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2006-03-09 Bangladesh
2,000 Muslim Men Protest Against Acid Attacks
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Posted by Jackal 2006-03-09 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [279 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Apostates all.
Posted by hunter 2006-03-09 04:51||   2006-03-09 04:51|| Front Page Top

#2 I see...the 13 year old child spurned the sexual advances of a pedophile. She says no and the adult throws acid.

Well at least 2000 real, sane, courageous muslim men stood up.
Posted by anymouse">anymouse  2006-03-09 10:00||   2006-03-09 10:00|| Front Page Top

#3 One can’t help but view this event as a positive primarily because cultural self-analysis in the Muslim world is almost non-existent. Non-compliance to the ideology is considered heresy and therefore forbidden. Which makes it so courageous for this group to publicly call for a remedy to this antiquated custom. The civilized world considers tolerance of this barbarism as analogous to female genital mutilation and honor killing. It should give all (including the multi-culturists) an outside perspective about a society where some are compelled to organize a protest to declare that “Acid-Baths” are a bad thing?
Posted by DepotGuy 2006-03-09 10:32||   2006-03-09 10:32|| Front Page Top

#4 The only way to combat such violence is with violence. Even a small vigilante group that would do something horrible to a dozen of these acid-throwers, and get away with it, would halt most of it.

The trick is to find something that utterly terrifies the boogers as a torturous pain. Something that utterly humiliates them, but more, scares the others just by reading about it.

Maybe castration, with their testicles sewn into their mouths so that they suffocate. It depends on the culture what works best.
Posted by Anonymoose 2006-03-09 10:44||   2006-03-09 10:44|| Front Page Top

#5 Good for these men. And I do mean men. The acid-throwers just happen to have testicles.
Posted by Matt 2006-03-09 13:55||   2006-03-09 13:55|| Front Page Top

#6 A total of 268 people, mostly women, were attacked with acid last year in Bangladesh, a male-dominated, traditional society, according to the Acid Survivors’ Foundation, which sponsored the rally.

Learn somin' new here at RB every day. Who knew there was such a Foundation? I knew about the acid attacks, though, so I'm not surprised there's some Foundation out there fighting this. Good for these MEN and women, to me it's actually encouraging.
Posted by BA 2006-03-09 14:20||   2006-03-09 14:20|| Front Page Top

#7 "Only impotent men throw acid" Something like that?
Posted by trailing wife 2006-03-09 14:21||   2006-03-09 14:21|| Front Page Top

#8 Bump our aid to Bangladesh by one million dollars. Target the money for plastic surgery clinics to rehabilitate all the women victims. Air drop high quality condoms over the demonstration area. Do what it takes to reward these brave people in a conspicuous manner.
Posted by Zenster 2006-03-09 16:34||   2006-03-09 16:34|| Front Page Top

#9 I don't want to seem like a pessimist, but maybe they demonstrated because the practice is becoming more widespread, and (after seeing the end results on their children and women) they just don't want it happening to THEM. Hope it's better than that.
Posted by ex-lib 2006-03-09 16:46||   2006-03-09 16:46|| Front Page Top

#10 No matter the lunacy of the dogma, there are always some portion of the public that have feelings and react humanely.
That doesn't stop Islam from being pedophile heaven. Nor does it force Islam to reform. Their women are doomed unless and until we remove this cancer, Islam from the earth.
Posted by wxjames 2006-03-09 20:53||   2006-03-09 20:53|| Front Page Top

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