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2007-04-06 Home Front: Politix
Florida Lets Most Felons Regain Voting Rights
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Posted by Fred 2007-04-06 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6471 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Hail thug rule? Law and order the end of the 42nd generation? 59th level of sin?
Posted by newc">newc  2007-04-06 02:34||   2007-04-06 02:34|| Front Page Top

#2 P.S. I know that alot of people in jail are also pretty decent.
Posted by newc">newc  2007-04-06 02:36||   2007-04-06 02:36|| Front Page Top

#3 Florida has as many as 950,000 disenfranchised ex-offenders

Roughly 1 in 12 of the voting age population. Sure, I guess it could be as many as 16 million which is the total population.
Posted by Shipman">Shipman  2007-04-06 04:53||   2007-04-06 04:53|| Front Page Top

#4 And they will vote for whoever is softest on crime.
Posted by Sneaze 2007-04-06 05:42||   2007-04-06 05:42|| Front Page Top

#5 They should NEVER get the vote back. What these fools have done is allow an overwhelmingly Democrat-favoring polity to further infect an already sick state. The criminologists believe that the average criminal commits 16 felony crimes before he ever spends the first day behind bars. I think that if you're bad enough that the justice system actually sends you to PRISON, you're too bad to ever regain your right to vote. If criminals are unhappy about losing their voting rights, they should have considered the consequences before they committed the criminal act.
Posted by Mac 2007-04-06 07:03||   2007-04-06 07:03|| Front Page Top

#6 I'm conflicted by this. 10 years ago I would have been in the boat against any of it, but as legislatures have up'ed the penalties on such offensives like DUI as felonies because they'd rather show that they're doing something rather than rigorously enforcing existing statutes, we starting to make less offenses into capital cases. There's a lot in the bunch that have forfeited their right, but there are others who are hammered because of posturing politicians needing recognition for reelection.
Posted by Procopius2k 2007-04-06 08:49||   2007-04-06 08:49|| Front Page Top

#7 How long before one of the felons goes to court and says "If I can vote, I ought to be allowed to have a gun, too..."
Posted by M. Murcek">M. Murcek  2007-04-06 10:40||   2007-04-06 10:40|| Front Page Top

#8 Felons who have been released from prison have paid their dues to society. We want them to become law-abiding, correct? As they demonstrate they can do that, they should have the rewards that come with being a law-abiding citizen, including the right to vote.

I distinguish the usual versus the most serious felons -- murderers, pedophiles, etc. can be put into a special class who never regain their voting rights.

I'm willing to support this, though I'd use voting rights as a carrot -- keep your nose clean for a couple of years after release from prison, and you get to vote.
Posted by Steve White">Steve White  2007-04-06 10:41||   2007-04-06 10:41|| Front Page Top

#9 And replace lethal injection with one of those coin-op pony rides outside the grocery store. What the heck...
Posted by M. Murcek">M. Murcek  2007-04-06 10:41||   2007-04-06 10:41|| Front Page Top

#10 No, Steve, they haven't completely paid their dues to society. They may have atoned for the crime they were caught committing but simply by committing the crime they displayed egregiously bad judgment.

In addition, they cost the citizenry money and time in finding them and locking them up. They've also contributed to the climate of fear that has Americans spending TWICE AS MUCH on PRIVATE security as we spend on all American official police forces combined. Anyone with judgment poor enough to reinforce all those bad things does not deserve a voice in electing the people who will represent us. We do a good enough job of electing crooks on our own even without having the officially designated crooks able to play.
Posted by Mac 2007-04-06 11:15||   2007-04-06 11:15|| Front Page Top

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