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2019-08-06 Home Front: Politix
Dem Rep. Escobar: Trump ‘Not Welcome’ in El Paso While We’re in Mourning
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Posted by Fred 2019-08-06 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6470 views ]  Top

#1 59 shootings in Democrat Chicago, 7 fatalities this weekend. No mourning there, however by the Dems because they really, really don't care after all. All Democrats out of Chicago.
Posted by Phaick Uneretle6310 2019-08-06 00:17||   2019-08-06 00:17|| Front Page Top

#2 Shootings? Can we possibly just refer to them as ....'sales district coordination measures ?'
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-06 00:23||   2019-08-06 00:23|| Front Page Top

#3 ...that there has been bigotry and racism and hatred that has been stoked at all levels.

Nope - it's coming entirely from you cock****ers. What's really happening is Trump complains and criticizes you assholes, and that becomes the story, a.k.a. 'Republicans pounce & seize' Obama perfected this technique early in his first term, and I'm not buying it anymore.
Posted by Raj 2019-08-06 00:32||   2019-08-06 00:32|| Front Page Top

#4 Undocumented pharmacist's kinetic lead exchange.
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2019-08-06 05:45||   2019-08-06 05:45|| Front Page Top

#5 It is shocking to me that [Trump] is so utterly self-aware,"

A trait that we like to discourage. Nay, even suppress in our constituents.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-08-06 06:28||   2019-08-06 06:28|| Front Page Top

#6 Innit funny, the same people who think illegals should be "welcome" here "just because," also think a bona-fide US citizen, the President of the United States, no less, can't go anywhere he wants. FOAD, assh*les, FOAD.
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-08-06 06:30||   2019-08-06 06:30|| Front Page Top

#7 " is the time, and he needs to accept responsibility, everyone does, for what has gotten us to this point."

What got us here was you and your colleagues turning away from the consensus that illegal immigration is intolerable.

Your lies and BS, your "sanctuary cities" and "God's children" nonsense gave us over 20 million illiterate third world peasant lawbreakers who have no right whatsoever to even be in this country.

As recently as 2010, even Obama and Clinton were denouncing this madness. Every sentient, honest American sees how self-destructive and utterly insane your preferred policy is.

You people and your mad policy created Trump. You people created the loathing and resentment of freeloading illegals.

Now STFU and do your own "reflecting." Think on your sins.
Posted by Lex 2019-08-06 08:22||   2019-08-06 08:22|| Front Page Top

#8 Fuck off ya commie bastard.
Posted by DarthVader 2019-08-06 09:19||   2019-08-06 09:19|| Front Page Top

#9 And Trump will supplicate anyway.

I have a dream.

A dream that people on the right will quit worrying about sucking up to people who hate them, and who want them and children destroyed or enslaved.

Maybe someday...
Posted by charger 2019-08-06 09:43||   2019-08-06 09:43|| Front Page Top

#10 Charger, I've been that way for years. More people on the right would do it if they saw what I see when I let a leftist know their opinion is irrelevant to me: a look of fear that says "He's on to our scam..."
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-08-06 09:51||   2019-08-06 09:51|| Front Page Top

#11 I'm thinking I would be very thankful, IF someone were to THUMP this MORON. I would buy them a BOX of THEIR favorite CANDY, I would!
Posted by ranture 2019-08-06 10:23||   2019-08-06 10:23|| Front Page Top

#12 Trump should be sure to campaign on behalf of Escobar's opponent in the next election.
Posted by ruprecht 2019-08-06 12:03||   2019-08-06 12:03|| Front Page Top

#13 Trump should be sure to campaign on behalf of Escobar's opponent in the next election.
Posted by ruprecht 2019-08-06 12:03||   2019-08-06 12:03|| Front Page Top

#14 I think this "squeaky wheel" should get some additional ICE grease. That should learn em.
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-08-06 12:15||   2019-08-06 12:15|| Front Page Top

#15 I think everyone here has already expressed my own thoughts. That's what I get for being a late riser.
Posted by AlmostAnonymous5839 2019-08-06 12:16||   2019-08-06 12:16|| Front Page Top

#16 I don't believe she speaks for all El Paso residents.
Posted by Deacon Blues 2019-08-06 12:45||   2019-08-06 12:45|| Front Page Top

#17 Send the VP then.
Posted by BrerRabbit 2019-08-06 12:46||   2019-08-06 12:46|| Front Page Top

#18 I'm sure Robert O'Rourke could calm them down; bring peace and love to El Paso.
Posted by Bobby 2019-08-06 14:04||   2019-08-06 14:04|| Front Page Top

#19 #17 - Absolutely not. Don't let this Wannabe Donk La Raza tool dictate with a heckler's veto
Posted by Frank G 2019-08-06 14:10||   2019-08-06 14:10|| Front Page Top

#20 Sorry. #18 I'm sure Robert O'Rourke could calm them down; bring peace and love to El Paso.
Posted by Bobby 2019-08-06 15:42||   2019-08-06 15:42|| Front Page Top

#21 How many of the victims were Mexican nationals with US EBT cards?

Asking for a taxpayer refund on the unused portion of the cards.
Posted by Regular joe 2019-08-06 19:28||   2019-08-06 19:28|| Front Page Top

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