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2017-07-01 Arabia
If Al Jazeera is forced to close, Qatar will cease to exist as nation state
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Posted by Fred 2017-07-01 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [707 views ]  Top
 File under: Govt of Qatar (MB) 

#1 Let me explain something about that "Nation State" thing to you.

I Own every Molecule of this Planet. And you wrought destruction on your Neighbors through the Moslem Brotherhood NAZIS. You got me right. Nazis.

You have bullied and badmouthed your Neighbors for decades and applied bad political issues to their detriment, and Ours.

I Command an end to the Moslem Brotherhood as your influence, and this is no longer an issue of Sovereignty
Posted by newc 2017-07-01 00:56||   2017-07-01 00:56|| Front Page Top

#2 You may also want to let go of Iran. Any Sunni holding that hot plate is going to get burned. And If I did not care, I would say nothing.

Try calling them up tomorrow. See what happens please!.
Posted by newc 2017-07-01 01:04||   2017-07-01 01:04|| Front Page Top

#3 We can find a more honest way to protect you.
Posted by newc 2017-07-01 01:20||   2017-07-01 01:20|| Front Page Top

#4 Without al-Jizz Qatar would be Oman.
Posted by Fred 2017-07-01 01:35||   2017-07-01 01:35|| Front Page Top

#5 I don't know much about Qatar. I have seen through my own friends that it spreads money around lavishly to buy support for itself (with Mr. Fisk apparently an occasional recipient). It also provided propaganda for Osama, and support for chaos in the Mid East by its support of the Brotherhood.
I suppose its rulers believed that all that plus a US military base would keep down threats to themselves from all quarters.
Too bad that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have had enough of them.
Moving the US base will be the next step if they are not careful.
By now, through Jazeera they have annoyed almost everyone at some time or another, and hardly anyone will be upset by their demise.
The best alternative for everyone would be a democracy in which its non-Arab majority become voting citizens. The worst, that Qatar becomes a part of Turkey or Iran or Russia.
The rulers seem to think that the Turkish soldiers imported to bolster them will act in their interest rather than that of Turkey. This is a beautiful but unrealistic idea and a truly threatening one if the US should depart.
The smartest approach for the rulers in the short run would be to mend fences with their neighbors by eating some crow,
Posted by Daniel 2017-07-01 01:35||   2017-07-01 01:35|| Front Page Top

#6 The rulers seem to think that the Turkish soldiers imported to bolster them will act in their interest rather than that of Turkey.

I assume Qatar is paying Turkey for the troops as well as supplying the base. I don't see how Turkey could afford it otherwise, despite being temporarily flush with the confiscations from those accused as Gulenists. An interesting situation, psychologically, since the neo-Ottoman Erdogan intends to rule a revived sultinate if he can possibly make it happen before his population implodes. On the other side of things, at least one city of the "mountain Turks" is being cleared of buildings with the promise of rebuilding soon -- but in the meantime where are the local Kurds to live and work? -- which has to be impacting Kurdish population numbers.
Posted by trailing wife 2017-07-01 05:27||   2017-07-01 05:27|| Front Page Top

#7 If Al Jazeera is forced to close, Qatar will cease to exist as nation state

What's the downside? Loss of helium?
Posted by JohnQC 2017-07-01 11:40||   2017-07-01 11:40|| Front Page Top

#8 No. We are keeping our base - Qatar or no Qatar.
Posted by newc 2017-07-01 12:20||   2017-07-01 12:20|| Front Page Top

#9 Erdogan is an "islamist" not a "neo-Ottoman". the "Ottoman empire" was actually the Caliphate

Erdogan is an Islamist who wants a Caliphate under sharia.

The entire term "ottoman empire" is for those who try to conceptualise it in the mould of the european empires. It wasn't. It was a Caliphate: a religious empire under sharia
Posted by Phert Ulereling4587 2017-07-01 21:16||   2017-07-01 21:16|| Front Page Top

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