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2013-02-21 Economy
Detroit's financial crisis now in governor's hands
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Posted by Fred 2013-02-21 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [641 views ]  Top

#1 "It's our hope at the state level that this is a partnership. It doesn't have to be adversarial," said Dillon

Diplomacy - the art of looking for a rock while saying "Nice doggie!" Based on the last 50 years of strained relations between the city and the rest of the state, I'd say you are going to need a lot of rocks, Mr. Dillon.
Posted by SteveS 2013-02-21 00:42||   2013-02-21 00:42|| Front Page Top

#2 ...Oh, this is gonna be payback time for the state. Detroit has been the tail wagging the dog for far too long, and the pols in Lansing have long memories.

Posted by Mike Kozlowski 2013-02-21 05:34||   2013-02-21 05:34|| Front Page Top

#3 Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has 30 days to decide if Detroit needs an emergency manager (Non-Democratic)to take charge of its finances and spending,

I'd ssay g>YES
Posted by Redneck Jim 2013-02-21 07:26||   2013-02-21 07:26|| Front Page Top

#4 "A lot of the ingredients for the turnaround of the city are in place. Now we just need to execute. I do believe strongly that Detroit is fixable."

haahaha! Can I have some crack to?

Posted by Broadhead6 2013-02-21 10:37||   2013-02-21 10:37|| Front Page Top

#5 I don't understand why Snyder would want to be involved. The Detroit situation is hopeless, but Snyder will be blamed for everything if he appoints a manager.

Better to let Detroit's voters and lenders stew in their own juices until they decide to make a change.
Posted by DoDo 2013-02-21 10:50||   2013-02-21 10:50|| Front Page Top

#6 What voters? The ballot boxes come pre-loaded from Demonrat HQ.
Posted by Silentbrick - Schlumberger Squishy Mud Division 2013-02-21 11:09||   2013-02-21 11:09|| Front Page Top

#7 the fact that detroit is donk controlled and union dominated and that entitlements (pensions) and govt spending and regulation has caused this mess should be in the lead of every news outlet reporting this

however, most news outlets will downplay or ignore all of these
Posted by lord garth 2013-02-21 15:03||   2013-02-21 15:03|| Front Page Top

#8 If the State of Michigan gets into the running of the city as an appointed manager, the STATE will own the problem, i.e., the albatross is on the State's neck.

You got $14 billion, Michigan, to bail these people out????? You want to take on that kind of responsibility????

The only way the state could do that is to take total charge, with no crap from the City Council, the unions, etc, etc. That will not happen.

The State needs to dump it on the City. It is a huge Excedrin migraine with no end in sight. Let Detroit be an example of what happens when the entitlement mentality runs its self destructive course.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2013-02-21 15:31||   2013-02-21 15:31|| Front Page Top

#9 Just dissolve the city. Let new villages emerge with new frameworks.
Posted by Water Modem 2013-02-21 15:59||   2013-02-21 15:59|| Front Page Top

#10 Take lots of pictures in the next couple of years to show how Detroit returns back to the prairie.

Yep. Detroit has come a long ways since FORT DETROIT.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2013-02-21 19:13||   2013-02-21 19:13|| Front Page Top

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