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1 54155305/22/2019Britain's Pro-Brexit Party Is Forecast To Dominate The Upcoming Election And Feelings Will Be Hurt
2 54132105/19/2019With Six Days to go Brexit Party Hits 35 Per Cent While Tories Sink to Single Figures
3 52950312/12/2018Farage: Brexit Deal ‘Won't Pass,' Voters Oppose Agreement 2 to 1
4 51824307/11/2018Teresa May's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Brexit Day
5 50746902/06/2018'YOU'RE IGNORANT' Brit doctors and nurses hit back at Donald Trump after he slammed ‘broke' NHS
6 50744602/06/2018Nigel Farage: Immigration ‘Population Crisis' Causing Problems for Britain's Public Healthcare
7 50668101/27/2018'Finland First' Laura Huhtasaari looking to Brexit model and EU exit
8 49463208/09/2017Farage: 'Biggest Enemy of All That We Face are Those Within Our Ranks'
9 48970406/06/2017Farage says calls for internment camps for terrorist suspects could grow in Britain
10 48963406/05/2017Farage: ‘Words Are Not Enough, People Want Action’
11 48442603/28/2017Fear makes people cling to stereotypes.
12 48197302/24/2017US could become ‘associate member’ of the Commonwealth
13 48139002/16/2017Europe migrant colonist briefs
14 47914101/21/2017Top ‘Brexit' Leader Nigel Farage Joins Fox News
15 47374411/21/2016Queen to invite Trump to Britain for state visit
16 47323411/15/2016Trump will Re-Install Churchill Bust in the Oval Office
17 47234111/07/2016Brexit row may lead to public unrest: Farage
18 47008210/13/2016Trump would be ‘dangerous’ if elected: UN rights chief
19 46913910/02/2016Breitbart: Jihad briefs
20 46779509/18/2016London's Muslim Mayor Tells American Audience Immigrants Shouldn't Assimilate
21 46178607/16/2016Nice attack: European bigotry continues to create divisions and nourish radicalism
22 46054406/30/2016Telegraph Journo Asks Readers To Consider Killing Farage, ‘Like Hitler'
23 46046706/25/2016EU Weenies Thow A Fit, Want UK Out ASAP
24 46020006/23/2016Farage Tells Breitbart: It's Time To Take Our Country Back
25 45615105/16/2016Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson compares EU to Hitler
26 44077201/03/2016Nigel Farage fears he was victim of assassination attempt after motorway crash
27 43544811/14/2015EU chief: Europe would be at war without the EU
28 42841409/03/2015Islamic State Terrorists Caught Crossing Into Europe Posing As Refugees
29 41792305/18/2015ISIS Smuggling Fighters Into Europe Posing As Refugees
30 41762205/15/2015UKIP rocked by Nigel Farage leadership row
31 41505904/14/2015UKIP unveils reforms for British political system
32 41217503/05/2015Nigel Farage: Multiculturalism Made Us €˜Frightened Of Our Own Shadows'
33 39200905/27/2014Cameron Can Have Most Optimism of Farage Quake Victims
34 39074005/08/2014Study: British Voters to Stick with UKIP at 2015 Election
35 38975804/22/2014Ukip posters are 'hard-hitting reflection of reality', says Nigel Farage
36 38968904/21/2014Tory voters defect to UKIP in EU elections: Poll
37 38858004/02/2014Nigel Farage: an anti-politics anti-hero
38 38595202/20/2014European Tea Party Movements On The March
39 36746805/04/2013Ukip is a very British revolution
40 36566904/07/2013Call illegals 'irregulars' says Eurocrat
41 36479803/25/2013Nigel Farage Message To Europeans: "Get Your Money Out While You Can"
42 32764508/08/2011British PM accused of EU referendum ''snub''
43 28820301/18/2010British party seeks ban on Burqa
44 28387111/21/2009UKIP Launches Petition Drive For Referendum On EU Membership
45 27148106/08/2009Conservatives score wins in EU parliament voting
46 25748812/17/2008Nicolas Sarkozy attacks Czech refusal to fly EU flag