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2003-02-14 Terror Networks
Binny sez he'll croak as a martyr in new tape
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Posted by Fred Pruitt 2003-02-14 03:28 pm|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [368 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Fred, what makes you so confident that he's dead? I actually think he's still alive, probably in Kashmir, if not in Yemen or Saudi Arabia.
Posted by RW 2003-02-14 16:07:18||   2003-02-14 16:07:18|| Front Page Top

#2 He's Dead. He's Dead and we know he's dead. It suits our purposes to pretend that hes still alive. The second that he shows up dead, the left will shout from the rooftops that the war is over and we can all go home.

As long as their is doubt that hes alive, we can use that to open doors into other countries. We need to go into Iraq, Iran, Syria and several parts of Africa. Expect "Osama" to show up in each of them, but the man is dead in some cave in tora bora, and we know it.

Osama is a liability to the people he created, His being alive serves no one but us. The most recent tape about his coming "Martydom" is an attempt by what is left of al-queada to get rid of him publically, so we and our forces will get distracted by the "he's dead so we can all go home now".

He made a mistake, His organization, previously unmolested has now gotten the unwanted attention of the west. Outside of our military, behind the scenes our CIA and other intelligence agencies are working with bounty hunters and paying bribes to less-than-savory individuals who have nothing to do but hunt this mans organization down.

Slowly but surely, the swamp is getting drained and rather than generate support for his movement, the Arabic world is warming to the US. he will go down in history as an even less effective revolutuionary than the "Mad Mahdi" That General Gordon of Khartoum took on.

Posted by Frank Martin  2003-02-14 16:57:19|| []  2003-02-14 16:57:19|| Front Page Top

#3 Thanks, Frank. You saved me some typing.
Posted by Fred  2003-02-14 17:22:01||   2003-02-14 17:22:01|| Front Page Top

#4 Interesting comparison of the Mahdi and Osama is to be found at
Posted by Tresho  2003-02-14 19:34:13||   2003-02-14 19:34:13|| Front Page Top

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