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2005-08-01 Britain
Four suspects said to have worshipped at Finsbury Park mosque
The connections between the four men in custody for their alleged involvement in the second London bomb plot became clearer over the weekend as details of the interrogation of Hussein Osman leaked out of Italy. The man police believe was responsible for the attempt to set off a bomb on a tube train at London's Oval station is said to have told his interrogators that he and his associates attended Finsbury Park mosque in north London. He also claimed that they were recruited while working out at the same west London gym.

Yesterday, the Sunday Times reported that Ramzi Muhammad, arrested in connection with Oval tube bomb attempt, had tried to have the imam at his local mosque sacked. It quoted the imam of the al-Manaar Cultural Heritage Centre in west London as saying that Muhammad and his brother Wahbi were known for their radicalism and that they had abused him and called him an "apostate" and "infidel". The Sunday Times quoted the imam, Ahmed Dahdouh, as saying: "Ramzi and his brother used to come here in the mosque. There were four or five of them in the group. They used to cause a lot of trouble. They used to pray on their own as they used to think we were not proper Muslims. "In one of my Friday sermons I said that Islam forbids terrorism. I recall Ramzi later came up to me and told me, 'Why did you say that? It's wrong.' He was angry with me. He tried to get me sacked because I disagreed with them."

The newspaper reported that the brothers had broken a glass display cabinet in the mosque and torn down a poster. Yesterday Mr Dahdouh could not be contacted but Abdul Karim Khalil, the centre's director, said he did not remember any glass being broken and suggested the imam's words had been taken out of context. "In one way we are very relieved, just like any person in London, that these individuals are in police custody," he said. "But we are saddened, shocked and appalled that some of them may have been praying here at the centre. "Some of these people may well have been praying here, we are the main centre in the west London area." He added: "There was never any glass broken as far as I am concerned. All this talk of people praying alone is nonsense."
Sounds like Abdul Khalil is a person to keep an eye on.
Newspaper reports also suggested the brothers had been members of the now disbanded radical Muslim group al-Muhajiroun. But the group's founder, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, denied Ramzi Muhammad had been a member. He said: "I have never heard of this man. There has never been anyone called Ramzi involved in al-Muhajiroun, I can say this for sure.
"I know nothing! Tell them, Hogan."
"The police took away all the records of everyone in the group and there was never anyone with that name. Al-Muhajiroun was never connected with the Muslim Cultural Centre where he is said to have worshipped, we never visited that area."
"Lies, all lies!"
Posted by Steve 2005-08-01 14:53|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6515 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 The two were acting like a couple of maniacs and it didn't occur to the imam to tell anyone? This is one of the fundamental problems of islam: the belief that no muslim could commit acts like this.

Finsbuy park keeps turning up in radical context. Curious.

Posted by bigjim-ky 2005-08-01 17:15||   2005-08-01 17:15|| Front Page Top

#2 The two were acting like a couple of maniacs and it didn't occur to the imam to tell anyone?

Oh he likely told someone all right, probably a twin Turban or in street usage a Double AssHat. Like a Bishop, only wanted on 2 continents. A multi-moron, big iron, heavy hitter, higher up.
Posted by Shipman 2005-08-01 20:34||   2005-08-01 20:34|| Front Page Top

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