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2021-07-24 Africa Subsaharan
Nigeria jails 10 pirates over ship hijacking
[AlAhram] A Nigerian court on Friday tossed in the clink
Drop the gat, Rocky, or you're a dead 'un!
10 pirates for 12 years each over the hijacking of a merchant vessel last year, the navy said, in the second such trial under a new anti-piracy law.

The pirates, all of them Nigerian, were convicted of hijacking the Chinese merchant ship FV Hailufeng II in the Gulf of Guinea in 2020.

Kidnap attacks against ships for ransom have become common in the Gulf of Guinea, which runs from Senegal
... a nation of about 14 million on the west coast of Africa bordering Mauretania to the north, Mali to the east, and a pair of Guineas to the south, one of them Bissau. It is 90 percent Mohammedan and has more than 80 political parties. Its primary purpose seems to be absorbing refugees...
to Angola, taking in the southwest coast of Nigeria.

The perpetrators are usually Nigerian pirates.

Judge Ayokunle Faji of the Federal High Court in Lagos said the sentences were intended as a deterrent to others.

As well as the jail terms, he fined each of the men 250,000 naira ($610).

The ruling was "a major victory for Nigeria's new anti-piracy law," said SLearned Elders of Islamn Dahun, a front man for the Nigerian navy which was acting as prosecutor.

The navy rescued 18 crew members on board the Chinese vessel from pirates on May 15, 2020, also arresting their 10 captors.

Last year, Nigeria carried out its first ever trial under a new piracy law adopted in 2019, under which pirates are dubbed economic saboteurs working against the country.

The Gulf of Guinea accounted for more than 95 percent of all maritime kidnappings last year -- 130 out of 135 cases, according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), which monitors security at sea.

There have been 16 acts of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea this year alone, according to the Dryad Global maritime security consultancy.
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#1 Hang'em from the yard arm!
Posted by Skidmark 2021-07-24 00:14||   2021-07-24 00:14|| Front Page Top

#2 I'm asking you 1 of you smarter ppl here to tell me why there has been no escalation of US intervention in Nigeria? Not that I want it, but it seem's to happen everywhere else but there.
Posted by Chris 2021-07-24 02:32||   2021-07-24 02:32|| Front Page Top

#3 ^
Short Answer - Nigeria is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, which is headed by Great Britain and as such the British have quasi-governmental bodies in place to resolve issues facing the Commonwealth of Nations members, Singularly or Jointly.
Posted by Mad Eye Snakes4433 2021-07-24 02:48||   2021-07-24 02:48|| Front Page Top

#4 Map of the Commonwealth of Nations (53 members- map interactive) may help answer other questions. -Good question by the way - your Buddy Snakes.
Posted by Mad Eye Snakes4433 2021-07-24 02:59||   2021-07-24 02:59|| Front Page Top

#5 Fighting the Good Fight Against Covid w/1-eyed spray bottle

Posted by Snake Spins5633 2021-07-24 03:29||   2021-07-24 03:29|| Front Page Top

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