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2007-03-26 India-Pakistan
Release Sufi Muhammad in 72 hours: TNSM
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Posted by Fred 2007-03-26 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10802 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Go ahead, I've plenty popcorn.
Posted by gromgoru 2007-03-26 00:05||   2007-03-26 00:05|| Front Page Top

#2 Is rooting for both sides permissible?
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-03-26 03:00||   2007-03-26 03:00|| Front Page Top

#3 As long as mostly bad guys get killed, it's actually preferred.
Posted by gorb 2007-03-26 03:16||   2007-03-26 03:16|| Front Page Top

#4 Sure Zen. Here's hoping for a slugfest.
Posted by Spot">Spot  2007-03-26 07:48||   2007-03-26 07:48|| Front Page Top

#5 Any "Italian journalists" around they can "borrow"?
Posted by tu3031 2007-03-26 08:46||   2007-03-26 08:46|| Front Page Top

#6 Can't the goverment say, and if you send 100 suicide bombers, then we will do the same to you? Then the terrorists (sorry, freedom fighters) could counter with 1000, then the goverment with 1000, then the freedom fighters with 2---well you get the idea.
Posted by plainslow 2007-03-26 10:57||   2007-03-26 10:57|| Front Page Top

#7 The sharks are circling...Feeding frenzy in 3...2...1...
Posted by delphi2005 2007-03-26 12:38||   2007-03-26 12:38|| Front Page Top

#8 How about we return 1/72nd of him every hour?
Posted by Anonymoose 2007-03-26 13:03||   2007-03-26 13:03|| Front Page Top

#9 "after forcing their way through several roadblocks" .. So I can maybe understand being able to blast through 1 roadblock, but all those downstream should have been alerted to what was inbound and ready to act accordingly. this smells....
Posted by USN, Ret. 2007-03-26 13:32||   2007-03-26 13:32|| Front Page Top

#10 they're all bad guys so this is a win win situation, and pass the popcorn pls
Posted by sinse 2007-03-26 17:44||   2007-03-26 17:44|| Front Page Top

#11  Maulana Sufi Muhammad is one of the founder of Tehreek Nafaz-e-shariat-e-Mohammadi(PBUH). Western parts of North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) are gradually coming under the grip of religious radicalism. People in Malakand and Swat districts, populated mainly by the Yousafzai Pashtun tribe, have been gathering in public places to burn personal electronics equipment such as television sets, tape recorders, VCRs, computers, CDs and other musical equipment. The significance of this development is that it has been motivated by the religious sect Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi(TNSM), the Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Laws.

Watch Islamo COPS: HUH Bad Burkas.. Bad Burkas.. whatcha wont.. whatcha wont.. Bad Burkas.. whatcha wont.. whatcha gonna do when we come for you...

Maulana Sufi Muhammad encouraged and organized thousands of people to fight against the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan at the time of the downfall of the Taliban in 2001. Most of his mujahideen were killed or arrested by the Northern Alliance and only a few were able to return to Pakistan, including Maulana Sufi Mohammad. The Pakistani government immediately arrested him and for the past five years he has languished in jail. Locals argue that thousands of mujahideen were killed as a result of Sufi Mohammad's incompetence and lack of combat skills.
LOL, a genius!

As a result, Sufi Mohammad lost much of his support. Additionally, TNSM members have been killed and regularly arrested by Pakistani authorities, reducing the organization's effectiveness. TNSM has been almost completely dormant in its stronghold of Swat and the adjoining areas. Recently, however, this situation has changed.

Oct. 25, 2001 , Tehrik Nafaz Shariat-e-Muhammadi( TNSM = the Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Laws) has decided to send the first batch of volunteers for Jihad to Afghanistan against the US and its allies today (Thursday) to be headed by Malik Mahmud Jan. The Tehrik amir Maulana Sufi Muhammad will also accompany the group.

Addressing an armed protest rally against US-led air strikes on Afghanistan, Maulana Sufi Muhammad said Jihad is mandatory on Muslims as America has launched a war on Afghans and killing innocent people in the guise of campaign against terrorism. He said it was a war between Islam and the infidels.

wow, give that tactical genius high marks for originality, he sure has a knack for getting his own Losers killed, I say release him from club Pak and let the killing commence.
Posted by RD 2007-03-26 18:13||   2007-03-26 18:13|| Front Page Top

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