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2006-03-14 Israel-Palestine-Jordan
Israeli bulldozer begins breaking into Jericho prison wall
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Posted by 3dc 2006-03-14 05:38|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [840 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 I'd pay to watch this.
Posted by phil_b">phil_b  2006-03-14 05:44||]">[]  2006-03-14 05:44|| Front Page Top

#2 more info from

Israel Defense Forces troops on Tuesday surrounded the prison in the West Bank city of Jericho where five Palestinian militants are jailed over the assassination of minister Rehavam Ze'evi in 2001.

IDF sources said the raid was being carried out in order to transfer the prisoners to an Israeli prison.

The five include Ahmed Saadat, the leader of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, believed to have been the one who ordered the killing of Ze'evi in a Jerusalem hotel.

One of the five said Tuesday that the group would not surrender.

"Our prison is surrounded on all sides by Israelis. They are asking us over loudspeaker to come out," Ahed Abu Ghoulmi, one of the targeted prisoners, told The Associated Press by telephone. "We will not come out under any circumstances."

The IDF troops were also demanding the surrender of Fuad Shobaki, the alleged mastermind of an illegal weapons shipment to the Palestinian Authority in 2002.

Dozens of prisoners in their underwear came of the prison building, where they were being searched and blindfolded by IDF troops. Some of them were taken away. None of them appeared to be the six targeted men.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said last week that he was prepared to free Saadat, drawing an angry response from Israel. Abbas also said last year that he planned to release Saadat, but did not.

Saadat and the others, also members of the PFLP, have been held in the jail under international supervision since 2002.

Using a loudspeaker, the troops called on the militants in the jail to come out and surrender themselves.

Sami Musallam, the governor of Jericho, said Tuesday morning that he had been told Saadat was still in his cell and that IDF troops were trying to snatch him.

The IDF troops exchanged limited fire with Palestinian forces at the jail. A large number of Palestinians gathered outside the prison grounds, some throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the IDF troops. Army vehicles at the scene also came under fire, but no soldiers were hurt.

A senior Palestinian official said that IDF forces had killed a Palestinian guard in clashes around the prison. A Palestinian security source later said that a Palestinian prisoner had also been killed.

Tawfiq Tirawi, head of Palestinian intelligence in the West Bank, told Reuters that IDF bulldozers were trying to tear down the prison walls.

American and British monitors supervising Saadat's detention left the prison before the arrival of the IDF soldiers.

Abbas later said that the British and American monitors bore "full responsibility" for the raid.

Khaleda Jarar, a PFLP legislator, said she was on the phone to one of the inmates, Ahed Abu Ghoulmi, at the time of the IDF operation.

She said Abu Ghoulmi told her all five PFLP prisoners were in their cells when the troops entered. She said the soldiers called on the prisoners over loudspeakers to come out of their cells, and that the line with Abu Ghoulmi
was cut at that time.

The PFLP has Marxist roots and opposes peace talks with Israel. The group, which was at the forefront of air hijackings in the 1960s and 1970s, is part of Abbas' umbrella Palestine Liberation Organization.

The Israel Prison Service raised its level of alert in prisons containing Palestinian prisoners Tuesday, fearing riots in the wake of the Jericho operation.
Posted by 3dc 2006-03-14 06:07||   2006-03-14 06:07|| Front Page Top

#3 after the American and British monitors guarding the prison under an international agreement signed by the Palestinian Authority abandoned their watch.

WTF? What happened? Orders from the State Department?
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2006-03-14 07:31||]">[]  2006-03-14 07:31|| Front Page Top

#4 D-9 to the rescue! D-9 to the rescue!
Posted by 6 2006-03-14 08:17||   2006-03-14 08:17|| Front Page Top

#5 WTF? What happened?

preparing the battlespace.
Posted by lotp 2006-03-14 08:49||   2006-03-14 08:49|| Front Page Top

#6 the pals are reading it that way - theyve attacked a Brit cultural office in Gaza.
Posted by liberalhawk 2006-03-14 09:33||   2006-03-14 09:33|| Front Page Top

#7 Acoording to Jlem Post the operation is called "Pay a Visit".
Posted by gromgoru 2006-03-14 10:12||   2006-03-14 10:12|| Front Page Top

#8 Is a guy named Joshua driving it?
Posted by mojo">mojo  2006-03-14 10:19||   2006-03-14 10:19|| Front Page Top

#9 Joshua is on the klaxon. Samson is handling the walls.
Posted by Thineter Unoluting1901 2006-03-14 10:25||   2006-03-14 10:25|| Front Page Top

#10 British and American monitors bore "full responsibility" for the raid

Blame.. blame.. blame.. nah.. nah.. nah.. and why exactly did they quit? dssatisfied with the levity of the regime perchance? Grow some kahunas you f*cktards..
Posted by Howard UK 2006-03-14 10:39||   2006-03-14 10:39|| Front Page Top

Ding-dong. Land shark. Open up.
Posted by Master of Obvious 2006-03-14 10:45||   2006-03-14 10:45|| Front Page Top

#12 Land Shark:
"Candygram for Mrs."
Posted by bigjim-ky 2006-03-14 11:03||   2006-03-14 11:03|| Front Page Top

#13 Ding dong ... Pancakegram.

Mahmoud Abbas ordered Sadaat freed before he set out for Europe

Sounds like Abbas might be getting ready to fly the coop.
Posted by Zenster 2006-03-14 11:36||   2006-03-14 11:36|| Front Page Top

#14 British Foreign Minister explained situtaion in Parliament.

Quite outrageous.

Under the Ramallah accord, PA was obliged to let the monitors conduct cell searches. The reality was far from that. The US/UK monitors were confined to the roof of a building where they observed the so called prisoners via binoculars.

The men were not to have cell phones and to have restricted vistors.
Well, one of them ran an election campaign from jail.

PA has been totally dishonest and incompetant in this matter.

Brits ordered observers out when it became clear that Israel was about to strike.

Posted by john 2006-03-14 12:31||   2006-03-14 12:31|| Front Page Top

#15 breaking news:

paleos are seething.
Posted by RD 2006-03-14 12:36||   2006-03-14 12:36|| Front Page Top

#16 PA has been totally dishonest and incompetant in this matter.

I thought my surprise meter twitched, but it was just a truck passing by the building.
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2006-03-14 12:53||]">[]  2006-03-14 12:53|| Front Page Top

#17 the only way this would be better is if Rachel Corrie had a twin sister....
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2006-03-14 13:23||   2006-03-14 13:23|| Front Page Top

#18 Update from FoxNews website...

Six Palestinian militants holed up inside a Palestinian prison surrendered to Israeli forces Tuesday, almost 10 hours after soldiers using helicopters, tanks and bulldozers raided the compound to seize militants who killed an Israeli Cabinet minister.

The militants who surrendered included Ahmed Saadat, leader of a radical PLO faction and mastermind of the 2001 assassination of the minister, the Israeli military said.

Israel's West Bank commander, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, said 15 other militants also were arrested in the raid.

As the militants surrendered, some 15,000 Palestinians led by dozens of gunmen firing in the air marched in Gaza City to protest the raid. The demonstrators, chanting anti-American and anti-Israeli slogans, marched toward the Palestinian parliament building.

Palestinian security forces rounded up foreigners for their protection throughout the day after Palestinian gunmen kidnapped nine foreigners to protest the raid.

A police-escorted convoy of vans carrying 15 foreigners sped through Gaza City on Tuesday, heading to the Gaza-Israel border crossing.

Some journalists were in the vans, along with an American couple and their three children. Three Palestinian police vehicles led the way.
Posted by Chetle Omath7541 2006-03-14 13:24||   2006-03-14 13:24|| Front Page Top

#19 #18 - "an American couple and their three children"

They took their children into that retarded murder-worshiping hellhole? Now that's just child abuse - and child endangerment.

Those poor kids should be taken away while there's still a chance for them to grow up half-way normal.

Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2006-03-14 16:24||]">[]  2006-03-14 16:24|| Front Page Top

#20 #6 - "they've attacked a Brit cultural office in Gaza"

The Brits have a cultural office in Gaza?

Establishing a cultural office someplace presupposes both populations have a culture. The only "culture" the paleos have is murder-worship.

What a complete waste of the British taxpayers' money. :-(
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2006-03-14 16:28||]">[]  2006-03-14 16:28|| Front Page Top

#21 natural selection in action.
Posted by 2b 2006-03-14 16:28||   2006-03-14 16:28|| Front Page Top

#22 "Ahed Abu Ghoulmi, one of the targeted prisoners, told The Associated Press by telephone. "We will not come out under any circumstances."
"Six Palestinian militants holed up inside a Palestinian prison surrendered to Israeli forces"
You've really got to admire these Brave Lions of Islam™ - living up to their word and martyring themselves for their cause.

Oh, wait....

Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2006-03-14 16:37||]">[]  2006-03-14 16:37|| Front Page Top

#23 "The only "culture" the paleos have is murder-worship."

Now thats silly. I dont know that theyve invented anything in Pal, since Pal language and customs really arent any different from Syrian - im not arguing for an independent Pal culture in that sense - but they do have music, architecture, etc. They were gonna have a theater festival i think, in Kalkilyah, but Hamas stopped it.

It really isnt necessary to say silly things about the Pals in order to justify Israels right to defend itself from terror. That right is quite strong enough on its own.

Posted by liberalhawk 2006-03-14 17:39||   2006-03-14 17:39|| Front Page Top

#24 Boy. And I thought my shul's Purim shpiel was elaborate.
Posted by Penguin 2006-03-14 17:41||   2006-03-14 17:41|| Front Page Top

#25 the only way this would be better is if Rachel Corrie had a twin sister
That's not funny, that's sick. No, wait... that's funny and sick!
Posted by 6 2006-03-14 18:05||   2006-03-14 18:05|| Front Page Top

#26 As Jack Nicholson said in The Shining, "Here's Yohnny!"
Posted by Captain America 2006-03-14 18:37||   2006-03-14 18:37|| Front Page Top

#27 Singing, "and the walls came a tumbling down."

Got to love it. Now if they will only be good enough to drive them through the Iranian nuke plants. I'd pay to see that.

Also, Arab-Israeli Knesset Member Azmi Bishara also slammed the IDF operation. "It's like gang activity and a wanted-dead-or-alive style of operation,"

Gee, wasn't that the point....?
Posted by Icerigger 2006-03-14 18:51||   2006-03-14 18:51|| Front Page Top

#28 #25 the only way this would be better is if Rachel Corrie had a twin sister
That's not funny, that's sick. No, wait... that's funny and sick!

Posted by 6 2006-03-14 18:05

hey, I try :-)~

Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2006-03-14 19:32||   2006-03-14 19:32|| Front Page Top

#29 Oh right you are LH, the Paleos are renowned for their innovative architecture, music, theatre and... errr, no they're not!

Barbara is 100% correct and you are completely wrong. The Paleos have contributed absolutely nothing to society at large, unless you consider airline hijacking and suicide attacks against civilians to be "contributions".

In fact, there is no Paleo culture or civilization because the Paleos are not a people. It's just a label made up to mask the fact that they're simply a rabble of Jew-hating sub-human savages used as proxies in the illegal war against Zionism, left over from the tatters of British mandate Trans-Jordan and the previous Arab-Israeli wars (wars of aggression initiated by Muslims *spit*). So-called Palestinians are actually Lebanese, Jordanians, or Egyptians. They should be recognized as such, and deported to their native contries -- or killed wholesale, if they choose to continue their futile agression against Israel.
Posted by Scooter McGruder 2006-03-14 20:10||   2006-03-14 20:10|| Front Page Top

#30 #23 - "they do have music, architecture, etc"

I have no doubt that there are people living in paleoland who don't want to murder all the Jews in the world, but we never hear from them, do we? (Yeah, I know - they'd like to still be alive tomorrow.)

But since ALL they ever show the world is their love of Jew-murder, I find it really hard to think they might have any other culture.

Maybe if they quit whining and demanding and sucking off everyone else and actually tried to run a real country and WORK for a living instead of expending all their energy thinking of new ways to sneak some clown into Israel to kill another few Jews, I'd be interested in saying something nice about them.

You know, there's a good reason that none of their Arab brethern - who told the paleo Arabs to leave Israel in the first place while the other surrounding arabs killed all the Jews for them, and are therefore equally responsible that the paleo Arabs are "refugee" after more than half a century - refuse to let any of them in any of the surrounding Arab countries.
Posted by  Barbara Skolaut"> Barbara Skolaut  2006-03-14 20:16||]">[]  2006-03-14 20:16|| Front Page Top

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