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Wanted terrorist Abdullah Al-Qalaf killed in eastern Saudi Arabia
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-Lurid Crime Tales-
Fusion GPS Founder: Not Sure If Steele Paid Sources for Trump Hoax Dossier
[Breitbart IS] TEL AVIV — In testimony released publicly last week, the founder of the controversial opposition research firm Fusion GPS claimed that he did not know whether the former British spy who compiled the infamous, largely discredited 35-page dossier on President Donald Trump paid any of his purported sources.

QUESTION: To the best of your knowledge, did Mr. Steele pay any of his sources or sub sources in the memoranda for information?

SIMPSON: I don’t know. I think there’s been a little bit of confusion I would like to clear up. Some people were saying that he was paying people for information. I don’t know whether he does or not, but that’s not basically how I understand field operations to work. You commission people to gather information for you rather than sort of paying someone for a document or to sit for an interview or something like that. That’s not how I understand it works.
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/17/2018 08:49 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336066 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I don’t know.......but that’s not basically how I understand field operations to work.

Quite the opposite is actually true. There's no free petrol at the neighborhood BP either.

Why re-invent the wheel? Simply use existing MI6 sources and payment regimes. It's a one off, no one will be discovered..... or turn up dead, right ?

Posted by: Besoeker || 01/17/2018 8:57 Comments || Top||

#2  It's a one off, no one will be discovered..... or turn up dead, right ?

There's at least one of the latter, meneer.
Posted by: Pappy || 01/17/2018 11:18 Comments || Top||

#3  I believe the count is growing on the Russian side as Vlad exacts his revenge. Safe to assume, if they worked for Steele on this one, they've worked for Steele on other projects as well. Not a great leap actually, and culling potential competition is a favorite Russian pastime.
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/17/2018 11:47 Comments || Top||

Trump dossier probes now include possible State Department involvement
[Washington Examiner] Congressional investigations into the Trump dossier have so far been focused on the FBI and Justice Department. They still are, but now investigators are also looking into a possible Obama State Department role in the collection and dissemination of sensational and still-unverified allegations against candidate Donald Trump gathered by a former British spy working for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In addition to having contacts in the Obama Justice Department and FBI, that former spy, Christopher Steele, was also well-connected with the Obama State Department. A book published in November by a correspondent at the Guardian, "Collusion: Secret meetings, dirty money, and how Russia helped Donald Trump win," noted that Steele's 2010 work on the World Cup soccer corruption investigation won him the trust not only of the FBI, but the State Department as well. From author Luke Harding:
The [soccer] episode burnished Steele's reputation inside the U.S. intelligence community and the FBI. Here was a pro, a well-connected Brit, who understood Russian espionage and its subterranean tricks. Steele was regarded as credible. Between 2014 and 2016, Steele authored more than a hundred reports on Russia and Ukraine. These were written for a private client but shared widely within the State Department and sent up to Secretary of State John Kerry and to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who was in charge of the U.S. response to the Ukraine crisis. Many of Steele's secret sources were the same sources who would supply information on Trump. One former State Department envoy during the Obama administration said he read dozens of Steele's reports on Russia. The envoy said that on Russia, Steele was "as good as the CIA or anyone." Steele's professional reputation inside U.S. agencies would prove important the next time he discovered alarming material, and lit the fuse again.
That fuse, of course, was the Trump dossier.
"Discovered" alarming material ?
It is hard for an outsider to discern clearly what is going on inside the dossier investigations on Capitol Hill. But it appears some investigators are looking beyond the 35 pages of reports done by Steele for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm working for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, that were published in January 2017 by BuzzFeed. They're looking into whether Steele did other reports about Trump, perhaps similar but not identical to what was in the dossier published by BuzzFeed. And they are looking into whether those reports made their way to the State Department. They're also seeking to learn what individual State Department officials did in relation to Steele, and whether there were any contacts between the State Department and the FBI or Justice Department concerning the anti-Trump material.

Skipping down a bit:

Simpson testified that Steele proposed telling the FBI, but investigators now believe Steele ultimately ended up in contact with the State Department, too.
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/17/2018 08:25 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336075 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Simpson testified that Steele proposed telling the FBI, but investigators now believe Steele ultimately ended up in contact with the State Department, too.

Duhhhh, a great leap that. Since Clinton was paying the freight, why wouldn't Steele report back to Foggy Bottom?
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/17/2018 8:36 Comments || Top||

#2  McCain's associate worked for State. He testified before the House Intelligence Committee last week.
Posted by: DepotGuy || 01/17/2018 14:32 Comments || Top||

-Short Attention Span Theater-
CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota Brought To Tears Over Trump “Sh*thole” Remark…
Posted by: badanov || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336078 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Related:
The Cory Booker of accident victims:
Posted by: newc || 01/17/2018 0:35 Comments || Top||

#2  Yep, we've buried the Age of Reason with the Age of Feelings. Welcome to decivilization.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/17/2018 4:28 Comments || Top||

#3  I'm deeply grateful that we finally have a President who not only is keeping most of his campaign promises, but who also has a knack for making liberals' heads explode. Go, Trump!
Posted by: Dave D. || 01/17/2018 7:55 Comments || Top||

#4  Four weeping moonbats.
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/17/2018 8:14 Comments || Top||

#5  Hopefully Alisyn Camerota and friends make enough money that she can move to a Sh*thole and fix-er-up er into a proper country. I'm sure the dictatorship of said country will appreciate spending their attempts at least.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 8:54 Comments || Top||

#6  Keep 'em crying and frothing. That way they can't plot to do more damage.
Posted by: DarthVader || 01/17/2018 10:05 Comments || Top||

#7  Who's that sitting next to her? Check out the look on his face. He looks like somebody's dog just got run over. These people are not reporters. They're actors. Their job is not to be objective. Their job is to emote.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 01/17/2018 11:23 Comments || Top||

#8  At some point we'll just have Max Headroom type readers that don't feel the need to virtue signal every little story.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 13:25 Comments || Top||

#9  She's they type of girl you never ever date because you know she will be a stalker ex-gf.
Posted by: 3dc || 01/17/2018 15:45 Comments || Top||

#10  I think she left FOXNews because no one would harass her.
Posted by: M. Murcek || 01/17/2018 16:50 Comments || Top||

#11  At some point, the human psyche will break under this psychological warfare and end up in no fucks given for the estrogen charged reality show that is democrats and their pet shithole Washington DC.
Posted by: newc || 01/17/2018 18:15 Comments || Top||

#12  Conan, what is best in life?
Posted by: Grurong Unoluger8267 || 01/17/2018 19:24 Comments || Top||

Hillary Guest-Edits December Issue of Teen Vogue Magazine
I was minding my own business in the haircut place, when I spotted a magazine with Hillary on the cover. Not surprising. However, I had not heard of the magazine Teen Vogue, but Hillary was running the show for Issue IV.
[TruthRevolt] Hillary Clinton, with little else to do besides promote her self-serving election postmortem titled What Happened?, recently passed the time by guest-editing an issue of the radically political Teen Vogue. Thirty-six of the 97 pages of the mag were devoted to - what else? - Hillary herself.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Hillary commissioned several articles about herself. Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, infamous for having her butt handed to her by Tucker Carlson in an appearance on his show a year ago, declares in one article that "zooming out on Hillary’s 2016 loss reveals the broader contours of women’s oppression," despite the fact that women in America are not oppressed.

Link to the special issue!!!
Posted by: Bobby || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336072 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Bill personally interviewed all the models appearing in this issue.
Posted by: charger || 01/17/2018 0:36 Comments || Top||

#2  ...This should be interesting.

In a weird, twisted, train-wreck kinda way.

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski || 01/17/2018 8:57 Comments || Top||

#3  A step down from their @nal sex for teens issue
Posted by: Frank G || 01/17/2018 9:20 Comments || Top||

#4  Frank G, how do you know that's not the theme of the issue from another point of view. How to convince the voters to allow you to ....
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 13:23 Comments || Top||

-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Linda Sarsour endorses Chelsea Manning for US Senate
[WASHINGTONTIMES] ... and everyone was just so surprised!
Posted by: Fred || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336067 views] Top|| File under:

#1  A match made in hell.
Posted by: Lone Ranger || 01/17/2018 7:44 Comments || Top||

#2  Of course, Linda would call for the freak's execution by stoning in The Olde Country
Posted by: Frank G || 01/17/2018 9:09 Comments || Top||

#3  I love it! Jihadists for trannies.
Posted by: Woodrow || 01/17/2018 16:23 Comments || Top||

The president's vital signs
[AXIOS] Trump requested a cognitive exam during the session. Trump scored 30/30 on a test of his cognitive ability — "The Montreal Cognitive Assessment" which screened for Alzheimer's and dementia, among other illnesses. "I have no concerns about his cognitive ability," Jackson said.

Trump is 6'3" and weighs 239 pounds. Jackson added that he discussed a diet plan with the president that would include a smaller amount of carbohydrates and fats. A reasonable goal is for Trump to lose 10–15 pounds in the next year, he said. "The president has acknowledged that he'd be healthier if he lost a few pounds."

The president's blood pressure is 122/74, a normal level, and he has a resting heart rate of 68 beats per minute.

Trump's medications: Crestor, Aspirin, Propecia — to prevent male pattern hair loss — and a multivitamin.

"His cardiac health is excellent

Trump's physical exam lasted over 4 hours and involved 12 medical consultants.

The president told Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to let Jackson answer all questions about Trump's health and not to usher him off the stage.

The First Lady will work with Trump's doctor to develop an aerobic exercise routine for the president. ""Being on the golf course, there is a certain amount of exercise involved in that," Jackson added.
And courtesy of Seeking cure for ignorance:
White House Press has mental illness

[FoxNews] White House doctor peppered with questions as reporters hunt for evidence of a Trump illness

White House physician Ronny Jackson was slammed with an onslaught of questions regarding President Trump's health in a bizarre press briefing on Tuesday that raised eyebrows as the press fished for maladies.

Jackson said Trump was in "excellent health" after conducting the president's physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday, but the positive results weren't enough for the reporters in attendance.

Jackson answered questions for more than 50 minutes, running the gamut from the odd to the conspiratorial. White House correspondents asked about everything from whether Trump wears dentures to how to gauge his mental health.

President Trump is berated on a regular basis for his alleged eating and sleeping habits, and many reporters seemed decidedly disappointed or confused by the conclusion that he'd been given a clean bill of health.

The Washington Free Beacon'a managing editor, David Rutz, sarcastically impersonated a White House correspondent on Twitter, joking, "But the president will eventually die, correct?"

Jackson mentioned that he was told by Trump directly to answer as many questions as possible, and the reporters on hand took full advantage. One reporter even asked if the president was addicted to drugs. That elicited a smirk from Jackson, who said Trump isn't addicted to anything.
More at link
Posted by: Fred || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336065 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I believe that Trump's health should be estimated by measuring blood pressure of leftards & various "activists".
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 01/17/2018 5:01 Comments || Top||

#2  So what about the smoker who previously inhabited the white house?

Trump should offer Illary the same tests.
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 01/17/2018 11:27 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Politix
Schumer to Trump: You Can Begin to Prove You’re Not Racist or Bigoted By Supporting Bipartisan Immigration Compromise
[BREITBART] What does Chuckie have to do to prove he's not rayciss?
Posted by: Fred || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336066 views] Top|| File under:

#1  It's a trick. Get an axe.
Posted by: Herb McCoy7309 || 01/17/2018 4:23 Comments || Top||

#2  To Schumer - You can prove you're not a international Marxist by enforcing America's laws and building the wall.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/17/2018 4:25 Comments || Top||

#3  As I see it, from the outside: which is, some might argue, a point of view that lets you see the whole forest - not just the trees; Americans been trying to prove that they are not racists for two generation. And, the more they try, the worse things become: for everybody - including the putative beneficiaries. And ever more is demanded.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 01/17/2018 4:57 Comments || Top||

#4  Oh, by the way, have you quit beating your wife?

Posted by: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy || 01/17/2018 8:06 Comments || Top||

#5  When the rest of the world does the same come back and try agin.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 8:55 Comments || Top||

#6  Prove you're not an Anti-American Partisan Hack by quitting breathing, Schmuck
Posted by: Frank G || 01/17/2018 9:12 Comments || Top||

#7  Article 33 of the Mexican Constitution reads -

"The Federal Executive shall have the exclusive power to compel any foreigner whose remaining he may deem inexpedient to abandon the national territory immediately and without the necessity of previous legal action."

It also states: "Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country."
Posted by: Herb McCoy7309 || 01/17/2018 12:17 Comments || Top||

#8  We really should pass a law stating that any one found in this country illegal is presumed to be a spy, saboteur, or terrorist and will be executed by firing squad upon discovery.
Posted by: Silentbrick || 01/17/2018 12:48 Comments || Top||

#9  schumer_challenge_700
Posted by: Alaska Paul || 01/17/2018 16:57 Comments || Top||

Google refers to Republican senator David Perdue as 'lying, unscrupulous politician'
[WASHINGTONEXAMINER] Google referred to Sen. David Perdue on Tuesday as a "lying, unscrupulous politician" when the Republican senator’s name was searched.

The "knowledge graph" on the right side of the search page said "David Alfred Perdue Jr. is an American businessman and lying, unscrupulous politician. He is a junior United States Senator from Georgia, having been elected in 2014 to the seat previously held by Saxby Chambliss, who retired."

Wikipedia was cited as the source, but the senator’s Wikipedia page did not use such wording as of Tuesday morning.

"Information that appears in the Knowledge Graph comes from a variety of sources from across the web, and we typically require factual validation from multiple sources. Occasionally, we can get this wrong, and in this case, our system was able to address the issue quickly," a Google spokesperson told the Washington Examiner.

The knowledge graph has since been changed, removing "lying" and "unscrupulous."

Posted by: Fred || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336066 views] Top|| File under:

#1  I just checked. It's true. DuckDuckGo lists the senator's own website first.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 01/17/2018 11:32 Comments || Top||

New California Declares Independence From Rest Of State
[SACRAMENTO.CBSLOCAL] With the reading of their own version of a Declaration of Independence, founders of the state of New Caliphornia, an impregnable bastion of the Democratic Party, took the first steps to what they hope will eventually lead to statehood.

To be clear, they don’t want to leave the United States, just California.

"Well, it’s been ungovernable for a long time. High taxes, education, you name it, and we’re rated around 48th or 50th from a business climate and standpoint in California," said founder Robert Paul Preston.

The state of New California would incorporate most of the state’s rural counties, leaving the urban coastal counties to the current state of California.

"There’s something wrong when you have a rural county such as this one, and you go down to Orange County which is mostly urban, and it has the same set of problems, and it happens because of how the state is being governed and taxed," Preston said.

Posted by: Fred || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336073 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Rah!
Posted by: 3dc || 01/17/2018 1:17 Comments || Top||

#2  well, rural CA has been trying to get out from under the coast as far back as when I lived there in the '70's. Hasn't happened yet.
Posted by: Ulith Borgia4740 || 01/17/2018 6:28 Comments || Top||

#3  The other way is to allow the Coasties to become an independent nation of Pacifica (however, extend the Wall to cover it as well).
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/17/2018 8:28 Comments || Top||

#4  When Caliphatornia is kicked out call it Pathetica

Let the US charge as high as possible tariff for importing border-crossers, electricity, water and food etc.
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 01/17/2018 11:03 Comments || Top||

#5  Will never happen without bloodshed. The cities have to have the resources of the rest of California to survive. Without the water being pulled from the north, LA and San Diego would be abandoned in a year and returned to the desert fully in two.
There is no electricity generation and no food producing areas. Without the rest of California, the cities would die.

Ironically the cities are becoming what the Western Roman empire was before the full collapse. More and more resources were being pulled from the East to prop up the West and when the final barbarian pushes came, the East cut them lose as they couldn't afford to keep them.

The US is starting to be in that situation with the large blue cities. The drain on the coffers is becoming more than bearable and cutting them lose to die on their own is becoming more and more realistic for the rest of the US.
Posted by: DarthVader || 01/17/2018 12:16 Comments || Top||

#6  I love the way they excluded Oakland
Posted by: 746 || 01/17/2018 12:19 Comments || Top||

#7  Darth, you need to look at the proposed map. San Diego and Orange Country are included in the big section that has the sierra Nevada mountains and all their water.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 13:11 Comments || Top||

#8  * The coastal elite part of California might want to separate because the part that wants to split is poor and to be honest probably sucks up more money from the public coffers (lots of roads that need to be paved, etc).
* The coastal elites would not want to give up control of environmental stuff. They've screwed southern California over the Smelt before, I find it hard to imagine environmentalists would willingly give up that control.
* The coastal elites would lose their border with Mexico, so they could virtue signal about Sanctuary cities all they want as the problem slowly goes away in their area.
* Central Coast tends to be conservative outside of SLO. They might have to be given concessions to join up with the coastal elites in order to keep Blue California a single uninterrupted state.
* Such a split could possibly hasten the exit of Blue California from the USA.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 13:18 Comments || Top||

#9  New California can replace New Jersey as the 50th state. Good trade for the country.
Posted by: BrerRabbit || 01/17/2018 16:03 Comments || Top||

#10  Oakland is a radical left and ghetto Sierra Hotel.
Posted by: Alaska Paul || 01/17/2018 16:38 Comments || Top||

#11  rjschwarz that wouldn't last those cities two weeks. There is a reason that big canal is still flowing as fast as it can from the Shasta areas to the south. Without it, the southern cities are done. Quite simply they can't survive without sucking up all the water from the northern sites. There isn't enough reservoirs in the south (thanks to environmentalists) and the extra water from the Tahoe area is being pumped into the swamps to "save the spelt".
Posted by: DarthVader || 01/17/2018 16:41 Comments || Top||

#12  I think that mega cities are becoming obsolete. They are huge resource sinks, and with decentralization of commerce, etc, there is less reason to have them. The mega cities suck out everyone else's water, electricity, and materials. Their concentrated large population base skews voting.
Posted by: Alaska Paul || 01/17/2018 16:42 Comments || Top||

#13  Your just outlined exactly why the left wants the megacity AP, it creates a powerbase/plantation that dominates the rest of the state, and when they are allowed political coordination with each other, controls the nation. A mere 20-25 mega cities and their political/social/economic policies will make the US a Socialist Paradise permanently, at least until the Chinese arrive in force.
Posted by: NoMoreBS || 01/17/2018 17:03 Comments || Top||

#14  ...it creates a powerbase/plantation that dominates the rest of the state, and when they are allowed political coordination with each other, controls the nation.

The Founding Fathers - looking like the geniuses they are for 230-odd years!
Posted by: Raj || 01/17/2018 17:28 Comments || Top||

#15  #11 - San Diego is getting on the Non- L.A. MWD pipeline: Colorado River Water/buying water from Imperial Valley, DeSalination, and recycling.
Posted by: Frank G || 01/17/2018 17:30 Comments || Top||

#16  Why do we include Government services as a part of GDP? Should we not measure these separately?
By function and draw on GDP?
Posted by: newc || 01/17/2018 18:31 Comments || Top||

#17  Liberals don't really think about logistical necessities. They could easily generate enough power to support CA but would rather pay more for Texas power. I believe the same attitude will result with food and water. Pay to have someone else provide it.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 19:20 Comments || Top||

#18  ...yep, don't dirty my house, but go ahead and dirty yours for my benefit.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/17/2018 21:34 Comments || Top||

DHS preparing to arrest leaders of sanctuary cities
[WashingtonTimes] Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

"The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available," Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Her confirmation came after California’s new sanctuary law went into effect Jan. 1, severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan says those policies put his officers and local communities at more risk because they have to arrest illegal immigrants out in the community.

Mr. Homan told The Washington Times last July that he wanted to see local officials charged as complicit in human smuggling if they shielded illegal immigrants through sanctuary policies.

Mr. Homan repeated that demand in an interview with Fox News earlier this year, setting off a firestorm of criticism.
Posted by: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy || 01/17/2018 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [336071 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Photo of the Sanctuary State Gov. with his old friend Jim Jones before that little Kool-Aid incident.
Posted by: 3dc || 01/17/2018 1:25 Comments || Top||

#2  Obstruction and conspiracy.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 01/17/2018 4:29 Comments || Top||

#3  Can you get them for accessory to various crimes committed by illegals?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 01/17/2018 5:03 Comments || Top||

#4  "Accessory after the fact" comes to mind.
Posted by: Skidmark || 01/17/2018 5:49 Comments || Top||

#5  Before too.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 01/17/2018 6:08 Comments || Top||

#6  Finally! To hear that we're even considering putting the screws to these "sanctuary" assholes just warms the cockles of me heart!
Posted by: Dave D. || 01/17/2018 7:35 Comments || Top||

#7  Some 'sancturary cities' are tolerated, some are not.
Posted by: Besoeker || 01/17/2018 7:46 Comments || Top||

#8  Stop talking about it, just do it.
Posted by: Betty Hatfield5124 || 01/17/2018 8:16 Comments || Top||

#9  Oh please oh please oh please!
Posted by: DarthVader || 01/17/2018 9:09 Comments || Top||

#10  Wrong target. Instead of the mayors, move on the chiefs of police et al. Arrest them, formally charge them go to trial. They are, after all, responsible for enforcement in their jurisdiction.
Get a conviction. With that on their records, they become unemployable in law enforcement.
That'll get their attention.
Posted by: ed in texas || 01/17/2018 11:06 Comments || Top||

#11  Arrest a few judges, too.
Posted by: Cheretle Angeans6218 || 01/17/2018 11:25 Comments || Top||

#12  When state officials collect taxes on the sale of marijuana that makes them complicit in a federal crime. Put them in jail for it.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 01/17/2018 11:42 Comments || Top||

#13  Disbar any judge that uses their position to circumvent a legal order.
Posted by: rjschwarz || 01/17/2018 13:10 Comments || Top||

#14  Wrong target. Instead of the mayors, move on the chiefs of police et al. Arrest them, formally charge them go to trial. They are, after all, responsible for enforcement in their jurisdiction.

Target the county Sheriffs as well.
Posted by: Betty Hatfield5124 || 01/17/2018 13:25 Comments || Top||

#15  Arrest them and sentence them to community service cleaning up the crap from the homeless in their cities...
Posted by: Sock Puppet of Doom || 01/17/2018 16:00 Comments || Top||

#16  Perfectly Legal.
They give "sanctuary" to murderers and rapist Whom then just cross state lines and do the same thing elsewhere.

This Confederacy needs to end full stop.
You hit the flight floor on this one.
Posted by: newc || 01/17/2018 18:09 Comments || Top||

Obama’s ICE Didn’t Follow Procedure For Checking Illegal Immigrants’ Ties to Terrorism
[FREEBEACON] During the B.O. regime, Immigration and Customs Enforcement was not following proper procedures when checking if illegal aliens were known terrorists, jeopardizing national security, according to an audit.

The office of inspector general found that between 2013 and 2015, ICE was not screening illegal immigrants colonists who had been released for terrorist ties. Every single case of a suspected terrorist reviewed by the inspector general included errors, where ICE officials were not in compliance with security standards.

"ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) faces challenges in implementing the Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol (KSTEP) screening process, which is used to identify aliens who may be known or suspected terrorists," the inspector general said. "Although ERO uses KSTEP to screen all aliens who are in ICE custody, ERO policy does not require continued screening of the approximately 2.37 million aliens when released and under ICE supervision."

Between 2013 and 2015 there were 142 cases of illegal immigrants colonists who were detained and identified as "known or suspected terrorists." The inspector general reviewed 40 of those cases.

"All 40 files had at least one instance of noncompliance with KSTEP policy, generating greater concerns regarding the population of aliens screened and determined to have no connections to terrorism," the inspector general said.

In addition to not following security protocols, the majority of ICE field offices do not have access to the Department of Homeland Security's classified networks, which enables them to "communicate about derogatory information related to known or suspected terrorists."

"As a result, ERO may be missing opportunities to identify, take into custody, communicate status of, and make decisions on those aliens who pose the highest risk to national security and public safety," the inspector general said.

Of the 40 cases reviewed under the audit, nearly half were missing required background checks while the illegal alien was detained.

"ERO is to conduct separate biographic and biometric queries on every alien taken into custody and/or released," the inspector general said. "However,
there's no worse danger than telling a mother her baby is ugly...
in these instances, at least one of the required queries was either run by non-ERO personnel, was not performed while the subject was in ICE custody, or was not applied."

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