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2006-02-20 India-Pakistan
Uttar Pradesh (India) minister issues bounty for beheading cartoonists
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Posted by Dan Darling 2006-02-20 03:35|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [652 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Well, here we go again. This stupid politacian in India is acting as if India is a Islamic country when only about 15% of the population is muslims.
Posted by Annon 2006-02-20 05:34||   2006-02-20 05:34|| Front Page Top

#2 It has been reported that the Indian IB (Intelligence Bureau - responsible for internal security) believes the Chief Minister of UP to be in the employ of the ISI. These UP muslim politicians have also recieved funding from Saudi.

Given that law and order is primarily a state matter, this minister is unlikely to lose his job unless the Federal goverenment steps in.
Posted by john 2006-02-20 06:22||   2006-02-20 06:22|| Front Page Top

#3 I've long thought that turn around is fair play.
You issue a death warrant, one will be issued against you.
The problem is that it can't be a government initiative. What need to be done is to somehow set up an anonymous group, who can't be traced, but that donations can be made to, and then the bounty hunters can do their business.
I'm sure that that after a few of the issuers of death fatwas are deaded, the inclination to issue more by mad mullahs or government officials will cease.
Posted by tipper 2006-02-20 11:34||   2006-02-20 11:34|| Front Page Top

#4 Time to press charges for solicitation of murder and murder for hire against this nuck fugget. If India's federal government cannot do this, then they're not much of a power.

Wouldn't it be nice if Qureshi et al mysteriously turned up dead with cartoons jammed in various orifices?
Posted by Zenster 2006-02-20 11:36||   2006-02-20 11:36|| Front Page Top

#5 There are muslims ministers in the Indian Federal Cabinet on multiple charges of attempted murder, rape, banditry, coorruption, theft.

The ruling coaltion includes some truly revolting characters - unreconstructed marxists (some with allegiance to China), so called secualrists (who are really just anti-american liberals) and common criminals.

The Indian PM has issued a memo that ministers can send their civil service officials to cabinet meetings instead of attending themselves. He simply doesn't want to be in the same room with some of them.

Communal politics, and the need to remain in power, will dictate the federal response to this.
Unless pressure continues to build, nothing will happen to the UP government.

Ideally they can dismiss the lot of them and impose Presidential rule but that is very unlikely.

Posted by john 2006-02-20 14:28||   2006-02-20 14:28|| Front Page Top

#6 What tipper and zenster said.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2006-02-20 15:10||]">[]  2006-02-20 15:10|| Front Page Top

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