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2006-03-09 Down Under
Oz govt to consider deprogramming terrorists
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Posted by Fred 2006-03-09 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [307 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Deprogramming is best accomplished via an icepick through the eye socket.
Posted by ed 2006-03-09 00:29||   2006-03-09 00:29|| Front Page Top

#2 The Yemenis tried deprogramming captive terrorists, and found many got back into the game after the "cure."
Posted by Listen To Dogs 2006-03-09 00:36||   2006-03-09 00:36|| Front Page Top

dittoes ed, pithing be the way.

/and no Ima not lisping!
Posted by RD 2006-03-09 00:47||   2006-03-09 00:47|| Front Page Top

#4 2000 mics
beat the crap out of them and throw them out nude in the snow to wander a bit
200 mics every morning for 5 years.

Posted by 3dc 2006-03-09 00:59||   2006-03-09 00:59|| Front Page Top

#5 2000 mics
beat the crap out of them and throw them out nude in the snow to wander a bit
200 mics every morning for 5 years.


tune in, turn on, Crap out forever. LOL!
Posted by RD 2006-03-09 01:05||   2006-03-09 01:05|| Front Page Top

#6 PC idiocy.
Posted by phil_b">phil_b  2006-03-09 02:06||]">[]  2006-03-09 02:06|| Front Page Top

#7 Hot lead, applied liberally, is the only sure fire method.
Posted by Rex Mundi 2006-03-09 02:15||   2006-03-09 02:15|| Front Page Top

#8 This kind of deprograming/reprograming works on people who get brainwashed by cults. That isn't the problem here and it will not work. It's also very close to crossing the "torture" line it's self in certain instances.

It is useless against the mental disease these types have. 500 mics of chlorpromazine at meals and a 1000 mics at bed time. Close supervision in a locked down facility . No outside trips. No visitors. No lawyers, Sciencetologists or Imams allowed to visit.
Posted by SPoD 2006-03-09 03:51||]">[]  2006-03-09 03:51|| Front Page Top

#9 I agree with SPoD. This is a silly idea which has no factual basis. Note to Mr Downer and Mr Keelty: There are no respected clerics who've reformed. Either they're now apostates or you've been duped. And you might as well prepare to be further duped repeatedly - this will be the most popular program imaginable among the now-jailed jihadists. A sucker's born every minute.
Posted by hunter 2006-03-09 05:00||   2006-03-09 05:00|| Front Page Top

#10 The Soddies pronounced their deprogramming successful...just before the Abaqaiq oil facility nearly blew.
Posted by Seafarious">Seafarious  2006-03-09 07:16||   2006-03-09 07:16|| Front Page Top

#11 Start with the motor functions.
Posted by gromgoru 2006-03-09 07:28||   2006-03-09 07:28|| Front Page Top

#12 The Yemenis tried deprogramming captive terrorists, and found many got back into the game after the "cure."

Actually, the Yemenis in charge of the "deprogramming" were also the ones in charge of tunneling the jihadis out of prison.
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2006-03-09 07:35||]">[]  2006-03-09 07:35|| Front Page Top

#13 I suggest ham-stringing(cut Achealies tendon,I think},see how much trouble they can get into crwawling around on thier hands and knees?
Posted by raptor 2006-03-09 10:39||   2006-03-09 10:39|| Front Page Top

#14 Deprogramming works, if you know how to do the Chinese water torture right.

It's more of an art than an exact science.
Posted by Anonymoose 2006-03-09 10:46||   2006-03-09 10:46|| Front Page Top

#15 wretchard has an excellent post about this subject at his blog
Posted by tipper 2006-03-09 10:54||   2006-03-09 10:54|| Front Page Top

#16 ┬áStart with the motor functions.

Autonomic, more like.

Deprogramming a computer is easily attained by doing a bit-wipe whereby all registers, buffers, memory blocks, toggles and flags are reset to zero. A similar approach should work splendidly with terrorists. Most people just happen to call it a lobotomy. Any long shank screwdriver should work right fine.
Posted by Zenster 2006-03-09 11:48||   2006-03-09 11:48|| Front Page Top

#17 This idea is more evidence that the West is having a really tough time accepting the reality of the situation regarding Moslem extremists. They want to believe it can be fixed somehow, and that the jihadiis can be reformed. After all, who wouldn't want to live the way we do?

Well, guess who?
Posted by ex-lib 2006-03-09 11:48||   2006-03-09 11:48|| Front Page Top

#18 EEPROM's are erased with sufficiently high voltage. Should work with Jihadis too. Remember to keep the amperage high as well.
Posted by DMFD 2006-03-09 18:42||   2006-03-09 18:42|| Front Page Top

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