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2012-11-13 Home Front: Politix
Obama considering John Kerry for defense
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Posted by Steve White 2012-11-13 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6476 views ]  Top

#1 Iff VPOTUS Biden is indeed suffering from senior dementia, IMO the Bammer may replace him to create the first black VPOTUS [e.g. Colin Powell, Herman Cain?], iff not semi-black [all?] POTUS Admin, in US history???

Considering the amount of cricisms being levied agz his Admin, how long for the the nation's first black POTUS to be manifest, + the dmeographic rise of America's other minorities [Hispanic], this may be the only real opportunity for a black US POTUS + VPOTUS for a long long while.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2012-11-13 00:40||   2012-11-13 00:40|| Front Page Top

#2 Time for the JCS and the rest of the general/flag officer community to quit cringing in fear of their political masters and collectively grow a fucking pair. The story is told that this guy was on his way to the White House to resign his position as Army CoS in protest over LBJ's mismanagement of the Vietnam war. He chickened out at the last minute...and regretted doing so until his dying day.

Even the MSM propaganda machine would be hard-pressed to take the entire JCS resigning in protest of this effete traitor becoming SecDef and spin it to benefit The One...
Posted by Ricky bin Ricardo (Abu Babaloo) 2012-11-13 01:21||   2012-11-13 01:21|| Front Page Top

#3 Still waiting for him to release his military records, as he promised to do in his 2004 campaign. Maybe that subject will come up in his confirmation hearings.
Posted by Grunter 2012-11-13 07:40||   2012-11-13 07:40|| Front Page Top

#4 All things in due time Joe, all things in due time. (next week possibley or the week after)

Timing is essential Joe! We have to hurry along with these appointments and historical changes before the DoD General officer trainwreck Benghazi noxious brown discharge hits electrically powered oscillator.

We will need a strong and dedicated DoD civilian leadership in place prior to the opening salvos of our cunningly designed social upheaval and civil takeover.
Posted by Besoeker on the road again 2012-11-13 07:52||   2012-11-13 07:52|| Front Page Top

#5 I feel much safer and re-assured that our country would be in good hands. After all, JFK served in Vietnam you know (sarc). How are replacement Senators determined in Massachusetts; appointed or elected? (although it doesn't seem like it would make much difference)
Posted by JohnQC 2012-11-13 08:43||   2012-11-13 08:43|| Front Page Top

#6 ...Well, that's a good question. It usually changes on who is governor. If its a Trunk the legislature makes sure its up to popular vote, if it's a Donk then it's appointed.
Posted by Procopius2k 2012-11-13 08:52||   2012-11-13 08:52|| Front Page Top

#7 Right now, Massachusetts elects replacement Senators.

I want to see John F'n Kerry's discharge record. I'm willing to bet it was not an honorable discharge.
Posted by Rambler in Virginia 2012-11-13 09:24||   2012-11-13 09:24|| Front Page Top

#8 Is former Sen. Brown a possibility for this seat? He could claim he is Cherokee--he does have high cheek bones.
Posted by JohnQC 2012-11-13 09:31||   2012-11-13 09:31|| Front Page Top

#9 ...I'd go for Schaghticoke (Podunk branch) or Nipmuc for any real Massachusetts natives (vs carpetbaggers). Pretty much beyond DNA verification by now.
Posted by Procopius2k 2012-11-13 09:45||   2012-11-13 09:45|| Front Page Top

#10 John Kerry is very popular with Putin because the former sucked up in a recent visit. That might help him with the pro dictator faction. Susan Rice said some mildly derogatory things about Russia.

However, John Kerry's multiple and extensive meetings with Assad would inevitably be vetted in the confirmation process and this would be embarrassing.
Posted by lord garth 2012-11-13 10:27||   2012-11-13 10:27|| Front Page Top

#11 Could be a Harriet Meiers (sp?) gambit. Float Kerry and whomever actually gets the job won't seem so bad... tho considering how Roberts turned out......
Posted by Bubba Ununs7286 2012-11-13 10:50||   2012-11-13 10:50|| Front Page Top

#12 Maybe they can play his 1972 (was it 2?) Congressional Testimony at his confirmation hearing.

(Or, given the makeup of the senate, would that only earn him *more* votes?)
Posted by CrazyFool 2012-11-13 10:58||   2012-11-13 10:58|| Front Page Top

#13 Anybody know what the statute limitations is on the Logan Act?
Posted by Rambler in Virginia 2012-11-13 12:45||   2012-11-13 12:45|| Front Page Top

#14 If the generals and admirals all resign Obama gets to pick the replacements. The first gay general, the first left handed eskimo Admiral. Lots of firsts. A couple of weeks of embarassment are a small price to pay for locking up the military that way. Yes we'd be a less effective fighting force but I suspect that is not a concern.
Posted by rjschwarz 2012-11-13 15:11||   2012-11-13 15:11|| Front Page Top

#15 A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
Posted by JohnQC 2012-11-13 15:59||   2012-11-13 15:59|| Front Page Top

#16 I think that depends on the administration. Which part of the defense is he responsible for. Sitting on defense possibly.
Posted by Dale 2012-11-13 18:18||   2012-11-13 18:18|| Front Page Top

#17 Perhaps his confirmation hearings should be held outside the White House, along side the fince.
Posted by Besoeker on the road again 2012-11-13 18:20||   2012-11-13 18:20|| Front Page Top

#18 Maybe he can finally put himself up for a Congressional Metal of Honor...

(Much like he put himself in for his Purple hearts as well as other metals...)
Posted by CrazyFool 2012-11-13 18:37||   2012-11-13 18:37|| Front Page Top

#19 Let's see:

Jane Fonda as Secretary of the Army
Bill Ayers as Director of the FBI
John Corzine as Secretary of the Treasury
Tony Rezko as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Malik Shabazz as Attorney General

There, that should get things moving in the right direction ......
Posted by Lone Ranger 2012-11-13 19:26||   2012-11-13 19:26|| Front Page Top

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