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Mortars land near Syrian presidential palace
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Good morning
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [575 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Birthday Gam Shot

Reon Kadena [Nippon][Filmography](age 27)

美しいお尻 [Utsukushī o Shiri]

Arielle Kebbel's Something Else turns 28

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC || 02/19/2013 0:19 Comments || Top||

#2  MMM cowgirl boots.
Posted by: Deacon Blues || 02/19/2013 7:34 Comments || Top||

#3  Yippee ki yay!
Posted by: Ebbang Uluque6305 || 02/19/2013 11:28 Comments || Top||

Former Pakistani Taliban No 2 arrested in Afghanistan: reports
[Dawn] Afghan intelligence officials on Monday claimed to have enjugged
Maw! They're comin' to get me, Maw!
the former second-in-command of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistain (TTP), Maulvi Faqir, along with "four accomplices" while he was trying to enter Pakistain's Tirah Valley from Afghanistan's Nangarhar
The unfortunate Afghan province located adjacent to Mohmand, Kurram, and Khyber Agencies. The capital is Jalalabad. The province was the fief of Younus Khalis after the Soviets departed and one of his sons is the current provincial Taliban commander. Nangarhar is Haqqani country..

"Maulvi Faqir and his four accomplices who had entered Nangarhar from Bajaur Agency, aka Turban Central
...Smallest of the agencies in FATA. The Agency administration is located in Khar. Bajaur is inhabited almost exclusively by Tarkani Pashtuns, which are divided into multiple bickering subtribes. Its 52 km border border with Afghanistan's Kunar Province makes it of strategic importance to Pakistain's strategic depth...
were apprehended near Basawal on Torkham Road near the border of Khyber Agency's Tirah Valley," an Afghan intelligence official said on condition of anonymity.

"Yes I can confirm their names as they had told us. Maulvi Faqir, Shahid Umar, Maulana Hakeemullah Bajauri, Mualana Turabi and Fateh are the people who have been arrested," he replied when asked about the identity of the arrested people.

"They were traveling in a vehicle when (we) intercepted near Basawal village of Nangarhar," he added.

The Afghan intelligence official, who identified himself with the name Abdullah, said: "Arms and ammunition have also been seized from their vehicle. The five are in the custody of Afghan intelligence officials who are interrogating them."

Maulvi Faqir was the deputy amir (second-in-command) of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistain (TTP) and the Taliban chief in Bajaur Agency, but was later removed from his position in March 2012 on suspicions of entering into a peace deal with the Pak government.

Faqir Muhammad, who hails from Chopatra Village of Bajaur Agency, was first part of the Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi, and later the deputy chief of TTP until March 2012 when he announced himself as the TTP chief after the death of Baitullah Mehsud. Faqir had also publicly accepted his ties with al-Qaeda network and had been accused of a number of cross-border attacks in Bajaur Agency and the settled Lower and Upper Dir district.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [490 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in Pakistan

Africa North
Aide: Egypt flooded tunnels to cut Gaza arms flow
[Ynet] 'We don't want to see these tunnels used for illegal ways of smuggling either people or weapons that can really harm Egyptian security.' National security adviser to Morsi says, adding that president will respect peace treaty with Israel

Egypt will not tolerate a two-way flow of smuggled arms with the Gazoo Strip
...but a one way flow to the Gazooks is okay...
that is destabilizing its Sinai peninsula, a senior aide to its Islamist president said, explaining why Egyptian forces flooded sub-border tunnels last week.

The network of tunnels has been a lifeline for some 1.7 million Paleostinians in Gazoo, bringing in an estimated 30% of all goods that reach the enclave and circumventing a blockade imposed by Israel for more than seven years.

But Essam Haddad, national security adviser to President Mohamed Morsi told Rooters in an interview: "We don't want to see these tunnels used for illegal ways of smuggling either people or weapons that can really harm Egyptian security." He said that under a deal brokered by Cairo to end fighting in November between Israel and the Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, movement that rules the Gazoo Strip, the Israeli stranglehold on the coastal territory had been considerably relaxed. Egypt has eased border controls to allow in construction materials, notably from Qatar.

"Now we can say that the borders are open to a good extent - it could still be improved - and the needs of the Gazook people are allowed in. Building materials are allowed in for the first time," Haddad said.

"And on the other side, we would not like to see arms smuggled through these tunnels either in or out, because we are now seeing in Sinai and we have captured actually across Egypt heavy arms that could be used in a very dangerous way."
Posted by: trailing wife || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [484 views] Top|| File under: Hamas

#1  Egypt will not tolerate a two-way flow of smuggled arms with the Gazoo Strip that is destabilizing its Sinai peninsula,

IN, is OK, OUT (Shot at us, Just won't do)
Posted by: Redneck Jim || 02/19/2013 2:02 Comments || Top||

#2  Flood the tunnels half way so that cargo can be floated from one end to the other a lot easier.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 02/19/2013 14:34 Comments || Top||

Boumerdes bomb wounds woman
[MAGHAREBIA] A bomb kaboom left an Algerian woman with serious injuries, El Watan reported on Sunday (February 17th). The victim reportedly stepped on the bomb, buried by cut-throats in an olive grove near Thénia, 15km south of Boumerdès.

In other security news, ANP troops on Sunday killed two cut-throats in the Batna town of Chellala.

One of the men was wanted in connection with the 2007 Batna suicide kaboom that targeted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika
... 10th president of Algeria. He was elected in 1999 and is currently on his third term, which is probably why Algerians are ready to dump him...
, L'Expression reported.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [560 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in North Africa

#1  Oh, you suddenly care, But not before now?

What's the difference, the world is watching?

Or is the cash running out, and you can't afford it.
Posted by: Redneck Jim || 02/19/2013 2:05 Comments || Top||

#2  Bouemerde, eh?
Sounds charming.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 02/19/2013 11:20 Comments || Top||

#3  Is walking through olive groves suddenly un-islamic?
Posted by: Mullah Richard || 02/19/2013 12:11 Comments || Top||

#4  I know what merde means, but what does the prefix bou mean?
Posted by: Glenmore || 02/19/2013 12:50 Comments || Top||

#5  Well, BON means good, so BOU probably means bad.
Posted by: Redneck Jim || 02/19/2013 12:57 Comments || Top||

#6  Boue is mud. Sounds to me like they named the place Nightsoil, guess they could have been getting at Good Farmland, but my French is a tad rusty.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 02/19/2013 13:27 Comments || Top||

#7  Maybe they were shooting for something like Atascadero (CA), which roughly means mire, bog or pig sty in Espanish.
Posted by: Dopey Sinatra9196 || 02/19/2013 17:50 Comments || Top||

Africa Subsaharan
French tourists seized in Cameroon near Nigeria border
Gunmen in northern Cameroon have abducted seven French tourists near the border with Nigeria, French President Francois Hollande has said.

He says they belong to the same family and were seized by a "known terrorist group based in Nigeria".

Mr Hollande added that the seven - who are said to include children - were probably taken to northern Nigeria.

Two militant groups are active there. One, Ansaru, claimed the abduction of seven foreign workers on Sunday.

Italian, British, Greek and Lebanese workers are thought to be among those being held after the attack on a construction project in Bauchi state.

Ansaru also says it is holding a French national, Francis Colump, who was seized in the northern state of Katsina.

Another Islamic militant group, Boko Haram, has staged many attacks across northern Nigeria in recent years.

A Cameroonian security official told France's AFP news agency that the family had been returning from a visit to Waza National Park when they were attacked.
Posted by: tipper || 02/19/2013 10:32 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [831 views] Top|| File under:

#1  this is an exceptionally bad time to be a French hostage in West Africa.
Posted by: Raider || 02/19/2013 23:07 Comments || Top||

Shia surgeon, son shot dead in Lahore
[Pak Daily Times] Lahore General Hospital Ophthalmology Department head Prof Dr Ali Haider and his 12-year-old son were rubbed out by two unidentified motorcyclists in the Gulberg area on Monday.

Dr Haider, a resident of Hali Road Gulberg, was going to drop his son Murtaza at school in his car when two motorcyclists intercepted them near FC College Bridge and opened fire. As a result, Dr Haider was struck down in his prime, while his son received fatal bullet wounds. They were taken to a nearby hospital, where Murtaza died shortly after his admission to the facility.

The family members of the late doctor informed the police that Dr Haider had no enmity.

They strongly condemned the incident and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits. Police have shifted the bodies to the morgue for autopsies, and started the paperwork but haven't done much else against unidentified persons.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [501 views] Top|| File under: Lashkar e-Jhangvi

#1  Let them kill doctors, Nobody to heal them.

And the others will leave.
So, they're screwing themselves here.
Posted by: Redneck Jim || 02/19/2013 13:01 Comments || Top||

#2  Let them kill doctors, Nobody to heal them.

But the Sunnis are killing Shia doctors, leaving nobody to heal the Shiites, since nowadays in Pakistan f ewer and fewer Sunni doctors will treat non-Sunni patients.
Posted by: trailing wife || 02/19/2013 17:15 Comments || Top||

Seven dead as political agent's office hit
[Pak Daily Times] Seven people, including two civilians, were killed on Monday in an attack on the office of the chief administrator for the neighbouring Khyber tribal region, police and witnesses said.

The attackers wearing levies uniform reportedly aimed to free colleagues under detention. Two kabooms were heard, followed by gunfire at the compound of Muttahir Zaib Khan, where tribal officials and members of political parties had gathered for talks.

The blasts were heard by residents living across the Old Bara Road. "At least five people were killed and seven others injured in the incident," Jamal Shah, front man for the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), told Daily Times.

The dead included three personnel of the Khasadar Force (tribal police) and a line officer. The identity of the fifth victim could not be ascertained.

Police sources said that two civilians were also killed when the gunfire erupted following the attack. At least two suicide kaboomers entered the office of the political agent where a Jirga was being held with elders from Khyber tribal region, discussing the upcoming election process in their areas.

"It appears the cut-throats attacked the compound of the political agent freeing prisoners who were brought to the political agent's office," said a security bigshot. The office, seat of power in Khyber tribal region, is surrounded by two checkposts manned by the army. The jihad boys' penetration deep into the heart of the Cantonment area comes as an alarming bell for the provincial government of the Awami National Party, which lost its senior minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour, and failed suicide attack on Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti.

Landikotal Assistant Political Agent Khalid Mumtaz Kundi was among those injured in the attack. He was shifted to the Combined Military Hospital. Army personnel also participated in the operation against the attackers just moments after reaching the site, according to Mumtaz Khan, a shopkeeper in the nearby super market.

"Security forces sealed off the area around Bara and Mall Road. A search operation was conducted in the area to ensure it was cleared of attackers," he told Daily Times.

Bomb Disposal Squad Additional Inspector General Shafqat Malik believed that one of the suicide attackers entered the control room and went kaboom!, destroying it completely. He sid the second jacket wallah detonated his explosives near the hall where a jirga was underway. About eight kilogrammes of high-quality explosives were used in each of the jackets, said the bomb disposal squad chief. "We were meeting Political Agent Muttahir Zaib on the code of elections in the Tribal Areas when the attackers, which I believe were two, entered and launched the attack," Pakistain Tehrik-e-Insaf
...a political party in Pakistan. PTI was founded by former Pakistani cricket captain and philanthropist Imran Khan. The party's slogan is Justice, Humanity and Self Esteem, each of which is open to widely divergent interpretations....
(PTI) Khyber Tribal Region President Iqbal Afridi said. "First they opened fire and lobbed a hand grenade and killed two local police officials. Then they entered in the compound and a shootout erupted," senior police official Imran Shahid told AFP.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [529 views] Top|| File under: TTP

#1  Were they "Civilians" BEFORE they died, Probably not.
Posted by: Redneck Jim || 02/19/2013 2:08 Comments || Top||

Gunmen attack NATO convoy, kill two
[Pak Daily Times] Gunmen in a restive tribal region on Monday attacked a convoy of vehicles carrying military equipment bound for NATO
...the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Originally it was a mutual defense pact directed against an expansionist Soviet Union. In later years it evolved into a mechanism for picking the American pocket while criticizing the cut of the American pants...
operations in Afghanistan, killing two people, officials said. The convoy of some 25 vehicles came under attack after it got stuck in a traffic jam in Landi Kotal town in the Khyber tribal region. "At least three unidentified gunnies opened fire on the convoy, killing a driver and his helper and damaging two vehicles," senior local administration official Shakil Burki told AFP. He said the gunnies fled after the attack, adding that one person in the convoy was also injured. A senior local police official confirmed the incident and casualty toll. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the assault, but Pak Taliban have often attacked NATO convoys.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [447 views] Top|| File under: TTP

Violence claims eight more lives in Karachi
[Dawn] Eight more people bit the dust in different incidents of violence in Bloody Karachi
...formerly the capital of Pakistain, now merely its most important port and financial center. It is among the largest cities in the world, with a population of 18 million, most of whom hate each other and many of whom are armed and dangerous...
'>Bloody Karachi
, the restive southern metropolis of Pakistain, DawnNews reported on Monday.

Enraged mobs erupted into the streets and blocked roads after setting ablaze several cycle of violences when unidentified gunnies killed three people in the city's Patel Para neighbourhood.

An exchange of fire was also witnessed between protesters and the police contingent, which reached the site after the incident.

The dear departed are identified as Shah Noor, Imran and Abdul Rahim.

...back at the abandoned silver mine, the water was up to Jack's neck and still rising. And then he smelled the smoke...
two bodies with torture marks were found behind bushes near D.A apartments in Surjani Town. The dead are identified as Akhter Ali and Maqbool.

Another body was found from Machar Colony. The dead was reportedly kidnapped and tortured.

Two people were killed in separate incidents of gun fire in Baldia Town and Surjani Town's Khuda ki Basti.

Bloody Karachi, a port city of some 20 million, has a long history of political, ethnic and religious strife.

Many of the killings in the financial capital of the country have been linked to gangs allegedly controlled by political parties.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [427 views] Top|| File under:

Members of banned group arrested
[Dawn] Five members of Hizbut Tehrir were tossed in the slammer
Please don't kill me!
in Sadiqabad on Saturday night, charged with distributing literature that contained anti-military and anti-state material.

The city police chief, Azhar Hameed Khokhar, told Dawn that the men were prominent members of Hizbut Tehrir, an organization banned by the government.

"They were already on our wanted list, since they've been involved in such incidents in the past. Fresh charges are being filed in this arrest," he said.

"These arrests are not related to the New Katarian incident," Khokar added, referring to a recent police encounter there.

The five men were identified as Saad Jugranvi, Khalid Qadeer Butt, Qadir Ali, Muhammad Junaid and Muhammad Asif.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [422 views] Top|| File under: Hizb-ut-Tahrir

Shias take to streets; demand protection
[Pak Daily Times] Thousands of Shias refused for a second day Monday to bury victims of a devastating kaboom on their community, demanding protection against record levels of sectarian violence.

Demonstrators poured onto the streets across the country, shutting down Bloody Karachi
...formerly the capital of Pakistain, now merely its most important port and financial center. It is among the largest cities in the world, with a population of 18 million, most of whom hate each other and many of whom are armed and dangerous...
'>Bloody Karachi
and closing the road to Islamabad airport, in angry protest at Saturday's bombing that killed at least 89 people in Quetta.

Two girls aged seven and nine were among the dead after the bomb, nearly a tonne of explosives hidden in a water tanker, tore through a crowded market in a neighbourhood dominated by ethnic Hazara Shia Moslems.

On Monday, the home secretary of Balochistan
...the Pak province bordering Kandahar and Uruzgun provinces in Afghanistan and Sistan Baluchistan in Iran. Its native Baloch propulation is being displaced by Pashtuns and Punjabis and they aren't happy about it...
province, Akbar Hussain Durrani said the corpse count from Saturday's bomb had risen to 89, including 33 Afghans, with 204 other people maimed.

"We have certain clues about beturbanned goons involved in past attacks and assassinations which I cannot disclose at the moment but we are working on them," Durrani told a news conference. Last month jacket wallahs killed 92 people at a snooker hall in another Hazara neighbourhood of Quetta. Protesters are furious at the authorities' failure to tackle rising attacks on Shias.

Bloody Karachi came to a halt as public transport workers and traders stopped work Monday after a Shia party called a protest strike. Schools were closed, traffic was off the roads and attendance in offices was thin. Several political and religious parties backed the strike call.

Protesters in Islamabad also shut down the main road leading to the airport, witnesses told AFP.

In Lahore, hundreds of Shias demonstrated to press demands for military action against gunnies in Quetta.

Volunteers armed with automatic rifles and pistols on Monday guarded the streets of Hazara Town, the scene of Saturday's attack.

It is customary for Moslems to bury the dead as soon as possible and police said they were in talks to end the protest, which has proved a powerful gesture before.

After the January 10 snooker hall attack, Shias staged a similar protest for four days. They only buried the dead after Islamabad sacked the provincial government and imposed governor's rule.

The banned bad turban group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
... a 'more violent' offshoot of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistain. LeJ's purpose in life is to murder anyone who's not of utmost religious purity, starting with Shiites but including Brelvis, Ahmadis, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Rosicrucians, and just about anyone else you can think of. They are currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of al-Qaeda ...
(LeJ) grabbed credit both for Saturday's attack and the snooker hall bombing, as well as a February 1 attack on a Shia mosque in northwest Pakistain that killed 24.

There is anger and frustration at the apparent inability or unwillingness of the authorities to tackle the LeJ.

In Quetta Amin Shaheedi, the vice-president of the Shiite Wahdatul Muslemeen party, demanded control of the city be handed over to the army.

"Terrorists are roaming freely and we are not given any protection. Our protest will continue until we get protection," he told news hounds.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [443 views] Top|| File under: Lashkar e-Jhangvi

Mortars land near Syrian presidential palace
[CHRON] A Syrian official says two mortars have exploded near one of President Bashar Assad's palaces in the capital Damascus.

The official said the rounds struck Tuesday near the southern wall of the Tishreen palace, in the capital's northwestern Muhajireen district, but caused only material damages.

No casualties were reported and it was unclear whether Assad was in the palace. He has two others in the city.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 11:43 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [1163 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Syria

#1  Exploding mortars? What happened to the mortar shells?
Posted by: Halliburton - Mysterious Conspiracy Division || 02/19/2013 17:27 Comments || Top||

Syria Rebels seize key checkpoint near Aleppo airport
[An Nahar] Syrian rebels seized a key army checkpoint near Aleppo airport on Monday as they fought with troops to control several airports in the north, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

"The rebels seized a checkpoint several hundred meters (yards) away from Nayrab military airport," on the road leading to Aleppo international airport, Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told Agence La Belle France Presse.

Rebels also clashed with troops along the airport road, he added.

A military source in Aleppo speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity said that later Monday the rebels tried but failed to raid the international airport's fuel storage warehouse.

"The army fought off the raid," said the source, adding that festivities broke out just 200 meters (yards) away from the airport and were "very fierce."

The advance is the latest in a series by the rebels since they captured last week air bases at al-Jarrah, Hassel and Base 80, also in Aleppo province.

On February 12, rebels launched a battle to capture the main air base and international airport in Aleppo province, in a bid to stall the air force's deadly firepower and to capture ammunition from its warehouses.

The rebels are trying to capture the international airport, which has been closed since January 1.

The Syrian army, meanwhile, is preparing to "cleanse" in the next 48 hours turban-held areas in the strategic northern province, the pro-regime Watan newspaper reported.

Troops were now focused on "putting a stop to battles taking place around Base 80" which is tasked with securing the international airport and nearby Nayrab military base, al-Watan said.

"The army should impose its control on Base 80 (after) cleansing areas seized by gunnies," it said, adding that "the security situation in Aleppo is improving."

Near the capital, rebels stormed an intelligence bureau in the town of Nabuk, killing at least eight officials there.

Rebels also overran a checkpoint in southern Daraa province, freeing up a road leading to Jordan, said the Britannia-based monitoring group, adding that the border post is still in regime hands.

At least 122 people were killed in violence across the country on Sunday, said the Observatory.
Posted by: Fred || 02/19/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [430 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Syria

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