in courtroom...
2002-06-03 Musharraf wants root cause of terrorism eliminated
2002-06-03 Al-Qaeda insurgents move on Kashmir
2002-06-03 Manzoor Ahmed Ganai is no longer with us. Hurrah!
2002-06-03 Today's unblog...
2002-06-03 Sharon vows to bar release of Sa'adat
2002-06-03 Afghans killed in firefight not Taliban, al-Qaeda
2002-06-03 Why they fight...
2002-06-03 Border Guards: 'Them Bad Guys ain't gettin' by us'
2002-06-03 Muslims Should Help Pak In Case Of War: Sheikh Faysal Mawlawi
2002-06-03 Russia criticizes Pakistan
2002-06-03 Riyaz Ahmad Siddiqui is pushing up daisies...
2002-06-03 Chechen Republic ready to accomodate refugees from Pankisi
2002-06-04 Mubarak will press Bush on timetable for Palestinian state
2002-06-04 Yasser names old new security head
2002-06-04 Musharraf gives signals to defuse Indo-Pak standoff: Putin
2002-06-04 U.N. weapons inspectors anticipate return to Iraq
2002-06-04 CIA sets up hit team...
2002-06-04 White House invites Sharon unexpectedly for talks
2002-06-04 I always knew she was cute...
2002-06-04 Terrorism fight expected to slow drug war
2002-06-04 Qanuni sez Mullah Omar's still around. Surprise!
2002-06-04 Pak jehadi groups in disarray
2002-06-04 Arafat offers to halve security services in meeting with Tenet
2002-06-04 Palestinian cabinet nixes court decision to release Saadat
2002-06-04 One-eyed Mullah sighted in Helmand...
2002-06-04 Hamas thug arrested in Nablus
2002-06-04 Brits, Yanks visit al-Qaeda, but nobody's home...
2002-06-05 PA announces crackdown on militants
2002-06-05 Suicide Bomber Kills 16 Passengers on Bus
2002-06-05 Kuwaiti Thug Is Suspected As 9/11 Mastermind
2002-06-05 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-06-05 Pakistan Rejects India Proposal for Joint Patrols
2002-06-05 Indonesians upset at Lee's remarks
2002-06-05 Voices from the trenches: 'This is treason'
2002-06-05 US can force Pak to end terror, says Advani
2002-06-05 Pak jehadi assembly line still functional
2002-06-05 11 more gunnies hang it up...
2002-06-05 Binny no longer running al-Qaeda?
2002-06-05 Russia Fails to Persuade Pakistan, India to Budge
2002-06-05 Justice Department to Propose New Visa Regulations
2002-06-06 Israeli troops destroy 3 buildings at Arafat's headquarters
2002-06-06 India plans war within two weeks
2002-06-06 Has G.W. washed his hands of Yasser?
2002-06-06 Philippines planning to form anti-terror units
2002-06-06 Paks decide not to stone adultress
2002-06-06 Leaflets urge war on coalition in Afghanistan
2002-06-06 Government says Lindh enlisted with Taliban to commit violence
2002-06-06 HuJI Supremo iced in Srinagar
2002-06-06 Efforts to fight terrorism could slow economic growth
2002-06-06 White House mealy-mouthed on Yasser
2002-06-06 Atta's roommate wired money to hijackers
2002-06-06 Hey! That's my beat!
2002-06-06 Bus bomb kills 4 in central Indonesia
2002-06-06 Now on to important matters...
2002-06-06 Great Minds of the 21st Century - at Work!
2002-06-06 Terrorists behead, dismember civilian in Doda
2002-06-06 Uganda says 67 rebels killed in southern Sudan
2002-06-07 Musharraf to travel to Saudi Arabia, UAE
2002-06-07 Mubarak to press Bush for timeline
2002-06-07 French ambassador bails on Jewish NGOs
2002-06-07 Palestinian poll supports violence
2002-06-07 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-06-07 Peres: Syria to blame for Megiddo attack
2002-06-07 Israelis debate merits of dumping Yasser
2002-06-07 Weapons, explosives in Afghan village
2002-06-07 Two hostages die, another rescued in Philippines
2002-06-07 If it's Friday it must be Jenin...
2002-06-07 Arafat considering retirement: diplomat
2002-06-07 New security fence to rise soon
2002-06-07 Pak asks for Indonesia's help to defuse tension
2002-06-07 Pak Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar resigns
2002-06-07 Qatar clamps down on money laundering
2002-06-07 Nepal Maoists make off with 200 Kg of fish
2002-06-08 US Commandos arrest dozen Al-Qaeda Mujahideen
2002-06-08 Bush Says He's Not Ready to Set Date
2002-06-08 Gilani arrested in Pattan
2002-06-08 Arroyo asks Asean to help nab Abu Sayyaf
2002-06-08 Putin pushes Islamabad on terror
2002-06-08 Rasool Sayyaf in Loya Jirga
2002-06-08 Arafat urges US, Egypt to make 'immediate' plans for peace conference
2002-06-08 Gulf between army, people widening: JI
2002-06-08 PAF fighter planes start patrolling
2002-06-08 Qazi warns govt against any change in Kashmir policy
2002-06-08 Tehrik Mujahideen: Kashmir movement to continue
2002-06-08 Pakistan 'shoots down spy plane'
2002-06-08 Two tons of heroin seized
2002-06-08 OIC calls for international monitoring of LoC
2002-06-08 Islamic preacher denies soliciting murder
2002-06-08 Shan army in fierce Myanmar fighting
2002-06-08 3 Israelis killed in attack on settlement
2002-06-08 Iraqi opposition groups visit Washington
2002-06-09 Force 17 member arrested
2002-06-09 Israeli wounded in Gaza Strip shooting attack
2002-06-09 DFLP sez they dunnit...
2002-06-09 Palestinians reorganize cabinet
2002-06-09 India, Pakistan tone down war talk
2002-06-09 Tanks in Ramallah again...
2002-06-09 Taliban official warned U.S. of al-Qaida in 1999
2002-06-09 Paleostinians arrest two Islamic Jihad leaders
2002-06-09 Yasser drops new PA ministers' names
2002-06-10 By Jove, I think he's got it!
2002-06-10 Afghan Loya Jirga Opening Delayed
2002-06-10 Paleostinians cancel cabinet meeting, blaming raid
2002-06-10 Nepali leader says China to help fight Maoists
2002-06-10 Ashcroft Discusses Terror In Russia
2002-06-10 'Woodrow W. Bush'?
2002-06-10 Sharon rules out pullback
2002-06-10 Still more on Gilani...
2002-06-10 All set for MMA rally
2002-06-10 White House defends Israeli whack...
2002-06-10 Jakarta rocked by mystery explosions
2002-06-10 Qazi wants appointment of full-time chief of army staff...
2002-06-10 India opens airspace to Pakistan
2002-06-10 Yasser surrounded, again...
2002-06-10 'Oops' in Gaza
2002-06-10 Smallpox in NWFP
2002-06-10 Three Soddi thugs busted in Morocco
2002-06-10 Feds snag al-Qaeda 'dirty' bomber
2002-06-10 Missed opportunities...
2002-06-10 Hunt to destroy Abu Sayyaf gang
2002-06-10 Troops arrest crazed killer in ambulance
2002-06-10 Parties plan to overthrow Musharraf
2002-06-11 Abu Sayyaf may grab new hostages
2002-06-11 One dead, at least 10 wounded in Israel suicide bombing
2002-06-11 GCC considers mercenaries for regional force
2002-06-11 Rumsfeld dismisses Iraq's weapons claims
2002-06-11 Iranian Support of Islamic Jihad Separated from Hizbullah
2002-06-11 Loya Jirga opens
2002-06-11 Pakistan: More Americans arrested
2002-06-11 Jihad will continue
2002-06-11 Al Qaeda moving to North Africa?
2002-06-11 Our scientists can contribute to world knowledge
2002-06-11 MJC denounces Gilani's arrest
2002-06-11 Bush: Conditions not ripe for Mideast summit
2002-06-11 Saudis report increase in Islamic conversions
2002-06-11 Fisk on the Loya Jirga
2002-06-11 Afghan interior minister resigns
2002-06-11 The Intifada is a New Phase of the Iranian Revolution
2002-06-11 Three 15-year-olds wounded in boomer attack
2002-06-11 Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority Meet in Iran
2002-06-11 Boom boy fumbles the bag, and up he goes...
2002-06-11 Karzai proposes Father of Nation title for Zahir Shah
2002-06-11 'Allah... Anger America and Make Us Blow Up in the Heart of this Cursed Zionist Entity'
2002-06-11 Indian warships sail away from Pakistani waters
2002-06-11 EU may expand list of terror groups
2002-06-12 More on Ayub Thakur...
2002-06-12 German troops face down gunnies...
2002-06-12 Corsair the Pirate...
2002-06-12 7 die in Lashkar-Hizbul gunfight
2002-06-12 Grumble...
2002-06-12 Palestinians may get interim state
2002-06-12 FBI, ISI follow track of Al Qaeda families
2002-06-12 Yousaf Kazab shot dead in prison
2002-06-12 Morocco arrests Saudis' wives
2002-06-12 Warlords attending Loya Jirga
2002-06-12 Karzai set to become head of state
2002-06-13 Army blamed for escalating feud
2002-06-13 'Nah. Y'got the wrong number. This is 912.'
2002-06-13 Civilians flee to avoid LTTE recruitment
2002-06-13 VHP loons bitch and moan about de-escalation...
2002-06-13 Somali warlords to meet...
2002-06-13 At least 116 Maoists, 5 Nepalese soldiers killed
2002-06-13 Court allows girl to dissolve childhood marriage
2002-06-13 Israelis lift blockade. Again.
2002-06-13 Convicted Khobar bombers are all Saudis
2002-06-13 Five held in Paris for questioning in shoe-boomer probe
2002-06-13 Kurdish groups want U.S. guarantees
2002-06-13 Rabat asked to furnish arrest details
2002-06-13 Somali warlords conduct military exercise...
2002-06-13 Islamabad asks for iron-clad guarantees
2002-06-13 Police seek gambling ring taking bets on next suicide bombing
2002-06-13 Mongering war...
2002-06-13 Basque bombing plot uncovered
2002-06-13 34 new detainees
2002-06-13 Rearranging the furniture...
2002-06-13 UK sees ISI link to 'militants'
2002-06-13 Hamid Karzai nominated to lead Afghanistan
2002-06-13 Sudan Suspect Fired Missile at U.S. Warplane
2002-06-14 Navy ready to face enemy
2002-06-14 All in the family?
2002-06-14 New Paleostinian security chief says he wants to 'put and end to' militias
2002-06-14 Russia ratifies pact to suppress terror financing
2002-06-14 Pakistan probes U.S. Consulate bombing
2002-06-14 Arab accomplice of 'dirty bomb' suspect held
2002-06-14 Bush meets Soddy foreign minister
2002-06-14 Bomb wounds 14 in Algeria
2002-06-14 Karzai elected as Afghan leader
2002-06-14 Pak literacy rate nudges over 50 percent...
2002-06-14 One dead, one wounded, 13 arrested in Chechnya
2002-06-14 Peres reportedly in talks with senior PA officials. No he's not.
2002-06-14 Abu Sabaya escapes again
2002-06-14 Amr Moussa Warns U.S. on Terror War
2002-06-14 Peres supports 'provisional' Paleostinian state
2002-06-14 U.S., N. Korea set to talk talks
2002-06-14 Pakistan must emerge from the shadows into the light
2002-06-14 Unknown militant group claims responsibility for Karachi bomb attack
2002-06-14 US closes embassy, consulates in Pakistan
2002-06-15 Explosion In Central Tbilisi
2002-06-15 Indonesian MP shot dead in Aceh province
2002-06-15 Azerbaijan: Two members of Islamic Party arrested
2002-06-15 Egyptian arrests founder of Gama'a al-Islamiya
2002-06-15 Happy birthday to the Army
2002-06-15 Kashmir thugs try to assassiante Farooq Abdullah
2002-06-15 U.S. wants Iraqi at U.N. mission expelled
2002-06-15 Who's doing the recruiting?
2002-06-16 Qazi snarls at Rumseld remarks...
2002-06-16 Iran's internal balance of power...
2002-06-16 CIA authorized to topple Saddam
2002-06-16 U.S. Hands Over Egyptian Wanted For Sadat Assassination
2002-06-16 Man linked to al-Qaida funding arrested
2002-06-16 Dobbs riding out tempest in teapot...
2002-06-16 Kashmir jihadi attacks kill 12
2002-06-16 No injuries as bombs damage U.S. supply tankers
2002-06-16 Al Qanoon may have links with Al Qaeda
2002-06-16 Israel to start building fence
2002-06-16 Qaeda's New Links
2002-06-17 Arafat not affected by IDF
2002-06-17 China equates Muslim rebels with terrorists
2002-06-17 Goldstein on Yasser...
2002-06-17 Kim Jong Il inspects new chicken farm
2002-06-17 Israeli tanks shell local Hamas leader's house
2002-06-17 Israel sez five boomers in the works...
2002-06-17 Kuwaiti paper: Yasser caught with his hand in the till
2002-06-17 Karachi attack 'is a warning'
2002-06-17 Morocco places limits on preachers Friday sermons
2002-06-17 Paleostinians bitching about The Fence...
2002-06-17 Rival militias clash in Somalia
2002-06-17 Sudan sez it'll extend ceasefire...
2002-06-17 Pakistan will 'reciprocate' Indian troop withdrawal
2002-06-17 Pakistan detains two Americans
2002-06-17 Sudanese Rebels Vow to Fight Until Peace in Southern Sudan
2002-06-17 Israel's West Bank fence is new Berlin Wall
2002-06-17 Iraq ready to cooperate on Gulf War missing
2002-06-17 US troops in cross-border raid
2002-06-17 Palestinian blows himself up near fence site
2002-06-17 Fundo Bigs rant, rave, threaten...
2002-06-17 Egypt foiled Padilla-Islamic Jihad link...
2002-06-17 Saddam would hit buildup of troops
2002-06-18 Rabbani: 23 Years of Bloodshed in Afghanistan Caused by Furriners
2002-06-18 Paleostinians Bitch About Operations to Eliminate Arafat
2002-06-18 BjÞrn's got comments...
2002-06-18 Egyptian Official Questions “Provisional” State Proposal
2002-06-18 Israel Arms Subs with N-Capable Cruise Missiles
2002-06-18 Edward Said's opinion...
2002-06-18 Sudan's turn in the peace processor...
2002-06-18 Court Rejects Johnny Jihad's Request to Drop Case
2002-06-18 Soddies detain al-Qaeda thugs
2002-06-18 India, Pak. wary of provocative terrorist acts, says Rumsfeld
2002-06-18 Iraq's ready to return Kuwait's archives...
2002-06-19 Pentagon group leader, two others, bolt
2002-06-19 One of four kidnapped seamen recovered
2002-06-19 Troops comb tribal areas for Al Qaeda men
2002-06-19 Drop in infiltration of militants from Pak
2002-06-19 Palestinians Hint at Softer Position
2002-06-19 New Afghan cabinet
2002-06-19 Dear Leader visits brewery...
2002-06-19 Israel to Retake Parts of West Bank
2002-06-19 Riyadh frees 160 returnees from Afghanistan
2002-06-19 Israelis Ice Islamic Jihad Thug
2002-06-19 IDF whacks Gaza
2002-06-19 Hurriyat offers to broker truce with PoK rebels
2002-06-19 Morocco arrests al-Qaida operative
2002-06-19 Bush Backs Israel Military Action
2002-06-19 Anti-Israel Militants Praise Bombings
2002-06-19 Sharp decline reported in Saudi-US trade
2002-06-19 Oh, crap. So to speak.
2002-06-19 Musharraf trying to reverse support for militants
2002-06-19 SR303m in aid to European Muslims
2002-06-19 Pashtun Warlord Boycotts Assembly
2002-06-19 Kashmir movement has no link with Alqaida, JKMM
2002-06-19 Boomer in Jerusalem kills 7, wounds 40
2002-06-20 Thakur admits he sent money to J&K
2002-06-20 Head of Qalqiliya Intelligence, Three Other Activists Killed
2002-06-20 Abu Sabaya - doorknob dead!
2002-06-20 Islamic Jihad thug nabbed
2002-06-20 Mauritania president confers with PLO political department chairman
2002-06-20 Pak to ban militancy and extremism at madrassas
2002-06-20 Israeli Army Invades the West Bank, Bombs Gaza
2002-06-20 'Pardon me, dear, have we been introduced?'
2002-06-20 Arafat Calls for Halt to Attacks
2002-06-20 Pak police arrest 7 terrorists for consulate bombing
2002-06-20 Bomb Kills Briton in Saudi Arabia
2002-06-20 Osama in Afghanistan: French paper
2002-06-20 Hamas Warns of 'War on Buses'
2002-06-20 Four Iraqis killed, 10 wounded in US-British raids
2002-06-20 Hamas Official Rejects Provision of Bush Middle East Plan
2002-06-20 Saddam gives security, Baath party power to kill opponents
2002-06-20 Top cops say Europe faces inevitable terror attack
2002-06-20 Foreign diplomats visit different places
2002-06-20 White House Briefly Evacuated
2002-06-20 Abu Sabaya bumped off...
2002-06-20 Riyadh admits al-Qaeda presence
2002-06-20  Foreigners excluded from Saudi investigation
2002-06-21 Russian cop assassinated in Grozny
2002-06-21 Abu Sabaya: From Bad Guy to Dead Guy
2002-06-21 Five snuffies jugged, one iced
2002-06-21 Iran sent fighters, arms to Hezbollah
2002-06-21 Cops stop Argun bomb boys
2002-06-21 Palestinian Public Figures, Intellectuals Issue Appeal to End Suicide Bombing
2002-06-21 Army issues limited call-ups to reservists
2002-06-21 Al Qaeda find Iraqi escape
2002-06-21 Palestinians killed in border clash
2002-06-21 Afghan interior minister blocked from post
2002-06-21 Timor thugs to go home
2002-06-21 ˜Third Front' comes up in JK
2002-06-21 Four killed, 24 injured by IDF fire in Jenin
2002-06-21 Yasser: 'Yes, thank you. We'd really like the Clinton plan.'
2002-06-21 Moroccans talking to al-Haili
2002-06-21 Paleostinian snuffy kills mom, three kids
2002-06-21 7 Arabs, 8 Afghans held for links with Al-Qaeda
2002-06-21 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-06-21 Marohombsar’s escape bad news for 24 coppers
2002-06-21 Kashmir incursions 'nearly over'
2002-06-21 Hamas, Jihad promise more mindless violence
2002-06-21 Oliver Stone Says Israel Has No Business in the West Bank
2002-06-21 Alert in Assam after infiltration reports
2002-06-21 Sharon: Stuff your Clinton plan
2002-06-21 Soddies slur dead Briton
2002-06-22 FBI warns of attacks on Jewish targets
2002-06-22 IDF nabs Fatah Big
2002-06-22 4th and 5th ETA explosions in two days to celebrate EU summit
2002-06-22 N. Carolina Hezbollah brothers convicted
2002-06-22 Fazl hates that madrassah ordinance...
2002-06-22 Pentagon thug may go back to kidnapping job...
2002-06-22 Two North Koreans seek refuge in South Korean Embassy
2002-06-22 Canucks nab Algerian passport artist
2002-06-22 Crackdown against extremist groups intensified
2002-06-22 Protest day observed against Madrassa ordinance
2002-06-22 Madaris raided, record seized: CID-FBI operation in Peshawar
2002-06-22 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-06-22 Jewish settlers seek revenge for attack
2002-06-22 Interview with a killer...
2002-06-22 Indos grab a Hizbul controller
2002-06-22 Israel admits error in killing four Palestinians
2002-06-22 Jihad Council sez no, no, a thousand times no!
2002-06-22 Hezbollah was among the recruiters in Singapore...
2002-06-22 Pearl killers say they were framed, tortured...
2002-06-23 IG unhappy with Punjab police performance
2002-06-23 Al-Qaeda vows new attacks on U.S. targets
2002-06-23 Israeli army calls up reservists
2002-06-23 Janjalani and Commander Robot next on Abu Sayyaf list...
2002-06-23 'Toto' sez Abu Sabaya ordered Burnham killed
2002-06-23 IDF ices PA copper
2002-06-23 MMA to resist registration of Madressahs
2002-06-23 PA arrests a dozen thugs...
2002-06-23 Sammy may hand over power to Qusay...
2002-06-23 Sammy's books included in curriculum...
2002-06-23 Nine guys playing football shot in Algeria, six dead
2002-06-23 Ben-Eliezer sez they won't reestablish civil administration...
2002-06-23 Qanooni may form opposition party
2002-06-23 Farooq Abdullah calls for autonomy for J&K
2002-06-23 Firefights in Gaza Strip
2002-06-23 Anthrax Spores From Hill Said to Be Made Recently
2002-06-23 Newspapers' offices raided in held Kashmir
2002-06-23 Abu Sabaya's bodyguard nabbed
2002-06-24 Al Qaeda is US phantom, says JUI
2002-06-24 Paks detain 45 in car bomb investigation
2002-06-24 Yasser surrounded
2002-06-24 Yassin 'under house arrest'
2002-06-24 Investigators grilling five Al Qaeda suspects
2002-06-24 Infiltration continues in Kashmir
2002-06-24 Commander Robot sez he wants to surrender
2002-06-24 Defense chief, US general assure Abu Sabaya is dead
2002-06-24 Al-Qaeda cathedral plot foiled
2002-06-24 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-06-24 Letter to Kim Jong Il from world conference
2002-06-24 LoC not acceptable as border: Musharraf
2002-06-24 26 NK Defectors Arrive in South Korea
2002-06-24 Aceh violence claims five more lives
2002-06-24 Don't go back on promises, India to Pak
2002-06-24 Bid to postpone Oct polls will be disastrous, warns Qazi
2002-06-24 Pak names outfits behind attacks
2002-06-24 Military command fails to stop violence in Aceh
2002-06-24 CNN admits it hosed Mideast coverage
2002-06-24 Mongolia Agrees to Build Camp for N.K. Defectors
2002-06-24 Nepalis politic with each other, Maoists take part of the country
2002-06-24 Rockets fired at suspected US base in Pakistan
2002-06-24 Misuari wants to go to the OIC prom
2002-06-24 Bush: Dump Yasser, have your own state
2002-06-24 'Ratso' Rezik iced in Gaza
2002-06-25 Cimatu says no to Robot terms for surrender
2002-06-25 Things going on behind the scenes with Iran
2002-06-25 Hizbul sez knock off with the elections...
2002-06-25 IDF preparing 'massive operation' against Hamas in Gaza
2002-06-25 Qusay escapes assassination
2002-06-25 Gadhafi's kid signals turn from revolution
2002-06-25 Four PA policemen killed, dozens arrested in Hebron
2002-06-25 Majlis-i-Amal backs June 28 strike call
2002-06-25 Powell sez Yasser's missed his chance
2002-06-25 Musharraf firm on Kashmir infiltration
2002-06-25 Egypt likes Bush speech
2002-06-25 Gift to Kim Jong Il
2002-06-25 Yasser: He couldn't have been talking about me...
2002-06-25 Kashmir Korpse Kount: Fewer cadavers than normal...
2002-06-25 Frenchies mushy on Bush speech
2002-06-25 Lord's Resistance Army kills three and kidnaps 14 in Uganda
2002-06-25 US scorns al-Qaeda 'wishful thinking'
2002-06-25 It's Christopher Johnson's turn...
2002-06-25 It's Custer Day!
2002-06-25 Yasser just hates that Bush speech
2002-06-25 You're not looking deep enough...
2002-06-26 Palestinians holed up in Hebron surrender to IDF
2002-06-26 FBI detains man linked to 9/11 hijackers
2002-06-26 Unconstitutional pledges...
2002-06-26 Payment to Al Aksa sealed Bush call to replace Arafat
2002-06-26 FBI agents waiting to launch raids on seminaries
2002-06-26 Yasser's gonna run again...
2002-06-26 Grouchy Old Cripple...
2002-06-26 Palestinians captured en route to attack against arms warehouse
2002-06-26 Israel pledges to evacuate “unauthorized settlement outposts”
2002-06-26 Chretien's not big on that democracy stuff...
2002-06-26 Maryland scientist's home searched in anthrax probe
2002-06-26 IDF has major Palestinian cities under control
2002-06-26 Inaction on Maluku violence 'reigniting separatist cause'
2002-06-26 Abu Sabaya's dead, I tell you! Dead! I think.
2002-06-26 Forget peace talks, just crush rebels: Jakarta
2002-06-26 10 Paks killed in shootout with Chechens in S. Waziristan
2002-06-26 Bush chatting up Arab governments
2002-06-26 Still fiddlin'...
2002-06-27 Algerian top intelligence official assassinated
2002-06-27 Gaddafi Wants Africa-EU Summit on Immigrants
2002-06-27 Pakistan: News from the Other Side...
2002-06-27 Palestinian newspaper slurs Rice
2002-06-27 Iran spiritual leader accuses Bush of “unimaginable injustice”
2002-06-27 Saudi Arabia supports US President’s Middle East speech
2002-06-27 Israeli army urges end to standoff
2002-06-27 Concern in U.S. over Dahlan's rise
2002-06-27 Jamaat rejects proposed constitutional package
2002-06-27 Now playing at the Pyongyang Bijou...
2002-06-27 Bush demands end to Syrian backing for Hizbollah
2002-06-27 Musharraf seeks powers to sack elected govt
2002-06-27 Total of 15 Saudi-controlled terrorists nabbed in Morocco so far...
2002-06-27 Mossad chief threatens Iran, Arab states aiming to attain weapons of mass destruction
2002-06-27 Seer calls for ban on VHP
2002-06-27 Saudi Foreign Minister meets Iranian counterpart
2002-06-27 PA elections: Hamas, Islamic Jihad criticize, but may not boycott
2002-06-27 Chechnya: News from the other side...
2002-06-27 U.S. troops scour mountains for al-Qaida
2002-06-27 Three Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir attack
2002-06-27 Killing of army men condemned
2002-06-27 Bush Escalates Anti-Arafat Campaign
2002-06-27 Ranger officer, three troops, killed in Abu Sayyaf ambush
2002-06-27 Tunisian court sentences man for al-Qaida links
2002-06-27 Foreign agents interviewing Guantanamo detainees
2002-06-27 Iraqi Foreign Minister: Islamic people face dangerous challenges
2002-06-27 Pakistani police, FBI detain more in bombing investigation
2002-06-28 Baghdad accuses Tehran of 'cease-fire violations'
2002-06-28 Egyptians warming up the toaster for Hamas?
2002-06-28 Commander Robot can't turn state's evidence
2002-06-28 Hizbullah wants to free Marwan in prisoner enchange
2002-06-28 Mishaal: Hamas would not be dragged into civil war
2002-06-28 Siege in Hebron enters fourth day
2002-06-28 Al-Qaida, Taleban Getting New Military Supplies
2002-06-28 100 peace loons chant and wave banners against occupation
2002-06-28 Six Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in Egypt
2002-06-28 Paleostinians say being taken over sabotages peace efforts
2002-06-28 Sheikh Yassin whoops it up with 1000 supporters
2002-06-28 EU chief wants to mend fences with US
2002-06-28 Ulema reject Deeni Madaris ordinance
2002-06-28 Hizbollah supporters clash with Lebanese security forces
2002-06-28 US And North Korea One Step Closer To Formal Talks
2002-06-28 Palestinians reject Bush threat on U.S. aid
2002-06-28 U.S. Jets Bomb Iraq Military Center
2002-06-28 Major Battle Against Abu Sayyaf
2002-06-28 Bad Guys don't expect to be expelled from Damascus
2002-06-28 Milestones...
2002-06-28 Lashkar training guns on Indian judiciary
2002-06-28 Dukhtaran-e-Millat is banned
2002-06-28 Family of 'baby boomer' says photograph was 'just a joke'
2002-06-28 10 Dead at Afghan Ammunition Depot
2002-06-29 Yasser's mind is going...
2002-06-29 Army, tribesmen talks fail
2002-06-29 North, South Korea ships exchange fire
2002-06-29 Failed suicide bomber, 16, sentenced to life in prison
2002-06-29 Americans were present at shootout...
2002-06-29 A Visit to Pyongyang Daily Necessities Factory
2002-06-29 Five Arab nations on UN's list of least developed. Wotta surprise.
2002-06-29 There aren't any Islamic pom-pom girls...
2002-06-29 US expels two Iranian UN 'security' men
2002-06-29 U.S. Says Iran No Longer Helping Iraq Smuggle Oil
2002-06-29 Abu Sayyaf releases kidnapped fisherman 'cuz he's a Muslim now
2002-06-29 IDF blows Hebron compound
2002-06-29 Prince Nawaf likes the Soddy plan better...
2002-06-29 Israel campaigns to shape up UNRWA
2002-06-29 Government bombs church compounds in Sudan
2002-06-29 Abus hunker down in safety of ‘friendly’ Zambo villages
2002-06-29 Sudan frees a few slaves
2002-06-29 Ashrawi just hated that speech...
2002-06-29 More operations in Waziristan soon
2002-06-30 Muslims fight it out with Christians in Nigeria...
2002-06-30 Pakistan Links Suspects In 3 Terrorist Incidents
2002-06-30 No known injuries from Israeli railroad explosion
2002-06-30 Chinese diplomat killed in Kyrgyzstan
2002-06-30 S. Korea Pledges Strong Steps against North over Sea Clash
2002-06-30 Hezbollah, Al Qaeda Seen Joining Forces
2002-06-30 Ethiopian government, rebels both declare victory in fighting
2002-06-30 Al-Qaeda link to restaurant bomb
2002-06-30 Muhanid Taher, Nablus Hamas head, has been iced
2002-06-30 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-06-30 Egypt sez it likes Yasser
2002-06-30 Archaeologists unearth stash of ancient Chinese 'marital aids'
2002-06-30 Government appeals to Pakistanis for help locating al-Qaida
2002-06-30 Around a dozen 'terrorists' held in Faisalabad
2002-06-30 Khatami up, Khamenei down? Maybe...
2002-06-30 North Korea says sea border is illegal
2002-06-30 Saddam praises military scientists for doing something or other
2002-06-30 Somalia requests U.N. peacekeeping force
2002-06-30 Israel to dismantle offices for liaison with Palestinians?
2002-06-30 27 gunnies nabbed in two PA ambos
2002-06-30 Islamic gang kills 13 in Algerian bus attack
2002-06-30 7 Al Qaeda suspects held as search continues
2002-06-30 Explosion injures man near office of Greek ferry service
2002-06-30 Indian-Israeli nexus threat to Ummah
2002-06-30 Sammy's little foibles...
2002-06-30 Israeli troops comb Hebron rubble
2002-06-30 Sammy is ethnically cleansing Kirkuk
2002-06-30 Bomb, 'suspicious object' found under US, British cars in Saudi Arabia
2002-06-30 Baby Boomer's granddaddy sez it was all just a joke...
2002-07-01 Peace finally in sight for Sudan, says president
2002-07-01 S. Korea: Reconciliation with North to Continue
2002-07-01 Paks nab another wandering Arab near Wana...
2002-07-01 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-07-01 Syria Will Stick by terror networks: Assad
2002-07-01 Powell: 'Yasser Who?'
2002-07-01 Hamas vows to avenge Israeli killing of one of its bombmakers
2002-07-01 Israel arrests Hamas operative in Ramallah, demolishes houses in Rafah
2002-07-01 British Court to Hear Taliban Suspect
2002-07-01 And yet more fiddlin'...
2002-07-01 Indonesian leader tells police to watch for terrorists
2002-07-01 Army recaptures town in southern Sudan
2002-07-01 Nizam Sawafta nabbed in Jenin
2002-07-01 Protein Wisdom's moved...
2002-07-01 Six killed in Hatfield-McCoy tribal clash
2002-07-01 Car bomb explosion in Sanaa
2002-07-01 Perv: 'Nope. Binny's not here...'
2002-07-01 Philippine troops bomb Abu Sayyaf positions
2002-07-01 Arafat offers to meet Bush
2002-07-01 Fatah declares war on U.S.
2002-07-01 Saddam bars civil servants from leaving
2002-07-02 Israel calls up more reservists
2002-07-02 Religious Democracy Controls Power: Khatami
2002-07-02 U.S. troops to join 'exercise' against Abu Sayyaf
2002-07-02 About that 'Sunshine Policy'...
2002-07-02 Jordan questioning 10 suspects
2002-07-02 Unemployed Palestinians protest
2002-07-02 Gaza Strip coppers rounded up
2002-07-02 18 subversives peaceniks barred from entering Israel
2002-07-02 45 percent of Iranians consider reform 'impossible'
2002-07-02 Al Fuqra settling into Virginia back country...
2002-07-02 Yasser fires Jibril
2002-07-02 Operations in Nablus, Qalqilyah and Hebron
2002-07-02 It's all our fault... Really.
2002-07-02 Pearl killer's mouthpieces expect to get him off on a technicality
2002-07-02 Paks nab Lashkar-i-Jhangvi supremo
2002-07-02 Threat against Los Angeles skyscraper false
2002-07-02 Russers will draw down Chechnya force
2002-07-02 U.S. to NKor: 'Don't call us, we'll call you'
2002-07-02 Opposition Demands Gov't Fire Military Leaders Over Naval Clash
2002-07-02 Iran Committed to Human Rights. Really.
2002-07-02 Baghdad using new mobile missile launchers
2002-07-02 Saudi Princess Fined $1,000 for Pushing Maid Down Stairs
2002-07-03 Paks nab two more 'most wanted'
2002-07-03 Thousands flee Sudanese govt troops advance
2002-07-03 Guingona fires first salvo against US presence
2002-07-03 Taking a couple days off...
2002-07-03 A dozen more Sipah thugs nabbed in Rawalpindi
2002-07-03 Jibril's successor named...
2002-07-03 Rounding up thugs on the West Bank
2002-07-03 PA wounds two IDF
2002-07-03 Fazl sez FBI's in command in Waziristan
2002-07-03 Kim Repeats Demand for Apology from NK
2002-07-03 Rumsfeld Says He Has 'Reason to Believe' N.K. Initiated Clash
2002-07-04 Closed...
2002-07-05 Cops Search Shootout Loon's Apartment
2002-07-05 Former Taliban leader killed
2002-07-05 Pilger on the war...
2002-07-05 Dead thugs get a great send-off
2002-07-05 Indonesia's Aceh rebels begin freeing hostages
2002-07-05 Hamas supporters, PA police clash in Rafah
2002-07-05 Taiwan intercepts North Korean drugs ship
2002-07-05 Shootout in Turkey Kills Four
2002-07-05 Powell rules out contacts with Arafat
2002-07-05 Seven injured in blast at Deuba's office
2002-07-05 Hizb ut Tehrir sure hates that War on Terror
2002-07-05 Afghan warlords deny release of Pak. captives
2002-07-05 Bomb kills 30 in Algerian market
2002-07-05 Israel to ease curfews
2002-07-05 Dahlan sez he's for Yasser
2002-07-05 IDF continues presence in West Bank cities
2002-07-05 Saddam's stepson held in Florida after enrolling in flight school
2002-07-05 Remains of Al Qaeda men recovered
2002-07-06 News from the Other Side: 4 deaders near Kohat
2002-07-06 Greek Cops Find Terror Group Weapons
2002-07-06 Haji Qadir assassinated
2002-07-06 Eight Detained In French Riots
2002-07-06 Ghazi's an 'advisor' now...
2002-07-06 IDF blows somebody's car...
2002-07-06 Religious Schools Upset In Pakistan
2002-07-06 Hadayet was a cliché
2002-07-06 Villager stoned to death on Imam's call
2002-07-06 Iraq conveys support to India on J&K issue
2002-07-06 Trabelsi Was Soccer Hopeful
2002-07-06 Iraq still says 'no' to UN weapons inspections
2002-07-06 Yasser's West Bank Security Choice Rejected
2002-07-06 Egypt can't understand why we're upset...
2002-07-06 Khartoum and rebels renew ceasefire accord for central Sudan
2002-07-06 Azerbaijani Jamaat Declares Jihad
2002-07-06 Pakistan Gang-rape Suspect Arrested
2002-07-06 MILF fragmenting...
2002-07-06 Farrakhan arrives in Iraq to prevent US strike
2002-07-06 Manasrah vows team work
2002-07-06 Sudan opposition head rejects power sharing
2002-07-07 Binny is dead? Maybe...
2002-07-07 News from the Other Side: Fouqa family busted for arms smuggling
2002-07-07 Wimbledon streaked again...
2002-07-07 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-07-07 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi planned to assassinate Perv
2002-07-07 11 Al Qaida suspects arrested with illegal arms
2002-07-07 Koreas trade threats after sea clash
2002-07-07 Govt firm on Madaris law
2002-07-07 Armed Palestinians captured near Gaza Strip settlement
2002-07-07 Malay state still working on Shariah laws...
2002-07-07 Oh, how the (Saudi) money rolls in...
2002-07-07 Chechen Rebel Attacks Kill 11
2002-07-07 Kashmir Bad Guys inspired by Bollywood action films
2002-07-07 Egypt's intel chief arrives for Israel-Paleostinian talks
2002-07-07 Gang-rape: CII seeks toughest punishment
2002-07-07 PA coppers meet with Yasser...
2002-07-07 Al Qaida Is Planning Fresh Attacks For September
2002-07-07 Spanish judge freezes ETA accounts
2002-07-07 Estonians rule wife-carrying contest
2002-07-07 Saddam Hussein's son warns of US plan to strike Iraq, break up region
2002-07-07 16 cases registered against religious leaders for public nuisance
2002-07-08 Yasser may fall without a push
2002-07-08 Israel, PA to resume political contacts
2002-07-08 Rapist landlord still at large
2002-07-08 ICMI Scorns IMF, Warns of Foreign Domination
2002-07-08 Afghans Seek Help Tracking VP’s Killers
2002-07-08 Three More Thugs Arrested in Pakistan
2002-07-08 Three more held for maligning army
2002-07-08 Egyptian Official Holds Talks in Israel, Palestinian Territories
2002-07-08 France, Russia consider Arafat as legitimate Palestinian leader
2002-07-08 Jullabi faces kidnap, murder raps
2002-07-08 Rajoub sees no rebellion over sacking
2002-07-08 Muslim propaganda tour targets Congress, major cities...
2002-07-08 Imam, two others held for attacking American Muslim
2002-07-08 Bug fix...
2002-07-08 Abu Qatada in protective custody?
2002-07-08 Yasser may have fired Tirawi... or not.
2002-07-08 PI armed forces expand Abu search
2002-07-08 World Officials To Meet On Mideast
2002-07-08 Israeli settler wounded in West Bank
2002-07-08 Yasser to step down soon?
2002-07-08 Egyptian police clash with Palestinian arms smugglers
2002-07-08 Qazi vows to resist registration of Madaris
2002-07-09 Ex-prisonmate shelves book criticizing Zawahri
2002-07-09 Indonesian disco firebombed
2002-07-09 Iranian Sunni cleric seriously injured in assassination attempt
2002-07-09 Al-Quds University president's office shut down
2002-07-09 Islamic Jihad tough guy iced near Jenin
2002-07-09 Lebanon formally requests extension of UN peacekeepers' mandate
2002-07-09 France advises Arafat not to take part in elections
2002-07-09 Gunbattle outside Old City
2002-07-09 Friday Saudi sermon drops call for death to Jews
2002-07-09 On merchants and princes...
2002-07-09 In that case, why don't we spend the money on beer and forget about it?
2002-07-09 Clashes erupt in Tehran on student unrest anniversary
2002-07-09 8 years later, Kim Il Sung is still dead
2002-07-09 Three suspects in Karachi blasts held
2002-07-09 Philippines nabs Jemaah boom planner
2002-07-09 Thai police suspect Islamists in train bombing
2002-07-09 Five kiddies rescued from lives as camel jockeys...
2002-07-09 Benazir convicted on corruption charges
2002-07-09 Hadayet's wife sez he wuz framed!
2002-07-10 Aceh Rebels Reject CNN Report As Propaganda
2002-07-10 Prominent cleric resigns over 'chaos'
2002-07-10 David Warren on whatever happened to old Yasser?
2002-07-10 Hizbul Mujahedin vows leader will return
2002-07-10 S. Korea Navy Changes Rules of Engagement
2002-07-10 Quack of the week...
2002-07-10 Senior PA officials squandering public money
2002-07-10 Al-Qaeda leader escapes from prison in Yemen
2002-07-10 Peres to meet with PA ministers again...
2002-07-10 Lebanon says U.S. terror charges are campaign talk
2002-07-10 Weekly faces charges for printing image of Reza Shah
2002-07-10 Syria releases Kuwaiti Islamist
2002-07-10 Tanzim thug nabbed in West Bank
2002-07-10 SDB on the best defense...
2002-07-10 More threats from bin Laden mouthpieces...
2002-07-10 Safety tip: Don't shoot at helicopters in Yemen...
2002-07-10 Nine killed, including five kids, in western Algeria
2002-07-10 30 arrested in stoning case
2002-07-11 Beyond rape, to perversion...
2002-07-11 Israel captures two would-be bombers in Nablus
2002-07-11 Israel plans to reduce presence in some West Bank areas
2002-07-11 Iran: Cracking Down On Terrorism. Really.
2002-07-11 What part of 'curfew' didn't he understand?
2002-07-11 3 intelligence agents shot dead in Lebanon
2002-07-11 Israel will prosecute Marwan
2002-07-11 Dahlan is Yasser's 'National Security Advisor'
2002-07-11 Amnesty Condemns Palestinian Attacks. Really.
2002-07-11 Japanese Red Army Faction members to leave N. Korea
2002-07-11 Iran coming to a boil...
2002-07-11 Wasim the Weasel in custody...
2002-07-11 Paks round up bad guys in Robbers' Roost tribal area
2002-07-11 There sure are a lot of perverts in Pakland...
2002-07-11 Yasser sez 'Stop the violence!'
2002-07-11 Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here?
2002-07-11 Paleostinian killed in Nablus
2002-07-11 Jordan, PA discuss difficulties of Palestinians to enter kingdom
2002-07-11 'Certain Arab regimes' conspiring against the PA
2002-07-11 Yemen: Scotland Yard team collects information on extremists
2002-07-11 54 Metro barangays under ‘NPA threat’
2002-07-11 They just can't understand why there's a curfew in Jenin...
2002-07-11 Gloria: Go get them!
2002-07-11 Force 17 biggy nabbed
2002-07-11 Fatah official: Arafat is leading us to extermination
2002-07-11 Mossad following Palestinians planning to attack Baltic ships
2002-07-12 Yet another feature...
2002-07-12 Investigators expand search in U.S. for terrorist operatives
2002-07-12 Task force nabs 225 in phony ID probe
2002-07-12 Christian missionary to be deported from Indonesia...
2002-07-12 Sudan: Punch in the mouth leads to nine dead, 449 arrested
2002-07-12 Abu Sayyaf bumps off three fishermen...
2002-07-12 'Good ol' boy' network kicks in for Meerwala rapists...
2002-07-12 Yasser? Step down? Never!
2002-07-12 Accused granted pre-arrest bail in rape case
2002-07-12 No bail for murderous Chak Jhumra religious loons...
2002-07-12 Allowing pilots to carry guns might prevent other steps. Really.
2002-07-12 That's good for a stretch in the punitentiary...
2002-07-12 Faction of Sudanese opposition party wants to oust chairman
2002-07-12 Iran denies agents seeking asylum in Denmark
2002-07-12 Another day's carnage...
2002-07-12 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-07-12 Iran leader appeals for calm after accepting resignation
2002-07-13 Last of four Meerwala rapists arrested
2002-07-13 British security services claim 4,000 trained by al-Qa'ida
2002-07-13 Bush urges reform in Iran
2002-07-13 Indonesian thug jailed for up to 17 years in Manila
2002-07-13 Group investigated for possible Al Qaeda ties
2002-07-13 Major parties disapprove graduation curb
2002-07-13 US asks Pak. to end infiltration permanently
2002-07-13 Muhajiroun leader 'unable to condemn September 11 attack'
2002-07-13 Paper suspended for covering cleric's resignation
2002-07-13 Five die in tribal clash
2002-07-13 Ain al Hilweh camp under siege after deadly shooting incident
2002-07-13 Blind sheikhs and things...
2002-07-13 13 tourists injured by grenade in Pakistan
2002-07-13 Binny's money man arrested in Pakland
2002-07-13 Mosque looks like it was al-Qaeda front. Surprise!
2002-07-13 Jordan's Prince Hassan joins conference on overthrowing Saddam
2002-07-13 Panel overturns judge's decision on Taliban suspect
2002-07-13 Italians Arrest Seven for Selling False Documents to Al Qaeda
2002-07-13 Godless Americans™
2002-07-13 Israel intercepted car bomb in West Bank
2002-07-13 Hezbollah: No ties to al-Qaeda. Nope.
2002-07-13 Powell Has no Plan to Answer Arafat's Letter
2002-07-13 German Intelligence: Bin Laden Alive
2002-07-13 Musharraf makes case for less democracy
2002-07-14 Chirac survives assassination attempt
2002-07-14 Talks on public aid delayed by Israel
2002-07-14 News from the Other Side: Paks postpone operations in NWFP
2002-07-14 The virus trading club...
2002-07-14 Khatami calls for US to apologise to Iranian people
2002-07-14 Another curio for my collection...
2002-07-14 Jordan wants Paleostinians to post bond
2002-07-14 Israel: Suicide attacks foiled
2002-07-14 Iran cracks down on unrest, infiltration...
2002-07-14 Arafat, PA stashing dough overseas
2002-07-14 25 killed in Jammu attack
2002-07-14 Visa chief asked to resign...
2002-07-14 Oh, how the Soddy money rolls in...
2002-07-14 Israeli Planes Strike Gaza Strip
2002-07-14 Indian man's head lopped off in Soddy Arabia
2002-07-14 Talabani visiting Soddy Arabia...
2002-07-14 Three N.K. Asylum Seekers Leave China for South Korea
2002-07-14 India blames Pak, Lashkar-e-Taiba for slum attack
2002-07-14 7 injured in US-UK airstrikes on Iraq
2002-07-14 Terrorists planning attack on RP embassy in Jakarta
2002-07-14 Egypt won't send forces to PA...
2002-07-15 Khamenei appoints two in place of resigned cleric
2002-07-15 Iranian interior minister utters platitudes...
2002-07-15 Abu Sayyaf 'a spent force'
2002-07-15 Palestinian killed in fire ignited by Israeli soldiers
2002-07-15 U.S.-Born 'Combatant' Denied Counsel by Appeals Court
2002-07-15 Arabs to introduce plan calling for Palestinian state
2002-07-15 30 rounded up in attacks on tourists
2002-07-15 Nablus urges the Ummah to ride to the rescue...
2002-07-15 Thirty LRA Rebels Killed In Fighting
2002-07-15 UK Taliban link between Seattle, London Islamic militants
2002-07-15 Pearl killers: Guilty, guilty, guilty, and guilty!
2002-07-15 Additional arrests in West Bank
2002-07-15 Iran eye-balling S. Korean approach to reorganization...
2002-07-15 Iraqi Parliament Backs Move to Repel U.S. Strike
2002-07-15 Gaza Paleos want unemployment benefits. Really.
2002-07-15 Johny Jihad pleads guilty...
2002-07-15 Abu Qatada: 'Hey! Let's martyr ourselves!'
2002-07-15 Pakistan slams Jammu attack
2002-07-15 Floggings ordered for 55 arrested at 'depraved' party
2002-07-15 Egypt wobbles back into Arafat's corner...
2002-07-15 London mag sez Binny's alive...
2002-07-15 Bush's 'flagrant support' for reformers slammed
2002-07-15 Shahruid meets Palestinian radicals, Hezbollah in Syria
2002-07-16 Saudis to lose $160 billion in foreign stock markets
2002-07-16 Spain Arrests Three Suspected Al Qaeda
2002-07-16 Tehran coppers tear gas workers...
2002-07-16 Third accused in sodomy case held
2002-07-16 Car Explodes Near Helsinki Synagogue, Driver Dies. I'm glad.
2002-07-16 Omar threatens retaliation
2002-07-16 U.S. Detains Four Tough Guys In Afghanistan
2002-07-16 Yemen: Attempt to explode a car in Sada’a fails
2002-07-16 Afghan government orders private armies to disband
2002-07-16 Samizdata's moved...
2002-07-16 India Withdraws Troops From Border
2002-07-16 Quartet meets; Powell sez to 'kick Yasser upstairs'
2002-07-16 Seven killed in Paleostinian bus ambush
2002-07-16 Students Clash in Makassar
2002-07-16 Intended boom babe arrested in Jenin
2002-07-16 Yemen: Fighting renewed in Mekhlaf district in Taiz
2002-07-16 Jordan hands down sentences against intended terrorists
2002-07-16 Hamade in custody at Ein al-Hilweh
2002-07-16 Canuck warship nabs two suspected al-Qaida
2002-07-16 13 wounded in Kashmir grenade attack
2002-07-17 Israeli officer killed in firefight
2002-07-17 Tehran ready to defend itself against US threats
2002-07-17 Yasser's gonna run...
2002-07-17 Cholera outbreak in Kabul
2002-07-17 Vive the resistance!
2002-07-17 Yet another jamaat takes form...
2002-07-17 Egypt security plan for Gaza is back on...
2002-07-17 Israel-Paleo talks off after bus attack...
2002-07-17 Boomers kills six in Tel Aviv explosions...
2002-07-17 Gaza weapons factory hit by missile
2002-07-17 Iran sez terror war should be a UN concern. Really.
2002-07-17 Premature baby becomes eighth bus ambush fatality
2002-07-17 Iran calls anti-US protests after Bush call for reform
2002-07-17 Samantha Runnion...
2002-07-17 Khatami's brother warns of return of despotism...
2002-07-18 Pakistani nut sentenced to death
2002-07-18 Bill Quick: More on anthrax...
2002-07-18 Traficant guilty...
2002-07-18 Fatah military wing murdered resistance fighter
2002-07-18 Israel decides to keep restrictions on Paleos after double boomers
2002-07-18 David Warren does Iran...
2002-07-18 U.S. precision munitions production has been doubled...
2002-07-18 FBI counter-terrorism chief expresses an opinion...
2002-07-18 Taheri: 'Come out and demonstrate against the Great Satan, y'all!'
2002-07-18 Islamic Jihad thug nabbed near Jenin
2002-07-18 Greeks bust November 17th gang...
2002-07-18 More on Samantha...
2002-07-18 Letter? From Bush? Nope. Ain't seen it...
2002-07-18 Anarchokiddies forgot one of their bombs in Oslo...
2002-07-18 Three gunnies iced in Doda shootout...
2002-07-19 Afghan clash leaves two dead
2002-07-19 More on November 17th...
2002-07-19 One of Haji Qadir's posts filled...
2002-07-19 Samantha...
2002-07-19 Officials seek terror link in $12M in fake checks
2002-07-19 Fifth Column files suit against Bush administration...
2002-07-19 The Coulter Cult...
2002-07-19 Hamas Rejects American-led Arab Intelligence Team
2002-07-19 Baghdad crawling with U.S., Brit spies. Really.
2002-07-19 Israel Arrests Attackers' Relatives
2002-07-19 IDF destroys boomer homes...
2002-07-19 Iran's army sez to turn out for the demonstrations...
2002-07-19 Brit Muslim iced in Chechnya. Hurrah!
2002-07-19 Thousands of Iranians Rally Against Bush
2002-07-19 Iran State Terriblevision: 'Don't step in the plots!'
2002-07-19 Rafsanjani sez U.S. carrying out 'psychological warfare'...
2002-07-20 Rumsfeld Orders Probe Of Leaked Iraq Scenarios
2002-07-20 IDF bulldozes Rafah metal shop
2002-07-20 DNA tests say it was Pearl...
2002-07-20 Georgia continues search for international terrorists
2002-07-20 Rumors of ceasefire...
2002-07-20 PPP asks Mary Robinson to help dump blasphemy law
2002-07-20 Aceh Women Arrested for Insulting President
2002-07-20 Bush on the Bad Guys...
2002-07-20 Quana's back...
2002-07-20 Malacañang tells Indonesia to butt out...
2002-07-20 Car explodes in Jaffa, driver dead, I'm glad
2002-07-20 Khatami's brother re-elected to head Iran's largest party
2002-07-20 Khamenei dishes up the vitriol...
2002-07-20 IDF continues cleaning up street lice...
2002-07-20 Mideast talks may resume
2002-07-20 100 Georgian troops quit over reforms...
2002-07-20 Three kidnappers killed by PACERs
2002-07-20 Five deaders in strike on Iraqi comms center...
2002-07-21 Euro MP says EU disagrees with US stand on Iran
2002-07-21 Greece nabs priest's sons in November 17 roundup
2002-07-21 13 die as Afghan tour bus hits land mine
2002-07-21 US wary of ISI links to al-Qa'ida
2002-07-21 India frees Yasin Malik, re-arrests him moments later
2002-07-21 Paleostinians bitching about corruption...
2002-07-21 www.alneda.com has been hijacked...
2002-07-21 Egypt nabs 34 suspected Ikhwani...
2002-07-21 Another Senior Official Killed In Afghanistan
2002-07-21 Sudanese government, rebels hammer out peace framework
2002-07-21 Meshkini accuses Taheri of ''fomenting division''
2002-07-21 Peres proposes setting up a committee...
2002-07-21 Paleos try to bomb a train...
2002-07-21 Revolutionary Guards warn against disagreeing with them...
2002-07-21 Israel thinking about withdrawing from a couple cities...
2002-07-21 Abu Sayyaf ambushes Sulu governor
2002-07-21 Shishani's really a good boy...
2002-07-21 Colombian rebel commander surrenders
2002-07-22 4 Lashkar activists arrested in Jhang
2002-07-22 Badshah Khan Rejects Karzai's Authority
2002-07-22 U.S. considers use of military as police officers
2002-07-22 Intelligence 'Chatter' Links LAX Shooting to Al-Qaeda Plot
2002-07-22 Al Qaeda planning to attack embassies
2002-07-22 Qusay trying to buy arms for the Offspring of All Battles...
2002-07-22 Israeli embassy in Helsinki evacuated
2002-07-22 Opposition leader accuses US of wanting monarchy
2002-07-22 Baluch leader shot dead
2002-07-22 Giant squid washes up on beach
2002-07-22 JKLF slams re-arrest of Yasin Malik
2002-07-22 Philippine police battle with protesters
2002-07-22 ''Honey, what's on the tube today?''
2002-07-22 IDF strikes at founder of Qassam Brigades...
2002-07-22 At Least One Paleostinian Waxed in Gunbattle With Israeli Troops
2002-07-22 Reformers ready showdown with military over 'warning'
2002-07-22 Israel backs off on deportations...
2002-07-22 Changes... changes...
2002-07-22 Qazi sez delay in election may lead to anarchy
2002-07-23 Two days, two dead Soddy princes...
2002-07-23 Shehadeh: The Obituary
2002-07-23 Sheikh Yassin sets conditions to stop attacks against Israeli civilians
2002-07-23 Grecians unravelling November 17th group...
2002-07-23 Iraq has a pair of Iranian live ones...
2002-07-23 Agreement reached to end Congo war
2002-07-23 PA arrests senior finance ministry official
2002-07-23 US loses hope on Khatami
2002-07-23 Best idea of the year...
2002-07-23 Mass grave in Bosnia thought to hold scores of Muslims
2002-07-23 Airstrike kills Hamas military leader, 14 others
2002-07-23 Three more Lashkar-i-Jhangvi nabbed in Multan...
2002-07-23 Ashcroft Submits Nine Groups for Terror List
2002-07-23 Iran would answer US strikes in minimum time
2002-07-23  PA ready to resume security coordination
2002-07-23 Iran's Khatami says will not resign
2002-07-23 Lebanon Islamists Warn Army, Claim Bomb Attempt
2002-07-24 Al-Qaeda Suspects On Hunger Strike in Miranshah
2002-07-24 ''Rumpole'' is dead...
2002-07-24 Seattle Man Held in Terror Probe
2002-07-24 Hamas Threatens All Out War
2002-07-24 Two Abu Sayyaf nabbed in Philippines...
2002-07-24 12 killed in shootout at Shindand...
2002-07-24 Blog with Salon?
2002-07-24 Pakistan Arrests U.S. Consulate Bomb Suspect
2002-07-24 Iran detains 80 after protest turns to riot
2002-07-24 'Uprooting extremism must for sustainable democracy'
2002-07-24 Erica gets away...
2002-07-24 Giotopoulos pleads innocent...
2002-07-24 U.S. forces were searching for Omar during raid
2002-07-24 U.S. planes attack site in southern Iraq
2002-07-24 Fallout still splattering from Shehadeh fan...
2002-07-24 Korean books donated to Nepal
2002-07-24 Woman who blinded man sentenced to be blinded
2002-07-24 Reformist paper suspended six months, director jailed
2002-07-24 Iran's intelligence minister in Azerbaijan for talks
2002-07-24 Abu Sayyyaf thugs to be tried in Philippines if they catch 'em...
2002-07-24  U.S. Says Omar Still in Afghanistan
2002-07-24 Graduation condition irks tribal elders
2002-07-25 Mubarak arrives in Paris, says only Arafat can negotiate with Israel
2002-07-25 We're all gonna die!
2002-07-25 Moussaoui sez he's not that guilty...
2002-07-25 Training for jihad in Beautiful Alabama...
2002-07-25 Forced Marriages Outrage Pakistanis
2002-07-25 Striking Iraq will ''destabilize all the Middle East''
2002-07-25 Blast near Jenin injures 10 Palestinians
2002-07-25 Arabs holler for International Criminal Court...
2002-07-25 Gaza pops a couple rockets...
2002-07-25 One Israeli killed in West Bank ambush
2002-07-25 Hamas calls for ''sea of blood''
2002-07-25 Hershey proposes selling... Hershey
2002-07-25 N. Korea Seeks Dialogue With South
2002-07-25 Three Emmanuel killers iced...
2002-07-25 3,000 protest in Denmark against terrorist label
2002-07-25 Four thugs arrested in Qalqilya
2002-07-25 20 al-Qaeda arrested in NWFP
2002-07-25 Israel steps up security...
2002-07-25 MKO says 'terrorist' agents shelled Iraq camp
2002-07-25 Rebel plot to crash plane into buildings foiled
2002-07-25 Arab press lashes out at West over Israeli air strike
2002-07-25 G'bye, Mr Traficant
2002-07-26 Flap thwarts surrender of Pentagon gang boss
2002-07-26 Powell's coming: Kashmir Korpse Kount is up...
2002-07-26 Meerwala gang rape trial starts...
2002-07-26 Sudan asks Egypt to back unity despite peace deal
2002-07-26 FBI Tries to Link Al-Qaida To Pak Islamic Movements
2002-07-26 MJC Threatens To Initiate Jihad in India
2002-07-26 Greeks nab another November 17th crazed killer...
2002-07-26 Plans to invade Iraq solidifying
2002-07-26 Al-Aqsa kills four...
2002-07-26 Karzai Names Haji Qadir's Brother as Governor
2002-07-26 ''We'll be back,'' Mullah Omar sez. ''Just you wait...''
2002-07-26 Kabul Mayor Offers Resignation
2002-07-26 Pourzand paraded on state TV allegedly 'confessing'
2002-07-27 Iran Outlaws Opposition Party
2002-07-27 Arabian's head lopped off for murder...
2002-07-27 Supreme leader says US would ''regret'' attacking Iran
2002-07-27 UN Security Council puts off resolution...
2002-07-27 Grenade Explodes at Austrian Disco
2002-07-27 U.S. Soldiers Hurt In Afghan Ambush
2002-07-27 Al-Qaida Suspect Arrives In US
2002-07-27 Kashmir Killer Korps welcomes Powell...
2002-07-27 Great North Korean inventions: Presenting the wheel!
2002-07-27 Al-Omer Mujahideen denounces arrest of supremo's brothers
2002-07-27 Indonesia Bomb Blast Injures 53
2002-07-27 Return Battalions issue hit list...
2002-07-27 13 Killed in Aceh Clashes
2002-07-27 Jihadis starting to worry about Hafiz Saeed's detention...
2002-07-27 US invites Iraqi opposition leaders
2002-07-28 IDF nabs intended boom babe...
2002-07-28 Gimme strength...
2002-07-28 Jewish Settlers Kill Palestinian Girl
2002-07-28 ''Al Qaeda'' threatens destruction U.S. embassies within a week...
2002-07-28 U.S. forces attack village near Khost...
2002-07-28 Sammy sez ''bring 'em on!''
2002-07-28 200,000 illegal books confiscated in past eight months in Iran...
2002-07-28 Four Beheaded in Kalimantan
2002-07-28 Kashmiris warned not to take part in elections
2002-07-28 Sudan calls on Kadhafi to keep up peace efforts
2002-07-28 Terror machine mulling ''cease fire''
2002-07-28 Revolutionary court judge jugged for pimping...
2002-07-28 Peres bad-mouths Sharon...
2002-07-28 Pak failed to shut terror camps, India tells US
2002-07-28 Pro-reform party threatens to quit Islamic regime
2002-07-28 We have some Binny bodyguards in custody...
2002-07-28 Another nut sentenced to death under blasphemy laws...
2002-07-28 Ayatollah Khamenei might dissolve government...
2002-07-28 Soddies coming to a boil, too?
2002-07-28 Experimenting with XML...
2002-07-28 Sudan's Bashir says government, rebels want unity
2002-07-28 Grenade attack kills four in Kashmir
2002-07-28 Persecution of ethnic Pashtuns continues in northern Afghanistan
2002-07-29 Binny's kid takes over the family business...
2002-07-29 Soddies making faces at Qatar
2002-07-29 Pak madaris, mosques collect $1.1 billion annually
2002-07-29 Iran ''heart'' of Middle East terror, says Peres
2002-07-29 Farah: Iran will 'regain freedom' with new regime
2002-07-29 Tanzim sez it'll stop targeting civilians...
2002-07-29  U.S. Exploring Baghdad Strike as Iraq Option
2002-07-29 EU warns Iran, ties depend on continuation of reforms
2002-07-29 Colin sez Perv's a liar... diplomatically, anyway.
2002-07-29 100 English-medium schools for workers' children planned
2002-07-29 Six Jhangvi thugs iced in jailbreak...
2002-07-29 AFP vows to destroy Abu remnants, rescue Indons
2002-07-29 Iraqi buildup near border puts Kuwait on heightened alert
2002-07-29 Kuwait: Strong feelings of apathy toward Iraq war...
2002-07-29 G'bye, November 17th...
2002-07-29 Neighbors nab another perv in California...
2002-07-29 Briton sentenced to death for Saudi bombings
2002-07-29 Indonesia's VP Calls For Islamic Law
2002-07-29 Kuwait: On second thought, make sure you take him out...
2002-07-29 Palestinians Defy Nablus Curfew
2002-07-29 Experts want law enacted to check barbaric customs
2002-07-29 More on the Persian hookers...
2002-07-30 Mullah on hunger strike in jug...
2002-07-30 More on the Kabul boom boy...
2002-07-30 Mullah Zaeef: Done in by infidels at Club Fed?
2002-07-30 Binny's alive and well and we're gonna get it...
2002-07-30 Paleogunnies bump off two truckers...
2002-07-30 No operation against Al-Qaeda in Balochistan
2002-07-30 FBI screwed up golden opportunity...
2002-07-30 Seven wounded in Jerusalem suicide attack
2002-07-30 Iraq: The usual yatta-yatta...
2002-07-30 16 are convicted of conspiring against Egyptian government
2002-07-30 Another Soddy prince goes toes up...
2002-07-30 Today's Tuesday. North Korea wants talks...
2002-07-30 Fernandes sez Binny's alive and living in Pakland...
2002-07-30 Iraqi Kurds patch up their differences...
2002-07-30 Afghans avert boom...
2002-07-31 Hamas isn't talking about a ceasefire...
2002-07-31 Iran coppers roll up sidewalks at midnite...
2002-07-31 Powell and N. Korean Hold Informal Meeting
2002-07-31 ID artist bugs out just ahead of Feds...
2002-07-31 Russers cheesed with Soddies over Chechen hijackers...
2002-07-31 Mutt-wit handing out leaflets in Scotland calling for murder of U.S. civilians
2002-07-31 Hamas bomb kills seven students, wounds 70...
2002-07-31 Two Algerian Islamists jailed in Paris
2002-07-31 FBI: Just 200 hard-core Al-Qaeda
2002-07-31 U.S. not seeking regime change in Iran or North Korea...
2002-07-31 Putin beats up Georgia over Chechen thugs
2002-07-31 Mulla Fazal Tortured to Martyrdom In Camp X-Ray
2002-07-31 Some Binny bodyguards in custody... Wait. I said that, didn't I?
2002-07-31 Iran reformist MP slams crackdown
2002-07-31 Israel sez Shehadeh's successor's been named...
2002-08-01 Two teen girls kidnapped at gunpoint in California...
2002-08-01 Terror warning downgraded...
2002-08-01 Israel to toss boomer's relative to Gaza...
2002-08-01 Iraq: ''Yes, thank you. We'd really like some weapons inspectors...''
2002-08-01 Reformist accused of insults to Mohamed, risks death
2002-08-01 Somali town captured
2002-08-01 Hamas leader's wife to ''shahid'' recruiter: not my kid!
2002-08-01 Thalib's trial postponed cuz he 'looks sickly'...
2002-08-01 Has Hafiz Saeed been... disappeared?
2002-08-01 Nice fist-fight at PML-QA convention
2002-08-01 Mary sez it's all Israel's fault. Damn those Americans!
2002-08-01 More on the Case of the Disappearing Hafiz...
2002-08-01 ASEAN nations sign on to counter-terror pact...
2002-08-01 Hamas: America, We Are Not Afraid
2002-08-01 Suicide Bomber’s Home Leveled
2002-08-01 Armed forces 'fully prepared' for US attack
2002-08-01 Bad Hair Day For Traficant
2002-08-02 Border Guards expecting a visit from Georgia...
2002-08-02 Occupation Forces Arrest Hamas Leader
2002-08-02 Ummm... I think I disagree. Here's why...
2002-08-02 Yasser squeals like a pig...
2002-08-02 Megawati sez Aceh rebels are gonna get it...
2002-08-02 Fifty Reported Killed in Afghan Ethnic Fighting
2002-08-02 'Nother dead site...
2002-08-02 Tehran schoolgirls may shed the veil
2002-08-02 Reformist paper hits stands with criticism of Khatami
2002-08-02 Hamas activist contracts rigor mortis...
2002-08-02 FBI Probes Lawmakers for Leak
2002-08-02 Israel giving CNN the boot, hairy eyeball to Beebs...
2002-08-02 FMI sez it'll fight on...
2002-08-02 White House puts UN on notice
2002-08-02 Nablus occupied. Again.
2002-08-02 Russers: No, you have to take your scarf off for your picture
2002-08-02 BjÞrn is back...
2002-08-02 Marohombsar backs out of surrender talks...
2002-08-02 Nearly all Chechen rebel infiltrators killed
2002-08-02 Baghdad under curfew...
2002-08-02 IDF carries out real estate operations...
2002-08-02 Rumsfeld wants more Bad Guys dead...
2002-08-02 No stability until Pashtuns in charge equal rights for all
2002-08-02 Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here?
2002-08-03 Soddy FM in Teheran
2002-08-03 Soddies talking (nuclear) cooperation with Pakland?
2002-08-03 US must release names of those arrested after September 11
2002-08-03 Rantissi sez he's sorry about those dead guys...
2002-08-03 Karachi US consulate bombing trial to start on August 10
2002-08-03 Hamas says it can deliver on threat to kill 100 Israelis
2002-08-03 Two MNLF iced in Lanao del Sur...
2002-08-03 Angola's UNITA rebels lay down arms
2002-08-03 Mark Steyn on stability in the Muddle East...
2002-08-03 IDF taking Nablus casbah apart...
2002-08-03 Yvonne Ridley embraces Islam...
2002-08-03 Powell rejects Iraq offer on arms inspections
2002-08-03 Peres never said Yasser should 'die by the bullet'...
2002-08-03 Jennie's moved...
2002-08-03 Grenade attack on UN building in southern Afghanistan
2002-08-03 Bill sez he'd ''fight and die'' for Israel. Just you wait...
2002-08-04 Iraqi robber's head lopped off in Soddy Arabia...
2002-08-04 Seoul Fails to Get Pyongyang’s Apology
2002-08-04 Frogman zapped in Gaza strip...
2002-08-04 LTTE not a terrorist outfit, but freedom fighting group
2002-08-04 Grasshoppa's back...
2002-08-04 Train boomed in Thailand...
2002-08-04 If I take a vacation...
2002-08-04 Hamas still working on that 100 mark...
2002-08-04 Oman adds voice to rejections of US strike on Iraq
2002-08-04 Afghan govt says Omar on run, no word on Osama
2002-08-04 Bout associate arrested in Italy...
2002-08-04 Israel blames Yasser; Yasser blames Sharon...
2002-08-04 Bush to make final decision on Iraq in August...
2002-08-04 More on the shootout...
2002-08-04 Yehiyeh to meet with Eliezer
2002-08-04 Iranians just itching to fight the Merkins. Some of them, anyway.
2002-08-04 November 17th had big plans...
2002-08-04 Iranians, Saudis Urge Saddam to Comply
2002-08-04 Explosion damages home of Palestinian official in Lebanon
2002-08-04 Iran looking forward to shooting at Brit, U.S. planes...
2002-08-04 Blix turns down Iraqi invitation for talks
2002-08-04 Terrorists directed to target one politician every day
2002-08-04 Plan seeks fix for war stuck in neutral
2002-08-05 Work accident splatters one Paleo, perforates another...
2002-08-05 Euros denying visas for Soddy preachers...
2002-08-05 Commander, 10 Chechens, doorknob dead in attack...
2002-08-05 Israelis nab nine intended boomers...
2002-08-05 IDF strikes Gaza weapons factory...
2002-08-05 LRA overruns refugee camp in Uganda...
2002-08-05 MP Says U.K. Planning ''Crusader Invasion'' of Iraq
2002-08-05 MK sez Sharon should resign and find an old folks' home...
2002-08-05 Iran orders arrest of reformist journalist
2002-08-05 Hamas controller nabbed...
2002-08-05 Travel restrictions on West Bank Paleos...
2002-08-05 Mullah Zaeef may not be as dead as they thought...
2002-08-05 Perv sez he doesn't think Binny planned 9-11...
2002-08-05 Iranian rioting...
2002-08-05 U.S. consulate in Karachi closed...
2002-08-05 Car bomb kills little girl in Spain...
2002-08-05 Ayatollahs recruiting Arab thugs...
2002-08-05 Mubarak invites Sharon to meet with Yasser...
2002-08-05 Islamist shoot each other up at Ain el-Hilweh...
2002-08-05 Tanks cut off Rafah, in Gaza Strip...
2002-08-05 Inquiry begins into banned groups' finances
2002-08-05 News from the Other Side: Merkins run away from Spin Boldak
2002-08-05 Islamic heroes shoot up Christian school near Islamabad...
2002-08-06 Students Demand Change in Indonesia
2002-08-06 Yet another ceasefire plan...
2002-08-06 Al Aqsa thug iced near Jenin...
2002-08-06 Pentagon brief sez Soddies are the Bad Guys...
2002-08-06 Parcel bomb wounds policeman in pilgrimage city
2002-08-06 Tajikistan: 10 Muslim clerics banned from preaching
2002-08-06 Zaeef Appeals For Prayers For Guantanamo Prisioners
2002-08-06 Sudanese government accuses rebels of preparing offensive
2002-08-06 9 Killed in Kashmir Attack
2002-08-06 Yesterday still didn't happen...
2002-08-06 Egyptian (intended) killer nabbed near Eilat...
2002-08-06 SSP, TJP thugs arrested for stupidity...
2002-08-06 News from the other side: Abu Zubaydah not as lively as we thought?
2002-08-06 Israeli Tanks Thrust Into Gaza Strip
2002-08-06 News from the Other Side: Taliban May Stage Comeback
2002-08-06 34 new guests at Club Fed...
2002-08-06 Ark Royal to leave for Gulf next month...
2002-08-06 Al Qaeda Moves To Eliminate 120 FBI Spies
2002-08-06 Ayatollahs lift communications clamp-down...
2002-08-06 Another car accident in Arabia, another deader...
2002-08-06 40 GAI snuffies snuffed in Algeria...
2002-08-07 Algerian Islamic Front for Salvation dumps chairman...
2002-08-07 Four Talibs banged in Kunar province...
2002-08-07 Pax Christi finds invasion deplorable...
2002-08-07 Kofi tells Iraq to get bent... Really.
2002-08-07 Ayatollahs to beat up on IRNA...
2002-08-07 Soddies to flog Nigerian for having sex with camel...
2002-08-07 Another fuel truck bomb...
2002-08-07 Riyadh slams The Briefing
2002-08-07 11 Bad Guys killed in Kabul raid...
2002-08-07 Ziad Daas, al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, doorknob dead
2002-08-07 Yet another Iraq invasion plan...
2002-08-07 Mullah Omar's brother-in-law nabbed...
2002-08-07 From the Iran students' site...
2002-08-07 Indonesian protesters demand Islamic law
2002-08-07 Soddies say we can't use their territory to attack Iraq...
2002-08-07 Morocco jugs 30 Islamists...
2002-08-07 19 arrested in raid on whorehouse...
2002-08-07 Iranian agents accused of liquidating Kurdish official
2002-08-07 ''That's not a kangaroo! That's an Eskimo!''
2002-08-07 Ultra-modern technology service established
2002-08-07 Assassination attempt on King Fahd?
2002-08-07 Russers chasing Chechen thugs back into Georgia...
2002-08-07 Israel detains teen queen for intended booming...
2002-08-07 Yehiyeh Daamseh on the streets when he gets out of jug...
2002-08-07 Hamas snuffy potted in Gaza
2002-08-07 Paleos find a bad guy too bad even for them, execute him...
2002-08-08 Lawyer of murdered Iranian dissident couple arrested
2002-08-08 Sammy wants to try urban warfare this time...
2002-08-08 Paper banned a week after it goes nationwide
2002-08-08 More on the Kabul Korpses...
2002-08-08 Five arrested in school attack...
2002-08-08 3 Suspects In School Attack Explode...
2002-08-08 Deep thinking at the Associated Press...
2002-08-08 Tehran Security forces to be increased
2002-08-08 Newsday editorial on The Briefing...
2002-08-08 IDF sweeps Gaza town...
2002-08-08 Controversial pro-reform Iranian journalist arrested
2002-08-08 Fatah discuss peace plan rejection
2002-08-08 Iran bans women, youth from smoking water-pipe
2002-08-08 Turkmen leader to name months after himself, mum
2002-08-08 News from the Other Side: Mullah Omar takes charge...
2002-08-08 Italian lawmaker proposes kicking out Arabs...
2002-08-08 Soddies bitch about Christian fundamentalism...
2002-08-08 Sammy sez we're gonna get it...
2002-08-08 Palestinians talk reform with US
2002-08-08 News from the Other Side: Attack on Khost
2002-08-08 U.S. soldier in stable condition following sniper attack
2002-08-09 Talabani sitting on the fence...
2002-08-09 Talibs, al-Qaeda regrouping?
2002-08-09 Saeb: It's either Yasser or... uh... chaos...
2002-08-09 Syria will not give up an inch of its territories
2002-08-09 Jalalabad explosion kills 26...
2002-08-09 Paks still trying to define terrorism so it doesn't include them...
2002-08-09 Four killed in latest church attack...
2002-08-09 Hezbollah insults U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Ivory Coast official...
2002-08-09 Yehiyeh to meet with Tenet
2002-08-09 Hizb ut-Tahrir workers sentenced three years
2002-08-09 Jordan summons Qatar's ambassador over criticism in a TV program
2002-08-09 Al-Mohammadi Party launched in Quetta
2002-08-09 Yemen to set up anti-terror group...
2002-08-09 Pentagon briefing shakes Saudi rulers
2002-08-09 Jund ul Islam was behind attack on Salih...
2002-08-09 Work accident kills two in Yemen...
2002-08-09 Maulana Abdul Aziz Nuristani kidnapped
2002-08-10 22 dead in vendetta in Egypt...
2002-08-10 Markaz ad Dawa threatens Pak government...
2002-08-10 Settlement shootout leaves Israeli, Palestinian dead
2002-08-10 Assassins of Chinese diplomat on their way to China to get a headache
2002-08-10 Erekat acknowledge ''below zero trust level''
2002-08-10 Cheney to address Iraqi oppostion...
2002-08-10 Eight Paleos wounded in Khan Younis...
2002-08-10 Toe tags for six Salafists east of Algiers...
2002-08-10 16 GIA admit to Algiers attacks...
2002-08-10 Grenade boy iced at Gaza border...
2002-08-10 Hamas controller nabbed in Qalqilya...
2002-08-10 Jordan recalls ambassador to Qatar over al-Jazeera episode...
2002-08-10 Indonesia turns down Sharia...
2002-08-10 Gunnies shoot up brigadier in Quetta...
2002-08-11 Rumor mill sez King Fahd is gonna kick it...
2002-08-11 Saudis in secret moves for new king
2002-08-11 Sudan lifts ban on (some) political parties...
2002-08-11 Rebel Warlord Backers Protest Against Afghan Govt.
2002-08-11 Iraqi cleric sees war against Islam
2002-08-11 Young Iranians seriously wounded by Arab mercenaries
2002-08-11 Spain moves closer to Batasuna ban
2002-08-11 Ex-NPA leader still a wanted man
2002-08-11 Afghans seize weapons cache during raids
2002-08-11 Philippines: Commies, NPA not terrorist groups...
2002-08-11 Mohammad Atta's vacation in Spain...
2002-08-11 Perez sez Hugo's gonna get it...
2002-08-11 Another snuffy iced in Gaza...
2002-08-11 Opposition leader sez Sammy's ripe fruit...
2002-08-11 The Ngruki Network...
2002-08-11 Israel denies entry to ''peace activists''
2002-08-11 Terror threat overblown... Really.
2002-08-11 Hamas vows to hit Israeli leadership
2002-08-11 Thai woman torn apart by crocodiles...
2002-08-11 Sammy sez weapons inspectors will come back...
2002-08-11 Paks suspect Jaish-e-Mohammad in Taxila attack...
2002-08-11 Ayatollahs Giving Up Al Qaeda
2002-08-11 21 arrested in raid on whorehouse...
2002-08-12 Iran training camps run by mullahs...
2002-08-12 Palestinian factions holding talks in Gaza City
2002-08-12 Mullah Fudlallah sez Muslims can't assist U.S. against Iraq...
2002-08-12 Curfews reimposed on Ramallah, Jenin and Bethlehem
2002-08-12 Israel prepares for Iraqi strike 'at any moment'
2002-08-12 Al Aqsa Martyr gets his virgins...
2002-08-12 Threat prompts security boost on Golden Gate Bridge
2002-08-12 Iraq sez weapons inspections are done...
2002-08-12 American soldier dies of wounds...
2002-08-12 Yemeni rapist's head lopped off in Mecca...
2002-08-12 Sammy moves to the fuehrerbunker?
2002-08-12 Arab humorists? Baddump-bump!
2002-08-12 Iraq trains for the blow-off...
2002-08-12 UAE, Yemen, also returning Soddy al-Qaeda to sender...
2002-08-13 Arafat under pressure
2002-08-13 Fatah militant killed, 6 wounded in Lebanon camp shootout
2002-08-13 Zapping Sammy...
2002-08-13 Ex-trainee of al-Qaeda says more attacks are likely
2002-08-13 Arafat's wealth estimated at 1.3 billion US dollars
2002-08-13 Lashkar-i-Jhangvi blamed for attacks
2002-08-13 ''clop clop clop *BANG* clippety-clop clittepy-clop''
2002-08-13 U.S. to Begin Fingerprinting Aliens
2002-08-13 Muslim cleared of attempting to recruit terrorists
2002-08-13 US considers assassination squads
2002-08-13 Congress readies anti-Soddy legislation...
2002-08-13 More whorehouse raids, 44 arrested...
2002-08-13 Tibi: Agreement within days
2002-08-13 'Virtue and Vice' minders return in Afghanistan
2002-08-13 Indonesian military implicated in terrorism
2002-08-13 Pentagon to finance intel collection by Iraqi opposition...
2002-08-14 Perv sez the gummint is winning...
2002-08-14 Mullah nabbed in Karachi...
2002-08-14 MCJ on Yurp...
2002-08-14 2 dead, 14 hurt in Kashmir attack
2002-08-14 Front groups recruiting commies for NPA...
2002-08-14 Sham trials organized against armed rebels
2002-08-14 Crooks knock over UNHCR office in Ghazni...
2002-08-14 ''We're livin' in an Islamic paradise...''
2002-08-14 Iraqi opposition sez they wounded Qusay...
2002-08-14 Talabani sez U.S. ''welcome''...
2002-08-14 Brit fundos issue 'holy war' warning
2002-08-14 Marwan in court...
2002-08-14 Kim Jong Il basks in international adulation...
2002-08-14 Iran urges Iraq to hand over prisoners from 1980-88 war
2002-08-14 U.S. ''too intelligent'' to attack Iran...
2002-08-14 Koreas Agree on Reunions
2002-08-14 Saudi death watch...
2002-08-14 Khamenei: Bush speaks in Hitler's language
2002-08-15 Cleric blasts reformers for promoting ''US influence''
2002-08-15 'If attacked, Israel might nuke Iraq'
2002-08-15 Workers arrested for gang raping 12-year-old boy
2002-08-15 'Human shield' dies as Hamas man is killed by troops
2002-08-15 Ruling frees Christian sentenced to death
2002-08-15 Talks with Hamas to stop attacks inside Israel fail
2002-08-15 Israel would respond to Iraqi attack
2002-08-15 Marwan indicted for murder, branded 'arch terrorist'
2002-08-15 Warplanes strike Iraqi air defense sites
2002-08-15 Amputation of a man's hand and foot for theft
2002-08-15 Norwegian Muslim wants to be a Christian Democrat
2002-08-15 Iran has extradited more than 400 al-Qaeda suspects
2002-08-15 Important safety tip...
2002-08-15 Sammy's up for another term...
2002-08-15 Pro-Saddam rally held in Strip
2002-08-16 5-year-old killed in shootout...
2002-08-16 Terrorists trained in Afghanistan, says IG
2002-08-16 Iraq willing to discuss return of weapons inspectors
2002-08-16 'NGOs given funds to influence elections'
2002-08-16 26 slaughtered in Algeria...
2002-08-16 Suspect charged in Russian parade bombing
2002-08-16 Fazl calls for an Islamic state...
2002-08-16 Religion of Peace Watch: 4 dead, 50 injured in argument over mosque in Bangladesh
2002-08-16 Four Bad Guys have tried to off themselves...
2002-08-16 Quetta-style rioting in Belfast...
2002-08-16 Two Paleos iced while inflitrating...
2002-08-16 Neutral observers must monitor arms inspections: Iraq
2002-08-16 Two Bad Guys no longer have residences...
2002-08-16 Hit job on Pak official seems flubbed in Quetta...
2002-08-16 Iraq will teach U.S. a ''lesson it will never forget.'' Really.
2002-08-16 Holding company formed to handle Paleo funds...
2002-08-16 Hamas vows to continue talks
2002-08-17 INS head to quit. Good riddance...
2002-08-17 Bush Says He Is Listening to Criticism on Iraq
2002-08-17 NPA Leader Denies Terrorism
2002-08-17 German coppers raid Arab charity group
2002-08-17 Soddies taking the gaspipe over lawsuit...
2002-08-17 Grenade attack in Aceh injures 11...
2002-08-17 Paleos indignant over contingency plan to expel Yasser. Surprise!
2002-08-17 Moussaoui trial put off til the sweet by and by...
2002-08-17 Hijackers' remains raise questions
2002-08-17 Dear Leader takes in a show...
2002-08-17 Contingency plan to toss Yasser...
2002-08-17 Democracy's a Jewish plot. Really.
2002-08-17 Rafsanjani misunderestimates...
2002-08-17 IDF nabs baby killer...
2002-08-17 Warlords meddling in Pak tribal areas...
2002-08-17 Malaysian commando's chute fails to open...
2002-08-17 Eliezer to meet with Yehiyeh on ''Gaza First'' plan...
2002-08-17 Polish firing squad?
2002-08-17 Indos tote up dead Bad Guys to date...
2002-08-18 Tear gas used to break up Cincinnati festivities...
2002-08-18 Uganda extends push against rebels in Sudan
2002-08-18 Dostum commander bumped off at son's wedding...
2002-08-18 Murree school closes...
2002-08-18 Counterterrorism company chief charged with owning missiles
2002-08-18 Parcel bomb in west Iran kills child, wounds two
2002-08-18 Yemeni psychos were brought in to kill Pearl...
2002-08-18 Hebron back under curfew...
2002-08-18 Israel Offers to Expand 'Gaza-First' Troop Pullback
2002-08-18 Moin promises stern actions against terrorists...
2002-08-18 U.S. reported to have helped Iraq in war against Iran
2002-08-18 Former PLO treasurer sez Yasser's a crook...
2002-08-18 NPA cheesed at U.S., threatens attacks...
2002-08-18 Festivities resume in Ain el-Hilweh...
2002-08-18 New house arrest order on ousted Islamist
2002-08-18 Witness testifies that rape victim is suspect's wife
2002-08-18 Khatami: Iran pursues policy of detente, peace, dialogue
2002-08-18 Iranians held for kidnapping involved in passport racket
2002-08-18 Pak swabbies thump local coppers...
2002-08-19 CNN airs excerpts of tapes acquired in Afghanistan
2002-08-19 Bad Guys shoot down helicopter in Chechnya, 74 dead...
2002-08-19 Seized missiles were legal, school says
2002-08-19 U.N. memo grumbles about war crimes committed against Taliban
2002-08-19 21 North Koreans float south...
2002-08-19 An argument in favor of disbanding the NEA...
2002-08-19 Paleos promise to be good...
2002-08-19 Abu Nidal doorknob dead...
2002-08-19 Islamic Jihad, Hamas vow mindless opposition to virtually everything
2002-08-19 Shariah court sentences Nigerian woman to death by stoning...
2002-08-19 Indonesia Aceh rebels they're gonna get it...
2002-08-20 Abed Rabbo to head Palestinian delegation at Paris reform talks
2002-08-20 Rape case: ''We lost the file''
2002-08-20 It's a Baby Milk Factory!
2002-08-20 Israeli soldier sniped in Gaza...
2002-08-20 Iran's Zamzam Cola at Saudi market
2002-08-20 US seeking discord among religions, inciting civil war
2002-08-20 King Fahd moved to Costa del Sol...
2002-08-20 Several injured in hostage taking in Iraqi embassy in Berlin
2002-08-20 Rape victim won't face punishment, rules Shariat Court
2002-08-20 McKinney is toast...
2002-08-20 Pakistani woman's ordeal in Saudi jail
2002-08-20 Khamenei denounces U.S. ''cowboy culture''...
2002-08-20 A bit of detail on Ansar al-Islam...
2002-08-20 Paleocoppers nab freedom fighter...
2002-08-20 IDF withdraws from Bethlehem...
2002-08-20 Iraqi hard boys helped Abu Nidal depart the land of the living...
2002-08-20 Lebanese MP: ''We owe it all to Iran!''
2002-08-20 Al Aqsa rejects agreement...
2002-08-20 Bin Laden announced jihad collaboration in recovered tapes
2002-08-20 Worst idea for a movie since umm... the last abomination...
2002-08-20 Two Paleos banged in Tulkarem...
2002-08-20 U.N. rejects Iraqi response
2002-08-20 Iran, state of emergency to meet US
2002-08-21 Five Paleos arrested in Jerusalem university bombing...
2002-08-21 Minor explosions and shootouts around Kandahar...
2002-08-21 Abu Sayyaf kidnaps Avon ladies...
2002-08-21 Suicidal Nidal a 'secret agent'?
2002-08-21 Feds put out alert for Soddy Bad Guy...
2002-08-21 Fake ID artist plans innocent plea
2002-08-21 IDF blows two Gaza apartment buildings...
2002-08-21 Perv amends Pak constitution...
2002-08-21 U. of South Fla. Asks to Dump al-Arian...
2002-08-21 Italians arrest four in plot to blow basilica...
2002-08-21 PFLP head's little brother iced...
2002-08-21 Abu Nidal hit was a warning?
2002-08-21 Lunatic kills two near Kandahar...
2002-08-22 Bomb kills five coppers in Assam...
2002-08-22 Abu Sayyaf beheads two Jehovah's Witnesses...
2002-08-22 Frenchies whack foreheads as Basque gunny escapes...
2002-08-22 Abu Nidal buddy sez they did the Lockerbie bombing...
2002-08-22 PFLP vows - you guessed it! - revenge...
2002-08-22 Nigerian gov't opposed to stoning sentence...
2002-08-22 Pak coppers nab six gunnies planning to blow up power plant...
2002-08-22 Muslim cleric granted bail in London
2002-08-22 Chechen Big dies in Russ prison...
2002-08-22 Explosion at chicken farm kills two...
2002-08-22 Qalqiliya Hamas Big nabbed...
2002-08-23 Hamas snuffy's house blown in Tulkarem...
2002-08-23 India attacks Azad Kashmir
2002-08-23 Bush administration ratchets up rhetoric
2002-08-23 Ohfergawdsake watch: Mother ordered to stop breastfeeding boy, eight
2002-08-23 Janati slams idea of settling differences with USA
2002-08-23 Agus wants case thrown out...
2002-08-23 Paleogunnies iced trying to swarm Gaza town
2002-08-23 13 dead, 3 arrested in Kashmir
2002-08-23 And the Indian side...
2002-08-23  U.S. seeks to ease airport hassles
2002-08-23 Reformist accuses US of wanting to impose change
2002-08-24 Bush to make nice with Prince Bandar at Crawford...
2002-08-24 Anecdotes about Kim Jong Il's last Russian vacation...
2002-08-24 Israel Stops Withdrawal - Talks Fail
2002-08-24 Iran busts ring trafficking women to Pakistan
2002-08-24 US Directs Secret Attacks On Iraq
2002-08-24 The other victims of jihad...
2002-08-24 President Hussein chairs Cabinet meeting
2002-08-24 Globalization inevitable, Iran should clear its way
2002-08-24 Conn. congressman takes up 'No Blood for Oil' chant...
2002-08-24 Palestinian Christian Leader Detained
2002-08-24 Sulfur and melons and Niyazov...
2002-08-24 Mazen Al-Najjar deported...
2002-08-24 Uday sez Jund al-Islam is an Iranian creation...
2002-08-24 French author sued for insulting Islam
2002-08-24 Visitors from Trollburg...
2002-08-24 Priest sez Abu Sabaya doesn't sleep with the fishes...
2002-08-24 Al Qaida Plan To Strike Pakistani Authorities
2002-08-25 Iranian opposition pirates TV station...
2002-08-25 IDF rounding them up on the West Bank...
2002-08-25 Smarter Harper's is up...
2002-08-25 New U.N. ambassador to open new horizons in Iran-U.S. ties
2002-08-25 Sal Mineo Saudi suspect surrenders in Arabia...
2002-08-25 Iranian speaker utter defiant platitudes...
2002-08-25 Georgia sends troops into Pankisi Gorge...
2002-08-25 President Omar dismisses dissenting minister
2002-08-25 Al-Aqsa thug greased in Jenin...
2002-08-25 8 killed, 9 wounded in U.S.-Brit strikes in Basra...
2002-08-25 Iran masses troops on Iraqi border...
2002-08-25 A little dissension in Islamic Paradise...
2002-08-25 Paleogoons murder lady freedom fighter...
2002-08-25 Calls for Nuba Mountains independence
2002-08-25 Missing in action?
2002-08-25 Paleos say we can stuff the prime minister idea...
2002-08-25 Pentagon gang chief waxed in Magallanes...
2002-08-26 Jenin Hamas big shots nabbed...
2002-08-26 Al-Aqsa big shot's house in Tulkarem is no more...
2002-08-26 Any US attack against Iraq bound to fail: Aziz
2002-08-26 PFLP chief on a hunger strike...
2002-08-26 ''The synergy of American military power''
2002-08-26 Chemicals discovered in Kabul house
2002-08-26 ETA sends death threat via boy of 2
2002-08-26 Palestinian wounded leave Baghdad for home
2002-08-26 Saeb calls for outside observers...
2002-08-26 German official visits Iraqi embassy
2002-08-26 Seven N.K. Defectors Caught by Chinese Police
2002-08-26 Israel arrests seven Arabs involved in Meron bus bombing
2002-08-26 Ramadhan condemns mercenary groups’ practices northern Iraq
2002-08-26 Russers mull response to U.S. rebuke...
2002-08-26 Spam fighting ideas, anyone?
2002-08-26 Syria, Soddies warn against war with Iraq...
2002-08-26 Dear Leader back home...
2002-08-26 Iranian Majlis rep for Jews kisses Khamenei's hand...
2002-08-26 Iran crown prince plots return from D.C. suburbs
2002-08-26 Sudan sez they have to carry out barbaric sentences 'cuz the Koran sez so...
2002-08-27 Saudi prince urges US to avoid a new Vietnam in Iraq
2002-08-27 U.S. arrests two-faced local warlords...
2002-08-27 Gen. Gul sez Binny's not in Pakland. Have we looked in Topeka?
2002-08-27 Cheney charges ''willful blindness''
2002-08-27 Sammy sez Iraq has fulfilled all commitments
2002-08-27 Perfidious Jews plan on taking over Balochistan. Really.
2002-08-27 Settlers launch campaign to ''defeat Palestinians''
2002-08-27 Iraq brands UN arms chief a ''spy''
2002-08-27 Israel arrests PFLP chiefs
2002-08-27 Iraq, Kuwait agree on arrangements to return archives...
2002-08-28 Coppers shut down Batasuna in Spain...
2002-08-28 Portrait of a holy man...
2002-08-28 The nearly nekkid ladies of Lagos...
2002-08-28 Fifth column at work...
2002-08-28 MNLF, MILF join hands against Manila troops
2002-08-28 A letter from Binny...
2002-08-28 Iran opens bureau in Dubai to pursue contacts with US
2002-08-28 Soddy prince thinking of buying Lebanon...
2002-08-28 Another whack at Iraq...
2002-08-28 ''Big Aslanbek'' is a deader...
2002-08-28 Germans charge man with connection to 9/11 attacks
2002-08-28 Wolfie interviews al-Jubeir...
2002-08-28 Yo! Anybody in there?
2002-08-28 Georgia troops fail to find militants
2002-08-28 Paleos parade freedom fighter collaborator...
2002-08-28 Two top al Qaeda deputies are hiding in Iran
2002-08-28 Suspicious powder sent to Gore considered a hoax
2002-08-28 Hafiz Saeed's case hearing put off
2002-08-28 Atlanta airport screening supervisor fired for missing gun
2002-08-28 US Places Chinese Muslim Group On Terror List
2002-08-29 Ramsey does Basra
2002-08-29 Israeli Army Kills Four Members of Palestinian Family
2002-08-29 Georgia sees rebels as Russia's problem
2002-08-29 The Secret Army™ claims responsibility for attacks...
2002-08-29 15 nabbed in another whorehouse raid...
2002-08-29 Georgia nabs Arab mercenary in Pankisi Gorge...
2002-08-29 Lawyers start to swarm for hundreds of trillions...
2002-08-29 Fundos: Takin' the tra-a-a-a-in to Islam...
2002-08-29 Suspected U.S. Al-Qaeda Supporters Charged
2002-08-29 Iraqi Bigs kiss the Presidential Hand...
2002-08-29 Mullah Krekar's Norwegian roots... Or branches. Or something.
2002-08-30 U.S. Considers Expanding ISAF
2002-08-30 Iraq does not fear US war threats, sez VP
2002-08-30 Dutch Accuse 3 In Plot Against U.S. Base
2002-08-30 ''Nossir. I don't like it.''
2002-08-30 Arabs say U.S. wants to ''balkanize'' region...
2002-08-30 Do not say that!
2002-08-30 ''Hundreds'' of Qaeda under surveillance in USA...
2002-08-30 Don't step in the mawk...
2002-08-30 ''Please, sir, would you mind not exploding?''
2002-08-30 Georgians trying to track down kidnapped businessman in Pankisi...
2002-08-30 The Case Against the Iraq War: Oh, Jeez.
2002-08-30 Binny in Kunar?
2002-08-30 Indonesian Muslim leader warns US over Iraq
2002-08-30 Israel warns Syria over Hezbollah attack
2002-08-30 Paks nab 12 Harkat gunnies in Peshawar...
2002-08-31 Meerwala gang rapists to get longer necks...
2002-08-31 ''Vote fundo, 'cuz we're not secular...''
2002-08-31 200 to 400 prisoners died in metal containers
2002-08-31 US troops, Afghan mercenaries arrest 97 in Kandahar
2002-08-31 Russ central bank right on top o' them terrorists, yup...
2002-08-31 Johny Jihad sings...
2002-08-31 Syria's a key player in Iraqi buildup...
2002-08-31 Hamas controller - or somebody - a goner in Tubas...
2002-08-31 Treason charges withdrawn against fundos...
2002-08-31 ''No, I didn't!'' sez Sven
2002-08-31 Hamas Leader Nabbed In Ramallah
2002-08-31 Yehiyeh sez knock off with the bombings...
2002-08-31 Gang rape victim fears revenge
2002-08-31 U.S. destroys major Iraqi military facility
2002-08-31 Palestinian Group Campaign to Free Barghouti at Earth Summit
2002-08-31 Swedes Say Sven the Terrorist Planned U.S. Embassy Attack
2002-08-31 Gunmen Kill 3 People in Papua
2002-08-31 Turkish Troops in Northern Iraq
2002-09-01 Bin Laden called a hero at march
2002-09-01 A little more on those Kandahar arrests...
2002-09-01 Muammar empties Libya's jugs, except for al-Qaeda...
2002-09-01 U.S. force will be required to protect Iraq from Iran...
2002-09-01 Iraqi VP: Persians no better'n Zionists...
2002-09-01 Drug money funds terror group
2002-09-01 But whatever for?
2002-09-01 Girl shot dead 'for helping Israelis'
2002-09-01 Iraq Fires Missiles At US, British Jets
2002-09-01 More Papua Shootings, Gunman Killed
2002-09-01 Gulf War I
2002-09-01 Iran sez for Iraq to get bent...
2002-09-01 Afghan censors yank Indian films, lady singers...
2002-09-01 Sudan frees two Islamist leaders...
2002-09-02 Four accused of plotting against U.S. targets in Europe
2002-09-02 Kuwait doesn't buy Iraq's line...
2002-09-02 MPs on collision course with Guardian Council
2002-09-02 Talks between Sudan and rebels break down
2002-09-02 Iraqi opposition sez U.S. intends to topple Sammy, not colonize Iraq
2002-09-02 Algerian forces discover bodies of five Islamist fighters
2002-09-02 Chechen war still grinding on...
2002-09-02 First Saudi royal to visit Baghdad since 1991 Gulf war
2002-09-02 Minister to be interrogated over guns...
2002-09-02 Bashar calls to unite in face of U.S. threats
2002-09-02 Indonesia arrests 15 Papuan Bad Guys...
2002-09-02 Yemen says it will not extradite al-Qaeda suspects
2002-09-02 Marbles in his mouth...
2002-09-02 Grand Mosque? No thanks.
2002-09-02 Ha'aretz sez al-Qaeda thugs settled in at Ain el-Hilweh...
2002-09-02 Iraq to dispatch emissaries to several European states
2002-09-02 China arrests North Koreans seeking refuge
2002-09-02 Grenade tosser's sentence reduced in Yemen...
2002-09-02 Palestinians tap non-violence advocate to be U.S. representative
2002-09-02 Zawahiri invited to take part in Islamic conference in Cairo...
2002-09-02 Israel: ''If you want to go, go. If you go, don't come back.''
2002-09-03 Abu Nidal safe underground...
2002-09-03 Israeli Supreme Court Approves Expulsions
2002-09-03 World Council of Churches urges US to stop Iraq threats
2002-09-03 North Koreans take refuge at German school in Beijing
2002-09-03 Gulf states oppose US strike, urge Iraq to readmit inspectors
2002-09-03 Al Qaeda Gold Moved to Sudan
2002-09-03 Pakistan army surrounds village that hid al-Qaida
2002-09-03 Lebanon Denies Al-Qaeda in Ain al-Hilweh
2002-09-03 Meerwala rapists appeal...
2002-09-03 Snuffies grab official in Kashmir and cut his head off...
2002-09-03 Bush and Powell sitting in a bar...
2002-09-03 [Urp!] No thanks! We'll get by without it...
2002-09-03 Secret Army of Doom Vows To Attack U.S. Troops
2002-09-03 US Muslim rally begins with prayers for 911 victims
2002-09-03 Et tu, Andrea?
2002-09-03 Israel Could Commit Terrorist Act in U.S.: Baghdad
2002-09-03 I coulda taken the day off...
2002-09-03 Tehran urges Paks to stop al-Qaeda members entering Iran
2002-09-04 Imprisoned al-Qaida members rescued by Afghan tribesmen
2002-09-04 Hamas vows to keep it up...
2002-09-04 Another al-Qaeda Big in jug? We knew that.
2002-09-04 Tribesmen refuse to pay their electric bill...
2002-09-04 Mullah Omar, Hekmatyar make kissy face... Sayyaf invited to join...
2002-09-04 Palestinian Siblings Dumped With $ 200, A Few Bottles Of Water
2002-09-04 Bomb found near former Israeli PM's house
2002-09-04 ISNA Convention Calls for Self-Reflection, Activism
2002-09-04 Powell booed during summit speech
2002-09-04 Islamic news interrupted by porn
2002-09-04 Express yourself...
2002-09-05 Paleos open fire on IDF soldiers from school...
2002-09-05 Nuking Carter...
2002-09-05 The Portadown News
2002-09-05 Governor of Aceh attacked, police chief killed
2002-09-05 US navy sends heavy armour to Gulf
2002-09-05 Hekmatyar Calls For Jihad
2002-09-05 U.S. buildup estimated at 100,000 troops
2002-09-05 Kabul blast leaves at least 20 dead
2002-09-05 Canadian, 16, held as al-Qaeda killer...
2002-09-05 Israeli army nabs eight suspected militants in West Bank
2002-09-05 No patriotism for Berkeley 9-11 commemoration...
2002-09-05 Church leaders speak against 'wicked' war
2002-09-05 Israelis find 1,350-pound car bomb
2002-09-05 Bugging the Arabs...
2002-09-05 Karzai Survives Assassination Attempt in Kandahar
2002-09-06 Doc earns a vacation...
2002-09-06 Senate approves plan to arm commercial pilots
2002-09-06 Pashtuns Protest Al-Qaida Hunt
2002-09-06 Sharon pronounces Oslo accords dead, complains of stench...
2002-09-06 Accidental suicide booming in Sanaa...
2002-09-06 IDF helis toast Gaza weapons factory, cop shop...
2002-09-06 New Building at Iraqi Nuclear Sites
2002-09-06 Soddy tentacle extends to Azerbaijan...
2002-09-06 100 allied aircraft bomb the crap out of Iraqi air defenses...
2002-09-06 Two out of three pieces doesn't make a whole jihad...
2002-09-06 Lebanon army eases siege of Palestinian camp...
2002-09-06 Extremists are 'taken off streets' for minor crimes
2002-09-06 Ashcroft plan to track aliens hits snag
2002-09-07 Liaquat Baloch gets two years in jug...
2002-09-07 Bush and Blair plot Iraq strategy
2002-09-07 Hizbullah warns Washington against offensive
2002-09-07 Wave Of Arrests After Karzai Attack
2002-09-07 Happy birthday, teevee...
2002-09-07 Kyrgyz security chief survives attack
2002-09-07 Snuffies kill candidate in Kashmir, five others...
2002-09-07 Gul Agha Dies From Gunshots Meant For Karzai?
2002-09-07 Pakistan Army destroys five houses in tribal areas
2002-09-07 Muttawakil Said To Have Warned US, UN Of September 11
2002-09-07 Afghan Troops Fire Rockets On Pakistan’s Border Post
2002-09-07 Russia, Georgia wrangle over who will oust Chechen rebels
2002-09-07 MMA sez they'll kick the U.S. out of Pakland...
2002-09-07 Ujaama gets thumped in calaboose...
2002-09-07 Israel seizes key Gaza Strip junctions
2002-09-07 Assassination attempt against Karzai condemned
2002-09-08 More deaders in Maluku...
2002-09-08 Ritter sez Iraq's not a threat...
2002-09-08 Hamas thug nabbed at home in Hebron...
2002-09-08 Sammy's mistress...
2002-09-08 Four militants killed in foiled Pakistan escape bid
2002-09-08 Israel Denies Palestinian Trip
2002-09-08 More changes...
2002-09-08 Afghans clash after report U.S. holds warlord
2002-09-08 Common lawlessness...
2002-09-08 Mary departs U.N. human rights store, still bitching and moaning...
2002-09-08 Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's work observed
2002-09-08 Malaysian leader faults West's treatment of Muslims
2002-09-08 Bomb found in Gaza Fatah office. Wotta surprise...
2002-09-08 Music shop in Khost gets boomed, four wounded...
2002-09-08 What the hell are they doing here?
2002-09-09 Al Qaeda reported to plan attack on U.S. embassy in Manila
2002-09-09 Two more arrests in Heidelberg...
2002-09-09 Three amphibious ships making stopover in Spain
2002-09-09 Coppers thwart MMA train march...
2002-09-09 Five arrested in second plot to kill Perv...
2002-09-09 Iraq whacked again...
2002-09-09 15 Manila troops killed in clashes with MNLF
2002-09-09 Sharon will meet with Abbas...
2002-09-09 Sudan says it will resume peace talks once rebels stop attacks
2002-09-09 Perv sez Islamists must be held in check...
2002-09-09 Yasser Condemns Terror Attacks on Israeli Civilians
2002-09-09 Dammit.
2002-09-09 Bush: Post-Saddam Iraq not US job
2002-09-09 Israel sez it's beaten up Hamas on the West Bank...
2002-09-09 Iraqi Kurds kiss and make up. E-e-e-ew!
2002-09-09 Slip of the tongue suggests Binny is toes up?
2002-09-09 The Dead Guy List...
2002-09-09 Egypt convicts 51 of being thugs...
2002-09-09 Commonplace CommonSense
2002-09-10 Hekmatyar still ranting about jihad...
2002-09-10 Nigerian gov sez go ahead and stone her...
2002-09-10 Aldrin pokes nut...
2002-09-10 PFLP ''effectively wiped out'' in West Bank
2002-09-10 Missiles deployed around D.C...
2002-09-10 Iranian conservative demands reformists root out secularists
2002-09-10 Hunt is on for Best Arab Mom...
2002-09-10 US seeking exit from Afghanistan: General Hameed Gul
2002-09-10 Perv sez fundos wouldn't be allowed to take power...
2002-09-10 Prince Says Terrorists Were Deluded
2002-09-10 Cracks emerge as Fatah mulls end to attacks in Israel
2002-09-10 Katsav expects Iraq to attack Israel...
2002-09-10 Zadran kicked out of Khost...
2002-09-10 Yoko sez ''Give peas a chance...''
2002-09-10 Sheik knew eyes were on him
2002-09-10 Iraqi veep calls on The Masses™...
2002-09-10 Hamas plotted poisoning of diners at major cafe
2002-09-10 Israel authorizes US to use military bases against Iraq
2002-09-10 Arms for 45,000 to Kuwait, Jordan...
2002-09-10 Atheist Sues To Block Chicago's 9/11 Ceremony
2002-09-10 'Anti-US Force' Threatens Attacks On Sept 11
2002-09-11 Carlos the has-been crazed killer really admires Binny
2002-09-11 Sontag receives Sontag Award...
2002-09-11 Lebanon, Syria Cracking Down on Militants to Appease U.S.?
2002-09-11 Al-Qaeda finance guy nabbed...
2002-09-11 Whither al-Qaeda?
2002-09-11 9-11-01
2002-09-11 Two al-Qaeda suspects toasted in Karachi siege...
2002-09-11 Sexist bloggers?
2002-09-11 82nd Airborne shoots it out with Zadran force...
2002-09-11 IDF raids Beit Hanoun...
2002-09-11 They just aren't that important...
2002-09-11 Paks have rounded up over 400 al-Qaeda...
2002-09-11 Ambush Kills Indian State Minister
2002-09-11 Saudi prince says Arabs back US on Iraq
2002-09-11 Iraq: Attacks Were A 'Punishment'
2002-09-11 Long Toilet Stay Triggers Airplane Security Sweep
2002-09-11 25 wanted Palestinians said hiding in Arafat's compound
2002-09-11 Paks break up planned Big Mac attack...
2002-09-11 ''Why do we hate them?''
2002-09-11 Still hunting for kidnapped Avon ladies...
2002-09-11 Billy's toast...
2002-09-11 Iraq sends letter to US Senate
2002-09-11 Yasser's cabinet is toast...
2002-09-12 Battery of artillery deployed at Kandahar...
2002-09-12 Malay pol warns of ''backlash''...
2002-09-12 Simply 'orrible attack on U.S. forces at Gardez...
2002-09-12 Malay fundos: ''Stop that unseemly frivolty and mirth!''
2002-09-12 Murtaza Bhutto proposed WTC attack in 1991: Carlos
2002-09-12 Six men detained in Baltimore terror probe
2002-09-12 Jihad: A New Beginning... Or the same old story... Whatever.
2002-09-12 Brit fundos rant, rave, make faces...
2002-09-12 Don't cry for me, Nigeria...
2002-09-12 Ayman marries a couple widow ladies...
2002-09-12 Nasrullah Khan steps down from ARD...
2002-09-12 Italian Coppers Arrest 15 Pak Al Qaeda
2002-09-12 NY lottery draws 9-1-1 on 9/11...
2002-09-12 Bush Pitches Iraq War To UN Today
2002-09-12 Chretien makes stoopid remarks...
2002-09-13 Stars plan global peace song
2002-09-13 Iran dumps Mullah Krekar, busted in Amsterdam...
2002-09-13 Iraq would "teach US lesson" if it attacked: Aziz
2002-09-13 Iran dismisses being next target after US attack on Iraq
2002-09-13 Remembrance ceremonies broken up in Iran
2002-09-13 No more Russian newspapers in Turkmenistan
2002-09-13 More on the Alligator Alley Boom Boyz...
2002-09-13 Ramzi in custody?
2002-09-13 We were commenting on this guy a day or two ago...
2002-09-13 ''Work accident'' ices three snuffies...
2002-09-13 FBI busts domestic al-Qaeda cell in Bufflo...
2002-09-13 Mullah Omar 'Will Free Afghanistan' In New Letter
2002-09-13 Leg lost in cannon blast
2002-09-13 Coppers boom backpack in Florida...
2002-09-13 Indonesian, Egyptian leaders share intelligence in war on terror
2002-09-13 Iraq threatens to attack Israel if it takes part in US-led strike
2002-09-13 The twin clashes within civilizations
2002-09-13 Tank car explodes at BASF plant
2002-09-13 16 arrested in rioting in northwestern Iran
2002-09-13 Boom boyz say it was all just a joke...
2002-09-13 Security Council five agreed on time limit to Iraq: Straw
2002-09-14 More on the Buffalo Bunch...
2002-09-14 Iraq ready to repel any invasion
2002-09-14 Hekmatyar denies calling for jihad...
2002-09-14 Bombs Set To Destroy Three Afghan Bridges Discovered
2002-09-14 Things getting back to normal in Khost...
2002-09-14 Pakistan: Cleric charged with sodomy
2002-09-14 America's error over the Taliban , by Barbara Crossette
2002-09-14 Musharraf’s lust for power: seeks to rule seven more years
2002-09-14 Al-Qaida Not Involved In Terrorist Acts In Pakistan. Really.
2002-09-14 Just think happy thoughts
2002-09-14 Key 911 Suspect Surrenders After Shoot Out In Karachi
2002-09-14 Kuwait arrests 21 Iranian, Afghan ''immigrants''
2002-09-14 Iraqi representative blasts Bush
2002-09-14 Pearl case suspect said to be among Karachi shootout dead
2002-09-14 Great White North Alert!
2002-09-14 ''Who ordered this outrage?''
2002-09-14 Russia threatens to invade Georgia over Chechen freedom fighters
2002-09-15 Al-Qaeda Denies Arrest
2002-09-15 Ousting Saddam Will Open Bonanza For American Oil Firms
2002-09-15 Zionists Manipulate The World Through Movies
2002-09-15 Pakistan to Extradite Al-Shaiba to U.S.
2002-09-15 Another princelet bites the dust...
2002-09-15 Egypt to Launch Diplomatic Drive
2002-09-15 Rumor has it Khalid Sheikh Mohammad's a deader, too...
2002-09-16 Ramzi to make a stop on the way to the USA...
2002-09-16 Fouda won't be going back to Pakland for awhile...
2002-09-16 Syria decries ''double standard'' toward Iraq...
2002-09-16 Al-Qaeda successors...
2002-09-16 Kofi sez Iraq accepts inspectors...
2002-09-16 Sheikh Yassin calls for more blood...
2002-09-16 Sikh held in Afghanistan over porn movie business
2002-09-16 He ain't subversive. He's jest stoopid...
2002-09-16 Kabul Koppers intercept boom truck...
2002-09-16 We got Ramzi's address book!
2002-09-16 Iraq: Same old position...
2002-09-16 Karachi as Loon Central...
2002-09-16 How many times are they gonna catch this guy?
2002-09-16 Buddy sez Binny's long dead...
2002-09-16 Sixth Buffalo Boy arrested in Bahrain...
2002-09-16 Singapore nabs 21 Bad Guys...
2002-09-16 Shevardnadze jumps through Pankisi hoop...
2002-09-16 Name of second ''of interest'' thug released...
2002-09-16 Female MPs Join 82nd To Thwart Would-Be Weapons Smugglers
2002-09-16 War with MNLF heats up...
2002-09-16 Ranteesi: Gaza Is The Zionists' Graveyard
2002-09-16 Arab States Back Bush Over Iraq
2002-09-16 Saudis now say U.S. could use bases
2002-09-17 More on Ramzi...
2002-09-17 Al-Qaeda suspect one of Daniel Pearl's killers
2002-09-17 US marines to land in Kuwait
2002-09-17 It was a tanker full of jet fuel...
2002-09-17 The restrictions on ''unrestricted access''...
2002-09-17 North Korea finally admits stealing Japanese children
2002-09-17 Egypt and Jordan try and jump ship...
2002-09-17 Standing by for Yemen?
2002-09-17 Confusion about identity of Al-Shibah mars the hype for his arrest
2002-09-17 Man Divorces Quarrelsome Wife for Mute Woman
2002-09-17 Bin Laden 'no longer runs al Qaeda'
2002-09-17 U.S. Asked To Review Case Of Detainee, 15
2002-09-18 Hizb denies Advani’s charge
2002-09-18 MILF calls CIA's report ridiculous
2002-09-18 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-09-18 Mullah Malang nabbed in Kandahar...
2002-09-18 Bad Guys: Operation in Kunar was a flop...
2002-09-18 First boomer in a month...
2002-09-18 New link...
2002-09-18 Bad Guys admit it's Ramzi...
2002-09-18 Gunnies shoot up Srinagar Times editor...
2002-09-18 Calling Islam stupid lands author in court
2002-09-18 US Consulate bomb suspect arrested
2002-09-18 Mubarak's kid gets a job...
2002-09-18 Iran to shakeup admin culture... Right.
2002-09-18 Perv sez al-Qaeda's smashed...
2002-09-18 Hershey's not for sale anymore...
2002-09-18 French coppers nab two ETA snuffies...
2002-09-19 Warlords Huddle With Hekmatyar
2002-09-19 Indonesia to investigate Muslim leader's involvement in ‘terrorism'
2002-09-19 Ghazi al-Quseibi becomes a minister
2002-09-19 Saddam is warned: We'd nuke Baghdad
2002-09-19 Another conspiracy to kill Perv...
2002-09-19 Israelis react to suicide bombing...
2002-09-19 Bus boomer kills five, wounds 40...
2002-09-19 IDF fires on Yasser's HQ...
2002-09-19 Germany bans 16 more Islamic groups under anti-terror laws
2002-09-19 Saddam to escape Iraq in event of US strike
2002-09-19 Arab News on Sammy's good faith...
2002-09-19 Kuwait deploys Patriot missiles
2002-09-19 London rats' nest broken up...
2002-09-19 More on the North Korean kidnappings...
2002-09-19 Bloodthirsty computer programmer nabbed in Luton...
2002-09-19 Haji Nasro jugged...
2002-09-19 Egyptian mag sez Binny's in Qatar. Really.
2002-09-19 Binny's kids lost their passports...
2002-09-19 Bush asks Congress authorization to use military force against Iraq
2002-09-19 Shin Bet foils plan to poison Jerusalem hospital's water
2002-09-19 German minister's comparison of Bush to Hitler...
2002-09-20 ''Treason!'' Iran squawks...
2002-09-20 Ancient Fiskian history...
2002-09-20 U.S. base attacked in Afghanistan
2002-09-20 Manila rejects Abu Sayyaf offer to negotiate
2002-09-20 Schroeder apologizes...
2002-09-20 Egyptian Police Arrest 19 Muslim Brotherhood Members
2002-09-20 Indonesia admits handing over Farouq to US
2002-09-20 Gunnies in drag shoot up Kandahar market...
2002-09-20 Powell hollers at Fischer for Herta's stoopid remarks...
2002-09-20 Controlling Muslim unrest in Singapore will lead to more unrest?
2002-09-20 Son of former Nigerian ruler is re-arrested
2002-09-20 IDF wrecks Yasser's compound...
2002-09-20 Ice cream man nabbed in Karachi...
2002-09-20 Abu Salem in jug in Portugal...
2002-09-20 Djibouti doesn't mind U.S. forces...
2002-09-21 Osama targeted FBI, CIA chiefs
2002-09-21 Indonesian Goat Rapist Arrested
2002-09-21 Defiant Arafat survives direct hit
2002-09-21 Army intercepts message hinting Al-Qaeda's presence in JK
2002-09-21 Portugal tells India to be ready for Salem's extradition
2002-09-21 ''Moderate'' Indonesian Muslim Group Threatens US
2002-09-21 Head of Jaish e-Mohammad gets bail, keeps his room...
2002-09-21 Pakistani Mujahideen Will Avenge Their Afghan Brothers
2002-09-21 Divine Promotions
2002-09-21 Yasser squeals like a pig, nobody notices...
2002-09-21 Afghan Forces Detain 400 People After Wounding Intelligence Chief
2002-09-21 Security forces raid suspected al-Qaeda hide-out in Yemen
2002-09-21 Defense says Buffalo Boyz aren't linked to al-Qaeda
2002-09-21 Maskhadov announces new large-scale offensive
2002-09-21 Iraq says it will reject any new UN resolutions
2002-09-21 Preventive Strikes on Pankisi Planned
2002-09-21 Five dead in Afghan tribal violence
2002-09-21 Yasser's house to go ''boom''?
2002-09-21 Dang. It works... Kinda.
2002-09-21 J&K minister escapes another attack
2002-09-21 Net closing in on key Al Qaeda leader: Pakistan
2002-09-22 Yasser free to leave...
2002-09-22 Why do they hate us? Because we give them money...
2002-09-22 Surprise! There's hope for the Arabs...
2002-09-22 General: 1,000 Al-QaIda May Be In Afghanistan
2002-09-22 At least 11 wounded in grenade attack in Kashmir
2002-09-22 Israel will hit back this time...
2002-09-22 Iraq: Inspectors can't look in Sammy's houses...
2002-09-22 Letter to Kim Jong Il at national seminar on the Juche idea in India
2002-09-22 Hizbul sez it will attack polling places...
2002-09-22 Paks nab two more al-Aalmi thugs...
2002-09-22 Paks nab 10 al-Qaeda suspects...
2002-09-22 Paleostreet erupts in support of Yasser...
2002-09-22 Woman seeks record for scorpion-sitting
2002-09-23 Three Palestinians trained by al Qaeda in Iraq arrested
2002-09-23 Indonesia: Grenade was aimed at US embassy
2002-09-23 A Tale of Life-Saving in Mideast
2002-09-23 Iraq Attack Would Focus on Leaders, Rumsfeld Says
2002-09-23 Chilling 'Chatter' of Jihad
2002-09-23 Paks nab two more suspected al-Qaeda...
2002-09-23 Bomb explodes near McDonald's in Lebanon
2002-09-23 Schroeder dumps Herta...
2002-09-23 A rant from Hez ut-Tahrir...
2002-09-23 'Bout daggone time you got back...
2002-09-23 Hamas is gonna get it...
2002-09-23 Sammy fortifying Baghdad?
2002-09-24 Russers getting ready to grab off part of Georgia?
2002-09-24 Spanish cop killed, Basque boomers blow up...
2002-09-24 US Central Command staff may stay on in Qatar
2002-09-24 Tewfik rules out "Palestinian Karzai"
2002-09-24 Blair Releases "Proof" For War On Iraq
2002-09-24 Bush hails "friendly relations" with Saudi Arabia
2002-09-24 23 killed in attack on Hindu temple...
2002-09-24 Al-Sharif sez for Sammy to get out of town...
2002-09-24 Yemeni with suspected al-Qaeda links to stay in Kenyan custody
2002-09-24 IDF thumps Gaza...
2002-09-24 Bangla thief has right hand amputated in Saudi Arabia
2002-09-24 MMA promises Islamic system if elected...
2002-09-24 Schroeder to build bridges to Washington via Blair
2002-09-25 Hamas will - you guessed it! - continue boomer attacks...
2002-09-25 Rumsfeld: I Didn't Snub Whatsisname...
2002-09-25 This week's Karachi slaughter...
2002-09-25 Thailand seeks Malaysia's help to nab Muslim rebels
2002-09-25 Google of the day...
2002-09-25 Iraq Kurds Say Qaeda-Linked Group Near Collapse
2002-09-25 Morals cops bust Mom and Pop for shacking up...
2002-09-25 Tewfik: ''You'll never take us alive, coppers!''
2002-09-25 Tariq sez Iraq's waging war on terrorism. Really.
2002-09-25 Commandos kill gunmen in Hindu temple after 30 die in raid
2002-09-25 Belgium says British dossier does not justify attack on Iraq
2002-09-25 Yassin To Yasser: Do Not Die In Humiliation
2002-09-25 Fanatic Hindu groups spread tentacles in U.S. universities
2002-09-25 Indonesians declare holy war on U.S....
2002-09-25 Mullah Krekar admits being Binny's lover al-Qaeda link...
2002-09-25 Kuchma sez he'll form a committee...
2002-09-25 Suspected al-Qaida camp seen in Iran
2002-09-25 Frenchies spring hostages in Ivory Coast...
2002-09-26 Ed Koch: Mensch
2002-09-26 U.S. Troops Face Suicide Attacks?
2002-09-26 Israeli army hoist Zionist flag on minaret
2002-09-26 N Korea 'agrees' to nuclear inspections
2002-09-26 Weekend riots in Damascus...
2002-09-26 Hamas Big may have rigor mortis...
2002-09-26 Vids show Maskhadov's true Islamic colors...
2002-09-26 Why do they resent us? Part 712...
2002-09-26 IDF doing some major housecleaning...
2002-09-26 Russers beat up Chechens in Ingushetia battle...
2002-09-26 Explosives found on Morocco jet
2002-09-26 US envoy to visit North Korea
2002-09-26 Sammy isn't Sammy. He's three doubles...
2002-09-27 500+ anarchokiddies arrested in D.C...
2002-09-27 Paks say it was India's fault...
2002-09-27 Toldja there was a deal on Georgia...
2002-09-27 Karachi killings spark new fears
2002-09-27 Japan's PM meets families of kidnapped
2002-09-27 Taliban, tribal leaders awaiting order to retake Afghanistan. You betcha.
2002-09-27 Rantissi: ''Violence! More violence!''
2002-09-27 Our friends the Portuguese...
2002-09-27 VodkaXML...
2002-09-27 Ukraine responds to 'Iraqi sales' claim
2002-09-27 Frenchies continue evacuating Ivory Coast town...
2002-09-27 Purges of anti-Yasser forces?
2002-09-27 Deif still kicking...
2002-09-27 Abu Sayyaf blames Manila for deaths
2002-09-27 LRA destroys Uganda radio station...
2002-09-27 Malaysia arrests 'key' Islamic militant
2002-09-27 Iran: Camp? What camp?
2002-09-27 Temple snuffies were Paks...
2002-09-27 Russers chasing Chechen rebels...
2002-09-28 Death penalty recommended for ''Zardad's Dog''
2002-09-28 Bush Personalizes Conflict, Says Saddam ''Tried to kill my Dad''
2002-09-28 Uranium Seized In Turkey
2002-09-28 Baghdad 'no' to new US conditions
2002-09-28 Khalid Sheikh Mohammad's trail goes cold in Karachi
2002-09-28 Miss Pakistan's Troubles
2002-09-28 Two Paleos wounded in IDF Gaza incursion...
2002-09-28 Khartoum denies loss of 1,000 soldiers
2002-09-28 Another attempt to assassinate Karzai foiled
2002-09-28 Rasool wants U.S. out
2002-09-28 Congressmen fly to Baghdad to have their pictures taken...
2002-09-28 Qazi bitches about conspiracies against Pakistan and Islam
2002-09-28 Man detained in Singapore met with Moussaoui
2002-09-28 Mahmoud Yagmur has rigor mortis...
2002-09-28 Eritrea asks UN for help against terrorists...
2002-09-28 Singapore Muslim MPs want to reach out to non-Muslims
2002-09-28 Another candidate boomed in Kashmir...
2002-09-28 Yasser in eighth day of siege...
2002-09-28 Washington coppers brace for more protests by beauzeaux...
2002-09-29 Antiglobo Kiddies' Klub continues DC temper tantrum...
2002-09-29 Russians launch new strikes on Chechens near Ingush border
2002-09-29 American Commandos Intent On Capturing Hikmatyar
2002-09-29 PFLP member killed in Tulkarem
2002-09-29 Explosions Shake Kabul Apartment Complex
2002-09-29 Mujahideen Kill 18 US Commandos in Afghanistan
2002-09-29 Aceh conflict being settled ‘Islamically', says Indonesia
2002-09-29 Yemeni policeman shot dead near the British embassy
2002-09-29 Bangladeshis arrested in Indonesia for ‘terrorism'
2002-09-29 Basra airport attacked
2002-09-29 Okay, hold the launch...
2002-09-29 â€˜Hey! Lookit me! I’m hysterical!’
2002-09-29 Fatah leader arrested near Hebron
2002-09-29 IDF pulls back from Yasser's house. Dammit.
2002-09-29 US draws up plans for Saddam's exile
2002-09-29 U.S. Congressmen Slam Barbaric Sanctions Against Iraq
2002-09-29 Iraqis are ready to defend country against US, says Aziz
2002-09-29 Osama Bin Laden And Mullah Omar Are Alive. Really.
2002-09-30 Two other dictatorships oppose attack on Iraq. Surprise.
2002-09-30 ''Miss Pakistan'' gets bounced...
2002-09-30 Uranium smugglers released, disappear...
2002-09-30 Swedes release gun boy...
2002-09-30 Chechens Successfully Withdraw From Ingushetia
2002-09-30 Pakistani man denies having sex with Taliban American. Ewwww!
2002-09-30 Indonesia says US allows it to question ‘al-Qaeda suspect'
2002-09-30 Soddies recall ambassador to Qatar over al-Jazeera...
2002-10-01 Yasser's cabinet convenes in Ramallah
2002-10-01 Nabil Amir bitches about having his house shot up...
2002-10-01 Opposition sez Sammy bumped off 15...
2002-10-01 PA Gen. Masri: We can stop Hamas, but won't
2002-10-01 Saudis: Explosion Was Not Terror Act
2002-10-01 32 Bad Guys nabbed in West Bank...
2002-10-01 18 dead in Kashmir elections...
2002-10-01 Islam On-Line covers the anarchokiddies...
2002-10-01 Ramzi sings...
2002-10-01 Innocent bystander ventilated by tank fire...
2002-10-01 Muslim hissy fit over U.S. Move on Jerusalem...
2002-10-01 Lebanon nabs three al-Qaeda...
2002-10-01 Substance Wasn't Uranium
2002-10-01 U.S. links al-Qaida to embassy plot
2002-10-02 Cambodia Cult Chief Detained After Three Depart for Heaven...
2002-10-02 Fleischer sez it'd be cheaper if somebody just bumped Sammy off...
2002-10-02 McDermott and Bonior try to defend the indefensible...
2002-10-02 Afghan Bad Guys still reorganizing, but we're gonna get it...
2002-10-02 Japan: N. Korea Abductee Killed Herself
2002-10-02 Election's over... Germany softens its hard line against war
2002-10-02 Presidential sites - a 'deal-breaker'
2002-10-02 SPLA cuts off oil to Khartoum...
2002-10-02 Kashmir rocked by violence
2002-10-02 Shootout at the O.K. Serai leaves a dozen deaders...
2002-10-02 Palestinian Reformers Drop PM Idea
2002-10-02 Lileks on the Noo Joisey Dems...
2002-10-02 Shoe Bomber to plead guilty, guilty, guilty...
2002-10-02 US is 'afraid of inspections'
2002-10-02 U.S. soldier dead in Philippines blast
2002-10-02 Mossad chief met with Abu Mazen...
2002-10-02 Russia waffles toward the U.S. side...
2002-10-02 Lenny takes the heat: U.S. Steps Up Ukraine-Iraq Probe
2002-10-02 Israel Says It Arrests Pro-Iraq Leader in W. Bank
2002-10-02 Allied Planes Strike Southern Iraq
2002-10-03 Yemen to dump Jacques Jihad...
2002-10-03 Guantanamo thugs still trying to kill themselves...
2002-10-03 Tech note...
2002-10-03 Rivals Resume Fighting in Northern Afghanistan
2002-10-03 McDermott: ''Maybe I overstated...''
2002-10-03 Tass sez Zawahiri's toes up...
2002-10-03 A Videotape Provides Pankisi Proof
2002-10-03 Abu Sayyaf responsible for Zamoanga bombing...
2002-10-03 Israeli army practised Arafat exile operation
2002-10-03 Iraqis suggest a duel...
2002-10-03 70 whorehouses closed in holy city...
2002-10-03 Khost breathes a little easier with no Zadran...
2002-10-03 That's my neck of the woods they're shooting up...
2002-10-03 Clinton to undress Berlin's famous diva
2002-10-03 Alive, well and still poisoning young minds
2002-10-03 Court orders actress jugged for a kiss...
2002-10-03 Why we fight...
2002-10-03 The Euro-Merkin split...
2002-10-03 Gelaev: The Bio
2002-10-03 Militia runs pop group out of town...
2002-10-03 Rottie's moved...
2002-10-04 Johnny Jihad gets 20 in the slammer...
2002-10-04 U.S. debriefed Ansar al-Islam prisoners...
2002-10-04 U.S. meeting resistance from Security Council...
2002-10-04 Shoe Boy pleads guilty...
2002-10-04 Israeli police storm Al-Aqsa
2002-10-04 Paleostinians taking the gas pipe over Jerusalem...
2002-10-04 Late posting today...
2002-10-04 U.S. Charges Six in al-Qaida Plot
2002-10-04 Monkey County coppers looking for random killer...
2002-10-05 U.S. gives NKor a good talking to...
2002-10-05 Terror suspects arrested near Rome
2002-10-05 Indonesia: The Plots Sicken
2002-10-05 Envoy: Canada Not for Iraq Change
2002-10-05 U.S. sez Zawahiri's not that dead... Dammit.
2002-10-05 FPI Attacks Nightspots, Police Crash
2002-10-05 Islamists want whorehouses to close during Ramadan...
2002-10-05 Sami sez Talibs are gonna make a comeback...
2002-10-05 U.S. Soldier Wounded in Afghanistan
2002-10-05 Gelaev's banditti move close to Dagestan border...
2002-10-05 Anti-Navy Protest Earns Anger, Picketing
2002-10-05 Qaeda planner was in Baghdad...
2002-10-05 Confirmed: DC Shooting Linked to Several of Md. Incidents
2002-10-06 Iran hanging stalled by heart attack...
2002-10-06 Virginia Shooting Linked to Crime Spree
2002-10-06 Sammy hiding weapons in anticipation of inspectors...
2002-10-06 Yasser names Jerusalem as Paleocapital...
2002-10-06 Sudan peace talks to resume
2002-10-06 Mahathir denounces pastor Falwell
2002-10-06 Germany nabs more suspected Bad Guys...
2002-10-06 Preacher sprays spittle, demands PR campaign...
2002-10-06 Yemenis blow Frenchie tanker?
2002-10-06 Spain seeks Algeria as North Africa ally
2002-10-06 Binny speaks?
2002-10-06 Shootout in Sana'a...
2002-10-06 Glasnost in Old Araby? Don't hold your breath...
2002-10-06 Intel shows Binny's alive?
2002-10-06 Paris mayor stabbed...
2002-10-07 Frenchies warn against toppling Sammy...
2002-10-07 Paleopurge: Head of PA riot cops is iced...
2002-10-07 Another one?
2002-10-07 Paleocoppers bang two Hamas snuffies...
2002-10-07 U.S. expects inner circle to oust Sammy?
2002-10-07 Kid shot outside Maryland school...
2002-10-07 12 Paleos killed in Khan Younis raid...
2002-10-07 Saeb sez Israel's gonna reoccupy Gaza...
2002-10-07 Qazi warns gummint against polls rigging
2002-10-07 Shi'ite group threatens Gadhafi
2002-10-07 U.S. preparing war crimes dossier on Sammy and friends...
2002-10-07 Saddam's inner circle is defecting, say Iraqi exiles
2002-10-07 McDermott accuses Bush of plotting to be emperor
2002-10-07 No US plans to end Mideast violence received, says PA
2002-10-08 Marines on exercise attacked by gunnies — one dead...
2002-10-08 Five more arrested in attacks on Christians...
2002-10-08 Couple due for stoning still hasn't been told...
2002-10-08 Zambo bomb suspect held: Top cops linked to Hamas ‘member’
2002-10-08 High Ranking Al-Qaida Member Martyred
2002-10-08 Zadran still fighting in Khost province...
2002-10-08 Bush makes his case...
2002-10-08 Monkey County shooter a terrorist?
2002-10-08 Soddies expected to fingerprint Merkins...
2002-10-08 Prince Turki: Osama Will “Ace” The World
2002-10-08 Canada-U.S. Crack Immigration Ring
2002-10-08 German Soldiers Get Lost, End Up In Pakistan
2002-10-08 Iraq: ''Lies! All lies!''
2002-10-08 Zawahiri speaks...
2002-10-08 US Commandos in Khost, 3 Afghan Suspects Arrested
2002-10-08 Al-Qaeda wannabe nabbed in Malaysia...
2002-10-08 Commie leaderette nabbed...
2002-10-08 Kashmir polling ends with more blood...
2002-10-09 Pakistani Candidate Shoots Himself
2002-10-09 Oriana on trial...
2002-10-09 Attackers of Marines were indigant about Paleostine...
2002-10-09 Kuwaiti gunny doesn't manage to kill anyone this time...
2002-10-09 Two Killed As Zadran Ambushes Officials
2002-10-09 Paleos clean up and fortify Yasser's house...
2002-10-09 Mosul launchers get thumped...
2002-10-09 Pamphlets Issue Grave Warnings to Afghans
2002-10-09 5 Japanese Abductees to Return Home
2002-10-09 Taliban Official Held At Chaman Border
2002-10-09 Al-Qaida Suspected in Kuwait Attack
2002-10-09 Sammy stirring the Paleostinian pot to the tune of $15 million...
2002-10-09 Nobody loves Iraq but Syria...
2002-10-09 Binny puts it in a letter...
2002-10-09 Chief Moose goes ballistic over sniper leak...
2002-10-09 Hekmatyar: ''I'm warnin' you...!''
2002-10-10 3 detainees in Lebanon admit al-Qaida link
2002-10-10 Terror suspect in Malaysian custody deported back to U.S.
2002-10-10 Israeli military personnel arrive at airbase in Qatar
2002-10-10 Boat fragments, TNT residue found on French tanker
2002-10-10 Six die in Philippines bus station bombing
2002-10-10 Fatah warns it will get tough if Hamas repeats assassination
2002-10-10 Pak elections...
2002-10-10 Shootout kills one at Pakistan polls
2002-10-10 Tel Aviv suicide bombing leaves 2 dead, 4 injured
2002-10-10 House of Representatives grants Bush authorization to attack Iraq
2002-10-10 National Congress fails to win majority...
2002-10-10 Kuwait cracks down on terror suspects
2002-10-10 Police probe sniper link in fatal Virginia shooting
2002-10-11 19 NKors on their way to new homes in SKor...
2002-10-11 Senate sez ''Yes''...
2002-10-11 Italians arrest four Bad Guys...
2002-10-11 Fatah in Gaza Show of Force Against Hamas
2002-10-11 Blast kills five a Finnish shopping center...
2002-10-11 Boomer Nabbed Outside U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv
2002-10-11 Kuwait Attack Roots In Pak
2002-10-11 Murderous sonofabitching bastard kills another one in Virginia...
2002-10-11 Al-Qaida ''chatter'' suggests more attacks...
2002-10-11 Jimmy gets the Peace Prize...
2002-10-11 Perv to hand over power November 1st...
2002-10-11 Hiatus...
2002-10-11 Aceh rebel leader killed
2002-10-11 Frenchies: ''We won't be intimidated...''
2002-10-11 Iraq Ignores Inspection Demands
2002-10-11 Debka's thoughts on Gaza operations...
2002-10-11 Fundos to run NWFP...
2002-10-11 Fundos Gain In Muted Pakistani Vote
2002-10-11 By popular demand...
2002-10-12 No posting on Saturday...
2002-10-13 Yemen convinced French tanker blast was an attack
2002-10-13 Jakarta Pinpoints Islamic Terror Groups
2002-10-13 Sudan says it takes Eritrean soldiers prisoner
2002-10-13 Indonesian ''moderates'' utter pious condemnations...
2002-10-13 Indonesia V-P blames Bali blast on weak intelligence, security
2002-10-13 Panic grips Philippines following Bali attacks
2002-10-13 PA cracks down on tailors...
2002-10-13 Australia pledges stronger backing for US-led 'war on terror'
2002-10-13 Manila claims 20 ‘Muslim rebels' killed in fresh fighting
2002-10-13 Al Aqsa Brigades vow revenge for slain Fatah militiaman
2002-10-13 RI government strongly condemns bomb blasts in Bali, Manado
2002-10-14 Shots Fired At U.S. Troops In Kuwait
2002-10-14 Famous Mujahideen Unite for Joint Operations: Rocket Attack On Khost
2002-10-14 Pakistan Mujahideen Martyred
2002-10-14 Finnish bomber was a goof...
2002-10-14 Sharon suggests Paleos dump Yasser...
2002-10-14 Muslim Leaders Urge Muslims To Stand Up
2002-10-14 Bush Orders Battle Staff And Ground Troops To Kuwait
2002-10-14 Indonesia Blames al-Qaida for Attack
2002-10-14 ''Bin Laden'' Statement Praises Attacks
2002-10-14 Pakland's hung parliament...
2002-10-14 Another shooter attack...
2002-10-14 Taliban Urges Hekmatyar to Unify Against U.S.
2002-10-14 CIA's 'Omar' forced into hiding
2002-10-14 US Warns Afghan Commanders To Surrender
2002-10-14 Soeharto's Komando Jihad chickens come home to roost
2002-10-14 Molotov cocktail thrown at house of Bethlehem mayor
2002-10-14 Don't link Bali blast with religions: Religious leaders
2002-10-15 Sudan Gov't, Rebels Sign Cease-Fire
2002-10-15 Saudi Airliner Crew Foils Hijack
2002-10-15 Israel police question Jerusalem Mufti
2002-10-15 Laskar Jihad to disband...
2002-10-15 Qazi warns of uprising if denied right to rule
2002-10-15 Teener Arrested in Finland Bombing
2002-10-15 5 Japanese Abductees Return Home — to visit...
2002-10-15 They got a plate number this time...
2002-10-15 Presidential referendum in Iraq
2002-10-15 Dahlan quits...
2002-10-15 Qazi wants U.S. out...
2002-10-15 PPP, MMA maneuver to form govt
2002-10-15 7 shot dead on way to court
2002-10-15 Drunken Soddy runs into U.S. consulate...
2002-10-15 Al Qaeda activists tried to poison Jews in Morocco
2002-10-16 Iran to Create 16 Refugee Camps for Iraqis
2002-10-16 Arafat to replace Yehiyeh with Tanzim thug...
2002-10-16 PA steps up fight against Hamas in Gaza
2002-10-16 Election Special: S. Dakota dead people solidly Democrat...
2002-10-16 Where'd the money come from?
2002-10-16 U.S. Says It Told Indonesia of Plot by Terror Group
2002-10-16 Frenchies still stalling...
2002-10-16 WOT Week....
2002-10-16 Two wanted Islamic Jihad members apprehended in Sanur
2002-10-16 Bashir blames ''infidels''...
2002-10-16 Paper of Record fawns over Sammy...
2002-10-16 Blix Urges Iraq to Play Nice...
2002-10-16 CIA Trapped in Its Own Game in Indonesia?
2002-10-16 More on the shooter...
2002-10-16 Raid On Hizb-e-Islami Camp Nets Four
2002-10-16 Indonesia Plans Emergency Anti-Terrorism Measures
2002-10-16 Fazl for PM?
2002-10-17 Finnish cops release boom hobbyist...
2002-10-17 Zadran forces shoot it out with Taniwal's men...
2002-10-17 KL detains five JI men - one with Osama link
2002-10-17 Five people banged in Gaza...
2002-10-17 Two Bombs in Philippines Kill Six
2002-10-17 Bashir a suspect in church bombings...
2002-10-17 Rabbo jumps ship...
2002-10-17 Bali bombing headlines...
2002-10-17 Teeny boom artist nabbed in Kuwait...
2002-10-17 Feds to ask Gitmo psychos about shooter...
2002-10-17 Nope. Wudn't me...
2002-10-17 Yemeni and Malaysian masterminded Bali blasts
2002-10-17 Today in Shooterland...
2002-10-17 N. Korea Says Has Nukes
2002-10-18 Words of wisdom from Indonesia's veep...
2002-10-18 Two more parcel bombs found, six suspects held
2002-10-18 Civilization and Slaughter
2002-10-18 MP sez Faruq must be a CIA agent...
2002-10-18 Hamas: ''We dunnit, and we're glad!''
2002-10-18 Fazl meets with Merkin ambassador...
2002-10-18 Bin Laden contact to become Saudi Arabia's man in London
2002-10-18 Post Election Horse Trading in Pakistan...
2002-10-18 Bashir sez he can't go to interrogation; he has a stomick ache...
2002-10-18 Abdullah hangs it up in Kashmir...
2002-10-18 Indonesia launches anti-terror drive
2002-10-18 Helpful Paks aided NKors with their nukes...
2002-10-18 Today in Shooterland...
2002-10-18 Riyadh's 'blind eye' to al-Qaeda
2002-10-18 Coup attempt in Qatar?
2002-10-18 Three Die In Manila Bus Blast
2002-10-18 Galloway calls for Arabs to kill people...
2002-10-19 PNP arrests suspected top Abu Sayyaf leader
2002-10-19 Another shooting...
2002-10-19 Whatever happened to Hambali?
2002-10-19 Jakarta coppers arrest Bashir
2002-10-19 Mean ol' airplanes doing terrible things to babies in strollers and puppies and kittens and baby ducks...
2002-10-19 A little bit about Qatar...
2002-10-19 Life in Shooterland...
2002-10-19 US jets bomb Waziristan Agency
2002-10-19 Zadran Retreats From Government Onslaught
2002-10-19 Al-Qaida 'Trained Snipers For US Attacks'
2002-10-19 The ever-helpful Frenchies...
2002-10-19 200 detained in religious riot...
2002-10-19 Soldiers Conduct House To House Raid In Afghanistan
2002-10-19 Five killed, 15 injured in Kashmir...
2002-10-19 Islamists wax wedding singer...
2002-10-20 Five hurt in Pakistan blast
2002-10-20 Life in Shooterland...
2002-10-20 Iran, Syria discuss US strike on Iraq ''consequences''
2002-10-20 Please Help The War Effort
2002-10-20 Khatami Denies Dictatorship Threat
2002-10-20 1 Dead, 12 Hurt by Philippine Bomb
2002-10-20 Al Qaida funded by only 12 individuals, most Saudis
2002-10-20 Bomb Explodes in Logar Market
2002-10-20 And they said Saturday Nite Live's not funny anymore...
2002-10-20 Padsha Khan Vows To Fight On Despite Defeats
2002-10-20 Indonesia suddenly becomes fluid...
2002-10-20 Yasser puts a good face on being snubbed...
2002-10-20 313 percent turnout at Jacobabad polling station
2002-10-20 Indian Hindu leader rejects claims
2002-10-20 Sammy moving his valuables for safekeeping...
2002-10-20 Britain to Call Up 1,000 Army Reservists
2002-10-20 Israeli sweeps continue despite U.S. calls for calm
2002-10-21 Bad Guys in Bangla...
2002-10-21 N. Korea May Negotiate Nuke Program
2002-10-21 At Least 2 in Custody in Sniper Hunt
2002-10-21 Hamas gunny gets a nice send-off to Virginland...
2002-10-21 Bali: Euros on the case...
2002-10-21 N. Israel Bus Explosion Kills 6
2002-10-21 Laskar Jihad will leave Poso conflict area
2002-10-21 Nahdlatul Ulama sez they don't want to get involved...
2002-10-21 Indonesian speaker obfuscates, waffles...
2002-10-21 France: No Iraq Resolution Yet
2002-10-21 Couple has heads lopped off in Saudi Arabia
2002-10-21 No government intervention in Bashir's arrest, says veep
2002-10-21 Benazir gives go-ahead for joining Pakistan coalition govt
2002-10-21 Iran got nuclear know-how from North Korea
2002-10-21 Important Al-Qaida Member Arrested
2002-10-21 The Saudi way
2002-10-22 Ansar al-Islam linked to al-Qaeda...
2002-10-22 Israel says new terror cells are not Arafat's
2002-10-22 Five Suspected Al-Qaida Officials Arrested
2002-10-22 Twelve Out on Bail in Kuwait Attack
2002-10-22 Universe to collapse. Film at 11...
2002-10-22 MMA agrees to join coalition government...
2002-10-22 Georgia Gives Arab Militants To U.S.
2002-10-22 Anti-American show in Bahrain...
2002-10-22 Yasser to try another cabinet list...
2002-10-22 Thousands of Iranians Chant 'Death to Saddam'
2002-10-22 New Terror Decree in Pakland...
2002-10-22 In Re LGF...
2002-10-22 Life in Shootlerland...
2002-10-22 Shooter Boy sez he'll kill kiddies...
2002-10-22 Indons say Abu isn't a suspect...
2002-10-23 US To Free Some Guantanamo Detainees
2002-10-23 Your Time Is Running Out, US Warns UN
2002-10-23 Agents Meet Aeroflot Plane at JFK
2002-10-23 US does not understand ME events, says Syria
2002-10-23 Car bombers used lifting of curfew to infiltrate Israel
2002-10-23 Hizbollah Says US War On Iraq Will End Its Superpower Status
2002-10-23 ''It was just religious duty, Mike...''
2002-10-23 Freedom fighter on trial for life in Gaza
2002-10-23 Life in Shooterland...
2002-10-23 Explosives Belt Reported In Italy Terrorism Case
2002-10-23 Amanullah Khan asks Karzai to dump Ismail Khan...
2002-10-23 Men Take Moscow Audience Hostage
2002-10-23 Six Wounded in Pakistan Car Blast
2002-10-23 Jemaah Islamiyah makes the Hot List...
2002-10-23 My country, Tizathee...
2002-10-23 US plans for Iraq a return to cowboy era: Iran
2002-10-23 Life in Shooterland... Part deux...
2002-10-23 Bigboy Arab, four accomplices, nabbed in Zamboanga...
2002-10-23 Coalition Forces Begin To Withdraw From Pakistan
2002-10-24 Indonesia Backs UN Move on Group
2002-10-24 Islamic Jihad calls off rally under PA pressure...
2002-10-24 N. and S. Korea agree to chat interminably...
2002-10-24 Shooter Boy and Dad Nabbed...
2002-10-24 2 Wounded in Indonesia Mall Blast
2002-10-24 Chechen thugs kill a hostage...
2002-10-24 Five abductees want to stay in Japan...
2002-10-24 Russers say terror acts are all one chain...
2002-10-24 Hamas militant arrested near Bethlehem
2002-10-24 Croatian police seize explosives bound for Iraq
2002-10-24 ''All Chechens Are Hostages of Russian Military''
2002-10-24 Islamic Jihad will stop targeting civilians if Israel goes first...
2002-10-24 Two women escape from theater...
2002-10-24 It's a match...
2002-10-24 Israeli forces nab five Fatah activists
2002-10-24 Iraq just hates that revised resolution...
2002-10-25 Good harvest of whirlwinds this year...
2002-10-25 Bomb hidden in toy found outside UN building in Kabul
2002-10-25 Two hostages killed, two wounded...
2002-10-25 Abu Qatadah nabbed...
2002-10-25 Hamzah Haz Says Indonesia a Sinking Ship
2002-10-25 Special Forces find arms cache in their back yard...
2002-10-25 Man Arrested Over Embassy House Blast
2002-10-25 Chechen killers threaten to begin executing hostages...
2002-10-25 Arab League opposes Libya pull-out
2002-10-25 Wellstone dead in plane crash...
2002-10-25 N Korea sets terms for US talks
2002-10-25 Mortars, rockets, siezed in Kabul mosque...
2002-10-25 Conflicting accounts of Maskhadov's involvement...
2002-10-25 Alabama will seek death penalty for Dad 'n' Lad...
2002-10-25 Moscow hostages freed...
2002-10-25 Russers, Frenchies, continue delay...
2002-10-25 FBI, Russ Interior ministry, in constant touch...
2002-10-25 Bashir 'Too Sick' For Questioning, Meets Mouthpieces...
2002-10-25 Farmers May be Linked to Bali Bombings
2002-10-25 No more Sabertooth?
2002-10-25 Indon veep sez knock off with the sharp things...
2002-10-26 Palestinian woman executed for collaborating with Israel
2002-10-26 Indon coppers tiptoe around Hambali involvement...
2002-10-26 Surprise! There's gonna be an antiwar protest in Washington...
2002-10-26 Russers cheesed at ''World Chechen Congress'' in Copenhagen...
2002-10-26 Bali blast survivor eaten by crocodile...
2002-10-26 Algeria snuffies 'kill 21 family members'
2002-10-26 Coppers will wait to question Bashir...
2002-10-26 Baraev: The Obituary...
2002-10-26 Azerbaijan closes Chechen offices...
2002-10-26 Moscow hostages: the wrapup...
2002-10-26 Sniper Suspects Charged With Murder
2002-10-26 IDF reoccupies Jenin in response to Paleofestivities...
2002-10-26 Bradford thugs decide maybe Pakland isn't the place to go...
2002-10-26 Kashmir government agreement...
2002-10-26 N. Korea Seeks Compromise on Nukes
2002-10-27 Three Jews sprung early in Iran...
2002-10-27 Sudan government, rebels, discuss power sharing...
2002-10-27 Fazl sez Pakland will turn into Algeria if he can't have his way...
2002-10-27 France thumbs Russian eye over Chechnya...
2002-10-27 Arab mag sez it has Binny's will...
2002-10-27 Myers in Soddy Arabia...
2002-10-27 Bashir doesn't deign to be taken in...
2002-10-27 A dozen bombs recovered in Karachi...
2002-10-27 France digs in heels in Security Council...
2002-10-27 Muammar rejects Arab League advances...
2002-10-27 Germany being overrun by coons...
2002-10-27 Suicide bomber blasts settlement
2002-10-27 Russian hostage death toll up to 118...
2002-10-28 Russia Broadening Military's Power
2002-10-28 U.S. Withdraws Aid As Regional Afghan Clashes Mount
2002-10-28 IDF has 175 boomers in custody...
2002-10-28 American diplo assassinated in Jordan...
2002-10-28 Hey! It worked!
2002-10-28 Israel Bans 13 Palestinian MPs from Session
2002-10-28 Criticism of Mysterious Russian Lethal Gas Mounting
2002-10-28 U.S. Gets Key Support for Iraq Draft
2002-10-28 US army frees Haji Roohullah's brother
2002-10-28 U.S.: Terror Possible in Jordan Slay
2002-10-28 Kadyrov says Chechen thugs won't be killed if they surrender now...
2002-10-28 Chechens Ready to Start Peace Talks
2002-10-28 Lava Prompts Italy School Closings
2002-10-28 Bush sez Sammy makes U.N. look foolish...
2002-10-28 Dalits Convert to Islam, Buddhism And Christianity
2002-10-28 Bashir in Custody
2002-10-28 Afghan Warlords Agree on Disarmament in North
2002-10-28 Mexico signs up with France...
2002-10-29 Pakistan Detains Afghan Warlord Kin
2002-10-29 Bashir all comfy in police hospital...
2002-10-29 Nigeria Vows to Block Stonings
2002-10-29 Russers clean up in aftermath of theater atrocity...
2002-10-29 Al-Basheer congratulates Sammy...
2002-10-29 Conference highlights lack of Arab democracy
2002-10-29 Hamas gunny zapped in Tubas...
2002-10-29 Al Qaeda leadership...
2002-10-29 Somali gunnies shoot it out...
2002-10-29 PA sentences human rights worker to count muzzle blasts...
2002-10-29 Post-Yasser Violence Is Predicted
2002-10-29 Amnesty International slams Russers over Chechnya...
2002-10-29 Fazl sez MMA will - heh heh! - combat terrorism...
2002-10-29 Russia to replace MVD troops with National Guard...
2002-10-29 Gunman Killed in Jewish Settlement
2002-10-29 Chechens down Mi-8 copter...
2002-10-29 Yasser has a new cabinet...
2002-10-29 Militants Held in U.S. Envoy Death
2002-10-29 Daggone them angry white male gun nutz...
2002-10-30 Sudan hijack 'accomplices' jailed
2002-10-30 Frenchies sentence two Algerians to life for bombings...
2002-10-30 Dems rally for dead guy...
2002-10-30 Most Indonesian Muslims want militants arrested
2002-10-30 Khatami issues pious condemnation of religious violence...
2002-10-30 Iraq Wants Withdrawal of U.N. Draft
2002-10-30 Malays raid girly-boy beauty pageant...
2002-10-30 Indon coppers release drawings of Bali suspects...
2002-10-30 News from the Other Side: Chechens Killed 170 Hostages
2002-10-30 Sniper lawyer pleads for fair trial
2002-10-30 Russia to Turkey: Shut Down Chechens
2002-10-30 Suspects revealed as raids hit home
2002-10-30 A little more on the attempted coup in Qatar...
2002-10-30 Danes jug Chechen mouthpiece...
2002-10-30 Russers arrest 30 for aiding and abetting...
2002-10-30 Reformist MPs killed in Iran
2002-10-30 Recruiting Officer For The Holy War
2002-10-30 Hodaibi acting deputy guide general of Muslim Brotherhood...
2002-10-30 IDF grabs Lebanese hard boy...
2002-10-30 Aussies want to compete with madrassahs...
2002-10-31 Russers have hostage conversations on tape...
2002-10-31 ''Ayatollahs supported the terrorists...''
2002-10-31 Jordanians arrest Foley killer...
2002-10-31 Murderer's neck stretched in Iranian stadium...
2002-10-31 Russers nab Chechen with 18 pounds of mercury...
2002-10-31 North Korea Claims Right to Nuclear Weapons
2002-10-31 Denmarks’ Foreign Minister Slams Islam
2002-10-31 Russers grease three Baraev snuffies...
2002-10-31 US-inspired 'anti-terror' centre draws condemnation
2002-10-31 Two men killed in tribal gunfight
2002-10-31 Pakistan arrests bomb suspect
2002-10-31 Paleo blows his house up...
2002-10-31 Sipah head releasted...
2002-10-31 Rumsfeld sez Iran will collapse without help...
2002-10-31 Europress trying to shoot the Russian wounded...
2002-10-31 Iranian reformists seek to end stoning
2002-11-01 Israeli army arrests wanted Islamic militant
2002-11-01 There Are No Rebels Left for Peace Talks
2002-11-01 Qazi to lead MMA parliamentary party...
2002-11-01 Paleojournalists cheesed because Hamas thugs beat them up...
2002-11-01 Islamists win almost half of Bahraini parliament seats
2002-11-01 Bali bombers 'were trained and sent by al-Qaeda'
2002-11-01 Redgrave Leads Campaign for Zakaev...
2002-11-01 Rafsanjani sez Rummy will go to hell...
2002-11-01 Yasser expects Israeli-Palestinian conflict to worsen
2002-11-01 Hafiz Muhammad Saeed put under house arrest. Again.
2002-11-02 Largest Saudi trade delegation to Baghdad in 12 years
2002-11-02 Kuwait seals off training area...
2002-11-02 Trouble in Islamic paradise?
2002-11-02 Thailand, Malaysia to discuss violence in Muslim south
2002-11-02 Al-Qaida Suspects Released, Bin Laden’s Companion Off To Cuba
2002-11-02 17 Dead, Injured in Attack on Western Afghan Market
2002-11-02 Arrests In The Afghan Rank And File
2002-11-02 Russia Calls Back Surplus Troops From Chechnya
2002-11-02 PML-Q Names Candidate for PM
2002-11-02 Al-Qaeda's new warriors
2002-11-02 Basayev Claims Responsibility For Moscow Theatre Seige
2002-11-02 Gunnies nabbed with boom belt at checkpoint...
2002-11-03 Berriganistas Peace activists say they'll stay in Iraq...
2002-11-03 Today's search string...
2002-11-03 Jordan grants women equal rights...
2002-11-03 Sad sack sez Paleos were gonna kill him if he didn't boom...
2002-11-03 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-11-03 Go ahead, vote yourself out of jug...
2002-11-03 Frenchies in back channel negotiations with Sammy...
2002-11-03 Paleojournalists back down from Hamas...
2002-11-03 U.S. Helicopter Attacked in Yemen
2002-11-03 Netanyahu signs on as PM...
2002-11-03 Binny's kid detained in Iran?
2002-11-03 Saddam orders agents to kill Iraqi opposition leaders in UK
2002-11-03 Libya's first ever beauty contest...
2002-11-03 Saudis: No airspace, bases for Iraq strike
2002-11-04 Chechens detained over theft of army uniforms
2002-11-04 More on Binny's kid...
2002-11-04 Suspected Bali Bombers Identified
2002-11-04 IDF help with suicide bombing in Nablus...
2002-11-04 Russians introduce laws on disposing of terrorists' carcasses...
2002-11-04 Bashir's mouthpieces file for his release...
2002-11-04 Six Qaeda boomed in Yemen...
2002-11-04 Two killed, 20 injured in mall blast...
2002-11-04 Chechen gangster armed with pistol detained in Moscow
2002-11-04 Russia Launches New Assault In Chechnya
2002-11-04 Russia satisfied as Albania refuses to receive Chechen envoy
2002-11-04 Pashtun warlord sez Ismail Khan's men bumped off tribal leader...
2002-11-04 US Plans To Destroy OPEC Cartel: The Post-Saddam Blueprint
2002-11-05 Saddam To "Accept" UN Order
2002-11-05 MILF prepared for peace, development, and war
2002-11-05 Last of the elections for tonite...
2002-11-05 The elections...
2002-11-05 Five Bad Guys "eliminated"...
2002-11-05 Chechen Mujahideen Attack Russian Invaders
2002-11-05 What the hell, another half hour won't hurt...
2002-11-05 Cop kills man for desecration
2002-11-05 Hong Kong arrests 3 in alleged terror plot
2002-11-05 Coup against Fahim?
2002-11-05 Iran revalues price of non-Muslim lives
2002-11-05 Men Resembling Suspects Arrested
2002-11-05 More elections...
2002-11-05 Still more elections...
2002-11-05 Today's election day...
2002-11-05 Saudi minister rebukes religious police
2002-11-06 Gephardt to step down as Speaker...
2002-11-06 Daschle thinks they did everything right...
2002-11-06 Al-Faruq seems to be a Pak...
2002-11-06 Paleo murders employers...
2002-11-06 Indon veep doesn't think it's al-Qaeda...
2002-11-06 Diana planned to convert to Islam and marry Dr Hasnat
2002-11-06 Broward Finds Additional 104,000 Votes
2002-11-06 Arafat: No one has the right to deport me from my homeland
2002-11-06 Publicans thump sinners!
2002-11-06 Paleoboomer nabbed near Ben-Gurion Airport...
2002-11-06 Pakland to get government it deserves...
2002-11-07 Jets strike Iraqi site second day in a row
2002-11-07 P.A. Paper Accuses U.S. Of Masterminding Moscow Terrorist Siege
2002-11-07 Iraq calls draft U.N. resolution a 'trigger to wage war'
2002-11-07 Karzai asserting authority in Pashtun areas
2002-11-07 Army halts Pakistan assembly
2002-11-07 Bali suspect sez he dunnit...
2002-11-07 Al-Harethi: The Obituary
2002-11-07 U.S. national among Yemen dead
2002-11-07 Election's over...
2002-11-07 IDF nabs Islamic Jihad political...
2002-11-07 A-Qaeda sez they dunnit...
2002-11-07 Thailand sez Bali attack wasn't plotted from its territory...
2002-11-08 Army razes Chechen homes to protect helicopters
2002-11-08 Masked Men Blow Up Home of Moscow Hostage-Taker
2002-11-08 Hekmatyar Says The War On Civilizations Has Begun
2002-11-08 Bali boomers just hate those Americans...
2002-11-08 Special Forces zap hard boy...
2002-11-08 Iraqis Vow to 'Fight the Crusaders'
2002-11-08 Sacked Security Official Refuses To Leave Post
2002-11-08 Bahraini Royal Being Held in Cuba Camp
2002-11-08 More troops to Horn of Africa...
2002-11-08 Iran to Fight al-Qaeda in Northern Iraq
2002-11-08 Two militants detained in Dagestan
2002-11-08 Schroeder Reaches Out to Bush
2002-11-08 Bali bombing another family affair...
2002-11-08 Islamic Movements Gather in Latin America
2002-11-09 Jenin Islamic Jihad commander iced...
2002-11-09 World 'Moving Closer to Clash of Civilizations'
2002-11-09 Fatah demands Hamas halt attacks inside Israel
2002-11-09 Buffalo Boy among those zapped in Yemen...
2002-11-09 Crazed killer sez ''Nope. Wudn't me...''
2002-11-09 Jordan FM calls Palestinians to stop suicide attacks
2002-11-09 Red Cross official kidnapped in Gaza Strip
2002-11-09 Is Hambali in custody under an assumed name?
2002-11-09 Police kill Saudi gunman near Finance Ministry
2002-11-09 Iraq has seven days to respond...
2002-11-09 Aceh rebels under siege
2002-11-09 Assisted suicide bombing near Nablus...
2002-11-09  Al-Faruq's testimony valid: Police
2002-11-10 Fazl bloc wants U.S. military out
2002-11-10 Turkey dumps Chechen mouthpiece...
2002-11-10 Putin lays it out...
2002-11-10 Forced to flee for her life
2002-11-10 Work accident kills two Paleos in northern Israel...
2002-11-10 Showdown for Khatami, but will he or won't he resign?
2002-11-10 Malvo sings?
2002-11-10 MMA sez they're determined to enforce Islam in Pakland...
2002-11-10 Pakistan wants end to religious hatred
2002-11-10 Malay boom artist re-arrested...
2002-11-10 Maskhadov goes from president to potentate...
2002-11-10 Bali Bombers Still in Indonesia
2002-11-10 Iraq Parliament to Discuss U.N. Plan
2002-11-10 Pearl prosecutor resigns...
2002-11-10 Khost attempted killer didn't read the manual...
2002-11-10 Dissident sentenced to death to be freed: speaker
2002-11-10 Kuwait thugs recant confessions...
2002-11-10 Amrozi sez he got the go-ahead from Bashir...
2002-11-10 Aussies may work with Kopassus...
2002-11-10 Jordan cops in armed clash with Bad Guys...
2002-11-10 New additions to terror list...
2002-11-10 Chechen Interior Ministry will be in charge of fighting bandits
2002-11-10 Tunisia blast order came from terror GHQ Karachi
2002-11-10 PPP negotiating with PML-Q...
2002-11-11 Hizb-e-Islami Crooks Arrested
2002-11-11 Hizb ut Tahrir's advice to Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal
2002-11-11 Amrozi gets a mouthpiece...
2002-11-11 Bashir to be deported if stripped of Indonesian nationality
2002-11-11 Islamic Jihad avenges Sawalha's murder
2002-11-11 Poland refuses entry to 300 Russian Chechens
2002-11-11 New state to emerge in southern Philippine's Mindanao
2002-11-11 Russia plans coup against Saddam
2002-11-11 Fatah: Kibbutz Metzer attack was a mistake
2002-11-11 It's Vets' Day...
2002-11-11 Al-Qaeda wanted to kill the Pope...
2002-11-12 Indon politicos starting to back off from Bashir?
2002-11-12 Galloway lashes out at West silence
2002-11-12 Putin suggests Dane ''get circumcized''...
2002-11-12 Solana affirms EU rejection of military action against Iraq
2002-11-12 IDF in Tulkarm; Shechem's next...
2002-11-12 Sirhan Sirhan is the suspect in Metzer attack...
2002-11-12 Iran Student Protests Grow
2002-11-12 France threatens war on Iraq...
2002-11-12 Police to lodge case against Bashir
2002-11-12 Iraq Parliament Votes “No” on UN Resolution
2002-11-12 Bashir not at Surakarta meeting, Amrozi tells police
2002-11-12 Army Helicopters Bombard Jordanian Town
2002-11-12 Muhammadiyah Youth support their local police...
2002-11-12 Arab League wants Arabs on inspection teams...
2002-11-12 Soddy Shoura Council Seeks More Powers
2002-11-12 Binny sez he's alive...
2002-11-12 Indon coppers looking for Amrozi's brothers...
2002-11-13 Arafat Warns Israel on Exile Threats
2002-11-13 Sammy sez 'yes'...
2002-11-13 Nablus gets thumped...
2002-11-13 Iraq War Could Kill 500,000 People
2002-11-13 British MP criticizes Blair policy against Iraq
2002-11-13 MMA and its manifesto...
2002-11-13 Thousands of students rally for fifth day of protests
2002-11-13 11 Bangladeshis deported from Novosibirsk
2002-11-13 Katami sides with the students...
2002-11-13 5 Chechen policemen arrested in Grozny over murder charges
2002-11-13 Students warn Kamenei right back...
2002-11-13 3 bodyguards of Chechen leader Maskhadov reported killed
2002-11-13 Fatah doesn't know whether to spit or go blind...
2002-11-13 Shooter Boyz could be involved with al-Fuqra...
2002-11-14 Killer factions starting to coordinate?
2002-11-14 Dialing for defectors...
2002-11-14 New Suspects Named
2002-11-14 Philippines arrests al Qaeda-linked bomber
2002-11-14 Bali suspects tipped off
2002-11-14 Al Faruq linked to Amrozi
2002-11-14 US Confirms Bin Laden Is Alive - No Kidding!
2002-11-14 Kibbutz attack suspect arrested
2002-11-14 Virginia set to execute CIA killer
2002-11-14 Indonesia to send fact finding team on Aussie treatment of Muslims
2002-11-14 Wonder how this is gonna work...
2002-11-14 Ma'an declared ''demilitarized zone'' as government rejects mediation offer
2002-11-14 FBI seeks man tied to al Qaeda
2002-11-14 PA goon squad thumps lawyer in Gaza ...
2002-11-14 Iraqi reservations prompt US warning
2002-11-15 US investigators in KL to question terror suspect
2002-11-15 Thousands of Rebels Raid Nepali Towns, 118 Dead
2002-11-15 Law enforcers on track of Red Cross workers’ abductors
2002-11-15 Saudi Arabia in financial trouble
2002-11-15 U.S. captures top al-Qaida figure
2002-11-15 Japan Arrests 2 for Cash Transfers
2002-11-15 Iran Hard-Liners Demonstrate for Dissident to Hang
2002-11-15 PA-Hamas edging toward civil war?
2002-11-15 Rumsfeld says Iraqi war to be finished fast
2002-11-15 Bus explosion "was Chechen plot"
2002-11-15 FBI Bulletin Warns of 'Spectacular' Attack
2002-11-15 Israeli Occupation Forces Raid Central Gaza
2002-11-15 12 Israelis killed in Hebron shooting attack
2002-11-15 Bus boom in Pakland...
2002-11-15 Kasi ''a martyr''...
2002-11-15 Mashhour: The Obituary
2002-11-15 Terror Suspect Arrested in North Carolina
2002-11-15 Philippine police raise suspicions over chemical shipment
2002-11-15 Startled marines find Afghan men all made up to see
2002-11-15 Prepare to Ululate...
2002-11-15 Ex-Taliban, Warlord Said in Talks
2002-11-15 Hey! This thing is all right!
2002-11-15 Hamas may agree to stop boomings inside Israel...
2002-11-15 27 Paleos nabbed...
2002-11-15 Al-Qaida Suspect in Belgium Confesses
2002-11-16 IDF reoccupies Hebron
2002-11-16 Wife cuts off her old man's ear...
2002-11-16 US To Deport 100 Pakistanis By End Of Month
2002-11-16 Russia sends documents on Zakayev's crimes to Denmark
2002-11-16 Tube 'cynanide plot'
2002-11-16 Bin Laden 'in Yemen'
2002-11-16 Hamas to halt martyrdom attacks if Israel withdraws from territories
2002-11-16 Iraq Warplanes Shooting May Cause Trouble
2002-11-16 Essex boys sign up for ’holy war’
2002-11-16 Sammy arranges some soft landings with Muammar...
2002-11-16 News from the Other Side: Al-Qaida Leader’s Son Tortured To Death
2002-11-16 Afghan Army In Clash, 6 People Dead
2002-11-16 Putin says anti-terror coalition at risk
2002-11-16 US Jets To Patrol Prague Summit
2002-11-16 Judge Denies Shooter Boy Better Jail Treatment
2002-11-17 Main Planner of Bali Bombings Identified
2002-11-17 Back in Business
2002-11-17 U.S. Fighter Jets Patrol Yemen
2002-11-17 Kosovo churches boomed...
2002-11-17 British Embassy in Yemen Closed
2002-11-17 US should disarm first, says ex-US President Carter
2002-11-17 8 senior Iraqi officers executed
2002-11-17 Agencies Monitor Iraqis in the U.S. for Terror Threat
2002-11-17 Sammy will try to hit back at Israel...
2002-11-17 Nine Americans, Internationals Arrested
2002-11-17 El-Al hijacking attempt...
2002-11-17 Iran Death Sentence May Be Reviewed
2002-11-17 Statement Warns of Attacks on U.S.
2002-11-17 Afghan Nomads Battle Rival Tribe
2002-11-17 Paleostinian target practice
2002-11-17 The enemy of my enemy...
2002-11-17 Kuwait Interrogates al-Qaida Member
2002-11-18 Iranian students clash with hardliners
2002-11-18 Land Mine Explodes in India, 20 Die
2002-11-18 IRA Moles May Have Passed Sensitive Info
2002-11-18 Bin Laden Tape A Signal to Strike
2002-11-18 Saddam ’Hiding The Weapons In Mosques’
2002-11-18 Rock-paper-scissors champ crowned...
2002-11-18 Israeli Prime Minister orders Mossad to place Islamic Jihad Head on top of hit list
2002-11-18 It’s HIM! Definitly, maybe
2002-11-18 U.N. Inspectors Arrive in Iraq
2002-11-18 Attempted hijacker questioned in Turkey...
2002-11-18 Shenzhen hires kung-fu masters to protect judiciary
2002-11-18 Hardline group busts 'depraved' party, arrest 36
2002-11-18 Rumsfeld woos Iraqi forces
2002-11-18 Blasts reported near US base in Japan
2002-11-18 Interview with Gaza terrorist led to morning raid
2002-11-18 Man arrested in Perth over bomb plots
2002-11-18 Iran denies military support for Hamas
2002-11-18 Saudi police arrest terror suspect after shootout
2002-11-18 Hamas claims Friday Hebron attack
2002-11-18 Iranian students defy warnings, step up protests
2002-11-18 Muslim leader criticises Bali raids
2002-11-19 Al-Qaeda Cells Spread Across Europe
2002-11-19 Life's a little harder in Gaza...
2002-11-19 Bosnian Muslim Accused Of Spying On U.S. Base In Tuzla
2002-11-19 Civilian Killed in Failed Extra-Judicial Assassination
2002-11-19 Oh,Brother, can you spare me a dinar?
2002-11-19 U.S. says get out while the gettings good.
2002-11-19 Indons, Aceh rebels, agree to peace deal...
2002-11-19 Sudanese government and rebels extend agreement
2002-11-19 Perfessor hands over Ulrike's brain...
2002-11-19 Three more questioned in Tunisia synagogue attack...
2002-11-19 PI to go back to yakking with MILF...
2002-11-19 5 Palestinians Killed in West Bank
2002-11-19 Oil runs dry in NKor...
2002-11-19 We forgot he was a bomb suspect, say Indonesians
2002-11-19 Iran releases 20 Iraqi prisoners of war
2002-11-19 Iran militia protests against pro-reform students
2002-11-19 Samudra got his start in Malaysia...
2002-11-19 UK freezes 'terror' group's cash
2002-11-19 African Port May Become U.S. Base
2002-11-19 Megawati urges 'moderate' Muslims to join war on 'terrorism'
2002-11-19 Sudan bars Ugandan army
2002-11-20 Religious Leader Killed In Chechnya
2002-11-20 British-Born Muslim Denies Bomb Plots In Australia
2002-11-20 Coalition aircraft hit military targets...
2002-11-20 Indonesian police extend Ba'asyir detention
2002-11-20 Moussaoui tied to 9/11 plot
2002-11-20 Jordan Frees Seven Men From Raid
2002-11-20 Ex-Iraq army chief faces Danish court
2002-11-20 Studies Say Elites Spurred To Terror
2002-11-20 U.S. Asks Syria To Close Down Islamic Jihad
2002-11-20 Bali bomber’s nephew a suspect in illegal arms case
2002-11-20 Protest on 'frozen' charity
2002-11-20 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-11-20 Freed Pakistani militant defiant
2002-11-20 Nigerian Islamists riot over Miss World report
2002-11-20 Jordan wants to expland security cooperation with Kuwait...
2002-11-20 Al-Qaida Group Said Formed in Asia
2002-11-20 Indons bitch about Aussie ''rights abuses''...
2002-11-20 Abu Leader’s Offer To Yield Rejected
2002-11-20 Saddam pounces on son’s newspaper
2002-11-20 Iraq prepares missiles, aircraft, near Soddy border...
2002-11-20 Hunt For a 2nd Most Wanted Al-Qaida Suspect Underway In Yemen
2002-11-20 South African police find arms cache
2002-11-20 Al-Qaida Cells Discovered In Several Gulf State Militaries
2002-11-20 Would-Be Bomber Nabbed
2002-11-20 Iraqi Vows Some Limits on U.N. Probe
2002-11-20 Some 100 Saudis suspected of ties to al Qaeda arrested
2002-11-21 Nigeria + Feminine Beauty + Islam = Death and Destruction
2002-11-21 Attack On Afghan Power Plant Averted
2002-11-21 Green cards to lure Iraqi scientists
2002-11-21 Two U.S. Soldiers Shot In Kuwait
2002-11-21 Eritrea Pushes To Get U.S. Base
2002-11-21 UK al Qaeda attack ’inevitable’
2002-11-21 11 Israelis killed in bus bombing...
2002-11-21 Tensions Rise Between Qatar And Saudi Arabia Over Coup Attempt
2002-11-21 PM orders ’wide and extensive’ IDF action after J’lem attack
2002-11-21 Gunman torches McDonald’s that stayed open during Ramadan fast
2002-11-21 Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri Bagged!
2002-11-21 Bloodthirsty holy man in custody...
2002-11-21 Moussa: Nothing Can End Occupation but Resistance
2002-11-21 Missionary murdered in Lebanon...
2002-11-21 Paleos bitch about Tulkarm carnage...
2002-11-21 Perv's man named as PM...
2002-11-22 Lebanese police say American missionary’s slaying possibly linked to anti-US sentiments
2002-11-22 Saudis arrest Kuwaiti shooter...
2002-11-22 Omigawd! It's a crusade!
2002-11-22 Putin expresses concern at Pak nukes’ fate
2002-11-22 Miss World to Nigeria: Fuggeddaboudit.
2002-11-22 3 Russian Servicemen Beheaded
2002-11-22 India donates food to Afghanistan...
2002-11-22 Turk, two Chechens, nabbed in Ingushetia...
2002-11-22 Shootout in Kashmir...
2002-11-22 Baluchis on trial in Iran for white slavery...
2002-11-22 UN project manager killed in clash in Jenin refugee camp
2002-11-22 US Forces Hunting Al-Qaida Inside Chechnya?
2002-11-22 Islamists Escalate Fight In N. Iraq
2002-11-22 Islam's Bloody Border: 100 killed in Miss World rioting...
2002-11-22 Russia to introduce volunteer force...
2002-11-22 U.S. to Interrogate Al-Qaida Chief
2002-11-22 Iraqi arrested in Kabul with a bomb...
2002-11-22 Chretien aide called Bush ''a moron''
2002-11-22 Khamenei denounces student protests
2002-11-22 Back in Bethlehem...
2002-11-22 Bali Bomb Suspect Said To Confess
2002-11-22 Powell says U.S. can fight in summer
2002-11-22 Jihad Until World Is Rid Of Injustice: Hafiz Saeed
2002-11-22 Iran gets tough on student protests
2002-11-22 Bomb explodes in Ain el-Hilweh...
2002-11-23 Islamic Jihad tries the Yemeni boat thing on IDF...
2002-11-23 Russers round up half dozen more accomplices...
2002-11-23 Legislators praise police over Bali arrests
2002-11-23 Kuchma gets the well-chilled shoulder...
2002-11-23 Kuwaiti shooter extradited...
2002-11-23 Large Bomb Explodes in Hebron
2002-11-23 A Saudi Money Trail?
2002-11-23 One Bali Blast Was Suicide Bombing
2002-11-23 Three Suicide Terrorists Captured In Bethlehem
2002-11-23 The babes are gone, the riots go on...
2002-11-23 Perv hands over powers to new PM...
2002-11-23 Family says Samudra innocent. Wotta surprise.
2002-11-23 Cracks appear in MMA over Opposition leader's issue
2002-11-23 Terrorist commander arrested...
2002-11-23 Samudra also wanted by Barelang police
2002-11-24 Investigators examine Imam Samudra's laptop
2002-11-24 Iraqi Held In Plot To Kill Karzai Says Operation Was an ''Honor''
2002-11-24 Bin Laden Tapes Found in Bali House
2002-11-24 Muslim clerics support their local police...
2002-11-24 PA Calls For Halting Attacks on Civilians
2002-11-24 5 Terror Suspects Held in France
2002-11-24 Russia helped arrest suspected financiers of terrorism
2002-11-24 Former Deputy Governor of Khost Province Arrested
2002-11-24 Nigeria riot toll at 215...
2002-11-24 Man Killed in Southern Jordan Riots
2002-11-24 Samudra's family denies involvement in jelewrey shop robbery
2002-11-24 Got another one!
2002-11-24 Nashiri singing like a bird?
2002-11-24 White House defends FBI probe into Saudi links to 9/11
2002-11-24 Islamic Terrorists Rebels Raid Hindu Temple
2002-11-24 Nigerian paper sacks author
2002-11-25 50 rebels die in Nepal clashes
2002-11-25 Saudis arrest sixth ’bomb’ Briton
2002-11-25 First team of U.N. inspectors arrives in Baghdad
2002-11-25 Police to quiz Bali ’mastermind’, others bagged.
2002-11-25 US Army’s Guard For Karzai To Go
2002-11-25 Aga Khan fund to redevelop downtown Kabul...
2002-11-25 Al Qaeda man linked to Bali bombing
2002-11-25 U.S. Fears Al-Qaida Recruiting Prisoners
2002-11-25 US weaponry on way to Gulf via Suez canal
2002-11-25 Time magazine: Israeli special forces operating in Western Iraq
2002-11-25 Communications Exercise In Qatar Prepares For War
2002-11-25 US plea for British base to bomb Iraq
2002-11-25 Hand grenade at Arab Bank Amman branch
2002-11-25 Yahoo! e-mail account of Saddam son blocked for ’’security reasons?’’
2002-11-25 Pageant Denies Blame for Riots
2002-11-25 Samudra moved to Djakarta...
2002-11-25 Bin Laden tape suspects questioned
2002-11-25 Last Exiled Militant Leaves Cyprus
2002-11-25 Niyazov's car shot up...
2002-11-25 Deader in Algeria was Qaeda Big Shot...
2002-11-25 Police foil attack on American military helicopter at al-Fujairah airport
2002-11-25 Lashkar thugs attacked temple...
2002-11-25 Basij make major alcohol, porn haul
2002-11-26 Top planners of Bali bombings 'at large'
2002-11-26 Stupe Who Called Bush 'Moron' Quits
2002-11-26 ''Doc'' Weldon died...
2002-11-26 Lithuania's beauty contest in the calaboose...
2002-11-26 Saudi clerics told to stop anti-U.S. sermons
2002-11-26 U.N. to 'freeze' Iraq sites
2002-11-26 Iran Scholar Warned Death Verdict Stays
2002-11-26 Turkmen arrests for ’assassination’ plot
2002-11-26 Fatwa against Miss World reporter...
2002-11-26 Russia blamed for bid on Turkmen leader
2002-11-26 IDF blows Abu Huli's house...
2002-11-26 Frenchies jug six in ''Shoe Bomber'' probe...
2002-11-26 Kuwait Revising Mental Health Rules After Shootings
2002-11-26 Schroeder pledges Germany will supply Israel with Patriot missiles
2002-11-26 Perv sez no N. Korea 'nuke deal'
2002-11-26 ’Suicide bombers’ held in Malaysia
2002-11-26 Iranian student arrests confirmed
2002-11-26 "The best I have to offer . . . ."
2002-11-26 U.S.-Ukraine radar row deepens
2002-11-27 Bin Laden 'boasted of U.S. deaths'
2002-11-27 Al Qaeda Uses Secure Links To Track U.S. Troops in Combat
2002-11-27 Obasanjo blames media for Miss World riots
2002-11-27 Nut case tries to hijack Alitalia flight...
2002-11-27 Arafat Deputy: Armed Uprising Must Stop
2002-11-27 Bali ringleader 'admits' al Qaeda link
2002-11-27 New Alliance Against China
2002-11-27 Iraq inspections: An' they're off!
2002-11-27 IDF bangs the Little Drummer Boy...
2002-11-27 Winnebagos of Death
2002-11-27 Pakistan catches two al Qaida suspects
2002-11-27 Air Raid Sirens Sound Off Over Baghdad
2002-11-27 Bali bombers should be executed: Islamic leader
2002-11-27 Palaces 'Banned' By Saddam
2002-11-27 Suspected rebels to be extradited to Russia
2002-11-27 Loss of life in Nigeria Fueled By West's Hatred For Islam
2002-11-27 Wish I'd said that...
2002-11-27 FBI Puts ’Spiders’ To Work In Pakistan
2002-11-27 Russian plan to topple Saddam Hussein to prevent US occupation of Iraq
2002-11-27 Israel denies killing militants
2002-11-27 Iranian student activists ’freed’
2002-11-28 Inspectors check old vaccine factory
2002-11-28 Bin Laden tape a fake, Swiss lab says
2002-11-28 Khatami: Iran not meddling in Palestinian affairs
2002-11-28 Khatami tells hardliners to cede to reform
2002-11-28 Al Qaeda blamed for Kenya attacks
2002-11-28 Hitler Youth Basij prepare major march, students plan more protests
2002-11-28 Gunmen kill 4 Israelis in bus station attack
2002-11-28 Happy Thanksgiving...
2002-11-28 Network Moves Cash to al-Qaida Fugitives
2002-11-28 Only 6 million to die?
2002-11-28 UN Delegation Mistreat Local Palestinians in Jenin
2002-11-28 Batam church bombing `linked to Bali'
2002-11-28 Qaeda killers miss civil aircraft with SAMs...
2002-11-28 Tatar terrorist gets 15 years for gas pipeline blast
2002-11-28  Bali blasts probe widening, Pastika says
2002-11-29 2 Kenyan bombers may be wanted terrorists
2002-11-29 FBI to reorg...
2002-11-29 Brusselsblog has the scoop...
2002-11-29 Sex club leader on UN weapons team
2002-11-29 Canada Adds Hamas to Banned Groups List
2002-11-29 Inspecting an antique salami sandwich...
2002-11-29 ’Forget repairs’ US tells Iraqi military
2002-11-29 Blast rips through govt. offices in Yemen
2002-11-29 Somali group among Kenya suspects
2002-11-29 Weapons inspectors fear their HQ may be bugged
2002-11-29 JI training camps in Australia
2002-11-29 Israel begins evacuating tourists from Kenya
2002-11-29 Probable links between Bashir and Bali attacks
2002-11-29 Malays grab another Bad Guy...
2002-11-29 KL worried ulamas could foment trouble
2002-11-29 Bomb unit found in Kashmir girls school
2002-11-29 Belgium Detains Arab Group Leader
2002-11-29 Sharon's still in charge
2002-11-30 Moroccon Islamists
2002-11-30 Possible terror attacks in Djibouti
2002-11-30 Tribal elders ask Putin to apologise
2002-11-30 Zionist soldiers arrest Nablus leader of Al-Aqsa Brigades
2002-11-30 Malay minister miffed by dogged Aus. security
2002-11-30 Spain dumps 49 Pak illegals...
2002-11-30 France Probes Mosque Head in Anti-Terror Drive
2002-11-30 Surprise stop at 'sensitive' site
2002-11-30 Israel Plans Cross-Border Strikes
2002-11-30 Indonesia threatens major offensive in Aceh
2002-12-01 Al-Guardian: Why we are losing the war...
2002-12-01 Australia warned against attacking terror targets
2002-12-01 Vajpayee warns of more temple attacks...
2002-12-01 Vlad sez it again...
2002-12-01 Chief Minister Vows To Islamise NWFP
2002-12-01 Pope laments ''clash of civilizations''...
2002-12-01 Al-Guardian sez not to blame the usual suspects...
2002-12-01 Special Forces call in B52s...
2002-12-01 Pakistan angered by Kenyan arrests
2002-12-01 Algerian troops kill three Islamic militants: officials
2002-12-01 Al-Walid Bin Talal: Saudis Will Withdraw Investment From US
2002-12-01 Islamic Jihad Bad Guys just miss getting zapped...
2002-12-01 ''Please form a line so you can be executed in an orderly manner...''
2002-12-01 Advani sez Paks should come out and fight like men...
2002-12-01 Allied planes 'raid Iraqi oil plant'
2002-12-01 Turks lift ban on Kurds.
2002-12-01 Sammy training 'werewolves' with Jund al-Islam?
2002-12-01 Mine blast in Srinagar injures nine...
2002-12-01 Holy man warns of 'undeclared war' between US, Israel and Islam
2002-12-01 Department of clueless headlines...
2002-12-02 Aghajari's mouthpiece files appeal...
2002-12-02 Sudan's rebels 'plan own currency'
2002-12-02 IRA suspects boycott Colombia court
2002-12-02 Abu Mazen Urges Total End to Anti-Israel Operations
2002-12-02 Indian rebels ban women
2002-12-02 'Equipment missing' at Iraq arms site
2002-12-02 Anti-Saddam Militia ’In Action’
2002-12-02 Bus boomed in Bombay...
2002-12-02 Dutchies try terror suspects...
2002-12-02 Saudi Arabia says it has quit helping families of martyr bombers
2002-12-02 Afghan national army plan unveiled
2002-12-02 Missile attack on plane linked to earlier bid
2002-12-02 Terror attacks on Sydney Olympics planned
2002-12-02 Bali attacks' 'mastermind' welcomes death penalty: Lawyer
2002-12-02 Iraqi Leadership Moves Discreetly To Conflict Locations
2002-12-02 Toldja it wasn't him...
2002-12-02 SAMs may have come from Somalia...
2002-12-02 Bloodthirsty holy man freed in Nigeria...
2002-12-02 The new Thugburg...
2002-12-03 Iraq to make weapons declaration
2002-12-03 GAM ready to go to Geneva...
2002-12-03 Afghans nab Mullah Omar's son-in-law...
2002-12-03 Zakayev Released for Lack of Proof
2002-12-03 Russian Warplanes Heading to Kyrgyzstan
2002-12-03 Inspectors root through Sammy's underwear drawer...
2002-12-03 Belgium says will not accept Zakayev
2002-12-03 Occupation Army Invades Jenin, Kill Teenager
2002-12-03 Marwan sez it's time for new... er... blood...
2002-12-03 Kabul seeks peace in Afghan west
2002-12-03 Iraqis 'shot at Kuwaiti vessels'
2002-12-03 Sharon to Mossad: "Kill the Bastards"
2002-12-03 Nigerian cleric angry after release
2002-12-03 â€˜Howard didn’t imply launching military action’
2002-12-03 Turkey offers bases for Iraq raids
2002-12-03 Samudra discussed Bali bombing with Hambali
2002-12-03 Saddam accuses Bush of being "bad man"
2002-12-03 Iranian conservative backs US ties
2002-12-03 Saudis detail tracking of terrorists, donations
2002-12-03 Belgian court frees Arab riot suspect
2002-12-03 FBI targeting ELF/ALF...
2002-12-04 Bulgaria "eager" to help
2002-12-04 Secret RP-US Plan To Deploy Rapid Force
2002-12-04 There doesn't seem to be a word for ''gratitude'' in Korean, either...
2002-12-04 Hassan Butt jugged in Manchester...
2002-12-04 Malaysian ambassador in Australia implicated in rape
2002-12-04 Israelis toss PA coordination offices...
2002-12-04 Islamic militants freed in Baluchistan
2002-12-04 Kenya was warned before attacks...
2002-12-04 Mukhlas in custody...
2002-12-04 Bosnian Tied To Al Qaeda
2002-12-04 Somali warlords agree to stop killing each other...
2002-12-04 Ansar al-Islam Battles Kurds in Iraq
2002-12-04 Israel Arrests U.S. Citizen Linked to Al Qaeda
2002-12-04 ’Missiles on sale’ to Kabul troops
2002-12-04 Condi leans on Saudis
2002-12-04 U.S. Tactics Shift To Taking Operatives Alive
2002-12-04 Hard-line vigilantes declare war to "clean" Iran of reformers
2002-12-04 Two Islamic Jihad deaders near Hebron...
2002-12-04 Bombs Found at IKEA Stores in Netherlands
2002-12-04 Three arrested over Kenyan attacks
2002-12-04 Mustafa Sabah is no more...
2002-12-04 ELF/ALF claim attack on mink farm...
2002-12-04 Al-Qaeda ’targeted Israeli footballers’
2002-12-04 Soldier shoots dead 95-year-old woman in taxi
2002-12-04 Sometimes I even like lawyers...
2002-12-04 Nasrallah urges global suicide bombing campaign...
2002-12-04 Man high on FBI list tied to Kenya attack
2002-12-04 U.S. war in Iraq could be ’opportunity’ for Israel
2002-12-04 Suspect terrorists sent back to Kenya
2002-12-05 Kuwait says holds Iraq tugboat, crew in its waters
2002-12-05 Mullah Omar sez we're gonna get it...
2002-12-05 McDonald's boomed in Sulawesi...
2002-12-05 India’s MiGs fall down, go BOOM!
2002-12-05 Chechen rebels phoned Gulf during siege
2002-12-05 PM won’t apologise
2002-12-05 Father and son killed in clash between Fatah, Hamas supporters in Gaza
2002-12-05 Saudi Minister: Jews Behind 9/11 Attacks
2002-12-05 Iraq inspectors hit back at criticism
2002-12-05 Thailand: A safe haven for al Qaeda?
2002-12-05 20 percent of Pak women die in childbirth...
2002-12-05 Training camp in Australis denied
2002-12-05 Kurdish militia regains positions taken by Islamic fighters
2002-12-05 Sammy sez give inspections a chance...
2002-12-05 Iraq: Brit dossier is lies, all lies!
2002-12-05 Karachi consulate attack kills three
2002-12-05 Iraq to admit no banned activities in declaration
2002-12-05 Hindu Nationalist Wounded in Attack by Gunmen in India
2002-12-05 Mukhlas sez he dunnit...
2002-12-05 Group accuses Iraq of torturing athletes
2002-12-05 Sharon vows probe into Arafat’s Swiss bank account
2002-12-05 Carrier fleet leaves US for possible Iraq showdown
2002-12-05 IKEA bomb scare was blackmail plot
2002-12-05 Tamil Tigers to get regional autonomy...
2002-12-05 Four killed, ten wounded in Israeli strike in Gaza...
2002-12-05 Sharon: Al-Qaeda members infiltrated Gaza Strip, Lebanon
2002-12-05 PM rejects Russian concerns
2002-12-05 Sharon outlines his peace vision
2002-12-05 Winter Wonderland...
2002-12-06 Dutchies felt Srebrenica wasn't worth it...
2002-12-06 Gaza killings prompt Palestinian rage
2002-12-06 Police looking for link between McDonald's and KFC's blasts
2002-12-06 Cadets Admit Getting Navy’s Goat
2002-12-06 Terror warning for Turkey...
2002-12-06 Repulsing Attack By Islamic Militants, Iraqi Kurds Tell Of Atrocities
2002-12-06 German Terror Probe Hits Snag, As U.S., Saudi Officials Stonewall
2002-12-06 Iraq Prime Minister - Tariq Aziz: Struck by Cancer
2002-12-06 Synagogue vandalized in southwestern France
2002-12-06 Indonesian blasts were bombs
2002-12-06 Hafiz sez jihad will go on... and on... and on...
2002-12-06 Russia blasts Britain on Zakayev
2002-12-06 Massachusetts company with FBI links raided in terror probe
2002-12-06 News from the Other Side: America To Stockpile Nukes In Afghanistan.
2002-12-06 Explosives discovered in Kabul mosque
2002-12-06 Zakayev wants political asylum in Britland...
2002-12-07 Pakistan pledges help to Kashmiris in hour of trial
2002-12-07 Soddies nab goat smugglers...
2002-12-07 Chechers unhappy about potential extradition to Russia
2002-12-07 Intended boomer nabbed near Tulkarm...
2002-12-07 To Mr Infowars...
2002-12-07 Bombay boom injures 21...
2002-12-07 Miss World pageant to go ahead in London
2002-12-07 Indonesian police nab two over McDonald's blast
2002-12-07 Zakaiev warns of new attacks
2002-12-07 Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda ’poseurs’
2002-12-07 Gore & Daschle Attack
2002-12-07 Vanessa takes up cudgel
2002-12-07 Kingdom never funded terrorists, says Turki
2002-12-07 Al-Qaida Organization Of Palestine Is Announced, Warns of Attacks
2002-12-07 Blasts Kill 15, Hurt 200 in Bangladesh
2002-12-07 Nut who tried to hijack plane dead in his cell...
2002-12-07 Six Lashkar gunnies no longer ticklish in Kashmir...
2002-12-07 God strikes Philip Berrigan dead...
2002-12-07 Qaeda in Gaza? Lies! All lies!
2002-12-07 Excerpts from Sammy's speech...
2002-12-07 Ten Abu Sayyaf beat it for Sabah...
2002-12-07 Islamic Jihad snuffie iced near Jenin...
2002-12-07 Sammy 'apologizes' to Kuwait...
2002-12-07 Explosion kills man and his nephew in south Lebanon
2002-12-07 Iraq: ''We got nuttin'!''
2002-12-07 Mufti govt responsible for NC workers’ killing: Omar
2002-12-07 Al Qaeda website says new goal is destruction of Israel
2002-12-08 One of McDonald's victims might have been the boomer...
2002-12-08 Police detain wives of Laskar Jundullah activist over Makassar bombings
2002-12-08 Qatar exercise won't involve combat troops...
2002-12-08 Karrubi urges students to beware of 'US exploitation'
2002-12-08 Mosque boomed in Bekaa Valley...
2002-12-08 Sully sez al-Qaeda dunnit...
2002-12-08 Kuwait to Sammy: Fuggeddaboudit!
2002-12-08 Students keep up demonstrations
2002-12-08 Qaida men in Lebanon said directing Gaza terrorists
2002-12-08 Majlis withdraws bill to impeach Moin
2002-12-08 Ayatollahs worried about military loyalty...
2002-12-08 Full Alert Following Report Of Abu Sayyaf Fleeing the Philippines
2002-12-08 Unknown Lebanese group claims responsibility for attack on soldiers
2002-12-08 Barzani in Iran, Talabani to follow...
2002-12-08 Georgia says dead guerillas involved in Moscow apartment block blasts
2002-12-08 Coppers storm crowd outside Tehran university
2002-12-08 Palestinian police question three in killing of 12-year boy and father
2002-12-08 Syria sends engineers for missile training in NKor...
2002-12-09 Kenyakops Seek Two Suspects In Attacks
2002-12-09 Japanese "Comfortable" with Howard’s Pre-emptive Strike Comments
2002-12-09 Three Soddies go on trial in Morocco...
2002-12-09 Civil war between Fatah and Hamas is a real threat
2002-12-09 Binny's Delivery Guy Nabbed?
2002-12-09 Police aim to get Bali case to prosecutors by Thursday
2002-12-09 killer of Shalevet Paz was Arafat’s guardian of the peace.
2002-12-09 Captured Al Qaeda Leader Gives U.S. Insight Into Plans
2002-12-09 Arafat says next month elections should be delayed
2002-12-09 Chechers had "wonderfully forged" documents
2002-12-09 Missiles Found 50km From Airport
2002-12-09 Indons, GAM finally sign accord...
2002-12-09 Uganda: Reward Offered for the Capture of God
2002-12-09 Students clash with guards at Tehran university
2002-12-09 27 Taliban, Hezb-i-Islami Members in Custody
2002-12-09 Cleric ’sowed seeds of Australian Islamic state’
2002-12-09 Buildup Leaves U.S. Nearly Set To Start Attack
2002-12-09 12 Killed in Algeria Clash
2002-12-09 The North Korean Connection?
2002-12-09 Tajiks got a clue early, now getting rewarded
2002-12-09 Bali blast probe ’has netted half the attackers’
2002-12-09 Yasser can't go to Bethlehem again this year...
2002-12-09 Banglablast wasn't al-Qaeda. Nope. Nope...
2002-12-10 Saudi opposition gets radio voice
2002-12-10 alneda.com snarls, evaporates...
2002-12-10 Shuttle moved to pad for ultrasecure launch
2002-12-10 Iraq accused US of ’unprecedented extortion’ for taking copies of arms declaration
2002-12-10 ''So sue me... No, don't!''
2002-12-10 Iraq dossier: First breakdown
2002-12-10 Kuwait Restricts Access to Waters
2002-12-10 Soldier shooter ’baffled by crime’
2002-12-10 Abbas: I have no plans to run in PA elections
2002-12-10 US strikes Iraqi missile site in no-fly zone
2002-12-10 New World Order Aims At Eliminating Islam, Says Fazl
2002-12-10 US Arms Algeria For Fight Against Islam
2002-12-10 Palestinian "activist " killed in Gaza
2002-12-10 Shin Bet nabs killer of baby Shalhevet Pas
2002-12-10 Group: Genoa Bombings Revenge G-8 Death
2002-12-10 Kashmir Human Rights Forum Chief Sets Himself On Fire
2002-12-10 Scud-Type Missiles Found Aboard Ship in Arabian Sea
2002-12-10 Brownshirts march in Berlin...
2002-12-10 Court orders Jericho prisoner’s release
2002-12-10 More internecine fist-shaking and name-calling in Gaza...
2002-12-10 Eritrea offers military help to US
2002-12-10 Kenya hunts key attack suspect
2002-12-10 Israel Threatens To Launch Nuclear Attack On Islamic Holy Sites
2002-12-10 Saudi Arabia demands preachers tone down their sermons
2002-12-10 University Lecturer Bali Bagman
2002-12-10 Cracks open in Iran judiciary
2002-12-10 U.N. Teams Inspect Iraqi Uranium Mine
2002-12-10 Senator Shelby Says Sept. 11 Report Too Soft on CIA, FBI
2002-12-10 Qazi Warns Against American Designs
2002-12-10 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-12-11 Bush approves $92m to train Iraqi militia
2002-12-11 Russian ABM System to UAE
2002-12-11 Iranian pollster who said Iranians favoured US ties admits mistakes
2002-12-11 McDonald’s and Bali linked
2002-12-11 Turkish leader to U.S. Jews: Good ties with Israel
2002-12-11 US warns of nuclear response
2002-12-11 Buenos Aires Beach Burkas?
2002-12-11 Exec says U.S. Blackmailing Russian Firms In Iraq
2002-12-11 Mac Bosco Chawinga is tough. Very tough.
2002-12-11 Man investigated over Tunisia synagogue bombing allowed to leave Germany
2002-12-11 Bali bombing: Rift emerges within Jemaah Islamiyah
2002-12-11 Fresh Coup Attempt Against Qadhafi Involves Family
2002-12-11 Rumsfeld hollers at NKor, Yemen bitches...
2002-12-11 Hollywood Brain Trust comes out for Sammy...
2002-12-11 Iraq urges Gulf states to attack US servicemen
2002-12-11 Islamic Terrorists Have Found A New Home In South Africa
2002-12-11 Karzai Regime Arrests 22 Hizb e Islami Members
2002-12-11 Colombian Officials Thwart Terror Attacks
2002-12-11 Army's withdrawal from tribal areas demanded
2002-12-11 Payback Time?
2002-12-11 11 Philippine soldiers killed in clashes with Moro Muslim fighters
2002-12-11 Turks on the move
2002-12-11 Zakayev makes bail...
2002-12-11 IDF arrests 4 wanted Palestinians in Samaria Wednesday
2002-12-11 Roche: ''Y'got nuttin' on me! Nuttin'!''
2002-12-11 Bashir feared crackdown
2002-12-11 Osama Badra is no longer with us...
2002-12-11 Gufron Arrest May Lead to Suharto’s Dark Forces
2002-12-11 ’Terror High’: Inside the school of atrocity
2002-12-12 US provides Israel with two Patriot batteries
2002-12-12 Israel Shows UNRWA - Terror Links
2002-12-12 Foreign Link to Makassar Bomb
2002-12-12 Russian stake in Iraqi oil project in doubt
2002-12-12 Al-Qaida Suicide Teams Train in Pakistan
2002-12-12 Paleos couldn't possibly hold elections...
2002-12-12 Kadungga and the Malaysian Connection
2002-12-12 Ex-vigilante chief warns of ''political earthquake'' in Iran
2002-12-12 News from the Other Side: Kurds fighting Ansar al-Islam
2002-12-12 North Korea to reactivate nuclear programme
2002-12-12 Crime wave in West Bank as unpaid cops turn rogue
2002-12-12 Australia will be 'destroyed instantly' if it strikes at Muslim countries
2002-12-12 Zionist delegation visits Qatar: Report
2002-12-12 SCUD Seizure Raises Tricky Questions
2002-12-12 Israel assesses al-Qaeda will target Europe next...
2002-12-12 Six Palestinians killed by IDF fire in Gaza in 24 hours
2002-12-12 U.S. Suspects Al Qaeda Got Nerve Agent From Iraqis
2002-12-12 Bomb Kills Four in Algerian Market
2002-12-12 Hezbollah: Canada ban unjustified
2002-12-12 Arabs slammed for importing dates from Israel
2002-12-12 Two killed in shooting attack in Hebron.
2002-12-12 Taliban, US are scissors against Islam: Khatami
2002-12-12 Tehran bars Iraqi opposition from using its soil for attacks
2002-12-12 "We bombed Bali"
2002-12-12 Two MPs summoned to court for criticising judiciary
2002-12-12 Wan Min, the money man...
2002-12-13 Palestinian man killed, another wounded, in apparent ’work accident’
2002-12-13 Thailand denies it is base for Muslim militants
2002-12-13 Sean Penn Arrives in Baghdad for Three-Day Visit
2002-12-13 Russia Reportedly Angry With Iraq Over Oil Contract Snub
2002-12-13 Iran reformist leader warns of despotism...
2002-12-13 McDonald’s bombing suspect surrenders to police
2002-12-13 IDF kills senior Hamas man, 2 IDF Soldiers Laid to Rest
2002-12-13 Violence continues in Indonesia's Aceh despite treaty
2002-12-13 U.S. has photos of secret Iran nuclear sites
2002-12-13 Al Qaeda leadership reported disrupted
2002-12-13 Balkan Bad Guys
2002-12-13 Israeli Army Kills Militants, Hamas Vows Revenge
2002-12-13 Egypt bitches about U.S. pro-democracy intiative...
2002-12-13 Joint Task Force Begins Anti-Terror Work
2002-12-13 Morocco’s crackdown on islamists
2002-12-13 UN: Al-Qaida Planning Dirty Bomb
2002-12-13 Iraqi dossier ’full of holes’
2002-12-13 Ivorian Rebels Demand France Withdraw, Threaten War
2002-12-13 France to open its first Islamic high school
2002-12-14 Yasser tells Binny to butt out...
2002-12-14 Egypt Extends Arrest of Extradited Qaeda Suspect
2002-12-14 North Korea takes aim at Bond
2002-12-14 Pakistani woman stoned to death for dancing
2002-12-14 Qazi asks Muslim world to protect Iraq
2002-12-14 Bashir moved to jug...
2002-12-14 IAEA Chief to NKorea: Don't Expel Nuclear Monitors
2002-12-14  Senior minister tells Bali to rebuild, chastises US policy
2002-12-14 More on Russian / Iraqi oil deal collapse
2002-12-14 Saddam Foes Urge Federal, Tolerant Iraq
2002-12-14 Powell says reform Saudi Arabia's choice
2002-12-14 NKor: ''Burning hatred'' for U.S...
2002-12-14 Arab ’Holocaust’ in the Making
2002-12-14 U.S. beefs up security in Soddy Arabia...
2002-12-14 Egypt turns down U.S. request for bases...
2002-12-14 Paks spring Jaish supremo...
2002-12-14 Ahmed Zaoui in custody?
2002-12-14 Jordan arrests two for diplomat's killing
2002-12-14 Tariq makes faces, calls us names...
2002-12-14 'Militants' killed in Delhi shootout
2002-12-14 Belarus and Russian commies pledge mutual support
2002-12-15 Bush signs off on hit list...
2002-12-15 Hundreds of thousands in the streets, Hugo hangs on...
2002-12-15 Hindu fanatics sweep back to power in Gujarat elections
2002-12-15 Missile found in Kashmir
2002-12-15 UN demands Iraq scientists' names
2002-12-15 Karzai To Disarm Renegade Factions In Afghanistan
2002-12-15 N Korea warns UN nuclear agency
2002-12-15 Paks nab Karachi boomers...
2002-12-15 More on the Foley killers...
2002-12-15 Assad: Hamas Is Supported By Millions Of Palestinians
2002-12-15 GI Janes flaunt their sports bras
2002-12-15 Gore Won’t Run In 2004
2002-12-15 Paras arrive in Ivory Coast...
2002-12-15 Three bandits killed in 'encounter'
2002-12-15 Raduyev begins decomposing...
2002-12-15 Saudi paper blasts US 'democracy program'
2002-12-15 Pakistani Politician Says Rival Beat Her
2002-12-15 Immigrants Swamp Border Hospitals
2002-12-15 Six charged with terrorist offences
2002-12-15 Yasser can't go to Bethlehem service...
2002-12-16 Western jets attack southern Iraq air defences
2002-12-16 Sheikh Yasin: The Struggle Will Continue Till Freedom
2002-12-16 Russia says Chechen was not beaten
2002-12-16 10 killed in Aceh since peace Jakarta-GAM peace deal signed
2002-12-16 Turkish TV Reports U.S. Troop Movements
2002-12-16 Afghan Province Wants Shariah Law Restored
2002-12-16 Marines take over counter-terror training
2002-12-16 Syrians ’Smuggling Arms To Baghdad’
2002-12-16 Yemen speaker blasts US's 'war on terror'
2002-12-16 Islamic Group Shows Battle Videos on Web
2002-12-16 Bashar denies there are terrorists in Syria
2002-12-16 Neighbors Ready to Eradicate Jemaah Islamiyah
2002-12-16 Bali bomb-making cache found
2002-12-16 N. Korea delivers semi-submersible gunboats to Iran
2002-12-16 UK task force heading to Gulf
2002-12-16 Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz says Israel will destroy Lebanon missile batteries if attacked
2002-12-16 Karzai moves to rein in warlords
2002-12-16 Hakmatyer Ready To Join Transitional Government?
2002-12-16 European, Palestinian Youth to Rebuild Youth Center in Nablus
2002-12-16 Kenyan police questioning wife of suspect in attacks on Israeli targets
2002-12-16 Saddam’s Brother Slips Through Net
2002-12-16 Parcel bombs target Spanish airline
2002-12-16 Hizbi Islami denies al-Qa'ida link
2002-12-16 Indonesia police make probe international
2002-12-16 Just innocent jihadis, mindin' their own bidnid...
2002-12-16 Explosives seized as Pakistan foils plan to kill US envoys
2002-12-16 Brain Trust Preaches Peace in Iraq
2002-12-17 Death sentence may prevent NZ deporting Zaoui
2002-12-17 Men in U.S. From Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Required to Register With Government
2002-12-17 France risks Ivory Coast anarchy trap
2002-12-17 Wal-Mart shopper attacked after imitating crying baby
2002-12-17 Iran Lifts Satellite Dish Restrictions
2002-12-17 Mombasa bombing suspect hiding in Somalia
2002-12-17 U.S. rejects treaty with N. Korea
2002-12-17 Bali blasts trial set for February
2002-12-17 Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinians In Gaza
2002-12-17 Why would they say he's alive if he's decomposing?
2002-12-17 U.S. army officer attacked by knife-wielding South Koreans
2002-12-17 Paris police probe ’chemical plot’
2002-12-17 Report Says Bin Laden Paid Bail In Canada
2002-12-17 Man, 103, makes an honest woman of her after 53 years together
2002-12-17 No-fly zone hit third time in three days
2002-12-17 Santa Claus tells kiddies the bad news: There is no teacher.
2002-12-17 Northern Alliance Bans Entry Of Tablighi Jamaat Into Afghanistan
2002-12-17 US Navy says UAE firm smuggling chemicals to Iraq
2002-12-17 A Palestinian Constitution, But No State
2002-12-17 Abu Qatada May Claim Legal Compensation
2002-12-17 Zakayev a man of peace: Redgrave
2002-12-17 Iraq Punished Lukoil for Post-Saddam Hedge -Report
2002-12-17 Grenade hurts two U.S. soldiers in Kabul
2002-12-17 U.N.: Al-Qaida’s Afghan Camps Reopening
2002-12-17 That Xmas feeling...
2002-12-17 Saudi bomb attack on Dutch family’s car
2002-12-17 Cambodia nabs 4, foils bomb threat to disrupt Asean meet
2002-12-17 Turkey readies troops for Iraq war
2002-12-17 Sean Penn condemns US threats against Iraq
2002-12-17 An unmarked grave for Raduyev...
2002-12-17 Iran shuts down Afghan Hezbollah offices in Mashhad...
2002-12-17 Kurdish paper: Al-Qaeda linked leader reported killed
2002-12-17 Spanish policeman shot dead
2002-12-17 Jordan Military Court Convicts Palestinian
2002-12-17 Priest arrested in alleged gun scuffle
2002-12-17 Another one jugged in Lackawanna...
2002-12-17 Brits have shelled out £1 million for al-Qaeda thug...
2002-12-17 Blair Invites Paleoleaders to London
2002-12-18 Anti-U.S. Tone Marks South Korea Election
2002-12-18 U.S. bombs Iraqi radar moved no-fly zone
2002-12-18 Hungary approves training for Saddam foes
2002-12-18 Sources say intercepts prove Iraq has WMDs
2002-12-18 Police deployed to guard churches, mosques in Indonesia's Sulawesi
2002-12-18 France On Outside Looking In
2002-12-18 Fed Raids Net 7 Arrests in Money Scheme
2002-12-18 Ben Bella Slams U.S. Hegemony
2002-12-18 Kurds Say "No American’s Here!"
2002-12-18 Parliament plotters sentenced to the high jump...
2002-12-18 Terror Cell On Rise In South America
2002-12-18 Police Ransack Kenyan ’Bomb House’
2002-12-18 Australian council accused of racism after rejecting mosque
2002-12-18 Palestinian Christian Leader Goes On Hunger Strike
2002-12-18 Britain makes first Iraq war preparations
2002-12-18 Iraq lays barriers to a U.S. invasion
2002-12-18 S-E Asia urged to crack down on terrorist financing
2002-12-18 Media in Muslim nations guilty of distortion too: American activist
2002-12-18 Four Arrested in Texas Anti-Terror Probe
2002-12-18 Govt to expose preachers who use the pulpit for politics
2002-12-18 Cobra-in-bed scare for Dutch tourist
2002-12-18 Soldiers killed in Algerian ambush
2002-12-18 Nagy just hates that empire...
2002-12-18 Canada Claims Arrested Algerian Has Bin Laden Link
2002-12-18 Palestinians in Lebanon storm UNRWA office over medical aid cuts
2002-12-18 Iraqi Report Could Prove Damaging to Germany
2002-12-18 Pentagon Broadcasts Propaganda Over Iraq
2002-12-18 Carrier To Be Kept Ready To Re-Deploy
2002-12-18 Dutch Al-Qaeda Suspects Go Free
2002-12-18 US and Britain lambast Iraq dossier
2002-12-18 Afghan leader denies al-Qaeda report
2002-12-19 U.S.: Iraq in ’Material Breach’
2002-12-19 Britain Orders More Cargo Ships for Iraq - Sources
2002-12-19 U.S. Jets Hit Radar in Iraqi No-Fly Zone
2002-12-19 Police arrest seven over Internet terror rumours
2002-12-19 12 Iraqi Ex-Pats Indicted On Iraq Money Laundering Charges
2002-12-19 Blast Material in Home of Terror Suspects
2002-12-19 Parents object to human sacrifice in school show
2002-12-19 U.S. urged to withdraw troops from S. Korea
2002-12-19 Dalai Lama calls for compassion to deal with terrorism
2002-12-19 Japan Abductees Remove N. Korean Badges
2002-12-19 Christmas roundup time...
2002-12-19 Australia boosts special forces to combat terrorism
2002-12-19 North Korea Demands U.S. Compensation
2002-12-19 Hugo calls them traitors...
2002-12-19 Roh Wants Bigger Say in Ties With U.S.
2002-12-19 Turkey: Troops Would Halt Kurds
2002-12-19 I think I have some sympathy over here... No. That's cheese.
2002-12-19 9 Suspected al-Qaida Arrested in Pakistan
2002-12-19 Pakistan: Pearl Suspect May Have Blown Himself Up
2002-12-19 Islamic Jihad Denies Any Connections With Al-Qaeda
2002-12-19 Now France May Join A U.S. Attack
2002-12-19 Y'gotta watch those Samoans...
2002-12-19 Intelligence chiefs say al-Qaeda is active in Britain
2002-12-19 One Dead, Two Hurt in Attack on Kabul Peacekeepers
2002-12-19 Back from Afghanistan, Marine shoots would-be carjacker
2002-12-19 Pentagon Detects Iraqi Troop Movement
2002-12-19 Jane does Israel...
2002-12-19 Mullah Omar calls for - you guessed it! - jihad...
2002-12-20 France: Militants Planned Terror Attacks
2002-12-20 Pakistani scientist 'offered Saddam nuclear designs'
2002-12-20 Frolicking inmates badly supervised, report concludes
2002-12-20 Protesters Defend Nine al-Qaida Suspects
2002-12-20 Patty Murray just lo-o-o-o-ves that Binny...
2002-12-20 Turks threaten: 10,000 fighters in Kirkuk
2002-12-20 9 terrorists killed in Chechnya on Thursday
2002-12-20 Kashmir Separatists Kill Assembly Member
2002-12-20 U.S. Urges U.N. to Authorize War in Iraq
2002-12-20 Two suspects in attempted assassination of Georgian president detained
2002-12-20 Salman's relatives refused re-burial request
2002-12-20 Malaysia Arrests Two Militant Suspects
2002-12-20 Worst war movie ever made?
2002-12-20 Possible Terror Evidence Found in Pakistan
2002-12-20 Bush Launches Iraq Endgame
2002-12-20 Indonesia: Bomb explodes in Aceh
2002-12-20 Kim Jong Il gives field guidance to beef cattle breeding farm
2002-12-20 Galloway Warns Iraq War First Step
2002-12-20 Hindutva opponents to get death: VHP
2002-12-20 Jamaat ud-Dawa big sez India's a terrorist state...
2002-12-20 Yemeni Forces In Shootout With al-Qaida
2002-12-20 Iraq Not "In Material Breach" Of UN Resolutions Says Envoy
2002-12-20 Bashir boyz wanted to bump off some priests...
2002-12-20 Frenchies nab ten ETA thugs...
2002-12-20 Ho, ho, ho! Somebody call the ACLU!
2002-12-20 Yasser's ''little problem'' getting worse...
2002-12-20 Megawati to Aceh as Claims Fly
2002-12-20 German Terrorist's Brain Buried
2002-12-21 Paleos shoot up German diplo's car...
2002-12-21 Iran, Pakistan seek new era in ties after Taliban
2002-12-21 U.S. dumps Paleorefuse in Gaza...
2002-12-21 Quartet Reports Progress on Roadmap for Resolving Middle East Crisis
2002-12-21 N. Korea Disables Nuke Cameras
2002-12-21 ''God, please kill them all!''
2002-12-21 Prosecutors seek five years jail for Maluku separatist leaders
2002-12-21 Prosecutors want a year in jug for Thalib...
2002-12-21 Clerics squeal like piggies...
2002-12-21 IDF splits Strip following rabbi's murder
2002-12-21 Plan for 100,000 Jordanian Human Shields in Iraq
2002-12-21 U.S. Soldier Is Killed in Afghanistan
2002-12-21 Alleged Terror Leader Linked to Bali
2002-12-21 Pakistan rejects UK paper report
2002-12-21 Family sez it's not Asif...
2002-12-21 Iraq: US in 'material breach' of UN resolution
2002-12-21 Uganda’s ’war is over’
2002-12-21 Pakistan Bus Bomb Kills Two, Injures 18
2002-12-21 US will attack Iran after Iraq, Iranian official says
2002-12-21 Two Islamic Jihad militants arrested in Gaza
2002-12-21 Bali boomers planned similar festivities...
2002-12-21 CIA establishing spy centres in Muslim countries
2002-12-21 Yemenis Arrest Suspects' Family Members
2002-12-21 U.S., Britain Plan Seaborne Attack on Iraq
2002-12-21 Coppers examining Samudra's computer...
2002-12-22 US-led forces in Afghanistan suffer huge attacks
2002-12-22 Venezuelan News Outlets Line Up With the Foes of Chávez
2002-12-22 U.S. Fears Islamic Militancy Could Emerge in Cambodia
2002-12-22 Sunday-go-to-meetin'-clothes...
2002-12-22 Qatari embassy in Cairo focus of protests
2002-12-22 Paleos postpone elections...
2002-12-22 Anti-American Feeling Rises in Pakistan as U.S. Confronts Iraq
2002-12-22 Georgia unlikely to grant political asylum to detained Chechen rebels
2002-12-22 Libya yaks with Central African Republic...
2002-12-22 Iran, Saudi Arabia denounce US detention of Muslims
2002-12-22 Boldyrev replaces Troshev in Chechnya...
2002-12-22 Troshev's staff under the gun...
2002-12-22 U.S. To Ready Kurd Areas in Iraq for Possible War
2002-12-22 Juche idea study group formed in France
2002-12-22 Mom sez it's Asif...
2002-12-23 Hamas Bad Guy bumped off...
2002-12-23 Lieberman Touts Palestinian Statehood
2002-12-23 Four bad guys toes up in Algeria...
2002-12-23 Indons looking for more Bali boomers...
2002-12-23 France rapped over ETA escape
2002-12-23 Bishop: Iraq war will unleash evil
2002-12-23 Paks suspend three coppers over bus boom...
2002-12-23 Arafat Expresses Doubts About Peace Plan
2002-12-23 Algerian army tracks down alleged Yemeni al-Qaeda member
2002-12-23 Iraqis shoot down Predator...
2002-12-23 Sheep gives birth at nativity scene
2002-12-23 More Fun In The "Stans"
2002-12-23 The Plots and Designs of Al Qaeda's Engineer
2002-12-23 PFLP-GC finds more donors, decides they're Islamists...
2002-12-23 Police: 3 Rebel Chiefs Die in Kashmir
2002-12-23 Northern front to be key part of invasion
2002-12-23 She's raped, tortured, then arrested...
2002-12-23 US rejects Iraqi offer to admit CIA agents
2002-12-23 War Games Get More Serious
2002-12-23 Attackers Who Killed U.S. Paratrooper Later Fired Rockets at U.S. Base
2002-12-23 Arrested al-Qaeda suspect ’was taking flight lessons’
2002-12-23 UN questions key Iraqi scientists
2002-12-23 Latest on Ansar al-Islam...
2002-12-23 Jane does Paleostine...
2002-12-23 N Korea threatens to ’destroy world’
2002-12-23 Boob job saved her life...
2002-12-23 Turkey To Join ABM Club?
2002-12-23 Girls aged 3 among 382 killed under Karo-kari
2002-12-23 Rumsfeld to NKor: ''We could do two at once''...
2002-12-23 Yemen uses U.S. money to buy Russian weapons
2002-12-23 Gunny plugs judge in Lebanon...
2002-12-23 Man arrested for abduction, assault of woman
2002-12-23 Ivorian rebels warn France
2002-12-23 Report: 40,000 British troops to participate in Basra occupation
2002-12-23 Archdruid launches moral crusade
2002-12-23 Supporters at UN turn against Baghdad
2002-12-23 JI has militia to carry out terror attacks
2002-12-23 Iranian Hardliner Decries Reform Plans
2002-12-23 Bali Probe Leader is Asian Newmaker Of The Year
2002-12-23 Israeli army ordered to get ready for US-led war in Iraq
2002-12-23 Bikers flogged for hooting at babes...
2002-12-23 France creates Muslim council
2002-12-24 Chicken Ran
2002-12-24 Great minds think alike?
2002-12-24 Islamists take the gas pipe over Lil Kim...
2002-12-24 Two Chechens suspected of wearing suicide bomber belts detained in Moscow
2002-12-24 Pakistan Police Seize 1.25 Tons of Opium
2002-12-24 Merry Christmas...
2002-12-24 Seven Russian Commandos Killed In Chechnya
2002-12-24 Washington Beginning To Turn Sour On Islamabad
2002-12-24 US Claims Photos Of Iraqis Clearing Inspection Sites
2002-12-24 Iraq Says Foreigners Will Shield It from U.S.
2002-12-24 Deadly Bomb Hits Philippines On Christmas Eve
2002-12-24 Hindus beheaded by Islamic militants in Kashmir
2002-12-24 In the heartland of the GSPC...
2002-12-24 Details on the French Muslim Council...
2002-12-24 Shin Bet nabs Hamas cell planning to snatch soldier
2002-12-24 Attackers Rocket Town in E. Afghanistan
2002-12-24 US Concerned Over Al-Qaida's Access To Pak Tribal Territory
2002-12-24 Canadian attitudes on immigration hardening against Muslims
2002-12-24 Israeli Intelligence Claims Arresting Hizbullah Agent In Gaza
2002-12-24 Police Papers Stir Islamic Alavi Foundation's Ire
2002-12-24 Group Of Sappers Eliminated In Jokhar
2002-12-24 Prince Turki sez Binny's alive...
2002-12-25 Indian thieves hold up church on Christmas...
2002-12-25 Explosion at Pakistani Church Kills Three
2002-12-25 Hamas, Fatah: Halting Operations not on agenda
2002-12-25 It's Christmas Day...
2002-12-25 Seven Algerian thugs nabbed in Edinburgh...
2002-12-25 Still waiting...
2002-12-25 Iraqis are ready for martyrdom: Saddam
2002-12-25 Damn.
2002-12-25 MILF denies Philippines bomb blast
2002-12-25 Peaceniks stage political event in Baghdad church...
2002-12-25 28 Chechen warlords surrender to Federal Forces
2002-12-25 'Sleeper Cell' Contacts Are Revealed By Canada
2002-12-25 Abu bitches he's not allowed to pray...
2002-12-25 Serious Leg Infection Sidelines Castro
2002-12-25 Thailand goes ahead with oil pipeline despite Muslim protests
2002-12-25 Iraq May be Hiding Weapons in Syria: Israeli PM
2002-12-25 Azhar Urges Possession of Nukes to Defend Nation, Deter Enemies
2002-12-26 Canada Reveals Al Qaeda Cells’ Contacts
2002-12-26 Southern Philippines' Muslim city hit by senseless killings
2002-12-26 Jakarta finds chemical same as used in Bali blasts
2002-12-26 Hamza Abu Roub is no more...
2002-12-26 Bin Laden sends message to leading Algerian Islamic rebel
2002-12-26 Coalition Warplanes Bomb Iraqi Targets
2002-12-26 Hamas thug bumped off trying to infiltrate Netzarim...
2002-12-26 CIA ‘tried to bribe top Iraqi aides to defect’
2002-12-26 Sindh Pashtun nationalist leader nabbed at airport...
2002-12-26 Hekmatyar joins al Qaida, Taliban
2002-12-26 Iraqi rockets sent to Syria for use by Hezbollah
2002-12-26 Iran wants to sell oil and build Nuclear Power Plant
2002-12-26 Head of pro-Kremlin party in Chechen capital killed
2002-12-26 Pakistan Detains Three Suspects for Church Attack
2002-12-26 Baghdad shows the first signs of defiance
2002-12-26 Hamas thug, by-stander, killed in shootout with IDF...
2002-12-26 Joe sez North Korea 'greater risk than Saddam'
2002-12-26 Libya Firm on Quitting Arab League
2002-12-26 Man claims involvement in Bali blast, surrenders to police
2002-12-26 12 Paleos rounded up...
2002-12-26 Heavy Cargo Sailing To Gulf
2002-12-26 Three Bali bomb suspects were in Thailand
2002-12-26 France arrests four Islamist militant suspects
2002-12-26 Syria rejects Sharon accusations
2002-12-26 ’Insect bite’ keeps Castro in bed
2002-12-27 N Korea to expel UN nuclear inspectors
2002-12-27 Aircraft Carrier May Be Sent Back to Gulf Region
2002-12-27 Malaysia National Schools ’hijacked by Muslim extremists’
2002-12-27 Iraq says scientists free to leave
2002-12-27 Worldwide criticism of U.S. gets stronger
2002-12-27 Sudanese rebel leader meets with Nigeria's Obasanjo
2002-12-27 More Suspects Sought in Pakistan Attack
2002-12-27 U.N.: N.Korea Violates 1953 DMZ Agreement: Mobilizes Machine Guns
2002-12-27 Krazed Killer Korps bumps off teacher and his two kids...
2002-12-27 Yemen missiles were Baghdad-bound...
2002-12-27 Jamaat ad-Dawa condemns attack on church. Really.
2002-12-27 Chechen car bombs slaughter at least 25 in Grozny...
2002-12-27 Palestinian Gunman Kills Three in West Bank
2002-12-27 Sheikh Yassin sez to keep on killin'...
2002-12-27 Anti-U.S. movement called for
2002-12-27 Israel Torpedoing Palestinian Ceasefire Efforts: Egypt
2002-12-27 French Arrest Brother of U.S. Detainee
2002-12-27 U.S. Soldiers Find Afghan Rocket Site
2002-12-27 MILF to resume talks with government
2002-12-27 Forty-seven sentenced to lashes for dealing in porn
2002-12-27 Australia’s Howard unveils spy campaign
2002-12-27 Pentagon Prepares to Move Troops to Persian Gulf
2002-12-27 North Koreans Face Cold, Hungry Winter
2002-12-27 Indonesia detains top JI man
2002-12-27 Muslim World League Seeks Apology
2002-12-27 French Soldiers Clash With Rebels in Western Ivory Coast
2002-12-27 More on Ansar al-Islam...
2002-12-27 Terror Suspects Arrested in France Reported Aiming at Russian Targets
2002-12-27 12 killed by vicious camel riders in Sudan...
2002-12-28 Two women shot in Indonesia's Papua province
2002-12-28 UN to leave N Korea next week
2002-12-28 Seattle: Local Coast Guard Team Heading To The Persian Gulf
2002-12-28 Rebels blamed in Mindanao massacre
2002-12-28 Saudi Arabia Said to Assure U.S. on Use of Bases
2002-12-28 Zakaev issues pious denunciation...
2002-12-28 India plans talks with Mujahideen
2002-12-28 Yemeni pol iced by Islamist pol...
2002-12-28 Spain Jugs Algerian Snuffy
2002-12-28 Peace monitors in Aceh
2002-12-28 N.Korea, such a lonely guy these days
2002-12-28 1100 American Soldiers And Agents Operating In Pakistan
2002-12-28 Iraqi scientist refutes claims on secret nuclear program
2002-12-28 Maskhadov issues pious denunciation...
2002-12-28 'Arab' connection in Chechen blast
2002-12-28 Kadungga sprung already...
2002-12-28 S.Korea hates being a Small Fry
2002-12-29 Mixed reactions greet Aussie anti-terror ad campaign
2002-12-29 Report Says Africans Harbored Al Qaeda
2002-12-29 FBI Searching for Five Illegal Arabs
2002-12-29 Arab Leaders May Offer Saddam Exile
2002-12-29 Roh maybe A.O.K. given enough Time and Knowledge
2002-12-29 India accuses Pak of being terror hub. Wotta surprise.
2002-12-29 Man arrested at Paris Airport
2002-12-29 Former Turkmenistan Official Confesses
2002-12-29 Pakistan Makes Formal Arrest In Killing Of 11 French
2002-12-29 N.Korea is beginning to implode, slowly but surely
2002-12-29 Roh asks for restraint, protesters tell him to get bent...
2002-12-29 Anti-Tank Mine Destroyed Video Shops
2002-12-29 Punjab pol gunned down...
2002-12-30 Paleos get Hezbollah missile help...
2002-12-30 US, UK attack Iraqi radar sites
2002-12-30 Nahdatul Ulama calls for end to sharia campaigns
2002-12-30 Israel Tosses Eight Belgian Peace Activists
2002-12-30 Israel kills two Hamas men, find explosive belts
2002-12-30 Powerful blast rocks Hizbullah training camp
2002-12-30 Chechen thugs had Russian plates...
2002-12-30 Lari to appear before Majlis for attacks on rallies
2002-12-30 Osama Basnan denies all...
2002-12-30 Iran Judiciary ends death penalty by stoning
2002-12-30 Saddam adviser says US lures scientists with rewards
2002-12-30 Patty Murray resignation watch...
2002-12-30 Three US Doctors Shot Dead In Yemen
2002-12-30 Man claiming involvement in Bali bombing declared sane
2002-12-30 Qazi Steps Up To Rally Muslims Worldwide
2002-12-30 Saudi Charities to Present Case to the World
2002-12-30 Musharraf Says Pakistan Was Ready to Wage Nuclear War
2002-12-30 Saudi Arabia casts doubt on report to let US use bases against Iraq
2002-12-30 Three Palestinians shot dead; Israel razes homes of Islamic Jihad activists
2002-12-30 Papua Police conduct field inquiry into border shooting
2002-12-30 Malaysian state to curb sex dens, alcohol ads
2002-12-30 Georgia President says Pankisi problem solved
2002-12-30 German Nobel Laureate: Bush ''Threat to World Peace''
2002-12-31 Police arrest another suspect wanted in Makassar blast
2002-12-31 Sen. Murray’s Seattle Infantry Division : " We will shut down Seattle"
2002-12-31 Turkish News on Iraq
2002-12-31 Indonesian police find explosives stash
2002-12-31 Great minds of the 21st Century at work...
2002-12-31 U.S. suspects Iraq hides scientists
2002-12-31 Rebel Leader Killed in Chechnya
2002-12-31 At Least 4 Killed in Philippines' Blast
2002-12-31 Nine-year-old girl marries in Niger
2002-12-31 Thieves leave entire Iranian province without electricity
2002-12-31 Liberia denies everything...
2002-12-31 ’Unspecified Threat’ Triggers Heightened Security In NY Harbor
2002-12-31 Libyan Troops Out of C. African Republic
2002-12-31 3rd ID gets orders for Gulf...
2002-12-31 Continued Turkish military build-up in northern Iraq
2002-12-31 Paris airport bomb witness held
2002-12-31 Paris airport arrest might actually be a frameup...
2002-12-31 Activists planning mass civil disobedience
2002-12-31 Palestinians fear worst in case of US war on Iraq
2002-12-31 Hotel raid ringleader jailed for 12 years
2002-12-31 Patty Murray resignation watch...
2002-12-31 Yemen Slayings Probed for al-Qaida Link
2002-12-31 U.S-U.K Coalition Warplanes Bomb Iraq
2002-12-31 Saudis still cheesed over Al-Jazeera programme
2002-12-31 Bereaved, Angry Yemenis Mourn Slain U.S. Doctors
2002-12-31 Perv: ''That ain't what I meant...''
2002-12-31 Happy New Year!
2002-12-31 Arafat Welcomes U.S. Call for Cease-Fire
2002-12-31 Tip Of The Spear: USS Constellation Parties in the New Year
2002-12-31 U.S. Seeks False Info, Emptying Iraq of Scientists: Iraq
2002-12-31 Masood Azhar meets Pakistani politicians
2002-12-31 U.S. Soldier Wounded by Pakistani Border Guard
2002-12-31  Malaysian fugitive may still be in RI, says police chief
2002-12-31 Two IDF soldiers hurt in RPG attack...
2003-01-01 Missiles Found In Okara-Pakistan
2003-01-01 Afghanistan Warns of Counterfeit New Money
2003-01-01 Mourners denounce terrorism at party deputy's funeral
2003-01-01 South Korea's Roh criticizes US for unilateral plan
2003-01-01 Majlis approves law on personal freedoms
2003-01-01 Lashkar thug hangs it up...
2003-01-01 The Third ID is on the move...
2003-01-01  Police in Papua fired on by unknown gunmen
2003-01-01 Terrorist Surrounded - sorry, not Saddam...
2003-01-01 NWFP gets the government it deserves...
2003-01-01 NKor rants, raves, makes faces...
2003-01-01 Canadian Group Ralleys For Weapons Inspectors To Enter US This Year
2003-01-01 Arafat Pledges to Stamp Out Corruption. Really.
2003-01-01  Govt. to send more troops to Poso
2003-01-01 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2003-01-01 Blix Accepts Iraq’s Invitation To Visit Baghdad
2003-01-01 Lebanon blocks TV criticism of Saudis
2003-01-01 More Indonesian Muslim leaders back calls for end to sharia campaign
2003-01-01 It's a brand new year...
2003-01-01 Islamists try to shove the camel's nose into Thailand...
2003-01-02 Roosevelt Carrier Battle Group( Norfolk) to prepare to deploy
2003-01-02 Corsair on the South Koreans...
2003-01-02 North Koreans flee into Vietnam
2003-01-02 WWII Ace Joe Foss Dies at 87
2003-01-02 Tonga again linked to al-Qaeda
2003-01-02 Today’s Turkish Press News
2003-01-02 Military Journalists Mobilize For Operation Enduring Freedom
2003-01-02 Riots, arrests hit Iranian city after illegal CD, video crackdown
2003-01-02 More than 30 Islamists arrested in Yemen as FBI flies in
2003-01-02 Indocops nab Bodobadguy...
2003-01-02 V Corps troops in Germany get orders
2003-01-02 US troops arrest former Afghan minister
2003-01-02 Arab states may ask Sammy to stand down
2003-01-02 Dark omens in south Waziristan
2003-01-02 Malaysian PM steps in on flasher row
2003-01-02 Yemeni killer of U.S. doctors met Al Qaeda members
2003-01-02 Nigerian leader sorry for army massacre
2003-01-02 Iraqis know beforehand what facility will be inspected
2003-01-02 Explosives ’traced to suspect’s locker’
2003-01-02 Pakistani: ''Hey! That's my face in that wanted poster!''
2003-01-02 Estonian president calls on citizens to make more babies
2003-01-02 Philippine Military Says Captures Abu Sayyaf Leader
2003-01-02 Egypt Arrests 14 Suspected Islamist Activists
2003-01-02 Sudan 'ceasefire broken'
2003-01-03 Yasser: US war on Iraq will hurt Arabs
2003-01-03 War of the pamphlets in Kunar...
2003-01-03 Arab intellectuals will appeal for Sammy to depart...
2003-01-03 Yemeni soldiers have a close shave
2003-01-03 Germany denies report on coup against Saddam
2003-01-03 News from the Other Side: US forces storm mosque, beat and abduct worshippers
2003-01-03 Dostum Frees Seven Pak Prisoners
2003-01-03 ''I dunno. I reached for the ring, then — BOOM!''
2003-01-03 Philippine troops capture another Abu Sayyaf suspect
2003-01-03 Gul Agha gives up military command...
2003-01-03 Riyadh: Linchpin to a new religious order
2003-01-03 US Will Liberate Iraq, Says Bush
2003-01-03 Victory Scrimmage
2003-01-03 Laskar-e-Taiba wants to rename the planets
2003-01-03 Maskhadov: martyrs will be used until Russia withdraws
2003-01-03 Bangla committed to fighting terror
2003-01-03 "Send In The Marines!"
2003-01-03 High security at Ahmed Zaoui hearing
2003-01-03 Saddam should consider exile: US
2003-01-03 Low turnout for anti-American protests in Pakistan
2003-01-03 More Troops Head To Gulf
2003-01-03 Tallahassee Democrat reporter suspended for e-mail criticizing Arabs
2003-01-03 Those 'mysterious' pamphlets are back...
2003-01-04 Three Iraqi sites bombed
2003-01-04 Scores of Yemeni students arrested under pretext of terrorism links
2003-01-04 Saudi prisoners suspected of al-Qaeda links on hunger strike
2003-01-04 Arrests in Egypt linked to upcoming Iraq war
2003-01-04 Is Al Qaida Using Saudi Arabia For Shelter?
2003-01-04 Frenchies toss Algerian thug's brother
2003-01-04 Transfer of Yemeni Suspect To Sanaa for Cross-Examination
2003-01-04 Basayev’s associate killed in Chechnya
2003-01-04 U.S. sez it'll follow bad guys into Pakland...
2003-01-04 Israeli Troops Blow Up Islamic Jihad leader’s House
2003-01-04 Philippines military operation in Muslim south left hundreds homeless
2003-01-04 Taliban claim to have chemical weapons
2003-01-04 SKor sez to give the North what they want...
2003-01-04 Food riots in Zim...
2003-01-04 Two dead in Venezuela festivities...
2003-01-04 Bush ups rhetoric against Iraq, says Iraq must be 'liberated'
2003-01-04 Five Abus get toe tags in Jolo...
2003-01-04 Israel Expels Prominent British Rights Activist
2003-01-04 Three killed as rivals run gunbattles in Khost
2003-01-04 It's getting pretty hungry in NKor...
2003-01-04 Rebel arrested in Chechnya gives evidence against Zakayev
2003-01-04 Peruvian terrorism laws overturned
2003-01-04 Second cloned baby born...
2003-01-05 Sudan rebels say oil exploration behind govt assault
2003-01-05 Arabs, Pakistanis Crowd Into Canada To Escape US Terrorism Laws
2003-01-05 Samudra Defiant as Trials Loom
2003-01-05 Iran to have women cops on beat
2003-01-05 No Al Qaeda, Taliban Have Entered Pakistan: Qureshi
2003-01-05 Moro Peace Negotiator Gunned Down in Philippines
2003-01-05 EU calls on Sudan not to carry out executions, amputations
2003-01-05 Double boomer attack in Tel Aviv
2003-01-05 Sudan informs USA of dissatisfaction with bilateral ties
2003-01-05 Radio Free Hekmatyar Calls For Jihad
2003-01-05 40 injured in the usual grenade attack...
2003-01-05 56 killed in Algeria...
2003-01-05 Americans ''100 times more savage'' than Iraqis: Safavi
2003-01-05 Pakistan, US Forces Exchange More Heavy Fire
2003-01-05 Iraqi Tribes pose wild card if U.S. fights Saddam
2003-01-05 DAP: Adopt moderate stance on Islam to counter ‘terrorist hotbed’ label
2003-01-05 North Korean Army on "High Alert"
2003-01-05 US 'regime change' will not stop in Baghdad: Iranian FM
2003-01-05 Russian deputy FM: Iran not part of 'evil axis'
2003-01-06 Al-Qaeda missile swap suspects agree to extradiction
2003-01-06 Mass arrests follow destruction of puppet government buidings in Chechnya
2003-01-06 India Plans Legislation to Curb Madrasahs, Mosques
2003-01-06 Egypt foils terrorist operations against foreign interests
2003-01-06 Al-Aqsa sez they did the booming...
2003-01-06 More false documents in the pipe...
2003-01-06 Saddam Stepping Down Will Not Prevent War: Analysts
2003-01-06 Trial ruling on Bali suspect
2003-01-06 Suspects in HK al Qaeda case agree to U.S. extradition
2003-01-06 Kuwait tries four for links to al-Qaeda
2003-01-06 Commentary: Is indifference to the fate of the Palestinians growing?
2003-01-06 Israel Falls-Out with Britain over Palestinian Travel Ban
2003-01-06 Ivorian rebels attack French troops
2003-01-06 Jordan Upholds Death Sentence for US-Born Muslim Activist
2003-01-06 Top U.S. Military to Meet in Germany
2003-01-06 On our side...
2003-01-06 CIA hit squad accused of London assassination
2003-01-06 Army Reserves alerted for Iraq
2003-01-06 Khost Road Blocked For Strict Checking
2003-01-06 Ark Royal heads for Gulf
2003-01-06 Tanzim cell from Nablus carried out TA Bombing
2003-01-06 Militia In Baghdad Conducting War Games
2003-01-06 Road to Baghdad Goes Through Tel Aviv
2003-01-06 US Navy Dispatches Hospital Ship To The Gulf
2003-01-06 Saddam accuses UN experts of 'spying'
2003-01-07 Ivory Coast rebels bitch because Frenchies are killing them...
2003-01-07 NKor continues ranting and spewing spittle...
2003-01-07 Israel Retailiates With Curfews, Travels Bans And Raids
2003-01-07 Russia welcomes Kazakhstan's decision to extradite Chechen
2003-01-07 ''Five infiltrators'' story was bogus...
2003-01-07 Lawyers want Bali trials moved
2003-01-07 High-profile Muslim shot dead in Canada
2003-01-07 E-mail from Ayman...
2003-01-07 Sydney Muslim leader faces charges
2003-01-07 Nuclear balance to tilt in India's favour after US help
2003-01-07 UK: Terror Suspects Arrested In Connection With Ricin Poison
2003-01-07 Iraqi FM's visit to Tehran cancelled
2003-01-07 Canadian Activist Dies in Crash in Iraq
2003-01-07 Zakayev sez the Russers will kill him if they get him...
2003-01-07 Aide of Bin Laden Dies in Eastern Afghanistan
2003-01-07 U.S. Sending Iraq Battle Staff to Gulf
2003-01-07 Strategy of terror...
2003-01-07 We Kill Our Rebels The Israeli Way, Says Russia
2003-01-07 Bamiyan governor rejects thug as security chief...
2003-01-07 Moby Weighs In
2003-01-07 Abu al-Abbas in Cairo
2003-01-08 Train 93! Passengers subdue man armed with knife who threatens to kill Americans
2003-01-08 Court: U.S. Can Hold Citizens as Enemy Combatants
2003-01-08 British Jet fighters head to Mid-East
2003-01-08 Ricin 'asylum seekers'
2003-01-08 Saddam Says Troops Unbeatable, if Well Supplied
2003-01-08 Turkey eyes northern Iraqi oil
2003-01-08 Libya makes US beauty "Special Envoy"
2003-01-08 U.N.: Congolese Rebels Practicing Cannibalism
2003-01-08 Mullah Raketi released from durance vile...
2003-01-08 Iraqi oil minister forced out
2003-01-08 Three more sought in ricin hunt
2003-01-08 Iraq renews spy charge against UN experts