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Good morning
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

US drone attack leaves 3 dead in Afghanistan
[Iran Press TV] A US drone attack has left at least three people dead in Afghanistan's eastern province of Kunar.

According to local officials, the Arclight airstrike was carried out in Shonkiri area of the province on Monday. Afghan sources have identified the dead as three Taliban members with Ruritanian Pak nationality.

A similar drone strike in Dangam district of Kunar Province
...one of the four N2KL provinces (Nangarhar, Nuristan, Kunar and Laghman). N2KL is the designation used by US and Coalition Forces for the rugged and very violent region opposite Pakistain's Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Northwest Frontier Province. Kunar is the center of the N2KL region. Its population is 95% Pashtun. It is adjacent to Bajaur Agency..
in late August reportedly killed at least 6 members of pro-Taliban group of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistain (TTP).

Separate Arclight airstrikes by US-led foreign troops left at least 17 people killed in eastern Afghanistan last week.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [3 views] Top||

Blast in Mazar Kills 2 NDS Personnel
[Tolo News] At least two National Directorate of Security
...the Afghan national intel agency...
(NDS) personnel were killed and one other maimed near the Balkh Gate in Mazar-e-Sharif City, capital of Balkh province on Monday, an eyewitness said.

Eyewitnesses say that the incident occurred at around 4 p.m. when residents saw what they believed was a suspicious abandoned bicycle near the Balkh Gate. Those wary of the bike contacted security forces to inspect the bicycle and when the NDS personnel arrived to the scene, explosives detonated.

As the result of blast two NDS personnel killed and another maimed.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

41 Taliban Insurgents Killed in ANSF Operations
[Tolo News] At least 41 Talibs including their leaders were killed in the past 24 hours during a nationwide operation led by the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said in a statement on Monday.

Six murderous Moslems were maimed and 24 others nabbed
Drop the rod and step away witcher hands up!
during the raids.

"Within the past 24 hours, the Afghan army, police and intelligence agency carried out several operations in Helmand
...an Afghan province populated mostly by Pashtuns, adjacent to Injun country in Pak Balochistan...
, Zabul, Kandahar, Laghman, Uruzgan, Ghazni, Nangarhar
The unfortunate Afghan province located adjacent to Mohmand, Kurram, and Khyber Agencies. The capital is Jalalabad. The province was the fief of Younus Khalis after the Soviets departed and one of his sons is the current provincial Taliban commander. Nangarhar is Haqqani country..
, Takhar and Paktika
...which coincidentally borders South Wazoo...
provinces to rid them of murderous Moslems," the statement read.

The ANSF seized several weapons during the raids and defused two improvised bombs (IED) in Nangarhar and Helmand provinces.

The statement did not provide details about the number of ANSF casualties.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [2 views] Top||

Africa North
Six alleged militants killed in Egypt's Rafah
[Al Ahram] Six hard boyz were killed and ten placed in durance vile
Please don't kill me!
in North Sinai late Sunday, state news agency MENA reported.

Security sources said the raid targeted areas of South Rafah.

Egyptian security forces have stepped up their attacks against bad boys, especially in the Sinai Peninsula, after attacks targeting police and soldiers escalated following the ouster of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

Over 500 security forces have been reported killed since last year.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [3 views] Top||

Two Decapitated Bodies Found In Northern Sinai
[IsraelTimes] The decapitated bodies of two men were found by Egyptian security forces in a desert area in the northern Sinai peninsula early Sunday morning, days after a Sinai terrorist group announced it had beheaded four Egyptian men who they claimed had spied for Israel.

The two men had been kidnapped by unknown assailants a day before their bodies were discovered, residents of Rafah told Rooters' Egyptian website, Aswat Masriya.

On Friday, villagers in Rafah, on the border with Gazoo, discovered the beheaded corpse of a 23-year-old man who eyewitnesses said was kidnapped on Thursday near his house by gunnies driving an SUV, Aswat Masriya reported.

The severed head was reportedly placed in the mortuary of a nearby hospital as Egyptian police worked with local rustics in the restive peninsula to identify the perpetrators.

In a video released Thursday, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis
...Supporters of Jerusalem, the current pen name of al-Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula...
grabbed credit for the execution and said the young man and three others had provided intelligence to Israel's Mossad agency.

The video showed men in black masks beheading the accused collaborators as they knelt on the ground, according to Rooters.

The terror group said that the men provided intelligence to Israel used in a July Arclight airstrike on northern Sinai, in which three Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis fighters were killed. The Egyptian army said at the time of the strike that no Israeli aircraft had been in Egyptian airspace.

Two of the executed men served time in Israeli jails for smuggling, and two had said the Mossad had paid them for information, the group asserted in the video.

Earlier this month, the decapitated bodies of four other men were found in the Sinai Peninsula, with Egyptian security forces suspecting they had been killed for aiding the Egyptian army.

Egypt's military has been carrying out a vast offensive against jihadist groups in the north of Sinai since turbans stepped up attacks following the army's ouster of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi in July last year.

Militants in northern Sinai, which also borders Israel and the Gazoo Strip, have launched a number of attacks in retaliation for a government crackdown on supporters of Morsi.

At least 1,400 people have been killed in the crackdown, mostly Islamist supporters of Morsi.

The krazed killer attacks usually target security forces, but they have also led to civilian casualties.
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [2 views] Top||

10 soldiers killed in Benghazi clashes
[Iran Press TV] At least 10 soldiers have been killed in festivities between the army and holy warriors in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi.

Army front man General Miloud al-Zawi said more than 10 soldiers were also maimed in the fighting which took place on Monday.

Zawi added that armed holy warriors were trying to advance on Benina, both a civilian airport and an air force base, in Benghazi.

"The situation is now under control," he stated, noting that the army repelled the attack with the help of the air force.

In recent weeks, Libya has been witnessing one of its worst spasms of violence since the fall of longtime dictator Muammar Qadaffy
...The late megalomaniac dictator of Libya, admired everywhere for his garish costumes, funny hats, harem of cutie bodyguards, and incoherent ravings. As far as is known, he is the only person who's ever declared jihad on Switzerland...
in a popular uprising in October 2011.

Rival militiamen, who refuse to lay down arms, are fighting for total rule over the North African country, and the army has been unable to curb the widespread lawlessness.

...back at the alley, Bugs Moroni was holding Slats from behind while his brother Greasy Thumb was pounding his face into paste ...
conflicting reports coming out of the capital Tripoli
...a confusing city, one end of which is located in Lebanon and the other end of which is the capital of Libya. Its chief distinction is being mentioned in the Marine Hymn...
indicate that the city has fallen to the Fajr (Dawn) Libya gunnies.

In a statement released on Monday, Libya's interim government announced that most ministries and state-run institutions are now out of its control.

"Ministry and state offices in Tripoli have been occupied by armed militias who are preventing government workers from entering and are threatening their superiors," the statement said.

Attacks and looting have broken out across the capital, with the interior and electricity ministries and the prime minister's office ransacked.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

Militiamen storm US embassy in Libya
[Iran Press TV] The United States embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli
...a confusing city, one end of which is located in Lebanon and the other end of which is the capital of Libya. Its chief distinction is being mentioned in the Marine Hymn...
has been attacked by militiamen, but no US officials were present as the building was evacuated over a month ago.

US State Department officials said late on Sunday they were seeking details of the raid that occurred earlier in the day.

According to a senior State Department official, the embassy complex remains secure, but the situation is very fluid as fierce festivities have been underway between rival militias for weeks.

Militiamen had captured a US embassy annex but had not broken into the main compound, according to reports.

The State Department official said the embassy was closed in July due the fighting between militias close to the compound. US personnel were evacuated with a military escort.

The action was taken in the light of controversy over an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi in 2012 which left four Americans dead, including ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Nearly three years after the overthrow of long-time dictator Muammar Qadaffy
... who had more funny outfits than Louis XIV...
, Libya is still grappling with rising insecurity as the country has been witnessing numerous festivities between government forces and rival militia groups.

The former rebels refuse to lay down arms despite efforts by the central government to impose law and order.

...back at the pond, the enormous newt was trying to decide if Gloria was edible...
conflicting reports coming out of Libya, where fierce festivities have been underway between rival krazed killer groups for weeks, indicate that Tripoli has fallen to the Fajr (Dawn) Libya gunnies.

Libya's caretaker government has announced that most ministries and state-run institutions are now out of its control.

Attacks and looting have broken out across the city with the interior and electricity ministries and the prime minister's office ransacked.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [2 views] Top||

Libya Parliament reappoints PM as govt loses grip on ministries
[ARABNEWS] Libya's Parliament reappointed Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni on Monday as the government lost control of ministries in the capital where gangs have taken over and a separate parliament has claimed legitimacy.

In another sign of the oil producer sliding deeper into anarchy, gunnies launched a new attempt to seize Benghazi's civilian and military airport from army forces allied to a renegade general. At least 13 soldiers from Haftar's forces were killed and 45 maimed, medics said.

The Parliament that was elected in June moved to the remote eastern city of Tobruk last month as rival gangs battled for Tripoli
Continued on Page 49
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

Fighting in south east Benghazi as Ansar renews Benina attacks
[Libya Herald] There were Massive missile attacks and kabooms overnight in and around the Benghazi district of Buatni as Ansar al-Sharia
...a Salafist militia which claims it is not part of al-Qaeda, even though it works about the same and for the same ends. There are groups of the same name in Libyaand Yemen, with the Libyan versions currently most active. Tunisia's Shabaab al-Tawhid started out an Ansar al-Sharia and changed its name in early 2014. It still uses the old name now and then, probably because the stationery's not all used up and the web site hasn't expired yet...
launched a fresh assault on Benina Airport.

The head of Saiqa Special Forces
...Libya's elite army unit, insofar as they have one, formed from a mixture of paratroopers and commandos. The group emerged from a militia with the same name in 2010. It now numbers a few thousand and reports to the Ministry of Defence. It deployed in Benghazi in an attempt to control the carnage. As a result, it has been attacked and several of its officers murdered. The force is popular in Benghazi for its stance against Ansar al-Sharia group...
Investigations Unit, Fadel Al-Hassi, told the Libya Herald that Ansar had ceased its offensive at around midday having begun at around midnight. He said Ansar had deployed a number of armoured cars in its attempts to take the airport but that finally Special Forces had been abel to repulse the Islamists as far as Sidi Mansour.

Benina Airport and a nearby Air Defence base are the last major positions held by Operation Dignity in Benghazi since its Special Forces partners were pushed from its headquarters in Buatni at the end of Ramadan. Buatni has been the backdrop to the worst fighting in Benghazi over the last month with most residents now displaced and sheltering in schools or with friends and relatives in other parts of the city.

The commander of Operation Dignity's airforces Adam Saqr Geroushi said his aircraft had carried out Arclight airstrikes over the Ansar held district of Sidi Faraj. Some missiles are also reported to have landed in the Islamist stronghold of Leithi. Bombing raids by Operation Dignity on Islamist strongholds have taken place since the beginning of the goup's military campaign in May.

There have also been reports of sporadic festivities in and around Benghazi University in the past 24 hours. Believed to involve February 17 Brigade, the fighting will likely push back the reopening of the university, which it was hoped would restart classes this month.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

Qaeda kills 3 Yemen 'spies' for allegedly aiding US drones
[Al Ahram] Al-Qaeda snuffies have executed three men they accuse of planting electronic chips in the network's vehicles to help US drones target them, a security official said Monday.

Scores of Al-Qaeda suspects, including some of the network's leaders, have been killed in drone strikes in Yemen.

The United States is the only country operating drones over Yemen, but US officials rarely acknowledge the covert programme.

"Al-Qaeda snuffies executed the three men with gunfire after having tortured them," the security official told AFP.

The official said residents of southeastern Hadramawt province found two bodies near the town of Shibam, while a third body was found in neighbouring Qoton.

He did not specify if the three were soldiers or civilians, but residents said that troops came and took away the bodies from the two locations.

Tracts left alongside the bodies said "the mujahedeen (Islamic fighters) captured a group of spies who sold themselves to the devil in return for a few riyals."

They had "become the eyes of the infidels ... (who) use their aircraft from the sky", it said.

"We say to ... whoever considers becoming an eye and guide for the Americans and other infidels that the hands of the mujahedeen will reach every spy," the tracts warned.

In April, a US and Yemeni aerial campaign in Yemen killed at least 68 Al-Qaeda holy warriors.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

Pakistan Army secures TV station from protesters
[ARABNEWS] Pak soldiers and paramilitary forces secured the headquarters of the state TV channel PTV in Islamabad on Monday after a crowd of anti-government protesters stormed the building and took the channel off the air.

The protesters had stormed the TV building forcing the channel briefly off the air as they clashed with police and pushed further into a sprawling government complex in the capital, Islamabad, in an effort to reach the prime minister's residence.

Opposition leaders Imran Khan
... aka Taliban Khan, who ain't the sharpest bulb on the national tree...
, a hero cricket player turned politician, and Tahirul Qadri
...Pak politician, and would-be dictator, founder and head of Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran and Pakistain Awami Tehrik. He usually resides in Canada, but returns to Pakistain periodically to foam at the mouth and lead demonstrations. Depending on which way the wind's blowing, Qadri claims to be the author of Pak's blasphemy law. Other times he says it wasn't him...
, a firebrand
...firebrands are noted more for audio volume and the quantity of spittle generated than for any actual logic in their arguments...
holy man, have been at the forefront of the protests for weeks demanding the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
... served two non-consecutive terms as prime minister, heads the Pakistain Moslem League (Nawaz). Noted for his spectacular corruption, the 1998 Pak nuclear test, border war with India, and for being tossed by General Musharraf...
to quit.

Protesters and police clashed in various areas of the city's Red Zone, a sprawling complex of government buildings and grassy lawns in the center of Islamabad. The protesters, armed with clubs and many wearing gas masks, hurled rocks at the coppers. Five coppers, including a senior Islamabad police chief, and three protesters were taken to hospital, bleeding.

Sharif, who was toppled by the army in a 1999 coup, has refused to quit while protest leaders have rejected his offers of talks, creating a dangerous deadlock.

Clashes broke out again early on Monday and the state PTV channel and its English-language PTV World service were taken off the air after protesters stormed its headquarters.

A PTV source told Rooters the protesters had occupied the main control room and smashed some equipment. Television pictures showed uniformed members of a paramilitary force and soldiers walking calmly into the building.

A Rooters witness said the soldiers escorted protesters out and placed the building under their protection. There were no signs of violence and the protesters were seen leaving peacefully. The station later came back on the air.

In the nuclear-armed nation where power has often changed hands through military coups rather than elections, the army is bound to play a key role in how the conflict unfolds but it has not directly intervened, apart from meeting the protagonists and calling on them to show restraint.

Army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif met Prime Minister Sharif on Monday, but it was unclear what they discussed.

The army chief, who is not related to the prime minister, late Sunday urged the government and opposition leaders to resolve the crisis through talks and warned against the use of force to end the demonstrations.

Protesters have camped out in Islamabad since mid-August, paralyzing life in the centre of the capital and creating massive traffic jams. The protest site, where many sleep rough every night, is littered with rubbish and reeks of human waste.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

12 suspects, FC man killed in Kech operation
[DAWN] At least 12 suspected turbans and a soldier of the Frontier Corps (FC) were killed and four others injured in a clash which took place during a search operation in Kech district on Sunday.

Helicopters and armoured personnel carriers were used and about 600 FC troops took part in the operation.

According to official sources, the operation in Gomazai area near the Iranian border continued for over 12 hours.

"At least 12 armed turbans were killed in a shootout during the search operation," a front man for the FC, Balochistan
...the Pak province bordering Kandahar and Uruzgun provinces in Afghanistan and Sistan Baluchistan in Iran. Its native Baloch propulation is being displaced by Pashtuns and Punjabis and they aren't happy about it...
, said.

According to him, five soldiers were maimed in the heavy exchange of fire and one of them died in hospital.

Independent sources said that four people had been killed and four nabbed
Drop the rod and step away witcher hands up!
during the operation which continued till 5pm.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

Khasadar killed as militants attack checkpost
[DAWN] LANDI KOTAL: A khasadar
...a rural policeman in Pakistain or India...
was killed and three others were maimed when murderous Moslems attacked a security checkpost in Jamrud on Sunday evening.

Officials said that a group of murderous Moslems riding a pickup van attacked a checkpost near Jamrud bazaar. The sudden attack took the khasadar force by surprise, while the indiscriminate fire left one personnel killed on the spot and three injured, they added.

Following the attack, khasadars, levies and FC personnel reached the spot and started firing in all directions. Forces' personnel also blocked all the entry and exit points to the Jamrud bazaar and started search operation.

Local sources said that they heard gunshots for almost half an hour while the local residents were not allowed to use the Jamrud by-pass road and the main road passing through the bazaar.
Posted by: Fred || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1 views] Top||

U.S. Jets Strike Jihadists around Iraqi Dam
[AnNahar] The United States carried out another round of air strikes Monday against snuffies from the so-called Islamic States battling Iraqi and Kurdish forces near a major dam in northern Iraq.

The djinn-infested Mosul
... the home of a particularly ferocious and hairy djinn...
Dam, just north of the city of the same name, has become a focus of fighting between jihadists and Kurdish forces since the United States launched an air campaign last month.

US Central Command said U.S. jets had continued their bombardment of IS positions on Sunday and Monday.

Since U.S. aircraft went into action they have carried out 123 separate strikes.
"The strikes destroyed three ISIL trucks, severely damaged another, destroyed an ISIL armed vehicle, and destroyed a mortar position near the Mosul Dam," the military said in a statement.

"All aircraft exited the strike area safely."

Since U.S. aircraft went into action they have carried out 123 separate strikes, more than half of them in defense of the dam, and have helped Kurdish and Iraqi troops reverse some recent IS gains.

Over the weekend, the U.S. campaign moved south to help Iraqi troops and Shiite militias break the 11-week siege of the town of Amerli, where civilians from the Turkmen minority were in danger.
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [4 views] Top||

Southeast Asia
Car Bomb Found at Philippines' Main Airport
[AnNahar] Three people were incarcerated
Book 'im, Mahmoud!
after a bomb was found in a van parked at Manila's international airport, but there was no ongoing safety threat for travelers, authorities said Monday.

A utility vehicle containing an "improvised bomb" was found at the airport's terminal three car park about 1:45 am (1745 GMT) Monday, said a short report released by the National Bureau of Investigation.

In brief comments to news hounds, NBI director Virgilio Mendez refused to give many details about the incident, saying "there is an ongoing follow-up operation".

Other authorities involved in the investigation also declined to comment.

But the terminal, which serves domestic flights as well as international airlines, operated as normal on Monday and the Manila International Airport Authority said there were no continuing threats.

"(The authority) assures the public that (terminal three) and all other terminals remain safe and airport security personnel continue to stay vigilant in their respective areas," it said in a statement.

The initial National Bureau of Investigation said four suspects were arrested, but Mendez later said only three men were in jug.
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [3 views] Top||

Abu Sayyaf member killed trying to snatch guard's gun
A suspected Abu Sayyaf militant who was reportedly involved in at least one deadly raid in Sabah and who was arrested by police authorities in Tawi-Tawi on August 26, has died after trying to wrestle a gun from a security personnel. Chief Superintendent Noel delos Reyes, the police chief of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, said that Mobin Sahibudin Hailil, alias Apo Kahumbo, was gunned down in the process.

Delos Reyes said Hailil was being returned to the Tawi-Tawi provincial jail when he suddenly tried to wrestle the gun of one of the escorts Friday morning. He said, "That gave reason to the security team to shoot the suspect that resulted in his instantaneous death."
Posted by: ryuge || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [2 views] Top||

Army Detains Eight Syrians as Crackdown on Refugees Continues
[AnNahar] The army intelligence tossed in the calaboose
Yez got nuttin' on me, coppers! Nuttin'!
on Monday eight Syrian refugees and referred them to the competent judiciary for questioning.

The state-run National News Agency reported that the army intelligence raided several places in the northern Koura district where Syrian refugee are residing.

"Eight Syrians were detained and referred for interrogation," the NNA reported.

No further details were obtained.

The army began cracking down on Syrian encampments after troops battled jihadists who overran the northeastern border town of Arsal in August.

Scores of soldiers were killed and maimed in the battles that ensued the attack, which ended with a ceasefire on August 7.

Media reports had said that some Syrian refugees residing in encampments across the country have in their possession arms and had reportedly aided jihadists in Arsal.
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [3 views] Top||

IS, Syrian Govt. Forces Using Cluster Bombs
[AnNahar] Islamic State jihadists have used cluster munitions in Syria in at least one location and Syria's regime is continuing to use the widely banned weapon, Human Rights Watch
... During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011, HRW received a pledge from the Foundation to Promote Open Society, of which George Soros is Chairman, for general support totaling $100,000,000. The grant is being paid in installments of $10,000,000 over ten years.Through June 30, 2013, HRW had received $30,000,000 towards the fulfillment of the pledge....
said Monday.
So watch where you step, guys.
The New York-based group, citing reports from local Kurdish officials and photographic evidence, said IS fighters had used cluster bombs on July 12 and August 14.

They were deployed in fighting around the town of Ayn al-Arab in Aleppo province, near the border with Turkey, in festivities between the jihadist group and local Kurdish fighters.

The group said it was believed to be the first time IS had used cluster bombs, and it was unclear how it had acquired them.
No doubt in the same way it acquired all its war materiel: by capturing from the overrun enemy.
You notice that never once does HRW actually condemn the ISIS for using cluster bombs. It just notes that they have them. Whereas if our allies had used them...
Cluster munitions contain dozens or hundreds of small bomblets and can be fired in rockets or dropped from the air.

They spread explosives over large areas and are indiscriminate in nature, often continuing to maim and kill long after the initial attack when previously unwent kaboom! bomblets detonate.

The weapons have been used by the Syrian government as well in its battle against rebels seeking to overthrow Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
Supressor of the Damascenes...

HRW said Syrian government forces had used at least 249 cluster munitions since mid-2012, according to video and film evidence, witness accounts, and research.

Syria is not a party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which has also not been signed by the United States.
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [5 views] Top||

Hizbullah Kidnaps Nusra Front Members to Exchange with Arsal Captives
[AnNahar] Hizbullah
...Party of God, a Leb militia inspired, founded, funded and directed by Iran. Hizbullah refers to itself as The Resistance and purports to defend Leb against Israel, with whom it has started and lost one disastrous war to date, though it did claim victory...
reportedly kidnapped three high-ranking members from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, the Kuwaiti al-Rai newspaper reported on Monday.

According to sources, Hizbullah kidnapped the three officials in Syria's al-Qalamun region, where Hizbullah has been taking part in the fighting to aid Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
Light of the Alawites...
's troops.

The newspaper said that the party could seek to exchange the three jihadists with the hostages, who were kidnapped by Islamist gunnies in the northeastern border town of Arsal.

The Syrian forces alongside the Shiite group have seized control of al-Qalamun in April.

Islamist gunnies had kidnapped a number of Lebanese soldiers and security forces from Arsal in light of festivities between Islamists and the army in the region.

The battles began on August 2 and ended five days later.

Several soldiers and coppers have been released recently, the latest batch on Saturday evening.
Posted by: trailing wife || 09/02/2014 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [3 views] Top||

Lotsa Syrian Govt. Raids With Barrel Bombs As They Work To Reconquer Next Areas
[AnNahar] At least 37 children have been killed in government air strikes and shelling across Syria in the last 36 hours, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said Sunday.

The Britain-based Observatory said 20 children had been killed between midnight on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, with 17 more killed between Friday and Saturday night.

The deaths came in regime shelling and air strikes across the country, though most took place in the northern province of Aleppo and northwestern Idlib, Observatory director Rami Abdul Rahman said.

Many of the deaths came in raids involving the use of explosive-packed barrel-bombs, a weapon that has been criticized by rights groups as indiscriminate.

Among the dead on Sunday were at least five children killed along with five adults in a barrel bomb attack on the town of Hobait in Idlib province, said the monitor.

In northern Aleppo province, another five children and three adults were killed in an air raid in the west of the province, it added.

In the capital Damascus, meanwhile, regime planes continued to pound the eastern rebel-held district of Jubar, where the government began a fierce offensive earlier this week to wrest back control.

The Observatory said at least 15 air raids hit the district on Sunday, but there were no immediate details about casualties.

Jubar has been in insurgent hands for a year, and is considered strategic because it provides a gateway to the center of the capital and opens onto the key rebel stronghold of Eastern Ghouta.

In mid-August, the army took Mleiha some 10 kilometers (6 miles) southeast of Damascus, and capturing Jubar would allow a two-pronged advance on Eastern Ghouta.

Rebels arrayed around the capital regularly fire mortar and rockets into Damascus.
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Syria Army, Rebels Clash as U.N. Bids to Free Golan Monitors
[AnNahar] Syrian troops and Salafist tough guys battled close to the armistice line with Israel in the Golan Heights on Monday, as the U.N. pressed efforts to free 44 peacekeepers held by the Lion of Islams.

The unrest on Israel's doorstep followed a spillover of mortar and gunfire into Israeli-controlled territory, putting the Jewish state on high alert and prompting it to shoot down a drone over the occupied plateau on Sunday.

Several mortar rounds struck on the edges of the ceasefire line early Monday as the combatants exchanged rocket, mortar and tank fire near the Quneitra crossing, which Al-Qaeda-linked rebels seized last week, an AFP correspondent reported.

Israel had closed off the area around the crossing after an officer was maimed by stray fire last Wednesday when holy warriors led by the Al-Nusra Front took over the crossing into the Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britannia-based monitoring group, said Nusra fighters were locked in fierce festivities with government troops for control of the Hamidiyeh area in Quneitra, the army's remaining stronghold there.

Al-Watan newspaper, which is close to the Syrian regime, said the army was "confronting attempts by Al-Nusra fighters and other terrorist groups" to take control of Hamidiyeh.

Meanwhile the U.N. was working to locate and release 44 Fijian peacekeepers whom the holy warriors captured while they overran Quneitra, as 72 Filipino members of the same force escaped a rebel siege on their positions nearby.

The Fijians were "safe" but their whereabouts uncertain, a military official said Saturday, indicating there was contact with the group that was holding them.
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