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2017-07-17 Home Front: Culture Wars
Trump-Hatred Is All About Islam
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Posted by g(r)omgoru 2017-07-17 05:05|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [472 views ]  Top

#1 Outside the U.S., perhaps.

Inside the U.S., NO.

Absolutely NO, outside of the NPR-listening pseudointellectual class.

Inside our borders, Trump-hatred is about MONEY, period, stop.

100% of nonmilitary government workers are overpaid here. Add to that the various forms of welfare and you have a level of fear of loss of comfort and status that causes exactly this kind of idiocy.

Any sort of threat to the metric-free, anxiety-free government funded income stream that one out of five workers in the U.S. (and all of their immediate families who depend upon that magic check) now receive will be met with this sort of hysterical hatred. This is why Republicans who claim that someone other than Trump would not be this polarizing are either stupid or lying.

No government employee will ever understand a logical argument against his precious magic paycheck. The person delivering the message matters not.
Posted by no mo uro 2017-07-17 06:20||   2017-07-17 06:20|| Front Page Top

#2 Of course it's material considerations no mo uro. However give some thought to how they justify (to themselves) their bloated salaries, and their immunity from persecution when they use their position (from lowest DMV clerk to erstwhile US sec state) to augment these salaries. They justify it by their beliefs in their own moral and intellectual superiority. Part of being superior is perceiving things the dumb masses cannot.
Like the dumb masses think there is no AGW, sex is fixed by genetics, and Muslims are dangerous - proving their inherent inferiority.
I might add that most of these people are second raters who stole the top jobs from their betters - so belief in own intellectual superiority is very important.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2017-07-17 07:27||   2017-07-17 07:27|| Front Page Top

#3 Their enmity transcends Trump or Pence. It's the hatred of conservatism and the impact it may one day have on 'Choice' and the sale of baby parts. Much of this warfare in the public square comes down to Roe vs War. Just my opinion.
Posted by Besoeker 2017-07-17 08:09||   2017-07-17 08:09|| Front Page Top

#4 Both of you guys make interesting and salient points.

Yes, there are philosophical underpinnings to this. Yes, the left gives permission to below average pseudointellectuals to go about their lives believing they are genius polymaths if only they parrot the NPR, Frankfurt School party line. Yes, women - four generations and a century into their experiment with the franchise in America - have used their votes almost exclusively to create a society where there is no possibility of negative consequences to an unplanned pregnancy, to the exclusion of caring about any other policy issues.

But for Homo economicus, his/her primary motivation is income stream and the comfort and status it can purchase. In a post religious society, it is ALL that matters to them. If you removed abortion from the table, if you removed metric-free welfare, if you told them they weren't really all that smart or didn't have any secret knowledge, they'd grumble but move on. Question the magic paychecks in the slightest and they go berserk. We need a way out of the fiscal mess we're in and that is an obstacle we MUST get past.
Posted by no mo uro 2017-07-17 08:55||   2017-07-17 08:55|| Front Page Top

#5 Except, how many of them can even imagine their paychecks gone, no mo uro?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2017-07-17 09:33||   2017-07-17 09:33|| Front Page Top

#6 I think a gold amount of the Trump hatred can be explained by the fact that liberals convinced themselves they would have a permanent majority.
Posted by rjschwarz 2017-07-17 14:53||   2017-07-17 14:53|| Front Page Top

#7 Isn't it putting horse behind carriage, RJ? I mean, look at the Left - isn't their primary characteristic is that they hate opposition? Trump is just a symbol of opposition.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2017-07-17 15:17||   2017-07-17 15:17|| Front Page Top

#8 I mean, look at the Left - isn't their primary characteristic is that they hate opposition?

That, and anyone who'll deny them the material benefits that they expect.
Posted by Pappy 2017-07-17 15:54||   2017-07-17 15:54|| Front Page Top

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