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2006-05-23 Home Front: Culture Wars
WND : Google dumps news sites that criticize radical Islam
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Posted by anonymous5089 2006-05-23 07:25|| || Front Page|| [336103 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Looked at the top given link, I don't see a damn thing wrong with telling the truth, I do NOT see "Hate Speech" only painful truth.
Posted by Redneck Jim 2006-05-23 08:42||   2006-05-23 08:42|| Front Page Top

#2 Lgf had Goggle news trouble too, as mentioned in the article. I wonder why?...
Posted by anonymous5089 2006-05-23 08:46||   2006-05-23 08:46|| Front Page Top

#3 They are wackos at Google. Is there a politically incorret alternative?
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2006-05-23 08:48||   2006-05-23 08:48|| Front Page Top

#4 sad. "They" lost control of the news with the internet and now they are working to control that too. I suppose they will be successful since our governments and universities are complict. We are in for some hard times ahead.
Posted by 2b 2006-05-23 08:48||   2006-05-23 08:48|| Front Page Top

#5 I read those three articles
last one by an Iranian dissident.

Who the hell are Google to moralise and say an ex-Muslim cannot criticise their old religion?

Who is anyone to restrict the free criticism of a belief system? It is now a crime in many European countries and yes, even in Australia under our vilification laws.

Freedom of speech, debate and discussing ideas is dead.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for not vilifying people on the basis of genetic characteristics over which they have no control: race (hair, eye colour), sex (being female/male) or sexuality (born gay, straight or bi).

But it should be CONSTITUTIONALLY protected that people have the right to criticise any and all ideas and belief systems because people can be wrong and people can change.

If someone has a ridiculous religious cult like aum-Shinrikyo, I should be free to criticise and despise it all I want. And even if it is large, followed by many people like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc, the same rules should apply!
Posted by anon1 2006-05-23 09:44||   2006-05-23 09:44|| Front Page Top

#6 Google still carry "news" from indymedia? Htats about as hate filled as you can get.
Posted by Oldspook 2006-05-23 10:06||   2006-05-23 10:06|| Front Page Top

#7 Oh and on that basis - can I start gettingthem to ban all kinds of lefty plcase that attack Catholicism and Christianity? Or those sites that promote islamic violence?

heh. Go looking folks - then hammer Google with the TRUTH to excpose thier political biases.
Posted by Oldspook 2006-05-23 10:07||   2006-05-23 10:07|| Front Page Top

#8 Google is a private company ... you think Rupert Murdoch kind of balences them out. I think so...
Posted by bk 2006-05-23 10:16||   2006-05-23 10:16|| Front Page Top

#9 Not since that billionaire Saudi prince bought 5% or more of the stock in Fox.
Posted by lotp 2006-05-23 10:20||   2006-05-23 10:20|| Front Page Top

#10 You mean the same Mr. Murdoch that is helping Senator Clinton with fundraising?
Posted by Fordesque 2006-05-23 10:46||   2006-05-23 10:46|| Front Page Top

#11 Here's a challenge: there are a lot of conservative techies around. Google's specific text retrieval approaches are patented and in some cases trade secrets, but the field is pretty mature. Maybe it's time for a group of conservatives to fund and put up an unbiased version of Google News.

The issue would be the copyright bit for articles indexed, maybe.
Posted by lotp 2006-05-23 10:49||   2006-05-23 10:49|| Front Page Top

#12 Mr. Murdoch owns Fox. Mr. Clinton was charged by President Bush to raise funds for people,earthquake vistims, etc. Former President Bush was also.
Posted by bk 2006-05-23 11:31||   2006-05-23 11:31|| Front Page Top

#13 And your point is ?
Posted by wxjames 2006-05-23 11:43||   2006-05-23 11:43|| Front Page Top

#14  I can only hope that Mr. Murdoch is backing a loser.
Posted by Mike N. 2006-05-23 12:03||   2006-05-23 12:03|| Front Page Top

#15 bk, Murdoch is helping HILLARY with her campaign fundraising. Different kettle of fish than helping ole Bubba with his humanitarian stuff.
Posted by lotp 2006-05-23 12:20||   2006-05-23 12:20|| Front Page Top

#16 Murdoch is helping HILLARY with her campaign fundraising...

If Hillary runs that should make for some interesting news (and high ratings).

Is Murdoch dumb like a fox?
Posted by Parabellum 2006-05-23 18:57||   2006-05-23 18:57|| Front Page Top

#17 "Mr. Murdoch owns Fox. Mr. Clinton was charged by President Bush to raise funds for people, earthquake vistims, etc. Former President Bush was also."

Mr. Clinton is a former President of the United States. Mrs. Clinton is a current United States Senator from the State of New York. Mr. Murdoch is aiding Senator Clinton in her fundraising.

I am not sure which is the bigger sin for a Rantburg reader, the failure to comprehend what one reads, or political ignorance.
Posted by Fordesque 2006-05-23 19:17||   2006-05-23 19:17|| Front Page Top

#18 The Failed Left > eight years of Bill Clinton in and by itself wiped out any each every and all defects or failures of Leftism-Socialism and aligned in all forms since the beginning of time, thus it should be no surprise that the burden is on America and Rightism-Conservatism, and only the same, to "justify" Leftism for the Lefties, Secularism for the Secularists, Communism and Totalitarianism for the Commies and extreme Absolutists, ...etal. so why not Radical Islam andor general Islam for the Radical Islamists and Muslims. Within this context, the Left > America's and Dubya's utility is to help Radical Iran achieve its nukes and Iran-centric Regional-Global Caliphate, NOT hinder or stop them.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2006-05-23 21:27||   2006-05-23 21:27|| Front Page Top

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