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WHO’S WATCHING WHOM? Is WATP Weblog Being Monitored by US Gov’t?
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Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-14 04:33 pm|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [364 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Ummm... is a government URL? I thought I'd read about a bunch of .mil and .gov visits, and he has three. Some looking suggests that is Forest Service and of course, is the FAA. Wow! Write an article that google will pick up on Terrorists Attack Golden Gate Bridge and someone at the FAA looks at it. Oh, yeah, and Forest Rangers (isn't the Golden Gate Bridge area a national park or something?)

Gee, I'm being watched because someone from a government URL looked at a public posting I made that contained the words Terrorist Attack. Duh!

Bugs Bunny says "What a maroon!"
Posted by Chuck  2003-02-14 07:43:44|| []  2003-02-14 07:43:44|| Front Page Top

#2 is used by USDA, Fire & Aviation Management, FERC, U.S. Courts, and sundry other U.S. gov't entities.

It is kind of odd that the log ins mentioned only logged onto an archive almost two months old.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-14 08:07:36||   2003-02-14 08:07:36|| Front Page Top

#3 "Every dedicated artist is attempting to create something that has a life apart from the creator, and which could even put him in danger. So artists engage in the ultimate blasphemy, the literal creation of Life. Impossible? In the magickal universe, anything is possible."
- William S. Burroughs, a truly patriotic American & currently deceased author

Currently deceased? He's coming back soon?
Posted by Patrick Phillips 2003-02-14 08:53:52||   2003-02-14 08:53:52|| Front Page Top

#4 "Currently deceased"??

What, he's coming back? Cool, dude, break out the party mix...
Posted by mojo 2003-02-14 10:32:21||   2003-02-14 10:32:21|| Front Page Top

#5 Anonymous. Get out more. Go kiss a girl. Go to a Star Trek convention. Do something fun.
Posted by tu3031 2003-02-14 10:41:39||   2003-02-14 10:41:39|| Front Page Top

#6 he probably would, except for the black helicopters that keep circling.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-14 11:15:44||   2003-02-14 11:15:44|| Front Page Top

#7 OMG! So I set up a counter on my blog this morning so that I can see where my visitors come from. Then I go and blog about a dirty bomb. A little while later I check the visitors and OMG! Someone from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I'm being watched! I hope they don't read what I wrote about Belgium.
Posted by Chuck  2003-02-14 12:38:11|| []  2003-02-14 12:38:11|| Front Page Top

#8 Is just the generic host name for secure gov connections?
Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-14 16:32:55||   2003-02-14 16:32:55|| Front Page Top

#9 According to my referral logs, my little enterprise has had quite a few visits from goverment and military sites. Personally, I'm greatly honored to have any visits at all from all of them. But I'll work on my raging paranoia.
Posted by Christopher Johnson  2003-02-14 16:45:04|| []  2003-02-14 16:45:04|| Front Page Top

#10 Wow, he should see our log-in list at NuclearSpace
Then again, maybe not.
Posted by Atomic Conspiracy 2003-02-14 21:50:52|| []  2003-02-14 21:50:52|| Front Page Top

01:57 Dishman
00:37 Anonymous
23:59 Frank Martin
23:05 Anonymous
21:50 Atomic Conspiracy
19:41 Angie Schultz
19:34 Tresho
18:47 Tresho
18:14 Frank Martin
17:22 Fred
17:02 Frank Martin
16:58 Tom
16:57 Frank Martin
16:54 Fred
16:45 Christopher Johnson
16:36 Frank Martin
16:32 Anonymous
16:31 Christopher Johnson
16:29 Frank Martin
16:27 Don
16:27 Jon
16:10 Don
16:08 JDB
16:07 RW

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