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2009-09-12 Home Front: Politix
Tea Party on the road to Washington event
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Posted by Fred 2009-09-12 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [336069 views ]  Top

#1 It will be interesting to see how many people show up in DC.
Posted by bman">bman  2009-09-12 00:32||   2009-09-12 00:32|| Front Page Top

#2 There are satellite events at all the state capitals for those who can't make it to DC. I'll be at the one in Oregon - steps of the state legislature at 11 . . .
Posted by Clater Brown3431 2009-09-12 09:10||   2009-09-12 09:10|| Front Page Top

#3 So many of the San Antonio Tea Party leadership went to Washington, that the rest of us are going to have a TV watching party at a local sports bar. (Momacks, by McAlister Park, from 11ish to threeish - come on by, if you're in town!
Posted by Sgt. Mom 2009-09-12 09:40||]">[]  2009-09-12 09:40|| Front Page Top

#4 So...will this get the Van Jones treatment from the MSM? Will we here that turnout failed to meet outrageously eggagerated turnout predictions? Will we here that this is all Astroturf driven, complete with moonbat mole claiming to be paid by the VRWC?

What's that old line? Soap box, ballot box, cartrige box. This is step 1. 2010 will be step 2. After that ..................8^(
Posted by AlanC">AlanC  2009-09-12 10:50||   2009-09-12 10:50|| Front Page Top

#5 There was a tea party in in Sacramento about two weeks ago. There were about 10-15k people there, but you would never know that fromthe local papers. 50 people showed up to demonstrate for ILLEGALS rights and it was front page news. They are scared of the tea parties, so keep going and support the causes.
Posted by Cyber Sarge 2009-09-12 11:55||   2009-09-12 11:55|| Front Page Top

#6 Traffic cam shots at Instapundit show a big crowd.
Posted by Black Bart Cloth3767 2009-09-12 12:11||   2009-09-12 12:11|| Front Page Top

#7 Do they get to use the affirmative action math crowd multiplier(tm) to calculate size that the left employs for their propaganda new release to unquestioning fawning MSM? /rhet question
Posted by Procopius2k 2009-09-12 12:31||   2009-09-12 12:31|| Front Page Top

#8 Cyber Sarge, it could be worse. At least your local fishwrapper didn't choose to cover a bird colliding with an office window instead of tea parties/town halls/the ACORN mess like mine did. I kid you not.
Posted by Cornsilk Blondie 2009-09-12 12:31||   2009-09-12 12:31|| Front Page Top

#9 Traffic cams are quiet now. I can't find any access to Mall cams, though. WashingPost's is down for maintenance... since February, it seems.
Posted by Grenter,protector of the Geats 2009-09-12 12:32||   2009-09-12 12:32|| Front Page Top

#10 I walked over to the mall late this morning to check things out and was pretty impressed with the turnout. There were easily several thousand people there if not 10k+ plus, maybe even double that, and they were still pouring in.
Posted by eltoroverde 2009-09-12 12:56||   2009-09-12 12:56|| Front Page Top

#11 12:34pm Eastern: Police estimate 1.2 million in attendance. ABC News reporting crowd at 2 million.

From Michelle Malki's blog.

If even half of that... wow. Big crowd. If I was a congressmen, I would be terrified.
Posted by DarthVader 2009-09-12 14:08||   2009-09-12 14:08|| Front Page Top

#12 Good on 'em for showing up. Hope they don't leave a huge mess behind as the left does at their Save the Earth type gatherings.
Posted by eLarson 2009-09-12 14:33||   2009-09-12 14:33|| Front Page Top

#13 At least your local fishwrapper didn't choose to cover a bird colliding with an office window instead of tea parties/town halls/the ACORN mess like mine did.

Don't feel so bad Cornsilk Blondie: if the bird droppings were in the shape of Dear Leader, it would have been top story in the NYT.
Posted by regular joe 2009-09-12 15:28||   2009-09-12 15:28|| Front Page Top

#14 My wife and I just got back from the DC Tea Party. I don't know how many people were there - my unscientific guess is a LOT. They were supposed to gather at Freedom Park and march to the Capitol at 11:30. We got there about 10, and the march had already started. We never got all the way to the Capitol - we sat by the pool in front. There were people all around the pool, and all the way up to the Capitol building. I didn't see any news trucks, though. There was one helicopter that circled for a while, but I couldn't see if it was a MSM or police copter.
I didn't see a lot of trash on the ground. Some of the waste baskets were overflowing, but that is probably to be expected.
The Metro was jammed.
All in all, a good time (for the participants.) Any congress critter who is not in an absolutely safe seat, like Pelosi, should be worried.
Posted by Rambler in Virginia">Rambler in Virginia  2009-09-12 16:59||   2009-09-12 16:59|| Front Page Top

#15 Photo here
Posted by lotp 2009-09-12 17:38||   2009-09-12 17:38|| Front Page Top

#16 Just got back a little while ago, I'd say there were at least 200,000 there. People were jammed in pretty thick the closer you got to the Capitol. There were some excellent signs...
Posted by IG-88 2009-09-12 19:05||   2009-09-12 19:05|| Front Page Top

#17 Did anyone see this the network news? Any numbers mentioned? I turned it on 3 minutes after the start and saw the tail end of an Obama interview. Watched for another 10 mins w/o any mention of this massive rally.
Posted by ed 2009-09-12 19:08||   2009-09-12 19:08|| Front Page Top

#18 The MSM only covers for their own declining readership and viewership. Their former readership and viewership were there to see for themselves.
Posted by Procopius2k 2009-09-12 19:35||   2009-09-12 19:35|| Front Page Top

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