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2009-04-25 India-Pakistan
Pakistan's Defence is Not Yet "Invincible"
By Maj Gen Kulwant Singh, Dr John Hagelin and Dr David Leffler

We respectfully take issue with Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani's assertion that "Pakistan is a strong country with ... invincible defence and nobody can cast an evil eye on it." ("Nuclear assets in safe hands: PM Gilani," Associated Press of Pakistan). Today, the only means to ensure true national security and total national invincibility is to be a nation without enemies. Military strategists everywhere acknowledge that conventional means of defence are powerless to protect the nation against modern destructive technologies: weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, long-range push-button electronic missile technologies, or terrorism. No conventional military or technological defence strategy can safeguard the nation from these offensive technologies. 

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Heightened security, imprisonment, anti-terrorist coalitions, military muscle, asset "freezing," or targeted assassinations have not stopped attacks by religious extremists and unconventional enemies who can hardly be found, much less eliminated. Nor do such strategies eliminate the root causes of violence and terrorism: in fact, they often create more violence, more terrorists, and more loss of innocent lives. Despite advanced technology and the boldness, courage, strength, and intelligence of Pakistan's armed forces, the nation still struggles to eliminate terrorism.

Ultimately, the only way to become truly invincible is not to have any enemies. If there are no internal or external threats, there are no enemies. No enemies, no conflict. In this way, Pakistan would become invincible. But how could such an ideal goal be achieved in Pakistan where tensions are so high? A proven, scientifically verified approach is needed to reduce the tensions which often result in violent extremism.

Despite its advanced technology and valiant efforts, the armed forces of Pakistan struggle to eliminate violent extremism. Violent extremism is a human problem requiring human solutions. The underlying cause of extremist social violence is accumulated social stress. Therefore, to eliminate such social problems, the military needs to reduce the collective societal stress in Pakistan.

Extensive scientific research indicates that the best way to reduce collective societal stress, eliminate extremism and thereby snuff out war and terrorism is to adopt an ancient strategy. In modern times this strategy is called Invincible Defence Technology (IDT) and was revived by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in a non-religious manner. It has been quietly and successfully used by members of many faiths to eliminate conflict in the past.

A Prevention Wing of the Military consisting of 3% of the armed forces of Pakistan could achieve this goal. This special unit would be trained in Invincible Defence Technology and would collectively practice its ancient technologies of consciousness--the Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi programs--in large groups, twice a day.

Extensive research shows that the size of the group needed to reduce social stress in a given population should exceed the square root of 1% of the population size. To calculate this number, multiply the population size by 0.01, and then take the square root of the result. For instance, the population of Pakistan is approximately 165 million: 165,800,000 x 0.01 = 1,658,000, and the square root of 1,658,000 is approximately 1,288, so a group of at least 1,288 IDT experts is needed. (Source: http://www.SquareRootofOnePercent.org)

Studies show that when these thresholds are exceeded, crime goes down, quality of life indices go up, and war and terrorism abate. Scientists named this phenomenon "The Maharishi Effect" in honor of Maharishi, who first predicted it. For instance, a Maharishi Effect intervention was implemented and studied in the US capital of Washington, DC, in 1993. Predictions were lodged in advance with government leaders and newspapers. An independent Project Review Board approved the research protocol. Crime fell 24 percent below expected levels when the group size reached its maximum. Weekend effects, temperature, and previous trends in the data failed to account for changes. These findings were published in Social Indicators Research (1999, vol. 47, 153-201).
Invincible Defense Technology experts in Washington, DC,
Invincible Defence Technology experts gathered in Washington, DC, lowering the crime rate 24%

Over 50 studies have shown that IDT works. The causal mechanism has been postulated to be a field effect of consciousness—a spillover effect on the level of the unified field from the peace-creating group into the larger population. On this basis, a study in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality (2005, vol. 17, #1, pp. 339-373) additionally offers a proposed explanation of causality of IDT in biological terms. Research conducted on the powerful neurotransmitter serotonin shows that it produces feelings of contentment, happiness and even euphoria. Low levels of serotonin, according to research, correlate with violence, aggression, and poor emotional moods. The IDT study showed that higher numbers of IDT experts correlated with a marked increase in serotonin production among other community members. These results were statistically significant and followed the attendance figures in the IDT group. This finding offers a plausible neurophysiologic mechanism to explain reduced hostility and aggression in society at large.
Quality of life in Israel improved and intensity of the conflict in Lebanon decreased

A day-by-day study published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution (1988, vol. 32, #4, pp. 776-812) showed that quality of life in Israel improved and intensity of the conflict in Lebanon decreased in direct proportion to the number of Invincible Defence Technology experts in the coherence-creating group. A short online video featuring Dr John Hagelin, the Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy explains this finding.

IDT has also been documented worldwide in a study published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation (2003, vol. 36., #1-4, 283-302) using data provided by the Rand Corporation. When large assemblies of IDT experts exceeded the Maharishi Effect threshold for the world during the years 1983-1985, deaths due to terrorism globally decreased 72%, international conflict decreased 33%, and violence was reduced in nations throughout the world without intrusion by other governments.

The armed forces of Pakistan are responsible for protecting the nation's citizens, and are obligated to thoroughly examine realistic, scientifically validated methods for ending war and terrorism.

Military members are paid to protect the nation. Ultimately, it is the duty of the armed forces of Pakistan to build a Prevention Wing of the Military and make Pakistan truly invincible.

About the Authors:
Major General (Retd) Kulwant Singh, UYSM, PhD leads an international group of generals and defence experts that advocates Invincible Defence Technology. A list of Dr Singh's publications on the topic of Invincible Defence Technology is available at: http://www.invinciblemilitary.org/about/Maj_Gen_Singh.html.

John Hagelin, PhD is the Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy (ISTPP), an organization in the United States that advocates prevention-oriented technologies. He is a Harvard-trained quantum physicist who won the prestigious Kilby Award, and appeared in the feature films The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? Dr Hagelin also serves as the Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace. He appears in an online video (1:13:00) entitled: Important message for the military. A transcription with full-sized images of this presentation is also available at:

David Leffler, PhD a United States Air Force veteran, is the Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) at the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy. www.StrongMilitary.org. He also serves on the Board of Editors for the Journal of Management & Social Sciences (JMSS) Institute of Business & Technology BIZTEK in Pakistan.

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#1 Quite the long advert for Trancendental Meditation. Still, TM in the AM and the PM would keep the Paksters out of mischief. Except for it being un-Islamic and all.

The link is b0rked, btw.
Posted by SteveS 2009-04-25 17:19||   2009-04-25 17:19|| Front Page Top

#2 I wonder if he can maintain his TM while the Taliban or jihadi removes his head? /s
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